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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 24, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> that was their only convincing measurements, two of them for him not to take my life, is that i didn't wake up. >> investigates say the suspects stole that woman's car which they tracked down to find them. thanks for being part of "the real story." it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 11:00 p.m. in moscow where defense forces are demanding answers after a turkish war plane shot down a russian war plane right out of the sky. the turkish military claiming russian plane violated its air space. we'll show you the radar. also, amateur video apparently shows syrian rebels using a missile on a russian chopper. in france, investigators questioned a suspect linked to the terror attacks in paris while brussels remains under strict lockdown. as security forces hunt the fugitive salah abdelsalam and try to prevent him from carrying out an another attack. an extremely busy news day. let's get to it. >> announcer: now "shepard smith
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reporting" live from the fox news deck. the big picture here, everything is now more complicated, especially the proxy war under way in the midst of the syrian civil war and the fight against isis. president obama says the obvious. turkey has a right to defend its air space after turkish jets shot down a russian plane. turkish officials say the jet flew over turkey. president obama lz says if vladimir putin would just focus more on defeating the islamic state and less on trying to prop up the murderous dictator bashar al assad events like this would be less likely to happen. >> they are operating very close to a turkish border and they are going after moderate opposition that are supported by not only turkey but a wide range of countries. >> video shows the russian plane engulfed in flames, slamming into the ground in northern syria after a long, steep fall. just across turkey's border. you can also see two pilots parachuting to the ground as the smoke rises from the crash site.
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ethnic turks who live in syria and fight alongside the syrian rebels against assad say their forces shot the pilots as they descended. the turks also say one pilot was dead when he reached the ground. human rights activists say that jet crashed in the mountains in northern syria after turkish officials say it crossed over the ha te'i province in turkey. turkey's president says there were no islamic state fighters in that area. that's not what they're after, remember. turkish officials have released a radar image saying it proves it crossed into its air space. the blue area is the turkish war space. this that looks like the bottom of texas is where they say the crossover happened. see the orange line? that's it. a matter of seconds. they also say they repeatedly warned the pilots they were violating air space. vladimir putin is calling the shoot-down, though, a stab in the back that russia will not tolerate. >> translator: we of course will
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analyze in detail everything that has happened. and today's tragic event will have significant consequences for the relations between russia and turkey, too. >> well, t video purports to show syrian rebels today blowing up a russian helicopter after forcing it to make an emergency landing. fox news cannot confirm the video's authenticity. but we can get to jennifer griffin live at the pentagon on a complicated day. word the chopper may have been trying to rescue the russian pilots. >> that's right. we've learned from russian state media a russian marine was killed trying to rescue the downed pilots who parachuted out of the plane. the video you mentioned shows syrian rebels shooting a u.s.-made anti-tank missile at the russian helicopter as russian marines tried to rescue the pilots at the scene of the crash in northern syria. russia state news agency has also just confirmed that one of the russian pilots is dead following the crash, shep. >> do we know for sure that that
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russian war plane violated the air space? and if so, for how long? >> well, for a few seconds, we're told, they did cross into turkey. u.s. defense sources tell me that the actual radar track validate turkish claims. authorities released this map, the one you showed showing the path of the russian plane, u.s. pilots flying nearby i'm told heard the multiple warnings issued by the f-16 pilot totz russian pilots on the guard frequency. amanda tory radio frequency in all aircraft. >> we were able to hear everything that was going on. obviously these are on open channels. i'm sure there's others who heard it all as well. >> the turks say they issued ten warnings in a matter of five minutes. military sources whom i spoke to just minutes after the plane went down told me two turkish f-16s were involved, one fired an aim-9 side wiepder, a heat-seeking missile a weapon normally fired at close range.
