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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 25, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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thanksgiving have -in-the--in-the- -in-the--in-the- breaking tonight. terror at home as president obama tries to calm the fears of americans on edge. president obama and homeland security secretary jeh johnson both addressing the nation today, telling the nearly 47 million americans traveling to be with their families this holiday to follow your plans but be vigilant. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. i'm sandra smith in for mekin' kelly. with isis threats threatening our nation's capital and big apple law enforcement officials in cities across the nation are not messing around this thanksgiving, deploying addit n
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additional patrols and new units in the case of the nypd to keep americans safe. the tsa stepping up its game and suspending the pre-check ma she be making sure they go through security. considering a tie studies this year. they suggest the tsa may be missing more threat than it catches and president obama is encouraging all americans to be aware of their surroundings. >> if you see something suspicious, say something. that's all helpful. go about your norming a weekend activities, spending time with family and friends celebrating our bless >> in a moment we'll discuss what travelers need to know and joshua katz, a former counterterrorism adviser who
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specializes in homeland security, but first steve correspondent katherine hair inning has more on what you may encounter this holiday season. >> reporter: this beakened will test the system because the paris attacks were game chainers so that the that . today the second of homeland security said transport hubs will be identified. it won't be unusual to see armed patrols as well as here at the airport as bomb-sniffing dogs. the significant factor are these thin and may attempt to use to europe and they use these creptic message to pie them from
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our does a very good job dete detecting, interdict and prosecuting, and we're going to continue at that, but we are vigilant. we are aware. >> tonight the president's national security team is emphasizing that if they get it's bick and probable information, this is the kind they will act on and share it immediately with the pocket. >> kaitlin, thank you. if you're joining me how concerned shu you be? a cia and joshua katz, a former the operations officer and counterterrible experts who sizes in. >> i'll start with you first. should we be concerned? so many americans have yet to pack their bags and get on the
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airplane, the train, getting in their car. should we be worried? >> i'm going to be one of those traveling to new york city tomorrow. look, i would not recommend anyone be deterred at all from traveling. with that said isis has made credible threats. i think we have to be very vigilant, and as much as i though pope mar downplayed the threats there's clearly on tips duke what we need to do is continue to live our lives like we always do. if you see something suspicious, you must tell someone and most importantly recognize that people are going to be out to essentially do harm to us as americans, and, again, foreign fighters. we've got to look where the targets are coming in. we're not going to have members of your mother's bridge club attacking us so we need to look at the foreign fighters and take this very seriously. >> josh yeah, you have specific
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nudge of security procedures, specifically those imed by the airport that report, that audit that the t.k.a. did of themselves earlier this year failure of the mock weapons and explosives, that the tsa failed to catch going through the screenings. should they peel today now that they have fulfilled their japan. >> the had -- it's not even tsv, putting abe through a tracele. we're also tracking two credible threats from isis and isis supporters who want to destroy planes and in fact, and i'm
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hearing this tonight, that we're getting credible threats on isis trying to divert planes mid-air. that's something people really need to worry about. >> you're referencing the credible threats to aviation that your specific technology and you're veilians have been able to catch and we have the obama stains suing there's no credible threats to our aviation system at this time? should we have confidence and the threat currently to our aviation system, should we have confidence in what's coming out of the administration today? >> i'm sorry to say this but absolutely knots, especially when we're dealing with tss and airline security. we are doing an abysmal job. our industry drugs this the just a horrific situation, and i
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think the obama situation is downplaying this to the detriment of the public. >> jeh johnson said, travelers stay vigilant. what did we do to protect ourselves? >> three things, go about being cautious. if you seeing inled are you you why in your i agree with joshua. when go through tsa it's all for show. one the targets i would ask after. i about watchering this goes on around you. you're not safe in security. you're in a more curveball target than in the quay. this are people there rcmp things bank you yourself have done dinner.
