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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 24, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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how do we outdo that? >> we'll be back tomorrow. >> back to work tomorrow. i'm going to soak up every second of this next month with you all. i'm blessed to be here every single day. see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bye, everybody. bill: we are getting word from overseas that turkey shot down a russian fighter jet on the border between turkey and syria. turkey claims it warned the pilot 10 time in five minutes. that pilot did not leave turkish air space. this is video of the fighter jet crashing to the ground inside syrian territory. we are told both pilots ejected.
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at least one is dead. more details on this inside of america's newsroom only moments from now. another fox news alert. the state department issuing a worldwide travel awhrert for all americans overseas. the department of homeland security issuing a warning of a copycat attack similar to what we saw in syria. thanks for spending time with us today. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. the f.b.i. director james comey and homeland security director jeh johnson sending a warning saying the biggest threat isis poses to the united states are
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self-radicalized home-grown terrorists. they could launch attacks on soft targets and they are very concerned about it. let's start with this travel alert. what is the state department telling the american people. reporter: this worldwide travel alert says americans need to be especially careful at holiday festivals and events abroad. and they are singling out large theaters, open markets and aviation. places extremists have hit before and a place to keep an eye on. this is the 6th time in the last 4 1/2 years the state department published this kind of warning. the text of this alert includes many specifics about isis tactics. it's not a threat to officials
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here. the alert does not expire until february 24, and it go to show officials sat the state department have concluded the lone wolves they inspire are not contained to any one part of the world. martha: what does the f.b.i. want local law enforcement to do to keep an eye on things at home? reporter: they want local law enforcement to keep an eye on soft targets and review active shooter protocols. if a terrorist-style attack is unfolding first responders cannot wait to fight the attackers. it's something they are learning from the paris assault. they are telling local officers to be on the alert for the same kind of attack similar to paris
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but on a smaller call. martha: it's go about your life, celebrate the holidays, but try to avoid crowded places like festivals and holiday events. a tough warning received this morning. feeder, thank you very much. bill: much more on this. house homeland security chair mike mccaul has a lot to share on this and is trying to figure out what we need to know. also happening right now, the french president hollande arriving in the u.s. this a picture of this plane touching down outside of washington, d.c. you will see that live here on fox as well.
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these are two men who are coming at this matter from two different directions. this on the heels of france last week. what is the message of urgency. he apparently will deliver a grim message to president obama, this time that it's running out. that will be his message and more. byron, wow! let's state the obvious here. the french are in an emergency situation as we speak. and perhaps our president does not feel the same sense of urgency so how do they go back and forth. >> you have hit it when you said there are two presidents coming
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at this from different directions. french president hollande is saying france is at war. but president obama has not displayed that sense of urgency. he called the paris attacks a setback. we should say the u.s. already bears the big burden of the fight against isis. if you listen to the white house news conference yesterday, the press briefing. josh earnest was asked a number of times within way kind of things might the president offer. what kind of escalation or contributions from the united states? you didn't have to read too far between the lined to hear the answer was nothing. you will be getting two leaders who may be talking past each other. bill: hollande is a one-man band right now.
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he talked with the brits and i's going to moscow tomorrow. he said your beth allies are at stake. >> paris was attacked, the united states was not attacks. you saw this in 2011 when an american president was assembling a coalition. hollande is also under domestic pressure for not going after domestic radicals and isis after the "charlie hebdo" attacks in january. there was a sense some of the "charlie hebdo" guys had been asking for it, and maybe the jewish supermarket attack wasn't a big deal and people in france tried to act like nothing happened. well, they can't do that now. so hollande is hoping for
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something from president obama to indicate that the u.s. fan france are part of a new and bigger effort. bill: as public as it is, as fresh as it is, there has to be some united front expressed between the two of them. so where do they find that common ground? >> i think you will see expressions of unity that the united states is going to continue in its fight against isis. there will be americans who will work as spotters for u.s. raids and things like that. but in terms of big escalation. if hollande is expecting that, i don't think that's going to happen. bill: we are sharing our target list with him now as a direct result of paris. >> i think people would say he has shown more passion arguing with republicans over refugee policy than about escalating the
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fight against isis. there appears to be a line the president simply will not cross in this. and i don't think francois hollande is going to condition him to do what political leaders in united states could not convince him to do. bill: we are sharing intelligence with the french in eastern iraq, but on it appears in that part of the world. there is a lot of pause and hesitation whether or not if you give the french your intelligence, who gets it in turn after that, and is that the russians. that's something we are clearly interested in keeping to our own. martha: hollande has spent time talking with putin. you have the meeting with david cameron who spoke forcefully about their participation in this battle allege wants his own parliament to give him increased power to go after isis.
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then you have got meeting with president obama. he's sticking with his strategy, though he said he will intensify that. but we haven't seen what that means outside of increased intelligence sharing. but then he will go to putin. hollande laying down some markers here. if you don't help me in the way i need and want, vladimir putin probably will. putin has a new complex situation. he says the strike on his jet was a stab in the back this morning from turkey. this is a very complicated situation. but these two men will have a frank conversation. bill: think about the french perspective. they have an ongoing active investigation. there is a report after suicide belt being found south of paris they are tie together 8th attacker. so all this is moving back at home as he try to the get a
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handle on it. our longest ally, the french and the americans today at the white house. martha: this attitude it's more difficult for europe. europe is under a bigger threat. i wonder how long that lasts. how long our distance from that posture lasts. the president seems to be fairly assured that presents a front that we are in a situation here. because of the way people of different nationalities are treated. yet you contrast that with the security threat that we have been made aware of today, that we are under a worldwide travel alert. when you have read the language of that worldwide travel alert it's clear the people involved in that are isis, boko haram, and al qaeda. war and terror, hollande says he's clearly in one. but are we?
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that's the question that will be answered today. we'll wait for the president to descend those steps in a moment. we have been talking about the russian plane shot down. russia claims the plane was in syrian air space, not turkish. turkey calling for an emergency nato meeting. bill: donald trump taking shots at governor kasich. martha: tougher talk for president obama and his plan to accept syrian refugees. >> the reason most americans don't want to accept muslim refugees. it's not based on ethnicity or religion. it's based stop security. the majority of americans have
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no confidence the obama administration can protect them from harm. that's the crux of the matter.
