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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 24, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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"special report" is scheduled to begin. they're going to have a full report on this for you. coming up over the next hour. i'm shepard smith in new york, we'll have this story and the rest of the day's news as always on "special." now "special report." this is a fox news alert. i'm brett baier in washington, shocking and disturbing new information about the man believed to be the brains behind the paris terror attacks. what he did. and what he was planning to do next. relearn this as france is once again shaken by an incident that appeared at first to be another act of terrorism. correspondent steve harrigan is in paris, very much on edge tonight. >> the ringleader of the paris terrorists, apparently abdelhamid abaaoud was planning a second series of attacks in paris before he was gunned down by police. he was planning to work with at least one accomplice wear
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suicide vests and strike at the heart of paris's business district. instead he was gunned down in a raid wednesday in saint-denis. the landlord who gave him that room has been placed under arrest and charged with ties to terrorism. more about the movement of the ringleader on the night of attacks. apparently abaaoud traveled brazenly through paris using the metro and he was actually outside the theater, the bataclan thirt where 90 people were gunned down during the police hostage siege. the ringleader of the terrorist attacks, taking part in the shootings and showing up to witness the horror of the those deeds. in the meantime across paris, police taking advantage of the state of emergency, which has been extended another three months, more than 1200 raids have been carried out across the country. 120 people detained. but so far, the so-called big fish still missing, the eighth attacker, salah abdeslam. and in northern france, a security incident set off alarms with belgium and france braced
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for possible terror attacks. word of a hostage taking near the border between france and belgium. that situation is over, one casualty. but local authorities assuring a nervous public there was no connection between this hostage taking in northern france and terror attacks here in paris. brett, back to you. >> steve harrigan live in paris. here in the u.s., the fbi and homeland security are warning law enforcement that extremists could try to replicate the terrorist terror attacks in the u.s. the bulletin also contain as section on active shooter protocol. it urges police to deploy their s.w.a.t. units rapidly. pointing to a 35-minute delay in action during that hostage siege at the bataclan concert hall in paris. tonight the u.s., nato and russia race to contain levels of tension and danger not seen since the end of the cold war. nato member turkey shot down a russian war plane today. eliciting promises of retaliation from a russian president who has already
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demonstrated he is not afraid of using his military to make a point. we have fox team coverage tonight, james rosen at the white house with a meeting between president obama and his french counterpart 11 days after the brutal paris massacre. but we begin with national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon. keeping aen eye on a unique and dangerous situation involving u.s. allies, a volatile vladimir putin and contested air space. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening brett. u.s. military officials tell me it was a direct hit by an air-to-air missile, the first time nato has shot down a russian war plane since the 1950s. the turkish government says its pilots issued ten warnings in a matter of five minutes. senior u.s. military official confirms the russian war plane crossed into southern turkey. two turkish f-16s intercepted the plane. one fired a sidewinder heat-seeking missile. a weapon normally fired at close range. standing with the french president at the white house, president obama said turkey has
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the right to defend its air space. >> i think it's very important right now for us to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other. find out exactly what happened. and take measures to discourage any kind of escalation. >> turkish authorities released this math, showing the path of the russian plane, u.s. forces heard multiple warnings issued by the turks to the russians, on an emergency frequency. >> we were able to hear everything that was going on. obviously these are on open channels. i'm sure there's other who is heard it as well. >> both russian pilots ejected from the plane after it was hit. syrian rebel group claims it shot the pilots as their parachutes descended. the russian government confirms one pilot is dead. and a russian ma merine was kil. syrian rebel released this video allegedly showing their fighters shooting a u.s.-made anti-tank missile at the russian
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helicopter as russian forces approached the crash site in northern syria russian president vladimir putin lashed out at the turks while visiting jordan. >> translator: today's loss is a stab in the back ol by the terrorist accomplices. >> the violation took place in the a turkish province that was annexed by the turks in 1989. the turks requested that the u.s. send six f-15 fighter planes to guard the southern border. today russia deployed a missile cruiser off the syrian coast, ordering it to destroy any target that poses a danger to its forces. brett? >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. president obama was long on sympathy, but short on specifics today. after meeting with french president hollande over the terror attacks in paris and the fight against isis. but it is the situation with russian and turkey that presents the greatest urgency.
