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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 27, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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it had a large metal wire wrapped on his mouth. do you smell what the rock is cooking? >> happy good friday. hope you had a great holiday. and enjoy your weekend. "fox and friends" starts now. >> bye. hi friends. good morning. today is friday, the 27th of november. 2015. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. they're off. the fists flying on this black friday already. >> they have no sense. shoppers brawling trying to get the best deals as protesters threaten to shut down shopping in one major city. the obama family thanksgiving on lockdown when a man draped in an american flag scales the white house fence and wait until you hear what he was carrying when the police finally caught him. >> the president says you should open up your home to the syrian refugees and explains it like this.
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>> nearly four centuries after the mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims. >> was that really the right comparison? "fox and friends" begins right now. hey everyone. welcome to "fox and friends" on black friday. we're all in this morning. like the weekend. we're all filling in. >> are you doing any shopping today? >> people said no way. >> people sending in videos and photos this morning of themselves out there in line. because black friday, i know people were camped out overnight, going out around midnight for these deals. >> how good are the deals, though? >> some are pretty crazy. gets hundreds of dollars off of tvs. >> is it worth losing a tooth? >> i don't think so. not a hockey match. we'll start with that fox news alert. battle for the deals has begun.
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check it out. >> they're just tickling. aren't they always like this? >> that's a mall video showing a brawl in kentucky, throwing punches and wrestling each other to the ground in a packed food court. one woman was tramped. that's when police stepped in. in stores and malls across the country, some braving rain, snow and outside in tents. you get the bargains. many stores started their sales yesterday in an attempt to ease this morning's mad dash. >> in chicago, protesters threatening to disrupt the holiday shopping there. they're planning to shut down one of the biggest shopping districts in the nation. the magnificent mile. the goal is to draw attention to what they consider a police brutality problem. the video we showed of the people in a brawl. i think they're going to get in fights no matter where they are.
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they have pent up anger. >> i agree with you. my general shopping during the holidays, if i go to a big box store and there's a news crew there, get right back in the car. head on back home. go tomorrow. >> i know it's crazy. google has come out with the top three gifts for the most of the holiday kickoffs. here's what they say to do. they analyze all of this data. shopping in the morning is the smartest move because foot traffic picks up. if you notice in the afternoon on black friday, between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. it's a mad house. 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. is the busiest time. that's not to say right now wouldn't be busy too. it's the busiest shopping day of the year. >> wait until 9:00. >> watch "fox and friends" before you hed out of the door. >> avoid electronics and cell phones. >> check to see they have what you want before you step into
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the fracas. >> if you have a mission, i need to get this and this. maybe you ought to call first. >> maybe get it online. >> that's part of the deal. actually, according to guardian this morning, a lot of these great deals will come on cyber monday. that's why these stores are trying to ramp up on friday to offset the cyber monday deals. here's what not to buy today. i like this. i say this as the tech guy. do not buy the garbage off brand electronics that you've never heard of before that came in on a boat off china. you're going to buy it and i guarantee in a month it will break and you won't know who to call. it's not by sony, they replace one letter. >> some of the stuff is garbage. don't buy the off market tabloid device, you'll be wishing you didn't in a month. >> apple products, be savvy about where. >> why is that? >> they don't issue huge
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discounts on their products. target is doing a $100 gift card if you buy an ipad. it's not $100 off the ipad. it's a gift card to buy more stuff at target. which is fine. sams club is taking $175 off of ipads for cyber monday. we'll be talking about that tomorrow. >> winter apparel and holiday decorations, because you can get better deals a little later. if you like to decorate your christmas tree the day after thanksgiving, you got to bite the bullet and do it. >> my wife is smart about this. she'll buy up the decorations. she'll be like, i got this for a dollar. she's so excited about it. >> the day after christmas, buys all of the gift wrap and bags and ribbons. if you live in a new york city apartment, you don't have room to do that. where are you going to put it? >> the mall is not the only place you get tackled this
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weekend. fox news alert. another security breach at the white house. the american flag holding a binder jumps over the spiked fence. it happened as the obama family was sitting down to thanksgiving dinner. >> garrett tenney joins us live from washington, d.c. with the latest. not the first time it's happened, garrett. >> certainly not. joseph caputo. what we still don't know is why exactly he jumped the fence and what he was hoping to accomplish. around 2:45 yesterday afternoon, as the obama family was sitting down to dinner, caputo broke apart from people and started to scale the fence. this woman standing right next to him when it happened. >> before i knew it, i heard him take a deep breath and whisper to himself like, all right, let's do this. he took off, jumped over the barricades and climbed the fence. once he went over, he kind of like lifted his arms up.
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we couldn't figure it out. by that time the police are yelling like get out, get out. we have a jumper. >> all right. let's do this. that's what he was saying as he took off. almost immediately, secret service agents and guard dogs were on the jumper who laid on the grass waiting for them. it was a hectic scene though and led to the white house being on locked down for three hours. it's not the first time it happened. this latest incident is the first time that someone climbed over the fence since july when spikes were installed on the backside of the fence supposedly to make it more difficult to climb. the spikes are just a temporary fix, though, while more permanent security enhancements are developed. criminal charges are now pending for caputo. back to you. >> he got called and -- >> the spikes on the fence, they have like a bike rack. ten feet away from the fence. if somebody has to hurdle that and get over the fence. it makes you wondergoing on.