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>> be lant, apires to be the message tonight. colonel and joshua, thank you. >> thank you. >> breaking tonight, we're keeping a close eye on the chicago protests. the story continues to volume there. this is a live look at windy city tonight where hundreds are taking to the streets there demanding that the mayor speak with them or they will down black friday htsd auvers a plus-involved shooting. terrorism a big issue for voters heading into 26. chris stirewalt and howie weitzus where lengths. >> then dawna prayero's attempt to eassure an increasingly
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schnell in the rag for the terrorism, 24% worry about tear orthomost, up 14 point from august. the economy used to be number one. the threat from radical islamic extremists has also become a key issue on the campaign trail. with each of the contend efforts suggesting they have the best plan to keep america safe. watch. >> i would get everybody together, and i'd blast hell of them. they wouldn't be there long, believe me. i would blast the hell of them. >> i'm the only person in this ross who has actually done this before. i was united states attorney for seven years and in the immediate aftermath of september 11. >> we're going to get attacked here. if we don't put isil on the return, small, poor and on the run. >> he still wants to bring to america tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees even
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after his own fbi director admitted this administration cannot vet the refugees to ensure they are not isis terrorists. that doesn't make any sense. >> this conflict with isis is a civilization conflict between the radical lunatics and the rest of the world, and the president and hillary clinton last week like to go around saying, well, we're not at war with muslims. no one is saying that. in fact, isis hates muslims, too. >> chris stirewalt, our fox news digital politics editor and howard kurtz, host of fox news' "media buzz," chris, i'll start with you. who is winning the message? right now top issue for the american voter s.terrorism and fighting it. who is winning? >> i think the last couple of guys you heard right there, marco rubio and ted cruz were already well positioned on this issue in what they have dealt with and what they have focused on. the terminology matters, the portfolio matters and the time in the center and how they have been front and center on these
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issues, but you heard rubio talk about a civilization struggle that this is an extension struggle for the west against islamic mill tafnsy and this either is or isn't and talking about it helps voters understand that he's serious about it and needs to come hard. >> those gop contenders running against rubio says he's too young to understand how to fight terrorism for this country. who do you think is losing as far as putting out their message on how to fight isis around fight global terrorism? donald truch, we just heard him. said he's going to blast the hell out them. >> i think trump is the big winner, not because of any foreign policy acumen or claims he with peer into the future. if he could do that he probably would not have built those casinos in atlantic city. when we talks about bombing the "s" out of isis and taking their
6:15 pm
oil, he resonates with the people. chris christie, who you showed back in the pack, absolutely former federal prosecutor. i think in his case he's starting to talk about 9/11 for more personal terms, different know for several hours if his wife was alive and that in the new hampshire town hall is resonating. >> ted cruz taking a different approach not going after his opponents. he's going after president obama and his refugee strategy to bring refugees into the united states, is this a good tactic? >> i think it has been a good tactic. it has distracted perhaps somewhat from the ability to pin the president down on his strategy and for beating isis, but the big deal here is whoever the republicans choose, whether it be cruz or rubio or whomever they choose, they will be facing
6:16 pm
hillary clinton. >> that's right. >> and if they want to beat hillary clinton they will also have to tie her relentlessly to the president's foreign policy which is direly unpopular, especially on this issue, and they will have to say if you vote for her, you'll get this again. >> well, but those who support hillary clinton are also -- you might argue that they are winning the message that she's the most experienced on foreign policy, the former secretary of state, and she's taking on a very hawkish tone, howard. is this working for her. this is recent polling, the "washington post"/abc poll shows that she is -- is winning the message, even more so than any other gop candidate. >> it's especially working for hillary clinton on the democratic side. hillary's record is a mixed bag and when you get a little deeper you have to talk about what she
6:17 pm
did on libya and is more hawkish than the president and tried to separate herself a bit with that speech calling for a no-fly zone in syria, for example. to circle pack to the republicans in a moment, clearly the candidate losing altitude, especially as we focus on terror and foreign policy is ben carson who has had stumbles in that area and doesn't seem to have a strong message the same way cruz and rubio do. >> talking about all the candidates tonight and while howard kurtz he thinks that donald trump is winning the message on terrorism, actually pick him as your loser. >> well, look, i think he has spent far too much time trying to back up these exorbitant claims he's made about september 11th and the muslims he saw celebrating dancing in the streets or what he saw on september 11. it's been too much about him. now i agree with howard. when he talks about bombing the feces out of isis i think it
6:18 pm
resonates with his core supporters, yeah, sure, but when he spends all this time talking about him and what i saw and a muslim this and a muslim that, that doesn't help him broaden his base the that's no good. >> all right, guys, thank you for joining us tonight. >> good to see you. >> whose message is resonating with the voters? we'll get another take from frank luntz who put his focus group to the test and author of "what americans want, really." frank, what do they want? whose foreign policy are they the biggest fan of? >> i want to back up howard kurtz earlier because what he said about donald trump is exactly connect, that trump's language is connecting with republican voters and this is no secretary place. we brought though adds to chris tammize that it's working and first one is ted carouse and his
6:19 pm
messaging a dead on when it comes to terrorism batch how how the -- the mod ran and conself-tive lines when talking about what he'll do to fight isits. >> we will not defeat its mick radical terrace long as we have a president who refuses to utter the words. radical islamic terrorism. what we need is a commander in chief that makes clear if you join isis, if you wage jean-claude on america, you've signed your death warrant. i introduced a bill in the senate that says if any american travels to the middle east and joins isis, that he or she forefits their citizenship so they don't use a passport to come back and wage jihad on americans. >> mm-hmm. we've got the point there. that was athen, i guess. >> it was a great one. it's one. best that we've tested so far
6:20 pm
this election sickle and uber is he's explicit. you've ind your death warrant if you back ises that's exactly what republicans want to hear. >> has the best air and just about the worst act. for 1994 this ad doesn't work. take a look. >> there's a scorpion in the desert. for most of us it's venom is a clear and deadly threat, but others refuse to even speak its name. wins the skofrp yts connection our discussion before we know what it is, before it strikes again. >> i'm ted cruz, and i approve this message. >> i don't know, frank.
