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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 24, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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a stocking full of coal to your enemies this christmas. you can even include a personalized note. visit ship heather, i will not be sending yours. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning to you. today is tuesday, november 24th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert for you. the war against isis escalates as a russian plane is shot right out of the sky. the breaking details on who brought that plane down and the pilots who were inside. >> that's not good. meanwhile, did somebody cook the books on isis? as the pentagon investigates whether somebody tampered with the u.s. intelligence on the terror group, a former top general says there's only one place to look. >> the focus of this investigation ought to start at the top where intelligence stops and starts is at the white
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house. will the investigation really reveal anything we wonder? >> so much for see something, say something. the school that called the cops because they thought this was a bomb now getting sued by the kid who claims it was a clock. clock boy back in the news. "fox and friends" starts now. hi everybody. live from studio e here in the heart of midtown han mant. 6:01 in new york city. that lady who made the news yesterday. >> i did. we're going to talk about all that. i have a lot to share with our friends at home about the detour that i will taking for sure coming up. we're going to do that -- >> not talking about how long it took to get to work today. >> talk about a detour. i hit a little bit of traffic. thanks to a good friend, i got
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here on time. thanks to hair and makeup. we're going to talk. i do want to share with all the friends i care about so much. we'll talk about it soon in the show. i much prefer to give the news than be the news. we'll do what we do best and start with a fox news alert. >> that's right. a russian jet fighter shot out of the sky. went down in a ball of flames as you can see right there. moments ago, reports have surfaced that apparently one pilot is dead. there's a report that a second pilot has been captured by turkish forces in syria. syrian rebel group claims to have the video confirming that. it reportedly shows fighters surrounding the russian on the ground. pilots ejected before the plane crashed in the mountains on the syrian side of the border. turkey confirming that it's behind the shoot-down saying russia trespassed into their air spice despite repeated warnings.
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russia denies that and says they can prove the plane never crossed turkey's border. russia's plane was flying over syria in a bombing campaign to fight isis for the last couple of months. >> from the day the russians jumped into this, the turkish have been complaining you're by our border, what are you doing? turkey said if do you this again, we're going to take sthots at you. sure enough, they connected. here's the worry. russia responds to this. turkey is a nato ally. should russia respond to turkey? >> really good question. apparently they were warned ten times according to the syrian side. the question as to what side of the border this all took place is still up in the air. >> i saw online there's a track -- of where the russian jet was and it was over turkey for a while. but it was over syria as well. keep in mind, the country of syria, they don't like assad. they want assad out of syria and
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russia wants assad in. there's natural tension. >> the nation of turkey wants assad -- >> we'll keep you posted on this developing story out of turkey where it looks like that russian pilot, at least one is dead. >> we've been backing off. i guess the turks weren't. >> that's right. we have another fox news alert at this moment. a worldwide warning for all americans just as millions prepare for travel for thanksgiving. the state department taking an unprecedented step out of fear that terrorists could strike at any time. we're live in washington, d.c. with the latest on this. this is the busiest travel week, kristen and we have one serious warning ahead of us. >> reporter: i know. if you're planning to travel outside the u.s. over the thanksgiving holiday, this alert applies to you. state department officials say intelligence indicates boca
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haram, isis and -- this alert advises u.s. travelers to exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at festivals or events. >> we've also seen clearly that isil is carrying through on its intentions to carry out terror strikes in the heart of europe. it's threatened the united states. it's threatened other places around the world. so that's a very real threat. >> despite the threat, the word from the white house is we want folks to still travel but to exercise greater vigilance. about 47 million americans are getting ready to head out of town for the holidays. >> without something going on around the world. nothing like preventing me from flying. >> scary. but i can't live my life in fear. we have to see our holidays for the holidays. >> this lert does not cover travel within the u.s.
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this kind of alert has been issued at least six times in the last five years. so it's by no means unprecedented. but what is different now is the number of potential terrorists going dark. in the words of one security expert, u.s. officials know something is brewing, they just don't know where and how. brian, elisabeth and steve. >> kristin, thank you very much. >> that's the key. they say to avoid large crowds, crowded places and be careful on public transportation. >> there's a difference between fear and -- appearing to be real and something that i think all americans are trying to balance right now. >> they got this interesting app that new york has put out. where they can take a picture of something, if you see something say something. >> that tells us how to feel. >> new terror plan. be afraid. alert. speaking of the terrorists, we've touched on this in the
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past. there's been whistle blowers at the pentagon. essentially they've said that analysts down in tampa have presented to the white house and others intel on isis that is much rosier, paints a much more optimistic picture of what's going on with isis than is actually what's happening on the ground. >> and the white house of course, since yesterday saying we have no idea that isis was happening and this big of a deal. josh earnest, press house secretary said this. >> what he said in that news conference is that he has made quite clear to military leaders and to intelligence that he's looking for the best, most accurate assessment of what's actually happening that he can possibly get. as clear as people can be, that's what the president wants. even if that means delivering bad news or even if that means providing indicates to indicate that our previous elements of our strategy didn't work as well
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as we hoped, the president would rather get that information and make changes to the strategy where necessary than not. >> that would be great if it, in fact, were true. megan kelly spoke with michael flynn yesterday. who served as director of the defense intel agency under president obama for a number of years who was privy to all the information that the president actually received. he said if there should be any investigation into the amount of intelligence and the correct information that was presented to the white house, it should start at the white house. because they had a narrative and we were giving them the right intel. this is what he had to say. >> the focus of this investigation ought to start right at the top, where intelligence starts and stops is at the white house. the president sets the priorities, he's the number one customer. if he's not getting the intelligence that he needs, and if he's not paying attention to what else is going on, then something else is wrong there. nobody can sit here today, no one and particularly the amount
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of intelligence the white house got and say we didn't know this was a problem. give me a break. >> they acquire the information that isis was grilling a few th saw an opportunity to move up. the analysts said, listen, the stuff we're telling our superiors is not getting out accurately to the white house. the question is, was there pushback at the white house to make sure that the information getting to the president was rose-colored glasses, was better than you thought? fox news is told by a source close to sin come analysts that the pressure included at least two e-mails that said -- the e-mails said cut it out and toe the line. is there a message from the white house saying sanitize this or is it a bunch of officers that said i don't want to give bad news to the white house because i don't like giving bad news. >> i think the white house said, hey, we need a good story out of
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there because we're not going to put boots on the ground. what can you come up with? this investigation has gotten much bigger. it started with the whistle blowers and now the ig at the pentagon, the inspector general has expanded things into investigations. the pentagon i.g. seized e-mails from servers, but according to the times, some e-mail and documents may have been deleted and are no longer available for perusal by the investigators. >> who do you believe in the investigation and what do you think will come from the investigation? send us an e-mail here plus tweets. we'll be standing by and we'll see good morning to heather. >> we will not delete your tweets. good morning gang. hope you're off to a good day. a military helicopter crashing at ft. hood in texas leaving all dead. it went down during a routine training mission. the names of the service members
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are not released yet, it's not clear what caused the crash. the confession from the man police say tried to kill a hero med school student who stopped a kidnapping in louisiana. euric cain now faces several charges, including armed robbery and attempted murder. he admit today dragging a woman to an suv and then shooting that med student, peter gold, in the stomach when he tried to bravely stop that crime. you can see that video right here. he tried shooting gold in the head several times, unbelievable. thankfully, though, that gun jammed. gold is a fourth-year med student. he remains hospitalized in guarded condition. an about face from the family from the 14-year-old boy for bringing that homemade clock to school. he now wants millions of dollars and an apology from the government. school officials in irving, texas, thought that ahmed's
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clock was a bomb and of course, they alerted officials. the family is now demanding $15 million for damages and an apology from the school. ahmed received recognition from president obama. we all remember that. then a scholarship from qatar where he's living with his family. all of that following his arrest. what do you think of that? the new england patriots passed another test, this time against the buffalo bills. watch. >> complete right to the first down. and into the end zone. the missed tackle turns into a patriots touchdown! >> wow, the patriots win 20-13. and improve to a perfect 10-0 record. boy, they sure know how to do it right, don't they? those are your headlines. >> unstoppable. >> no kidding. see you real soon. >> brady did pretty good. just sayin. 12 minutes after the hour. high school cheerleader banned from competing because of a political tweet. what she wrote that is striking
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a lot of controversy. workers accused of stealing hundreds of taxpayer dollars got demoted. why can't they be fired? we have the answer for you, next.
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they are accused of stealing more than $400,000 from taxpayers, but diana ruin ins and kimberly graves won't be fired from the v.a. oh, no. they're being demoted to assistant directors after being accused of scamming the hiring system out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in relocation benefits. the v.a. says both will return to work immediately. but others say they need to be fired immediately. >> they sure do. they're brought before congress to testify. they pled the fifth not to incriminate themselves. they pushed subordinates out of their jobs so they could keep their pay and defrauded the government up to upward of $400,000 in relocation defraud and fees. they're keeping their jobs. everyone found out about it, knew it was a scam. they didn't get fired even though they could have been under the new law. they were simply demoted. >> there's a reason. the director had the opportunity
3:18 am
to have the ability to fire people. he turned down that opportunity. >> absolutely. these two qualify for second bob mcdonald to fire them. if you were to defraud your company of $400,000, he would be gone yesterday. these folks not only are keeping their positions but keeping six-figure salaries and going to carry -- >> the va had a -- if our veterans weren't facing the atrocities after giving their best in the nation, perhaps we would look at this and say this is the first time this is happening. given the sickness that is the v.a., this just -- i can't believe this is happening. >>. >> i don't know how more tone deaf bob mcdonald could be. as a leader sending signals. we called him and his voice mail was full. >> little embarrassing. >> little embarrassing for him. they plead the fifth, they've defrauded the government yet he doesn't take the steps necessary
3:19 am
to get rid of them. he sends every wrong signal by demoting them. >> what do you have to do at the v.a. to get fired? >> there are people responsible for watch list where people died. it's one thing defrauding people, the government out of a couple hundred thousand dollars apiece. but people died. >> what happened to those people, it's funny you mentioned that. the director of the phoenix v.a. was not fired for the wait list scandal. fired for buying beyonce tickets. he's being demoted to the phoenix vba. we're reshuffle one of these folks to phoenix where the scandal started. you couldn't write this kind of script. >> they're almost making $200,000 each. usually you work for the government because you get security at the back end, not high pay in the front end. >> they have job security galore. and veterans as we've seen are nowhere near getting the quality service they deserve. this scandal is far from over. because the folks at the very top, bob mcdonald and others are not interested in holding people accountable.
