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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> thanks for joining us everybody. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. we've got a lot of nations on edge after turkey shoots down a russian fighter jet near the sir januayrian border. turkey says the aircraft ignored several russians. russia insists the plane stayed over syria. it's the first time a nato member has downed a russian plane in half a century. president obama standing by our nato ally. >> turkey, like everybody country, has a right to defend its territory and air space. i think it's very important right now for us to make sure that both the russians and the
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turks are talking to each other and find out exactly what happened and take measures to discourage any kind of escalation. >> russian president putin taking a very different tone. >> naturally our military purr seeing a heroic battle against terrorism sacrificing themselves and their lives. today's loss for us was like stab in the back delivered by the accomplices of terrorists. >> national security correspondent live for us at the pentagon. do we know for sure that the russian war plane violated turkish air space. >> u.s. defense sources tell me that the actual radar tracks validate turkish claims. u.s. pilots heard the multiple warnings to the russian pilots on the guard frequency. that's mandatory radio frequency that's in all aircraft.
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s >> we were able to hear everything going on. i'm sure there's other who is heard it all as well. >> the turks said they issued ten warnings in a matter of five minutes. military source who is i spoke to minutes after the plane went down, said two turkish f-16s were involved. one fired a heat seeking missile. what complicates matters is the plane wreckage is in syrian territory. that, according to u.s. officials. the violation took place along the turkish province of hatay. a piece of land that was annexed in 1939. it's an area where the assad family once own land. syria has never recognized turk irk claims. it's doubtful that the russians didn't know they were in turkish air space. the international is to sta
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12.5 nautical miles away from another country's air space border. >> what do we know about the status of the pilots in that jet? >> two parachutes could be seen as the russian pilots ejected from the plane after it was hit. they believe the two russian pilots may still be alive. said they are negotiating with syrian rebel forces with the free syrian army for their return. a group put out the video after the attack that appeared to show one of the pilots was dead claim to have shot them as their parachutes descended. this is not the first time the turks have shot down a plane that sprayed into its air space. nato has called an emergency
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meeting. >> who do we make of this? it's high stake, is it not? >> it is. i think the turks made a very bad mistake and poor judgment. i looked at that radar track. they were probably in turk irk territory anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds. if i estimate the airport looking at that photo is probably hot down about 450 or 500 naughts. it's a very small tip. i think for such a trivial amount that's poor judgment. >> the turkish army said they warned the jet ten times this five minutes to leave that
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territory. >> yes. they probably did. if you look at the radar track, it has it heading towards that little tip that was turk irk territory. they were just warning they were getting close. even if they were warning, i was a norad commander in alaska and had the most number of penetrations into our air defense identification zone. we would never do anything like that. this airplane was not making any maneuvers to attack the territory. it was probably pressing the limits. that's fair. you don't shoot them down just because of that. >> it's so fascinating because the president said we support our nato ally. according to the fact that they are a nato ally, nato would be obligated to side with turkey, right?