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bill: during county commercial break we watched the disembark at andrews air force base. president hollande will meet with president obama.
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what is the u.s. president willing to give the french president today. sir, good day to you. high diplomacy as we watch it in the u.s. what will he ask for and what will he get? >> i think president obama may provide president francois hollande with tea and sympathy but it won't go beyond that. president obama has been clear that he considered international terror as a law enforcement matter. president hollande, faced with this tragedy in paris on november 13 and following the january attacks on "charlie hebdo" also in paris, has said very nearly the exact opposite, that we are pat war with international terror.
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there is no compromise between those two positions other than rhetorical papering over the differences. i doubt anything will come of this other than professions of eternal friendship. bill: let's talk about the russian fighter jet that was shot down by a turkish f-16. this is raqqa now, the isis capital for today. we are told that the as here along the curl tish syrian border in the immediate tesh iranian sea. we were told the russian fighter was given 10 warnings in five minute to get out and that didn't happen. bigger perspective from the region. here is raqqa.
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everything you see in red on this map is what we believe isis controls today. the area where this plane went down west of aleppo is not according to our information controlled by isis. so it appears those are anti-assad forces operating in syria with the cover of the russian air force. if that is all true, what comes of this significant international development today? >> i think it is potentially significant. i think -- i lay responsibility here lp totally at moscow's doorstep. they shouldn't be in this region at all. they undertook the risk of adventureism by putting an air base in and this kind of incident in the air was entirely predictable. the only surprise is it hasn't happened before.
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i'm inclined to believe turkey based on kin completed information we have. they are close to their territory. i think we'll see what the turkish information is to nato. but that's important. what we have is a russian overflight into nato air space. turkey is a nato ally. that's why the north atlantic council has been invoked in brussels to skirt. bill: we know what the russians did when their civilian were shot out of the sky in sinai, egypt. do you expect putin to respond or does nato work this out between both side. >> i think it' more than a military matter. it's a political matter. what the president of the united states should say to vladimir putin is back off. bill: thank you, ambassador.
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there are developments on the hour on this story throughout the day here. back to martha. 20 minute past the hour. martha: donald trump has been leading in the polls for months. but new polls show ted cruz is surging in one key state. could the texas republican unseat donald trump as terrorism tops the list of americans' concerns. >> we'll have a commander-in-chief who says we'll defeat radical islamic terrorism. we'll start by having a president willing to utter the word radical islamic terrorists. i ask because i had mine for over 20 years before i switched and saved hundreds with the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. i had done a lot of comparison shopping. the rate was like half of what i was paying.
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martha: we have brand-new polls to look at. donald trump maintains his strong lead. but he has texas senator ted cruz basically nipping at his heels. his support -- ted cruz's support doubled in iowa since the last quinnipiac poll. then you have got dr. ben carson sliding down to third place. 18% is where he is now, after leading in the highly evangelical area of iowa where candidate like carson have generally done quite well. you have carson's comments not really hurting him. donald trump made comments about
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muslims in new jersey celebrating when the towers fell in 2001. >> there are people who were celebrating and they are not good people. but somebody in "the washington post" wrote that and they will probably deny it and say we made a mistake. i almost like that better because i could show you how dishonest they are. but they will find some reason to deny it. they will call it a typo. martha: ben carson said he say the on the news reals the days following the attacks. now he appears to be walk that back. he said he was speaking about muslims in the middle east, not new jersey. dr. ben carson has issues in these polls as you can see. he has had a lot of questions about foreign policy. he claims given the imperfect
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amount of time and the contacts, some of the things he's putting down are having difficulty getting traction. >> we shunned be taking any syrian refugees because we don't know where they are, because their paperwork is incorrect. we don't know if they are isis. >> it's an orphan or priest you can vet people like that. but someone we know nothing about, there is no data base. i don't care how many data bases they run these refugees against. there is no data base when document are often forged. bill: you are seeing tonight europe. but you have a vote oh proof vote already in the house fit
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comes to that point. martha: interesting. rubio and trump shaping up top at the top of the race in new hampshire and a couple places. on wall street, geopolitical concerns and the plane shot down by turkey. russia is calling that a stab in the back. that has markets vittery today. the dow closed at 17,792 in trading yesterday. bill: the capital of brussels in belgium on lockdown again. disthe terror suspect slip through -- did the tear your suspect slip through the dragnet? martha: a source telling fox
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news the defense department faced pressure to tone down their threat assessment. there are email to the prove it that say things like you need to cut it out, you need to tow the line saying the investigation needs to start at the very top. >> no one can sit here today and say we didn't know this was a problem. give me a break.
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bill: the hunt for europe's most wanted man, salah abdeslam. considered the 8 teart -- the 8h terror suspect. reporter: with every day that passes the government is under
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pressure to find salah abdeslam. in the same time there is a waffle silence between the government and the people that say they aren't getting enough information, and that's causing tension on the streets. the security level reef man is at level 4 which suggests a serious and imminent attack. but the prime minister announced the schools and subways will open tomorrow but the threat level will remain until sunday. there seems to be no activity on the streets of brussels. this added confusion and provoked mixed messages while some residents begin to question whether the government has any intelligence at all. the economy of is starting to hurt. hotels empty, tourists are emptying trips and people are afraid.
