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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 24, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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but that's going to be a process that involves hard, methodical work. it won't something that happened just because suddenly we take a few more air strikes.
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president hollande appealing for help. welcome to this edition of "happening now", i am jon scott. >> french president hollande meeting with the president and
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both addressing the need for u.s. and france to remain united. >> we dedicate ourselves to the same ideals of deserving life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. france is our oldest ally. you helped us to win our independence. we helped to liberate france from facism. we are a freedom to each other. >> we have fox news conference on a busy day around the world. and new details in the paris attacks and the fate of two russian pilots shot down bite turkish board. jim? >> reporter: martha, good afternoon. we conclude the joint new's conference between president obama and president hollande of france. they made a show of solidarity. it was not clear how much joint cooperation there would be. they spoke of the need of strengthen intelligence sharing
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operations. the french president said his country undertook the sixth strike inside of raqqi since the attacks. and the president spoke with passion and reciting the words on the stat ue of liberty of taking in the need for more siriage refugees and they draesdz the shocking news. turkish fighter jet shot down a russia fighter jet inside of the turkish air space. we are waiting for the facts. but the president the told vladimar putin in a message. i told you so. what happened with the fighter represents as the president puts a problem with the ongoing campaign by the russians in the syrian theater. do we have that sound?
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>> they are operating close to a turkish border and going after moderate opposition that are supported not only but turkey but a wide range of countries. and if russia directing their energies toward that and isil. some of the mistakes and escalation are less likely to occur. >> reporter: one of the notable features is the proximity to the meeting that will take place in moscow between french president and vladimar putin. president obama said mr. hollande that russia is not targeting isis enough. it is targeting the moderate opposition that is targeting president assad of syria and
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here's how the french president hollande will discuss terms in moscow with president putin. the strikes must be dispatched against the terrorist and those who are threatening us. they are threatening the russians like ourselves in europe. like france, that was targeted over the past few days. we must coordinate and cooperate but on that basis. >> reporter: both leaders made it clear they will not be sending large scale troop deployments to the syrian theater. >> we have breaking news on the investigation of the terrorist attack. brussels authorities charged a fifth suspect in the attacks and it is a virtual attack.
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>> reporter: hi, jenna. every day that goes on the tension rises. the government is under enormous pressure to find and end the isis in the city. tension continues to rise and the city is under lock down and the manhunt continues here and enter into the fourth day. security level is at level four. that suggest an imminent attack. the prime minister announced schools and subways will open tomorrow and the threat level will remain until monday p. the raids on sunday yielded little. two of the 21 people have been charged. thus an arrest warrant released for one more person. mohammed a bremmi. he was seen with the others two
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days after the attacks. he was driving the vehicle that was carrying the terrorist. here in brussels, the city is a ghost town. people tell me this simply can't continue and the economy is starting to hurt. and tourist are cancelling trips and people are afraid. this suggested that the current response to the threat is little more than pr, the government tries to show it has things under control. and some residents are starting to question if the government has intelligence at all. police are looking all around the country and not only the city and added security to the border. the belgium border is heavy with security. some suggested he was seen in the eastern parts of belgium but that is just one of many locations. here on the streets of brussels.
