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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 27, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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everyone. president obama searches for a strategy against isis, russia steps into the void partnering with france and shared revenge. this is special report. good evening, i'm doug mckelway. while americans celebrate thanksgiving today it was another business day in europe. there was serious business being done. russia and france commiserated over taattacks by isis. president putin says he's willing to cooperate with a u.s. led coalition.
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john huddy in jerusalem with increasing tensions between russia and turkey over the downing of a russian war plane. we begin with steve harrigan in paris tonight, good evening, steve. >> doug, russia says it's open to working with the u.s. in the fight against the islamic state. this as france continues to push hard for single coalition. french president hollande brought his global tour to build the coalition to moscow thursday where he received warm support from russian president vladmir putin. >> translator: we see you are putting much effort into a wide coalition. we are ready for such common work and consider it absolutely necessary. our positions coincide with this. >> translator: we have to take the initiative so we can intensify the fight against the terrorists. that's why i'm in moscow.
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to coordinate so we can beat the terrorist group and find a political solution for syria. >> they are united by atrocities carried out by isis. the attacks in paris and the downing of a russian plane. russia has intensified air strikes in syria in the past week. the french have moved in aircraft carrier to the region to triple their striking power. british prime minister cameron is urging parliament to join the fight. >> we should be part of the action not standing aside from it. and from this moral point, comes a fundamental question, if we won't act now, when our friend and ally, france, has been struck in this way, then our allies in the world can be forgiven for asking if not now, when? >> in france and belgium the manhunt continues for the eighth attacker, sulaw abslaum and a
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possible accomplice who was stopped together two days before the attacks. despite the arrests the terror threat in belgium has been lowered from four the highest, to three. the capital brussels has been locked down for the past five days. france will face a new security challenge as 140 world leaders begin to arrive sunday for a un climate conference. >> now, we've gotten word that german police have made two arrests in a mosque in berlin. the two men stand accused of planning to carry out a bombing attack, doug? >> steve harrigan with a brightly live eiffel tower behind him. things are not getting better between russia and turkey. harsh words about who should apologize to him over the shoot hg down of a russian war plane. john huddy has the latest from our middle east newsroom. >> the standoff continues, the
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turkish president not backing down, saying that faced with the same violation today turkey would give the same response. this flight track says the jet was in turkish air space. audio recordings prove warnings were given. the russian flight navigator who survived said that wasn't the case and russia's foreign minister lavrov said it appeared the attack wasn't spontaneous but a planned provocation. adding to the military concerns, russia has deployed an s 400 missile system to its syrian base 30 miles from the turkish border. it has a range of 155 miles. and today russia's military cut all communication channels with turkey. the foreign ministers of both countries maintain there are no plans to go to war over the situation. instead, there are likely to be serious economic repercussions.