6:21 pm
the music alone kind of scared me. >> but it's nothing wrong with scaring people. the issue is they don't get it. that it's so subtle that simply doesn't work. >> simpler message would be better. so as far as looking at the left, i mean, we've seen the messages coming from the gop candidates. how are they viewing the hawkish message coming from hillary clinton on fight terrorism? >> well, that's one of the keys, and this is where chris christie does it particularly well where he holds her accountable for what the obama administration has done. there's a mistake that republicans have been making which is to try to focus on why each other is wrong, when what republicans really want is to demonstrate were barack obama and hillary clinton are wrong and need to remind audiences hillary clinton was the secretary of state for four years and these are the results and consequences her policies and the gop needs to call it the obama/clinton foreign policy.
6:22 pm
>> frank, do you see it that the candidates are amping up their tone on terrorism following these paris attacks? i mean, it would seem that we're seeing a change in strategy from almost all of these candidate as we move forward. >> you're exactly correct. they are amping it up and they are talking more about details and that's exactly what the public wants. they want a plan, and toys three simple strategic steps that near going to hear from each candidate to make themselves feel safer. only 10% americans feel safer under barack obama and 80% feel less safe. >> and the polling shows that the tolerance of the american people, their tolerance for wanting more action and more aggressive action from the u.s. on terror is going up as well. frank, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. well, amid concerns of terror at home president obama meeting with top national security advisers, but it's what he said afterwards that's making
6:23 pm
all the headlines. dana perino is here on that. then, we go live to chicago where protesters are taking to the streets over the police-involved shooting of a teenager. mike tobin will be live on the ground with the late report. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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advil pain relievers are used by more households
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than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. breaking tonight. new comments from president obama after he met with his national security team to assess terror threats against the homeland. in the immediate aftermath of the paris terror attacks the president lashed out at critics of his policy to defeat isis, but today the president shout to reassure an increasingly concerned american public saying there's no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot against america. some say this represents a shift in the president's tone. >> folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, present a specific plan. >> i cannot think of a more
6:27 pm
potent recruitment tool for isil than some of the rhetoric that's been coming out of here during the course of this debate. we do not succumb to fear. that's -- that's the primary power that these terrorists have over us. its murderous ideology pose a serious threat to all of us. it cannot be tolerated. it must be destroyed, and we must do it together. >> i want the american people to know entering the holidays that the combined resources of our military, our intelligence and our homeland security agencies are on the case. they are vigilant, relentless and effective. in the event of a specific credible threat the public will be informed. >> dana perino is co-host of "the five," former white house press sent and author of "and the good news is" and we're
6:28 pm
happy that you're here tonight. >> thanks for having me? what is the shift in tone that everybody is talking about? do you see it? >> i think if you're actually watching it, the first thing i thought of is this is the difference between him speaking from the heart and off the cuff and without notes and him being scripted and on teleprompter. when he is speaking from the heart and he's overseas, his first instinct almost always is to attack republicans when it's galling in fact for republicans to say we were just asking for a little bit of a pause in making sure that everything is set and he was -- president obama said you are isis' best recruiting tool. i thought that was the most offensive thing that he said. >> you're the political expert here, but that sound that we played from him at g-20 conference in turkey saying folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think we should do present a specific plan. well, dana, he's being criticized for not presenting a specific plan and a new polling, cbs news poll, they asked do you
6:29 pm
think barack obama has a clear plan for dealing with isis militants or not? the respondents, 66% said no, he does not have a clear plan. so, i mean, he's getting criticized from all angles here. >> if you're at white house, i think if you see that number of 66% of people, that's obviously a clear majority, you have to admit that your messaging isn't working and the clip that we showed where he's sounding very reasonable was very scripted like the annual be vigilant type of thing, the message that we've had to have our government present to us since 2001 if there were no credible threats that he said today. i don't think it would be hard for the president to be able to soften his language a little bit if his instincts weren't always to try to fight against everything. >> when i say being attacked from all angles, and i don't have to tell you, senator dianne feinstein saying i read the