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they say it's little more than p.r. as the government tritries to show it has things under control. the germany-belgium border now has heavy security. there was word that he had been sighted west of belgium. people are saying the city cannot remain closed like this. tourists are staying away and the economy is struggling. bill: that means they are winning because the place has been shut down for five or six days. martha: the growing investigation into possibly altered u.s. intelligence on isis. a source close to central command tells fox news that the
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pressure on them included at least two emails an told to cut it out and toe the line. when they are asked to maker it a rosier picture than it was on the grounds? now you have the pentagon and two house committees investigating these intelligence reports and whether there was pressure to change them, to alter them and present a story that was different than the analysis they were bringing in. so you have got the former head of the defense intelligence agency asking where was president obama in all of this? here what else he said. >> the focus of this investigation ought to start right at the top where intelligence starts and stops is at the white house. the president sets the priorities and he's the number one customer. if he's not getting the intelligence he needs and if he's not paying attention to what else is going on, something
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else is wrong there. martha: joining me is senator dan coats. what's going on here? >> first all general flynn was spheawas -- was scene of, becaun outstanding director intelligence. this will be investigated. the president gets intelligence from a number of sources. i spent hours a week in the intelligence committee. i note amount of money we spend to get that intelligence and people risk their lives to get that intelligence. but let's face it. all you have to do is pifng the paper and tune in to fox. the president in the end decides what policies we take to address
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these threats. investigation, yes, plenty of intelligence goes to the president where he can make these decisions and his policy decisions i think have been the wrong decisions. martha: there is a schism and people in the government and i tell believing this was presenting a bigger threat than the president wanted to see it. what do you think the inner dynamic is in the administration? >> that's what we have to answer. if we finds defense intelligence oversees this critical area in the middle east ma niche hated intelligence to put a rosier view on it. that's very, very serious. on the other hand the president isn't say i have got the wrong intelligence and therefore my
6:38 am
decisions were altered in that regard. he gave scores of other in tell jones away. he has a national security team that has been labeled weak. but if the path says i'm doing it my way and i think his way has not been the way to go to deal with this threat. martha: when you think of president obama coming into office on the heels of the iraq war. he came into office saying he wanted a transparent process. he wanted the truth. he wanted it to be unvarnished and that appears to be at question now. i want to play one more sound bite from mike flynn. >> i will tell you that accuracy and the warnings that have been provided on the rise of radical islamists over the last few years have been very, very clear. so what the president has
6:39 am
received from the national intelligence system is pretty good intelligence. i would say it's very accurate. what he's done with that intelligence from what we can tell right now is that he's take on this lousy policy. >> general flynn and i are on the same page. the president has numerous sources for collection. ultimately in the end he's the one who makes the decisions. it's clear to most americans and anybody who is paying attention to this that the decisions he made regarding this threat and the numerous threats we face around the world have been bad decisions. they haven't worked. let's investigate this and make sure that the president doesn't hide behind, i got faulty intelligence. that's the reason i put up the policies i did. the buck stops at the white house.
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it stops at the president's desk. this president don't seem to understand that. martha: when they were taking mosul the president called them the jv team of and later said they were contained. bill: buffalo put up a fight last night. brady was his usual focus. patriots 20-13. they haven't lost in a year. last time the patriots started 10-0 they went to the super bowl. martha: i'm not alone with patriots fans who kind of wish they might lose just a little bit in a couple of these contests because you don't want a repeat of that situation which we all remember. i have a half giants family and half patriots family. bill: jersey girl working in new
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york cheers for the patriots. nobody gives me a hard time for that, trust me. but i do have friend in other places. as you saw last night bill o'reilly went off saying americans have no confidence in the president to protect americans at the top. bill: congress woman he lows why is an intellectual zombie. no sane person could think america's policy towards isis has been effective. no sane person could say 65 countries are united to defeat isis. it's a deceit.
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martha: that's a great song.
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barbra streisand is one of 17 americans who will receive the presidential medal of freedom. willy mays, composer stephen sondheim and steven spielberg. bill: well done. 15 minutes before the hour. how about this argument. bill: what president obama doesn't understand is he has lost all credibility in matters of security. allowing 10,000 syrians into america would not endanger us any more than we are already endangers. the bad guys are already here
6:46 am
waiting to do their damage. the message being sent to the president is we don't trust you to protect us so no more generosity to overseas visitors. bill: what about that? matthew litman, and rich lowry. his point was clear. is he right? >> he's absolutely right. our pullout from iraq and passivity in syria contributed to the crisis. unfortunately the on one who won't admit it is the president of the united states whose ultimate plan seems to be handing this problem on to his successor. bill: it sounds like the strategy is stay the course.
6:47 am
you wonder whether that changes. the overall question o'reilly races that the american people don't trust the president on security. >> the isis situation is amazingly complicated. in terms of the territory isis has, we have been doing a good job of rolling back that territory. and we need to do more. on domestic security we have had a problem domestic terrorists since 2001. that seems to be where the issue lies in this country. and we need to be doing more about that. you have issues like 30 people being shot in newtown. 20 kid being killed and the gun issues in this country. bill: what's hat got to do with terrorism over seas and at home. >> the gun violence in this country is an important issue. bill: here is what the american
6:48 am
people are saying. we asked whether the administration is tough enough on isis. 65% say not aggressive enough. the terrorist will launch an attack on u.s. soil soon. the combined totals are 83%. >> what happened, with the beheading of james foley you saw the hawkish of the american people kicking in again. terrorist attacks are a major event in that regard. terrorist is not a soft target. the french security services are very serious. everyone watched that on their tv screen and came to the conclusion if it can happen there it could haab here. bill: o'reilly said it's not about ethnicity or religion,
6:49 am
it's about keeping us safe. the europeans are having a hell of a time determining who it is coming across their borders. the concern is as a country and government how can we do that job better. >> the answer is we do that job better. in europe people come over on a boat by paying a few hundred dollars and they get fingerprinted and they go around europe. in the united states the take a couple years tore the refugees being able to come into the country. but it takes about two years it many mostly women and children. and we have a much different system than they do in the rest of the world. we need to concentrate on what's happening in this country than the 10,000 potential refugees. bill: orphans and widows. >> we are not going to get 10,000 refugees into this year.
6:50 am
we are lucky if we get 5,000 in. >> you don't just let in oneing are. there is chain migration. look at what happened in indianapolis, somali refugees, and their children, 60 or so of them have tried to go join the jihad overseas. you don't want a self-reinforcing enclave and the more numbers you have, the more chances you have of creating that. bill: dozen of democrats vote with republicans in the house. that's something to watch. thank you, gentlemen. martha: the french president, francois hollande headed to a meeting with president obama. here -- here he is getting off his plane a few moments ago. he's going to press the president for more help fighting isis.