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the russian president said it seems the turkish leadership is deliberately driving relations between russia and turkey into a dead end. he accused turkey of buying its oil from isis on the black market. the turkish president's response, shame on you. so it may not be military action or the ongoing political firestorm that drives both countries to that dead end. but more so money. russia's foreign minister said wide ranging sanctions will be imposed on turkey and trade between both countries was more than $30 billion. financially there's a lot at stake. >> thank you very much for jerusalem where it's early friday morning. there are new questions tonight about president obama's stewardship of the isis campaign and the operation of his national security council. it comes amid disturbing reports
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about intelligence being twisted to fit political narratives. al james rosen has that story tonight from the white house. >> as a consumer of this intelligence it feels like we've had a pretty clear eyed sober assessment of where we've made real progress and where we have not. >> the weekly standard reports intelligence analysts have provided pentagon inspectors with a year's worth of documents. showing negative assessments of the u.s. fight against isis were sanitized on their way up the chain of command. it further alleges that intelligence collected from saddam hussein's compound was not represented. >> i deal daily with the full american challenges. we're seizing opportunities and we're meeting challenges head on. >> some leading experts question how effectively the obama nsc is
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functioning. an author of running the world, told fox news that despite punitive successes such as the iran nuclear deal, time will not be kind to susan rice and her team. >> i think the results are bad. frankly, i think that history is not going to judge the president's performance or his nsc's performance very well. i've speaken to people in the pentagon on a fairly regular basis who have said this nsc is resistant to suggestions, advice and interpretations that don't fit with their world view. >> the death spiral in syria where several nations are now waging war, the body count exceeds 300,000. new refugees and foreign fighters are produced daily has taxed the obama nsc and produced its most dysfunctional moments. case in point, 2012 when the secretaries of state and defense, chairman of the joint chiefs and director of cia all advised president obama to arm
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the syrian rebels. the commander in chief rejected their counsel as a fantasy. >> you want an honest open discussion. clearly in that instance the process did do that but it didn't yield probably what would have been the better result which would have been to have taken their advice. >> then there was a president's red line. charlie savage and author of power wars, a critically acclaimed 800 page study of the obama national security claim said the president usually insistent on orderly procedure stunned his team twice. first by making policy on the fly, then with a last minute pivot away from air strikes. >> the fact that became a red line, certainly was not an output of functional decision making because no one knew he was going to say it until he said it. most of his policy advisors in that situation expected him to move forward and authorize and
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attack. it tells us eastern his nsc can be surprised by the decisions he makes at some point. >> in fairness the experts we consulted. noted a smooth process can yield a poor outcome and most of the questions and decisions that make it to the national security council are one where there is no wholly positiveu outcome to e achieved. pope francis said it would be catastrophic if special interests get in the way of a special climate change agreement. the pope spoke during a rain smoked mass in nairobi, kenya. organizers had expected almost million and a half people. you will be next to hear how many isis operators may already be in the u.s. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering. fox 5 in las vegas with a look at the changes in holiday shopping in the internet age.
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most people prefer to go to stores, cyber monday is taking a chunk out of in person sales. it's predicted 136 million of you will hit the stores between now and sunday night. fox 35 in orlando with the arrest of a polite if not terribly proficient robber. police say when brian mccoy robbed a convenience store he apologized and let another customer cut ahead of him in line. after getting away with cash and beer, he turned himself in later than night. and this is a live look at honolulu from khon a customer doing some online banking sees her account is outstanding more a trillion dollars. the bank says the glitch has been fixed. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway for special report. we'll be right back.
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we are getting a clearer picture tonight of the extent of the isis threat here at home. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge takes a look at the surprising numbers. with as many as a thousand active cases fox news has learned 48 isis suspects are so high risk the fbi is using its elite tracking squad known as a mobile surveillance team. a member of the senate intelligence committee could not get into specifics, but confirmed the around the clock surveillance is a major resource commitment for the bureau. >> there's information that's classified i cannot disclose. there is a very significant number of people that are on suspicious watch lists. under surveillance. >> these elite fbi teams are reserved for high priority terrorism cases like this investigation last june where a 26-year-old suspect was killed outside a massachusetts cvs after he challenged police and fbi agents with a knife.
