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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 24, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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♪ i'm eric bolling, along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams jesse waters and greg gutfeld, and it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." islamic terrorists are planning their next attack, france has declared war, britain is about to join in and president obama spent the morning recounting romantic memories he made in paris. >> by my bed? the residence, is a picture of me and michelle in luxembourg gardens kissing. those are the memories we have of paris. as early on i had no gray hair.
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so when tragedy struck that evening, our hearts broke, too. >> and at the white house news conference alongside the leader of france today, president obama really stuck it to the terrorists by reminding them he'll be attending a weather summit soon. >> the next week i will be joining president hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. >> kg? >> wow. >> memories and climate summit. >> this is disturbing and i'm trying to think if i can speed-dial my doctor for a dose of antibiotics, the this is
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making me sick. we got the memo, we signed for the package. we know you love the weather. can you president, hollande is in there going hey, come on, can we get some action here, can we get some focus? and he's saying i ear remember my romantic times in paris and we're going to stick it to the terrorists when we start talking about climate change. >> dana, really? president obama came out -- >> who was wondering what's happening at this table. >> he says i'm about to talk extensively on terror and he goes into these things. your thoughts? >> last week he got criticism because he when he was at the g-20 summit he launched into talking about the summit and not the terrorist attacks first. and then this is one thing i was curious about, if you know that you have one way to win the day today in the headlines, do you want to win it? or do you want to take a pass? to me i think the president took a pass today. >> jesse, the world is on fire,
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people are dying, and honestly, did he outline an aggressive strategy or a strategy at all? >> that was not a military strategy that was a pr strategy. >> that was a lateral. >> i never thought i would see america surrendering and france leading the charge. the president talking about kissing michelle in paris? what is that, soft power? i don't know what you would call that. and then he's saying we need to fight terror by using a poem on the statue of liberty. okay. i don't even know what that means. and then he's going on and saying the biggest rebuke to terrorism is to talk about the weather. now i just don't know if moment cares about the weather. it's hot enough in the desert and i don't think americans care if we rebuke the terrorists, we should be nuking the terrorists this is why people don't trust the president. it's not just this. he gave a warning before he dropped bombs on isis. he dropped leaflets saying we're going to bomb you. then he goes into the iranian
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nuclear facility. we're going to give awe 24-day notice. then he's whispering to the russian president, i need a little more flexibility. people wonder where this legian. >> it was so good. you always take it one step too far. >> people had a problem with president obama, he has no sense of urgency. we know about the jv quote and paris was a setback and where was the urgency? i didn't see it today? >> hollande is trying to put together an international coalition to deal with isis in a way that's effective and long-lasting and will allow us all to have a sense of completion that we are taking the bite to isis. now what -- >> what? >> the 65 nations that are a part of the coalition, is not
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enough? >> no. so what we have, i mean contrary, the news today i think doesn't get discussed here. but the news today is hollande says he wants the united states intelligence-sharing, we're already giving him intelligence, weiving them intelligence, so they can pick out appropriate targets when they're bombing isis. hollande is going to meet with putin. obama is saying we can live with putin, but we're not going to live with assad, assad has to agree not to run again or get out. but you can't limit russia, who has had their jet plane shot down by turkey. to get involved in dictating the terms of the relationship for the coalition. >> putin is leading the terms. and france -- when the president starts talking about his memories, i thought he would talk about liberty or fraternity. instead he was talking about kissing michelle obama. which i guess is a perfectly fine thing, a trip down memory lane. but i think he had the option today to say, america is still
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the leader of the free world. instead i feel like we're saying knock yourselves out. we're cheering you on from the sidelines, that's giving a lot -- >> how are we cheering -- >> because france has to develop a coalition. >> the british are now cameron is saying i'm going to join in. the french are now joining in. the russians joined i think in september. >> they're changing their strategy, but our strategy is perfect. >> they're not up to where we were in 2014. when we started bombing. and we, let me say -- as soon as -- hang on, gentlemen, let me just say -- we have special opps on the ground. these guys have yet to put anybody on -- >> the problem is the president is reminiscing, who hasn't had a honeymoon or two in paris. come on, you want me, i can hit the rest of the hour talking about the couple i had.