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we've just learned, shep, russia has now deployed a missile cruiser off the syrian coast ordering it to destroy any target that poses a danger to its forces. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. back to her as events warrant. nato holding what it is now calling an emergency extraordinary meeting after turkey shot down that russian plane. last month nato warned russia it was risking, quote, extreme danger by flying into turkish air space. let's bring in kurt voccer, a former u.s. ambassador to nato. the key here, sir, thanks for being here, is that the turkmen in the north of syria fight against the syrian leader bashar al assad, which means in essence in this proxy war they fight against the russians. and the turks just shot down this jet which flew, by all accounts over its air space maybe for a few seconds. what do you make of this in the big picture? >> well, i think that in the near term we're just going to see a little bit of hot rhetoric between russia and turkey over this incident. but a little further down the
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line, neither wn of them wants this to turn into a turkey/russia conflict. this is really about syria. here they still have differences, as you said. russia wants to support assad. turkey believes assad ais a big part of the problem. but what i think it will do is pull europe in. they have the isis attacks and lockdown in brussels. they're beginning to believe assad may not be the biggest problem, that isis is the real problem. if they can convince russia to go on the offensive against isis, i think you're going too see europe pull more toward the russian point of view. there may be coalescing of people wanting to fight isis over they'll differ to what happens to assad over time. >> i want to go back to motive f. you're turkey and you don't want escalation you don't do that unless you're trying to send a message or somebody made a mistake in communications along the way or something. that's just not what you do. >> right. well, this is not the first time
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russia has been violating air space and not only of turkey. thieve done this all over europe. finland, sweden, the uk, denmark, all over. in the case of turkey, this is a live fire situation. the russian forces are not there just flying around. they're dropping ordinances. they're targeting forces that we've supported that the turks have supported. and by clipping turkish air space repeatedly, which is what they've been doing, they are violating turkey's right to its own sovereignty, its own territory, and it has a right to self-defend. >> sure. >> the turks have warned them repeatedly. i think russia was just believing the turks were bluffing and i think the turks wanted to fire a shot in order to show, no, you can't use our airspace. i think after this russia will be more careful and things will stabilize. >> this is the part i want your insight on. that's unless they don't. unless some pilot does the same sort of thing and unless and until turkey does the same sort of thing and then should russia
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retaliate in some way, don't we then have a whole new world? >> there's always a danger of escalation. no question that things can happen. but i don't believe either side wants them to happen. that's critical. i don't think this is russia deliberately provoking turkey. i don't think it's turkey trying to say, we want to go to war with russia. they're just trying to make sure that these two military forces operating in very close proximity have clear lines between them. i think russian pilots are going to get the message to be more careful. i think here they were just lazy or cutting corners, and they just kcan't do that. >> in a situation like we've had in the beginning, mistakes can happen and with all these different militaries operating in the same sort of area, all with seemingly different ideas about what they want to accomplish here, we've now had a mistake and a shoot-down. another mistake, it would seem to me to be a much bigger mistake. >> i think if this were to continue, then you would see the risk of escalation of conflict
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directly with russia or between russia and turkey. but again, i think we have a very professional military in turkey, same with the united states force that's are there, and frankly russia increasingly professional as well. they know what they are dog, and they know what they have to do if they want to avoid coming into contact like that. so i think this is likely not to escalate. but as you say it's dangerous just because the fact they with forces in the same space involved in operations. >> kurt volcker, former u.s. ambassador to nato, sir. thank you. >> thank you. >> don't forget we've been reporting from the beginning and what the white house has been refusing to admit, and that is that we have a proxy war here, you know. the russians are fighting for assad. we are fighting against assad. that's a proxy war. they don't want to call it that for obvious reasons, but that's what it is. and mistakes are problematic. double mits tamistakes can be b problems. the french president at the
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white house today. he and president obama say assad's actions in syria are making things worse. that's coming up right after this from the fox news deck.
