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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 23, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. the dow a bit of a down day. a decent morning and in the red this afternoon. it will close down just a bit. ut panetta, appeared on "your world" with neil cavuto and said, the president of the united states and other world leaders need to wreck nye this is not a time to set back and hope that this enemy will go away. the president's other defense on "your world" with neil cavuto and said we have all long unestimated isis. these people worked with him. i. >> the president says the isis strategy that he has in place will remain in place and nothing will change. today, signs of cracks within his own party. increasinglykdsa/ coming from pe
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concerned the president might be botching it. james rosen from the white house with the latest on that. james, good to see you. i particularly like how he kept quoting me and my show, so whatever you need, the check is in the mail. this concern that the white house is trying to say the strategy that it has is fine, but now increasingly a number of democrats saying it's not fine. you have to change something, and it seems from what you were hearing from josh ernest, not other significant change. >> that's quite right. more beltway noise. people in washington. that is how the white house brushed aside a statement made by members of the president's own war cabinet and his own party, who have openly challenged the commander in chief's strategy for combating isis. the president returned this morning to american soil following a ten-day trip to europe and asia where he faced repeated questions in the wake of the paris attacks about whether he has underestimated isis that criticism has come in
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part from two of mr. obama's defense secretaries, robert former cia directors in appearances on this very program. >> i just want to be clear that you understand that the criticism of this effort is extending beyond the usual precincts. correct? to include people that worked for this president. >> to include people in washington, dc. and they're certainly entitle i don'tn&sy think either of thoe individuals would deny the seriousness with which the president has taken this issue, or the complexity ofg#bc9k÷ arrt a solution that is consistent with our national security interests. >> shortly before the paris attacks president obama told abc news his coalition approach has served to, quote, contain isis in syria and iraq. french authorities say the mass casualty attacks this month were directly planned from isis headquarters in syria. >> this has gone on too long now, and it has not gotten better. it's gotten worse.
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there may be some land held by isil in iraq and syria, that's been taken back, but for all of that, there's much more they have gained in other countries. >> all of this coming as president obama prepares to meet here in washington tomorrow with french president francois hollande. the out who wouldn't give us president expects to accomplish in that. as for my quitting your show in white house press briefing room today, let's just say the quotes had the added ben fits of being true. >> i'm curious, it's interesting, the administration's approach, i guess, is look at what we have gone full gangbusters with bombs and everything, and tried to change the course of the middle east. and his strategy seems to be i don't want to do that again. what isn't clear, it seems, is what is he doing now? that's the gist. >> the problem here ills that if you ask the president and his aides on the given day how it's
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from a military standpoint to win this fight. whether we do it politically i don't know. we need to put boots on the ground -- >> you're saying 10,000 woods. mccain and lindsey gray happen bev been talking about 90,000 additional boots, not necessarily all our boots. >> i saw that show and probably had democratic representative kelsy gabbert on and i have to say i agree with her 100%. i question the wisdom of sending in 90,000 troops in iraq and sirach don't think it's necessary. i also don't think that we have to go in with the intent of bringing jeffersonian democracy to syria and iraq. i think we need to focus our mission, very clearly, on defeating isis. they are the clear and present danger. they're a threat to everybody in the world, to clue people from the united states of america, and i think that once we defeat isis we can work diplomatically to remove assad from the
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equation but right now isis needs to be the clear priority, no question. >> and too your point earlier what we're doing isn't working so obviously you have to do something else. sean, always a pleasure. have a safea=nfá thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you and your family. it's great being here with you. >> i appreciate that. meantime, you might or might not appreciate this big merger deal annoyances today. the largest of the year. pfizer allergan coming together. what they're developing for the 155 billion-dollar pairing is pfizerer is going november its headquarters and operations to ireland where the tax rate is much lower. now, they're not calls this one of those inversions. they're saying it's just a buy-out on the part of the smaller player. that is allergan. i should stress it was constructed this way still to avoid paying high taxes in this country, pfizer pays 25%. relocating to ireland would mean it pays at least 20%, possibly less than that.
