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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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we'll be watching and waiting and we'll be back with "happening now." "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: a fox news alert. we'll ticket up seamlessly because we are awaiting that joint news conference at the white house to begin between president obama and french president francois hollande. we'll watch and listen together. >> it has been an honor to welcome you to the white house before in happier times than this. but as americans, when stand by our friends in good times and in bad, no matter what. so on behalf of the american people i want to express our deepest condolences to you and all of the people of france for the heinous attacks that took place in paris.
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we are here today to declare that the united states and france stand united. in total solidarity to deliver justice to these terrorists and those who send the them, and to defend our nations. in that spirit with heavy but strong hearts i welcome you here today. francois with your understanding my statement will be longer than usual. i have been traveling and this an important moment for our nations and for the world. this barbaric terrorist group isil or dash and it murderous ideology poses a serious threat to all of us. it cannot be toll rated, it must be destroyed and we must do it together. this is the unity of purpose that brings us here today. on your visit here last year you
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said the french love america. well, we love the french. sometimes we americans are too shy to say so, but we are not feeling shy today. we americans love france because we dedicate ourselves to the same ideals. that all people deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. france is our oldest ally. you helped us win our independence. we helped lib rat france from fascisim. we are a freedom to each other. we love france for your spirit and your culture. since the attacks americans recalled their own visits to paris, visiting the eiffel tower ore talk along the sei nerks. thesei -- walk along the seine.
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part part of our culture. i'm grateful to the hospitality the french have always shown me. by my bed in our residence is a picture of me and michelle in the luxembourg gardens kissing. those are the memories of paris. so when tragedy struck that evening, our hearts broke, too. that stadium and concert hall, those restaurants and cafes, we see our own. in the face of the french people we see ourselves. that's why so many americans have embraced the blue, white and red, that's why americans have joined together to sing the
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marseille. we have never forgotten how the french people stood behind us on 9/11 and today we stand with you. it's been note the terrorists did not direct their attack against the french government for military, rather they focused their violence on the very spirit of france. by extension on all liberal democracies. this was an attack on our free and open societies. where we'll come together to celebrate and sing and compete. and targeting venues where people come together from around the world, killing citizens of nearly 20 countries including america. this was an attack on the very idea that people of different races and religions and backgrounds could live together in peace. in short this was not only a strike against one of the
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world's greatest cities, it was an attack against the world itself, the same madness that slaughtered the innocence from nigeria to the sinai, from lebanon to iraq it's a scourge that threatens all of us. that's why for more than a year the united states, france, and our coalition of some 65 nations have been united in one mission. to destroy these isil terrorists and defeat their via -- their ve ideology. today the francois hollande and i' reviewed our progress. we have pushed isil back from territory in both iraq and syria. today we agreed our nations must don't more together. with u.s. assistance, the
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support of recent french strikes in syria and we'll keep stepping up that coordination. as we saw with the attack in mali, the terrorist threat goes beyond is i will *. this week i'll sign legislation to sustain our support to allies like france as we work to root out terrorist networks in africa. we'll do more to aprevent -- to prevent attacks at home. the united states will quickly share threat information with france. and with the threats in belgium there is a growing recognition among european nations that they need to ramp up additional efforts to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters. i'm calling on the european union to i am amendment the agreement in the works that would require airlines to share passenger information so we can
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do more to stop foreign fighters from entering our countries undetected. we'll work our european partners to make sure we are redouble our efforts together. regarding the broader crisis in syria. president hollande and i agreed that russia's strike against the moderate opposition only bolster the assad regime. we agree russia could play a more constructive role if it were to shift the focus of its strike to defeating isil. likewise president hollande and i agreed the best way to bring peace to syria is through the principles confirmed in vienna which confirmed support for aceasefire and a transition away from assad and unite the syrian
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people against terrorism. finally we understand one of our greatest weapons in the fight against isil is the strength and wee sill yefns ou -- and re-silf our people. what happened in paris is truly horrific. i understand people worry something similar could happen here. i want you to know we'll continue to do everything in our power to defend our nation. since 9/11 we have taken extraordinary measures to strengthen our home seattle security, counter terrorism and law enforcement professionals. they are tireless. they prevented attacks and saved lives. they are work every hour, every day for our security. they did so before paris, they
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do so now, an -- and they will t stop. they are the best in the world. but it's not just our security professionals who will defeat isil and other terrorist griewnls. as americans we have a role to play in how we respond to threats. they cannot defeat us on the battlefield. they try to terrorize us at home, against soft targets, against civilians and innocent people. we will not succumb to fear. nor can we allow fear to divide us. that's how terrorists win. we cannot give them the victory of change how we go about living our lives. the good news is americans are resilient.
