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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 24, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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quite a lot going on. obama's press conference coming up 30 minute from now. so thanks for watching that. bill: the day is young. we'll see you tomorrow on wednesday. jenna: drama in the skies over syria after turkey shot down a russian fighter jet. jon: russian president vladimir putin blasting turkey calling the downing of its plane a stab in the back and warning serious consequences. turkey says it warned the russian pilots repeatedly to leave turkish air space but the russian pilots ignored those warnings. reporter: russian president putin said the significant consequences will be on russia's relations with turkey, relations
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that have been trained. turkish military officials -- we have seen the dramatic video of that plane going down. but officials say the plane was warned repeatedly. 10 times in five minute according to turkish officials before a turkish f-1 fighter jet shot it down. russia's defense ministry adamant antly maintains it was not in turkey's air space. but turkey released what it says is a confirmation of air space violation. as for the pilot, russian officials say and confirm they ejected from the jet. we have seen video of a appear to be the the two parachutes coming down.
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syrian rebels say they have the body of one of the pilots who was already dead when they found him. they are posting pictures of what they have say is his body but it's too photographic to show. rescue helicopters were deployed to the region where the jet went down. but that was earlier today when there was still daylight. there have been unconfirmed reports that the rebels may have captured that second pilot and he may be dead. as mentioned, nato is holding an emergency meeting to discuss this very significant military and serious political situation that continues to develop. this is the first time a nato member has shot down a russian jet in 50 years. the russian president saying there will be significant consequences and this is a quote
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stab in the back by turkey. jon: as if thing needed to get any hotter in that part of the world. john huddy reporting. jon: americans traveling overseas are being warned to be on alert and that terror groups may be planning multiple attacks. reporter: the state department is giving a lot of places where americans need to be wary about as terrorists return home and thrown wolves may try to stage another paris-style attack against a target or target. this alert names holiday festivals and event. sporting venue, theaters, open
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markets and aviation services, with specific reference to the russian airliner officials believe was blown out of the sky by isis. getting to those places by ground could be dangerous as well with warnings for americans to be careful on public transit or anywhere else with a big crowd. the threat is including convention and non-conventional weapons. and the threat is not thought to subside after thanksgiving or triple it's in effect through the end of february, 2016. think is the sixth worldwide travel alert issued in the last four years. this worldwide travel alert also go to show that those security
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officials at the state department knock longer say or no longer think that isis is contained to one or two countries, even one or two parts of the world everywhere. jenna? bill: let's get to the race for the white house. hillary clinton works to distance herself from president obama on terrorism and national security. the former secretary of state saying isis cannot be contained and the united states should aggressively go after the terrorists. she is calling for no ply zones and suggesting for might be necessary.
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this is a difficult line hillary clinton has to walk. she cannot be seen in direct opposition of too many of obama's policies, he was her boss, but she has to try to make a name for herself at a time when americans are uncomfortable with the growth of isis and the prospect of terrorism. >> in many respects it's a natural turn for hillary clinton. she has long been a hawkish voice in the democratic party. senator sanders has not become a major threat to he -- to her candidacy. jon: what about the suggestion she's make that you might need to put troops on the ground in syria? >> i think bob is right. she is essentially takin tack tg
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as far as she to be the right. all of this is small ball when it comes to hillary's larger reputation. people know who she is. she was the much bal balance ballhooed member of barack obama foreign policy team. she owned this legacy and somehow tacking to the right, i don't think it compensate for her larger problems being the inheritor of the obama policy, foreign policy. >> like president obama, i do
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not believe that we should again have 100,000 american troops in combat in the middle east. that's just not the smart move to make here. if we learned anything from 15 years of war in iraq and afghanistan it's that local people and nations have to secure their own communities. we can help them and we should, but we cannot substitute for them. jon: in a comment like that has she alienated any of the card core democrats who might not want to see more boots on the ground? >> she may well have. i was in iowa. i spoke to democratic voters there. they still look back at her vote on the iraq war. they are uncomfortable on some of her statement. but is there not an advocate for that doveish position. sanders is not countering
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clinton in a significant way. jon: let's turn our attention to the gop * race. a brand-new poll out of iowa showing donald trump leading at 25%. senator ted cruz doubled his support in four weeks. he's now at 23% which is within the margin of error. dr. ben carson drops to third. senator rand paul is next with jeb bush seeming to lose some ground, dropping a percentage point from a month ago. jonah, you say these numbers are not a surprise to you. >> we saw ben carson was sliding. it makes sense a lot of those people would go to ted cruz in part because ted cruz is a pretty good standard bearer for the conservative vote, particularly in iowa. also, ted cruz and marco rubio