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with at least a dozen agents assigned to each case providing 24/7 coverage. it reflects the severe risk associates with suspects most likely to attempt copy cat attacks. >> it's a resource drain there will be people over the thanksgiving weekend who will not be enjoying turkey with their family. >> one of the lessons of paris is the radicalization process can happen quickly. according to france the female suspect who was killed in the siege in san denis abandoned her party life a month before joining her cousin abaaoud, the on the ground commander. the fbi director called attention to the phenomenon. the time between radicalization and violence can be very short. last week, colmy would say dozens in the u.s. are under tight surveillance. >> we will keep watching them. if we see something we'll work to disrupt it. >> an fbi spokesman had no
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comment. but more than four dozen is believed to be a record number. doug? >> thank you, catherine herridge. authorities in new york were taking no chances today during the parade. helicopters flew overhead and officers stood on top of vans and on the mar key at radio city music hall. a shortdown is brewing between governors and feds over syrian refugees in this country. mike emanuel shows us it has to do with who actually has the authority to make the decisions. in his thanksgiving address, president obama compared the syrian refugees with pilgrims on the mayflower and tried to reassure the american people. >> people should remember no refugee can enter our borders until they undergo the highest security checks of anyone traveling to the united states. that was the case before paris. and it's the case now. >> with 31 governors saying the refugees should not be brought to the u.s. andsult governors
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saying syrian refugees will not be able to settle in their states. the administration warn they do nut have the legal authority in this letter sent yesterday writing, any state with such a policy would not be in compliance with the state plan requirements. applicable statutes and their own assurances i could be subject to action including suspension and termination. bob goodlack fired back saying it's hypocritical for officials to threaten enforcement action against the states when they refuse to enforce the vast majority of our immigration laws. before leaving for the thanksgiving holiday, house lawmakers overwhelmly passed a measure requiring a higher level of verification for a refugee from iraq or syria to be allowed into the country. >> if our law enforcement and intelligence community cannot verify each and every person coming here is not a security threat, then they shouldn't be allowed in. >> in the senate democrats have promised to block the bill.
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>> the united states has a history of providing refuge to world's most vulnerable. it would be shameful for us to turn our backs. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell has put it on the colandcal calendar. >> we need a pause or moratorium because the american people are quite concerned and upset about the possibility of terrorists coming into our country through some kind of refugee program. >> mcconnell says the ultimate solution is making syria a place its people can return to. but he says the administration has n a coherent strategy to settle the conflict there. doug? thank you, mike. still ahead, where illegal immigrants are fighting for the right to drive in the u.s. legally. but first, grass roots issues in 2016. many of you live in other states now considering legalizing marijuana.
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protesters in chicago are threatening to disrupt black friday shopping. they have already staged two nights of demonstrations following the release of video showing a white police officer gunning down an african-american teenager. the demonstrations have been mostly peaceful. last night several people were arrested after they attacked the christmas tree in mille millenn. voters in several states could get chance to legalize marijuana next fall. molly line reports from boston, where residents may have more than one option in 2016. voters in nearly a dozen states could see initiatives on the 2016 ballot aiming to lift prohibitions on marijuana.
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moves that could offer an edge to democratic candidates. the latest polling shows democrats favor marijuana legalization over republicans 62% to 36%. advocates believe the initiatives may also boost the youth vote. >> demographically it tends to skew younger. >> 63 pest of millennials support legalization, young democrats are more enthusiastic with 77% supporting. >> there's a lot of states where it's going to be on the ballot. massachusetts is one of them. it will be one of the main factors that drives the youth to come out and vote. >> in massachusetts where democrats out number republicans three to one. voters may see dueling marijuana initiatives on the ballts. a proposal from the advocate group seeks to legalize recreational oversight.