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things are tense and wondering why more is not done. then days after the attack he's still at large and threat level is high and fear factor is riding high, jenna. >> that is a story we are continuing to watch, thank you. so as the world looks to the american president for leadership we'll talk about those wanting to succeed. donald trump has a new rival in iowa. cruz has 23 to tump's 25 percent. as ben carson who once led the field slips in third place. cruz has doubled support over the past month. he was polling at ten percent in october. let's talk about it with daniel
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heninger. and carren. national correspondent for the washington post. welcome to both of you. karren to you first, what explains the cruz surge in iowa? >> i think it is explained best by ben carson's decline. the key vote in iowa pretty much has been evangel iical christians. ted cruz has worked that slice of the electorate hard and they have a natural candidate in ben carson and increasingy questions of whether carson can go the distance. >> is it something that he did that caused the slide in third place. >> some of his answers on national security has risen in the public's list of concerns. it's sort of becoming clear that ben carson does not have the
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experience and the depth on a lot of things that are now coming up and being questioned about. >> so the attacks in paris are playing in the thinking of voters as we prepare for an election a year away? >> voters are focused on this subject right now and details and that helps ted cruz a lot. and it may help him competing against donald trump as we go forward to that caucus in early february. ted cruz is extraordinarily articulate and talks in deep substance on something like national security and where as donald trump's appeal is more of a stylist, he doesn't talk in straightforward detail or policy detail about something like the war on terror and ted cruz is within with the majorin of
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error. and he could conceivably be ahead of donald trump in iowa. it looks like they are competing for winning the iowa caucuses. >> what about jeb bush, karren? >> if he has a moment to resurrect the campaign that is all about him, it has to come quickly. >> i think iowa was never going to be be his state. he is putting a lot on new hampshire which is a natural constitiency for him. he can't do too badly in iowa. but as big as the field si do think ted cruz and donald trump are better positioned. >> trump has been on the top of the field since he jumped in the race much of surprise. people have had him in his their living rooms and front pages for decades now. does he still have room to go
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up, or is it possible that some of the others are going to push him to the side? >> that is an excellent question. he's been around 25 percent p. there is an argument and i find credence that that is his ceiling. he never pushed over 30 percent. and i think that in iowa, it is entirely possible that ted cruz can start to eat in to his popularity in a place like iowa it is interesting to me in the poll, he didn't poll that strongly with the conservative people. but moderates and even liberals, trump's candicy is style and people like. this but as we get to policy and things like the war on terror, he may have trouble sustaining that lead. >> daniel, and ka ren, thank you
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, both. >> more leaders are expressing concern about the downing of a fighter jet. turkey claims that russia ignored warnings to leave and radar data appears to back up those claims. marco rubio in the first hour of "happening now" said we must stand by our turkish allies. >> this is a critical moment. they are making the argument that nato is no longer viable and a feckless a liiance. it is important to be clear. we'll respond and defend turkey. and then otherwise the entire nato alliance. >> vladimar putin said there will be consequences and we'll have a live report later this
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>> following a series of brussels. and a suspect in the paris attacks are still at large. and a new clue is uncovered. french found a suicide vest that may have been linked to the attacks. walid, nice to have you here. you advised european parliament on the issues of terrorism. can you take a step back. two weeks ago. there was no state of alert in belgium alert and going 0 to 100 is unprecedented. what do you make of belgium. >> it is an issue that deals
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with the european center of france and belgium. i have brief members and agencies. and let me put it in color. red is the color of the cell that has conducted the attack in paris and they are looking to find all perpetrators, and many supportives. that is orange on. if the color of the other cells and potential jihaddist and weapons and trained and now dispersed both in paris and french other cities and also in belgium yellow would those radical and indoctorinated and could fight western governments if if the cells were to make sure the fores come in. and see the deployment in paris and most in brussels, we may see in other cities is not going after the jihaddist but send the message to the radical that we control the city and many in the
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public that are concerned in paris and what happened in other cities in europe. if you look at priorities of how to provide safety in european cities and otherwise, number one note about the home grown terror threat, the nationals, the french nationals and belgian nationals that rallied to the cause or go after isis, that is the catalyst to move the jihadis forward. >> let me give you my take. i think jihaddist inserted in europe can go on even if we take mosul and raqqa. they have to take them. the isis in the middle east has to be taken out. it is not the end of the reign of the machine. and europeans, that they have
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attacks. one in the lavont in middle east and africa and takedown their cells alive and well in europe. >> how hard is it to do that? the state of belgiam is not sustainable. >> i know what it is well. the issue and people live nothing those cities never have seen the urban warfare and the government is trying to fight it with the deployments and not fight it in suburbs and downtowns and cause havoc as happen in paris. it is a choice. >> we just had marco rubio talk about how to solve the issue of terrorism. this is what he said. this is part of the solution. >> isis is defeated and that is made of sunni muslim and retake the territory, but they will
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require air sppt is special operations support united states and allies from france and others. >> what do you think of that? >> that was my talking points and i am see happy the senator mentioned them now and his voice could be heard as well. but there is an issue here. for us to understand what block that. put air against saddam hussein and to have an coalition is needing american leadership. arabs said united states doesn't want them to do. and because of iran we are not allowing the arabs to move in. >> interesting as also need for strong leadership. and great to have you on the program. thank you very much.