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breaking news now. this just in from a french official to reuters. french jets have just destroyed an islamic state command center at tell afar, which is west of mazonth
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muse mosul in iraq. that's brand-new. 11 days after the coordinated attack that killed 130 people across france, the french president came today to the white house to press for a strong and unified response. president obama told the french president francois hollande that the united states stands in total solidarity with france. but our commander in chief did not announce any major shifts in strategy. >> today president hollande and i agreed that our nations must do even more together. u.s. assistance has supported recent strikes in syria by france and we'll keep stepping up that coordination. >> before the meeting even began, a white house spoiksman said its outcome would probably be more symbolic than anything else. however, the french president did offer some specifics of what the two leaders discussed. >> translator: we therefore decided, president obama and3m" myself, to scale up strikes in
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syria and in iraq to broaden their scope, to share intelligence regarding targets. >> complicating that meeting today, of course, is the downing of that russian jet by turkey. that complicates everything on some level. both leaders agreed on one thing. the russian president vladimir putin's bombing runs in syria are make things worse. as putin continues to bomb areas where the islamic state is not. julie pace covers the white house for the associated press. she's live with us on the north lawn. julie, thank you. >> reporter: thanks for having me. >> in any sense of the level of concern there and what russia may do as retaliatory or not? >> reporter: this is a very high level of concern. you were talking earlier about a proxy war in syria and one of the concerns all along is that you have this really sprawling cast of countries and rebel groups fighting on the ground and in the air, and in some cases this is happening with
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pretty minimal coordination. so it was almost inevitable that you would have an incident like this. what you saw from obama and hollande today was a real effort to try to encourage russia to tamp down any of its rhetoric and any of its action in response to turkey because the prospect of russia and turkey, which is a nato partner, having an escalation over syria is really a nightmare scenario for everyone involved. >> anyone admitting to back channel talking to the turks on this matter? >> reporter: there's been some conversation between the u.s. and the turks about simply what happened earlier today. the president said he would likely talk to the turkish president. it's possible we'll have some communication from the u.s. officials to their russian counterparts. but right now it's a lot of effort to just figure out what exactly happened. >> and then on thursday, our thanksgiving, as it so happens, francois hollande to meet with vladimir putin over in i wonder if the white house is channeling any hopes or thoughts about that? >> reporter: what was interested
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today is we expected hollande to come to the white house and really push obama to align, cooperate with russia against the islamic state. but you actually saw a lot of solidarity between the u.s. and france on russia in particular. and this idea that while both countrs want russia to be a part of this coalition, fighting the islamic state, they feel like it's crucial that vladimir putin first acknowledged the fact that bashar assad has to leave power in syria, that he commits to a full political transition there. so they were really laying out standing side by side here today preconditions for russia joining this u.s.-led coalition. >> is there any noticeable and serious concern about what could happen over the thanksgiving weekend, or are they still saying nothing pointed, nothing direct, carry on, fear not? >> reporter: it's a little bit of both. i think that everyone just has a lot of questions today. there's this incident, as i said, really is everyone's worst-case scenario, and so you're going to see a lot of
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conversations going back and forth not just from the u.s. but also the french and other european partners to try to figure out what happened, try make sure that everyone keeps tensions down, that no one takes any, the russians in particular, real retaliatory steps because that would just take a situation that is already incredibly complex, incred blikrecredibly and just make it worse. >> julie, nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you. there's world al qaeda took out several key members of an islamic state militia during a suicide bombing. al qaeda working against the islamic state. we're just learning about it. it happened a week ago. according to an israeli reporter, the bombing came during a top level meeting of the isis militia. six of the group's top ten reportedly died. the reporter called it a quote severe blow unquote to the islamic state's top command in the area. al qaeda's syrian affiliate al nusra took credit. the isis militia controls part