6:30 pm
intelligence faithfully, isil is not contained. it's expanding and communists saying the tone is all wrong coming from president obama and the questions answering at the g-20 alongside president hollande i could have done a better job. it's not hard -- basically what america is looking for and basically the world because the president is still the leader of the free world, i don't think that's in question, but what americans are looking for is a time when they are worried a little bit of a warm blanket from the president of the united states, just a little bit of humanity, some -- a willingness to say i am on top of this. i share your grief. i am going -- we're going to fight this together instead of just accusing people of not having a plan. it's not our job to come up with a plan. >> one can say he's kind of doing that by coming out and saying go travel, stick to your thanksgiving plans, but on the other hand -- >> but that was a written statement. that's something that goes through staffing and goes through the teleprompter and that is not necessarily coming from his heart.
6:31 pm
i think that if he would just talk to americans, absolutely, don't change your plans and it would be a little bit more comforting than having to watch the juxtaposition of the angry president versusled rote president on a teleprompter. >> or to hear him take a more aggressive tone which fox news polling show a majority of americans say president obama is not aggressive enough with his plan to defeat and destroy isis. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> great you have to, dana perino. >> up next we'll take you live to chicago where protesters have gathered for a second night after police released a graphic video showing a white police officer shooting a black teen 16 times. mike tobin is walking with the protesters and joins us next. conquer the weather.
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>> i want an officer to look me in the phrase and feel my pain. i want the officer to know what if i was laquan and you shot me 16 times. what if you had a son and they shot him 16 times. wouldn't you want tom justice? you would take that badge off and you would take that uniform off and come on our side and face these issues. >> that was an emotional protester speaking to our own mike tobin tonight in chicago. he's the same protester you saw last night staring down a police officer on this program. as you can see, tensions are running high on a second night of demonstrations happenings there after police released a video showing a black teenager being shot to death by a white police officer. president obama has now weighed in on this. posting on facebook that he's deeply disturbed by the footage of the fatal shooting but is grateful to the people of his
6:36 pm
hometown for keeping protests peaceful. but we begin with mike tobin in chicago. mike. >> hi, san draft. the demonstrators are certainly covering some ground tonight. they have been all over the business district. notice chicago's loop and out on the magnificent mile where the high end shopping takes place. had a sit-in out there and something that's affected the numbers out here is a cold enough rain. there you see some of the people from the anonymous organization who have joined the protest here in chicago. now there was a dustup just a short time ago, about half an hour ago and demonstrators were trying to go west out of chicago's loop and it looks like they were trying to gain access to the kennedy expressway. that's where the police drew a line. as soon as they had the line, didn't allow them through and ended up with the conflict, a lot of pushing and shoving and what we hear from the demonstrators is one person was arrested and that particular skirmish with the police. now, they keep walking. heading south out of business district right now and the demand really ranges to a number
6:37 pm
of different subjects. they want resignation of police superintendent garry mccarthy, claiming that it took too long. one of them shouting anita alvarez. that's the state's attorney saying she sat on this case and sat on the video for too long, more than a year since the shooting. that's one of the things they want. they also -- some of their demands range from setting up citizen panels to review the police action and as they make the demands and make their presence known and try to be heard marching in the streets of chicago they are covering a lot of ground and the numbers are thinning primarily due to a cold enough rain. sandra. >> mike tobin live on the ground in chicago for us, thank you. and as fbi warns local police departments across the united states to be on the lookout for a paris-style copycat attack, the question now becomes are cops stretched too thin in the wake of these protests. joining us now civil rights attorney andell brown and jeff wardeh, spokesmen for the st. louis police officers
6:38 pm