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>> they're not answering their cell phones either. pete, thanks so much. now, coming up. imagine walking to class and seeing this right here. take a look. this message supporting isis painted on a college campus rock. where this disturbing graffiti was found. we're going to tell you. plus, we'll save calories on your thanksgiving meal. we all are. don't cut back on turkey. just pick the right one. how about that. some pinot. ♪
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some quick consumer headlines. ford recalls over 450,000 mid-sized cars because some gas
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tanks having fuel leak problems. it covers 2010 and 2011 ford fusion and mercury sedans built in mexico. no reports or fires or injuries reported. i don't know where that car is going. as many americans prepare to grab their cars to travel this holiday, you'll see relief at the pump. the average gas price is expect today fall below $2. that's the lowest for thanksgiving since 2004. steve, elisabeth? thanks, brian. the proof behind that holiday weight gain might be sitting on your wine rack right now. how much damage can a glass of chardonnay really do to your waistline? >> the waistline is one thing. here's a bottle talk. erin joins us from the emergency room to the curvy couch to the fact that we'll be enjoying spirits over this holiday. >> thank you for having me. >> what are we putting in our bodies as far as calories? we're talking about a five-ounce serving of wine. >> let's show people what five
3:25 am
ounces is. erin brought from nashville this measuring cup. we're talking about a serving of five ounces. >> yes. >> i'm going to put it in one of these wine glasses. that is the serving of wine you have. >> i obviously have the heavy pour. >> let's go through the examples. sparkling wine. what are you looking at calories sf? >> it has less alcohol by volume in general. what you should look for is the percentage listed on the side of the bottle. the lower the alcohol percentage, the lower of calorie count. >> alcohol being sugar. >> exactly. more calories. >> the sparkling wines and the light whites are the best caloriewise. >> they are. especially if you make them into a white wine spritzer, add club soda, that dilutes the alcohol fewer and you get fewer calories
3:26 am
if you're really watching your weight. >> pinot grigio that's about the cheapest calorie wine you can drink? >> yes. >> you can end up having two before you have one of the others. >> look who is talking. >> chardonnays, they have more alcohol content, they have 115 calories per serving. drink more sparingly when it comes to those wines. pinot noir has about the same. the lighter red wines are higher than the alcohol content. >> the bad news is the kind of red wine that erin and i like is the cab. the cab has the most calories. >> break it down. >> about 13 to 16% alcohol by volume. so you're getting about 130 calories per glass. as a reference point, that's close to a serving of turkey there. one thing i see among my patients trying to lose weight, they forget about beverages when they're counting calories.
3:27 am
they really count, they can add up to just as much as food. need to watch this. >> here's the bright side. when i'm drinking my glass of red wine at the end of the day, i'm thinking just think about all those anti-oxidants and resveratrol i'm getting. >> you still need to watch your calories, but in moderation. women can have one glass of alcohol per day, men about two enzymes that help process. you're drinking in moderation. you can avoid a lot of the negative health effects but gain the antioxidants, prevent heart disease, cancer. there are a lot of benefits to wine in moderation. >> i thought you were going to say when you're drinking cab you're dancing so burning calories. >> that too. that segment later on in the program. >> fascinating stuff, erin? . thanks for coming? >> by the way, she brought all this wine from nashville. thanks, erin. coming up, breaking details in the paris attacks.
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we have brand new leads on the hunt for that eighth paris attacker. >> a garbage man found a homicide vest identical to the ones used in the siege on the side of the road near paris. >> we're following the latest developments live for you in paris. good morning, greg. >> reporter: elisabeth, steve, brian, you're right. there are important developments in the last 24 hours in the terror probe in this city. what authorities believe was an explosive but undetonated suicide vest was found in a southern suburb of paris. that is near where the mobile phone, the so-called eighth attacker was traced to the night of the isis carnage. the theory going around here, guys, is that salah abdeslam abandoned it, was driven to brussels where, for the last ten days after we've been watching, a massive manhunt has so far not
3:33 am
coming up empty, in brussels and across belgium. meanwhile, another important break in the probe. authorities have spotted on surveillance video, another man leaving the -- along with a dead mastermind and a possible shooter. this could be the mystery third man in the car of the hard cafe attacke attackers. he could be possibly dead or possibly yet another terrorist on the run. finally, the fourth day, one of the most important cities in europe is in lockdown. police, troops, armored troops on the streets of brussels amid fears of another paris-style terror attack there. it is reported that the metro, their subway, will reopen tomorrow as will most of the schools and universities which have been closed. but that high terror alert remains in place. a lot of fears there and here and concerns as well. back to you. >> and here as well. greg palkot live in paris with half past noon.
3:34 am
greg, thank you. >> just chucked it away and went for the hills. >> no detonator on that one, though, which is interesting. did they take it with them or was it ever armed. we have a lot to bring you on this tuesday morning. for that we turn to heather nauert. >> 33 minutes after the hour. a couple of things going on. two men accused of killing a pastor's pregnant wife are due in court later today. larry joe taylor and watson have been charged with murder. a third suspect is expected to be charged. the men robbed two other houses before they broke into amanda blackburn's home in indianapolis. while she was inside, her toddler son slept upstairs. two of them took her debit card to an atm machine while taylor stayed behind. police believe that's when he attacked her. she was shot trying to fight back. the dna evidence helped to track down the men. her husband and her father will join us live on "fox and friends" in the 8:00 a.m. hour today. a disturbing pro-isis
3:35 am
message found painted on a rock at a university in ohio. this graffiti discovered at youngstown state university. it had messages including ysu supports isis and we are coming. look at this one. france deserves destruction. really? students received messages from the college saying there was no credible threat of violence. however, police are investigating that case. donald trump using hillary clinton's laugh to attack her in a new ad. take a look at this. >> including fbi official -- >> that ad, demonized her -- for several incidents including benghazi. it warns, don't let the joke be on us. a cheerleading captain banned from the team because of a tweet. the senior posted a tweet about a low voter turnout in a local election inspired by donald trump after watching the debates
3:36 am
for homework. she wrote, "when 10% of revere, that's the town vote for mayor because the other 90% isn't legal. she says that tweet was meant to be political and not racist. the school kicked her off the team saying she'll say something offensive. she should be prepared to deal with the consequences. that happened in revere, massachusetts. i'll see you back here soon. it is chilly here in new york city. in the northeast as well. maria molina out on the streets. another cold one today. but by the end of the week, it's going to be pleasant. >> we're going to be seeing temperatures warming up across the eastern u.s. the temperatures will be below average, including here in the northeast. taking a look at the radar across the country, it's relatively quiet out there, especially in the plains. not much going on or in the southeast. lingering snow showers across parts of the interior northeast. really where we have a heavy
3:37 am
hitter snowstorm is cross western parts of u.s., especially in the pacific northwest. it's been getting hammered with heavy snow, especially along the high elevations and also rain moving along the lower elevations. that's going to be expanding throughout the day today impacting travel across the northern rockies and impacting travel across california and in sierra, you'll see heavy snow as well. potentially more than a foot of snow. so that's going to be impacting travel as well through many of those passes out there. there's a look at wednesday. a very busy travel day across the country. you can see we'll be dealing with showers, potentially even some storms. a krors the plains and the northern plains and parts of the great basin. let's head back inside. well, the countdown to black friday that is begun. if you're planning your shopping strategy, you might want to listen right now. lifestyle expert and founder of shop with style is here to talk
3:38 am
about killer deals. amy joins us right now. you have something everyone has been looking at here. this television is 25% off. >> this is a great example. we buy things for ourselves on black friday as well as for gifts. companies put the ideas together. this is a 70-inch advise vizio tv. this is only $898 for black friday. great deal. drive to pick one of those up. another great deal is on appliances. the new appliance models come out in the fall. 30% off and more. the maytag appliances are on sale at lowe's. it's normally $649. it's $449. >> where is this? >> at lowe's. >> that's where you can find this maytag refrigerator. it's a higher end model. it's $2298. if you're remodeling your kitchen and need appliances, this is a great time to go shopping. >> i would never thought this is the time to wait to buy appliances for yourself at home. it's a great time to do this right now with the discounts.
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let's talk tech. >> you always find great deals on black friday. office depot and office max has this dell series laptop, 43% off. it's normally $349.99. $199.99 this weekend. >> of course, tools. >> for yourself or a gift. for the automotive enthusiast, this craftsman, 230-piece mechanics tool set. this is 55% off at sears. >> that's a good deal. 55% off. >> with all of these things, the tools and everything else, these are available online as well as in store. definitely take advantage of that. >> great news. greeting cards are here. you realize, you can actually spend a lot on greeting cards. this is a great time to capitalize on a discount. >> these are from tiny prints. this is exclusively online. the higher end personalized cards as well. black friday you realize, i haven't done my cards yet. it's a good time to go online
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and get them done. >> this is when the overachievers are kicking themselves saying i should have waited until black friday to do my christmas cards. >> there's so much confusion with black friday now. different store opening hours and times. check out retail me they have a guide on their website to keep track of the deals and importantly, see an extensive list of the store hours and opening times. download the app at retail me >> great information. amy, thanks for helping us out on black friday and saving a lot for you. what if you could find out about a terror attack before you see it on the news? the new app that can be changing the game. it might just save your life. plus, a soldier gives his mom the biggest surprise and scare of her life. >> is that your legal name? >> brandon joseph smith. >> oh, boy. >> he surprised her right at the hospital where she works. the entire family is going to
3:41 am
join us live just ahead. in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line. we are already over 200,000. our collaboration with citi has been very important from the very beginning. citi was our biggest supporter and our only private bank. we are not only being efficient in the way we are moving people now, we are also more amicable to the environment. people have more time for the family and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences to hear people saying:
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"the metro has really changed my life."
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15 minutes before the top of the hour. headlines from the regulation nation. 15,224 new federal rules released by the obama administration. most related to environmental issues. one wants to put craft breweries out of business by asking for detailed calorie counts on each beer produced. they're proposing their own regulations requiring them to register their craft with the federal government. the rules are expected to be approved by christmas. brian? thank you very much, elisabeth. after the attacks in paris many wondering how to keep safe. a new app run by intel experts
3:45 am
is available to allow users to track possible terror threats close to home in real time. >> the founder of terror and i eye former cia operative is here to demonstrate thousand works. thanks for putting this together. >> people are looking forward after paris to this. tell whaus you put together. >> this is the first time ever that people with smartphone, no matter an apple or android device will have access to information, analysis and recommendations from former cia officers and former intel officers. >> you formed this group and you put all that intel into this app. give us an example. can we take a look at some of the things coming in this morning. >> absolutely. so if we look up on the screen here, we'll see some threats that are coming in, one of the more interesting ones is a right up at top, the bomb threat
3:46 am
against turkish airlines. people, no matter where you're traveling this holiday season, will be able to go and use the app and to see threats against where they are and where they're going. >> for example, i see this little teardrop on the map. let's look at the map for a second. if i look at that, wait a second, what's going on in florida and phoenix, i touch that and then it pops up. >> absolutely. on this map we see a bunch of teardrops here with locations. we have messages. let's look at texas real quick. if we click on that, we'll see there's two pieces of intel. one about syrians being stopped at the border. another one about isis recruiting teams in northern texas. >> i mean, the five more syrians stopped at the texas border. that just came in nine hours ago. a lot of people still are sleeping. a lot of people say okay, that's good and interesting. are you doing something we can't get on the ap wire, fox or drudge? >> absolutely.