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chief washington correspondent james rosen is at the white house tonight. >> still reeling from the paris attacks, president obama and french president francois hollande grappled with the news that turkish pilots had shot down a russian fighter jet along the syrian border. the two leaders said the incident should convince russian president, vladimir putin. who is to meet with hollande on thursday to shift the focus of russia's military campaign inside syria to isis, also known as daesh or isil. >> if russia is directing its energies towards daesh or isil. some of those conflicts or potentials for mistakes or escalation are less likely to occur. >> france on monday conducted its sixth air strike since the paris attacks on raqqah, the isis capital in syria. an air campaign hollande said mr. obama had agreed to scale up. >> translator: we will have some more specific targets to make sure that daesh resources, their means are cut off. including their command centers, the trucks carrying oil, their
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training centers where they prepare terror attacks. >> reading from the words engraved on the statue of liberty, president obama argued those who have urged a halt to the admission of syrian war refugees are returning america to its darkest chapters. >> there have been times in our history in moments of fear when we have failed to uphold our highest ideals. and it has been to our lasting regret. >> hollande said the refugees should be kept close to the country of origin and acknowledged the dangers some of them pose. >> we realize we have an influx of refugees, that the terrorists, the risks are everywhere due to daesh. >> retired army general jack keene, an architect of the surge that turned the tide in iraq eight years ago, said he sees nothing like that coming from president obama today. >> he's going to improve the air campaign. remove some of the restrictions, we may see a few more advisers go in. we may see a few more apaches.
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but the kind of wholesale commitment, resolve, determination, that's not going to be there. >> both presidents made clear today, they don't intend to send large-scale troop deployments into the syrian war theater. finally we're hearing that president obama spoke by telephone late today with turkish president erdogan. the two leaders discussing thousand avoid incidents like the plane shoot-down in the future. brett? >> james rosen, thanks. the renewed focus on and fears about terrorism are becoming a big issue in the 2016 race for president. tonight i'm joined by new jersey governor chris christie to talk about the terror threat along with several other issues facing candidates. governor, thanks for being here. >> happy to be here, brett. >> today you have this turkish shoot-down of a russian pilot, russian jet along the border with syria and turkey. if it's president christie, what are you doing? >> well first off, you're speaking to our allies, to the turks, getting all the information you can on exactly
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what happened. what the circumstances were. and you need to continue to support our allies. if in fact the facts are true, that they were warned many times, the russians were warned many times and they went into turkish air space. this is what has to happen and the russians need to understand if you're going to operate in that part of the world, you have to operate in way that's cooperative and not provocative. >> it's like three-dimensional chess. you have a lot of players with their own motives. >> no question, this is complicated stuff. that's why you need somebody who experienced. you don't need somebody who is has been blowing hot air about this in a subcommittee on capitol hill. you need somebody with experience in building relationships in the way that you do as an governor when you're in an executive position. >> pointing to senators in this race, i assume? >> yes, sir. >> here's what marco rubio said about his experience on foreign policy on these issues. >> when the president was calling isis to the the jv team, i was warning that this group was very dangerous and had the
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capability to grow rapidly. in the last four yaf nears i've shown better judgment and better understanding of these issues quite frankly and all due respect than anyone else running for president. >> your reaction? >> he hasn't made any decisions. it's all well and good to be sitting on capitol hill, to be giving opinions, because there's no consequence to those opinions, ever. when you're up there. when you're the executive, there's consequences to every zins zigs you make. you're held accountable for every decision you make. and you have to make those decisions in light of that and not flinch from them. you don't need to run when the weather gets hot, on capitol hill or at the white house in a foreign capital, you can't go running. you got to stick and you got to stick by the decisions you've made. >> you were the head of the rga and going into this race, it was the presumed thought that governors were going to run the roost. they were going to be the best-positioned to be the nominee. if you look at it, governor perry dropped out, governor walker dropped out.
