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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 23, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. alalalalalalalalalalalalal unafraid. here is greta. get get this. this is a fox news alert. tonight "on the record" europe on edge. growing fears of another deadly terror attack. today french police finding impact -- intact explosive belt. in fear of virtual lockdown. schools closed and city shut down. warning to stay sheltered. belgium officials warn of a serious and imminent threat. the state department issuing a worldwide travel alert to worldwide citizens. on the team coverage from paris to belgium to washington, d.c. we begin with fox news foreign affairs correspondent benjamin hall standing by in brussels.
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what's the latest? >> yeah, well hi there it's >> yeah, well hi there it's been!2 it started off with such optimism. we heard raids were being carried out and address the security concerns and people would be arrested and life would go back to normal. morning and last night, only one has been charged with terrorist offenses and the imminent threat remains here, the security services don't seem to know what exactly is happening. now, 22 raids were carried out last night. a soldier shut off streets in multiple districts. in particular, the muslim district of molenbeek, prevent another paris style massacre of which they had precise information. they also wanted to capture the paris attacker who is still at large. today the country remains at high alert and will do so for some days to come. underground railways, shops, schools are all closed as troops hit the streets, afraid of another isis cell waiting to attack questions
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are being raised whether mistakes were made and concerns were ignored. security advisor to the prime minister of belgium telling us: >> we should have reacted more and stronger. we didn't do that. this was a failure. this was a mistake and we paid a price for it. we underestimated the level$g of organization of that whole movement who was preparing, who was creating the breeding grounds to find youngsters willing to go to fight for syria. >> today on the belgium more information about the ease of access between syria and middle east and europe. police increasing their checks afraid that salah abdeslam would slip-w through their fingers. he was held briefly after the terrorist attack but amazingly released it was also thought he was wearing a suicide belt. today one was found without a detonator by a street cleaner in the southern
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paris suburb some think he discard it or found that it hadn't worked. the ease around europe has raised questions about the security on the continent. many people are concerned about how easy it is for these attacker who's move around, seemingly at will. apparently hiding among refugees. in the meantime though here in belgium, people are getting really upset. they said they haven't had any dialogue with the authorities. sure, there is a terrorist threat. but schools are closed. shops are closed. cub subways are closed. life can't continue like this. people are getting angry. we will see what happens in the days to come. back to you. >> benjamin in terms of the imminent threat is there any information about it how they got the information or what the threat is? very, very little. that's one of the points is that the police here know very little. the american embassy obviously announcing there is global security watch foré4 its own citizens. but we have spoken to the people in the district in molenbeek, they say weapons are easily available there
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people protect themselves. police have never been able to operate this those regions or districts. that is a concern. they can't go in house to house. they have no information in certain parts of this town and, again, the man how heard speaking earlier called those no-go zones. this is the problem multicultural cities and zones which the police have no control over. that's really the concern coming ahead had. multiculturalism, refugees big issues which will be debated in the coming days and weeks no doubt. >> benjamin, thank you. breaking right now, french police finding in a paris suburb what appears to be that explosive belt. authorities are scrambling to see if it is connected to the deadly paris terrorist attack. steve is live in paris. steve? >> greta, the discovery of that suicide bomber's vest; bells and thrown the evening commute south of paris into chaos it was discovered in the suburb just two miles south of where i'm standing, discovered in a trash can by
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a custodian. now, there was no detonator on this suicide bomber's vest. right now police are not making any connection between that vest set that the attackers wore in paris. intelligence officials say the vests worn by attackers here were professionally made. they were filled with bearings of different sizes designed make the maximum kill zone 30 yards around those explosive vests. they used a veryrw commonly available explosive but one very unstable as well. certainly a professional bombmaker was in this vincent for some time and he had a place, a laboratory to make those bombs. no word yet on whether this vest is connected to those other seven. in the meantime, diplomacy here in paris, french president meeting with british prime minister, the british have so far agreed to it allow france to use a base in cypress, an air base for strikes against syria and iraq. no word yet on whether the british will join in that fight against islamic state in iraq. that's something david cameron says he is going to
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push for and a real big test for the french pq this week. he goes to washington tomorrow, then hosts the german chancellor here on wednesday and goes off to moscow. so far it's been russia's vladimir putin who has been talking toughest. he says the fight to islamic state needs to be raised to a new level. so we will see what kind of coalition the french president can build this week. greta, back to you. >> steve, thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. the u.s. state department issuing a worldwide travel alert for all u.s. citizens. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen is live at the white house. james? >> greta, good evening, in issuing this worldwide travel alert, the state department cited what it called, quote, current information that indicates terrorist groups like isis, al qaeda and boca ha realm all named in the alert are all planning new attacks in region of the world and state cautioned american travelers abroad to avoid large crowds or crowded places. this alert comes as authorities in multiple
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countries continue mounting terror raids stemming from the paris attacks as we have been reporting including in russells, belgium a senior official told me tonight, quote: we want folks to still travel but just to exercise greater vigilance. the obama administration has issued, counting today, at least six of these worldwide travel alerts in tch.zñ last four and a half years. the last time less than attq)uá after a lone wolf attack claimed the lives of two hostages in a cafe in sydney, australia. a state department official says worldwide alerts are issued, quote, periodically when there is a higher threat level but they are not the same as a warning tied it to a particular event. and lastly, despite the label worldwide, state department officials tell me this worldwide travel alert does not extend to cover the territory of the united states itself. greta? james, thank you. and deadly terror attacks around the globe. the beirutkn> bombing the paris massacres and mali hotel bombings leaving critics to wonder if president obama is sending the right message to the world.