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much the go lan heights. analysts say the two terror groups are in an all-out war despite having common enemies in parts of syria. ben carson is now backing off that claim that he saw muslims celebrating in new jersey by the thousands after the atakz of 9/11. something, by the way, which did not happen. he's now accusing reporters of having agenda when they asked him about it. it's the reporters' fault. we'll show you the video. you decide. that's next. who wants to try? before earning enough cash back from bank of america to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use their bank americard cash rewards credit card to sweeten the holiday season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections. apply online or at
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twup minutes past the hour. ben carson now claims he was not talking about new jersey when he said he saw film of muslims celebrating in new jersey after the twin towers collapsed on
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9/11. he told megyn kelly he was talking about muslims in general. >> i did see the film. i don't know where they were, but i did see a film of muslims celebrating. and i was making the point that that was inappropriate. i thought we were just talking about the fact that muslims were inappropriately celebrating. i didn't know they had an agenda behind the question. >> so rotors had an agenda when they asked the question and he didn't realize the question was about new jersey. here's the question and response, listen. >> dr. carson, were american-muslims in new jersey cheering on 9/11 when the towers fell? did you hear about that or see that? >> yes. i saw the film of it, yes. >> in new jersey. >> yes. >> in new jersey, yes. of course, donald trump started all of this, and he is sticking to his story about muslims celebrating in new jersey, something of which there is no evidence, no pictures of any kind of anyone in new jersey celebrating the attacks. none then. none now. none ever. that ed said, a new poll shows donald trump back on top and ben
12:23 pm
carson taking a dive in the first state with a presidential contest. shannon in d.c. has the new poll. >> the new numbers out of iowa specifically from polling of likely gop caucus participants. these are the hard-core folks. while donald trump stays atop the field at 25%, he is in a statistical dead heat with ted cruz when you factor in the margin of error. cruz sits at 23%, more than doubling the number he had in this same poll just a month ago, vaulting ahead of ben carson at 18% and rubio at 13%. there is good news for carson. he still maintains the highest favorability among the iowa caucusgoers. by the way, 23% of those surveyed say there is, quote, no way they would vote for trump. making him the most loved and hated candidate in the field. >> some other questions besides those, shannon, including voters -- candidates' ability to handle specific issues. >> yeah. here again trump is mostly at
12:24 pm
the top of the polling when it comes to the economy. he's viewed as the best equipped to handle that issue. nearly half of those surveyed back him on that with cruz a distant second at just 11%. trump is also viewed the best for handling terrorism taking 30%, followed by cruz and rubio. that result may be tied to trump's hard-line stance on syria refugees. in light of the fact this shows 80% of those surveyed oppose allowing them into the u.s. or into iowa. >> we shouldn't be taking any because we have no idea where they come from, who they are. they have no paperwork. there's no way of proving that their paperwork is correct. >> but the one place cruz tops trump is when folks were asked about foreign policy with 24% cruz comes in first, followed by trump, then rubio and then jeb bush. shep? >> shannon, thank you. the hunt continues for one of the suspects in the paris terror attack. there's word now that this man may have been headed for germany. now officials in belgium adding
12:25 pm
a possible accomplice to the list. it's all new and the details are coming. plus, the feds warning local law enforcement agencies to be ready for any potential homegrown terrorists. we'll speak with a former deputy assistant fbi director on what police can do to be prepared. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide to help you better understand what medicare is all about and which aarp medicare supplement plan works best for you.
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with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. the fox report now, more headlines from the fox news deck. a judge sentenced an accused al qaeda operative to 40 years in prison after the feds say he plotted to carry out terror attacks in the united states and united kingdom. in federal court in brooklyn, new york. prosecutors say he planned to blow up a bomb on the new york city subway system as well as a mall in manchester, england. u.s. army officials say four soldiers died after a black hawk helicopter crashed at ft. hood in texas. they say it happened last night during a routine training mission. no word on what caused the crash. in march, 11 soldiers died after
12:28 pm
a blackhawk crashed during an exercise in florida. and the amazon founder jeff basis zoe's private space company making history by launching and successfully landing a reusable rocket. happened yesterday in west test texas. his company blue origin plans to carry out paying companies into space.