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>> but again, juan, you talked about when the russians got in, they got in with all, with both feet in, all in. they went all in. so did the french. >> but we've been doing this. why do you, why do you always say america is not doing enough? americans took the lead. >> let's listen to this guy when it comes to defeating isis, many believe we must put troops on the ground in syria to succeed, but general petraeus isn't among them. he warns against that idea. >> i would not at this point. i think if we are required there to clear and hold an area, it's not sustainable. you need to have a hold force that has legitimacy in the eyes of the people. that has to be sunni arab forces in iran -- >> it cannot be american forces. >> it should not be, not a this stage gh stage. >> what do you think, dana? >> i think what he's saying no, that doesn't make sense. 16 months into the fight when we're, 15 bombings a day
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compared to 1500 by russia in two days. there was, we're now talking about a different strategy so 16 months ago you would have talked about doing it one way. now given the mess that we're in i think general petraeus is saying we don't have the ability on the ground now to actually do what we need to do. so i don't think that he's saying that the strategy right now is perfect. but he's saying that trying to do what we're going to do 16 months ago won't work now because of all the developments. >> what petraeus is saying that obama's strategy is on target. we shouldn't be putting u.s. troops on the ground. it should be a sunni force, unless you can somehow get the sunnis that play a leading role and that means getting rid of bashar al assad. >> democrats were against petraeus when he led a successful surge strategy in iraq. everyone was cheering against him. and now all of a sudden petraeus is agreeing with the president and this guy is a genius? >> i think petraeus is respected by both sides.
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>> i think petraeus is one of the developers of the obama's strategy. so of course he's going to -- >> he was an adviser. >> boots on the ground, just not americans, your thoughts? >> i think you do need to have boots on the ground. you can't rule that out as an option. and in fact any kind of i think effective strategy that will deliver the results that we need is going to have to have a combination. you can't defeat isis by air alone. you must have some kind of ground forces, troops, yes, you have to have advisers. and you have to have it in a way that is going to be responsible to respect the lives of the american soldiers. perhaps in a kurdish-controlled area, to set up battalion or something like that. but it has to be evolving. you can't right away rule out options. because war is not like that. battle is not like that. it is constantly in flux. there are changes and you must be able to pivot and make adjustments and in order to do that, if there's an escalation
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of what's going on, you have to have some forces in place to be able to handle that. >> which is also why you don't telegraph your date of withdrawal. because that's exactly what happened. a key thing you guys have been talking about is assad. obama says is that our position is that assad must go. yet we're not doing much about it. russia's position is assad must stay and we're going to do something about it to make that happen. that comes down to that. >> in whether or not he stays or goes, how do you win this when we say assad must go, russia says he must stay and russia is flying 2,000 sorties. >> obama put himself in the box by saying if you cross the red line we're going to enforce it and now all of a sudden our policy is we have to get assad out. turkey wants assad out. they're against the kurds. kwlo trust them and now we'll see what happens. you know they shoot down a
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russian pilot and also is nato going to get triggered? another world war i situation? >> they're going do hide behind the article 5, hiding behind nato. this guy is a meglo maniac. he's going to hide behind the nato alliance and stir the pot and obama is running out the clock. >> >> the problem with the turkish border, hollande was focusing on it at the white house today. he wants that sealed. >> closed. >> the second thing you have to talk about is the relationship to the kurds. jesse is saying just bomb. like trump, bomb bomb bomb. but no no no, you know what we
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got here? we got a situation where if the united states supports the kurds. and by the way, admiral bolton was in the "new york times" saying we should have a separate country for you know, for some part of the muslim world so you can separate out all of these sectarian differences. but the kurds, the kurds are a problem. of course for the iraqis, the iraqis don't want them separate. >> so for bombing our enemy. >> petraeus thinks we need a sustainable strategy that can work and stop this. >> in the meantime isis has been able to plot and plan from safe haven and you get paris. >> you know who doesn't want that border secure? the turks. they want the free oil. the cheap oil coming across the border. >> all the money. when "the five" returns, we go live to the pentagon for an update issued for a world wide travel alert. new details on the downing of a russian fighter jet by turkey.