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>> we use the department of public health to regulate marijuana should it become legal and you're not creating a new bureaucracy. >> i think it's much more about not going to another experiment, but just making the laboratories of democracy that colorado and washington have alaska and oregon have become, making that better. >> opponents of the new initiatives include the bay state's republican governor, charlie baker. >> i believe that properly used under a doctor's supervision medical marijuana can be a benefit to people who are dealing with cancer and seizures and other circumstances. but there's no reason to legalize marijuana. when i talk to people in the addiction community, the education communities, healthcare community, they all say the same thing, which is this is a bad idea. and i'm opposed to it. >> several swing states are among those that may see recreational marijuana legalization initiatives on the
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ballot. in boston, molly line, fox news. thank you. hurricane sandra has strengthened to a powerful category four storm in the pacific off of mexico coasts. winds increased to near 130 miles per hour. the u.s. national hurricane center says it expects it to weaken friday a day before it is expected to make land fall in northern next. airport security getting an assist from you. that's coming up next on special -- this special holiday edition of special report. ♪ did you ever know that you're my hero ♪ ♪ everything
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if you are flying this holiday weekend you may need to get to the airport earlier because of added security. you may find there are more people engaged in people watching. phil keating reports from ft. lauderdale, florida there is no cause for alarm. after 9/11 anyone with a camera standing around on the edge of an airport taking pictures of planes, immediately earned a visit from suspicious police. today, these fascinated photographers are an anti-terrorism tool. >> it's a hobby, just like people have stamp collecting, people watch football. >> and this man has plane
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spotting. just like train spotters with trains, plane spotters spend hours at airports all over the country. enamored with aviation. their hobby watching planes come and go is evolving to one expanding our airport's overall security plan. >> they have like a neighborhood watch around people's homes, this is an airport watch. >> they've gone through background checks and they are integrated as fll airport watch. where they use their long lenses for their hobby and the lookout. >> a lot of us are out here, a lot of weekends, you get a feel for the flow of things. and you can recognize things that seem strange. >> around the country, about a dozen airports are now doing this, including miami, phoenix and here at chicago o'hare. just a few weeks ago in ft. lauderdale a plane watcher was one of the first to see this airways boeing 767 engine eng f
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engulfed in flames. in light of what happens happened in paris and egypt, officials see spotters as extra eye balls. >> you can't not think that the people who did what they did in paris there couldn't be other people wanting to do similar things here in the united states. again, we know that airports have vulnerabilitieses, at the same time we have a lot of security. >> plane spotters are another lair of terror prevention where long lenses spot somebody trying to hop the fence or see something suspicious underneath the plane. in ft. lauderdale, phil keating, fox news. there is growing controversy tonight in oregon over whether illegal immigrants should have legal driver's licenses. correspondent dan springer looks at both sides tonight from portland. >> this man sneaked into the united states illegally from mexico in 1988.
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he's lived in portland oregon doing construction jobs, the whole time driving without a license. now a lawsuit aims to allow him and all illegals in the state the ability to get a driver's license. >> if an illegal get a driver's license it will be better. there's more opportunities to find a job as a driver. you know, to get around the city with confidence. >> the state legislature agreed passing a law giving illegal immigrants a driver's card. before the first license was issued. critics launched a successful campaign. 2/3 of voters rejected the law h. 35 of 36 counties. majority of republicans, democrats and independents. five illegal immigrants sued. alleging opponents of the law won by demonizing a disfavored minority group, specifically mexicans and central americans. >> they have to establish there were enough voters who voted no and were prompted to do so because of racial concerns.
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that that could have tipped the election. >> norman williams says it's long shot. he believes the plaintiffs have a slim chance of convincing the judge that the state does not have a legitimate reason for denying them licenses. even though that's the policy in 40 states. leaders say a driver's license opens doors illegal immigrants are not entitled to. >> there is no inherent right for somebody that's here illegally to be able to get a driver's license. that isn't a constitutional right. they don't deserve it because they made it here illegally. >> according to a study done by the federation for american immigration reform, the roughly 170,000 illegal immigrants in the state cost oregonens a billion dollars a year. that's before the cost of defending the voterersati' decin that drive associaing is a priv does the president obama administration purposefully
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ignore intelligence in order to fit its politics? we'll talk about it with the panel when we come back.