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>> that flag with the cape. >> the notebook in his teeth. jumping over. like a leopard there. >> dedicated. you see the president's message yesterday. you may have missed what president was putting out. all focus on the syrian refugees and what to do with them. the president saying he was heartened by how many americans have written him letters. if you find the analogy that he uses about the pilgrims and the refugees interesting, listen. >> i've been touched by the generosity of the americans who have written me letters and e-mails in recent weeks offering to open their homes to refugees fleeing the brutality of isis. nearly four centuries after the mayflower set sail, the world is full of pilgrims. with men and women wants a safer better future for themselves and their families. what makes america, america is that we offer that chance. >> you see what he's trying to do there obviously. you know, it's a holiday and americans, we're a generous
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people. it's a tough line to walk when we have the crisis. but there is just concerns about -- i bet you were talking about it around your thanksgiving table, about bringing 10,000 refugees from syria. when more than half of the governors in the united states, 31 of them have said i'm trying to protect my people and i do not want to allow syrian refugees in my state. >> it's clever framing by the president. because for the last couple weeks, republicans and democrats have been fighting about whether or not it's safe to bring these refugees in with the present screening program. so maybe some people have problems with refugees, but nobody has a problem with a pilgrim on thanksgiving, right? >> that's a different situation. look at paris, six of the terror suspects that had ties to syria and one of them went through greece to france. >> just the analogy of pilgrims,
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that integration went really well. i mean, look at our nation's history. not exactly like cupcakes and flowers. this -- it's not the right analogy. >> a pilgrim makes a trip to a holy place. i thought that the pitch that the president and the white house have been making is the united states is a safe place and get as many people in as fast as possible. doesn't sound like that's the case anymore. first we want to go over to heather childers for a look at the news. >> hope you had a good thanksgiving. we begin with a fox news alert. german police announcing the arrest of a gun dealer who may have sold weapons to the terrorists behind the deadly attack we were talking about. the online sale included two ak-47s and m-70 assault rifles. a special memorial service wrapped up in paris honoring the 130 people killed marking two weeks since the attacks.
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a new look at what happened moments before this. a gunman stood over tulane med student peter gold shooting him in the stomach. euric cain was dragging a woman to his car. thankfully gold drives by and comes to the woman's rescue. we now know that it is that brave move that enraged the gunman after shooting the med stew depth in the stomach by the way. he aimed for his head but the gun jammed. cain held on charges of second degree murder and attempted kidnapping. it is one of the busiest travel months of the year. this morning we're learning that a convicted criminal made it through airport security with a woman's stolen boarding pass and the thing is he was a man. michael salata arrested in salt lake city after boarding a southwest airline flight to florida. he grabbed the ticket left behind at the check-in kiosk and
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used it to get on the plane. no questions asked. it's unclear why tsa agents did not notice. finally, the carolina panthers continue their hunt to stay perfect dismantling totally the dallas cowboys. >> romo back. inside the 20 to the 10 and to the end zone for another defensive touchdown. >> luke! >> cam newton played another solid game with the help of two defensive touchdowns to lead the panthers to a 33-14 win and 11-0 record. thank you for those thanksgiving turnovers, tony. but there was this bad moment. cowboys quarterback tony romo reinjuring his collarbone. the team says that he is done for the season. no one likes to see that. the lions gobbled up the eagles 45-14. matthew stafford throws five sud passes, three to calvin johnson.
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the lions victorious in the last three thanksgiving games. >> it took da bears until the final minute for them to win the rainy showdown 17-13. the loss almost spoiling the homecoming for former packers quarterback brett favre. he returned to lambeau field for the unveiling of his previously retired number 4. those are your headlines. go panthers! >> eagles look fantastic yesterday. >> thank you. >> thanks, heather. coming up here, candidates putting out brand new ads. who sent the most powerful message? that's coming up. an nfl superstar is caught pranking his children. who was the bird? stick around. >> i like the little dance he does. fact. when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain.
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donald trump, jeb bush, marco rubio releasing new ads taking on terror. which one was the most effective. joining us now to discuss. adam goodman. thanks for coming in, adam. >> good morning. >> we got what you think out of the three spots. the best was rubio. let's have a look. >> what happened in paris could
3:18 am
happen here. there is no middle ground. these aren't disgruntled or disempowered people. these are radical terrorist who is want to kill us because we let women drive, because we let girls go to school. i'm marco rubio. i approve this message because there can be no arrangement or negotiation. either they win or we do. >> so he's just right out there saying this is the enemy is radical islamic terrorists. noft something that we hear from the current administration very much. >> right now, national security is soaring because of what happened in paris. this ad is direct, well-written, the copy is memorable. almost like a scene out of the film "reds." what works about this, is what rubio has to prove. what marco needs to prove is that he has gravitas, wisdom beyond his years. this went a long way to proving it. >> jeb bush, you think this ad
3:19 am
is good. >> you will not hear from our president. we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is a struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. >> all right. so if rubio is great. that was just good. why? >> i think it was actually very strong. it took place against the backdrop of the citadel. been around 172 years. military college in america. that was the right background for jeb as he's i think rediscovering his footing and his voice because i think he's now discovered that instead of being the most bombastic in the room, he should be the adult in the room. this san diego ad took him a long way to get to him. >> one more ad from donald trump.