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martha: dr. ben carson's rise in politics has stunned many observers. john roberts joins us from atlanta. reporter: i did get a chance to spend quality time with dr. ben carson on the road. i did have the opportunity to shoot a little pool with him. he has a reputation for being something of a shark around the pool table, and, yes, he did beat me.
6:55 am
he has taken heat as the cam taken talk has turned to foreign policy. one of his foreign policy consultants implied he doesn't get it when it comes to the middle east. carson dismissed those comments as the ramblings of an old man who don't know him and said he does have a grasp on foreign policy. >> if i pay attention to world events and talking to people about it. have i, you know, created legislation about foreign policy, no. but, again, i just say the proof is in the pudding. >> reporter: carson did acknowledge he was at a disadvantage when he started this process but told me he's fully up to speed now. martha: he's planning to release a plan on obamacare and what he would do to replace the, right?
6:56 am
reporter: carson's plan focuses on getting the bureaucracy out of healthcare. but using federal funds to fund health savings accounts. listen. >> one of the key differences here with any other type of savings plan is we give people the ability to shift money within their health savings account within their family. uncle, grand far it, cousin. which provides enormous flexibility to cover almost anything that comes up except for major scott troughic. reporter: for which carson said people would still need to buy insurance but this -- this would be affordable. bill: another international crisis emerging along syria's border with turkey.
6:57 am
a russian fighter jet shot down by the turks. nato holding an emergency meeting later today. president obama and francois hollande meeting later. .
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. . . .
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martha: nato rushing into an emergency meeting this hour after turkey shoots down a russian fighter jet along the border with syria. the russian aircraft burst into flames as it plummeted to the ground. you can see the video on left-hand side of the screen there. turkey claims that jet violated its airspace and they fav plenty of warning. 10 warnings in five minutes. moscow insists that aircraft never left syrian airer to. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'mi'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. a lot of headlines this morning. member of nato downing a russian warplane first time since the 1950s. russian president vladmir putin
7:01 am
warning of serious consequences. calling the action quote, a stab in the back by turkey. martha: national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, do we know for sure the russian warplane violated the turkish air spies? reporter: radar validates turkish claims. u.s. pilots heard warnings issued by turkish f-16 pilots, on a guard frequency. u.s. aircraft hurt multiple warnings from the turks to the russian over the radio. turks say they issued 10 warnings in a matter of five minutes. military sources who i spoke to minutes after the plane went down, told me two turkish f-16s were involved. one fired, one aim-9 sidewinder. a heat-seeking missile a weapon normally fired at close range. what complicates the matters the plane wreckage is in syrian territory i'm told.
7:02 am
that is according to u.s. officials who i have spoken to. the violation took place along the turkish province of hatai. that is piece of land annexed by turks in 1939. also happens to be an area where the assad family once owned land. syria has never recognized turkish claims to the land. u.s. military sources tell me, quote, it is doubtful that the rush shuns didn't know they were in turkish airspace. the international norm is stay at least 12.5 nautical miles from another country's airspace border, martha. martha: what about the status of the pilots, do we know anything more about that? reporter: two parachutes were seen as russian pilots ejected from plane. one of the pilots was running trying to evade capture. syrian rebel group appears to show one of the pilots dead. could hear shouts of "allahu akbar!," playing over video.
7:03 am
deputy commander of a rebel brigade associated with the free syrian army says his forces shot down the two russian pilots as they descended to the ground with their pair shoots. no way for us to confirm that at this moment. u.s. military officials received unconfirmed reports that a russian rescue helicopter may have been shot down in the same area. it is not clear at this time what or who may have brought it down. the turks reportedly gave the russians permission to conduct the rescue. this is the not first time, martha, the turks have shot down a plane that strayed into its airspace. remember in march 2014 its f-16 brought down a syrian warplane. the russian defense ministry denies its plane entered turkish airspace today. martha? martha: jennifer, thank you. bill: waiting for the french president to arrive at the white house. set to meet with president obama in matter of moments. two leaders talk about the fight against isis. hollande, the french president,
7:04 am
set to tell our president, quote, we have an emergency. chief washington correspondent james rosen live from the north lawn. good morning there. what will come up of this meeting, james? reporter: bill, there are times when allies get together to accomplish big things and there are other times allies get together and their principle goal to observe the hip democrat i can oath, first to do no harm. the french president touched down at joint base andrews just before 9:00 eastern this morning in the days since his country suffered the worst mash casualties attacks since world war ii mounted by isis from its headquarters in syria. they launched airstrikes aided by french intelligence and air operations. he wants to form a new coalition to combat isis, something the white house views as superfluous, with the 65 nation coalition he has already built. president said the meeting with hollande will not just be on the giving end. >> there is more that our
7:05 am
european partners can do in terms of improving the quality and quantity of information that they share with one another but also improving the amount of information and the way that information is shared with the united states. reporter: now a notable feature of this meeting is its proximity to the one the french president will have in just about two days time with russian president vladmir putin. a session only could have grown more complicated after this morning's shootdown of a russian fighter jet near the turkey-syrian border. bill: one thing we know we're sharing more intelligence with the french, specifically in the domain of eastern syria and western iraq but it is clear that each side wants perhaps something more or something different than the other is willing to give. so what then does give, james? reporter: well, it will be interesting to see, bill. the french have now formally declared on isis and have intensified their air operations inside of syria but the obama administration business every indication of wanting to
7:06 am
maintain, not intensify its own operational tempo. >> we're streamlining the process by which we share and ol military informational with france. this will allow our personnel to pass threat information, including on isil to our french partners even more quickly and more often. reporter: in essence the president is telling his french counterpart what he has been telling the american people, my strategy is working albeit over time and amidst, quote, setbacks. bill? bill: james, thank you. next hour, 11:30, joint press conference from the white house. james rosen there now. martha. martha: big story here as well. worldwide terror alert warning americans, be extra careful when traveling overseas, especially during the holidays. the u.s. state department advising heightened caution when using transportation and they're telling people to avoid large crowds. all of that pretty tough to do during the holidays. current information suggests it says, this is from the warning
7:07 am
itself, isil, known as isis or daesh, al qaeda, boko haram, and other terrorist groups continue to planetary rift attacks in multiple regions. joined by texas congressman, michael mccaul, chairman of the homeland security committee. good to have you with us this morning. >> good morning. martha: that is an extremely broad warning, basically said we told you so if somebody ends up in a tough situation in a crowd over the holidays. >> it's a broad warning based on a broad high threat environment we have around the world. this is in response to paris, belgium. outside a joint intelligence bulletin went out yesterday warning that terrorist attacks were more likely in europe than the united states for obvious reasons. but, the fact is, your prior piece talked about the president's strategy. his strategy has failed and now we have one of the biggest threats globally and now his own state department warning us if