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. the state department has issued a broad, but vague worldwide
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travel alert there are concerns at home that during this holiday season terrorists could strike at any time. >> i think we need to think seriously about a possible attack over the holidays. for two reasons, isis has thousands of followers in the united states, the fbi knows that. they've been incentivized by what happened in paris to try to do something here. if we had a paris-style attack in new york or washington, what would our policy then be, ve vis-a-vis isis? and the second question, if that would be our policy the day after, why isn't that our policy the day before. that's the fundamental lesson learned from 9/11. >> joining us from the pentagon is national security correspondent jennifer griffin. i want to talk to you about this travel alert and what he was just saying is that it's vague, it's broad, it's not specific. but do we need to make policy changes ahead of that? >> well i think what's important to remember, dana is that jeh
2:18 pm
johnson, head of homeland security, put out a message saying there's no specific or credible threat by isis. there's a great deal of concern. remember james comey, the fbi director said there are dozens of individuals suspected of being a part of isis, who are now under constant surveillance by the fbi. so in the wake of paris, the fbi, homeland security, everybody wants to do whatever they can to prevent a paris kind of copycat-style attack. this travel warning, the travel alert that the state department put out yesterday is also somewhat vague. but it is just there, it is out of an abundance of caution. and it is because you've seen isis strike on three continents. against three separate countries. in the last few weeks. and so this alert will be in effect for the next three months. until february 24th. dana? >> kimberly. >> so february 24th, we won't take a breath since then.
2:19 pm
we're going to switch topics and talk about the incident that happened with the plane getting shot down by turkey. so a lot of people wondering, does anybody have a benefit to this? will there be a benefit that with go to russia or turkey or europe from this escalation and the conflict? and in fact are we in the middle of a proxy war? >> in fact kimberly, i think it's a dangerous situation, there's a great deal of concern. i was woken up about seven minutes after the plane was shot down. and spoke to u.s. military sources. who are very concerned that their lives just got much more complicated as a result of this plane being shot down. remember, turkey is a member of nato. if russia were to strike back at turkey, were to do anything against turkey, turkey could invoke article five, drawing the u.s. and europe and other nato allies into direct conflict with russia. this is the first time that nato ally has shot down a russian plane since the 1950s.
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that's how unusual it is. what it illustrates is how tight the air spaces in that western part of syria where the russians are operating at full speed. we understand that vladimir putin has sent a missile, a missile ship off the coast of, off the coast of syria. and will be escalating. that is a significant escalation. you now have a french aircraft carrier in the wake of the paris attacks off the coast of syria. this is getting very complicated. and the problem is the u.s.-led coalition of 65 countries is not coordinating with the russians and the french are sort of off, they're part of the coalition, but a lot going on in a very small territory. and i'm frankly surprised that this kind of incident hasn't happened before now. >> eric? >> jen i'm trying to figure out why it actually happened at all. what's the idea, the pentagon why the turk was knock down a russian fighter jet when they know the russians are going after allegedly going after
2:21 pm
isis. they may be going after the free syrian army. who knows. they couldn't have felt threatened by the russians, were they? >> let's remember that the russian air strikes princeably have been going after free syrian army. some of those, some of those are allies, not only of the u.s., but also are trained by the turks. there are syrian turkmen tribes on the ground that were under where the plane fell and they're the ones who may in fact have one of the russian pilots hostage right now. and they are iallied with turke. turkey is fed up with russian planes entering their air space. the russians did only enter turkish air space for a few seconds. under 30 seconds we're told by pentagon officials. but this is a very, very contested bit of land. it's a little dip of turkey down into syria. and we learned today that it's a
2:22 pm
province that in fact the turks annexed from syria in 1939. the syrians don't actually recognize that that is turkish territory. in fact the assad family owns land in that province where the russians flew over. but the russians were warned, dana, ten times in five minutes by the turks and they ignored those warnings. so you know frankly, this is a shot across the bow. and the turks have said they've had enough of these russian incursi incursions. >> juan williams? >> jen, what struck me was according to colonel warren at the pentagon, the united states was listening on open channels and hearing the turks warn the russians and the russians either didn't hear or pretended not to hear. and just went ahead. so that strikes me as incredibly odd and of course then putin says it was a stab in the back. president obama says oh gee, you know turkey has the right to defend its territory. but we're listening and we don't say anything to the russians.