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governor jindal dropped out if we look at the real clear politics average of polls, you're standing at 3%, you have governor kasich, behind you at 2.8%. governor bush at 5.5%. what do you think is happening with governors? why is it not taking? >> well i don't think it's about governors, think the public is angry with government in general. anybody at the moment who is associated with government is getting hit in that way. and underperforming what people thought they might have performed. but i think as we get closer to people actually voting and especially in the aftermath of these attacks, new seems nice until you need experience. and we need experience and we need someone who experienced in making these decisions, who has fought against terrorism by making decisions, not just talking about it and debating it on the floor of some body. i think they're going to turn to those folks and think i'm the person they're going to turn to. >> your sense of the president
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and how he's reacted to the paris attacks, first in turkey and then today, standing next to francois hollande. >> the president was a petulant child in turkey. you know, there are legitimate concerns being raised about the syrian refugee crisis. and i'm one of the folks who has raised them. when the fbi director says he can't effectively vet these people. that should be the end of the conversation. >> he cited today that francois hollande is going to take at least 30,000 syrian additional refugees over the next two years. saying that the u.s. needs to step up as well. you disagree? >> i do i disagree, because we cannot effectively vet these folks. and until we can, the president of the united states' first obligation is national security. the safety and security of the american people. >> so when francois hollande says i would like to you work with russia because we think that could be a good coalition against isis. you would say no? >> i would say mr. president, show me some objective
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indication that they have an interest in that and then i'm happy to listen. until that time there's no objective, no objective evidence that they're interested in fighting isis. they're interested in being in syria to prop up assad. who is their ally and they want him to remain in place as an ally. regardless of his murderous conduct? >> were you told that you were going to be the u.s. attorney prior to 9/11. you were aware of what was going on during that time. >> oh yeah. >> i heard you the other day in the whole back and forth about donald trump where he said thousands and thousands of muslims were cheering in jersey city. i heard you say you don't remember. >> i don't recall it happening. >> you don't think it happened? >> i don't think it did the only proviso i was giving on sunday is my wife and my brother were within two and five blocks of the world trade center that day and it went hours and hours before i could find either one of them. it was an emotional day for me
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on a personal level and we lost a number of friends that day. but as i said before if that had happened, i'd recall it and i don't. >> so other campaigns think that you know, you're obviously aggressive, you're a brawler when it comes to politics. but they think that you're holding back when it comes to donald trump. are you? >> no. not at all. when i disagreed with donald and i've talked about it many times. we have disagreements, i disagree. and i have disagreed publicly and i just disagreed now. and i did it on sunday. i said i don't recall it happening. i don't, i don't think it did. >> alex p. keaton -- something tells me that's not his name. sauce does chris christie have a strategy to beat trump in iowa and new hampshire? does he think anyone can catch the donald? >> sure. my strategy is the same one i've had all along in new hampshire. i spent more days in new hampshire than any other candidate, more town hall meetings than any other candidate by far. everyone is starting to see that is catching on. that work takes time.
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you're building a foundation of support of people who are going to come out and vote and get their neighbors to come out and vote. that's the way new hampshire has always been won and that's the it will be won this time. >> "new york times," a paper that doesn't give you great ink, says for the first time a solid majority of republican voters in new hampshire have a favorable view of the governor, a remarkable turn-around from the depths of his unpopularity. what has happened? >> hard work and being clear and specific on the issues. our campaign has been more detailed than any other campaign. you go to our website, we have more detailed proposals. we speak about them in-depth. when-day town hall meetings, there are no precaned questions, i stand there for two hours and take question on any topic from any comer. think the people in new hampshire are starting to notice they've got someone on their hands who is willing to take any question and willing to decide and lead. >> republicans in new hampshire are giving you another look, it seems, what about republicans in
3:16 pm