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we mourned the lives lost at fort hood, the boston marathon, the chattanooga, but we did not waiver. we have gone to concerts and ball games and shopping, and men and women who want to serve our country continue to go to military recruiting offices. we are vigilant, we take precautions, but we go about our business. those who want to harm us, our actions have shown that we have too much resolve and too much character. americans will not be terrorized. i say all this because another part of being vigilant, another part of defeating terrorists like isil is just holding the rights and freedoms that define
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our two great republics. that includes freedom of religion, that includes equality before the law. there have been times in our history in moments of fear when we have failed to uphold our highest ideals. and it has been to our lasting regret. we must uphold our ideals now. each of us, all of us must show that america is strengthened by people of every faith and every background. related to this i want to note under president hollande, france plans to welcome an additional 30,000 syrian refugees the next two years. here in the united states, refugees coming to the united states go threw up to 2 years of security checks.
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nobody who sets foot in america goes through more screening than refugees. we are prepared to share these tools with france and our our mean partners. as francois said, our humanitarian duty to help desperate refugees and our duty to security, those duties go land in hand. on the statue of liberty, a gift from the people of france, there are word we know so well. "give me your tired, your poor, your huddle masses, yearning to be free." that's the spirit that makes us america. that's the spirit that binds to us france. that's the spirit we need today. in closing i want to salute the people of paris for showing the world how to stay strong in the face of terrorists.
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even as they grieve, returning to their cafes, riding the metro, going to stadiums to cheer for their teams. crowd gather, including a mother who brought her children. she said to let them see that we should not be afraid. as one parisian said, paris will always be paris. next week i will be joining the hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stand as one and shows we'll not be deterred from building a better future for our children. so president hollande, my fellow
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americans, let's remember we faced greater that 0 our way of life before. fascisim, communism, a first world war, a second, a long cold war. each and every time we prevailed. we have prevailed because our way of life is stronger. because we stay united. even as we are relentless in the face of evil, we draw on what's best in ourselves. in the krisk our countries. -- and in the character of our countries. it won't be different this time. we'll win, and groups like isil will lose. standing with ally like france we'll continue to show the world the best of american leadership. viva la france. and god bless the united states of america. mr. president.
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>> ladies and yes please allow me to thank the president of the united states. he was the first one to call me it was very late in france. 2:00 a.m. when he called. the president of the united states. i was -- he expressed solidarity toward france. his emotions and compassion against the horror. and on that night he meant to tell me the united states, that
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the help that could be provided to france would have no limits and that we had a duty to put our forces together and fight terrorism. i do not forget either all of messages the american people sent to the french people the past few days. the french colors, the french flags, all of them in many gatherings, candles in places that represent france here in the united states, the march say, our national even them in an official ceremony. it's through that 9/11 we all felt american. but after the 13th of november, americans felt french.