2:23 pm
isn't that odd? >> well, no, it's not odd. what's odd and u.s. military sources tell me today that in fact the russians must have heard those warnings and they chose to ignore those warnings and that then, therefore, the turks struck. there wasn't enough time between the time of the warnings for the u.s. to be in touch with the russians. it wasn't a u.s. plane that was involved. remember, there is a memorandum of understanding between u.s. pilots and russian pilots. u.s. pilots were in the vicinity. >> jesse? >> jen, is turkey considered a loose cannon in the nato alliance? we 0 probably have the least amount of control over turkey. they have their own agenda. you have all of these world powers in there fighting on such a small piece of territory. anything could trigger something huge. the diplomats must be going crazy trying to keep a lid on this. what's happening in the back channels? >> well, absolutely. in fact the turks, it's been very frustrating for many of the u.s. commanders, because the turks have been bombing the kurds. who are the u.s. allies in the
2:24 pm
fight on the ground against isis. so the turks are a bit of a loose cannon. they've allowed the u.s. only recently to use their air base. a key game-changer for the u.s. coalition. the turks have not been an easy partner in all of this. >> feels like they're trying to bring us into it. and they're hiding behind nato. it feels like they're trying to suck us in. >> thanks jennifer so much. ahead, president obama's former intelligence chief takes on the white house for publicly understating the growing threat of isis. staying in rhythm...
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2:29 pm
on the terror threat? the pentagon is investigating. but the president's former defense intelligence chief says the probe should begin with mr. obama himself. >> the focus of this investigation ought to start right at the top. where intelligence starts and stops, is at the white house. the president sets the priorities and he's the number one customer. so if he's not getting the intelligence that he needs, if he's, if he's not paying attention to what else is going on. something else is wrong there. nobody can sit here today, no one, particularly the amount of intelligence that the white house got and say we didn't know this was a problem. i mean give me a break. >> are those are pretty strong words, so when you take this around the table here, he said take it straight to the obama administration to find out and determine where this came from. to follow it it was like what we used to try to figure out with bengha benghazi. >> according to the research it said at some point recently, to do with isis specifically, the
2:30 pm
metrics that they were using to call whatever they felt was successful, they changed it. so you can play games with statistics, you can tell someone you know, that over there is red and i can prove it to you with statistics. or you can say it's blue and i can prove it with statistics, that's fine. but the problem it wasn't statistics, the investigation that the investigator general is going do look at is whether or not it went beyond statistics, if it went beyond an actual changing of the information. which they're alleging this group of analysts saying, it had nothing to do with the way we look at the analysis or the way we analyze the data. it has to do with actual fabrication, changing of information. and that could be, that would be criminal. >> i think what they said was get on board if you're not on board with the direction they wanted, that's -- >> there's emails to that effect. >> they're saying by the way i think we're leaping a little bit here in terms of trying to connect it to president obama and the white house. it's clear that something was going on at sencom.
2:31 pm
that's where the inspector general is looking. i will say this is very serious allegation. cannot have bad intelligence, people on the ground fighting a war and say it doesn't matter. this is very serious. you cannot politicize intelligence. i think you can understand this is a decade-long struggle. remember we thought there were weapons of mass destruction and we thought we knew where everything was in tikrit, not true. in benghazi as you were mentioning, lots of questions about the intelligence and what intelligence was coming in at what time. we need to have more confidence in our intelligence capacity, and we have good people. but we certainly don't want anybody playing politics with it. >> dana it isn't just one or two individuals saying this was happening and this was kind of widespread, quite a few people that have come together to say look this needs to be looked at and scrutinized. and it seems like there was kind of a concerted effort at play to change the metrics and make the
2:32 pm
dynamics more favorable. >> the intel community son the front line for all matters in the country. foreign and domestic, they are the first to be blamed if something goes wrong. you can imagine they want to protect the integrity of the information they provide. to juan's point, on wmd, one of the accusations from the left is was that george w. bush contaminated the intel process by asking for things that weren't there and every independent investigation has proven that is not true. the actual allegation here is that there was pressure from somewhere, i'm not saying from the white house, but that's what the inspector-general is looking at. that there was pressure to change the information. >> there's competition among defense intelligence, c.i.a. intelligence, and -- >> and that's why you have the director of national intelligence. >> these guys say i have a view, why isn't my view number one. i think your view -- that's what you get with flynn. he was involved in a fight where
2:33 pm
his view was not confirmed by analysts, and he got mad. >> remember what happened with obamacare website. he didn't know about it he didn't want to hear about the stimulus failures, either. >> irs. >> or and this is so funny. so obama's irs, this is what it reminds me of, they messing around with the tea party and all of a sudden they get caught. we're going to investigate ourselves. it's the same thing happening here. we're going to investigate ourselves. george bush was trying to connect the dots. obama didn't even want to see the dots. that's why this is so scary. you don't understand why this is bad? you're looking at me crazy. >> because i love you. i think this is very entertaining. >> were you concerned about politicizing the intelligence during the bush administration. >> i am, we don't want politicized intelligence. i think dana said the same thing. you want to know you have good intelligence. when george tenet comes in and says to the president this is a slam-dunk and it turns out it's not a slam-dunk. >> the president is not even talking about this. they're talking about what trump
2:34 pm
retweeted. this is on the back burner. >> always remember that president bush never blamed the intel community. he always said you know that he'll take the responsibility on himself. we'll see what happens here. >> one final thought, don't forget, president obama did say there was not a smidgen of evidence of corruption in the irs scandal and he also said it was a videotape that caused the deal in benghazi attacks. >> that's what you call putting a bow on it. syrian refugees won't pose a threat to america and he's mocking republicans for trying to block them. john oliver says history shows the only refugees to fear were the pilgrims, his argument and our take, next. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
2:35 pm
from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
2:36 pm
their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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americans are raising alarms about taking in thousands of syrian refugee without being able to properly vet them.