3:20 am
>> including fbi -- i don't know why that's funny. >> what was that ad missing? >> it was missing donald trump. the greatest thing that has led to the trump surge has been donald. performance straight at you. unfortunately, they took the key messenger out of this ad to do a campy shtick and i think it missed the mark. >> thanks for coming in. >> always enjoy it. coming up, they look like toys but could these robots be the key to fighting terror. and the key to a happy life, larry wing et will be here with the tips to make that happen. like take a nap. not right now, though. i have asthma...
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welcome back. millions of people hit the stores today hoping to save a buck. black friday started last night for many and still going strong. we're being joined from elmhurst, new york. you get any deals this morning? >> reporter: not just yet. there are a lot of bleary-eyed people here. the gates open at midnight usually and you'll still see a lot of people here. but some of the stores opened at 3:00 yesterday afternoon, this is what we've got. two groups that will come and shop. nonetheless, one retail association estimates $630
3:25 am
billion will be spent this holiday season and about 138 million shoppers will do the bulk of that this weekend alone. certainly, we'll see a lot of volume. one retail expert told us because unemployment is holding at 5%, they will spend more than last year. certainly a good sign and also obviously a lot of people doing a lot of shopping online and doing research online impacting today. we don't see the rush of the crowds right now. but the next wave should start after breakfast, 8:00 or 9:00. if you come before breakfast, you might beat some of those crowds and line. >> thank you. be safe out there. anna, over to you. >> as the holiday season sets in, the stretches of planning -- 31% of men and 44% of women report a significant increase in stress around the holidays. our next guest says the trick to finding true happiness doesn't cost a thing. here with his guide to a happy
3:26 am
life is pit bull of personal development, larry winget. good morning and thanks for being with us. you're saying we better not call the wam beau lance and put our wine in a glass to behappy. >> shut up and stop whining and get a life. this falls into place. >> simple tips. naps are good and eat when we're hungry and stop when we're full. >> common sense. your dog knows that. why don't people know that? >> do we need to not take ourselves so seriously? >> that's sort of my rule. we get so caught up in the little things that just in the long run don't matter at all. get the big picture. scope up. >> the next thing is rise above the approval of all others. we're never going to make everybody happy, are we? >> no, but people sure try. then they set their own self-worth on whether they've made other people happy. you'll never make everybody else happy. spend more time making yourself happy. >> one thing i learned as a
3:27 am
christian growing up is that forgiveness is important. it eats us alive if we don't forgive. >> that's really the key. some people tell me and want to argue with this. they say they don't deserve forgiveness. okay, so they don't. do it for yourself otherwise it will eat you up. get healthy and stay that way. we shouldn't eat our ice cream and sitting on the couch eating potato chips all holiday season. >> not all holiday season. you know, it's hard to be really happy if you don't feel good. so take care of yourself. that's just a good common sense stuff. >> stop looking for things outside of ourselves. we have to make ourselves happy. >> that's really the big one. we're always looking for things outside, especially during the holidays. we spend more than we ought to. we're trying to make everybody else happy by buying them things. true happiness comes from within. it's an inside job. focus on what makes you happy. the things that make you happy are pretty simple. go back to loving your family and enjoying them. being comfortable with who you
3:28 am
are. proud of it. >> absolutely. that confidence can just take you a long way. >> it sure can. thank you so much. we find out more information about you and read your blog. >> just go to larry everything you ever want to know about me is available there. >> larry, thank so much. >> thank you. a great pitch for him. coming up a terrifying day for passengers when the landing gear breaks off. isis has a new opponent. the new york mafia? the son of mob boss francesco gambino says they can protect america better than the cops. he joins us live to explain. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options.
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black friday fights are
3:32 am
breaking out across the country, friends. >> this video coming out of a kentucky shopping mall and chaotic crowds are expected as millions are predicted to turn out for the busiest shopping day of the year. lauren blanchard is live in minnesota at the mall of america. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anna, clayton and peter. yes, i am just outside santaland in the mall of america. if there are any naughty shoppers, they'll be out of luck. it's pretty tame right now. most of them opening at 5:00 or 6:00 yesterday. we're just about at the 12-hour mark for shoppers. according to the national retail federation, stores all over the country are expecting to see close to 136 million shoppers in stores and online this weekend. the senior vice president of business development and marketing for the mall says like past years, folks are shopping for electronics. they're also shopping for comfort ware like will ylululem
3:33 am
star wars. >> another trend this season, we've got a lot last year when the retailers talk about how early we all get. buy a little something for ourselves while we're shopping. we're seeing a lot of that self-gifting as well. >> reporter: some 40 million visitors at the mall. this is one of their busiest weekends. we expect the next big wave of shoppers to show up in about two hours or so and continue throughout the day. back to you in new york. >> thanks a lot. how did you spend your thanksgiving yesterday? i know we're all loosening the belts this morning. slow movement. >> how was the doocy house yesterday? >> it was great. after the show i got back to the house in northern new jersey around 10:00. and didn't have to wait long to eat. we had -- i think we have a picture. there's sally with the glasses to the right in the picture.