3:47 am
we're searching through 100,000-plus sources of information all the time. that's growing. we're looking at, for the needle in the haystack. threats that really can alter our lives that can really change the way that we live, not only paris-style attacks but the lone wolf attacks and other threats that we face. >> what did you have -- i don't know the answer to that. what did you have in paris before the paris hit? >> we saw an increase going into paris of threats against paris. but unfortunately, in the instance of paris, the operatives really went silent. they left social media and left all of that. there was nothing to collect. but people could have been warned prior that the threat had increased. >> joshua, this is fascinating. i think for traffic, the ways app. it's revolutionized the way people drive, helping others out. is that how you work, those who
3:48 am
are now out of government? >> we really wanted to provide everybody with access with information and awareness on threats. there's a lot of fear and talk and chatter. this app will help understand what chatter is. >> i was looking at the paper and we have a nationwide terror alert. what do we do with that? how do you feel as an intel expert and as an american? >> i think the state department travel warning is nothing new. with the app people would have seen, there's a lot of things going on around the world. now this time we all need to be vigila vigilant. that vigilance is important through information, through awareness. i think we can all be better prepared. >> but there's no specific threat right now? >> there's no specific threat. lots of credible but nothing specific. >> all right. it's called terror view. it's $4 a year. >> $4.99 a year. >> joshua, appreciate you coming
3:49 am
in. thanks for your service. remember when the nbc dumped donald trump's miss usa and miss universe pageant. they found a new home. it's fox. we will be joined on the curvy couch. i'll put up with that. the biggest surprise and scare of her life. >> what's your legal name? >> brandon joseph smith. >> oh! >> her son surprises her in the hospital. the entire family joins us next. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
a soldier gives his mother, who is an emergency room nurse, an amazing surprise. but also scared her a little bit. last friday night. >> what's your legal name? >> brandon joseph smith. >> oh! >> that mother had not seen her son in almost two years. and this morning they are reunited. and the soldier behind the surprise, u.s. army specialist brandon smith, along with his mother, tammy. in the background there, and father shawn. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> okay, so tammy, i understand they told you that it was a training exercise, and you were going to have some patients come in on friday night. and so when they wheeled this
3:54 am
guy in, and he has a thing around his neck, you probably didn't look at him. >> no. >> how did this happen? what happened there? >> well, they told me that it was going to be a training exercise between the base, and the ems and us to see what our response times were. so whenever they wheeled him in, they had the oxygen mask on and he was boarded and had a collar on. i didn't even look at him. i had my back to him while i was putting him in the computer. and then whenever they used his name, i looked at my coworkers and i was like, oh, my gosh, that's my son's name. i can't believe, that's such a coincidence. >> right. >> and then we asked him date of birth, and it was the same -- >> it was his birthday. >> it was. and so i told him, i was like oh, that's so weird. that's such a coincidence. and then he was right behind me. >> he came up behind you and gave you the hug of a lifetime. >> yes. yeah. >> brandon, when your mom is asking you, you know, date of birth, name, stuff like that, didn't you want to say, mom,
3:55 am
come on, it's me! come over here. >> you know, a little. i was concerned about that at first. i'm like my mom's going to recognize my voice. she's going to know my name. she's going to know my date of birth. didn't happen like that. >> i was very focused. >> you know, you're lucky you had that neck brace on, because i understand later she said she was about to wring your neck. so that was -- >> yes. >> now, shawn you were also in on this, because you didn't tell his mom he was coming home for three weeks but he did tell you. >> yes, sir. and my daughter. not only did i have one running for my mother, i also had to run -- or for my wife, his mother. i also had to run one for my daughter, too. so i had two going at the same time, all the time. >> well, brandon, i'm sure it's great to have you home for thanksgiving. and tammy, how much does it mean to you to have that boy there you haven't seen in two years home? >> it's -- it's the best gift that i could ever get. it's wonderful.
3:56 am
>> that's right. just tap him on the shoulder there. all right. well quite a surprise. and thank you very much for sharing it with all of us. tammy and shawn and brandon, have the best thanksgiving ever out there in oklahoma this week. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you bet. all right. that is a great story. it is now a little bit four minutes before the top of the hour on this tuesday. we've got a fox news alert. vladimir putin, just spoke out about that russian jet that was shot out of the sky while you were sleeping. right now, rebels offer proof they have one of the pilots. the breaking details in moments. and this top lar hgtv host is alive because of a fan. how a viewer saved the flip or flop host's life. we're going to explain. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes?
3:57 am
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good morning to you. it is tuesday, november 24th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. shot right out of the sky a russian jet is brought down by turkish military. what we have just learned about the pilot. then did the white house mislead us about isis? the pentagon expands their probe into altered intelligence. what the administration is saying about it this morning. and remember when nbc dumped donald trump's miss universe and miss usa pageants? well those pageants found a brand-new home on fox broadcast network. the reigning queens join us live on the curvy couch this hour. live from new york city, and the middle east, as well, this is "fox & friends" for tuesday. good morning to you. we have a fox news alert for you now. a bold move by turkish military,
4:01 am
shooting down a russian jet, the incredible video here shows it being shot right out of the sky. in a ball of fire. russian president vladimir putin is calling it a, quote, serious situation. >> well that seems like an understatement. john huddy joins us from our mideast newsroom with details on this developing story. john? >> well, this is a significant and serious situation between two countries that have already been at odds and already have very tense and strained relationship. and now you have this. it happened in western syria, just to give you an idea, about four hours ago, five hours ago, roughly, earlier this morning here, turkey -- turkish military officials, both countries back and forth. turkey says that the russian jet, an su-24, strayed into its airspace, and that it can prove it with flight data tracking. however, russian military officials say that is absolutely not the case. that the jet was in syrian airspace and never crossed into
4:02 am
turkey, never strayed into turkish airspace. so again a back and forth going on between both countries. and both countries say they can prove their claims. that said, russia, let's talk about the pilots. russia did confirm that both pilots ejected. now, syrian rebel forces, again, in that region, say that one of those pilots is dead, that he was killed upon landing. and that they have his body. there's also been video -- there's also been pictures circulating online showing what appears to be the pilot, the other pilot, there are unconfirmed reports that he was killed. again we're following this very closely. a lot of updated information. this is a region where syrian rebels have been fighting syrian government forces backed by russia. it's not the first time that turkey has said russian and syrian jets have strayed into its airsurprise. real quick the kremlin, vladimir putin as you mentioned, calling this a very serious incident and we're just seeing that's
4:03 am
crossing on the ap wire that nato will be holding emergency meetings today in brussels regarding this. so very significant, very serious situation that's ongoing. >> john huddy live in jerusalem with the very latest. should point out russia apologized in october because a jet violated the airspace and elisabeth and i were just looking at the flight data that showed the track and clearly the russian jet was over the country. >> you can see that quite clearly here. and now this, in other news, were there intent to mislead the american people or even the white house on isis. the pentagon is now expanding a probe into these alleged doctoring of isis information saying they had been possibly tampered with and the white house says hang on a second. don't look it up. we can always handle bad news. we asked for all the information and that's what was given to us. josh earnest, facing james rosen when he put him to the task. >> what the president has long said, and what he said again in that news conference, is that he
4:04 am
has made quite clear to military leaders and to intelligence officials that he's looking for the best, most accurate assessment of what's actually happening, that he can possibly get. as clear as people can be about what's exactly happening, that's what the president wants. and even if that means delivering some bad news or even if that means providing some evidence to indicate that our previous -- previous elements of our strategy didn't work as well as we had hoped. the president would rather get that information and make changes to the strategy where necessary, than -- than not. >> -- in charge of collecting the intelligence from their analysts and relaying it to the white house. why would it behoove centcom to look at the analyst material, change it to look better, and then hand it to the white house? why would they do that? now the inspector general's report is supposed to give us that answer. however, if the white house, for example, was calling constantly just to check on certain things, and ask questions about certain things, maybe with a wink and a
4:05 am
nod saying, we probably don't want to relay it like that, and then we get the report, too, that was relayed by fox news that was related in at least two separate e-mails that the that the analysts at centcom should toe the line. >> but you hear josh earnest saying hey, we can handle the bad news. just give it to us. that's what we asked for because we can handle it. that's fine if it's true. but when you hear the top general of the intel agency, lieutenant general michael flynn, detailing how there was a narrative that the white house wanted to put out there and sto storytell and when the intel that they were giving the white house, in fact, didn't match up with that, there was a lot of pressure put on the agency to maybe make a move in another direction in terms of information. this is the most disturbing thing i think to come out of all of this. this is when lieutenant general michael flynn spoke with megyn kelly about what was really happening there. >> the focus of this investigation ought to start right at the top, where intelligence starts and stops is
4:06 am
at the white house. the president sets the priorities and he's the number one customer. so if he's not getting the intelligence that he needs, and if he's not paying attention to what else is going on, then something else is wrong there. nobody can sit here today, no one, and particularly the amount of intelligence that the white house got and say we didn't know this was a problem. i mean, give me a break. >> so the -- >> -- isis -- >> so the inspector general at the pentagon is taking a look at this. now, there are congressional inquiries, as well. what kind of data was massaged? well, there was one instance where, remember when ramadi fall and they were talking about how the iraqi army fell back. apparently, the intel analysts say that before their reports were finalized, their bosses said, you know, that's just too strong to say that the iraqi army retreated. so instead, the analysts changed retreated to, redeployed. and things like that. so, anyway, the inspector general is looking at all sorts of documents and all sorts of
4:07 am
e-mail, and we understand from "the new york times" apparently some of them have been deleted and are missing. >> it turns out there were officers who were on vacation and didn't want to come back from vacation to go get ramadi. >> isn't that convenient? >> and we're missing sunnis from the army, too. seven minutes after the hour, heather nauert has the news. >> let's start out overseas right now. shocking new evidence in the hunt for the eighth terrorist in the paris attacks. a garbage man finding a homicide vest just outside paris. this is identical to the ones used in the november the 13th assault. this discovery leading to questions about whether the suspect bailed on his mission to detonate the device. authorities in belgium are still hunting for the eighth attacker who may have slipped through security for a second time. this morning, we are learning that brussels has now lifted its lockdown on schools and subways, despite the country remaining at the highest threat level possible. another fox news alert to bring you, this one from home, and a real tragedy for military
4:08 am
families. a military helicopter crashing at fort hood in texas leaving all four people on board dead this morning. the chopper went down during a routine training mission. the names of the service members have not been released. currently investigators do not know the cause of the crash. we'll keep you posted as we get more information on this. hdtvs "flip or flop" host tarek el moussa gets a chance to thank a viewer for saving his life. two years ago he had no idea he had thyroid cancer until a viewer e-mailed him pointing out that there was a strange lump on his neck. look at that right there. that viewer named ryan reed is a registered nurse. moussa is now in remission and he finally gave her a proper thank you. thanking her on the show "the doctors" yesterday. amazing to see that, huh? >> unbelievable. >> pay attention when people write in. >> absolutely. >> heather, thank you. remember a couple of months ago that story out of texas,
4:09 am