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>> thank you. >> americans are warned to stay alert over the holidays and new details on the worldwide travel warning that the state department put in place until now until the end of february. you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> the state department issuing a worldwide alert. that doesn't instruct americans to avoid travel but exercise vigilance. all of this as increased terror threats around the world. we'll tell them how it is applied, laura? >> hi, jenna, the state department only issued this kind of warnings six times in four and half years. still in jfk international airport in new york travellers are arriving and departing on
10:26 am
the scheduled flights of the year. and terror groups worldwide including isis continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple region and could use conventional and not conventional weapons. travellers we spoke to said they would not live in fear and have to go on with their lives. >> americans are ready for the situation right now. >> when the plane took off. i said hail maecurity was good. but it is always in the back of your mind. >> i tell my family to make sure you are aware of the surroundings and do the best you can to be safe. >> tsa warned travellers to have extra time and note that the agencies have multiple layers. and jay johnson said it is important to note they don't
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have credible or evidence. and they want the public to know that we are vigilant and do the same. the state department encouraging that they have a smart travel enrollment and that will attract them. and we'll have the address for you on step to stay connected. >> the fight against terrorism is a major focus of the presidential race. and we'll look what the voters are looking for. plus, a russian war plane shot down by turkish forces. the latest of the fate of the pilots on the ground as an emergency nato meeting is underway. same laugh. and since she's had moderate alzheimer's disease, i've discovered we have the same fighting spirit, too. that's why i asked her doctor about
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[ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >> we have brand new information on the paris delligration. belgian authorities issuing an arrest warrant for a man in the paris attacks. >> reporter: we'll get to that in a moment. first interesting information coming out in the last half-hour from the paris prosecutor. he gives us a much fuller understanding in the night of terror november 13th here in paris. we'll go through it now. he confirms that the mastermind.
10:32 am
abaaoud had blood on his shorthand hands he cut through dozens of young people as they sat in cafes and this is brand new. in a macob twist he returned to check out his handywork and check out the carnage and confirmed the first time there was a attack planned september 18th on the area of paris that is the wall street area of paris outside where the skyscrapers and that would have had a major impact and that was thwarted and they confirm a 10th man directly involved in these terror attacks and seen in a subway station surveillance camera. and thought he was the dead man in the apartment building last week after the raid.
10:33 am
as for the fugitive still sought, the prosecutor confirms he was the chaeuphuer for the three suicide bombers that terrorized the people in the soccer and he throve through paris and did not detonate that. it was found on the out skirts of paris and drove on to belgium. belgium authorities are coming out with another suspect, this man mohammed a brenany was seen in france with abaaoud and a direct member of the team. i want to make a note of the overall nationwide effort since the attacks. the interior minister said 1200 anti- terror raids were
10:34 am
conducted and 165 people arrested and 230 weapons were seized and a final note. this is what it is all about, unbelievably from the attacks there are 161 people still in the hospital being treated for a variety of injuries and there are 26 people still struggling for their lives in intensive care units across the city. >> important to remember that, greg, thank you. u.s. military officials and nato confirm a russian war plane entered turkish air space before the turks shot it down. nato holding an emergency meeting. and turkey claps that russian pilots failed to leave. vladimar putin expressing outrage and calling it a stab in the back and warning of significant consequences.