new jersey? why shouldn't people look to republicans in new jersey, who know you best, and say, that's really the people we should be talking about. >> listen, folks in new jersey re-elected me with 61% of the vote in 2013. since that time i ran the rga, and now i'm running for president. >> so they're mad? >> yeah, whenever you're looking for a new job and you've got one, people always get a little miffed. i'm sure here at fox if were you going to interview at some other network they wouldn't be thrilled about it i think there would be a little bit of a lowering of your popularity, let's say at fox. i think that's what happened in new jersey. but in the end when they really had to decide, the opportunity to decide, my fate, 61% of all voters in new jersey re-elected me to office and i think that's the thing that really matters. >> when you look at the economy and performance of new jersey, if people look at that in just a microcosm, why would they say that you are best positioned to run the economy of the u.s.? >> because i took an economy
3:17 pm
that was literally mori bund and has 220,000 private-sector new jobs. last month creating more new jobs than any other state in the union. our jobless rates are the lowest in 15 yearsnd our unemployment rate is 5.4%, the lowest since 2008. so the fact is we've brought that economy back. still we have enormous headwinds, taxes are too high and a democratic legislature won't lower them. that's the one place we haven't been able to find bipartisan agreement. the fact is that the economy is much bet anywhere new jersey than it was when i got there six years ago. >> gun control, is it true that the issue of gun control inspired you to get into politics? >> no. that's not true. no. >> well in 1993, you said you were motivated to run for office by supporting, preserving new jersey's assault weapons ban. >> i don't remember saying that. >> the issue has motivated me to
3:18 pm
get into this race is the recent attempt by certain republican legislators to repeal new 1993.y's ban on assault weapons. >> that's 22 years ago? brett, i don't remember. i could have. it doesn't sound like me. >> you think the "star-ledger" is wrong? >> i know it's never been before. >> well let me turn it this way. if you don't think that motivated you, apparently back then -- >> i don't think it did. >> where are you now? >> listen my record is really clear on this. in new jersey. we have taken a lot of steps to make sure that gun rights are protected in new jersey. i vetoed a decrease in the magazine from 15 to 10. we vetoed a ban on the 50-caliber rifle, vetoed a statewide i.d. card, this didn't increase safety. >> politics, you put a lot of chips in new hampshire. spent a lot of time there. do you have to come in one, two, three in new hampshire for this campaign to continue? >> i have to do well. let's see where -- >> one, two, three?
3:19 pm
>> let's see where we are in january, it's hard to tell now. have me back in january, you can ask me one two three and i promise i'll answer. >> thank you, brett. authorities trying to tone down a potential powderkeg of racial tension after a chicago cop is charged with murder. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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right now we're close to getting a first look at images showing a white chicago police officer killing an african-american teenager, shooting him 16 times. that cop was charged with murder today. correspondent mike tobin is live with the breaking news in chicago. >> as we wait for the video, what we're seeing from the city leaders, mayor emmanuel and superintendant garry mccarthy, there's a deliberate effort to get out ahead of what could be a very inflammatory video. supervisor mccarthy stating that he respects the fact that people are angry. he respects their right to demonstrate. will help facilitate the protest but says that chicago police will not tolerate criminal behavior. mayor emmanuel making the statement that this could be an opportunity to build bridges of understanding or erect barriers of misunderstanding. earlier in the day we heard from cook county state's aattorney saying that that office did indeed expedite the prosecution
3:24 pm
of this officer, to get out ahead of the release of the video. here's the state's attorney. >> to watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner, is deeply disturbing and i have absolutely no doubt that this video will tear at the hearts of all chicagoans. >> the judgment made by individuals that view this tape from the comfort of their living room on their sofa, it's not the same standard as the per spektive of my client's. >> the second person is daniel herbert, the lawyer fof jason van dyke, the cop who is now off the force and facing a charge of first-degree murder. also facing the potential of 20 to life if he is convicted. herbert says he deserves his day in court. he deserves to be tried in court, not on social media. not by politicians in the media and certainly not in the street. we also heard from the family of
3:25 pm
laquan mcdonald saying they do not want the legacy of their son to be a violent eruption in the city of chicago. brett? >> mike tobin live in chicago. protests are resuming tonight in minneapolis over a police shooting last week of an unarmed african-american man. two men are in jail right now after arrests today on suspicion of firing into a crowd of black lives matter demonstrators. last night, five people suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. on wall street today, the dow gained 19.5. the s&p 500 was up 2.5. the nasdaq gained a third. still ahead, senator ted cruz doubles his poll numbers in iowa. spelling perhaps trouble for his gop rivals there. first, new questions tonight about whether the obama administration downplayed the facts on isis. hi. i'm matt mccoy.