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i don't know what we'll discover with respect to what was going on with sent com. i don't know the details. what where do know is my expectation. which is the highest fidelity to facts, data the truth. >> the focus ought to start at the top. where intelligence stop and starts is the president. he's the number one customer. if he's naugot getting the intelligence that he needs, something else is wrong. >> we've known for some time there have been rumors and indeed significant pieces of intelligence that when the president called isis the jv
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team he was being disingenuous and ignori. the daily beast reported and i quote, more than 50 intelligence analysts working out of the u.s. military central command have complained their reports on isis and al qaeda's ranch in syria were being altered by senior officials. now thanks to steve hayes at the weekly standard who put a piece online last night. there is much more to the story. steve is connected the dots and they point in large part to the white house. let's bring in our panel, steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. and charles krauthammer. >> this is, i think, been one of the big questions how much of this comes from the white house. the story people have focused on over the past several months deals with isis manipulation at central command in tampa, florida. the question is why were these
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senior advisors, senior analysts changing reporting from younger analysts, more junior analysts and sending it on to the white house. that fed into the white house narrative of making progress against isis. and it's an ongoing investigation. it's an important investigation. but i would argue it's a side investigation. really, it's part of a much longer story and one that certainly we've talked about here before that goes back to the white house and the national security council and others in the administration shaping intelligence, in some cases denying access to intelligence. that deals with al qaeda. and the example that we give in this story is the national security council basically turning down defense agency analysts who wanted to have a full look at the osama bin laden documents. they were told they couldn't see the whole collection. finally they were granted access by the cia director, james
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clapper, the intelligence agency director and the national security council stepped in, denied them that access and shut down the analysis and examination of these bin laden documents. we have a dia michael pregent who said they denied us access. >> i think that's what makes this so unusual. the documents that were obtained during the raid on bin laden were described as voluminous, enough to fill a small college library. many of those documents we still have not seen. >> virtually all of those documents we still have not seen. we've seen 130 of them thus far. there are literally more than a million that haven't been declassified and released. >> where does this lead? >> i think, steve has done the reporting on this. i think what it shows and the context of previous situations -- you can go back, not just about the islamic state, for example, iran. look at the 2011 plot to blow up
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the saudi foreign minister in d.c. and all of this, i think takes it centering in a negative way in how the process, the national security council process is run by susan rice down. i think it would be very challenging to find a military career officer or an intelligence official who has good things to say about how that process works. of course, intelligence is one side. but intelligence leading to the envelope of the commander in chief develops policy. >> there are some indications that congress is very much interested in looking into this. here is senator coats. >> we have to get to the bottom of this. we have to look at whether or not the white house has sent signals out basically saying well, really we don't assess it as bad as you do and are you sure, you're right. causing some people to maybe make some adjustments, to justify their decision making. >> he makes a good point
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charles, it's a piece of the puzzle. you can criticize intelligence as far as back the vooietnam wa. during the bush administration, where it was said the fact that the saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction was a slam dunk. >> well, in the iraq case, it's a hell of a coincidence every other intelligence agency in the world, germans, french, british, israelis who had a high interest in this concurred with saddam having the weapons of mass destruction. but in this particular case, with obama, he sent out the signal from the first weeks he was in the white house, when he abolished the war on terror and the theme in his reelection campaign. this trapped him into the status in denying as much as he can deny. the theme of the 2012 campaign
1:43 am
was the tide of war is receding. al qaeda is on the run and has been decimated. and he ran on that and there was a lot of evidence that they tried to make that case, that's why with the benghazi, they had to invent the video because otherwise the truth contradicted this idea. and that carried him into his reelection. he's sort of stuck with that. i don't really know whether he truly believes for example that isis is less of a threat than just about everybody in the world thinks or whether he's being cynical about this. it's not a good choice. either delusional or cynical. i'm not sure which to choose. the benign explanation is that he got trapped into this running into 2012, and he is stuck with the narrative that the tide of war is receding. he keeps trying to insist on that as we saw in the press conference he had over in turkey, which was a disaster.