3:34 am
that's mary to the left. my mom made a beautiful spread. i can see the stuffing. my favorite and the green bean casserole. >> is that your favorite stuffing? >> oh, yeah. >> that's when it comes around is thanksgiving. you don't normally eat stuffing in july. >> you got out of cooking yesterday? >> i did cook yesterday. i didn't get a turkey. i made a green bean casserole with portabello mushrooms that was awesome and creamy corn pudding. there's my husband. that was his first thanksgiving -- thanksgiving with oun we are american. my husband is australian. we were another australian and a girl from spain. >> what is this thanksgiving you speak of? >> explain the traditions. >> what did they think? >> they loved the stuffing too, actually. >> it's like having to explain it husband is is like explaining to your 5-year-old. >> there's my son miles.
3:35 am
>> chilled it in the fridge for an hour. that was our appetizer yesterday. it was delicious. the kid was helping. they were helping dress the turkey. my wife says we got to dress the turkey. they were laughing. they went upstairs and got clothes. we had the brine set out on the sun porch so it would be nice and cold. pajama pants on it and the little hat. not on the turkey but nearby it. >> our butterball turkey yesterday, it said there's a trend that you put a bikini on the turkey so it has tan lines. somebody asked if they could put sunscreen on, if that would work. >> cut the turkey. you got a fancy -- it was my dad's job. my dad was a butcher growing up. he was like perfect. he was beautifully carved. that has fallen to me to know how to do it. >> we want to know, did you gobble until you wobble yesterday? e-mail us here at fox and hit us up on facebook and
3:36 am
twitter. we want to see a picture. an hour ago, an emotional -- >> this is as german police announced the arrest of a gun dealer who may have sold weapons to the terrorists. greg palkot is in paris with the latest. hi, greg. >> reporter: hey folks. let's get to the german terror items. another item out of berlin. two people were arrested for possibly plotting an attack against the state. no word on the for form their attack would have taken. look for copycat terrorists out there. a man arrested for selling online four ak-47-style automatic rifles. one newspaper in germany claiming they were sold to the paris attackers. ak-47s were used in those attacks. the manhunt for the eighth suspect, salah abdeslam and his driver enters the third week.
3:37 am
still on the run. possibly in belgium. possibly elsewhere. as you noted, a moving memorial to those lost in the attacks. 130 killed. french president hollande was presiding. the names of all those killed read out. including the 23-year-old american. some of the survivors remember, there are dozens injured and still in hospital. >> a final note from moscow. putin promised hollande cooperation in the war against isis. but suggested that perhaps the u.s. have coordinates to turkey without -- seems like unity in this battle hard to come by. >> thank you, greg. >> thanks, greg. for a look at other stories making headlines. heather childers is with us. >> good morning to you. and to everyone at home. we start with a terrifying
3:38 am
story. terrifying moment for 144 passengers and crew aboard a boeing 737 landing in mexico city. the plane's landing gear just collapses leaving passengers shaken. no one was hurt. passengers were treated for shock. it's unclear what caused the accident but the age of the plane made may have been a factor. machines being unveiled as the new west weapons on the war on terror. they were showcased at the world robot conference in china. the 25 robots can coordinate with each other on the battlefield while carrying rifles and grenade launchers. the set being sold for more than $200,000. finally, tom brady's kids will have a hard time trusting him around thanksgiving after this stunt that he pulled this year. >> surprise.
3:39 am
that is the patriots quarterback dressed up as a giant turkey gobbling like a mad man and scaring the children as they played in the leaves. the pats, one of six teams not playing on turkey day so tom found better use of his free time hanging out with the family. those are a look at your headlines. >> panthers were playing. i think they won. >> tom brady wearing "the skinny" sweaters on the cover of gq. i think he would have a broader crossover appeal if he stayed in that. >> i think that was -- >> he's also willing to take risks. he was diving off that cliff the last holiday. >> he just wants attention. >> he's perfect right now. perfect record. he can relax on thanksgiving ziechl. we've got extreme weather to get too. icy roads causing treachery for last-minute travelers. two people reported dead after a car wreck in northern texas. the snowfall isn't over yet.
3:40 am
maria molina is outside tracking storms. >> reporter: good morning. the storm system is massive. it stretches from parts of new mexico to parts of the great lakes. we're even starting to see activity across interior parts of the northeast. the storm system is going to be impacting many, many people anywhere from parts of the southern plains into the great lakes. you can see on the radar, it's very busy this morning. where we have the pink on the radar, that's where we have ice. areas across texas, oklahoma, into kansas are seeing that ice accumulating on roadways and sidewalks. it's going to be treacherous and dangerous throughout the day today and into tomorrow morning. we could be seeing as much as a half inch to one inch of ice accumulation across some of these areas. the other concern is for flash flooding. as much as 4 to 6 inches of rain is forecast here. today into tomorrow from texas into arkansas. also in oklahoma. so, of course, we have flash flood watches in effect. meanwhile, across the eastern u.s., no issues out here. there's a quick look at your
3:41 am
current temperatures currently in the 50s in new york city. back inside. pretty mild out there. maria, thank you. coming up on the show, isis has a brand new opponent. the new york mafia. the son of notorious mob boss francesco gambino says they can protect america better than the cops can. shopping on cyber monday can be like searching for a needle in the haystack. but kurt the cyber guy has done the legwork. you have to just click "buy." he's live with the best deals ahead. for great door buster deals at the bass pro shops black friday sale. like redhead men's 5-pocket jeans for under ten bucks. and, get this masterbuilt 40 inch stainless steel smoker for under $200. doors open at 5am
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welcome back. when the fight against isis, the
3:45 am
u.s. government is being offered help from an unlukely source. the mob. when gambino spent 30 years in prison for drug crime, his son giovanni was raised by the underground world of the sicilian mafia. he says his mob family is ready to take on terror. joining us is the author of the new book, the vind kay tore. the history of the mafia. welcome to the show giovanni. nice to see you this morning. >> hey, good morning. thank you. >> let me get this straight. you say that mafia and its allies are better positioned than the nypd to take on terrorism. if so, how? >> the media, the media, they write more stories than hollywood unfortunately. you know, mafia versus isis. they will definitely make a great hollywood movie. maybe we could have robert deniro and al pacino on it.