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what plmay blossom into the oba administration's latest scandal over allegations that the intelligence assessments over isis were purposely falsified. now the president's top military adviser wants a fresh look on what the terrorist group is capable of. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs, general joseph dunnford has requested a new report from the defense intelligence agency on isis that reflects the impact of the air campaign, the paris terrorist attacks believed to be directed by isis operatives based in syria, as well as the bombing of a russian jet in egypt last month. in addition to the inspector general's investigation, two congressional committees are exploring whether pressure from washington was a factor in the alleged manipulation of isis intelligence. >> we also have to look at whether or not the white house has sent signals out basically say week don't assess it as bad as you do. >> this week white house
3:31 pm
officials had another perspective. >> people might have, that based on the facts on the ground, reach differing conclusions. >> on the kelly file, the former head of the defense intelligence agency says there was no significant body of intelligence that justified the president's jv comments or more recently, that isis is contained. >> so what the president has actually received from the national intelligence system. is pretty good intelligence. i would say it's accurate. >> senator coates said it seemed convenient for the white house to blame bad intelligence on sencom. >> liening inin ining leaning support your narrative is simply not accurate. >> flynn, part of the white house discussions in 2014 said the intelligence did not fit the administration's world view. >> don't talk about this as being a form of a radicalization of the islamic religion.
3:32 pm
which in fact it is, it's a cancer inside the islamic religion. the white house and the president frankly has not wanted to say that. >> one of the allegations is that centcom analysts who put up more positive intelligence reports. the inspector general is investigating whether data was falsified as well as possible misconduct. 17 people have been given the nation's highest civilian award. the presidential medal of freedom. celebrities included barbra streisand and steven spielberg. athletes willie mays and the late yogi berra and veterans advocate bonnie carroll for her work of separating families who of service member who is died. ted cruz is surging in iowa. the latest numbers from the first caucus stayed show the texas senator making big gains on the candidate who has led the race most of the way so far. chief legal correspondent shannon bream has facts and figures. >> a brand new poll of likely
3:33 pm
gop caucusgoers in iowa brings the best news today for senator ted cruz. though he remains second to donald trump who finishes first with 25%. cruz has more than doubled his numbers in the same quinnipiac poll from just a month ago. and finds himself in a statistical dead heat with trump at 23%. a cruz campaign insider reacts while saying that while polls aren't everything, they're encouraged. and they believe that more iowa voters get to know cruz, the more they feel confident in his ability to be commander-in-chief. cruz did best trump on the issue who have is best on foreign policy. which may in part due to their agreement with trump on syrian refugees. more than 80% surveyed say they shouldn't be admitted to the u.s. or iowa. >> we shouldn't be taking in any because we have no idea where they come from, who they are they have no paperwork. there's no way of proving that they're paperwork is correct. >> those farther back in the
3:34 pm
pack are taming aim at the front-runner this new ad nor john kasich strings together some of trump's most controversial statements. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> while a super pac backing carly fiorina has released a video it hopes will bolster her profile. >> i am prepared to be a president who leads the resurgence of this great nation. both here at home and around the world. >> and though dr. ben carson slips to third overall in iowa, the latest poll holds some good news for him as retains the highest net favorability rating of any candidate. senator marco rubio stays steady at 13% and rolled out his first ad targeting early voting states. >> my father stood behind a small, portable bar in the back of a room for all those years, so i could stand behind this podium in front of this room.
3:35 pm
>> also tonight a brand new national fox news poll shows the majority actually supports trump's plan to deport everyone who is in the u.s. illegally by a margin of 52-40%. president obama meets with his french counterpart to talk strategy against isis and the turkish shoot-down of a russian war plane. oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung.
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jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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i don't think they're gaining strength what is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq. and in syria, there are a bunch of killers with good social media. this barbaric terrorist group, isil or daesh and its murderous ideology poses serious threats to all of us.