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i think that's really where he is. a state of denial, but quite cynically doing it because he knows that his claim to fame, his foreign policy achievements such as it is was going to be ending the tide of war. and suppressing and decimating the terrorists. >> steve, go ahead. >> just to pick up on what charles is saying. michael flynn, the former director of the defense agency, somebody who has worked at the highest levels of the u.s. intelligence community for several decades, especially in the past ten years, said the other night on megan kelly's show. flynn says at the time, he was providing intelligence to the president, to the white house that was included in the presidential daily brief that said that al qaeda had doubled in strength. the president was running out and telling the american people that al qaeda had been decimated. to tom's point about iran, i have three in this article and a previous article, three senior
1:45 am
dif officials on the record saying that we have a lot to learn about iran's role with respect to supporting al qaeda. that's in these bin laden documents. but has not been released. their view is the administration is preventing its release because the administration was hell bent on the nuclear deal. >> a quick question to you, at the time the cia was sitting on this treasure-trove of osama bin laden documents, who was the director at the cia? >> david petraeus. he was on two sides of the dispute. early he was in favor of allowing sent com access to the documents. but at some point along the line he flipped. late spring, early summer of 2012, he flipped. and no longer wanted these -- this other -- >> let me interject was that at the time when rumors were surfacing he was having an affair? >> the official story is he didn't find out and nobody found out until the fall. of course he wasn't let go from
1:46 am
the cia until after the election. so we don't know about that. but, you know, there are people who have raised those questions. >> next up, who gets to decide whether the syrian refugees come into your neighborhood? nt
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we're back with the panel now. there are 31 governors in the united states who say that syrian refugees should not be allowed in this country, at least for the time being. 18 other governors who are now saying that they will not allow syrian refugees into their state. that at a time when the president of the united states in his thanksgiving day address said syrian refugees are much like pilgrims on the mayflower in the sense that they are fleeing religious persecution and a he said they will be thoroughly
1:50 am
vetted. here is what he said. >> people should remember no refugee can enter our borders until they undergo the highest security checks of anyone traveling to the united states. that was the case before paris, and it's the case now. >> charles, we are going to face a monumental fight i suppose in this building behind me. perhaps in the courts as well. >> look, the federal government has sent a letter to the governors saying cease and desist, essentially. this is illegal. you you have no right on the distribution of refugees. what i like about this is the way that this administration has shamelessly and this is what bob goodlot said earlier on the show shamelessly play tan tantly illegal sanctuary cities has the president issue a blatantly illegal to legalize 5 million illegal immigrants with complete disregards of the law. all of a sudden on this it wants to insist on the law. i happen to think that they probably are right as to how
1:51 am
the law would be applied if the supreme court had to deal with it, but it is quite shameless the way that they are selective on this issue and do nothing about the glaring ill legalities of their other actions. the federal government's other actions. >> with the president's refusal to enforce immigration law as his critics somehow invalidate the supremacy of federal law over state law, tom? >> i think charles' point with well made this administration we discussed it in the previous issue with intelligence there is a very selective approach how they consider the law and how they consider the tradition of american governance. that's why you see so many governors both democrats and republicans, politicians across the country not being willing to trust the administration. i think an extension to this, we just saw there the president talking about the background checks. well, you know what in the experts say if you don't have a database on people because, guess what, the syrian civil war there aren't many database running around you can't do that you can have a situation where we have orphans and women brought into the process, but until you resolve the
1:52 am
syrian civil war in which over 250,000 people have died, until you have a strategy that addresses that, the refugee train continues. it's 1 plus 1 is two, right? it's a cause and effect. >> steve do governors have any course? >> i don't know that they have any recourse. i think charles is probably right on the law. i think the governors are in a sense in a spot so they can make their case publicly and push back but i don't know that they have much recourse. if they da, certainly a court battle would take quite a while to resolve. i think one of the problems here is that the administration seems to be arguing in bad faith. i mean, they are arguing, they are suggesting that the critics are somehow crazy to be worried a national security threat. but we know that other part of the federal government make exactly these kind of distinctions. when you talk about special interest aliens they look and they apply special scrutiny to people who come from 35 countries in particular. and you have an established known smuggling network, human trafficking network seeking to bring in people in some cases people with