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and that is a big incentive. obviously he politicians bounded on this one, including bernie sanders who says it was sham and hillary clinton says she would propose to stop this thing and then the white house saying this is no way to conduct business and is borderline antipatriotic, i hague toned a that companies would not be doing this -- hasten to add companies would not be doing this if rates were not so high in the united states. in other words, if it wasn't such a disadvantage for them compared to global players, and looking at the rates abroad. they can get cheaper tax rates abroads, maintain the job. politicians you could ee erase the problem by lower tax rates. but politicians don't do that. nor do they tell you've that side of the story. might be the only one who just did in the mainstream media. >> belgium, in case you thought the lockdown was done, still on
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just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? whei just put in the namey, of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. belgium is still in lock down. when they're in lockdown, that is a serious deal. almost everything grinds to halt. a significant -- everyday activity. benjamin? >> reporter: that's right,y'kfr. we have been hoping this would end quite soon but the belgian prime minister announced that
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they arrested 21 people last night. they've released 17. three are being held for questioning and only one has been charges with terror suspects to a failure to many people on the street. the streets are quiet but that it were not last night. helicopters overhead. police closing down many streets and telling people to get indoors. heavilyje3ç armed police raided numerous buildings, including a number in the now infamous district of -- the prime minister announces there was a serious and imminent attack on this city, possibly by another isis cell, and a thousand new soldiers came on to the streets of the capital, closing subways, schools, shops. those measures remain in place until wednesday so it does seem if any attack has not yet been prevent, for many the main target was abdeslam. the attacker who got aware and is still at large. people are starting to ask questions how that is possible, ten days after the raids.
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people relieved the raids came yesterday after a few tense days but the tension resumes today because there's been no success. what is clear now is that many larger questions remain how to control certain areas, immigration, whether police should now be raiding house to house and people understand there's a terror threat and also need their schools back, shops back, subways back, and a lot of tension between the public and the authorities now as information isn't coming across. so we wait to see if an attack is imminent and what the authorities will do. neil. >> thank you, benjamin. be safe. the latest on belgium. now, how is this all factoring out here in we're obviously on higher alert here in the united states, but politically the one clear advantage has been coming for donald trump. he has been the biggest beneficiary if you want to put it that way in polls, that he was prescient on the threat of isis and those who sneak over borders but what is interesting is what is happening on the
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democratic side because hillary clinton is losing to the six top republicans as we speak. whether foreign policy is what is doing it is anyone's guess, but i?áj5sar guessing the pollsr frank luntz has some ideas. frank, what is hurting her? >> i want to make one comment about>aw;çyç trump. it is his overt -- into would say excessive language that is actually appealing to republican voters when he said we ought to bomb the -- f out of -- i don't want to get fired here -- bomb the f out of isis. you have republicans across the country standing up and applauding, and that may not be appropriate language in diplomacy but it is exactly what republicans wanted to hear, and on the democratic side, when hillary clinton spoke last year about having to emphasize or learn how to empathize with her opponent you can't find a single american who wants to empathize with isis. they want to eliminate the threat.
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so her language isn't calibrated to where the country is. it may have worked 12 or 18 months ago but today the american public is saying you have to do something. you have to be determined. and her language, and her policy, don't seem strong enough, and i think that's one of the reasons why you see independent voters over the last few weeks moving away from her towards the republicans. >> i find this movement to marco rubio particularly intriguing because it's as enough the last few weeks there's been a shift in the political sands. what's going on there? >> well, one of the reasons is his debate performance. he has the most details of any of the candidates running right now, which with maybe christie a close sect. rubeover is not only describing a policy but he is actually describing a plan, being much more specific and much more pointed, and he is doing so in a way that makes voters reassured that he understands the issues, understands the implications,
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and it's amazing because here he is a united states senator, only for five years, and yet his strongest point is actually foreign policy. >> smart guys like you remind it is about the economy, and hough it's doing will decide how folks vote could this be a case where concernsesé?[3ç paramount terrot if it's a constant reminder and constant threat, then that changes, doesn't it? >> well, i'll put it in perspective. for democrats it's all about income inequality. for inches it's about the economy and jobs in general. and for republicans already even before the isis attack, national security was their number one issue, and it is only grown. i promise you this, neil. no republican nominee is going to be successful without having a specific foreign policy,
1:19 pm
national security agenda, a specific plan, because over the next few week is expect national security to get a ten-point advantage over economic security in terms of what voters want to hear about. >> wow. ten-point advantage. >> it's significant. >> frank, just me but you might have a future that this political analysis. you should stick with it. >> 79% of all statistics are made up on the spot, so i figure maybe i do have a future in this. >> frank, thank you very much. we told you already how a lot of democrats are not keen on this pfizer allergan deal. the biggest of the year. bashing it, like hillary clinton and bernie sanders and now, by the way, the white house, what are they bashing? the fact that they want to getñd together and pay less in taxes and they can do that abroad or the fact that taxes are so high here, they wouldn't be leaving if they weren't. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in.