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i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at bottom of the hour, top of the news now. a major european city on lockdown for a fourth straight day. as investigators continue their hunt for the accused paris attacker and now a possible accomplice, new today. the accused attacker is salah abdelsalam. officials say he escaped into belgium after the terrorist attack. now and today investigators say they're checking to see if he crossed yet another border. according to the police in northwest germany they got a tip that the suspect was hiding out in a rural area near hanover. remember last week officials in hanover canceled a soccer match over what they called a concrete
12:31 pm
threat of an attack on the stadium. an attack that did not happen. so far, investigators say today's searches have not turned up any evidence the suspect was in germany. now, back in belgium, authorities have charged a fifth suspect in connection with the paris attack. the belgian prosecutor's office, essentially the d.a., issuing an international search warrant for this man, mohammad abreeny. officials say somebody spotted him with abdelsalam at a gas station a couple of days before the attack. they say he was also driving a car that was used in the attack. meantime, brussels is still on its highest alert. officials there have been warning of a serious and imminent threat to the city. schools, shopping malls, the subway shut down for days. there is now word that officials will begin reopening the schools and parts of the public transportation system tomorrow. steve har i gan at the bottom of the hair live in paris. we also learn more about the
12:32 pm
suspected ringleader's plan, steve. >> that's right, shepard. this coming from the french prosecutor who said that ringleader abaaoud was planning an entire second series of attacks, most likely in the business district of paris where the skyscrapers are. he and at least one accomplice were planning to blow themselves up with suicide vests. that attack of course never came about. abaaoud was killed wednesday morning in a massive raid in saint-denis along with a woman and at least one accomplice. we're learning more details about his movements on the night of the attacks, friday. according to cameras and cell phones he returned to the scene of the crime. theling leader abaaoud was standing outside of bat la clan chee theater while the operation was going on. new details on the ringleader today. >> back to the manhunt for abdelsalam and another man, there have been a bunch of arrests. any break-throughs? >> reporter: the french police have really been taking advantage of this state of emergency, which has just been extended for three months.
12:33 pm
they've carried out more than 1200 raid as cross the country, just knocking down doors and raiding everyone on their suspicious list. but so far no major trophies in these manhunts. about 200 people have been arrested, but the big fish, this abdelsalam and the possible driver abreeny, are still at large. >> we got word maybe an hour ago or so, steve, about a hostage situation happening in the north of france in a city we've heard of in connection with all of this, but do you have any details on that? >> reporter: it certainly set off alarm bells. that hostage situation is still active. the town is right near the border between france and belgium. so with real security concerns about a possible attack in either country, nerves are on edge. but right now local authorities say this has nothing to do with those paris attacks. but certainly people are alarmed in an active hostage taking under way. it may have been a bank robbery gone bad. >> steve har i gan in paris, thanks. the fbi and department of
12:34 pm
homeland security sent a bulletin to law enforcement agencies across the country reminding them of the threat of the united states. as if they needed reminding. it all suggests that one of the lessons we've learned from the attack in paris is that police cannot delay dealing with active shooters. danny coalson served in the fbi for more than three decades as the agency's deputy assistant director. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i don't know. i mean, who needs this reminder? there's nothing specific. there's nothing new. it's just there may be homegrown terrorists. yeah, we all know this. >> well, i think they're talking about lessons learned in paris. we learned the lesson that you have to go in on an active shooter situation after columbine. >> yeah. >> my company teaches this stuff, and if you tarry, wait outside, people die. the whole idea of isolate, contain and negotiate, that's outed window now. you just have to go in and make the best of a very very very bad situation.