10:35 am
>> conner powell has more. >> reporter: jon, it is a what they are worried about. many are operating around syria will it raise hostilities between turkey and russia going forward? a russian pilot is missing and another dead after their jet was shot down. syrian rebels killed one pilot. and radar information confirms that turkey's plan that the russian plane flew in the territory is correct and they ignored the warnings to leave the air space. a helicopter was shot down by rebels. moscow said one of those pilots are dead. russia supports syrian president assad and launched air strikes against the rebels and ignoring
10:36 am
isis. turkey supports most of the rebels and wants to see the removal of assad. what you have here, you have multiple countries fighting and operating around syria with different goals. u.s. and europe want to see assad and isis out. arab department does care about isis they see them as an ally and russia supports assad and doesn't care all that much about isis these days although they are launching air strikes against isis in recent days. the problem is that you have a lot of countries with a lot of different interest and goals and concern is today's incident is one of many more possible incident with the countries operating there. >> adding to a lot of confusion in that part of the world. thank you. >> the paris terror attacks
10:37 am
putting foreign policy in the front. president obama is facing criticism. voters are looking at what qualities to consider when choosing the next leader. cliff may broet about this in the washington times saying that the next commander in chief needs to resume the leadership. the alternative is to forget paris and let the cancer methe at that timeicize for another generation. our children and grandchildren will be live nothing a very different world from the one our parents bequeathed to us. it is nice to have you back, cliff. it was a pleasure to read the editorial during the immense breaking news, where is american leadership and what do we do about the threat. what dew put on the top of the list? >> i think it is time that
10:38 am
national security be in the top of the list for all candidates. it is easy for the republican candidates and if hillary clinton believes as does president obama, that the greatest threat to the world today is global warming, i think people think under her, our carbon foot print will shrink but isis foot print will expand. it will be in places like sinai and lebanon and cameroon and nigeria and israel, we are seeing terrorism spread. we should know by now and any presidential candidate should know when president obama said the tide of war is receeding he was wrong. it is rising. it is not enough to say we are going to counter violent extremism. american leadership is necessary if we push back the jihaddist
10:39 am
threat. >> should we be looking for when we interviewing them. i am not only. but we are doing that as voters. one thing the president said, there is no military solution to the issue. what do you think about that? >> there is no purely military solution, but there is no solution that doesn't have a military component to it. if this is the highest priority of the next president. that means all parts of the government need to work together saying this is what we'll do. we'll defeat jihaddism. like the cold war, we had a war of ideas and economic warfare and strong military and couldn't be challenged and supported our proxies who are willing to fight on the grown. there is a military component and we have to understand that this is the highest priority of the u.s. government if we do this. certainly during world war ii president roosevelt and
10:40 am
churchhill understood that. they had to defeat the threat of naziism that was racial supremism. jihaddism is religious supremism. >> one of the things you talk about in the column. you look at the growth of jihaddist in the world, whether or not it is their grefances that is motivating the growth. that is part of the premise. and you look at this administration, they say close down gitmo. and that continues to be a point of conversation and argument for some side of the debate. what is or not the truth in that? >> yeah, sure they have grefances and this war is not about their specific grefances that can be addressed and that is part of what secretary ker can -- kerry. he said i don't understand it.
10:41 am
islamic state isis put out a statement in the paris. they were in paris because paris is the capitol of vice and prostitution and carries the cross. christian. that includes isis and al-qaeda and islamic republic of iran. they tell us what their motivation. we are refusing in our gfrt and universities what they say. they want a establishment of a new islamic empire and they want the glory and power of islam and they want america, the crusader and a liiance. they want us destroyed, in europe, america and israel. until we understand what they want and who they are and ideology, there is no way to put together a strategy to defeat them. >> interesting that we are still struggling in many circles to
10:42 am
understand the ideology. >> cliff, great to have you you on the program, look forward to having you back. >> thank you, jenna. just released disturbing video of the gun men in the shooting in northern. >> we'll call your mom for you. >> and coming up. we'll have more on the suspect's bizarre interaction with the suspect and his reaction in the moments following the shooting. >> and latest on the the suspects charged in the murder of a pastor's wife as her father and husband speak out in an emotional interview. >> she was sweetness in our home and what we loved about her, her sweet spirit. and her, her, she was a good kid all the way around. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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10:46 am