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>> he did say he departments want it to escalate. i think they've given the signal to france on the perisan attacks. >> what about any kind of intentional provocation by the russians to try to escalate something here? >> i think the intentional provocation may have been by turkey's president. turkey used to be a very secular nation. he's driven it towards, away from secularism to an islamic society. i think he may have a hidden agenda. probably wouldn't mind seeing russia and nato get into another conflict like we hadded in the
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ukraine and take the light of what's going there. i don't really trust him and what he's doing. i think we have to be very, very kashs on this. i think it was an overly aggressive maneuver and we would not use these kind of rules of engagement. that had to be pre-planned. >> i started sper viinterview bg the stakes are high and you confirmed that. president putin can track military operations around the world including air strikes in syria. it spread out on three big levels allowing analysts to monitor and coordinate military action including air base operation, ballistic missile launches and strategic nuclear deployment. the feds now on the lessons learns from the paris terror
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attacks. the nypd beefing up efforts to protect us in case of a paris style attack. this comes a the state department issues a worldwide travel alert ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. peter, what other details are we getting from this bulletin? >> it's nine pages that reveal a lot about what the fbi and dhs are looking for. they have told officers in cities big and small and 18,000 law enforcement agencies to prepare for a potential paris-style attack but on a much smaller scale. the feds don't want the first responding officers wasting any time con fronting a gunman or
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gunmen. a lesson they say they learned from paris. it's just that the longer officers wait, the more people get hurt or the more people get killed. moving quickly in that kind of an active shooter situation is a change in strategy. it's a new strategy for this new threat, new enemy. >> i think the reports are coming in now from intelligence they waited as long as 35 minutes to go in. what is the state department trying to warn americans abroad about now? >> holiday events, holiday festivals are areas of particular concern in this new state demt worldwide travel alert. that's not all. additional danger abroad could be on public transportation at large sporting vents inside theaters and open markets and aviation services. they've been targeted by terrorists before. they could become targets again for terrorists that have either returned home from iraq and
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syria or lone wol wov who is have con fired online. they say potential threats could involve conventional weapons or unconventional weapons. they are trying to repair everybody, everywhere for anything. >> quite frankly it doesn't happy that often. the last one came about a year ago in response to the deadly cafe hostage stand off in sydney a australia. to years earlier the state department feared worldwide anti-american violence for the killing of a senior al qaeda
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member. just a few months before that, the state department was concerned about revenge attacks after bin laden was killed in pakistan. we have a new report out about the clintons that could help bernie sanders. find out how much cash they collected from big financial companies by making paid speeches. donald trump faces growing backlash after he says one thing after the other to back it up. >> they have to be registered. we have to watch them because we just don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. we don't know if they're isis and we don't know if they have evil intentions.
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i want to tell you about a new report. the associate press finding that bill and hillary clinton have earned a combined $35 million from 164 paid speeches to final services, real estate and insurance companies. this happened since they left the white house in 2001. the long relationship has emerged as a key issue in the democratic race. donald trump is standing by his claim that muslims in new jersey were cheering as they watched the twin towers of the world trade center come crashing
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down on 9/11. >> when the world trade center came tumbling down, and i watched in jersey city, new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down, thousands of people were cheering. >> so, the washington toast reporting one week after the 9/11 attack this. law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate style parties on rooftops as they watched the devastation on the other side of the river. katrina pearson joins me again on the real toir. how do you respond to that? >> i think mr. trump is talking about what several other people were talking about that day. there was a article in the ap
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that talked about people celebrating. i'm not so sure why this is so farfetched. anderson cooper did a full hour on uncovering america radical islamic americans right here in the united states who still celebrate 9/11. i'm not sure where it's coming from. >> i think it may have been on a smaller scale. doesn't make it right. we get the feeling he's saying thousands of people were there and not backing down at all. does it matter to be completely fact factual about that? >> maybe it wasn't thousands. that's not what the media is reporting. the media is saying it did not happen. there's no proof.
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there's no evidence. donald trump is lying. the order of magnitude maybe in question but you can't tell somebody they didn't see what they saw. number one, but number two why is the media going out of its way to suppress radical islam in america. >> i want you to listen to an exchange. i'm sure you saw it live last night. sorry. that was ben carson who walked back his comment who said he saw it happening in new jersey. >> now we'll hear bill. >> you tweeted out that whites killed by blacks, these are statistics you picked up from somewhere at a rate of 81%. it's totally killed. whites killed by blacks is 15%. yet you tweeted it was 81%. >> bill, i didn't tweet. i retweeted somebody that was
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supposedly an expert and a radio show. >> why do you want to be in that zone? >> am i going to check every statistic. i get millions and millions of people -- >> you got to. >> all right. he's saying last night he didn't have time or can't change all the statistics or check them all. i think o' riley's point is do you need to. you would say what? >> i would say probably not. >> mr. trump could tweet out a dozen white roses to his wife and the media could wall that racist. they try to paint him as racist no matter what. >> wouldn't it be better for him if he didn't get into these controversies and talk about how he's going to make america great
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again. >> absolutely. i doubt he will tweet anymore statistics. >> thank you. safety of the u.s. border increasing concern. im talk to a military veteran who made it his new mission to control the arizona-mexico border. new presidential polls out evaluating the candidates level and types of experience. who do you think has the most experience in the 2016 race? tweet me at gretchen carlson. let me know if you think experience matters this time around. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing.