12:35 pm
>> you go in hard and don't know much. that's hard. that's very difficult. >> it is. our guys train to do this. every tactical unit in the country trains to go in an an unknown situation where you don't know the terrain, you don't know what's inside the building. you know nothing except you're looking for a shooter and you neutralize the shooter. and frankly, it can be done. the thing not being done is our government does not tell the victims what to do. what do you do if you're in an active shooter situation while you're waiting to be rescued or for the time to play out so maybe the shooter will commit suicide? you have about ten minutes that you need to buy time. we're not talking about that on the national level and we should be. >> and another thing, since you mentioned it, some of those with whom i speak have suggested, you know, when you go into the super mrashgt or wherever you go, you need to look around and go, if something weird happened, i need to figure out how to get out. that's a heady thing to have to think about everywhere you go in america, isn't it? >> it is. but we live in different times. shep, we put on seat belts
12:36 pm
because we might have a car wreck. you do it. i do it. but i think when you go to church or a movie theater, a shopping mall, a school, how do you get out of here in case something happened? you know, we practice -- we still do fire drill for kids in dri schools. no child has zieed in a school fire in 50 years. we don't do enough training for active voot shooters. we need to adopt the philosophy for ourselves and our families. if something bad happened here, how do i get my family out? >> that's interesting. schools do it. a lot of schools do it. i know some corporations do it. but you don't think about it yourself as you just go about your daily life. you're all of a sudden in a dwayne reed or walgreens somewhere and you're like, okay, you really ought to look at that first, as awful as it sounds. >> shep, you should. and also you should realize that, don't be embarrassed to take action. if you hear fire crackers going off in a supermarket -- >> get the hell out.
12:37 pm
>> get the hell out. thank you very much. get out. if it turns out to be a firecrack firecracker, laugh and come back in later and tell your husband that night, yeah, i thought it was a shooter but it was a firecracker. that's funny. but not to respond to your own senses when you hear something like that, that's foolhardy. it sounds bad, it's bad. >> danny cowlson, i'm afraid you're right. have a nice holiday. >> always a pleasure. thanks. >> be aware. stay calm. carry on. the state department issuing a worldwide travel alert for americans in the wake of the paris attacks and what they're calling an increase in threats from terrori isists across the globe. americans be extra vigilant as millions get ready to travel for thanksgiving. state department representatives don't want pex people to cancel plans but are advising people to watch out for new information and also say travelers should expect longer security lines and delays and should keep in touch with relatives in case of an
12:38 pm
emergency. according to our researchers, in fox news brain room, the state department has issued six worldwide travel alerts in the past 4 1/2 years, the most recent last year after the so-coffeled lone wolf attack in australia. laura ingle is live at jfk airport in new york. laura, travelers reacting how? i guess we're a little ahead of the rush but not by much. >> reporter: not by much. thing gsz look like business as usual at jfk international airport. of course we know it's not. but paings are arrivetion and being picked up and are departing just like business as usual. of course, on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year was he know. now, these passengers we talked to today say they are packing those fresh concerns along with them, as they travel, but they are going ahead with their trips as planned. this worldwide travel alert issued by the state department warns the public that the terror groups including isis and al qaeda continue to plan those terror attacks in multiple regions and could include a wide
12:39 pm
variety of tactics using conventional and unconventional weapons. despite that unsettling alert, travelers say they will not live their lives in fear and have to go on with their travel plans. >> when the plane took off, i said my hail marys. but the security was really good. it's always in the back of your mind. >> i tell my family when they travel, make sure that you're aware of your surroundings and do the best you can to be as safe as you can. >> reporter: and this travel alert will last as well through the holidays and into the beginning of next year. it's not expected to be lift until february 24th of 2016, shep. >> what else is the state department telling all of us travelers to do, laura? >> reporter: we're talking about exercising that vigilance, keeping your eyes open, all of the things we've heard before. if you see something, say something. but especially to be aware in public places and in crowded places and to really keep an eye on that. as passengers prepare to go through some of those long
12:40 pm
security line s you mentioned, they're being asked to be prepared for additional screening. it will happen. and unexpected disruptions. be prepared for that. the state department is recommending u.s. citizens register on its smart traveler enrollment program called s.t.e.p. that helps connect travelers with embassies and consulates around the globe if god forbid something happens and people need to get in touch with their loved ones back in the united states. people go online and sign up. >> laura ingle at jfk. a lot of traffic coming soon. the secretary of state john kerry says people should not have to live with daily violence, but that's exactly what continued to happen today as he made those comments in the middle east. secretary kerry meeting separately with the israeli prime minister in jerusalem and the palestinian president in the west bank. meantime, the israeli military reported opening fire on a palestinian driver who rammed na a group of soldiers at a
12:41 pm
checkpoint. emergency crews report the latest round of violence has killed more than 100 people over the past two months. the chicago police officer who shot a black teenager 16 times because he says he feared for his life is now charged with murder in the first degree. a lot of developments on this story, and they're coming right up. plus, police in minneapolis say two suspects are now in custody after gunmen fired into a crowd at a black lives matter protest last night. that as the search for more suspects continues this afternoon. the news continues after this.