3:46 am
there was an article like you said before, there was an article on the new york post, most of it is bull [ bleep ] got a good friend of mine, cop, puts on his vest, protects the citizens. his wife doesn't even know if he's coming home that day. people risk their lives all day long. you know -- >> right. so you're saying the new york post -- >> just lost him. >> we just lost him? >> we got him back. we had a satellite problem. >> we got kids watching this morning. watch the language if you don't mind on our show this morning. >> oh, yeah. no problem. you say the new york post piece is a problem and you say it was garbage. the argument, though, from the mafia's side is that you have this sense of community and you know who is coming in your community perhaps maybe more than the police.
3:47 am
no? >> the thing is this. everybody is limited to what they could do. i said that if we get together, it becomes unlimited. we could do more together as a society. we could do more together and become unlimited to what we could do. that's what i said. >> got you. the new york post took that out of context. tell us about the new book. >> the new york post guy, even my father was wrong. that reporter should have done a little study a little research. and they should do a little research on things before they start writing. i believe that if i hear something from somebody's mouth and if i see it, then i start talking about it. >> your new book, the vindicateor, it's about the
3:48 am
history of the mafia going back to the -- >> the 1300s. >> late 1200 is when the mafia first started. that's the origin of the mafia. the birth of the mafia was the late 1200s to protect his citizens and there was an evil empire, just like isis, just like isis, that was -- that really put a lot of pressure on sicilians and started abusing them. i wrote all that in the vindicate vindicateors the book is out this morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. thank you. shopping on cyber monday can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. we have kurt the cyber guy live with some of the best deals now. >> can i get a deal on that? ♪
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3:52 am
hey, friends. stretch and wake up after that big old turkey dish you ate yesterday. black friday is today, and shoppers are lining up hours before stores even open tear doors, hoping to score some real deals. steve kelly is live in new jersey with more. are you already seeing the madness out there? >> reporter: yes, the real madness this year is the tvs are getting bigger and the toys are
3:53 am
getting bigger. people are buying big things and they won't fit in small vehicles. we're guarding these cases because the buyers couldn't put them in their cars. look at video number 1. this couple buys a flat screen tv, thinking they're going to be fit it in their dodge challenger. they cracked the screen. target was kind enough to take it back. here's video number 2. these little cars, they bought them for their kids, they thought they were going to get both in their little acura. neither of them fit. now they've left to get a bigger vehicle from budget rental and they'll come back and pick them up, so we're serving as security guards and journalists at the same time today, guys. >> steve, i love it. i'm sure you were being the good
3:54 am
reporter and kindly helping them. steve was standing off to the side and laughing. >> buy a new car to bring home a small car. thanks, steve. online sales are already smashing records. >> early reports show nearly $2 billion spent yesterday alone. what do you need to know for getting deals on cybermonday? >> joining us now is curt, the cyber guy. >> we're expecting that come cybermonday it will crest the $3 billion mark of money spent just on that day. >> tell us about these deals of the day or deals of the hour. >> new trend. cybermonday coming up this monday actually starts yesterday. and it will go on even longer. and new trends happening, including deals of the hour. take a look at this. we take you online. overstock will have a deal just for an hour.
3:55 am
they're not even announcing what it is yet. i'm not sure if i want anything from there. it goes hour by hour and has the entire day there. these are kind of significant ways that you pay more attention, and if you're aware at the moment the sale comes on, then boom, you are going to win out. and that's part of the strategy of winning out on cybermonday this year, is tuning into social media like facebook and twitter, follow the brands and products you want, and know what you want to buy ahead of cybermonday. make that list, if you've got it, make the list of everybody in the family. and when you have that list, you're much more powerful and ready to go with this one. also, know where to go on cybermonday. bookmark those favorite stores, the brands. most stores will have a cybermonday page that you can bookmark in advance. then simply follow those stores on facebook, on twitter. and when you have those in your
3:56 am
social media, you'll see like, oh, bam, a sale is coming up. jetblue two years ago had a crazy sale on cybermonday. i understand they might do something like cybertuesday this year. it pays to tune in and be we're. safety and security is obviously always a big deal. apps sometimes are safer than going on websites. no matter what, if you're at a no-name store, kind of raise an eyebrow and search on google for the word "scam" with the retailer. six minutes after the hour. black friday may not be the best day to get that best deal after all. we're exposing the tricks retailers are using to get your money, next hour. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
hi, friends, good morning. today is friday, the 27th of november, 2015. they're off, already flying, on this black friday. they need to learn to act right. shoppers are brawling trying to get the best deals. protestors are threatening to shut down shopping in one major city, we'll tell you where. a man draped in an american flag scales the white house fence. what the suspect said just before making the jump, next. one sheriff's politically incorrect greeting and his message for those who don't like it. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
4:01 am
a tough-talking sheriff, looking forward to talk to him. he says merry christmas, and if you don't like that, you can take that turkey -- >> why is that politically incorrect? we support the troops, it's politically incorrect? >> it is these days. brian and elisabeth are off this morning. we start with this fox news alert, the battle for the best black friday deals has begun. put 'em up. new video showing a brawl between shoppers at a mall in kentucky, throwing punches and wrestling each other to the ground in a packed food court. one woman was trampled. that's when police stepped in. >> i wonder if it was chicken nuggets or a tv. this has packed crowds pour in across the smalls.