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>> the most powerful tool we have to fight isis is to say that we're not afraid. >> this president, this is the worst example of leadership in a war time situation. >> we have a choice either they win or we win. >> they cannot strike a morality blow against the united states. >> they want to conquer the world under their interpretation ofou islam. they are willing to commit violence and they have the capability to do so. >> it's our real threat. this is an enemy that wants to kill us and deadly diabolical enemy. >> they are a bunch of killers with good social media. >> is the president taking command or is he leading from behind? right now former new hampshire governor john sununu goes "on the record." good evening, governor. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> very well. governor, i have been watching this unfold for the last week from half way across the world inzbmeh asia. and it doesn't look like a lot of hands on from the president of the united states. but what are your thoughts? >> well, he is not only not leading from behind, he is+z(ñ
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not even following from behind. he is letting the french take the lead on this. and the best evidence of how poorly this president has performed over the last seven years on foreign policy is to talk to any of the foreign leaders around the world, and they will tell you they are shocked that the u.s. has refused tosp lead. they are dismayed that we have failed to take any action. and they have reached a point where they no longer have any confidencor trust the u.s. all because barack obama thinks that his rhetoric is more important than action. >> look, he must know there is criticism about this. do you think he is going to -- would you suspect he is going to respond or at least change his strategy? >> look, this president is so arrogant one can't guess on how is he going to interpret this criticism. it is unbelievable how
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egotistical he is in thinking that he is the only one who knows what is going on. he takes no advice from his significant advisors, panetta, who was a significant advisor of the president was on this weekend saying that we have to do more than just a few air strikes. has been criticized by bob gates. he has been criticized by half a dozen of his other advisors who tried, when they were there, to give him good advice that he ignored. >> you know, i'm curious what vice president biden thinks because although i know publicly he would support the president. he is the vice president at this job. he was senate foreign relations committee for a long time and he is very much involved in what's going on in the world. what do you think he thinks? >> well, i don't know. i suspect former senator biden, now vice president biden is probably a little bit concerned about what he sees but, as you point out, he is going to be loyal and i doubt we're going to hear from him until after the administration is over. >> what do you think
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president hollande is going to ask for or say to the president when he arrives in washington tomorrow? >> i think he is going to ask the president to be an active part of what hollande is trying to do. hollande is trying -- made it very clear that he what -- he thinks that the only way to deal with this terror is at least go and get rid of isis and then his attack level has been increased significantly. i think he wants the president of the united states to be part of that process. it will be interesting to see how president obama#] frome away any responsibility of participation. >> i think it will be interesting that president hollande of france is sort of taking the lead. obviously the most recent terrorism was on his soil but other countries have had terrorism too. he has got david cameron, the prime minister of england going to see him today. he has angela merkel going to see him. it's almost like he is taking a world leadership role which you you would sort of expect the president of the united states, being the last super power, that
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that would be our role. >> look, i applaud hollande for taking this initiative and gathering the other leaders of thsk world there. but the fact is nothing really effectively gets done if the the united states doesn't lead. so it is wonderful to see the french doing this. but it would be so much more effective if president obama would just get off and do what the president of the united states ought to be doing. >> governor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and this is terrifying. sources telling fox news that analysts at u.s. central command were instructed to down play the threat of isis. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been investigating. catherine? >> thank you, greta. our information is that there were at least two emails that were sent to the analysts by their supervisors telling them to, quote: cut it out on the negative assessments and to toe the line. we were told that there had been an attempt to destroy those documents and just today the head of the house community debbie nunez has