2:39 pm
british tv host john oliver delivered a die tribe to counter those concerns, making a bizarre connection to pilgrims. >> every generation has had its own ugly reaction to refugees, whether they are the irish, the vietnamese or the cubans or the haitians and those fear have been broadly unfounded. only one time in american history where the fear of refugees wiping everyone out did actually come true and we'll all be sitting around a table, celebrating this on thursday. >> without the pilgrims bringing religious freedom here. we wouldn't be bringing in all of these muslims, right? first the refugees they compare them to orphans. then the refugees are tourists, now they're just little pilgrims. why vet them, they seem so safe. >> it's condescending li-- interesting listening to a
2:40 pm
british person talk about pilgrims. >> then they took over. >> wined them and dined them. >> made the point by accident. >> would you rather have thanksgiving din wer a pilgrim or a syrian refugee? >> well listen -- >> this is a disaster waiting to happen. >> no, but we have been pointing out that the real problem probably isn't the syrian refugees that are quote-unquote vetted over 18-24 months. it's the ones walking through the southern border. and now we figure out canada is going to take in 10,000 refugees by the end of the year. >> they were going to take 25, they cut it down. >> the other 15 will happen by february. >> they're not taking men in canada. they're one up on us there. juan, you have william bradford, invites the indians over for thanksgiving. he's the bad guy. all right? but these risky guys from syria,
2:41 pm
these iraqi refugees and the somalis, we don't have anything to worry about these guys with? >> are you laugh-challenged, do you know the guy, i think not a very good attempt at humor? >> then he's comedy challenged. >> he was trying. but i think dana is on to something. it's kind of you know the british always looking down their nose at us silly americans. but that's what he was trying to do. i think it was a missed shot. i will say we have to not allow them to extend this attitude towards that flying fat man known as santa. we want him to come over. >> that's not nice. >> very sizist. >> that's mean. >> santa is a hard. that's what i said we want him to come, we want him to bring the gifts. >> you're not getting gifts, you're getting coal. >> kimberly, they should just bring him to new york, de blasio loves homeless people. >> jesse, you're being ridiculous. >> me? i'm not ridiculous. >> do i get a pass on my
2:42 pm
question? >> i'm going to protect my friend. >> think this guy was very funny. he seems ton fuconfused or some. >> i find it very galling to make fun of people who look at, we know, that syrians, syrian isis fighters have said that they plan to try to infiltrate the refugees in order to try to get places so that they can do attacks like the one in paris, we know that. so it is common sense at least paul ryan got it right when the house bill passed ten days ago, in which he said let's be sensible. let's have a pause, we'll make sure that the program goes forward. we're not going to prioritize christians over muslims. let's make sure we're doing it right. i think that's a smart policy and britain and europe wouldn't be having the problems that they're having now if they had followed that advice. >> it's amazing how the president has been able to divert his failure overseas, now talking about the mean republicans not letting in the refugees. well done, president obama. next, donald trump has
2:43 pm
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good news for donald trump, he's back in the lead in iowa
2:47 pm
according to a new quinnipiac poll. ben carson has dropped to third place. right on trump's tail, however, now senator ted cruz. the two have been cordial to one another so far. but will trump soon be going after cruz now that cruz is surging? let me turn to you, doctor. i think this is very interesting, that cruz says he's the electable conservative and that means trump is the unelectable, unreasonable conservative. and what says you? >> do you think that's what cruz is saying? >> i know that's what cruz is saying. >> here's what i think is going on. donald trump had dipped in the polls, he was, ben carson had risen to the top of iowa. >> of the pyramid. >> and now trump has regained the lead, i don't think he's worried. if trdonald trump. >> did you just say that trump is not worried about cruz? >> he's got a 20-point lead in new hampshire.