3:40 pm
it cannot be tolerated, it must be destroyed. and we must do it together. >> a little evolution of president obama on isis over recent weeks. today he met with french president francois hollande, talked about the fight against isis. and also the interesting coalition that is forming or that the french want to form, with russia. but that was all complex today. as turkey shot down a russian war plane for crossing into its air space. let's bring in our panel, kirsten powers, "u.s.a. today" columnist. a.b. stoddard of "the hill" and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. how do you think the turkish shoot-down has affected this, if it will. >> i think it will make hollande, president of the france, less enthusiastic for having russia join the coalition. the reason he's here, he's trying to persuade the united states to allow russia into the so-called 65-member coalition
3:41 pm
that obama has supposedly put together. the reason why we are correctly refusing that and i give obama credit for this, is that putin has no interest in a war with isis. his only interest is a war against the opposition to defend assad. this i think sort of highlights that, the turks are the most opposed to assad of anybody on the ground. it wasn't only that the russian war plane went into turkish air space. it's that the bombing run was against turkmens, who a minority in syria. ethnically turkish. that the turks have always felt they have to defend. and whether or not it was in turkish air space or not, matters not. they were attacking these turkmen opposition leaders. turkey defended them i think as a signal to the russians that we are not going to allow you to do that.
3:42 pm
>> i think that's a result of this harder for russia to become our allies. >> pentagon officials said that the plane was warned ten times before it made it to the border and it crossed into turkish air space for just 30 seconds before being shot down. take a listen to the president on the russia/turkey relationship today. >> turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its air space. i do think that this points to a ongoing problem with the russian operations, in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border and they are going after moderate opposition. >> as charles just said. a.b.? >> well right, i think it, the tone and the way that obama described this indicates that they kind of knew this was coming. i mean there's been a lot of warning. and the turkish government made
3:43 pm
it clear to the russian government as charles says, that those rebel fighters, the turkmens were going to be defended and they would not remain indifferent to any harm done to them. so the 30 seconds in the air space almost doesn't matter. in the past year and a half, two years, the russians have made incursions into other air space, the ballotician states and others -- baltic states. the problem is that it makes hollande's plan that much more complicated and almost laughable. because at this point, how do you stop putin from retaliating or playing a new game and at the same time convince him to abandon assad, join forces to make a concerted attempt to force a political transition in syria when he's just said in the last 36 hours, no country can tell syrians who should run their government. and so it's a nice idea. it would be great. but it's not workable.
3:44 pm
>> i heard a few democrats today say this was a bit of a mulligan for the president, after the first time he reacted to the paris attacks in turkey. in that the tone and tenor of this was what he should have done the first time. >> right well yeah, his tone is definitely evolving. i would say it's still probably not quite where it needs to be. he keeps having this little gaffes today it was referring to the climate change conference. saying that this is going to show the terrorists and i understand what he was saying. i think what he was suggesting is we're not going to stop living our lives. at the same time if you look at hillary clinton's tone i think it was even a little bit stronger and more in sync with the average american people. that he still has not also really indicated he wants to change course. so even if he changes his tone, he seems set on the fact that he's going to continue sort of doing what he's doing. instead of adjusting to the new situation. >> the climate change thing, he said he wanted to stand up and it would send a message to isis. the climate change summit in paris. as you look at the latest fox
3:45 pm
news poll climate change is kind of down on the list there. and there you see it. 3% from 5%. terrorism obviously taking the biggest jump in the wake of all that's happened. >> i think what obama is saying, if we don't destroy our economies in order to save the ocean from rising an inch or two 100 years from now, the terrorists have won. so i think you know, that's what obama believes. i thought it was actually one other sort of, it wasn't a slip. it was actually said intentionally. when he said, we can't let the terrorists direct our lives. he said go out to ball games, and shopping. remember how bush was mocked endlessly by people because after 9/11 he said i want you to go out shopping. and that was supposed to be an example of how unserious he was about what was going on around him. >> we will follow it. next up, senator ted cruz catches fire and chris christie may be getting a second look.
3:46 pm
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it's important for us to be very clear that we will respond and defend turkey if they come under assault from the russians, otherwise, the entire nato it alliance
3:50 pm
comes into question. >> i don't believe the russians have an interest to fight isis. i think it's naive to think they do. there is nothing they have done on the battlefield so far that makes you think they are interested in fighting isis. foreign policy in iowa, a new poll is shaking up the on the ground. ted cruz has picked up egg cantley in the last few weeks. there you see donald trump still at the lead but essentially tied with cruz. carson falling down. rubio next. trump is attacking one of the people attacking him, john kasich. >> kasich is -- oh, should i mention it? 3. not doing -- i heard he was dropping out. somehow, you know, when you are the governor of the state, you have got to run that state. >> donald trump on the stump. we're back with the panel. you know, listening to christie he thinks he is getting another look in new
3:51 pm
hampshire. you loo it's still a dominant situation for donald trump. and now ted cruz who has a formidable operation on the ground in iowa. >> look, i think it's pretty obvious. the two people who watch are cruz and rubio. cruz has made his move. it's obvious that much of that is a result of the fall of carson. the rise of terrorism abroad has injured two candidates. last year -- last it was rand paul after a the beheading of james foley who completely revived the issue. paul was hurt because of his ideology and how you to deal with terrorism. carson is now hurt with the renewed interest after paris because he clearly doesn't know anything about foreign policy which can be a liability if you are running for the presidency. as a result of that he is falling badly. support went to trump.