about the kid who took -- he said it was a clock, took it in to class and one of his teachers said, hey, that looks like a bomb, and he wound up going down to the office, and does that look like a clock to you? it looked like a bomb to one of the teachers. now he and his family have moved to the country of qatar, and now they have hired an attorney general and they want $15 million because that kid has been through a lot. >> remember they went to the white house and the day after they declared they were moving to qatar there. now in his demand letter some of it is bold, italicized and underlined saying that their client's reputation, ahmed, in the global community is permanently scarred. they say he was illegally questioned, that he was threatened with expulsion, he was defamed in the media, and wants $15 million in an apology letter from officials. that $15 million is further broken down to $5 million that they're seeking from the irving independent school district and $10 million from the city of irving in addition to -- >> if the government refuses to cough up the $15 million the law
4:10 am
firm will file a suit for damages. >> they have 60 days to do this. >> is this extortion? >> well, they think they got a good case. they think the kid was maligned. according to the demand letter, as well, seven adults interrogated him and pressured him to sign a confession letter about a hoax bomb. i'll tell you what, you know, ultimately what are the teachers and midarers at the school in charge of? education, of course. but also keeping your kids safe. so if one of the teachers seeing something, how many times this week have we heard people say, if you see something, say something? somebody said something, said that kind of looks like a bomb. they called in the police. they obviously thought it looked like a bomb, too. it seems to me that a lot of people did the right thing. you know, ultimately, it was not a bomb, it was a clock from a kid. but nonetheless, you got to wonder, were -- which rights of that young man's were violated? well, you know, they didn't have to put him in handcuffs. >> let us know what you think
4:11 am
about this lawsuit. we'll stand by for your comments as always. >> let me tell you what's next. the nypd says it's ready to respond to a paris-style terror attack. what about the rumor s of a possible chemical strike on the water supply? >> and the force is not strong with this one. darth vader returns for star wars, the clerk strikes back. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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a fox news alert. the u.s. state department has issued a worldwide terror alert for all americans traveling between now and the end of february. the new york city police department says it is ready to respond to a paris-style terror attack. but what about the rumors of a possible chemical strike on a city's water supply. for instance on paris. that's been rumored. former new york city police commissioner howard safer joins us right now to discuss. commissioner, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> commissioner, when you saw that the state department was issuing this worldwide travel alert, what did you think? >> well, i think it's a dangerous world. and i think we should always be careful overseas. and i think based on what happened in paris, american
4:16 am
travelers should certainly be careful when they're going overseas and be aware of what's going on. we should also be concerned of what's happening at home. there is tremendous threat here in america. >> absolutely. which is what it's curious that this particular terror warning was issued by the state department, which makes it seem like it's every place in the world except the united states. rather than our own department of homeland security. >> well, i would hope that they would raise the alert, and make sure that americans are aware and of course, what we always say, see something, say something. but there is no logical reason that we could not be the victims of what happened in paris. >> absolutely. last thursday in paris, apparently a number of hazmat suits essentially were stolen from a children's hospital in paris. some have speculated that perhaps the bad guys wanted to put some poison in the water supply or something like that. i know you've looked at this. this was a real concern for new
4:17 am
york city back when you were commissioner, as well. how hard is it to do that? >> well, the good news is it's very hard. biological pathogens usually do not survive in water. chlorination kills most biological and chemical agents. sun is one of the things that kills those agents. and, sandia labs has created for most water supplies detectors that detect these kind of agents in water. it's not impossible. but it's very hard. you would have to use huge amounts of chemical to have the effect and it would probably be detected. now you've certainly could poison stored water that some water supplies use. or, you could put poison in the pipeline. >> sure. >> so we have to be aware. but it's not the kind of threat that people are making it. >> okay. commissioner, i know the u.s. congress on the republican side they're talking about maybe a government shutdown to force this administration to stop bringing in syrian refugees.
4:18 am
what is your perspective on the -- i know that once upon a time you were involved in witness relocation, so you know what it's like to bring something in to another area that they're not familiar with. how big a burden to law enforcement would these refugees pose? >> well, you know, we're a country of immigrants and i'm not against bringing people into this country who want to work and better their lives. but the fact is, it is a real threat. i know having been with the security i know how easy it is to redocument people where you can't trace them. and in a country like syria, where you can buy real passports for 100 bucks, why put that threat on us? we should pause. we should make sure that people who are coming in have been vetted, and vetted with a system that is reliable. i'm unaware of a reliable system right now. you know, i think about my hero ronald reagan what he would say relative to something like this. he would say, trust but verify. we need to verify before we bring people in to this country, and expose the american public
4:19 am
to a real threat. >> you're right about that. the majority of americans agree in a brand-new poll feel exactly as you do. former new york city top cop howard safir, sir, thank you very much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> good to have you. 19 minutes exactly after the top of the hour on this tuesday. you've seen this chilling video of a medical student shot while trying to protect a woman. this morning a suspect now in custody and wait until you hear what he told police. plus, nbc kicked miss universe and miss usa off their air but they have a brand-new home. it's right here on the fox broadcast network. the reigning pageant queens join us on the curvy couch. coming up next. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself.
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jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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4:23 am
♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ way up high >> hey, news by the numbers now. guess what $1.56 million is what judy garland's sweat-stained dress from the 1939 "wizard of oz" film sold for at an auction yesterday. apparently it was hot on the set. it's one of just two worn on-screen. next 2.3 million. that's how many copies of adele's 25 album told in just three days. is she really happy? and $8.7 million, that's how much the rnc raised last week, double what democrats raised. but who's counting. >> oh. >> well, this year we watched a simple crown change the lives of two very special women. >> oklahoma!
4:24 am
>> miss universe is -- colombia! >> oh, what a moment. but soon after that, nbc kicked miss universe and miss usa right off the air. >> what the heck? >> they have a brand-new home right here on fox. we are thankful for that. current miss universe paulina vega and miss usa olivia jordan who will be representing the united states in the competition join us now on the curvy couch. congratulations on the new home for the pageant coming up december 20th. >> thank you. >> what a good home. >> it is. >> what a curvy couch. >> very curvy couch today. >> we decided to blend in with the couch. >> right. >> you guys are two curve experts, i might say. >> oh, well thank you. >> it's interesting. you have one more month as miss universe and you essentially
4:25 am
would like to take her crown >> yeah. i think if she could pass the torch that would be a good thing. >> exactly. >> a little bit. >> but you really used your crown well. you've worked with such incredible organizations. >> oh, yes. the project sunshine. and now i'm trying to bring some of the -- how do you say it -- some of the organizations to my country colombia. so -- >> that would be terrific. >> outreach. >> must mean the world to your family. >> has america embraced you? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> i love america. >> how do you explain that? what do you love about america? >> how can i explain my love to america? >> yeah. >> difficult. >> okay, fine. >> it feels like home. >> what's next for you? >> i don't know. >> what do you want? >> so many things. i mean work with these organizations. i will continue my career that is business administration. i have contracts for modeling. so i will continue with that.
4:26 am
>> in a perfect world what could you do? you're going to walk in somewhere in about two months and you're going to put down a resume and at the top it's going to say miss universe. >> last job, miss universe. >> i mean sometimes. >> so what would you like to do? you'd like to be an actress. >> no. >> no? >> maybe. >> that's where we -- >> my first -- >> i like business. >> paulina, you were considering acting, right? >> yes, i'm definitely going to pursue the acting after this i was acting full-time before. acting and modeling. so i'll continue that. but i think paulina should be an actress. i think she's great. >> my mom says that, too. >> oh, really? >> there you go. >> act together. >> what will you most look forward to with the pageant coming up, it's a big deal, december 20th, as i said, what are you looking forward to? >> it's just such an honor to represent the united states. i got to represent oklahoma on the national platform and that was incredible. and this is like tenfold. to represent my entire country. so, i'm just excited about that. >> i was just in oklahoma and it
4:27 am
has to be the nicest -- everyone is so nice. >> everyone is so nice in oklahoma. it's like, i mean it's the best. i was very lucky. >> it was 1:00 in the morning. i walked into the equivalency of a 7-eleven and they asked me, can i help you? really? you're happy i'm here at 1:00 in the morning? that's incredible. >> yeah, they are. >> i think a lot of the time people hear pageants and thinks it must be catty behind the scenes and infighting and all that. when you look at the great work that you women do and the organizations that you take part in, it's remarkable. what is it really like behind the scenes? >> i personally, people always ask me about the cattyness and i really haven't experienced that from any of the other pageant women. everyone's so accomplished. we all are working towards similar goals. ultimately yes it is a competition. but we're also different. everyone just playing to their strengths. >> right. so universe, what are you going to miss? >> you guys. >> and me. >> and new york city. i mean, everything. it's such a unique experience. 24/7 job. >> yeah.
4:28 am
>> so it's like make me a better person, a better professional. >> we'll see how fox's coverage is going to be. >> it's going to be incredible. >> what would you think if we were to judge it? >> i would love it. >> yeah. >> i thought. >> i'm going to let paulina pick my judges. >> okay. already working it out. good luck to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. >> coming up straight ahead one governor's fighting president obama's plan to bring in syrian refugees by banning them from his state. and now the feds are fighting back. the penalty he's facing, next. >> that's right. plus, he started the nascar season in a hospital bed after a crash that almost cost him his career. but on sunday he was hoisting that trophy high, kyle busch is here with us live next. >> he's the champion. ♪ we are the champions my friends ♪ i have asthma...
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♪ on the radio down the road i go ♪ >> wow. well watch this. it's the answer to rush hour traffic. the new toyota i-road. the cross between a motorcycle and a exact car but only has three wheels like a go-kart. before you buy one we're going to test them out. we've got some on the plaza. stick around for that. the interesting thing about that is because you're going through the traffic what you do is when you want to turn, even though there is a steering wheel in there, you just kind of lean in to the turn, like you would with a motorcycle. >> it's almost like a segway but a tripod motorcycle-ish car. >> and it's an electric car as well from toyota. we're going to hop in them very shortly right here on "fox & friends." >> there's a moat psych wl three wheels but the two wheels are
4:33 am
and the back and a lot of people feel like i'm going to fall off. >> we're going to check out the desiep, lean left and lean right and see where it takes us. >> the intuitive design. >> does it have rack and pinion steering? >> i want to know if kyle busch is going to be riding in one of those things? >> maybe he can make it go more than 5 miles per hour. >> if anyone can it would be him. >> a couple of headlines right now. a serious story, a confession from the man caught on camera trying to kill a hero medical school student who stopped a kidnapping. euric cain was seen on this video dragging a woman to an suv in new orleans when he shot peter gold in the stomach when gold tried to intervene. he would have shot gold in the head but his gun, thankfully, jammed twice. cain was later arrested at his girlfriend's home and is now facing multiple charges, including attempted murder. well, the governor of indiana, who's fighting against
4:34 am
president obama's plan to bring in syrian refugees is now being sued. a nonprofit agency accusing governor mike pence of violating the constitution by accepting refugees from other countries but not those from syria. in the mean time, canada's prime minister expected to announce today his plan to take in 25,000 syrian refugees. well, the force is not strong with this one. a robber tries to knock over a store in florida with a darth vader mask. the clerk strikes back. he didn't have a weapon so he threw a bottle of salad dressing at a suspect hitting him in the face. the burglar ran off but was eventually caught. you can see the wounds right there between the eyes. a soldier gives his emergency room nurse mom an amazing surprise. but also the scare of her life. watch this. >> what's your legal name? >> brandon joseph smith. >> oh.