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welcome back. a chicago police officer charged with murdering a black teen who police say was carrying a knife. the white officer accused of pulling the trigger on 17-year-old for 16 times. the whole incident caught on video by dash cam. the first officer in the city to be charged with murder for a death in line of duty. mike, what is the bond for this officer? >> well, no bond for officer jason. that's until the judge can see this potentially inflammatory video. he's charged with first-degree murder facing the potential of 20 to life if convicted. he turned himself in at 7:30
11:25 am
a.m. he's a 14 year veteran of the force. he shot him 16 times. people have seen this dash cam video say what they saw there is an execution. his attorney said it was an officer fearing for his life. he deserves to be tried in court, not the street, not in the media. >> with respect to certain comments that have been made by politicians and politicians who have not seen the video, i believe my client's conduct has been described as hideous. i would state that those comments are irresponsible and certainly unfair and prejudicial to my client. >> reporter: the autopsy revealed he was on pcp the night he was shot. community activists out here father michael flager, very active in the troubles parts of chicago. he's calling for demonstrations during black friday shopping on
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chicago's magnificent mile. he does not want people disrupting shopping. >> thank you. we have breaking news right now on a hostage situation going on in belgium. we're going to have a live report from brussels coming up. they've been on serious lockdown because they've been fearing another attack. now they have a hostage situation. brand new information on the paris terror attacks. where the suspected mastermind may have been plotting another attack days later. could the paris attacks happen here? what the fbi is telling your local law enforcement to keep you safe.
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>> things the public will see and things the public will not see. all this will ensure that new york city has a safe and wonderful thanksgiving as we do every year.
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a hostage situation taking place in northern france near the belgium border. we're getting reports that shots have been fired and there are people wounded.
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benjamin, what are you learning over there? >> reporter: this is just breaking in the last few minutes. we thought this threat may be over. now we're learning in the last few minutes hostages have been taken in a town in the northeast part of france. we know that hostages have been taken. shots have been fired. a number of people have been wounded. a doctor and haze family have been taken hostage. this is coming as a spries. the stand off at a gas station. just to tell you a bit about this town. we know it's a sort of working class industrial city. it was connected to al qaeda back in the '90s. there were some connections there. at the moment what we're hearing, hostage seen northeast france, a number of people shot.
11:32 am
security services, medical services on the scene and perhaps this terror threat. the terror attacks are ongoing. we're going to keep you updated. at the in a moment we know there are hostages and people on the scene. this city, this town on the belgium french border. a fluid situation. that's all we know at the moment. it's surprising. the focus has been here in brussels. we've been waiting for something to happen here. we're back struggling with these issues. >> or it could be two separate events. stand by.
11:33 am
thank you so mump. steve, is belgium making progress. ? i don't know now you were going to report has changed at all. >> certainly alarming news about an ongoing hostage situation in france just near the border with belgium in a small town be p the facts are just beginning to stream in. it's not clear yet whether there's a connection between this hostage taking. france and belgium have been on high alert. about concerns there would be a
11:34 am
paris style attack. what we're seeing is this ongoing hostage situation in a small town in france near the border with belgium. that's been the hot bed of activity where people have been crossing over. gunshots have been fired. there are people wounded. the hostages may include a bank manager and his family. is real question is, is there a connection to the paris terror attacks. something france and belgium has been waiting for. now we may be keying follow up to those attacks. >> i know that president of france was meeting with president obama today. they had this press conference at the white house. i'm wondering what was the other part of this master mind attack. you have new information on the fact they wanted to do more than what they did on november 13th. >> that's right. the paris killers of november 13th wanted to carry out an entire second attack in western paris in the business district.
11:35 am
the ring leader who returned to the scene of the crime. he returned to the theater where 90 people were killed while that hostage seize was under way. we keep finding out more details about the killers. one of those still on the loose. the man hunt in france and in belgium continues. really a shaky security situation. just yesterday they found an undetonated suicide bomber vest. now we have what could be a linked ongoing hostage situation. >> back to our top story. fbi and dhs joint bulletin to law enforcement where the feds warn that the terrorists quote this, could seek to rep my indicate the effects of the paris attack although on a smaller scale.