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a pharmaceutical company is being bought by a foreign company and they're leaving, and why? it's not because america isn't a great country. it's because we have a tax code one of the most expensive in the world. we're inviting people to leave. >> all right. what they're talking about is the pfizer allergan deal, huge deal in the drug arena, 160 billion. suffice to say the biggest deal by far this year. you have to ask yourself, what would behoove a company as big as pfizer so re-incorp operate in ireland, a lot smaller place. are they unpatriotic? túwl hillary clinton have said,
1:24 pm
or are they just studying the math. they have to look at their bottom line, they're share holders' interest and jobs and what the ceo is saying if you force me to stay here with higher rates i'm at a competitive disadvantage, and a lot of people could lose jobs anyway. so is that patriotic? in the read now. gary, what do you think of the argument and whether it holds the day. >> i think it's very simple. the tax code as written kind of wants to point you in certain directions. it kind of tells you it's better to buy a house than rent. it's better to be married than single. it's good to give to charity. and in the case of corporate taxes it's very clearly telling pfizer to say it's better to incorporate elsewhere. all they're doing is following what the tax code as written by our representatives tells you to do. i don't see there's anything
1:25 pm
unpatriot crick about that at all. >> flip it around. people are saying they're finding a clever way these two companies around this by avoiding the inversion debate itself. in this case having the smaller player al are -- allergan buying pfizer to dodge this whole inversion thing but is it just fueling the debate these companies are playing it too cute for words? >> well, neil, they are. and listen, lawyers and investment bankers had a very busy weekend figuring out exactly how to structure this, but to gary's point, the tax code is what invites this and almost demand it. when you talk about patriotism, the american revolution was predicated on taxes, on taxes that were too high. so how can we fault -- tell tell congress at executivesxió71;ç ty here baas you should and suffer with higher taxes. that's like telling a fraternity kid, you should come to book club even though right next door
1:26 pm
there's a raging kegger with a lot of pretty girls. it's not going to happen. we have -- wait a minute. i was in those clubs. you mean there was a -- anyway. gary, the thing that comes up, the notion that washington is too busy pointing the fingers at companies that take advantage of these gaps in rates, and not addressing that right now here. they won't be tempted if corporate tax rates are lowered here. they'll stay here. they have every reason to stay here. it's a per matter of survival and jobs and i don't think anyone in washington gets that. >> i think it's simple. just lower the corporate tax rate, but you know what? washington wants it both ways. they want to distract as much. >> referee: -- rev enough -- revenue and yet we don't want them to leave. it's simple. just lower at the tax rate, the companiesopqvegñ like the pfizer allergans will stay here, will
1:27 pm
probably have better job growth. it's very simple. but it's always been the left's way to try to put the clamps, more government regulations -- >> or deflect. get the attention away from what they're screwing up and focus on these companies. the question then becomes these companies are going to be dragged through the mud to justify this and going to come at a time when there's debate over drug pricing and whether these guys thieves -- not these companies but you know how the debate goes. and actually this is going feed that beast and going to get ugly. -m(t will be. >> that's to me one of the most interesting parts here. i'm sure the cfo -- a very ease decision but for the market and pr, gosh, a rough day. think in the end, every american owes a patriotic duty to this country because we are so blessed to be born here and naturalized here. companies have an obligation to
1:28 pm
shareholders, not patriotism, and i think pfizer is doing the right thing here and maximizing share holder value. >> and not just for shareholders. for a the workers there. i want to show you a live shot right now dallas-fort worth airport where we're getting word right knew from tsa and others saying the better part of just thanksgiving valor might be to rave for your plain a little[d[ñ earlier, maybe a have hour or hour earlier. so mose flights that could be an hour two hours, three hours, what the heck, make it ten hours. actually start now. if this is not already a nightmare, i'm telling you, my friend, on your be away to -- you're way to grandma's be patient. it's going to be tense. why? we'll tell you after this.