4:35 am
>> oh, my gosh. that would make the moms really nervous. well that soldier's son was home from germany, pretending to be a patient during a nurse training exercise. the family joined us earlier to talk about pulling off that big surprise. >> like my mom's going to realize my voice. she's going to know my name. she's going to know my date of birth. didn't happen like that. >> no. i was very focused. and it's the best gift that i could ever get. it's wonderful. >> just what any mom would say. she hadn't seen her son, her little boy, in two years. welcome home. to oklahoma. >> those are your headlines. let's head outside now to maria molina with a look at our weather. how are things looking for the travel week? >> hi, heart. looking pretty crazy out west. we have a massive storm system moving in across washington state, oregon, producing some heavy snowfall and i want to share with you these images
4:36 am
because we've been seeing again heavy snow across this region and even reported power outages across washington state. the storm is forecast to produce more than a foot of snow across some of the higher elevations out there. and that system will be expanding throughout the day today, you're going to notice that snow starting to spill into parts of northern rockies, and also into california, across the california sierra you're going to be looking at heavy snow, as well. and there could be more than a foot of snow there, as well. some of the lower elevations are going to be dealing with rain so it really is going to be a mess in terms of travel out here. and eventually that storm will move eastward. we're going to be seeing those showers throughout the day tomorrow, across the plains. going to be slowing you down as you head out for any travel plans right before the thanksgiving holiday. you could see that snow widespread as well from the northern plains into the rockies. now let's head over to brian. >> you want me -- >> all right, maria. >> all right. as we come back, story for the ages. >> kyle busch, tonight he earns his first cup title!
4:37 am
kyle busch, the 2015 nascar sprint cup champion! >> oh, my god! >> oh, my god is right. right after that, fearing he'd never be able to race again following a horrifying crash to start the season, kyle bounces back in improbable fashion. the 2015 nascar sprint cup series champion, to my immediate right. >> congratulations. >> it's freezing out here. don't put your hung on it. >> no, i know, right? we don't want to look like christmas story all over again. >> when you're a champion you could go to the patriots game last night and watch them beat the bills. >> that's right. a cold spot. figured it wouldn't be -- >> did you really? >> yeah. >> go ahead and put it down. because this is heavy. >> yeah. >> you're obviously feeling good. >> better than i was about nine months ago, yeah. >> let me ask you this, because i haven't been inside a race car. >> yeah. >> your left foot was the one that was broken. >> correct, yeah. >> so how -- what -- is there a
4:38 am
clutch in the race car? >> of course there is. >> so you're healing up around braxton your 6-month-old who is just about to start moving forward. that's what your goal is right now. >> no doubt. it's certainly been a whirlwind year. i broke my right leg and my left foot both in the crash in february. and then my wife was pregnant at that time. we had our son in may and it's just been a whirlwind tour this year of getting back, getting healthy, getting in the race car, becoming competitive, winning races and ultimately having the chance to race for the nascar sprint cup series championship and to reach my ultimate goal since childhood is pretty amazing. pretty cool right now. >> is it almost like feeling like you're playing with house money being that you came back within this season? a little relaxed and have a good time, be the best i can. the expectations are out the window. >> exactly, no doubt. that's exactly how i kind of portrayed this chase and what we wanted to do and accomplish. we essentially didn't know that we really were going to be there at all in the beginning part of this season. even halfway through the season.
4:39 am
so, once we were able to become eligible, and be in a position that we were in, we just set our minds easy. we didn't put the pressure on ourselves to win it. we knew if it was meant to be we'd let it happen and certainly it did. >> let me ask you about this. one of the great documentaries of nascar is talladega nights, of course, in that movie ricky bobby after his problems was never able to go fast again. >> that was my initial fear, yes. >> right. after you had the big wreck, it's kind of like if i go fast i might hurt myself again, right? >> yeah, no doubt. definitely i think that was one of the biggest fears and challenges that i had mentally on being able to try to get back healthy and get back into the race car was whether or not i was going to be as good as i was beforehand. >> is it different as a father? is your mentality different as a dad, doing what you do? or is it just the same? >> i think you're maybe a little bit more patient. you kind of let things come to you a little bit more rather than trying so hard to go get it all the time. i let braxton do all the trying so hard. he's getting up on all fours and
4:40 am
silting there and figuring out whether he can go forward. but in reality he just goes backwards right now. >> when he starts going forward if he's anything like you it's going to be fast. >> along with kurt you were the first brothers ever to win the sprint cup series. what does that mean to your family? >> it's huge. with my mom and my dad and everything that they gave to my brother and myself to be in this position w two brothers as champions in a nascar sprint cup series is awesome. because we never would have really dreamed of it. but my dad especially, he taught my brother and i everything we know about racing and everything we would have ever dreamed of. and the passion that we have and the drive that we have, that just so awesome to be able to put it all together and be successful like that. >> sure. so the big question is, are you going to be ready to drive one of these new toyota three wheelers? >> we can race, sure. let's go. i don't know how you new yorkers are with driving around here. that's not much that goes on right? >> you're going to be in the cockpit in one of those things. 15 minutes. >> all right, let's see it. >> you can handle it. >> i'm never scared. appreciate it. nice to see you guys.
4:41 am
thank you very much. >> so happy for you. now up next a worldwide warning as millions of americans get ready for travel for the holiday. we are live at the airport with what it means for you. >> and then, the men accused of shooting and killing a passenger's pregnant wife now charged with murder. but that pastor already saying he has forgiven them. he will be with us live in the next hour. >> but first the trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1941 this musician is known as the original beatles drummer. be first at with the correct answer. you'll get something that i will sign. americans. we try to live healthy.
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reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. you better look out the pc police are back on patrol. first in staten island where the area's largest mall is taking down the christmas tree and canceling the santa parade. enraged shoppers are now calling for a boycott. mall management says they're listening and plan to host a holiday event, instead. and university in australia ending its free yoga classes over fears they may offend some students. apparently there were some cultural issues that weren't being considered there. ohm, my. >> what could that mean? >> fox news alert. a worldwide warning for all holiday travelers. a rare decision from the state department as global tensions continue to climb over imminent threats of terror attack.
4:46 am
fox 29's dave pincher is live in philadelphia international airport. dave, what's the mood like there with this warning? >> good morning to you. the mood here at philadelphia international s&l one of calm but certainly vigilance after the state department puts this warning out worldwide and that, as you say, is what makes this such a rare warning. and that's because of isis, and boko haram, and yes, al qaeda, plotting attacks around the world, the exact locations not specified from the u.s. government. but certainly another warning coming with that that these attacks could come in, quote, conventional and nonconventional ways in terms of weaponry. so a lot of things that a lot of people are trying to digest as they get on with their holiday, and look forward to digesting some turkey. we talked with people here at philadelphia international. here's what they had to say. >> listen, i'm always nervous. but, we have to go see our family and go on with our lives. >> i was in chicago when 9/11
4:47 am
hit, and all i seen was like militaries with guns and everything, and now it's starting all over again, and it's -- it is scary. >> scary, indeed. and this is also an important note, this is not just a warning for the thanksgiving holiday or the weekend. this warning will remain in effect until essentially late february of next year. so the intelligence community around the world, and certainly in the united states, as well as the military and global security forces, working hard on all of this, not trying to scare people, but certainly they want people to be vigilant and careful as they go about their holiday travel. guys, back to you in new york. >> they want people to be careful. thank you, dave. however, people are scared. >> right. >> some real anxiety out there. >> you know, the president told us not to be. so, i don't know -- >> yeah. >> year after year, compact cars get smaller and smaller. what if we told you the future is on three wheels? kyle busch tests out --
4:48 am
>> there he is. >> the toyota i-road when we come back. >> look at him! >> oh, watch out. >> he can handle that. >> but first, on this day in history, in 1642, tasman discovered what was later named tasmania. >> i knew it. >> and in 1932 the fbi crime lab opened its doors for business and in 2001 mary j. blaj's family affair was number one on the charts. we just had a visit with her. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice...
4:49 am
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the answer to the question is pete best. he preceded ringo starr and our winner is holly from pennsylvania. you get a copy of my newest book, thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates available november -- well we know that, it's available now. and tonight, i'll be in philadelphia at 7:30 tonight signing at the free library. >> that's right. >> and that's going to be cool. >> after that heading to sea island, georgia, as i understand it. how about this? the answer to rush hour traffic is about to hit the road. here on our plaza. the future of urban driving is a toyota i-road. and we had two very skilled drivers about to give them a try right here. >> i don't know much about kyle busch -- >> okay. >> let me just show you what the cockpit is like. there is a steering wheel. it's very simple. right now i'm in neutral. can you see that, chris? i want to be in reverse i push the "r." when i want to be in drive, i do that. it's that simple. now chris go over to -- >> the front actually moves up and down. kyle i love your commentary on
4:53 am
this because you have to lean to make the turns. as we saw in our tease you had really -- you were exemplifying great skill. >> it turns from the rear. i'm not used to that. not the back swinging around. >> explain how you get this thing to do what you want it to do. >> you got to get used to it, that's for sure. you can steer it. i will kind of do what you want. >> let's give it a test. >> kyle, take a drive. >> yeah, here we go. so, this is -- this is just kind of a feeling that you get, you know, you kind of got the lean to turn deal going but you also got to watch out for the rear when it swings, it kind of swings wide with the back. you can't just stay out close to the wall entering the corner as we say. >> steve is being ultracareful here while kyle is putting the i-road to the actual test and we're being brave standing right on the plaza. >> we will say this is not actually legal to drive this on the streets as of yet and this is why, right here. you're witnessing this. this is the future of urban driving. steve's back tail is about to maybe brush the "fox & friends"
4:54 am
building here. and kyle you're getting brave in this car. >> i am. >> you feel comfortable in it. >> i'm ready for anything. let's rock 'n' roll. >> you've only been in this thing like five minutes. >> what is your ultimate review on this i-car -- the i-road i should say by toyota? how is its handling? is it intuitive? >> it is very intuitive. that's a big word you know. i enjoy the fun. i like anything that's got wheels on it. >> kyle, would you buy one of these? >> i don't know if i need one necessarily in charlotte, north carolina. but probably in new york city it would be pretty easy to wheel around. >> if you could -- >> and move around. this would save on parking spaces. >> i assume you could drive pretty much anything. can the average person in your mind handle this? >> i think it would take a crash course of getting used to. i don't mean crash, i just mean driving course of getting used to and trying to figure out the maneuverability and everything that it takes to drive one of these. but very interesting. >> kyle, i'll race you to the glass wall. >> all right. you better get your cameraman out of the way. >> get out of the way, chris. >> oh, boy, you heard that one. >> are you going to run into it?