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jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. made a simple tripvere chto the grocery storeis anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance.
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12:45 pm
u.s., five are in hospitals. linked to chicken salad at costco. rotisserie chicken. 19 people sickened across seven states. police in philly say a traffic stop turned violent this morning when a suspect sped away rear-ended a school bus and then shot a state trooper. the pictures of this are stunning. take a look at this. both the bus and the suspect's car burst into flames. see the car on the back end of that bus. we're told no children, thankfully, were on the bus at the time. pictures in the slide show this afternoon. this all went down about 9:30 this morning. it started on one interstate, i-76, and moved to 676 which goes through the center of downtown. i'll put the marker on the car. that's the car that burst into flames. another, look at it, a police sposhgsman says two troopers pulled over the vehicle but the suspect got back into the car and took off. that's when the kaur slammed into the back of this school
12:46 pm
bus. you can see the car is burst to smithereens. bullet holes in the cruiser's windshield. see this up here? incredible scene. police say after the crash, the suspect got out of his car, just started firing at that trooper, wounded him in the shoulder. investigates say cops later took three suspects into custody with the help of good samaritans, one of those suspects now under arrest. one more picture here. we're told the wounded trooper is in the hospital in stable condition. shooter has been described as a, quote, 17-year-old boy, quote, who the police say will likely be charged as ed with attempte murder. a white police officer from chicago charged with murder in the first degree for shooting a black teenager 16 times. that's according to prosecutors. they've held a news conference today. just a day before the city is set to release dash cam video of the killing. it happened in october of last year. police say officer jason van dyke shot 17-year-old lequan mcdonald because he refused to
12:47 pm
drop a knife. the autopsy sketch shows where each of those 16 bullets entered the body. see this? that's been all over the papers in chicago for days. the cop's attorney says the officer feared for his life and insists he did nothing wrong. the problem is there's video. mike tobin from chicago, a judge denied that officer any bail, right, mike? >> reporter: it was unique. he gave that order for no bond while he has a chance to review this potentially inflammatory video. then he'll hold another hearing on monday and reevaluate the entire case. the rid yoed should be out in the public by then. van dyke turned himself in at 7:30 a.m. today. he's facing a first degree murder charge, the potential of 20 to life. cook county state's attorney says she did speed up the case to get ahead of the video release. >> maintaining public safety is my number one job, and i do not want the public to view this video without knowing this very important context, that with these charges we are bringing a
12:48 pm
full measure of justice that this demands. >> reporter: the attorney for van dyke says someone viewing the video from the comfort of home does not have the same perspective as a cop on the street making split second life or death decisions. he says he deserves to be tried in court, not on the street, not in the media. shep? >> word is he had been there 30 seconds and further this video is suggesting to authorities in chicago that they should most likely brace for demonstrations, mike. >> reporter: you do have some call for demonstrations. let me point out the family of mcdonald, lequan mcdonald, is calling for calm following the release of this video. you have father michael pfleger, very active in the troubled parts of chicago, calling for demonstrations on chicago's magnificent mile during holiday shopping. in fact, a sit-in he's calling for on michigan avenue itself. police superintendent gary mccarthy is bracing for demonstrations. he says chicago police will support demonstrators and the right to protest. they will not tolerate unlawful
12:49 pm
behavior. >> mike tobin in chicago, more details as warranted. police in minneapolis say they've arrested not one but two suspects after gunmen opened fire into a crowd protesting a police shooting there. we're told five people were injured, all expected to survive. cops say they're still looking for suspects as well. the shooting happened last night during a black lives matter protest about a block from the police department's fourth precinct. that's where protesters have been demonstrating since the deaths of 23-year-old gentlemja clark. he was shot by a officer last week. but some witnesses say he was already in land handcuffs. a live look at demonstrations ongoing in minneapolis. the feds say a criminal civil rights investigation is under way to determine whether police intentionally violated the victim's civil rights by using excessive force. a prisoner serving a possible life sentence for rape convictions will now walk free. that's after a judge ruled new
12:50 pm
evidence cleared the man. ahead, the details in what police are saying about the real rapist. you totalled your brand new car.