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have had the best strategic patience of anybody on the republican side of the field. they understand the timing of these things, the pace of these things, and they want their kick in a marathon when it matters as you couple on the first vote. cruz has been almost brilliant in his way of cultivating the right-wing base and not alienating donald trump. jon: if ted cruz is within spitting disexpanse of donald trump, we can expect to hear a lot of negative comments about ted cruz in the month ahead. >> so far we have seen little confrontation from these two candidates. they are like two boxers in their corner eyeing each other. each is reluctant to throw the
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first blow. ted cruz was talking about a softer tone and that was a veiled commend teary on -- a veiled commentary on donald trump. jon: if candidates start to drop out of the race, are they going to go other places? >> my suspicion is some polls are going to show ted cruz as the front runner in iowa. most of the republican electorate is not supporting donald trump. we know from donald trump's past, any time he's threatened and seen as the number one guy, not the alpha dog, not the winner. it will be interesting to see him attack ted cruz because he's the kind of guy who swims across a moat with a knife in his teeth and he knows how to fight back.
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jenna: that life's a lasting image. jon: camouflage. jenna: president francois hollande is at the white house. what will their next steps be in the fight to defeat isis? former senator marco rubio willing here. our live chat is up and running. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it.
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>> name me one part of world that is strong and safer than they were before barack obama became president. name me one part of world that is safer since hillary clinton was secretary of state.
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the answer is there is not. jenna: you have a chance to ask white house candidates about questions that concern you. nor marco riewb yoils our guest today. we like to get through four questions. but this is purely their questions. put them in context. we have ourselves usually a fun time. i'll start off with the news the day. turkey shot down a vution jet. we know turkey is a member of nato and there is a lot of statements coming out from all side about what should be done. one of our viewers says this, is turkey still an ally? how would president rubee handle what happened overnight. >> turkey is a member of the nato alliance. if the nato alliance is to remain in vibrant we have to live up to our commitments. do we have concern about things happening in turkey?
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i do. erdogan has taken that country in a more radical direction. they have broken from a long standing good relationship with israel. you have see him turn to more radical islamic elements of his party. and a little bit of lack of cooperation on their part in the fight against isis until recently. that said, they are still a member of the nato alliance. if we were not to come to their defense it would undermine the nato alliance. jenna: what would that look like? russia is saying this a stab in the back. if russia takes measures and we know what those are against turkey, what does the united states today? >> it's the reason i warned about having russia in the mieftd. if i warned specifically this could happen. there could be an incident with turkey, a nato ally. they could fly over their
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territory and be shot down. they did it in the baltic states and now he don't over turkey. what will the russian response be? this is a critical moment. if russia believes they can respond and retaliate against turkey because nato is not going to do anything about it. they are making the farm nato is no longer viable it's a feckless alliance. so it's important for us to be clear that we'll respond and defend turkey if they counseled assault with the russians, otherwise the entire nato alliance comes into question. jenna: dan says in our chat in the u.s. is forced to defend turkey and you have china and russia on the other side, is that going to start a war? >> x sense is the russians would not test it. they do not have the capabilities in the region toan,
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particularly the united states other turks for that matter. so at end of the dayhough vladimir putin is a gangster and a criminal web's also a geopolitical actor who makes decisions on a cost benefit analysis. he will have to save face but ultimately he won't test the alliance if the alliance stand up to him because he would lose in that confrontation and that would be a bigger saidback for him. jenna: today happening right at this moment the french president is meeting with our president. a lot of conversation around isis and the paris terrorist attacks. sal wants to know if you were meeting with the french president instead of president obama how would you handle it? what is priority number one when it comes to our allies? >> priority number one -- we are in a unique situation where the french have been more forward leaning than the president. but it continues to call for what i have beened a stroa
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kateing for a while, a true coalition. and each nation and each part of the coalition has different part to play. isis need to be defeated on the ground by a ground force in it need to be made up of sunni muslim arabs to defeat them on the ground. but it will require air support, low jis tall support and special operation support from france and our allies. ultimately how to bring together the air support and the logistical intelligence support the ground force will need. jenna: jolie wants to know how do you get these arab nations who for years have not been involved to come to your side and say yes, president rubio we'll join in this? >> these nations expressed an
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interest in being in such a coalition. but it will require american presidential leadership. that many the power of america, the power to convene and bring it nations together. the jordanians and isis views their leadership and i think they are willing to be part of a ground force. but only if america provide assistance. i believe they will participate. they are not unwilling participants, they just don't trust the president. he hasn't shown any leadership and they view him as unreliable. jenna: a great deal of questions about your experience and leadership potential as well. we'll take quick commercial break. we'll be right back with your questions for senator rubio in just a moment.