4:55 am
>> maybe. >> do we have more of these? >> and go! >> oh! >> oh, my goodness. >> wow, that is cool. >> kyle, i think i got you coming on the sponsorship. >> all right. let's rock 'n' roll. >> did you see the stop just inches away from our feet. the thing is we trusted you. we don't so much trust steve. >> you didn't back up very much. >> steve, you made him look really good because you know kyle's confidence is so weak. >> i was afraid my butt end was going to hit him. >> i like the fact that you have your seat belt on, i'll just say. >> how much would this cost us? >> they haven't gone on the market yet so it's just a test car. this is something that you might see on the streets one day real soon. >> again, thank you. i appreciate that. >> that is extraordinary. >> i am not the first guy who was beaten by kyle busch. >> there were 41 others the other night. >> i'm the first one on three
4:56 am
wheels since kindergarten. >> there you go. thank you very much. big wheels are my fun. >> that was so much fun. >> thank you. >> coming up on this show, some more fun, one of the most popular tv shows around and "game of thrones" just played a big trick on their viewers. >> plus, it's an interview you cannot miss. two men charged with a brutalish murder of a pastor's wife when she was pregnant. but that pastor says he already forgives him and his wife -- he forgives them and his wife's killer. he will join us live in the next hour. ♪
4:57 am
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5:00 am
fight against isis. saying it shot down a russian plane near the syrian border because they were over their property. apparently the pilots did parachute. how the world is responding. live from the white house in 30 seconds. and possibly the future of firearms is here. >> should fire if it's a regular gun. >> a regular gun with fire. nothing. now if i were to grab it. >> that works. >> instant. got it. because you have authorized ring. >> i have an authorized ring. >> kurt the cyber guy here this hour with more at the exclusive look at smart gun technology. and let me remind you, mornings are better with friends. all right, everybody, thanks for joining us. studio-e, heart of midtown manhattan, thanksgiving week.
5:01 am
glad to have you. listen, elisabeth not only are you doing the news, you're in the news today. >> yeah. i do much prefer giving the news than being the news. and we're going to talk a little bit more about that later on in the program, as i'm accepting a new position as cbo chief breakfast officer in the hasselbeck household in the coming months. and so i do want to share with all my friends at home and all of you my heart on the issue. >> about 8:50 eastern time. >> yes. but before we do that we have a lot to get to and work to be done. we're getting right to this fox news alert for you. a turkish f-16 shoots down russian fighter jet right out of the sky, crashing in a ball of flames, one pilot is reported dead. the other pilot could be in the hands of syrian rebels. just moments ago, russian president vladimir putin made comments saying the pilots didn't threaten anybody, maintaining they did not cross into turkish airspace. nato now calling emergency meeting in brussels. >> this comes as president obama prepares to meet with french
5:02 am
president francois hollande at the white house today to discuss strategy to fight isis. >> i thought that was the goal for everybody. kevin corke joins us live from the white house. complicated day, isn't it? >> no question. this is what we were talking about, guys. remember when you heard expressions like de-escalation and deconfliction? this is what happens or certainly can happen when you have multiple parties involved in one single war zone. and as you pointed out, elisabeth, the ap now reporting that nato is calling for an emergency meeting in the wake of that shootdown of a russian aircraft by the turks, officials in turkey say that plane violated their airspace and that is why they shot it down. now let me just share with you while we have a moment a statement from the pentagon. our turkish allies informed us that their military aircraft shot down a russian military aircraft near the syrian border after it violated turkish airspace on tuesday. at this time we can confirm that u.s. forces, this is important, were not involved in this incident.
5:03 am
meanwhile, french president francois hollande will be coming to the white house today to meet with the president ahead of the big trip over to moscow for the french president. he'll try to get the russians on board with the broader coalition, which obviously will be a very tough job. he met yesterday with david cameron over in the uk, and of course will be meeting with our president later today. now that meeting also comes just ahead of the president's trip to paris. of course that's all about climate change. but still they want to try to hammer this thing down and make sure that they have at least some semblance of a coalition building as they continue to ramp up the war on terror. this visit by the way comes as the state department is raising the travel alert telling americans to be vigilant, as they travel abroad. it does not apply domestically, but we'll all be watching very carefully and we hope to hear more from that on that topic from the president later today. guys, back to you. >> all right, kevin corke live on the north lawn of the white house. so keep in mind the reason that particular jet was in the sky was because it was flying sorties to try to take out isis. at least that's the cover story. keep in mind, as well, turkey
5:04 am
wants the president of syria to stay and russia wants the -- >> no, no, turkey wants him out. >> and the russians want mr. assad to keep the job. so there's some built-in tension because russia is pounding parts of syria and turkey doesn't want them involved. >> meanwhile the state department, you got to wonder what's going on, because we were told yesterday by our president the worst thing we could ever do is give in to the fear that terror gives us. >> go about your business. >> go about your business. >> but that's not what you get from what we get when you pick up a newspaper today or go online. >> right the state department has now issued a worldwide travel alert monday over possible risk, just today, yesterday due to increased threats of terrorism. look at the cover on the daily news, it says be afraid. this is coming from the president right now. the state department saying, united states citizens should exercise vigilance when in public spaces or using transportation. this alert expires february 24th of 2016. >> that's a long -- >> so what's a person to do
5:05 am
right now? this is the busiest week of travel arguably throughout the year. millions of people set to travel both within the united states and abroad. this is a big move right now to issue this warning. >> it is and it's not an alert. it is a warning per se. and they say in this particular thing from the state department, it's not from the department of homeland security, as we are used to hearing. >> yes. >> this alert. >> it's from the state department. they say that the terrorists could use a wide variety of tactics, conventional, meaning guns, or unconventional weapons. which of course would mean suicide vests and things like that. howard safir is the former top cop in new york city. he has faced many different kinds of terrorism in his tenure in that position, and he says, look, we got to be careful right now. >> based on what happened in paris, american travelers should certainly be careful when they're going overseas and be aware of what's going on. bud we should also be concerned about what's happening at home.
5:06 am
there is tremendous threat here in america. i would hope that they would raise the alert, and make sure that americans are aware and of course what we always say, see something, say something, but there is no logical reason that we could not be the victims of what happened in paris. >> important to note, as well, a total of six worldwide travel alerts in the last 4 1/2 years. >> and this is a warning. not an alert. >> ray kelly also chronicles in his book how many near-misses and thank goodness for great policing, in new york city, over the last 15 years. so this is nothing new to us. however, with boko haram, al qaeda and isis competing with each other to kill more people, we're in the cross hairs. >> and the lone wolf. that's the scary part. >> they've been told as isis has more and more pressure operatives who have been planted around the world have been told, act on your own which makes it even more challenging for people like howard safir. let's talk about some controversy. we wondered where isis came from. we wondered when did they spring
5:07 am
up? how all of a sudden did they get involved in the syrian revolution? >> how did they surprise our president? >> well it turns out -- >> pretty simple. >> maybe the intelligence, somehow wasn't getting from the analysts to the officers at centcom to the white house. >> how disturbing is that? so lieutenant general michael flynn sat down at the kelly file and i thought in one of the most disturbing revelations he was talking about how there was a narrative set by the white house and any intel that didn't fit into the puzzle of the narrative that the white house wanted to put out in their storytelling was somehow reversed or pressure was felt by those within the agency. this is one of the most unearthing of information as it pertains to intel and our security and he says if you want to point fingers about why the intel wasn't getting to the president you should start looking at the president and the white house. >> the focus of this investigation ought to start right at the top. where intelligence starts and stops is at the white house. the president sets the priorities, and he's the number one customer. so if he's not getting the intelligence that he needs, if he's -- and if he's not paying
5:08 am
attention to what else is going on, then something else is wrong there. nobody can sit here today, no one, and particularly the amount of intelligence that the white house got and say we didn't know this was a problem. i mean, give me a break. >> well the president himself said over the weekend we're going to get to the bottom of this. the guy who runs centcom, commander general floyd austin told the senate back in september that he welcomed the inqui inquiry. he says he never ordered or suggested to anybody that they sweeten the intel, but when you look at what was coming out of centcom, it kind of looks like they were just designing a narrative that fit what the white house was telling the world. >> well, the fox news had this first and then "the new york times" blew it up sunday. and here's the line. fox news by a source close to centcom says this, analysts under pressure -- centcom analysts that the pressure on them included at least two e-mails saying they needed to cut it out and toe the line. it's pretty hard to take that --
5:09 am
that's not a gray area. >> yeah. and the words from lieutenant general, a gross underestimation by the president to say he was surprised at the white house to say as josh earnest did they were spliced by some of the information. you can't be taken aback by isis as they were told -- >> many more investigations about did they alter the intel coming up. in the mean time we turn to heart on an alert. >> a big investigation yielding new clues this morning. explosive new evidence for the eighth terrorist in the terror attacks. a garbage man found a homicide vest just outside of paris and that was identical to the one that was used in the november the 13th attacks. the discovery leading to questions about whether or not the suspect bailed on his mission to detonate that device. authorities in belgium are still hunting for that eighth attacker who may have slipped through security a second time. this morning brussels lifting its lockdown on schools and subways, despite that country remaining at the highest terror alert levels possible.
5:10 am
another fox news alert this one coming from here at home. a military helicopter crashing at fort hood in texas leaving all four on board dead. the chopper went down during a routine training mission. the names of the service members have not been released. investigators looking into a cause. our prayers go out to that family this morning. well the new england patriots now a perfect 10-0 after a monday night showdown. take a look. >> brady, complete, to the first down. inside the 10 and into the end zone! the missed tackle turns into a patriots touchdown. >> he makes it look so easy doesn't he? tom brady leading the patriots to a 20-13 victory over the bills. the patriots and panthers the only undefeated teams left in the league. you watch this show, the hbo "game of thrones" and are they playing a game on all of us by bringing back a beloved character on that show? >> i'm the brother of the
5:11 am
night's watch. my life, my honor, my sword, i don't know what i have left to give you. >> you can give me the north. >> i can't. >> well the network can, tweeting out a promo with a photo of actor kit harrington as john snow but last season's finale had viewers believing that he was dead. that poster quickly went viral. fans are now buzzing with theories about the fate of that character. and those are your headlines. it's a popular show. >> game of throne-a-loop. >> thanks, steve. >> well, almost a little -- >> a little bit. >> like a half horn. >> we're going to shift gears right now. >> coming up, an emotional interview. you're not going to want to miss. a pourerful one, in fact. two men charged with brutally murdering a pastor's wife. they face a judge today. but that pastor says he forgives them already. he and his wife's father are going to join us live next.