11:36 am
it's all pretty much bad news now. we have this breaking situation happening in belgium on or the fren mp border. now we have authorities saying, look x we better be prepared here for a similar paris attack. are we ready? >> absolutely. one of the things we're prepared for, take a look at new york, for example. you've got over a thousands police officers assigned here. now we have another 400 that are immediate response group. there's always a hundred police officers that are in special vehicles that are able to immediately respond to any call involving a shooter. once you start to have a shooting like in the theater in paris and france, you have to get in there quickly and kill
11:37 am
the terrorists. >> that's sfwresing because one of the naxs they are saying now, 2020 vision is always in hindsight but saying the swat team should have gone in there right away. they waited 35 minutes. that's when most of the deaths occurred. >> we learned a lot going back to columbine. we know when there's a situation and armed terrorists inside a location, they're the ones with the guns. unfortunately, most of the other people don't have weapons. in the united states we've been trained to move in quickly when ever a situation like this occurs. if you see something, post something, tell us about it. send us something.
11:38 am
we have it at other countries across our state and it's worked well. we really depend on people who have routines every day. if they see something unusual, that's a great resource for law enforcement. that's what this app is for. if you see something, this gives people way to just easily without calling the police, without con fronting someone to use their app and get the information into lay enforcement. >> how is it different in how we try to train people to keep every american safe, not just in new york new york city or l.a. or chicago. >> they have the same opportunities but in a different way. they have to communicate in their small towns.
11:39 am
they take their kids to school. they go to the dproes ri store. it's important for all of us. people will very aware of what they see and see something out of place, if they hear something, anything to report it. it's so important. >> thank you. >> thanks. president obama and french president met at the white house today. what did they achieve in their talks about how to defeat isis? plus, senator marco rubio leaking a new campaign ad called bartender. >> that was not the life he wanted for his children. he wanted all the dreams he once had for himself to come true for us. he wanted all the doors that closed for him to open for me. >> he's talking about his dad
11:40 am
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so simple. get the recipes at . good afternoon. mump more ahead on the fall out after the turkish military shot down a plane. the alliance will stand behind turkey against president putin. it's all now a lot more compl complica complicated. that's top of the hour. see you then. president obama saying the u.s. stands in solidarity with france. obama asked on whether intel failed in france and this is what he had to say. >> you have to be careful about
11:44 am
speculating abdome ining about could of and would have. it's hard. you have eight individuals with light weapons. that's a hard thing to track. what is true is that we can do a better job koords nating between countries. >> simon rosenburg is a former clinton adviser. great to see you today on a tuesday. it seems as if the united states is working in concert with france to try to take on isis. what was your take? >> france is leading the way. i saw the highlights of this. it's nice after a week and a half after the paris attacks with the president was abroad hammering and criticizing and
11:45 am
castigating republicans rather than focusing his ire on our energy -- ire and energy on our enemy. it seems like following france's leadership the president has got his eye on the ball a little more and trying to rally together and build a coalition. >> simon, i guess that you would probably agree with that. i did think it was also interesting that the president said next week they would be meeting in france. not talking about terrorism but climate change. >> on the issue that larry just discussed, i think it's clear to everybody that we have to do more. the question now and where the real debate in the u.s. will be is what do we do. both parties have ample experience of failing in the middle east and trying ambitious things that didn't work.
11:46 am
whatever we do, it has to last. how do we make sure that what we do now works? that's the real collage. >> it's totally separate plans as how to handle that. we have allegations that the white house down played reports that were coming from intelligence that isis was growing. >> you're right. i haven't heard that from the president. last i heard from him, isis wan contained. we do need to hear some real plans. the best ongs is the secretary of state who was the architect of much of this disaster. isis is in libya. it's the number two most powerful state right now.