4:02 am
people are trying to get the bargains. many stores started their sales yesterday in an attempt to ease this morning's mad dash. >> but in chicago, protestors are threatening to disrupt holiday shopping. they're planning to shut down one of the biggest shopping districts in the country, the magnificent mile, to draw attention to what they consider a police brutality problem. >> as far as those guys punching each other, come on, what electronic device is worth that? >> isn't turkey supposed to make you or alcohol. >> maybe they skipped it and went right to the fighting. >> google analyszes all the information, they're saying shop in the morning is going to be the best time, it's going to be quieter in the morning, and that the peak foot traffic will be
4:03 am
between 2 and 4:00 p.m., so try to avoid those times. >> watch us, and then go shopping. they say electronics and cellphones are the most popular items. >> check the availability of an item online or by calling so if they don't have it, you don't have to punch somebody in the face. >> you can see on their website, it will show a big goose egg if they're out of stock. here's other good tips from "the guardian." stay away from off-brand electronics. i see this as a tech guy, i see random terrible tablets and things that come out of china, these companies exist for a short amount of time and they vanish, and you don't have any customer service. if you buy it and it breaks in two months, you don't know how to get it returned. >> it's like buying fake sunglasses, not a good idea. also they say the door buster.
4:04 am
they say be savvy about where you buy apple products. >> they don't usually do discounts, they may do $50 off. if target is offering $100 back on an ipad, they're actually giving you a gift certificate for $100. >> and also don't buy winter apparel or holiday decorations. if you are going shopping today, give us an e-mail or a tweet with what you're doing. >> videotape the lines for us. >> send us some pictures of you guys in line this morning. i've already seen some tweets. we would love to take a look. another fox news alert, yet another security breach at the white house as a man draped in the american flag jumps offer
4:05 am
this spiked fence as the obama family was sitting down for thanksgiving dinner. >> reporter: thanksgiving dinner had to be put on hold for the first family yesterday afternoon as the entire white house was on lock down for three hours. the jumper, now identified as joseph caputo, was standing on outer fence of the white house, when he took off his sweatshirt, wrapped an american flag around himself, and took off. this woman says she was standing right next to him when it happened. >> i heard him take a big, deep breath, whisper to himself, "let's do this," and he took off, jumped over the barricades, climbed the fence. once he went over, he kind of like lifted his arms up, and he yelled something at the top of his lungs, but we didn't figure
4:06 am
it out. >> he climbed the fence with a binder in his mouth, then raised his hands in the hair. he was quickly taken into custody. criminal charges are now pending. this is the latest incident of an individual breaching security at the white house. a spring of fence jumpers last year prompted officials to add spikes to the top of a fence which members of congress were told would stop a jumper. clearly it didn't work. they were only supposed to be a temporary fix until more permanent secures enhancements are developed. dc congressman eleanor norton said she was astonished and is now requesting a meeting with the secret service next week. >> thanks, garrett. one of the permanent solutions suggested by a democratic member of congress at a hearing with
4:07 am
the secret service that was pooh-pooh'd by the secret service, a moat. >> with alligators? >> it was literally pooh-pooh'd. >> unbelievable. you see the president released this video yesterday thanking americans for writing him letters offering to open their homes to syrian refugees. he makes an interesting analogy to the pilgrims who came here hundreds of years ago. see if you find this analogy odd. >> i've been touched by the generosity of e-mails and letters written to me this week, offering to open their homes to people fleeing the brutality of isil. the world is still full of pilgrims, men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a better and safer future for themselves and their families. what makes america america is that we offer that chance. >> americans were generous and
4:08 am
we want to help out in this humanitarian crisis. he says he got a letter which sounds beautiful, money is tight around my house but i have a spare room, i have plenty of food in the pantry, i'm willing to let a refugee come into my home. but would you be willing to let a terrorist into your home? the problem is the vetting process. it's not just a hypothetical thing, period of time, this actually happened in france. they believe there were six of these terror suspects that had ties to syria, and they got to france. >> the pilgrims hundreds of years ago, they came here for religious freedom. the difference now is that isis terrorists are using religion as an excuse to justify killing as many people as possible, and they say they're going to exploit this refugee system. so the president is trying to
4:09 am
basically equate refugees with pilgrims, because who has a problem with pilgrims on thanksgiving, but times have changed, so that analogy might not work. >> also the analogy of integration, we're greeted with flowers and have a homogenous life together, we know the history of this country wasn't all roses and cupcakes, so that analogy doesn't hold water. you can go to our facebook page, as well as send us an e-mail. today we'll have a look at the day's news headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. nigerian pirates have dumped five crew members off a polish ship. the ship was raided off the coast of nigeria overnight. 11 crew members escaped their clutches by barricading
4:10 am
themselves inside the engine room. the ship was damaged by gunfire but no injuries reported. nigerian officials are waiting to open negotiations with those pirates to get the crew back. overnight, germans announce the release of a gun dealer who may have sold the weapons used in the paris terrorist attacks. this morning a special memorial service was held in paris honoring the 130 people killed, marking two weeks since the attacks. one of the blimps flying over the macy's thanksgiving day parade ran into some changing winds when he was about to refuel. he realized he wouldn't make it back to the airport and decided to land in an open space instead. probably a good idea. outrage over a small token of holiday cheer. the washington redskins got an
4:11 am
earful online, quote, wishing you and your family a happy thanksgiving, that's all they said. people called the tweet offensive due to thanksgiving's historic ties to native americans and pilgrims. some activists and lawmakers have long tried to get the name of the franchise changed, something the team owner said he will never do. that's your headlines. panthers had a tweet, you know what it was? 11-0. >> is that why you're wearing that color dress today? >> yes. >> thanks, heather. coming up, the presidents of russia and france uniting in the war against terror. where is our president? and verizon has a message for customers. put the phone down. what? we'll explain.