5:12 am
then a political tweet got this cheerleader banned from the squad. what she wrote that is sparking a lot of controversy, straight ahead. >> -- said no one -- ca. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. shop like a pro for great door buster deals at the bass pro shops black friday sale. like redhead men's 5-pocket jeans for under ten bucks. and, get this masterbuilt 40 inch stainless steel smoker for under $200. doors open at 5am
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5:15 am
a fox news alert. two men charged in the murder of
5:16 am
a pastor's pregnant wife due in court this morning, larry joe taylor and jaylen watson who were calling themselves part of the kill gang. they face murder charges in amanda blackburn's death. the 28-year-old was shot in the head during a home invasion earlier this month while her toddler was sleeping upstairs. joining us right now with the reaction to the arrest amanda's husband davey blackburn and amanda's father phil buyers. good morning to both of you guys. >> good morning. >> dpoerm. >> davey, we talked to you last week. we're glad that there is some resolution to this. but before we talk about that, tell us a little bit about amanda. >> yeah, i mean, just like we've been talking about for the past couple weeks, ameanas somebody who was so full of life, so full of joy. she was full of the love of jesus, and that just resonated through everything that she did. she loved people. she was caring. she was selfless.
5:17 am
and so i don't, you know, i don't believe there is a better person that's walked this earth than amanda. amanda grace. >> phil, she's your daughter. what would you like us to know about her? >> well, she was the joy of our lives. we have three children. they each played a specific role in our family. but amanda brought the joy and the miles and the laughter to our home, and she was sweetness in our home. and that's what we loved most about her, was her sweet spirit. and her -- her -- she was a good kid all the way around. all of her life. >> davey i understand you have her journal with you right there. and you'd like to read a passage from it. >> well, yeah. actually i don't have it right here with me. i've read it many passages already so i could certainly, you know, paraphrase one.
5:18 am
>> i have one of them right here. we don't know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future. and that is jesus. >> yep. >> phil, i know you're a pastor, as well. you're really trusting the lord right now to help you and your family through this, aren't you? >> yes, we are. >> and that is our rock and that is our foundation. and actually the whole family of god, it's an amazing thing. the church of jesus christ and the family, the body of christ, that comes together to hold us up. we could not do this without them. they're just like carrying us, and supporting us with all their prayer, with all their love, and the outpouring of expression and their condolences for all of this. that's what's really getting us through it. >> of course these men have been charged with your wife's murder. davey, and i have read in news accounts out of your area, you are ready forgive them for what they did. can you explain that to us, how
5:19 am
that works? >> yeah, you know, forgiveness is really interesting in that it's not a feeling. and i feel like that if you wait to feel like you're ready to forgive, then you're never really going to be able to forgive because when someone inflicts pain on you, or an offense this grave, i don't feel like you ever feel like forgiving. but you know, one of the things i learned from amanda and that we really learned as we walk with jesus, is that if we were to make all of our decisions based on emotions then we would live a miserable life. this world would be even worse than what it is right now. and so, although we don't feel like forgiving them, what we feel like is anger and hatred and rage and loneliness and confusion. we choose to forgive, and the thing is, about forgiveness, is it's a daily decision. we're going to have to wake up every single day and face that decision over and over and over for the rest of our lives.
5:20 am
and i just don't -- i don't want to live my life going down the path of bitterness, because it will destroy my soul, and it will destroy everybody around me if i choose that, and so today i choose forgiveness. and i pray that tomorrow i can wake up and choose forgiveness by the power of jesus christ. you know one of the things about jesus is when they were inflicting way more pain than any of us could imagine on him, on the cross, he looked out and he said, father forgive them for they don't know what they're doing. >> yeah. >> and so that spirit lives in us, and we're just praying that god, through his spirit would help us in that. >> well, it is a heartbreaking story. and, phil and davey just know that there are millions of people right now praying for your family. >> thank you very much for coming on tv to tell us about amanda. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. good luck to you. all right. it's 20 minutes now after the top of the hour, still ahead we're going to talk some politics. donald trump still dominating the polls despite some of the
5:21 am
mainstream media writing him off. how is trump able to stay on top? karl rove has a theory. he's going to join us coming up. plus you're going to meet the future journalists of america. we salute the graduates of the ailes apprentice program. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
all right. a quick look at headlines now. women are drinking more alcohol and closing the historic gender drinking gap. a new study finds habits are changing between men and women. men are moderating the amount of booze they drink while women are drinking up like there's no tomorrow. scientists have figured out happiness, at least. what part of your brain it comes from. a group of scientists say in japan it comes from our perileal
5:25 am
lobe. the front. they measured positive emotions and satisfaction more than 50 people and came to that conclusion. i don't know what the japanese word was. probably easy to pronounce. ♪ here at fox news we have a one of a kind apprentice program like no other created by our chairman and ceo roger ailes. with a mission to promote diversity and develop careers. >> our program is to create people who will step forward and lead. not just in the television business. but in any kind of problems that we might have. these people are going to change the world. they are the best hope for this country. >> and joining us now we have the honor and privilege of introducing you to this 2015 young apprentice program graduates, chiffon sarna, mauricio muniz, randall payton
5:26 am
and deneo williams. so excited for you all. >> thank you so much. >> i want to introduce you to our audience because everyone on thursday who was working for you is going to love you and just be incredibly impressed by your efforts and challenges. you graduated from george washington university. you were going out on shoots with cameramen. what's the one thing you took away that you feel was the gem of this experience for you? >> you know, i loved going on shoots and reporting and storytelling. to be able to go out and hone my on camera skills something i wasn't able to do and learn from the cameraman, learn from producers and come back into the edit rooms and put those packages and tell those stories, i think, was really the heart of the program for me. >> absolutely. that's so good to hear. mauricio, thank you for your service. you are a veteran of the united states army. you deployed in 2005. where were you? >> i was in kuwait. >> you come back after being on one incredible team there, reintegrating back here to what i believe to be the team to be on at fox news.
5:27 am
what was your experience like? >> well, as far as the program's concerned, i got to work a lot in field producing. i got to see how it all comes together. i worked here at fox in the tech outfit so getting to see what the other side was like is great. and yeah, as far as my service is concerned it helped with the program because they teach a lot of leadership skills and teamwork which is great. >> we're fortunate to have you and thank you for your service, as well. randall, best thing about the program for you so far? i know you started. you were actually working at regis and kelly as an intern there? >> yes. >> that was pretty exciting. for me one of the biggest takeaways from the program was probably honing in on my producing skills which really included time management. because on top of the program you have a full-time job. we're all champions here and we stepped up to the challenge. >> you sure are.
5:28 am
seton hall grad. >> i am. >> right? >> and so you actually came here and did i hear correctly you had a little stage fright, you were worried about that and you pushed through. where do you stand today? >> i have a lot of stage fright. but i'm here. >> you sure are. >> and so much better than what i was. i think that was definitely the focus point, i was always a behind the scenes girl and learning how to be on camera and challenging myself in that way has been like a great, great learning experience for me. >> i'm sure you have found some incredible mentors as have i. i like to say i have graduated from the ailes apprentice program, as well. it is outstanding. we know that to be true. we wish you our sincere congratulations. future is definitely right for you all. welcome our 2015 graduates of the ailes apprentice program. well done. well done. now, still ahead, donald trump is still dominating in the polls, despite some in the media writing him completely off. karl rove has not been on team trump so why does he think that
5:29 am
trump is still on top? we're going to ask him just that and more. plus it's being called the future of firearms. kurt the cyber guy giving us an inside exclusive look at new smart gun technology not to be missed. who wants to try? before earning enough cash back from bank of america to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use their bank americard cash rewards credit card to sweeten the holiday season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine,
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5:33 am
another, let's go from jimmy fallon to karl rove is here. >> that's part of the decline. >> no, it isn't. great to see you, karl. i know you got this book coming out and everyone's excited about it. the triumph of -- >> coming out today and you have a copy. how did you do that? >> because i'm friends with karl rove. he signed it to me. why the election still matters. we want to talk about that but we also want to talk about what's going on with this investigation when you talk about what's happening with the pentagon, not giving perhaps correct information to the white house. we think you could unwind this system for us and tell us how intelligence gets to that level, since you were the deputy chief of staff. >> well, look, this particular involves pressure placed within centcom, central command in tampa, florida, which has oversight from the middle east. pressure being placed upon analysts to cook the intelligence. and kat ridge herridge has done some excellent reporting out of washington for this for fox. several analysts told cut it out. step it back. >> by whom? >> somebody above them in the
5:34 am
chain of command. and there's now an inspector general investigation by the pentagon. this is good news for people who are concerned about the quality of intelligence that our decisionmakers get. so we're going to have an investigation to find out who did that, who pressured them if they did and i suspect steps will be taken. but there's a broader problem here which we need to recognize. that is that in january of 2014, there was every evidence that isis was on the move. remember, they take ramadi and fallujah in january and by june 10th in a six-day battle they take the second largest city in iraq, mosul. there was every bit of evidence up to that point in 2013, and early 2014, that isis was on the move and i bet you a dime to a dollar in the president's daily brief there was intelligence from the cia and from the state department, and from the defense department, saying this is a dangerous organization on the move, and the president and his advisers -- >> will we find that out, karl rove? >> we will find it out eventually in -- when things begin to be revealed after obama leaves
5:35 am
but you cannot tell me now that there wasn't the defense department and others saying and cia saying this group that has now taken fallujah and ramadi and then we had evidence that by -- when they take the second largest city in iraq and the president is still calling this group in february, i believe it is, of 2014 the j.v. and they're taking ramadi and fallujah. >> what came out of them, does appear it's the narrative that the president was, i'm not going to put troops on the ground, we can do it the other way, we'll stand by -- a bunch of them. >> one narrative that everyone has going around circles around donald trump. he is still leading in polls. recent fox news poll he has 28% among republican primary voters. >> right. >> so what is this secret to him being now teflon trump as they are calling him? >> well, he has a high floor and a low ceiling. he's teflon among the 25, 26, 27, 28, 29% depending on what poll you look at who are floor him. but he hasn't been able to consolidate beyond that.
5:36 am
he's been at the top for now since july but he's got a ceiling and he can't bump above it. the question for trump is can he as other candidates begin to fall by the wayside inherit their people? go into ohio and attacking john kasich in his own state capital city is not exactly the best recipe for consolidation. calling everybody else a liar, you know, a loser, a moron, is not exactly the best strategy to consolidate. >> whose people are more likely to flow to him? you've got carson at 18%. cruz at 14. rubio at 14 according to this fox news recent poll. show if trump is to get the nomination, who, which of those followers -- >> the latest fox poll, if you look at it there were ten -- compared to the earlier one at the beginning of the november. the four candidates lose ten points of support and the one who loses the most is ben carson. he loses five points and some of the lesser lights lose a point or two each. four people pick up. trump picks up two.