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written to the inspector general to ask if any documents were destroyed at centcom. >> i assume that's the information that filters up the chain of command ultimately to the president of the united states. the president has been criticized many times, including right here, for his jay vee comment back in january of 2014 about isis. do you know if any sort of cooked books information about isis was given to him have down played isis then? or do we know the timing? >> the timing is tricky. there are really two tracks here. our information is that there were multiple intelligence reports from the defense intelligence agency, that's military intelligence. and the cia which is civilian intelligence leading up to the summer of 2014. when isis swept through iraq saying that this was a rising threat, not only in iraq, but also in egypt, where they brought down that jet and also in north africa. so there seems to be a disconnect between what he was saying, the president, and what was in those assessments. >> you know, it's beyond me that anyone in the military would do that i mean, you
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know, you hear all these stories, i know. it's the iymát of something so critical as isis and i know that the military has been sort of chafing at the bit wanting to do more about isis. it's stunning. >> well with, i think there is temptation, some of the reporting to say that the blame begins and ends with centcom. but i would family size through our reporting that there does seem to have been political pressure or influence that wasj$ exerted on centcom either by design or just by an innocent error, if that's possible. >> innocent error i'm okay on but the first who imposes the pressure and person who succumbs to it in something so important i will put the blame on both of them. catherine, thank you. >> you are welcome. >>kóml as president obama faces criticism over handling of terror it's a different story in britain. british prime minister david cameron vowing to defeat criticism and the poisonous ideology that fuels it director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom
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goes "on the record." nile, your thoughts about compare and contrast different approaches, prime minister david cameron's approach to isis and what's going on in frantz and our president, the president of the united states, president obama? >> hello there, greta. certainly across the atlanticñ in london, david david cameron has offered very strong powerful leadership in the face of the isis threat he made an emphatic statement this weekend calling for the defeat of isis. he talked about the poisonous ideology of islamist extremism and the wider war against islamist terrorism, also earlier today, before the house of commons. david cameron spoke about increasing britain's defensive capability, hiring 1900 new spies britain's intelligence services. he talked about expanding britain's navy and armed forces. this is the kind of response that we need to be seeing in the face of the isis threat. in marked contrast to the very lackluster, rather embarrassing approach taken by president obama and the white house. >> is prime minister cammeron though able to get
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the support of his government, you know, i mean, in the past, i think he has not been able -- been successful in getting support when he wanted > yeah. that's a very good point and actually david cameron will be going before the house of commons in december to make the case for british military action in syria against isis he is expected to win this vote in the wake of the terrorist attacks. i think many members of the option socialist party, will back the prime minister. although the labor leader corbin opposed to british military action in syria. the british prime minister will actually win this vote. >> why did prime minister cammeron go to paris? what was he seeking to do today? >> well, today's visit by the prime minister to paris was a, i think, in order to send a message of solidarity with the french people, to let them know that great britain stands with france in the waker÷ of this terrible tragedy in paris in the wake of these brutal barbaric
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islamic killings in france. that's an important message to be sending. there is far more leadership at the moment in the face of isis across the atlantic than there is coming from the white house and president obama's leading from behind is damaging the united states on the international stage. i think it's lowering the faith of america's allies and american leadership. that's a very terrible thing. and president obama really needs to understand that we are engaged in a global war against a vicious enemy, vicious islamist enemy and we need to emphatically defeat this enemy and defeat the brutal and barbaric ideology behind it. >> now we only have 30 seconds left. do you have any idea what the british people are thinking which way they want to go? do they want to getn more aggressive whether they stand behind cammeron or not? >> yeah, i think the british people are very much of the view that the free world has to fight isis, has to emphatically defeat isis. i think the british people are rallying around the prime minister at this time.