association and author of qferghanistan, the war on police." jeff, i'll start with you first their behavior at all in the wake of these protests? >> well, yes, sandra, of course they have to. you know, this -- this takes resources from law enforcement and policing functions and it takes a lot of troops to police a protest like this, particularly one like this in chicago where it's a very fluid and mobile protest. >> and would you say -- is it fair to say that this is a tough time to be a police officer in this country? >> what i would say is that it's a tough time for the community not to have transparency and account ability from all of its government including police officers. when we see what we saw in this case, a video that showed clearly what happened which was contradicted by a report that claims that there was a lung that obviously never happened,
6:39 pm
then it would be irresponsible for those members of the community not to speak up and speak out and demand transparency and accountability of all their government, including the police officers. >> jeff, we saw our reporter in chicago mike tobin interview that very emotional protester on the ground there, the same protester that was live with megyn kelly last night during this hour who stared down that police officer. that's an image that stays with a lot of people. you know, there's -- the obvious concern of lack of respect for our police in this country, where do we go from here? >> well, i think we need to have the broader conversation that we've missed in ferguson and baltimore and now chicago. as a result of the pitched violence that we've seen in the aftermath of these law enforcement interactions, we've taken this country in the wrong direction. we are more likely to have the
6:40 pm
next michael brown type incident than we were on august 9th of last year because tensions are so high, and there is so much violence being aimed at the police, and they rerespond appropriately in those situations. >> and as we know we're hearing from activists, community leaders are speaking out. they are calling for more police investigations after we've all had a chance to see that video and the majority of people a have watched video there's a consensus it wasn't good what happened that night. they want something from the mayor. they are threatening to shut down black friday on friday, these protesters. what do they want? what do they want to hear from the mayor? what changes do they want to see made? >> i think what they want is more accountability and more transparency. when we look at care, the time that it took to arrive at this conclusion. it seemed as if it was a knee jerk reaction to the fact that the public was going to see what
6:41 pm
happened. the fact that a year went by without the community that holds these people accountable from the mayors, to the district attorneys and police chiefs, holds them accountable and did not know what happened when the video is very clear as to what happened. the fact that it took this long to arrive at a conclusion that many view as just is part of the problem. >> all right. well, it is a big problem. it's one that continues tonight and the protesters in chicago, thanks for coming on tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> washington's police chief is getting new puckback for encouraging americans to take down terrorists in mass shooting situations like in paris, but critics say that may be hard to do considering gun law in her own city e. and news of syrians arriving on our southern border is raising serious national security concerns. we'll ask a lawmaker from the boarder state of arizona when she's hearing. i have asthma...
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breaking tonight, one of the nation's top cops is facing new pushback after urging civilians to take down gunmen like the paris attackers, if they k. >> washington, d.c. police chief kathy lannier's comments come in the wake of paris shootings and after isis named our nation's capital as a potential target.
6:46 pm
here she is on "60 minutes" earlier this week. >> your options are run, hide or fight. i always say if you can get out, getting out is your first option, best option. if you're in a position to try to take the gunman down or out it's the best option for saving lives before police can get there. >> but what lannier left south that her city has particularly strich concealed weapons laws leaving some to ask if d.c. needs to change its laws. joining me now gail trotter, a senior fellow at the independent women's forum and the founder and executive director of the accountability project. i'll start with you first. seems like she's urging citizens to do one thing but not allowing them the proper tools. >> taking direction from the fbi, she did not say run, hide or shoot. she said run, hard or charge, run, hide or attack which is exactly earlier this year when we saw the three servicemen
6:47 pm
attack shooter, the terrorist on the european rail train. what they did, and they were trained, was they went and attacked -- they tackled a man, got weapon out of his hand and that's what the fbi is saying, get the weapon out their hand and the reality is only trained officer shoot their target 34% of the time. vision is down to 17% in crisis situations. >> nomiki, are you suggesting that she wasn't referencing attacking a shooter with a gun, wrestling him down as in the case of the restaurant paris or the concert hall in paris that was stormed with armed terrorists in. >> that's exactly what she was doing because in the case video, there's a zion to this, this isn't hocus pocus. fbi has researched this and sent out video where they instruct people to use coffee mugs, chairs, fire extinguishers to knock the weaponry out of their hands. you don't want a shootout. >> i've got to get gail in here. what is your take on this?