about the murder of a pastor's wife in a violent home invasion in indiana. two of the three suspects entered amanda's home on november 10th. they were looking for money and when one of them knocked her down and another shot her in the back of her head. her husband said he's trying not to be consumed with anger and hate. >> although we don't feel like forgiving. we feel like anger and rage and loneliness and confusion, we choose to forgive and it is a daily decision. we'll have to wake up every single day and face that decision over and over and over for the rest of our lives. >> talking about earthly justice now. a list wheel and eric guster a against attorney. we can put the photos on the
10:47 am
screen of the three men arrested. three arrests but two of them in connection with the case. the guy on the right. >> not charged yet. he did not go into the home. he was a great away driver. if i had the case right now, i would grab that guy up and say this is your golden ticket right now. you tell me what you know about what was going on and thought it was going o. you can tell us now and we'll live you a lesser and charge you with a lesser crime because you were not in the house. your knowledge is important to me but if you wait forget it. >> it is important to use that strategy. the police want to know who else did the crimes. there are burglaries in the neighborhood and unsolved cases in the neighborhood. and the police want to use that person and their knowledge. he could be charged with
10:48 am
conspiracy even if he didn't participate. and conspiracy is a broad charge if you are planning something and if you don't go through you can be criminally charged. >> and the murder and burglaries that went on. and the older department was convicted for six years in 20 scompleven let out on probation. and he was on probation when he did this. >> two of these guys were driving around in the car and had the woman's a tm card and trying to withdraw money and the 18-year-old taylor, larry joe taylor was back at the house with her. now police say she was sexual assaulted. we believe. >> they don't know that for sure. they have not confirmed. that when she was found, her top was up but they have not
10:49 am
confirmed she was sexual assaulted. but we don't know that. >> at any rate, two guys in the car had a discussion of driving off and leaving taylor in the house. and then a fourth person calls and said no, he's family, you got to pick him up. >> that is the dumbest thing a criminal can do. that person gets caught, they are going to tell what happened to you. but luckily they used the pings from the cell phone and they identify where you are and dna off of the sweat asker they havoused technology in different methods to catch them. >> still a death penalty case. >> and the life enhancement shows she was the fet us was viable. that is a legal question. >> thank you. jenna? >> it is becoming a crisis.
10:50 am
homeless population is growing and now the mayor of that city makes a stunning admission.
10:51 am
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10:53 am
>> i am gretchen carlsson. this is across the country concerning a similar terrorist style of attack. there is a new app to track. do people care about what donald trump said. don't miss my take on that in the top of the hour.
10:54 am
here is a rare thing. the mayor of new york admitting he mishandled the homeless program. thousands are sloping and pand handling in the streets. the mayor hopes to turn it a round. abi? >> hi, jon. we are two years in mayor deblasio's office. he now admits this is admittingn his biggest failure. >> i think i should have done a better job explaining that to people and showing all the effort that's being expended to address the problem. that's a mistake i won't make again. >> reporter: this comes days after the mayor announced the 2.6 billion project to create more housing units. even the mayor's own police
10:55 am
commissioner is calling him out for waiting too long to address the crisis. >> i think a mistake that the administration made early on was not if you will validating what we're all seeing, the problem was increasing. >> reporter: homelessness jumped about 12% in the early two years since he's taken office. >> i honestly feel it's not being paid attention to. >> i'd like know what mayor is doing. i feel like for a long while they had the situation somewhat under control. clearly something has been cut. some resources have been pushed back. >> it was better for a long while and now it's getting worse. >> reporter: some experts warn we shouldn't play the blame game yet. >> it's much too early to say that he's in trouble.
10:56 am
>> reporter: he's opening up 500 new safe havens in places of r worship as the weather is getting cold. >> thanks. police in arizona erratic body came video following a deadly shooting on the campus of northern arizona university. >> turn around. on the ground. on ground. >> go help him. >> do not move. do not move. >> go help him. >> one person was killed the three others hurt in the shooting outside a dorm. 18-year-old freshman stephen jones admitting he was the shooter. jones is charged with first-degree murder. he's pleading not guilty
10:57 am
claiming self-defense. rumor has it adele, the singer is on top. up next, how the pop sensation is setting the record books on fire. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts?
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>> thanks for joining us everybody. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. we've got a lot of nations on edge after turkey shoots down a russian fighter jet near the sir januayrian border. turkey says the aircraft ignored several russians. russia insists the plane stayed over syria. it's the first time a nato member has downed a russian plane in half a century. president obama standing by our nato ally. >> turkey, like everybody country, has a right to defend its territory and air space. i think it's very important right now for us to make


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