2:48 pm
>> he can lose iowa and still win new hampshire and south carolina and still be absolutely the front-runner. >> what do you think, kimberly if. >> i think his analysis is correct in terms with the way the dynamic can play out. even if i didn't win iowa. i don't know if he's worried or not about ted cruz. ted cruz has been the stealth candidate, slow and steady. i think he will do well in iowa. the dynamics of this race, very interesting, changing week by week. ben carson was up and i don't know if he'll be able to regain the lead. given some of the political missteps and something. >> cruz is gaining on carson with evangelical voters. but we don't see trump losing those votes. >> well i did think that carson's steep fall and just like ten days, was pretty telling. that that candidacy is in trouble. and i think you're asking the wrong question. you're asking if donald trump will go after cruz, because that's the pattern, right? you start rising in the polls
2:49 pm
and he punches you. the question is will cruz actually do anything to try to attack trump. because that's how he would be able to get a leg up. there's ten weeks to go. it might not happen for a while. >> when he says i'm the electable conservative, he is putting down trump. >> why would you say that? it's because you have research and information and focus groups, whatever that tell you that that's what your supporters think and that you think that that's your strongest advantage over him. >> whether that's true or not, i don't know, but that's why he would say that. >> to dana's point, there's a lot left you know in this to go. i don't see cruz whatsoever thinking it's a smart move to go after donald trump. why would i do that and try to blow himself up? he should just do what he's doing, run his race, talk about what he can offer. why would he draw fire? >> jesse, the other rising star, marco rubio has doubled his support in new hampshire. a lot of people think that he is actually doing better with the donor base now than ever.
2:50 pm
what do you think? >> he's doing better with the donor base. he's doing bet anywhere new hampshire in iowa he's way behind. and cruz is way up. cruz has put in a lot of work there. he's gotten some endorsements, he's visiting a lot of counties. it's a very socially conservative, veryreligious state. trump has insulted iowans a few times. i don't know if trump likes the iowa voters as much as he likes the south carolina and new hampshire voters. huckabee won iowa, santorum won iowa. >> hang on, jesse, we've got breaking news, i want toe toss to shepard smith on the fox desk. >> chicago's mayor and police department holding a news conference, will release video showing a white police officer shooting and killing a black teenag teenager. today prosecutors announce they have charged that officer with murder in the first degree, the first chicago police officer charged in such a way in 35
2:51 pm
years. it happened it happened in october of last year. police say officer jason van dike shot 17-year-old lequan mcdonald because he refused to drof drop a knife. the autopsy sketch shows where each of the 16 bullets entered the body. the cop's attorney said the officer feared for his life and insists he did nothing wrong. now the police news conference. >> we're here tonight to discuss good news, because unfortunately that's the way it usually goes in this case we're here to talk about some bad news. but also some opportunity. as you all know, last year on october 20th, one of our police officers shot and killed a young man named laquan mcdonald. and since that time, the investigation into the circumstances of that event has been ongoing. the officer was stripped of his police powers immediately. as you all know today he was charged with first-degree murder. by the state's attorney, anita
2:52 pm
alvarez. and as a result he's been put into what's known as a no-pay status. he's no longer being paid by the chicago police department. that is part of our contractual obligation. with the fraternal order of police here in chicago. and that's the process that we've undergone. every day in this city, you see thousands of officers performing admirably. and making a difference every single day in the lives of individuals here in chicago. the officer in this case took a young man's life. and he's going to have to account for his actions. and that's what today is all about. today is about accountability. we're all accountable for our actions. since i've come to this police department, you've heard me talk about accountability over and over and over again. and we all hold ourselves accountable. in this case, we have a tragic ending to unfortunately a tragic
2:53 pm
life of a young man. who was betrayed on a number of different levels. and typically, these cases end up in the police department's hands. and in this case, it ended up in his death. we are not the least bit pleased about this. and at the end of the day, you got to respect men and women who are out there doing this job every single day, without incident, and when there are incidents, they're usually positive. as you know, last week we were ordered to turn over the dash cam video of the events surrounding this particular endeavor. and we're prepared to do that. what i expect is the same thing we talk about frequently. which is the fact that people have the right to be angry. people have the right to protest. people variety to free speech. but they do not have a right to commit criminal acts. at the end of the day, the chicago police department is trained for and we are one of the world's leaders in mass demonstrations. we're prepared to facilitate
2:54 pm