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two peoples together merged as one. sharing the same emotions, and also the willingness to fight for freedom, to fend for our values. we are not dissimilar people. we have our own history, own culture and back ground. but we share the same trust, the same faith in freedom. it is france that came under attack on the 13th of november. france, the country which we consider you next world because france speaks to the world. france came under attack for what it reptds d wait represent. our culture, our way of living
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agriculture as well as our values and principles. but by targeting france, the terrorists, the murderers were targeting the world in these restaurants and cafes as well as the bataclan, the concert venue, they were men and women, most of them young, who came from 20 countries at least. and they share the same passion for life, and that's the reason why they were murdered. my thoughts are with the family of a young american student nohemi gonzalez who came to enjoy a moment of culture and joy. my thoughts go to the american
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band that was playing at the bataclan. all cultures were together to bring the same enthusiasm and they were hit by terrorists. we are facing the terror group which organized itself on territory. they have substantial resources. they are thriving of smuggling of oil, drugs, human beings, and since the beginning of the year, they hit many countries, den mark, tunisia, lebanon, kuwait, turkey, egypt, as well as russia by taking down the russian plane. so together with president obama today we wanted on the occasion of that meeting first all to
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share our determination -- relentless determination to fight terrorism anywhere and everywhere. we also meant to tell the world that we'll not allow those who want to destroy wra what we built, we'll not allow them to do it. to destroy what we built generation after generation. they will not be able to damage the world. and we need a joins response, an inflatable joint response. france and the united states stand together to bring that joint response. militarily, it's about take out their financing, hurnltsing down their leaders, dismantling their network, and taking back the land that is under their
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control. we therefore decide, president obama and myself, to fill up our strikes in syria and iraq, to strengthen our intelligence sharing regarding the targets. the priority is to take back kilo cases in syria it many also a matter of urgency to close the borders between turkey and syria and prevent terrorists from crossing the border and coming to europe or other places and take such terrible attacks. we made the decision to work all partners of the coalition in iraq and support all of those who are fighting dash on the ground. the aim is to make sure these
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forces can be supported, helped by all the countries that are willing to act militarily to destroy dash. the security council voted unanimously friday after bing row deuced by france and support by the united states, provided with the clear basis to act. this is what france is doing with the aircraft carrier in the east of the mediterranean and allows us to enjoy mobility. yesterday [inaudible] in addition we provide assistance to iraqi fighters in the region of mosul. now to humanity. both president obama and myself
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have strengthened our cooperation as early nights on the attack and i would like to commend everything that is being done so that intelligence and information available can be used [inaudible] to follow their lead so that we prevent [inaudible] what they want is to spread fear everywhere so that we doubt -- so that we make decisions which are exactly referring what we want in terms of freedoms and rights. but we'll not give in. that being said, we have to defend ourselves. we are work on credible [inaudible] and i commend the
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work done by ministers to agree a timeline that will enable a ceasefire as quickly as possible. and to open up the processes that will lead to bashar al-assad's departure. we cannot imagine the syrians getting together, gathering iran's leader who is responsible for the most of 300,000 dead in a few years. so the unity is required but that must lead to assad's departure. syrian crisis is directly relevant to europe. but also because there are millions of refugees fleeing the regime's bombs and atrocities.
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if we were to abandon them, we would betray who they are. that's the reason why i reject identifying migration and terrorism. at the same time we must enforce the borders. today people are risking their lives to flee. when they travel between turkey and greece. turkey, therefore, plays an important role and it is together with turkey we've must find a way for them to stay close to the country of origin. and we have to make sure the required controls and checks are implemented at the border.
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thursday i'll be traveling to moscow to meet with vladimir putin and i'll tell him france will work together with russia if they concentration that it military action against dash and isil and if russia fully commits to a political solution in syria. this ways we want to do. we want to gather all countries, all those who are willing to find political solution in syria. we don't want to exclude anyone. we want to make sure that the political solution can eradicate terrorism. lastly, next week, that is on monday, we'll be hosting in paris the climate conference. i certainly could not imagine that this conference would be
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taking place against such background. at the same time there cannot be any better i am tbol or response but to hold the ton conference in paris where the attacks took place, where we introduce the right measures in terms of security protections as well as defending our values. there noise great symbol than holding this conference on climate in paris. never before did france host so many leaders of the international community. they are coming to talk about the climate challenge and work to find the right agreement so we can limit greenhouse gas
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emissions and make sure our children and grand children live bert or simply can live. but they are also coming to express their support to freedom to be with the fight against extremism. that radical islam [inaudible] all of them are coming no matter their background. no matter their religion, their convictions, to express the same principle, the same value with the same words, life. yes, simply life. and it's the reason why i'm so pleased at president obama will allow us to succeed. i commend his recent statement
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the past two weeks and months, by also commend the commitment he made in the name of the united states as well as the world it was very important that one of the most powerful countries in the world is not -- with the highest level of emissions, could also be there to face the future like we have been facing in history. what we will be doing early next week in paris means that we can continue to live as well as protect our life and prepare that all children. france and the united states given their history, and the values, the family values of both our nations, given our spirit. we both have that duty to act as
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a matter of urgency. urgency against terrorism and against dash. and to prepare for the future. against that background, even thought it's a dire one, i'm pleased to be:barack obama to send that -- to be with barack obama to send that message to the world. >> this is a question for both of you. ways your reaction to turkey shooting down a russian plane today, and does this draw may to into a confrontation with russia? how do you keep this from spiraling out of control. president obama, what does this incident mean for future prospects of military coordination with russia and president hollande, ahead of your trip to moscow thursday, what are the prospects for closer military coordination with russia given up what happened today?