7:08 am
we do travel to exercise caution and vigilance. we also have the russians now basically testing nato airspace. this is complete chaos. there is no leadership in this coalition, in the fight against isis. quite frankly, martha, it should be the russians versus nato, should be the russians, nato and a u.s.-led coalition under u.s. leadership to defeat isis and that's what's missing right now. martha: yeah. there is so much unease and anxiety in this country and it stems from all of the things that you just talked about. i think people's gut realization that the world is in a very precarious situation right now. they know it. they get it. and now they have got this from the state department. i want to read another part of this. u.s. citizens should exercise vigilance when in public places, when using transportation. be aware of immediate surroundings. avoid large crowds and crowded
7:09 am
places. exercise particularly caution at holiday season, festivals or events. there is nothing on this list, chairman, that people won't be participating in. you've got on the one hand the administration saying, you know, go about your business, you know. don't let those terrorists make you afraid. and now today the message is basically you better be nervous about this, you better be afraid when you go out there. >> right. i mean it is sort of a cya by the state department. look, they, should do this and they need to do it but the fact is, you know, what can you not do? public transportation, when you're overseas, that's what you engage in. going out in public with crowds, going to landmarks like the eiffel tower. but the fact of the matter that is reality that we live in today. doesn't make me feel any safer. i think again, going back to the president's whole foreign policy and lack of leadership, it has resulted in a world that feels less safe.
7:10 am
and, that is the problem right now, that we live in, unfortunately. and that is reality, not just as a chairman of homeland security but as the united states citizen, that i believe that we face right now. i think it makes a lot of us uneasy. martha: just one quick question, then i have got to go. the war on terror, we heard the french president, francois hollande, we are at war. we don't hear that language from our president yet you have got the state department issuing these things basically saying we know there are attacks being attempted on multiple regions around the world. how do you square that before you go? >> he always downplays the threat like they're a bunch of sort of thugs good at social media. doesn't call them terrorists. doesn't say radical islamist threat which is the real threat. i think you have to call it what it is and fight it and show leadership. now he is going back and, he doesn't call, he doesn't say we're in a war. i think quite frankly congress should be looking at declaring
7:11 am
this a war against isis. that would send a strong message just like the president in paris did for france. martha: congressman, always good to see you, chairman. thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: we're waiting for president obama, with the french president francois hollande meeting at white house, making a strong diplomatic push. what will he get from the white house this morning. >> tale of the tape. ben carson said he saw news reels of american muslims celebrating 9/11. now he is saying he is not so sure. how much does that hurt this presidential candidate? >> i did see the film. i don't know where they were but i did see a film of muslims celebrating. and i was making the point that was inappropriate. i thought we were just talking about the fact that muslims were inappropriately celebrating. i didn't know they had an agenda behind the question. with radical islamic terrorism.
7:12 am
it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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7:15 am
bill: let you know what we're watching right now from the white house of the french president should arrive there any moment now. he knows he must take immediate action back in his home country. this is urgent for him clearly. first a meeting to begin with president obama shortly. second a joint press conference between the two leaders scheduled about5 minutes from now. we will carry that live for you, 11:30 a.m. eastern time on the schedule. martha: steve hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. steve, good morning to you. >> good morning, martha.
7:16 am
martha: we watch, wait for the meeting between these two, president of frances the president of the united states. we know what the president of france is under in terms of pressure. we know basically he is going to want from our president. what do you think he is going to get? >> i think he is going to get nothing. we've already seen indications from president obama he is not changing his strategy. remember the press conference he gave couple days after paris attacks when asked repeatedly, by reporters, mr. president are you going to change your strategy, how are you going to change your strategy? he didn't offer any changes and bristled at reporters even asking questions about his strategy. saw the president two days after the terrorist attacks, transfer five gitmo detape east, who yemenis from to united arab emirates. we saw the president warning world to overreacting about the paris attacks. he made clear his position seven years and not changing position after attacks in paris. martha: think back to the
7:17 am
president's press conference, you keep looking back what he feels is how going on right now, he said we can't put people on the town to do anything, call in airstrikes to be in the position in syria to get isis, what if something pops up in yemen or something pops up somewhere else? we won't be able to rush to the defense every time somebody needs us out there. i mean, you wonder how that conversation goes with a french president who said quite clearly we are at war and american president who does not want to, having brought us out of war in iraq and afghanistan he believes go back? >> that last point is key one. the president hasn't brought us out of war in iraq and afghanistan as you suggested the war continues. the night isn't fighting it or fighting it as vigorously as we once did. the difference in domestic political pressure is significant too. you have to understand that francois hollande is hearing from his intelligence service that there are 10,000 fully
7:18 am
radicalized jihadists intermixed with the french populace. some of them french citizens. he is worried about another attack both from coming from within and then also externally, people coming from syria and elsewhere. president obama hasn't had that kind of pressure but you think that may be changing now. you look at the polls suggesting 60, 65% of the americans would favor sending ground troops into syria and iraq to deal with this problem. he is being criticized by many members of his own cabinet, people who worked for him. he, last night was as you reported earlier, former director of the defense intelligence agency saying there should be an investigation of the manipulation of intelligence not just on isis but going back years to include the osama bin laden documents. you have basically a wide array of people suggesting that the president of the united states needs to get serious once and for all about fighting jihad it threat. martha: interrupt you one minute. we saw the car pull up with the french president francois
7:19 am
hollande. he arrives now. there he goes into the doors to begin his conversation. we expect there will be a news conference coming up at 11:30 this morning after the two meet. you put all of this into context. talk about what is going on in france. stunning number you just reported, steve. 10,000 suspected jihadists inside of france. it is a precarious situation that this president of france finds himself in. you look at the warnings we just talked about steve, telling americans, don't travel anywhere, don't go places where there are large crowds. don't go to sports events. look out for holiday festivals. just feels like there is such a contrast between what we're being told to do and what we're being told we're facing. >> no. that is a key point. the president of the united states said, as many people have pointed out the day before the attacks that isis was contained. he previously called them jv. after the attacks he downplayed the nature of the threat as he has consistently for seven years.