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jenna: we are back with marco rubio. talk about your experience. a lot of viewers have question about that. you are part of foreign relations committee in the senate. commerce and and small business and entrepreneurship committee. tiffany has this question. many people say president obama has done poorly because he's a first-term senator taking the job as president. how is marco rubio any different? how would you answer tiffany. >> if you were a liberal you would say president obama has been a successful president. he got dodd-frank, he got stimulus.
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he got the deal with iran. the problem with barack obama is not that he was a first-time senator. the problem with barack obama is his idea don't work. he has 7 years experience and he's still a failure and make mistakes. it's not the experience, it's his principles and ideas do not work. his idea of big government, more spending, more taxes and regulation, they don't work. and his idea that america is the cause of global chaos and not the solution to it, and weakening our national defense. that doesn't work either. jenna: why do you have such confidence your idea are right? >> it's not my idea. i have confidence in limited government and a strong national defense. they happen to be the principles that made america the greatest
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nation in the world. when we adhere to those principles in this country our nation has been successful. it's when we abandoned those principles that we have unsuccessful. it's the principle i have confidence in and i have confidence in applying the principles to the challenges of our times. we are taking our conservatives principles to apply to the unique challenges in the world and our country and a lot of it begins with acknowledging note he issue in america has a federal government solution. jenna: there are two final questions here. i'll try to do one. someone said the challenge of our time is national security, is terror. that's something one of our viewers has a question about. what qualifications do you and your team have to deal with the issue of terror. how can you promise the american
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people you can protect them? >> if you look oath last 4 1/2 years, no one in the presidential race has shown better judgment or been more prescient on what is going on. i have been warning about it since 2012. i warned about russia going into the middle east. the president has to be able to anticipate and see what's around at corner. so if you look at over the last 4 1/2 years i have consistently warned about these things and outlined what we should do instead. this argument about putting together a co-there is to confront isis, i have been saying that for the better part of a year and a half. when the president was calling isis the jv team, i have shown better judgment and better understanding of these issues
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than anyone else running for president. jenna: you are staying in order to face the tear roar threat, you have the foresight perhaps other candidate do not. one of the big issues our viewers are talking about has to do with the economy and how that affects our national security. they are wondering about your foresight on that. eric wants to know with $20 trillion in debt as a national security issue, how are we going to start cutting our debt. how have you going to approach that issue? >> our debt is a important as a percentage of the overall size of the our economy. before it can't be so big. it almost equals the size of the our economy. you have to deal with what's causing our debt. what's causing our debt is how social security and medicare are structures for future generations. we don't have to change it for those who are on it.
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but mine and my kids will have to change. i will have to retire at 68. my medicare could be the option of using to it buy a private plan i like better. these are not unreasonable changes. if we make them we can save social security and medicare. jenna: but we've should expect some changes. >> change are coming one way or another. these programs will either go bankrupt or we'll save them. we dole with it not will be less disruptive. but those perhaps will look different for you and for me and our children and grandchildren of this generation. jenna: rick was concerned about that. he's 57 years old and was concerned about your plan. hopefully we'll be able to discuss it in the future. >> it won't change for him at 57.