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and they're looking for robust british, also american leadership on the world stage. at the end of the day, the united states must lead. otherwise, the world is a far more dangerous place. it's very unfortunate at the moment that the white house and president obama simply isn't leading and that, i think, is sending the wrong message to our enemies at this time.ñioç >> nile, thank you. >> thank you. >> and which g.o.p. candidate would handle terror the best? well, the numbers are. in brand new poll results straight ahead. also, syrian refugees now turning up right next door on the u.s.-mexico border. we're live you in texas coming up. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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president obama coming under heavy fire for his isis strategy or lack thereof. that's turning terror into one of the biggest 2016 issues. a brand new abc-"the washington post" poll finding trump is overwhelmingly the favorite of republicans to handle the threat of terror. a whopping 42%. saying they most trust trump. the next closest, governor jeb with 18%. 24 points behind donald trump. taking trump talking to bill o'reilly warning about the potential threat from syrian refugees. >> it's very simple. when they come in from syria, guest of president obama, we shouldn't be taking any because we have no idea where they come from, who they are. they have no paperwork. there is no way of proving that their paperwork is correct. when they come in from syria, i want them to be registered. they have to be registered. we have to watch them because we just don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. we don't know if they are isis and we don't know if
11:23 pm
they have evil intentions so i want them registered. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the hill a.b. stoddard and daily beast betsy woodruff. donald trump, 32% among republicans, of course, that's way ahead of jeb bush who is number 2,b7 but i would like to see president obama put into the mix on this. and have it a national poll. >> well, i think that even before paris there was terrible polling about americans' view of president prt obama's leadership or strategy against isis. and those numbers are getting worse. people are really bewildered at his response. more angry at republicans than isis. not finding a way to comfort americans or finding a way forward. i don't think talking about the refugees all the time is too helpful either because actually that's not a strategy as our next commander and chief against isis in syria and iraq. that's the focus of the republican race right now.
11:24 pm
donald trump projects the kind of strength. he talks a lot about immigration policy. 83% of his supporters are republicans who are pro-deportation. and that's a big issue right now in that ace race. >> betsy, why is he ahead of everybody else in the republican party? 42% of republicans say trump for the france terror attack that he could handle this better. that's huge. >> there is an amount of fear and concern about terrorism and foreigners and all these major global shifts we are seeing. the important thing to bear in mind when we talk about trump, when trump says about dealing about these problems a lot of of his rhetoric is divorced from what the reality actually looks like on that clip of him talking with o'reilly earlier. he said these people are coming in. they could be anyone. they could be isis. that's not factually accurate. they go through a three year screening process because they are viewed as more of a threat. thus far we have only let in a very small number of them. trump is able to talk about these things that makes it it seem like he is the only one who
11:25 pm
though he is actually not correctly explaining the situation. >> okay, viewers, it's your turn. i want to know what you think, has your opinion of donald trump gone up or gone down since he announced his presidential bid? tweet up or down using #greta. we are going to show your live twitter votes throughout the show. i want to turn now to the race and about the a.b., donald trump, the new numbers, 32%. nteresting thing, ione. think, in three months his numbers haven't changed. he hasn't gone down any. >> i know. the caucuses in iowa are 10 weeks from tonight. that is a long times but also a short time. dominated the polls for this long and he is the sort of frontrunner with staying power and looking at the holidays and new year and caucuses come up just weeks later how much is this going to shift? it might shift if he continues to make up fabrications that get pants on fire assessments forç
11:26 pm
untruths but maybe not. >> betsy and ben carson still number two. but he is 22%, 10 points behind. that's where he stays. >> his numbers have vas vas a vacillated more. more than half of the primary voters support trump or carson. you add together the two senators and they're not even particularly competitive with these guys. >> a.b., betsy, thank you. you can watch bill o'reilly's entire interview with donald trump coming up next on the o'reilly factor. terror raids in belgium. we are live in brussels as that country is locked down. that's next. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed.
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u.s. army apache helicopter killing both pilots the pentagon saying the fiery crash happened about 50 miles east routine training spers, military officials not released the pilots names or what mate have caused the crash. south korean news agencying is chopper may have hit high voltage line. commuter train derailing in l.a. the driver of the car reportedly drove arnold the crossing gate into the the path of the i couldn't know coming train. that driver hospitalized. no one on board the commuter
11:40 pm
train was injured. train service was delayed while crews cleared the track. remember thisg='g college student drunken tirade about mac and cheese? >> oh my god. oh my god. >> luke, the former uconn if he is accepted into the first time offender program upon completion his two it misdemeanor charges will be dropped. he was arrested for assaulting a campus food worker and video went viral and that's tonight's speed read. >> >> this is a fox news alert. he is under arrest. the suspect now in custody in the tempt ited murder in new orleans of a good samaritan. police say he is seen in the video shooting a medical student who helped stop a woman from beingog mugged by the shooter that studentz>b peter gold saw the shooter dragging unconscious woman and jumped in to help her. that's when the man pulled a gun on gold.