6:48 pm
is would appear that she was making a suggestion that if you're armed and carrying a weapon to then use it and apply that force. how did you see it? >> yes. concealed carry means that soft targets the may be not so soft and isis has said that they would like to bring a paris-style attack or worse to d.c. the d.c. city council should take immediate emergency action to streamline the process where law-abiding d.c. citizens can get conceal carry permit. now in the past year 79% of conceal carry permit applications have been denied by the city. that means 185 applications out of 233 have been rejected, but we know that conceal carry makes it more dangerous for terrorists who want to go on a murderous rampage. that's why d.c. police chief lannier said that you should take the terrorists down.
6:49 pm
>> nomiki, to gail's point, if she believes that the best way to combat these terrorists is to fight them face on, why not approve more concealed carry licenses? >> because the guns don't actually solve this problem. it sounds good in theory, but there is a science behind this. the reality is most law enforcement officials, over 990%, say that when you have open carry laws it actually encourages more shooting. >> no, that's absolutely false. >> actually proven. >> that's false. the data does not show that. >> gail, respond. >> actually a concealed carry permit holders are amongst the most law-abiding segment. >> we're not having a debate over the second amendment. >> no, not -- >> having a debate over targeting an active shooter. >> let me get in here because it is noted. looking back at history, that in certain situations where a gunman does enter or a terrorist does enter into a situation, in most scenarios those are killed within the first ten minutes and
6:50 pm
police often don't even get to the scene within ten minutes. >> right. >> the average is more like five to seven minutes, so nomiki, gail is strong point that it would help if there's somebody on the scene with a gun. >> sure, if they're trained. because if they're not trained. >> they are trained. they're the most trained -- >> gail, i'm talking about -- >> the ability. >> gail. >> police officers. >> we're talking about. >> finish your point, then we'll get gail in one last time. >> those who are trained in crisis, in combat, are the ones who only shoot their targets 44% of the time. >> we've got to go. >> law abiding citizens who get concealed carry permits have a lower risk by about a sixth of police officers who are trained to respond in these situations. >> so the police chief there urging citizens to act. that's the story. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> great to be with you. >> new national security concerns are being raised by lawmakers as we get even more
6:51 pm
reports of syrian refugees attempting to enter the u.s. from mexico. border state congressman of arizona is here to discuss a new report you do not want to miss. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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developing tonight, new concerns over u.s. national security as we get a series of reports of syrian refugees turning up on the u.s./mexican border. arizona republican congresswoman martha mcsally represents americans living along 85 miles of the southern border. you have been to the border countless times with ranchers, border patrol. what specifically are you seeing, congressman? >> well, we see transnational criminal organizations daily trafficking weapons and drugs and people and money into our
6:55 pm
communities, our border residents and ranchers are in danger. they're using spotters on hilltops to direct their activity. and this is a public safety threat and a national security threat right now. they're exploiting the weaknesses in our border strategy and certainly anybody else who wants to do us harm could take advantage of these holes. but in addition to that, we've got isis foreign fighters that are flowing from over -- i'm sorry, a hundred countries, 30,000 of them into iraq and syria. >> so what do we -- what's the answer? >> i was part of a task force that looked at this deep threat of isis. we have to watch home grown extremism. we've got 4500 individuals from western countries and visa waiver country that could land in an airport right now. this administration needs to step up, develop a full strategy, destroy isis where they are in iraq and syria,
6:56 pm
close the gaping hole that we have in our security which includes the southern border and those that could travel here and the home grown extremism happening in our own neighborhood. and on the eve of thanksgiving, i just want to say we should be thanking those that are deployed right now. >> you're the first woman in our nation's history to pilot a fighter plane in combat. we t your service. >> absolutely. my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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on this eve of thanksgiving we're going to ask you are you doing anything out of the norm this thanksgiving season, adding chestnuts to your stuffing? this is "the kelly file," good night. welcome to "hannity." u.s. authorities are increasing security across the country as millions of americans travel for the holiday weekend. i'm david webb in tonight for sean. also we're keeping an eye on chicago. mike tobin will join us live on the ground in just a few minutes. but first, sean interviewed 2016 republican front-runner donald trump and asked him about president obama's handling of isis, the syrian refugee security concerns and about being attacked for his comments on 9/11. >> mr. trump, yesterday i


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