11:47 am
>> my father to do behind a bar in the back of a room for all those years. behind that bar to behind this podium, that's the essence of the american dream. >> that will begin airing thursday in early voting states. does it pull you in, simon? >> it's a very good ad. that part of marco rubio's stump speech is always effective. we have to admit that. there's two questions beyond this. can rubio get beyond this ad in this opening line. is there more to him. can he be effective? does he feel like a president? that's what we'll see next. can the same party rallying behind donald trump going to be able to nominate a guy like marco rubio? there's been two strains on
11:48 am
this. this will be a big area we'll wait to see. >> i'm not going to let you get away with saying donald trump has been anti-immigrant. he's been in favor of enforcing our laws. you wish you had a marco rubio running for your party. >> i'm going to leave it at that. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. >> happy to you. time for my take. major movement in the latest poll out of iowa where the first republican showdown will happen in less than three months. trump still on top, 25%. check out number two. senator ted cruz skyrocketing up to 23%. dr. ben carson falling back to 18. rubio standing strong at 13. paul at 5. bush at 4. now it gets more interesting. breaking it down by the issues first up foreign policy.
11:49 am
cr cruz on top. rubio, 18. carson way down at 6%. what about the economy? trump back on top at a huge 49%. cruz next in line but way down. in iowa especially sharing a candidate's values, very important question. how the the candidates stack up. carson on top here. 84%. cruz, 74. rubio, 62. trump and bush tied at 52%. this poll seems to show one of the first drastic changes for two candidates, cruz and carson. it shows outsider or not, the gop race is far from over. you can always get my take on my facebook page, check out syrian refugees intercepted
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syrian refugees intercepted at the u.s. border raising fears now that terrorists could slip into the tidal wave of asylum seekers and eventually enter the united states. but not if my next guest can help it. he belongs to a group of volunteers patrolling the arizona border. he joins me now on the phone because he's on duty. tim, what is arizona border recon? >> arizona -- first off, thank you for having us. arizona border recon is a nongovernmental organization.
11:54 am
we're made up of about 90% former military and law enforcement who took an oath to defend the country, and the oath doesn't end when we get out. >> so you are on the arizona border. our perched on top of a hill right now. what are you doing to try and help border patrol agents in the event not only with illegal immigration but in the event some refugees may come across that may have terrorist ties? >> i send guys up to known cartel scout locations because they're working with the cartel, and we take over their scout locations. that way they cannot communicate the guys coming through on the ground, and then the most popular cartel trails i will set other teams along the trails in case they still try to push through. i have 16 people right now, and we have pretty much closed six miles of the border for the last seven days.
11:55 am
>> wow. so does the border patrol want your help? do they ask for your help? >> agents don't mind because they're stretched so thin. the higherups will put out their narrative of, we don't want anybody to do this. >> right. >> but i live down here, and i've been down here for five years. this is my backyard. so technically you can call me the neighborhood watch. >> okay. so some people have criticized you because they say your organization sounds like a militia. >> yeah. we vet everybody who comes through. they have to fill out an application. we check that. just like you're applying for a job. then after that they have to go through a background check and even once they're down here my seasoned guys, they're interspersed with them and we watch them constantly. >> so it's not a militia.
11:56 am
>> no. we're not a militia. we're not a 3% group. we don't advocate overthrowing the government. we're just another set of eyes and ears. >> we should mention you're armed but you're there on the ground right now doing a six-mile stretch. tim foley, thanks for your time. we have an alert now to tell you about because that hostage situation in northern france on the belgian border apparently not now linked to the paris attacks according to police sources. more on that when we return. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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welcome back do "the real story." the duo charged in killing amanda blackburn pleading not guilty. she was shot and later died from her injuries. the 18-year-old spd triggerman and his 21-year-old accomplice facing charges for breaking into the blackburns' homes and others' homes in that area also. here is one of those victims.
12:00 pm
>> that was their only convincing measurements, two of them for him not to take my life, is that i didn't wake up. >> investigates say the suspects stole that woman's car which they tracked down to find them. thanks for being part of "the real story." it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 11:00 p.m. in moscow where defense forces are demanding answers after a turkish war plane shot down a russian war plane right out of the sky. the turkish military claiming russian plane violated its air space. we'll show you the radar. also, amateur video apparently shows syrian rebels using a missile on a russian chopper. in france, investigators questioned a suspect linked to the terror attacks in paris while brussels remains under strict lockdown. as security forces hunt the fugitive salah abdelsalam and try to prevent him from carrying out an another attack. an extremely busy news day. let's


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