4:12 am
4:13 am
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4:15 am
you won't find the brand pharmacists recommend most for cold and flu relief at the shelf. advil cold & sinus is only behind the pharmacy counter. ask your pharmacist for fast, powerful advil cold & sinus. relief doesn't get any better than this. french president françois hollande and russian president vladimir putin meeting in moscow and agreeing on an anti-isis
4:16 am
collaboration, on the heels with hollande's meeting with president obama a few days ago. what role does he play here? here with more, senior fellow at the london center for policy research, good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> since when do our close european allies, especially ones who just met with the president, have to go to russia, asking for help in fighting terrorists in the middle east? >> anybody who watched the press conference the other day saw what they needed to see. president obama was touting how we're going to get back at it terrorists by having this paris climate change meeting in two weeks. it was contrasting and insulting that president hollande clearly laid out his case and president obama went back to saying well, you know, president putin is out
4:17 am
of line. putin has been blooded as well and hollande tried to bring it back to that. >> so hollande said, mr. president, help me, and washington not being so helpful. who is the superpower in the fight against terror? is it the u.s., russia, or is it france now? >> as much as we're not being active, as you stipulated, peter, the fact is we don't have a committed relationship with our allies. what's happening is the russians are stepping in to fill that having human. nature abhors a vacuum. they're not stepping in because they're good guys. let's be clear on this. putin's long game, and you need to understand this, america, putin is going for 50% control of the world oil. that's the long game. much as president obama doesn't like to lead, if he doesn't lead, you'll see the allies
4:18 am
being beholden to the russians. there's things we can do overlapping the russians regarding isis and stability. with that said, in our absence others will lead, and it won't be us, and we won't like it. >> that's not all sounds disturbing. this week president obama said the paris attacks got people talking about terror for the first time in a long time. listen to this. all right. well, president obama said that the paris attacks got us talking about terror at the dinner table for the first time since september 11th. is this another example of president obama not getting 9 right information from his people and then he can come out and say, nobody told me what people were talking about? >> this is ironic, i find this completely inimicable to his
4:19 am
legacy. they just issued a few days ago this global terror alert. his inaction, we're now at the point where our allies are being attacked, we're not leading, and now we're worried about being attacked here in america. >> but to say nobody has talked about terror since 9/11 about terror until now. >> that's completely insane. it's drawing attention to the wrong thing. most people are going to recognize, gee, mr. president, we've been talking about it, but now we're reemphasizing the issue because we don't feel secure. he did an actual statement that there's nothing to see here, i'm not really talking to you, there's no threat, go about your lives. there are threats. there are clearly things going on that the american people are not fully aware of, we're trying to warn them about. as much as president obama may want to talk about 9/11, people aren't talking about it in the
4:20 am
way that he wants. we want to go to national security fixed for the american people. >> thank you very much. coming up, this small town says merry christmas and god bless america and if you don't like it, they want you to leave. the politically incorrect sheriff joins us with his message to america, ahead. and black friday may not be the best day to get the best deal. a consumer expert coming up, exposing tricks thatusing to ge. the new 2016 ram limited. ng to be treated like one.
4:21 am
4:22 am
it's winter. eat winter snacks. freshman. campbell's. made for real, real life.