7:20 am
yet we're seeing warnings from the state department, suggesting not imminent attacks, not specific attacks that there is a threat. there is a threat to americans traveling abroad doing things as benign and sort of everyday going to sporting events or attending concerts or going to holiday gathers. this disconnect what white house is saying, down playing the problem so the president doesn't have to fight the war being fought against us. the warnings we're getting on one hand from intelligence professionals and others contrast couldn't be greater. martha: president is looking more and more isolated really in his take on this. and the administration. steve, thank you very much. >> thanks, martha. bill: more updates in a moment from the white house. meantime guess who is giving donald trump a run for his money? ted cruz gaining serious ground in a brand new poll out of iowa. could there be a shake-up in this race. let you know what is happening there. plus there is this. watch.
7:21 am
>> what's going on? martha: frightening moments. a group of journalists on the front line in syria. their car is tossed around by a missile strike nearby.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
bill: here we go. brand new information out of iowa. the numbers, is republican frontrunner donald trump hearing some footsteps in the first caucus state? things seem to be changing. some serious competition from texas senator ted cruz. check it out. trump at 25%, among likely caucus-goers. cruz at 23%, well within the margin of error. chris stirewalt is well within the margin of error as well. fox news digital politics editor. good day to you. what is going on with ted cruz? he doubled his support in a
7:25 am
month? >> so ted cruz was sort of out hovering over the deep in the republican presidential race. he had a lot of dough. he had a lot of favorables among very conservative voters but it hadn't happened. the thing hadn't happened. you may have just seen the thing happen. which is, when we look at this poll, we see ted cruz has tremendous support. he has, does the best among self-identified, very conservative voters, among christian evangelicals and self-identified tea party advocates or members. those are people you want to be doing well to do well in iowa. he is doing very well with them. he is doing well with women. that is contrasted against frontrunner donald trump who does we develop with men and self-described liberals and self-described moderates and voters who lack college degrees. so you have two different electorates in iowa, and one of them is going all-in for ted cruz. bill: you mentioned these numbers here. go inside of the numbers on cruz
7:26 am
what we find. tea party support 42%. evangelical, 27, very conservative 3%. you're seeing a bit of a shift again, what we're 80 days, 75 this check the calendar. >> it is getting hot. bill: ted cruz and donald trump have played nice with one another so far. >> well, yes. bill: when does that change? >> that changes whenever donald trump decides this is existential threat. when he feels like he has no choice but to start insulting ted cruz and start attacking him that is presumably when he will do it. that is what politicians do, they attack when they feel the need to attack. we assume we'll see this better question is this, donald trump was successful humiliating, belittling ben carson, then in timing for trump, national security focus hurt carson. you see it in this poll, our poll nationally. ted cruz will be much tougher out to take down for donald trump. cruz is not just a guy top in
7:27 am
his class at harvard law school and great national debating champion, this is guy who has been through the hurley-burley of politics for a long time. when trump swings at him. i imagine cruz will be ready. bill: speaking of attacks, super-pac of ohio john kasich, puts out this spot going after trump. >> he was captured. is not my daughter i would be in fact dating her. >> so weird. ♪ >> i have a great relationship with the blacks. i have always had a great relationship with the blacks. >> the blacks. bill: now trump was in columbus, ohio, last night, taking shots at john kasich. there are reports republican establishment in washington will get together to quote, defeat and donald trump. what is happening, chris? >> donald trump who has brought
7:28 am
in a lot more voters who are not republican or at least not traditionally republican or independents, there again is iowa liberal to moderate and as they come into the republican party backing trump he is sort of trying to have hostile takeover of the gop if you will. he has his core supporters. he wants to come into a divided party and take it over and be their nominee. now what is happening you're starting to see people coalesce. what is significant isn't just that they will run the ads but candidates are banding together to come against trump to find some way to deal with the wall-to-wall media coverage, and, gift for being really mean and insulting to people that trump has, and see if they can fight back against that in some way. bill: they feel like he can win then? >> well they think he can win. i think they overstate how wide his path to the nomination is. here is what has to happen. if they really want to win, people not named donald trump want to win republican nomination, a bunch more people will need to get out of the race, probably includes kasich running ad, probably includes
7:29 am
chris christie and probably includes jeb bush. bill: more to come. chris stirewalt in washington. martha: there is a new lead in the hunt for the 8th terror suspect in the horrific paris attacks. he is the only one on the run. piece have found a suicide vest in a garbage can. they believe salah abdeslam, may have been wearing that on the day of the attacks. that story, straight ahead.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
bill: french president met with british leader in paris. today meets with the american president in washington, d.c. thursday meets in moscow with russian leader vladmir putin this is video from the white house. part of what is called the pool feed. the pool feed goes into the oval office. there seated are the french president and president obama. we believe there is no statement given, just, video, and a
7:33 am
handshake and, what we call in our business, b-roll. let's listen to see if anything is shared. >> thank you, everybody. no statements. i'm glad to. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, everybody. bill: the press conference is scheduled for one hour from now, 11:30 eastern time. r. that is from the white house. here in studio, general jack keane, chairman of institute for study of war, fox news military analyst is with me now. how are you doing, sir. >> i'm doing fine, bill. bill: he is in state of emergency back home in france. he is coming here for support. what will he get if anything today? >> not much of anything. the contrast is there, sort of gripping. we have the french president who is truly at war. we have an american president that is, despite the rhetoric is not at war with isis, nor is the congress, nor are the american people. this french president knows,
7:34 am
despite the fact that our president said we will defeat isis, has never put the mechanism around the means in place to do just that. so certainly he is going to put pressure on the president for the united states to take a more significant leadership role and to put more resources into this fight than what he is currently doing. we'll see if that happens. bill: get inside of his brain the best you can. is the president looking at this, you bring war to them, they bring war to you? let's unwind the tension between the two sides? we know russia's been a targets the french have been a target. let's not make americans a target. the way we can do that by de-escalating all of this. you get out of iraq. you back down on afghanistan, the, et cetera. is that logic that makes sense to you and is that the way he is making his decisions? >> it doesn't make any sense to me nor does it to many observers watching this closely.