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>> we are still getting the details of what happened. and i expect to be in communication potentially directly with president erdogan sometime over the next several days. turkey like every country has a right to defend its territory and its air space. i think it many very important now for to us make sure that both russians and the turks are talking to each other, find out exactly what happened. and take measures to discourage any kind of escalation. i do think that this point to a ongoing problem with the russian operations. in the very close to a turkish bored, and they are going after moderate opposition that are
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supported by not only turkey, but a wide range of countries. if russia is directing its energies toward dash and isil, some of those conflicts or potentials for mistakes or escalation are less likely to occur. i also think this underscores the importance of us making sure we move this political track forward as quickly as possible. like president hollande. our view from the start has been russia is welcome to be part of this broad-based coalition we set up. there has never been in point in time which we said we don't want russia ore other countries that may have differences with us on a host other things to avoid working with us against isil.
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the challenge has been russia's focus on propping up assad rather than focusing on isil. i had a conversation with president putin in turkey indicated to him at the time to the extent they make that strategic shift, focus on the vienna process where they have been construct to bring the parties together, try to execute a political transition, that all party would agree to. and refocus attention on going after isil. and there is enormous capacity for us to cooperate. until that happens, it's very difficult. it's difficult because if their priority is attacking the moderate opposition that might be future members of an inclusive syrian government, russia is not going to get the support of us or a range of
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other members of the coalition. but i do think there is the possibility of cooperation, the sooner we agree to this political process the west likely -- the less likely you have the kinds of events that took place apparently today. >> [translator] the information to nato so we can find out what happened and whether you are kim air space was entered into. but we must prevent an
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escalation that would be damaging. the only ways to fight against terrorism and dash. we, turkey, russia, and what just took place means that we must find a solution to the syrian conflict. because we can see what the risks are otherwise. the risk of escalation. therefore i will be traveling to russia this week because we have this resolution of the security council and it does show we must take action against dash, against terrorism. that rest resolution has been voted unanimously in a way of a responsible coalition.
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then i will ask president putin, and way told the russians a number of times already, that the strikes must be against dash. against terrorism. and those who precisely are threatening us, they are threatening the russians. like france that was targeted the past few days. we'll coordinate ourselves. cooperate, but on that basis make sure we are all accounting against dash. it is one that must lead to the solution. and we know what the deed of the solution are or are not. we know there is a deadlock today.
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the aircraft carrier in the mediterranean. with $russian forces. and agree with vladimir putin so we can share our information and we'll continue to do so. >> [translator] >> beyond the word and beyond ways happening, will you send pegs forces to syria with ground intervention there? mr. president, beyond emotion we can see here and beyond beautiful statement for more than a year we heard all of you
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saying that a political condition is necessary in syria. can you say or give us a specific date or deadline for assad to go? >> i have the translation. you said president. we have two presidents. >> [translator] i will not provide you with a date. it may be as soon as possible. that is one of the requirements for a solution to assad. but at the same time allow me to under line something. there is a new mindset now.
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the crisis has been ongoing for four years. there are probably more than 300,000 dead. this is not just relevant to the countries of the region which are hosting the refugees it's relevant to europe and the entire world now without issue of refugees. and those who believe that you can wait some more and that in any case was far away, they realize that we have an influx of refugees that the terrorists, the risk is everywhere with dash. we therefore must act. you also asked me what we were going to do, what more. we'll have more specific tarring
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tote make sure that dash resources are cut off. including their command centers, the trucksarying oil, the training centers where they prepare for attacks. we'll continue. and we'll strike at the heart of the cities which are held by dash currently. france will not intervene militarily on the ground. it's up for the local supporters to do so. behave been supporting them for -- we have been supporting them for a number of months and they will do the job on the ground after we -- after our strike that will enable them to do so.