11:41 pm
demanded money and then shot him in the stomach. the shooter then tried to shoot gold a second time but his gun jammed and he fled the scene. the "on the record" legal panel is here, former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams and former prosecutor katie phang. katie, first to you. that guy is in big trouble tonight. but what a great -- i that medical student to be my doctor. >> yeah. you know, good samaritan, we always want people to be able to step in and obviously was incredibly dangerous for him. as luck would have it, the gun jammed as he was going to be shot in the head twice by the suspect. the police have indicated that he has given a full confession and actually his 17-year-old girlfriend was arrested as well for being an accessory after the fact. so with the full confession in hand the prosecutors in this case should be able to launch him and launch him appropriately and he should do some serious prison time. >> accessory to the fact, district of columbia half the offense whereas aider
11:42 pm
and abetter same amount as the principle. i would figure out a way to make her aider and abetter. >> she certainly may have known ; something. i hope this put this guy under the jail. when you look and there should be no plea bargaining in this case. when you look at this film, and you see this guy shoots this man in the stomach. he stands over him and tries to shoot him twice. and the gun malfunctioned. peter is one of the luckest people in the world, greta. >> not just lucky but, katy he drove by and saw this and stopped his car. part of the video i saw earlier today. he wasn't just walking down the street and came upon this. he actually saw this and could have driven off, instead peter gold decides to go out and risk his life and very dangerous -- it was7 a very dangerous situation. shot in the stomach, almost in the head. >> yeah, if you look at the video from the very beginning, you can see him at the very top of the image driving by in his car and, guys, it's 4 something in
11:43 pm
the morning when this is happening. he is backszx;ñ the car up in reverse, pulls up and gets out. what's interesting, too. he is on his cell phone at the time when he gets out of car. so he was doing something, saw what happened and like i said as a good samaritan he stopped and thank god what noses what would have happened to that woman hadn't he stopped even with more gratefulness the fact that he is okay is huge in this case. >> maybe the message too is we have so many surveillance cameras out there. >> i love cameras be a deterrent they unfortunately you have not in the past. >> thank you. >> suspects in custody in that mysterious early morning murder of that pastor's pregnant
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breaking right now, two men just charged in the murder of an indianapolis pastor's pregnant wife. amanda blackburn was shot in the&@ head in the early morning break. in toddler's son sleeping upstairs. the arrest came after a major break in the case. >> the first significant break was a d.n.a. code hit that called mr. watson to whats would believed to be the sweater or t-shirt that covered the face of the individual who was utilizing the bank card from amanda blackburn. >> "on the record's" griff jenkins can and ted williams went to indianapolis to investigate amanda blackburn's murder. >> so that our viewers get some sense, this is where first burglary happe 5:30 in the morning. as we come just down the sidewalk, we can see one, two, two houses down we get to the blackburns. so, 6:11 a.m., according to
11:49 pm
police, we know that davey is seen leaving to go to the gym out of his driveway here behind us. >> jeff, that's correct. so if you tried to put this puzzle together to it some degree, we know that a house two doors from davey blackburn was broken into. what we have also learned through sources is that the house right next to davey blackburn's house justed in the tiny time period he was leaving that someone tried to get into that home that's this home right here? >> that's correct. >> davey is leaving here at 6:00 a.m. and talking to. soka neighbors. these houses are close to each other. we have heard from multiple people that they heard two, three gunshots at approximately 6:45, 6:50 in the morning? >> yes. we have talked to several sources and one source told
11:50 pm
us that she awakened. and she heard gun fire at around 6:45 that morning. all indications davey blackburn was at a gym working out that davey blackburn comes home, somewhere between 8 and 8:30. when he comes into the house, he finds his wife, she has been shot in the! head, 911 is called. >> and ted williams is just back from indianapolis. he joins us along with the former prosecutor katie phang. we should say that davey blackburn, that's the name of the pastor, that's the pastor's name? >> that's the name of the pastor. greta, this one checked being out there in that neighborhood and speaking to the individuals in the neighborhoods who knew that blackburn family had one black family live about two doors, talked about when they initially moved in how this family brought cookies to them and what i found
11:51 pm