7:35 am
bill: do you think that is what is going on here? >> oh, yeah. the president clearly has an ideology. he is serious about what he is doing. major foreign policy initiative was to deal with iranians, disengage from the middle east is support of that, was part of that. underestimating radical islam and terrorism itself. he made a bet they could try to contain isis and pass the problem to the next administration. didn't say that, used word defeat. the real mission is to contain it. it is blowing up in his face because isis has the initiative. actions they're taking globally now are really coming home to roost for the president in terms of that strategy that is not working. bill: does he change then, or not? a week ago today, he said no. our strategy stands, as is. is it different a week later, general? >> no. what el do is make incremental changes as best. he is going to improve the air campaign, remove some
7:36 am
restrictions. we may see a few more advisors go in. we may see a few more apaches. but the kind of wholesale, commitment, determination, resolve, that is not going to be there, turkey has shot down a russian fighter jet. where is this going? >> we'll see. i don't think we know for sure. what we do know for sure, that the turks warned the russians as this offensive was getting close to the border, this ground offensive are supporting that the iranians and syrians are doing don't violate our airspace of the they had violated it in the past. so they gave them plenty of warnings. this is not a decision made in moscow not to violate. this is military commanders. they have certain arrogance about themselves. pattern of behavior. they do it in the baltics. they have done it here before. i think the turk stood up to them. bill: we want assad out. that doesn't appear to be happening. russians want assad to stay. russians are helping support
7:37 am
assad forces to take out rebel forces that want assad to go. is that process working on behalf of assad or has that operation stalled? >> some of the ground offensive has stalled, much to the surprise of the russians and the iranians. they have made success in terms of area where this is taking place near the turkish border. around aleppo and in northen provinces that operation, surprisingly stalled and syrian moderate forces trained by the cia were tote weapons have had some significant impact and jabad al nusra, a al qaeda force. where is it heading? russians still want assad to stay. they want the alawhite regime to run the place. they will at some point give up assad as long as they keep the alawhite regime. bill: wow. complicated stuff. we'll see whether or not that happens. general, we'll keep you close.
7:38 am
rely on you. thanks, martha? martha: there are new clues discovered in the manhunt for the 8th paris attack suspect. french police find a suicide vest ditched in a suburb ever paris. they say it was similar to the kind used in the attacks that took lives of 130 people. they believe the 8th suspect, salah abdeslam may have abandoned his mission at the last minute and now hiding in neighboring belgium. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in paris. big development on this what do you know? reporter: martha, these new clues, this and others are giving authorities here a better idea of what they are dealing with for better or for worse. let's talk about that suicide vest first. it was found in the south of paris. it was found near where investigators had traced the phone, the mobil phone of
7:39 am
terrorist suspect salah abdeslam. it could be he abandoned the vest before associates drove him up to belgium. having suicide vest in your car is probably best thing to have trying to get through police checkpoints. this doesn't make this most wanted man any less dangerous. he is a very least he might mean he might not be carrying explosives. there might be a sign, a several signs he has a lot of regrets about this whole terror venture. another clue. authorities now say there was a second man seen with dead terror mastermind and possible shooter, abdelhamid abaaoud. that man may have been involved in the terror. it could be unidentified man authorities found dead inside of the apartment building of the scene of the raid last week or could be somebody else.
7:40 am
we could be dealing with yet another terror suspect on the run. martha. martha: they have their work cut out for them, greg, thank you very much. bill: back to the election for a moment. donald trump not backing down from his comments, somewhat controversial about crime in america. >> i didn't tweet. i retweeted somebody that was supposedly an expert but also on radio show. >> why do you want to be in that zone? >> bill, am i checking every statistic. bill: defending his tweet about a chart on crime stats. saying he only retweeted image. so will that fly? is that going to cut it? we'll debate that next. martha: and you know going over to the dark side didn't end so well for darth vader and certainly didn't end so well for this would-be robber. we'll tell you what happened to him. i am your father. >> just kind of psychotic, tell you the truth. really paranoid you know. but i didn't think nothing of it, because nothing ever has
7:41 am
happened in this area. hi. i'm matt mccoy.
7:42 am
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bill: you could say the force was not with this burglar in florida. surveillance video, suspect walking into a store wearing a darth vader mask. he points a gun at the clerk, demands cash, but get as bottle of salad dressing instead right in his face. suspect then runs to the car, takes off the mask giving witnesses a pretty good look who he is. >> really paranoid, you know? the but i didn't think nothing of it because nothing ever happened in this area. i don't know why i didn't pick up on it when i saw him. for real, i should have. i tell you what i'll be more aware from now on. that's a fact. bill: eight till late, this is the man revealed. 32-year-old jason mercer, charged with robbery. no longer darth vader. martha: like lower third. stopped by salad dressing. all right, donald trump trying to get some serious damage control underway after
7:45 am
sharing an image of some crime statistics broken down by race, that turned out to be completely wrong. trump defended the move, telling bill o'reilly last night he was not the one who compiled those figures. >> i didn't tweet. i retweeted somebody supposedly an expert and also radio show. >> why do you want to be in that zone? >> bill, am i going to check every statistic? i have millions and millions of people -- >> you're running for president. you have to attend it. >> you know what? fine. this came out of radio shows and everything else. >> come on, radio shows? >> excuse me. all it was, is a retweet. it wasn't from me. and it did, it came out of a radio show and other places. martha: what do you think? julie roginsky, former midcall advisor to the late new jersey senator frank lautenberg. guy benson, political editor, both fox news contributors.