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>> let me make a couple broader comment about the operations against isil. as was indicated. we have taken thousands of strikes, taken thousands of isil fighters including top commanders and leaders off the battlefield. we have squeezed their supply lines, we empowered and armed local groups that are pushing against them, including most recently in sinjar. we are pro righting training and -- we are providing training and assistance to the iraqi government as they prepare to retake places like ramadi that have been overrun. we have seen some success, but the question now is how can we accelerate. even before the tragedy in paris i gathered together my national security forces.
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it had been a year, to review where we made progress and what worked and what did not. we put together in advance a way to accelerate the pressure on isil. we planned to execute on those plans but as francois said there may be new openness on the part of coalition members to provide additional assistance to the coalition as a whole and local forces on the ground. with respect to mr. assad i think we have to let the vienna process play itself out. it's our best opportunity. so the notion there would be an immediate date in advance of us getting a broad agreement on that political process and the details i think doesn't make sense.
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as soon as we have a framework for political transition, potentially a new constitution, elects, i think it' in that context we can start looking at mr. assad choosing not to run and potentially seeing a new syria emerge. but it will be hard. and we should not be under any illusions. syria has broken down. it began to break down at the moment mr. assad started killing indiscriminately his own people. isil was able to move into raqqa in part because of a thorough reject on the part of many syrians of the outside -- of the assad regime and a power vacuum emerged.
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it will be a difficult, long methodical process to bring back together various factions within syria to maintain a syrian state and institutions and create the stability that allows people to come back in and start rebuilding their lives. but it's possible. the urgency we have seen even before paris out of countries like russia indicate they recognize they can't be there too long and ultimately waging a military battle successfully. >> thank you, mr. president. could you tell us whether the russian plane did in fact breach turkish air space and and how
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concerned are you there might and military component if not in turkey, but expanded action against coalition interests inside syria. >> [translator] with military intelligence how many months or weeks aco-could have prevented the terror attacks in paris? >> we don't have all the information yet. we'll gather all that information. we expect the turks to provide information. i'm sure the russians will have information and we'll be able to confirm what happened in part through our own intelligence and our own track of that border area. as fron -- as francois indicatey top priority will be to insure this does not escalate.
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and hopefully this is a moment in which all party can step back and make a determination as to how their interest are best served. the rugs had -- russians had self hundred of their own killed by isil. and the flow of foreign fighter out of russian areas into syria poses an enormous long-term threat to russian territory. so there i a potential convergence of interest between the various parties. it requires us working with them to make the kind of strategic shift that's necessary, and i have talked to putin about for five years. it requires the recognition the existing structure dos cannot
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stop the war. let me say one thing because i tracked the questions you posed to president hollande about what could or would could not have been prevented. all of our intelligence personnel near the united states, across the atlantic, worwork tirelessly to disrupt ps and prevent a terrorist attacks. the vast majority of their successes in disrupting plots are not advertised. you never hear about them. but we are not for the dedication of those intelligence and law enforcement and military professionals, it would be a
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much more dangerous world. you have to be careful with coulda and woulda in situations like this. you have to look at individual with light weapons. that am hard thing to track. what is true, though, we can do a better job coordinating between countries. and i have been talking to our our mean partners for quite some time about the need for bert intelligence sharing, passenger name record, working to insure that when people enter into europe, particularly now, that the information across various borders is shared on a timely basis and you have wife oh metric information and other
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technologies that can make it more accurate. it doesn't mean it's always going to be 100% foolproof, but we can be bert on those front. one of the challenges has been frankly in the peace several years that you have different legal traditions, concerns about privacy and civil liberties all of which are entirely legitimate. i don't think those can be ignored now. because that's part -- those are part of the values that make us who we are, and that we have to adhere to. but i do think that this is a reminder that this is a dangerous world. and rooting out small band of terrorist groups who maintain good operational security using modern technologies in ways that