more than anything else is when you found how he found his wife she is down on the floor. shot three times. one of her teeth is knocked out of her mouth. you have got to ask yourself what kind of an animal would do this to another human being. >> katy, evil is the right word to describe them. she was -- i think she was sexually assaulted according to the reports? >> they are suspecting that she had been sexually assaulted. we know she was 13 weeks pregnant at the time.qo her 18 month old son was sleeping upstairs. this is an example of a justice system that i believe was failing amanda blackburn. there are three men involved in this. watson, gordon, and taylor. watson and gordon were on probation and parole for burglary and there were three victims that morning, greta and ted august of which were victims of a burglary. it was amanda blackburn
11:52 pm
whose husband left the front door unlocked of all the things that could happen, guys. he left the front door unlocked and that's how they entered the home and that's when she was pistol whipped, shot three times and frankly executed by the depraved human being. you know, they got rid of the electric chair in indiana in 19 the 985, idp -- 1995 and they should bring it back for the three animals that killed amanda blackburn. >> we talk about surveillance cameras catching people. i imagine neighborhood surveillance cameras on this one. the d.n.a., the same one that caught the dc mansion murder the d.n.a. on the murder. this was the d.n.a. hit. >> absolutely. that is one of the things and i heard the authorities out there talking about it. d.n.a. data bank is essential. you get locked up for a crime. felony, specifically. get your d.n.a. it's on file it's always beneficial and helpful. those videos were helpful when they went to that bank
11:53 pm
and griff jenkins and i went to the bank. >> atm. on video at the atm machine. everybody. >> they tried to cover himself up but it wasn't enough. >> katy, they get you at the atm machine another way. >> that's right. the video surveillance from the the atm machine. they stole amanda blackburn's chase debit card. they went to use it and that's one of the ways they were able to link them to this crime. they also used facebook to be able to bust one of the suspects and they$ basically led eventually to taylorr> ted and katie, thank you both. what a terrible story. what a tragedy. evil people. coming up, president obama, i have something very harsh to say about him. at least you may think it's harsh. i will talk to you more about it off the record next. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me...
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♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? let's all go off-the-record. last week as those horrible
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events were unfolding in paris, i was half way around the world in cambodia. as i hop scooched back home, stopping in saigon, and tokyo, i kept checking the news, hoping president obama would do something big, hugely symbolic, telling the world and especially france that we stand with you against isis because symbolism matters and as president he represents all of us. i was embarrassed in january when many world leaders showed up in paris and marched in solidarity with france after the charlie hebdo attack but president obama, he didn't go. he stayed home. he should have gone to paris and he should have marched with those leaders. so after that embarrassing no-show, i figured he had to learn his lesson and this time he would make a grand gesture like directing the pilots of air force one to take him to paris to meet with president hollande, but, no, he didn't. and worse, tomorrow it's french president hollande who is jumping on a plane traveling to washington to see president obama. it should be the other way around. and that's the way the brits and germans are doing it british prime minister david
11:59 pm
cameron went to paris today to pete with president hollande and german chancellor angela merkel is going wednesday to meet with him. want to feel worse? guess who was the first foreign head of state to show up at the white house after we got attacked on 9/11? it was the french president ú6ñk comment tonight. has your opinion of donald trump gone up or down since his announcement for presidential bid. 77% say up and 233% say down. check this out. this is the is best tweeted picture of the day. that is snow cap mountains in east asia. nasa captain snapped that photo from the international space station. never miss my favorite tweeted pic of the day. set to dvr to record "on the record." if you can't watch live "on the record" then play it back "on the record" after watching other favorite fox programs at 11:o01 each
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night. see you 7 p.m. eastern. up next the o'reilly factor. good night. it's great to be back in the u.s.a. see you tomorrow night. tonight on "red eye." donald trump claims he witnessed thousands of americans cheering on 9/11. the media will let that one go unnoticed. the zoo lander movie is transforming before it is released. and the boy suspect testified being a terrorist by making a clock is being sued for damages. our panel provides warmth and insight. first, a news break. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm kelly wright. good morning. more than 45 million americans will be traveling this thanksgiving holiday. and will face longer lines and tighter security because of terrorist attacks and threats over theas


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