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treasury secretary talking to college students about debt. actually talking about the ten dollar bill and whether alexander hamilton should be on it. are you kidding he? the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america. at ctca, our experts examine a variety of therapies, treatments and technologies to identify
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a plan specifically for each patient. my doctor understood that who i am was just as important as what cancer i had. we talked about options. my doctor told me about a robotic surgery that was less invasive. we have excellent technology that allow us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. at ctca, it's all about what you can do. i feel fantastic now. exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. new rules about traveling if you're flying to grandma's this thanksgiving week. the average is try to get there içñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?two hours ahead of . now they're telling you, now is a good time to get to the airport. they're actually moving 30 minutes to 60 minutes earlier than normal.
1:33 pm
why, rich? >> reporter: combination of a couple things the first is there are more passengers traveling. the second is there is more security. first to the passenger here. this is from airlines for america, the airline lobbying group. they say that 25.3 million will be traveling this thanksgiving season. that's a three% increase from last year, the highest in eight years, and that accounts for anybody traveling from last friday the 20th to tuesday, december 1st. part of the reason they may by traveling more this year, according to aaa, air fares are actually lower this year than last year 10% lower. the average is 169 bucks to travel to the holiday season to any of the top 40 domestic markets. the other issue here is increased security. you have seen the increased another around the world there are no specific threats here in the united states that officials are talking about. however they're saying more security, means more time to get through the airport, with more travelers so just leave now. back to you.
1:34 pm
>> all right. well-that's the way it is. thank you very much. in the meantime, if you are waiting on a long line you might as well shop online because apparently a lot of folks are. high. the stock more than doubled this year, largely on the belief that a lot of folks who minnesota be concern about physically going to a store to shop are happy doing it online and didn't this woman call it, retail analyst extraordinaire. that where people are >> i'll throw out a stat. the national retail federation reported that7% of shopperses have already bought all of their criminal -- christmas shopping his. >> oh, come on. >> paying with paypal or decreed -- credit. >> pam, you're supposed to do the show. what do you mean you're done? >> exactly.
1:35 pm
>> if six out of ten have down that, what dot that mean. >> a couple things going on. there's a lot of fear out there. >> this was happening prebelgium and paris. >> you're right. online showning has had an increase over the past couple years andósqa@lñ hitting its zeh right now. people are going online and don't necessarily want to go into the stores and if they do go into the stores they're looking for best deals ever. so, what is happening is that they want to get the best prices on the newest items and the older items, an ipad, the older generation, you can get it for cheaper after blast friday -- black friday. >> now they're having multiple black fridays. >> cybersunday. and stores having clearance sales and promotions before thanksgiving has started. part of the reason why is because they're trying to get rid of the merchandise. sales have!eunów#ç weak.
1:36 pm
they want to move the merchandize out because if they have any leftover merchandise for next year, that's just going to spell trouble -- >> you still have people trampling themselves and other people at places like black friday, when the store opens. >> not so much. in fact, retailers, walmart, for example, even on their opening up earlier, they're only having one door buster deal. >> that's worse, though. that's worse. because then they'll kill each other. >> let's hope not. walmart is actually saying that the environment is going to be a lot more controlled. one door bester and more merchandize. so instead of this insanity that you go of there and people punching each other -- >> i saw you in one of those lines last year. >> i was checking. >> you're a big believer in just obviously not making a fool of yourself, make sure you find the best deal, but do a lot of people do it regardless of the price, in other words, do day say i just can't bet bothered?
1:37 pm
i'll happily pay a premium. >> sure. part of itself is the sport. this is something they've been doing with their families forever and a lot of 0 -- >> identity stupid. >> not going to judge. i'm on the retailer side. >> are they going to do okay? >> i think in terms of -- i think online is going to trump the brick and mortar sales. >> what is hot online. >> electronics because if you are not getting free shipping on your online retailer or purchase, you pretty much shouldn't be shopping online. >> you have to be a prime customer, amazon. >> or any -- best buy, they are really trying to compete in terms of price with the walmarts and amazons and targets. >> i would happenly pay triple. really. just to not have to physically go to a store. >> the good thing is you don't have to pay triple. >> but i was ahead of this. i it was just such an easy way to shop.