people's first amendment right to free speech. but we will be intolerant of criminal behavior here in the city of chicago. as i talked this morning about the capabilities of our men and women in this department, i stand here tonight to reiterate that. that our officers will be professional. and in their conduct and we expect that we're going to have community support to facilitate whatever protests come our way. and i'm confident in the community, as far as being behind us. unfortunately we have some work to do to obtain the trust, as many police departments in this country are struggling in the same vein. so we're here tonight to release that video and obviously we're going to talk a little bit and then we'll take your questions, for now i'm going to turn it over to mayor rahm emanual. >> thank you, soouperintendant. i want to thank the religious
2:55 pm
leaders, community leaders and other elected officials who are here today for the city of chicago. like all public servants that are here, including officers, we hold our police officers to a high standard, and obviously in this case, jason van dike violated both the standards of professionalism that comes with being a police officer, and also basic moral standards that bind our community together. jason van dike will be judged in a court of law. that's exactly how it should be. as of today, he's no longer being paid by the city of chicago. as a superintendent just noted and he was stripped of his police powers ten months ago. obviously anyone who sees this video will make their own judgments of jason van dike and his actions. the incident, the actions and the video will be debated and discussed in the days ahead. appropriate, we as the city of chicago all of us also have to
2:56 pm
make an important judgment about ourselves and our city going forward. will we in my view rise to this moment that this incident demands of all of us in this city? in my view is this episode can be a moment of understanding and learning. we'll use it in the question before all of us, will we use this episode in this moment to build bridges that bring us together as a city, or will we allow us to become a way that erects barriers that tear us apart as a city. we need as a city to get to a point where young men in our community and in parts of our city, see an officer and don't just see an officer with a uniform and a badge. but they see him as a partner in helping them reach their full potential. and seeing that officer a mentor. a little league coach. a leader in the church and in their community. which they are.
2:57 pm
we also have to get to a place as a city where officers who patrol communities in our city eseay a young man not as a potential problem and a risk, but they also see in that young man as an individual who is worthy of their protection, and their potential. they see a student. they see an athlete. and they see an artist. the future of this city of chicago lies within each of us. i believe we as a city must rise to this moment, answer to that call, not only to ourselves individually, but to our community and our city. this will no doubt be a challenge, but it's somebody who believes that every challenge is an opportunity. i believe within the city. not just within the police department, not just in our
2:58 pm
places of worship. but throughout the city. people of good faith love their city, love their neighborhood and community and the residents who make it up. but know that this moment doesn't speak to who we are and what we can become. and all of us in one way or another are leaders and our responsibility is to challenge us and challenge not only ourselves, but the people we speak for and represent, to look within ourselves, and reach for the future of the city of chicago we know we can be. i believe this is a moment that can build bridges of understanding rather than become a barrier of misunderstanding. i understand that the people will be upset and will want to protest. when they see this video. but i would like to echo the comments of the mcdonald family.
2:59 pm
they've asked for calm. and for those who choose to speak out, to do it peacefully. say they do not want the violence to be resorted in laquan's name, but let his legacy to be better than that. it is fine to be passionate. but it is essential to remain piece paesful. we have a collective responsibility in the city of chicago, the city we love to insure that this opportunity for healing begins now. my heart goes out to the mcdonald family. on their loss. i want to thank all our community leaders here in the city of chicago for their leadership and their partnership. and more importantly, for the responsibility they take every day. it is now the time to come together as one city, to show respect for another. who work every day zblsh well clearly the chicago police department is about to play the video in its entirety.
3:00 pm
"special report" is scheduled to begin. they're going to have a full report on this for you. coming up over the next hour. i'm shepard smith in new york, we'll have this story and the rest of the day's news as always on "special." now "special report." this is a fox news alert. i'm brett baier in washington, shocking and disturbing new information about the man believed to be the brains behind the paris terror attacks. what he did. and what he was planning to do next. relearn this as france is once again shaken by an incident that appeared at first to be another act of terrorism. correspondent steve harrigan is in paris, very much on edge tonight. >> the ringleader of the paris terrorists, apparently abdelhamid abaaoud was planning a second series of attacks in paris before he was gunned down by police. he was planning to work with at least one accomplice wear


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