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jenna: it's thanksgiving, family is important to you. one of the things you talked about is about your father. and i know there is a new ad out that talks about your the story of your father. i want you to reflect on this if you could. what is thanksgiving like in the rubio household and how does it feel not to have this member of the family around to watch go on this incredible journey. >> the ad at end of the day is about america. it's the only country in the history of the world where he could have done we did for us. work as a bartender and leave us better off? wrestle could he have done that. as achristian i believe we are surrounded by a crowd witnesses to cheer us on and we'll all be living in eternity in a new heaven and new earth jesus will bring about when he returns. as far as what thanksgiving is like. it's typical. we don't -- we have a lot of
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teachers in our family so it's interesting to hear them. i watch as much football as i can get and spend time in a truly unique american holiday in which the whole nation stopped to give thanks. we should give thanks thanks every day. the fact that wee dedicate one day to gratitude is a testament to that. great to have you on the program. thank you. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. jon: as we approach thanksgiving * we also have to talk about terror. president obama sitting down with the president. france at the white house. we are waiting for the two leaders to emerge. we'll have it for you live moments from now.
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jon: two hours ago the french president francois hollande landers at joint base andrews. he has been behind closed doors at the white house since that time meeting with president obama. perhaps doing a little bit of sarnl twiferght. we don't know. we expect to get a read on what the two men are discussing. a joint news conference is expected to start any time now. bret baier is anchor of "special
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reported" on the fox news channel. things got tense in the middle east when turkey shot down a russian fighter jet. the two pilots apparently parachute into syria. one reportedly is dead. one apparently is being held by anti-assad rebels. things couldn't get more tense in that part of world. reporter: turkey says they believe both pilots are still alive in the custody of syrian rebels and there could be negotiations going on for their release. this complicates this meeting for president obama and francois hollande. one of the things they talked about was instituting article 5 of nato which means if one country is attacked all are attacks. turkey being part of nato, this
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is sticky in this event that happened today. turkish pilots and their air control are saying they warned the russian pilots 10 times and now the pentagon is back up over open channels that statement saying they heard the warnings, 10 specific warnings about going over turkish air space. but it does complicate what is already a very complicated scenario in syria. jon: president hollande and president putin were on the same page about going after isis and they seemed to have a pretty good relationship on that score. now you have the shootdown of this russian military jet that apparently did violate turkish air space, and as you say, that complicates things so much more.
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reporter: it does. erdogan in turkey, what his thinking was, where that falls in going after isis as opposed to the kurds which are a threat to him. there are a lot of players. meanwhile putin just got back from a meeting with the iranians in tehran. iran wants to keep assad in power in syria. the u.s. is hoping that because of the situation on the ground in syria with russia perhaps they will split with iran and say assad should not be in power, then they start this political transition. but there is no indication that happened. a smiling vladimir putin in tehran was part of that. jon: i are mentioned the arm twisting going on. francois hollande has seen low levels of popularity in france. a 12% approval rating at one point instead of 20% before the
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terror attacks. right now he has the back of the french people as he vows to crush isis. the question is, will president obama back him in doing the things president hollande wants to do to accomplish that? reporter: i think so, president obama may sound a little more aggressive on going after isis today after getting criticism from his own party. remember that hollande went to his parliament and managed to get three knowledge weeks of specific emergency rules and regulations, allowing him to go after isis more aggressively in paris. that's significant for the french parliament to do. they also have been dropping bombs inside syria and raqqa, the hometown of isis. jon: no two-minute warning yet
8:41 am
that the presidents are about to emerge. we want to take all of that life when it begins. we'll take a short break and be back with this news conference in a moment. @oyu0x?hy@x@8p
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jenna: we are awaiting a joints news conference with president obama and the french president at the white house. president hollande is trying to get more help to defeat isis. the down of a russian jet by turkey complicates efforts to get together an international coalition. k.t. macfarland is joining us now. it seems to get more complicated by the moment. nato did start an emergency meeting. what comes out of this meeting
8:45 am
between these two presidents? >> best case scenario president obama wakes up to the threat of jihad and says i'm going to lead the efforts of the civilized world to defeat isis. yesterday the president was just dismissing this saying it's a bunch of killers good on social media. belgium is braced for another paris-style attack and the french prime minister said they are worried about chemical attacks on water supply. the egyptians are worried. president obama will probably sound good, he will say a lot of great things but he won't do anything. jenna: i was struck by what senator marco rubio said to us.