3:52 pm
carson had been in the lead in iowa. i think a lot now is going to cruz. he has the support among evangelicals but he knows what's going on in the world and he can speak really well. i think he is the one who is the initial beneficiary of the paris events and the fall of carson and we will see how rubio does. >>çó but a.b., you look at the internals of our new fox poll on the questions of immigration on the question of migration, syrian refugees. some 80% of g.o.p. voters say they line up with trump, no refugees into the u.s. none into iowa. the issues seem to line up for him, at least him and maybe cruz. >> right. donald trump's' 83% of his support is for pro-deportation republicans. so, his -- the line that he always goes back to works. and it holds his support firm. talking about not letting refugees in this country is not a strategy for isis.
3:53 pm
it's not plan for next commander and chief. it wins support with the people who he is going to get support from. the interesting thing about the cruz surge is it's not surprising. he has done all the groundwork as charles has said. he has done a lot of work in the south for the march primaries. he has done it quietly and effectively. he has absorbed carson's support. he becomes unstoppable if he can start chipping away for donald trump. interesting for rubio inside that polling, cruz is polling so much higher on foreign policy than marco rubio. that must be bad news for them. really the question comes down to iowa is ten weeks from yesterday. how much more time is left for chris christie, jeb bush, these other people. even the rubio-cruzp, rivalry big turns in the race if carson disappears will trump and then who takes that establishment spot and who fights that it person who rises from the bottom, running out of time is there
3:54 pm
a accepts that establishment blame will somehow coalesce and say we have too many people in the race and we need to clear it to have a candidate? >> one would think. he think that the thing with the rubio vs. cruz is somehow rubio has ended up even though he was a tea party candidate when he ran for the senate. ended up with this rising establishment type candidate versus cruz. so it makes sense to me that cruz is the one that's rising right now. he has the right tone. he is the -- the angry one in washington sticking it to the establishment we have to see whether that is going to run its course and rally around rubio who i think is the one to watch. >> it all comes to organization in iowa. >> especially in iowa. cruz has a lot on the ground. trump, i'm told, has significant presence there. we will see because it's a lot of it, i expect, will be
3:55 pm
that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a new twist on thanksgiving tradition. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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finally tonight, president obama will pardon one white house turkey tomorrow ahead of the thanksgiving holiday but three more birds are staying alive this year after republican presidential candidates joined in on the tradition with help from the independent journal.
3:59 pm
>> you are now officially pardoned and set free to win a wonderful life. >> if i am president this is the turkey i would pick. >> each pardoning it for being ugly. it agrees. >> we are pardoning the turkey so that you go on to find yourself a nice tom and create some turkeys that maybe will get eaten next year. >> they like you. >> i pardon you, and you are free to go. not literally not until i leave. >> he i pronounce you pardoned, turkey. are you happy? >> pretty good. >> thanks for inviting us in for your "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. i am off tomorrow and the rest of the week, heading to go see the family. and from our family to yours, happy thanksgiving. we have a lot to it be be thankful heren at "special report," the biggest thing you all watching every night. greta goes "on the record" right now.
4:00 pm
this is a fox news alert. the entire world on edge over fears of another terror attack in paris. the terror investigation up covering another sinister plot. and in turkey the battle heating up as turkish planes shoot down a russian fighter jet here in america french president fron sway hollande meeting with the president for the first time. paris to brussels to the white house, but first, president obama and french president hollande vowing to step up their efforts to destroy isis. >> we're here today to declare that the united states and france stand united. >> it is true that 9/11


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