1:53 am
deep ties to islamic terrorists who want to come into the country. it's not at all crazy to think that this would be another potential way, particularly as tom notes without any way to go and check the data bases to go and check against some known information about this potential refugee. >> charles, couldn't you make the case that people who were brought in under the direct supervision of the federal government still would bypass knowledge of governors, for example, a lot of people brought in through the umbrella of a federal government who governors don't know where they are, what states they are in, where they are being held. >> that is true. but the threat from an immigrant from mexico is imminently less than it would be somebody coming from the war zone like syria where isis has said openly it's going use the refuse guys to get in operatives. where we saw in france this is not himght,one of the killers in the attack last week in paris had come through from syria, presumably, had come through
1:54 am
greece. into france. it's not a hypothetical proposition. i do think that we ought to let in women, children, and the elderly under the existing regulations and have new and stricter regulations for abled body potentially hostile young men, but it is an absolutely legitimate fear and governors are responsible for the safety of their citizens. so i, you know, the way the administration, the way obama dripping with contempt dismissed it in turkey i thought was shameful. >> on that note, we will end with the panel. that's it for the panel. but stay tuned to see some thanksgiving tom fool
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why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? >> >> finally tonight, every thanksgiving the company butter ball opens their turkey talk line for people to phone in and ask experts questions related to cooking the turkey. the professionals came up short when one late night host called in. [phone ringing] >> but herbal turkey talk line nicole speaking. how can i help you. >> hey, nicole i'm stephen colbert from the late show with stephen colbert. >> hi, steven, how are you today? >> i'm doing fine. how are you today? >> we are fantastic. >> i got a question about my turkey. could you help me about that. >> absolutely. >> what is the best way to thaw this thing out? >> great question. you know, that's the number one question we get year
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after year. >> i got the mine in the garage right now in a hefty bag and i poured in a jug of antifreeze. >> my goodness, we don't recommend that. >> thanks for your help. >> all right, thanks, steven. happy thanksgiving. >> good afternoon, turkey talk line chef tony, how may i help you. >> tony, how do i deep fry my turkey without catching my house on fire and a quick follow-up question you can connect me to the fire department? [ laughter ] >> that's going to do it. we do have a few seconds left so i will go around the panel and ask what you guys are thankful for on this thanksgiving day, steve? >> i'm thankful for our country, for freedom, for my parents, my siblings, my kid, my very patient wife and i'm especially grateful on this thanksgiving that in about an hour i will be on the couch, drinking a beer, watching my green bay packers beat the stuffing out of the chicago bears. >> pun intended. covered all the bases there. tom? >> i'm very grateful as an grow up abroad to be living here now and spend time with my family tonight my 19-year-old marine grandfather and he likes to tease me about.
1:58 am
i made him proud this evening because i shaved for the show. >> congratulations. well done. >> charles? >> presidential term limits. my serious answer is. [ laughter ] >> that i won the demographic lottery by being born in this country one in 16 chance.di("t) started with and stems from that lucky break. >> and i will end it with the fact that i'm proud for my extremely hard working wife who found the time somehow today to bake from scratch a boston cream pie, put it down on the kitchen table. our labrador ate half of it but she snatched it back and i plan to eat the second half. thanks for watching special all right, >> it is friday, november 27th. the black friday blitz is on. >> yup, that happened.
1:59 am
shoppers already flowing punches overnight wrestling each other to the ground to get the best deals as protestors threaten to shut down one of the busiest p shoing districts. >> the obama family thanksgiving lock down when a man draped in an american flag scales the white house fence. >> wait until you hear what he was scarying when police finally caught up. >> an extreme weather threatening travel plans for millions trying to get home after thanksgiving. maria molina tracking where the storm is headed right now. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> a little tom petty in time's square. ♪ >> you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday
2:00 am
morning chlg lea gabrielle in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for beginning your day this way. americans across the country are battling it out for the best black friday deal. >> the madness has already begun. >> new video showing a brawl between shoppers. this happened at an arlington kentucky throwing punches wrestling each other to the ground in a packed food court. one woman was trampled to the ground that's when police stepped in. >> they swarm and brave the malls some braving rain, snow even outside of a tent just for a bargain. >> many stores started their sales in an attempt to ease the mad dash. they expect people to spend an average of $800 on the day. >> meantime protestors in chicag


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