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seven minutes before the hour. a convict who served 16 years in prison for sex crimes is actually innocent. he should not be behind bars that's the word from the judge in los angeles who cites brand-new evidence. the judge yesterday overturned the prisoner's three rape convictions. lawyers for luis vargas argued dna evidence links the crime to a different suspect completely. a serial rapist wanted for assault dating two decades back. during his sentencing back in 1999, luis vargas told the court
12:54 pm
that he was concerned the individual who actually committed these crimes could still be out there. now we know he was right. chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in los angeles. an emotional scene in court today. >> reporter: very emotional, shep. when the judge announced quote the defendant is ordered released forthwith, luis vargas' eyes filled with tears. he wiped at them and then looked at his mother, mouthing the words i love you. vargas and his family had always claimed he had nothing to do with the series of rapes in the l.a. neighborhood where he lived and 16 years on new dna technologies helped exonerate him and his family is now looking forward to getting him back. >> i will cry myself to sleep. my father meant the world to me and he still does. i'm waiting for him to come home so i can do my big church wedding and be able to have him
12:55 pm
walk me down the aisle which is every little girl's dream. >> reporter: vargas not a free man quite yet. he's being held on an immigration issue, but his attorney believes that will be resolved quickly and vargas will soon be home. shep? >> what about the real rapist? >> reporter: yeah, well, the luis vargas as you mentioned said when he was convicted that the real rapist was still out there and the lapd is now admitting that that is true. the tear drop rapist, so called because victims said he had a tear drop tattoo below one eye is believed to be linked to 39 sexual assaults since 1995. one of the reasons that vargas was convicted in the first place is because he had a similar tattoo, but the district attorney's office now says one of the victims who identified vargas did so quote honestly, but mistakenly.
12:56 pm
cops have appealed for anybody to help them, but they say they have quote no fresh leads, shep. >> jonathan hunt in l.a. we'll be back with a nod to this day in history and a look at with up of the nation's most notorious unsolved mysteries.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
on this day in 1971, a hijacker parachuted from a plane and apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. the man call himself d.b. cooper collected more than $1 million ransom after he hijacked a flight and forced it to land in seattle. he then ordered the pilots to take off again. he parachuted out of the plane in dramatic fashion wearing only sunglasses, a suit and a rain coat. but he jumped right into the severe thunderstorm. nearly a decade later, an 8-year-old boy found thousands of dollars of the ransom money. but investigators say they never found any trace of the hijacker
1:00 pm
who tried to pull off a daring escape, 44 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in. because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. until then, carry on unafraid. neil cavuto is up right now. all right. the scene in tunisia today where they're getting all too used to terror attacks. this, the third in little more than seven months. and this time, targeting the presidential guard, all on a bus. 12 were killed and as i said, this is in the same neck of the woods where we had that terrorists where the vacationers were. this is where those were gunned down looking at relics of the ancient


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