1:38 pm
>> and free shipping. going to by the new twice, why buy it in stores. >> you can buy processed meats and cheeses online. mrwv-;çv:py!óguz( hours. >> delivered by a drone, stinky drone but a drone. the woman is an encyclopedia. have a safe thanksgiving. treasury secretary jack lew is meeting with college students. what is he talking about obviously the debt. we're wasting a lot of money. now. he is talking bet the ten dollar bill, and there's a debate going as to whether alexander hamilton should be on the bill. all well and good. but i think he should be telling this particularly young audience here about all the alexander hamilton bills that everybody else' that are being you know what away with all all the spen. want to keep hamilton on the ten dollar bill. he deserves it go after cheaper
1:39 pm
currency but come on. it's"g8]g[ that debt. it's all the bills we're paying, not whether hamilton is on it. although, again, hamilton should be on it. after this.
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this is a little scary but coming from greg palkot. just consider this good but the aps following up on l$ story tht the explosive belt they found south of paris did contain some -- the same explosives used in the paris attacks so obviously its intention was to done mix indicate that and de -- duplicate that and orchestrate more attacks, all of this as belgium is on sort of the highest of alerts and a lockup that now goes into the fourth day and will coin for another couple of days. that's worrisome news the stuff was indeed the same type, make, and
1:43 pm
design as those used in the attacks in paris. we are keeping you posted on this. debate about our debt but today, with secretary of state jack lew, who bee bemoaned it, telling college stunts the ten dollar bill concern me and whether you think alexander ham shouldn't be on it. i think he should but my point is we have far more pressing concerns, like all the ten dollar bills, gazillions of them we're spending each day just to pay the interest off the debt. we have pat and darrius.k what do you think? >> i don't want to trivialize changing the face over the currency. obviously be nice tog%+odvwkçç⌜e historic women and maybe people of color down the road. but time and time again what you have seen with this administration they tend to prioritize thing that aren't important. we have a crisis of unmitigated doors. >> injury talk about who is on the currency.
1:44 pm
>> bingo. jack lew, while we can tell is just a paper pusher -- >> he was bemoaning the debt and playing games as to -- i'm just saying, be consistent. what do you think. >> i think having a woman on the bill is the most important thing in the entire world. no, just kidding, i hate women actually. i can't stand it. there's a woman on the bill. if they've pick a white woman. it will be problem and then what about having a gay person stop? >> i agree. it isn't to much -- i think that -- if you tick hamilton off, other -- do whatever you want but that's not even -- to your points there are far more pressing issues. outstanding stock of student debt to $1.2 trillion, many am nor -- >> those kids are picking up the bill. >> absolutely. you have a cries that are -- a
1:45 pm
crisis that grows and the government is doing nothing and as long as that's the case you'll see america is not being able to held the growth potential. >> i'd like one of the kids in this room -- unless they're doing it -- my producer too busy shopping to know what's going on -- but raise your hands and just say, we're worried about who is on the bill. how about all the bills that have been devalued as a result. >> definitely0. are we can have a three dollar bill four, dollar biehl, six dollar bill. we can make sure everyone is included because that's the most important thing ever of all-time. >> everyone wins. >> everyone wins. the dollar bill and a coin for every group. >> why. >> its sounds good, an easy way -- i care about women. as if i wouldn't care more abou3 having the economy be tough and sailing she looks like me on that money, and i feel better. cop on, give me a break.