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are hard to track, that's a tough job. we are all going have to pool me effectively together than we have in the past. and i think when francois goes back to europe, his leadership, the leadership of other presidents and prime ministers around this issue is going to be as important as anything that we do. >> [translator] allow me to come back to dash. it's somehow an organization, a terrorist group occupying a territory in iraq and syria, killing and they want to enforce
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rules that dishonor humanity. this is what dash is doing there. and this is what they are trying to do in other countries everywhere. and we have to deal with a number of networks, more organized in a number of countries being used to lead terror attacks like precisely in paris. we know that the dreadful plan was prepared in syria, and then organized in a number of countries and some of the
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french, those who committed the acts of war. if we want to tackle terrorism, we must act not only to destroy dash where they are in syria, in iraq. but we must also dismantle and destroy their network. how can we proceed? first of all, militarily by intensifying our strikes, by taking back these territories, thanks to the local forces on the ground in which we can support by finding a political solution in syria and making sure that the territorial integrity of iraq is held. this ways we can do. when it comes to protective measures to protect our territory and our people, this is what i'm announce from and
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this ways we have to eradicate these networks and these accomplices. some of them just arrived. others have been there for a long time. and they are not necessarily [inaudible] it is therefore necessary that we strengthen first on cooperation in terms of intelligence. the attacks generated a lot of emotion, but that's not enough. compassion, solidarity, i take note of it, but we must act. and for a number of days now i have been trying convince, convincing all the countries that can act to do so. i met with david cameron yesterday. he announced he would take a number of measures to his
9:54 am
parliament. that is important. today i'm here with barack so we can act with great intensity as well. tomorrow i will be hosting german chancellor angela merkel so european countries including germany can face up to their responsibilities including in terms of military intelligence and police cooperation and maybe more. and we'll travel to moscow so that russia can take action against dash. and then i will meet with the head of the italian government, and we also have the ability to talk to all the european
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leaders, a council with turkey will be held sunday. it's with all of that that we get together and enable us to coordinate, cooperation, so that we can act on dash and a network we can use. it's that strength that will enable us to succeed. >> [translator] you have talked about coordination and cooperation against dash. you mentioned president hollande it's incon receivable to have the russians and americans wowrngd a single command. and bashar al-assad you said you could not put a date on his departure. meaning it's not a prere question sit for the future of syria.
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-- is not a prerequisite for syria. >> i believe that was approved by all of the security council, that resolution. tone able to us say now the entire world is committed to fighting against dash. then -- and this is what i will check when i travel to moscow. we need one single goal. that is to tackle terrorism and fight against dash. militarily. and i believe that we can have some cooperation and coordination militarily. at the same time we have to be clear when it comes to the political solution. one that will allow us like we said, bashar al-assad cannot be the future of syria.
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in vienna we -- the countries do not have the same sense, the turkey, united states, france, the gulf countries, all of those who are look find a solution, we must work on that transition. where bashar al-assad plaifs no role. -- where bashar al-assad plays no role. he's the problem so he cannot be the solution. >> we have got a coalition of 65 countries. who have been active in pushing back against isil for quite some time. france has been a central part of that coalition. as have the european countries,
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arab countries, countries as far-flung as australia and countries in southeast asia are part of that coalition. russia right now is a coalition of two. iran and russia supporting assad. given russia's military capabilities and given the influence they have on the assad regime, them cooperating would be enormously helpful in bringing about the resolution of the civil war in sir jar and allow to us refocus our attention on isil. but i think it's important to remember that we have a global coalition organized. russia is the outlier.
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we've hope that they refocus their attention on what is the most substantial threat. and that they serve as a constructive partner. and if and when they do, it will make it easier for to us go after isil and dash. though i think it's also important to recognize that because of airstrikes they are carrying out just like the kind of airstrikes we are carrying out in and of themselves are not sufficient. the work we do to bolster local fighting forces, the cutting off of supply lines, financing, oil, reducing the flow of foreign fighters, the intelligence work that needs to be done. all that its something that we are doing now, and that they can supplement.
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but that's going to be a process that involves hard, methodical work. it won't something that happened just because suddenly we take a few more air strikes.


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