8:46 am
we heard that a lot. where is saudi arabia and where are the other gulf states. how important are their roles, meaning the gulf states' roles in solving this big issue happening in syria and beyond? >> i want to compliment you on that interview. that was a penetrating interview with senator rubio. he's a thoughtful guy an has realistic and pointed answers how he would deal with it. when he talked about getting the coalition together he talked about countries that were not really in our coalition. egypt, jordan, israel. , the sunnis in egypt. we are not arming them and inviting them in and giving them the political and economic cover they need to participate. but as far as the importance of the meeting today with president francois hollande in the white
8:47 am
house. then he's going to moscow to talk to putin. putin is the essential ingredient. that's the tragedy. we are not leading in the. jenna: vladimir putin is advocating in syria, he said let president al-assad day. that's a hard logic after the paris attacks and being worried about what's going to happen in the united states and the united states issuing a travel warning. isis number one and al-assad down that list. >> in world war ii we had to hold our nose and deal with allies who may in otherwise agree with anything. maybe this time around we need to hold our nose and have allies willing to enter the fight with us against radical islam.
8:48 am
but i have been struck by the president on one hand dismissing the threat of radical jihad and isis while saying it's media hype, while at the same time the state department is issuing a warning for travel and saying shelter in place. that's a disconnect over what is the threat and what is the threat to americans. we expect president francois hollande to step to the microphone. what about worst case scenario. we have an idea how he lead on this particular issue. obviously there is consequences to that. what is the worst case scenario we are trying to avoid? >> the president continuing a policy saying to everybody, you are on your own. then what you will see next
8:49 am
year, every country that has a beef with the united states that wants to take advantage of our position around the world will do so. the chinese, the north core rans, isis, any country that looks at the united states and says lame duck president, i'm going to get while i can while the getting is good. other thing you see is a rapid increase in attacks against soft targets and civilians in urine and potentially the united states. jon: let's bring back into the discussion bret baier, the anchor of "special report." the two leaders french president francois hollande and president obama have taken different verbal approaches to the response to what happened in paris. the french president went in
8:50 am
front of that rare joint meeting in front of the two houses of his parliament. he says terrorism threatens the entire world. president obama made that statement in turkey. he talked about global warming then referred to the paris attacks as sickening and suggested that they were heinous, but he said the isis strategy was working. i don't know, are these two on the same page when it comes to the battle against isis. the threat that it represents? >> they may be behind the scenes. we don't know. first of all we are 20 minutes past the time when the president and francois hollande were scheduled to come out. it definite happened many times before. but perhaps the talks are going well and lasting longer. i think there were people in the president's own party who really
8:51 am
had a problem with his first articulation of the paris attacks, not that we were standing firm with france, not that the u.s. was with france in a war with radical islam, not that -- it didn't sounds like s- didn't sounds like churchill. it sounded different and that summit press conference. there was a sense the president left a lot on the table when it came to supporting the french and standing up against isis. jon: leading in the from behind is still the white house policy at least for now. reporter: i think they are trying to cobble together this coalition. the president talks about a 65-country coalition. and that's tough to add up that that is a reality. i think you saw some arab gulf state nations take part in
8:52 am
airstrikes early on, but that hasn't happened. there is not a sense the u.s. is leading in the this effort. if anything the french have been taking the bawling. jon: the u.s. has the capability no other nation has. we have been providing refueling capability to the french force. there is a lot more we could be doing. after this meeting with president francois hollande will the president give his assent to accomplishing some of that? reporter: i question that it's up in the air. the president has said he's been reluck didn't to put u.s. troops on the ground in syria. he announced the 50 special opposite forces in north syria to work with indigenous forces on the ground. they stepped up airstrike but the secretary of state acknowledged it's not enough and
8:53 am
need to step up even further. i think you will see the pentagon come forward with a specific plan to do that. and whether the president take the ball and runs with it with the french president is really the question. and how it works with russia in the wake of this turkish shootdown of the russian plane, i think is really a question that we'll see play not you this news conference. jon: vladimir putin called it a stab in the back as though a friend had shot down his russian fighter jet that did stray or whether it was deliberate, it was flying in turkish air space. what do you make of that particular phrase? reporter: it was definitely point. and was sending a message to erdogan, the prime minister of turkey.