7:46 am
guy, i start with you. your reaction to the exchange. >> here we go again. at least he didn't blame an intern. this is another unforced error, another provocation. another stupid controversy. this is the situation where if you're a thinking person, especially if you're running for president, you look at that graphic, and you instantly understand that it could be racially inflammatory, based only on the image and the message. so, when you're making a decision about whether or not to amplify that message, you might think that a determining factor would be, gosh, are these statistics remotely accurate? and they're not. they vastly, vastly overstate black on white crime. and trump evidently just mindlessly blasted it out to millions of people, and his excuse here is, oh, well, i didn't put it on internet. someone else put it on internet. so not really my fault. maybe we shouldn't make that person president? maybe that is someone reckless and erratic and someone who
7:47 am
lacks good judgment on matters small and big? martha: you know what? there is 25% of republican voters out there yelling at their tv you guys saying, we don't care. >> i know. martha: he sticks up for what we believe in. he wants to go after isis. he wants to kick the you know what out of them. and they think that this stuff is just aimed at bringing him down and sort of finding chinks in his armor and tired of people politically correct and play the game properly. he is clearly not interested in playing the game properly. julie, seems to keep working for him. >> it keeps working for him, but working to him for detriment of the larger republican party. i echo everything guy just said. you can bang your fist on the ground and he is speaking for us. what is he speaking for? racially previouscations have nothing to do with reality. to guy's point, why tweet it out in the first place? was it that black people are horrible because they're killing
7:48 am
white people? what was the horrible point he is trying to make even if the statistic was correct which it want. they like somebody strong and speaks his mind. that is great. do we want somebody as president, has no facts to back up everything what he says, whether thousands and thousands muslims cheering in jersey city, something he can't back up. mexican government sending rapists across the border, something he can't back up. you can like him for being strong. you have to respect the fact that you want a president that trades in facts, not in fiction. martha: that is what exactly o'reilly was getting at with him. you can't do that stuff. don't retweet if you don't know what is in there running for president of the united states because people will hold you accountable for that and facts in it because it represents you in some way. let's look at ben carson. because this whole issue you just brought up, julie, people cheering after 9/11, has been a big controversy over the course of the last couple days.
7:49 am
ben carson sort of jumped on the bandwagon with this yeah i saw people in new jersey doing that you look all over the internet. find people who say it happened, say it didn't happen an reports to the contrary. listen to ben carson trying to right the situation for himself last night on "the kelly file. >> i was really focusing on it was inappropriate thing to do, no matter where they were. i did see the film. i don't know where they were but i did see a film of muslims celebrating. i was making the point that was inappropriate. martha: how is that going, ben? i'm sorry, guy, how is that going. how is that going, ben, and how is that going, guy? >> look, i'm actually very pleased to see ben carson come out and corrects the record. that is only thing i wanted to see from donald trump on this whole thing. look, anyone who lived through 9/11, especially in the new york area, we remember that was day of frightening confusion, lots and lots of rumors. i think where this whole thing
7:50 am
came from, my suspicion is, there were some whispers that there were investigation into some scattered small-scale celebrations in new jersey. there was also a video, very widely circulated, showing palestinians dancing in the streets, excuse me of gaza. and my guess is, donald trump and maybe ben carson conflated those two memories. and that's fine. and when the evidence comes out and it's clear that this story about thousands of muslims in new jersey cheering on live television isn't true, just come out and correct the record. don't double down. don't triple down on something that isn't true and point to evidence that doesn't really corroborate the claim thaw initially made. that's the issue here. it's a character issue. carson got it right. trump did not. >> let me also add, i was working for senator at the time who represented new jersey. we would have known if there were thousands of muslims cheering in jersey city. you can't conflate jersey city and gaza no matter how much
7:51 am
donald trump wants to try. very different places and different parts of the world. martha: julie, ben, guy. whatever your name is, that ben guy. terrifying moments. reporters on the front line in syria, this car nearly hit by a missile strike. watch.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
martha: big hour coming up on "happening now." we'll have the joint news conference with the french president and president obama live. analysis from bret baier and kt mcfarland. of the senator marco rubio is our guest. four questions for the next four years. he is rising in the polls. facing a lot of questions over his policies on terror and immigration. what do you want to ask him? join our live chat to weigh in. your questions to marco rubio. top of the hour. martha: thank you, jenna. three russian journalists on the front lines in syria injured after a missile lands near their car. this video was taken from inside of the car. watch this.
7:55 am
you can see one of those passengers trying to get out at the end of this. [shouting] martha: amazingly all three of them survived that attack. they're recovering in a hospital at nearby russian military base. bill: wow. here in new york city, the mayor is under fire for his handling of the homeless crisis in the city. some 58,000 living in shelters. a few thousand or more sleeping on the streets. what gives? abby huntsman in midtown manhattan. reporter: we're two years into mayor de blasio's term in office, the homeless situation is exploding. the mayor admitted this is his biggest failure. >> i should have done a better job explaining that to people six months or more ago, showing them all the effort being expended to address the problem. that won't be mistake. i will spend a lot of time explaining to people the nature of this crisis.
7:56 am
reporter: this comes after mayor announced $2.6 billion project to create more supportive housing units but the mayor's own commissioner bill bratton is calling him out, waiting too long to address the crisis. >> i think a mistake that the administration made early on was not, if you will, validating what we all were seeing. the problem was increasing. reporter: to give you a sense, homelessness jumped about 12% in nearly two years since he took office. bill? bill: thank you, abby. reporter: some good news though. they are providing 500 safe haven homes. it is getting better cold in the city. bill: holiday is this week. abby huntsman in midtown manhattan. thank you. martha? martha: president became in private meeting with french president holland. a joint news conference expected within the hour. this was just moments ago. that's life next. lifornia walnu. the best simple veggie dish ever?
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quite a lot going on. obama's press conference coming up 30 minute from now. so thanks for watching that. bill: the day is young. we'll see you tomorrow on wednesday. jenna: drama in the skies over syria after turkey shot down a russian fighter jet. jon: russian president vladimir putin blasting turkey calling the downing of its plane a stab in the back and warning serious consequences. turkey says it warned the russian pilots repeatedly to leave turkish air space but the russian pilots ignored those warnings. reporter: russian president putin said the significant consequences will be on russia's relations with


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