1:46 pm
can we focus on the hard stuff >> it's silly. >> it is. it is important we represent get our priority -- >> we have bigger problem. >> we a degree. thank you very much. you've have alienated our entire demographic. when we want to look at how much we're hurting and why the timing of something like this, a look at them. home sales were sliding in october, about 3.4%. this is millenials are trying to buy their first home. forget about what is on the surface of that bill they're trying to boy. they don't have enough money. katrina on the problems you're not hearing about. how bad is this when young people are unable to buy? >> you know, the age bracket between 25 to 34 has been really
1:47 pm
slowly being able to purchase, and what is happening is that most of the people have been living with their parents paren% their cost of education is just beginning to increase and they can't afford a down payment. so it's affecting they're able to boy a home. >> how much does this differ than from prior periods where we had what ag@vña lot of economyiers calling the housing drought, and that it's short lived and young people come back or are they out for a while? >> they're coming back. 30% of home sales are actually within the age bracket of 25 to 34. and they account for 60% of first time home buyer. they're actually now going into me market and purchasing, and we believe that one of the main reasons that this is occurring is because rent prices are increasing steadily and the price of buying is actually less
1:48 pm
now in many parts of the world than in the country than it is to actually move forward and purchase. so, rents are getting extremely expensive but let's say somebody is paying for their education. they're waiting three years after they graduate to be able to save enough money to actually purchase a home. so, we're looking at that timing about three years from when they actually get a job and they're able to move forward on that. the numbers are increasing but slowly. and this generation is our future. and one other obstacle that the real estate industry is encountering is a lot realtors are in their 50s and 60s and trying to relay tot the younger generation so technology is playing a huge part. >> they are coming back and just dribs and drabs. >> they are coming slowly but surely but they are coming and we are seeing an increase in this both in first, time home buyers buyers and also just in general, moving out of papers primarily,
1:49 pm
into single family homes. >> good stuff. thank you very much. from her base in miami, florida, beautiful neck of the woods. >> these governors, 34, i think by last count, who did not want the syrian refugees and the legal argue knowledge was, tough luck, it is the law, and the feds decide, not you. i want you to meet the fella who says i have an idea for that. and make sure that if you don't want them, governors, you don't have to take them. lilly baker is preparing for college. she'll use that education to get a job. she'll use that job to buy a home. this is lilly baker. her mom just refinanced their home and is putting an extra $312 a month toward lilly's tuition. lilly is about to take over the world. who's with her?
1:50 pm
just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. buy in. no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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bewelcome back, everybody. what was it, 34 governors didn't want the syrian refugees. we didn't know if they would abe
1:53 pm
threat to security. the law is the law. regardless of their protests, they have no control over this. the feds rule and they have to rule. a representative in florida wants to change that. how so, sir? >> hey, neal. happy thanksgiving to you. we want to let the governors have the authority to say they do not have to accept syrian refugees. they have three things they must do. they must tell the governors where they're coming from and how many, they must tell them where they're going within their state. they also must guarantee that they're free of threats, and right now we just came from a hearing a day or two ago, and director of the fbi and the director dsh said that they could not guarantee where those people came from, so they can't vet them. we're giving protection to
1:54 pm
governors so that when they refuse them, and there's 34 governors, which you stated, they don't have to accept them. and this gives coverage to the governors. >> has it ever been forced down a governor's throat in this latest go-around? because i think one governor in indiana didn't want one syrian refugee and another state took pity on them. who rules in this case? >> i think you'll see the state win, because if you look in the federal constitution, the federal government must guarantee each state free from invasion, and they can't do this trying to resettle these people. and this is not an anti-muslim, this is not anti-syrian refugee. this is anti-terrorism and deals strictly with security of the united states of america, and that is the number one goal of our federal government, is to provide for our common defense. >> you know what i think would change a lot of stuff?
1:55 pm
congressman, you're a better judge than i. when 47 democratic colleagues of yours agree -- not on this particular issue, but on the fact that we should sharpen our vetting of this and how we go about approving those who want to get into this country. that puts the president in a pickle, does tnit not, if he was to veto this. >> it sure does. >> you're hoping the senate will take this up. harry reid has said he won't. what do you say to that? >> it's irresponsible of harry reid to say he won't. this is the time to do what's right for america, this is the time to do what's right for national security. when you have isis, doing what they've done and the spread of what they've done, and your report so eloquently pointed out they found the same bomb materials in brussels that was used in paris, and isis has said american blood is sweeter, they're coming to the white house, we need to take this
1:56 pm
seriously and we need to know the people who come here are who they say they are. if you go back to the terrorist in paris, one of them has a fake i.d. and passport, and the ones in syria, those are fake passports, and we have one in the syrian border -- >> there's enough to check off there. thank you for being here. i appreciate it. >> goodbye to you and have a good thanksgiving. there was something found in paris that is a little disturbing. i'll spell it out, after this.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
a live shot in paris where we're finding out more about the explosive belt that was actually found by a janitor, a street cleaner, more to the point, in a pile of rubble in the town of
2:00 pm
montcruz. this is south of paris. it had all the materials that were used in the explosive that killed 130 people in paris about a week ago. so they're on high alert again. i don't know how much higher they can be. i'm here with "the five." after the paris attacks, president obama pleads with the media to offer some perspective. >> the media needs to help in this. i just want to say, during the course of this week, a very difficult week, it is understandable that this has been a primary focus. but one of the things that has to happen is how we report on this has to maintain perspective


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