5:37 am
rubio and cruz each pick up three. i believe it's bush and fiorina each pick up one. so what happened is is that support for ben carson didn't, you know, two out of ten went to trump. eight out of ten went to somebody else. >> yeah, you mentioned john kasich, and when the president -- or rather when mr. trump, who's running for president, was in ohio, was taking some shots at him, kasich has come out with some $2.5 million ad buy that supposedly has a bunch of trump gaffes in, and in the mean time donald trump has been a master of the free instagram media. there is a new campaign ad out that he has put online. it's instagram, it's all about hillary. and her laugh. take a look at eight seconds of it. >> including fbi officials -- >> this kind of thing is very effective, because it just ricochets around the internet. you don't have to pay are it.
5:38 am
and people are talking about it. >> we had american crossroads do a similar web video about four or five months ago on it because as you know, she laughs at very inappropriate times. it's a useful way to go about doing it. but draw attention to it. and the focus the right way of hillary clinton. >> real quick, republican donors, operatives, getting together to take down trump. is that true? all the candidates -- >> there's conversation about this. i doubt that it's all the candidates. look the right thing to think about is if he's got a high floor and a low ceiling it's the issue of how do you consolidate the other 65%, 75% that can't that are that are now immune to trump. they can't they can't move in his direction i mean again, remember, we have ten points of movement in the fox poll. he picks up two, two other guys pick up three. >> sure. >> each. >> but on the other side it's clearly going to be hillary. bernie sanders -- >> it is going to be hillary. and the question is going to be for that how far left does he drag her and when does she begin she began this week to break
5:39 am
from obama on the middle east. when does she break from obama on other things? >> i don't know if william mckinley is in this. you're waivering his button. >> the election of 1896 still matters. >> take a look. >> there we go. handkerchiefs from the -- >> why -- >> sold at the convention in order to wave around -- >> why does it still matter today? >> because he -- this is one of the great elections in american history because politics before 1896 is broken and the two parties are split. we have five presidential elections in a row in which nobody gets 50% of the vote. along comes mckinney, changes the political system, and for 36 years the republicans run it all. and it's -- we talk about the reassignment election of 1800 with thomas jefferson and the re-election election of 1828 with jackson, 1860 with lincoln, 1932 with fdr. 1896 is one of the most dramatic changes and we don't talk about it often. we talk about william jennings bryan or the guy who lost or
5:40 am
followed mckinley, roosevelt but this guy turns out to be an enormously courageous individual. >> who is a war hero. >> recommended by the congressional medal of honor after receiving three battlefield commissions and says i was just doing my duty. don't press it. knoll only that it's an election with sex, violence, backstabbing betrayal. every weird character in the world, and really cool -- >> and everyone focused on the vice president teddy roosevelt. but you're saying look at the guy -- >> he was not even the vice president in 1896. he's a guy trying to weasel his way into mckinney's good graces after backing the front-runner for the republican nomination and losing and theodore roosevelt's future is impossible without him being a weasel, who's -- trying to wean his way into the middle of the mckinney campaign writing letters to make you wince and doing things that make you ashamed. >> so the lady in the middle wearing blue this is going to be a great book. >> the triumph of william mckinley why the election of
5:41 am
1896 still matters comes out today. karl rove, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. my first interview on the day of its publication and it was with the three of you. >> what an honor. >> how important are you guys? >> so appreciate you having started -- >> on that, karl. heather over to you. >> thank you guys. congratulations on the book. all right, good morning to you all. i've got some serious news to start out with right now. a confession from the man who was caught on camera trying to kill a heroic medical student who stopped a kidnapping. euric cain dragging a woman to an suv in new orleans when peter gold intervened. gold was shot in the stomach. cain tried shooting gold then in the head. but the gun jammed twice. cain was arrested at his girlfriend's home and is now facing multiple charges, including attempted murder. a massachusetts high school cheerleading captain banned from her squad because of a tweet. senior caylee posted a tweet about low voter turnout in a local massachusetts election
5:42 am
writing quote when only 10% of revere vote for mayor because the other 90% isn't legal. she says that tweet was meant to be political but not racist. the school ended up kicking her off the team saying that if she's going to say something that people find offensive, she should be prepared to deal with consequences. what do you think of that one? well don't look down at this if you are afraid of heights. daredevil just broke a record with this incredible stunt. he was walking a slack line more than five football fields in length between two massive rock formations. 400 feet high in the sky, in utah. he was tethered to a harness but that is it. the daredevil says setting up the stunt was just as challenging as putting it off. and those are your headlines. doesn't that just make your feet and your hands tingle when you look at that one? >> get that drone away from me. >> no kidding. he's okay now. thank goodness. >> heather, thank you. >> coming up are smart guns the answer to the gun debate? up next, chris the cyber guy with an exclusive look at smart
5:43 am
gun technology. >> should fire if it's a regular gun. >> a regular gun with fire. nothing. right. now if i were to grab it, that works. >> instant. >> got it. >> because you have authorized -- >> you have an authorized ring.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
smart guns that only work with fingerprints of the gun owner. >> i'm going to need -- >> in the grip. your palm prints only you can fire it. >> wow, but that could soon become reality. there are at least a half dozen smart guns in development, and ready for manufacturing, so we sent kurt the cyber guy to find out how they work and kurt we sent you out on a mission. were you successful >> we tested it out. i can tell you guns are about to
5:47 am
become a lot like an iphone where you can use your fingerprint to open a gun or even in this case you use a ring. take a look at how this works. >> a little of the gun. >> safety is on. >> i'm going to turn it off. try to fire it. it should fire if it's a regular gun. >> a regular gun would fire. nothing. all right now if i were to grab it -- >> that works. >> instant. got it. because you have authorized ring. >> i have an authorized ring. >> he has a ring, it went off. not a fingerprint but a special ring. and they could have more than one ring. what's the controversy with this? >> the controversy behind this is the fact that some new jersey law that went on the books some years ago is really kind of idiotic, and it has caused a disincentivized marketplace for smart guns. if you start to sell a smart gun it says you can't sell other guns. it's a ridiculous law. when it comes to gun control listen to what mr. mossburg says. >> who is against smart gun
5:48 am
technology? >> people that jump to conclusions that don't do homework and don't do research are against it. you may not want to buy one. that's fine. but don't be against it. there's also a concern, a valid one, of legislators wanting to mandate this stuff. i'm dead set against mandates. if you want to buy it. go ahead and buy it. if a legislator wants to legislate it, don't get angry at me. let's talk to the governing officials and make it not happen. >> who is on that list of the i don't like this? >> there aren't a lot of gun owners that feel threatened by it. for some reason they think they have to buy one. you don't have to buy it. >> and that's what they worry about. some people say what if this technology, could it be hacked? >> good question about that one. and the fact is, this particular technology right here, 15 million different combinations to that ring is what it would take for you to hack to it. but the fact of the matter is simply go get a gun a lot more easily. listen to what mossberg says about that. >> the people who hate technology, smart guns, they think that big, bad government can shut my guns down.
5:49 am
mine does not work on wi-fi. mine does not work on any signal other than this far apart. so it's not going to, you know, unless the government forces its people to have one certain type of gun. but then people will use bombs. and bad people are bad people. technology doesn't solve bad people. >> i'll tell you something right now. you've got a guy, a venture capitalist out of silicon valley ron conway saying there is an enormous market here for fencers. people who don't own a gun but if it were safe to use they'd have one around the house. he's going after this. >> absolutely. fascinating. we'll see a lot of people make it optional. that was the case. meanwhile steve and elisabeth, tell me what's coming up next. >> thank you, brian. you've probably all heard the news that elisabeth is leaving the fox news channel. she's going to take it inside that decision in just a minute. are you ready? >> i am. i am. >> but first let's check in with bill hemmer with a preview of what happens in ten minutes. >> i'm going nowhere, hasselbeck, okay? >> okay it's a deal hemmer. >> breaking news on this russian
5:50 am
fighter jet shot down by turkey. wow. updates from paris on what we know about another suicide vest. there's a worldwide travel alert issued by the u.s. state department. and a change in the republican race earlier today. what's this all about. check out iowa. martha and i will see you in ten minutes on a busy news day. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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5:53 am
well, yesterday if you were online, or you picked up a newspaper, this morning you probably saw some news about elisabeth hasselbeck. >> yeah. and like i said, i would much prefer and enjoy and have the privilege and honor of bringing you the news, rather than being it. but i have a ton of respect for you all here and you at home. so i want to share with you
5:54 am
what's been on my heart. i am, as i said, taking a new position as cbo, chief breakfast officer, at our house, with the kids. and that does mean, in about a month, i'll be leaving my fox news family. outside of today, and my last day, i declare the time in between a no cry zone but i will permit some emotion to run where it is permitted to run on this day now. this is a hard decision. many women in business and work, make these decisions in cycles of their parenting and work life and it's a hard decision because i've had the blessing and privilege of working for the best boss in the business, the most powerful man in the business, mr. roger ailes, who i found out can be not just wise and so effective and the best leader that i have known, but also the most kind, thoughtful, and supportive boss that i could have known as he walked me through this decision making. which was not easy. and it wasn't easy because he is the best man that i've worked
5:55 am
for. i pray that my kids and my daughter as a working woman comes her time has the honor of working for someone like him who understands the working mom part. and it's hard because of all of you. you all have made this a really hard decision because i have fallen head over heels in love with this place. this is my family here. this is the a decision i'm making and i feel the peace of god about it, that i'm in a season where the kids need the best of me, not the rest of me. and it's not -- >> that's why you're going to take care of your family. >> i'm going to spend this time with the kids in the morning. start their day off right. mornings here are certainly better with friends. mornings at home right now at this time in our life are better with mom my. i will say i've made a promise to god and to all of you that between now and the time that i go i'm devoted and i promise to spend the time being here, not leaving here. and the two of you, you are truly family, our whole family, and you welcome me here and made this the very best work experience of my entire life. and it is unprecedented, i am
5:56 am
beyond blessed. i don't deserve you here right now. but i need to be more like -- and more like john kilmeade and i pray that god will be with me in this decision. i trust that he's going to light this path and i'm so blessed and thankful to have had this opportunity. this is a really, really hard decision. but i know it's the right one and i thank you all at home for understanding. and again, i thank mr. ailes for having the great business heart and truly the most thoughtful way to guide me through this process. >> i think it's important for everyone to know. you have wowed everybody from the makeup artists to the people that greet us in security to the producers, to of course, me and steve. every single day, always happy. >> well, i am more wowed by all of you. and if you get a chance to do here, it is the most remarkable place to be. i'm a better person because of all of you. don't make eye contact with me, i'm going to cry. i said no cry zone after today.
5:57 am
>> you're going to be here for another month. >> i am. i am. and i'm going to soak up the most phenomenal production team and crew every single minute. >> okay. it could happen. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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how do we outdo that? >> we'll be back tomorrow. >> back to work tomorrow. i'm going to soak up every second of this next month with you all. i'm blessed to be here every single day. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bye, everybody. bill: we are getting word from overseas that turkey shot down a russian fighter jet on the border between turkey and syria. turkey claims it warned the pilot 10 time in five minutes. that pilot did not leave turkish air space. this is video of the fighter jet crashing to the ground inside syrian territory. we


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