8:54 am
i think the tense nature of russian operating in syria and turkey protecting its border i think bubbled to the forefront. in the wake of all of this, you have in the background this investigation on inspector general investigation at the department of defense. an investigation with the house intelligence committee about whether the administration was cooking the book on the intelligence assessments of is from the beginning and whether it was a rosie scenario being painted. i think it's important to remember that investigation may be a big deal as we get down the road with this administration in it final days. jenna: i want to mention a few thing coming into our urgent file. in tunisia the associated press reporting there is a an explosion on a military bus and there are deaths associated with that.
8:55 am
we mention tunisia because when we talked about the arab spring, this is an important country to that. also from the pentagon, jennifer griffin and the team there, turkish officials believe the russian pilots may be alive. they are trying to assist trowsh look for those pilots. we don't h confirmation. but it's interesting to note that as both of these countries have a thought say to each others. this one of the headlines we are seeing, the turkish authorities are working to gain it relieves these pilots who may, syrian rebels. we are waiting for what maybe a news-making press conference when we get to it. there are different moving parts happening in the region. you worked with an
8:56 am
administration before. there is an accusation there is a lot of politics involved. but how do you see the politic impacting this situation now, especially after the paris attacks, lame duck president who is not running for reelection. how do you see the politics impacting the decisions being made? >> it's legacy time at the white house. he wants to be able to just get things coasting through so his presidency is over. if there is a failure in the middle east he can blame it on the next guy. he can blame bush forgetting in and blame the next guy for losing. whether it's the press conference in the white house or the meeting in brussels with the nato partners. the world is crying out for american leadership. we are the on country with the political, ide ideological and l
8:57 am
power. we now have countries trying to do whatever they are trying to do, some are exploiting the situation. but nobody is in charge. that's why you are seeing the president of france running around all over the world trying to establish a coalition. that's why you are seeing putin taking advantage of nato. that's why you have gothers in the entire middle east saying we don't know what to do. we need a leader. that's why the essential element of the united states leadership isn't there. jon: bret, i heard you dmiemg there. reporter: i was talking to somebody who was communicating with me. it's very complex as far as the different elements of the scenario on the ground in syria. jon: we just got the two-minute warning.
8:58 am
that will make this news conference officially 30 minutes late assuming they adhere to the 30-minute warning which they don't always do in this white house. francois hollande is going to be traveling to meet with many leaders from around the world including vladimir putin. to try to bring putin on board in some kind of co-leg that slams isis. how does the shootdown of this russian jet complicate that? reporter: it's very complicated. as we are hearing possibly these two russian pilots are alive and in custody, if you will, of syrian rebels on the ground. remember these are syrian rebels that the russians have been trying to take out with airstrikes because they oppose assad in syria. a lot of the folk fuss has been on those rebels to prop up assad
8:59 am
which is the goal of russia and iran. i mentioned three dimensional chess because you have all these players and they all have an interest. right now it's muddled. what this press conference will tell us, perhaps what the president has agreed to with francois hollande and moving forward. jon: we should be a minute away from the joint news conference between president obama and francois hollande of france who has come to ask the president for help in whacking isis. that should be starting a minute from now. thank you both. jenna: we'll continue to watch this live feed from the east room where we expect the president and the french president to step to the microphones me men terribly. we saw vice president biden walk into the room. this is a hastily called meeting just announced post paris attacks.
9:00 am
we'll be watching and waiting and we'll be back with "happening now." "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: a fox news alert. we'll ticket up seamlessly because we are awaiting that joint news conference at the white house to begin between president obama and french president francois hollande. we'll watch and listen together. >> it has been an honor to welcome you to the white house before in happier times than this. but as americans, when stand by our friends in good times and in bad, no matter what. so on behalf of the american people i want to express our deepest condolences to you and all of the people of france for the heinous attacks that took


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