4:23 am
welcome back. time for your news by the
4:24 am
numbers. $1500. that's how much dwayne "the rock" johnson donated to a tiny puppy named after him who needed lifesaving surgery after being abandoned. $3,000 is your next number, raised and donated to a minnesota children's hospital by nine-year-old julia habuta. she was once a patient of the hospital for severe asthma. she says she just wants to give back. $3,000, wow. 52,000 pounds of turkey delivered by a federal agency just in time for the holiday. they also included 5,000 pies. delicious. buyer beware, today's black friday's deals may not always be what they think. our consumer expert joins us the biggest black friday gotchas. good morning, thanks for being
4:25 am
with us. >> thanks for having me. >> derivative products. some products you say are made for black friday and they're missing parts. >> yes, so manufacturers will make these products specifically for black friday, could be mex or home goods, often made with missing components or features to meet that low door buster price. what's more, they say it's 50% off, but if it was never sold for that first listed price, the msrp, before black friday, then you can't really claim it's 50% off. research the model numbers, that's the biggest tipoff if it was made for today or this weekend. don't buy it if it's missing pieces, because later on you may need to replace that electronic or home good. >> and then that would be misleading "compare at" pricing. >> or even products that retailers are selling off year long, they're offering 70% off,
4:26 am
and these big discount claims may influence your purchases. but i did some research on some of these products that are being sold today, and they're already on sale for 40% off earlier in the week. so you're only really saving 10%. that could still be a good deal, but don't let those big claims stop you from getting what you need. >> what about the sense of urgency? >> limited time only door busters, one-hour special, creates a sense of urgency that we have to buy today. again, those retailers are trying to get you to shop and save money. there's free shipping on december 18th, with guaranteed delivery by christmas eve. and there are discounts on top of items already being cleared out. so check that out, also super saturday for additional savings. >> we need to read the fine
4:27 am
print when we check out mail-in rebates. >> exactly. to get that rock bottom price, you may have to mail in a rebate. last year $500 million of rebates went unredeemed. if you're the type of person who won't take that additional step, it may make more sense to pay more than the hassle of mailing in the rebate. you could maybe get an extra deal by using a coupon to save instead of sending in that rebate. >> and missed discounts, make sure you download the coupon sherpa app or something similar. this blows my mind. there's a restocking fee, sometimes. you think i'm going to buy this tv and if it doesn't fit when i get it home, i'll bring it back. and they're charging you. >> exactly. electronics, also appliances, you'll be charged 10 to 15% of
4:28 am
the purchase price to return that item. don't buy anything on impulse and don't open it until you're sure you want to keep it. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. coming up on "fox & frien " friends," cellphone giant verizon wireless has a brand-new message for customers. >> it's good to have americans relax and not work. >> spend the moment you needed. take the moment. >> why a cellphone company is telling customers to put down their phones, that's next. and stop, right now, do not throw away those leftovers. turn thanksgiving dinner into breakfast and lunch today, yummy. ♪
4:29 am
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4:32 am
now that is a family picture. this morning we are taking a look at some of your thanksgiving photos. >> caroline e-mails us this adorable of a baby loving that thanksgiving feast. >> lisa sent in this shot of her family celebrating her holiday at the cowboys/panthers game. >> send in your pictures this morning, e-mail or twitter. we'll share them here on the show. we need to get right to this, a fox news alert.
4:33 am
can you believe this? >> i believe it. >> fights breaking out across the country. >> they're just tickling. >> this video coming to us from a kentucky shopping mall. >> some people don't like being tickled. >> millions are expected to turn out for the busiest shopping day of the year. lauren blanchard is live at the mall of america in minnesota. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning. yes, it might be todchaotic elsewhere, but here in the mall of america it's still in the christmas spirit. we expect it to be swarming with children trying to get their christmas lists in. the national retail federation estimates stores across the country are expecting to see close to 136 million shoppers in
4:34 am
stores this weekend. best buy opened here yesterday at 5:00 p.m. with more ongoing througho throughout the night and morning. >> a lot of people go before 12. we're adamant, we're not going to do it on thanksgiving day, but 12:00 the next day, we're here. >> we usually don't get to do this. >> good deals. >> we start our christmas shopping after thanksgiving. >> reporter: right now it's still pretty calm as early shoppers start to head home. we expect mid-morning shoppers to show up at 9:00 a.m. eastern. this weekend will be very busy and it will continue to be busy throughout the day.
4:35 am
back to you. in our news this morning, we're saying the worst time to shop on black friday is between 2 and 4:00 p.m. just stay away from it. now we have some extreme weather to talk about. >> that's right, a massive storm system is pretty much slicing through from new mexico to the great lakes. you're dealing with a storm system, packing a punch with pretty much all kinds of weather. we have some flooding rain, some snow, even some icy conditions. the icy conditions are really i think some of most dangerous conditions out there, across parts of the texas panhandle, oklahoma, and kansas and even farther west to new mexico. you can see the radar is busy, ice continuing to accumulate. we could see as much as a half inch to 1 inch of identification. i recommend you stay home and wait for cyber monday. heavy rain is forecast from texas into arkansas, potentially
4:36 am
6 inches of rain, locally higher amounts. we do have watches in effect. a quick look at temperatures, very mild to the east of the storm system. temperatures widespread in the 50s and 60s. behind it, take a look at that chill, only 3 degrees in rapid city and 9 in the city of denver. back inside. here's heather with a look at what else is making news headlines. >> good morning to you. we do have some headlines we've been following all night. this is new for you, the fbi using elite tracking squads to track at least 48 isis suspects considered high risk here in the united states. these elite teams typically reserved for espionage, mob violence, and high priority terrorism cases. this level of surveillance shows the severe risk associated in connection with with these unnamed suspects, most likely to attempt copycat attacks to the
4:37 am
massacre we saw in paris. the american band eagles of death metal is opening up about those terrifying moments in the bataclan concert hall in paris, france during their live performance. opening fire, killing 90 people. in the emotional interview, each member described the horror as they fled to safety. the lead singer says they're not going to let the terrorists win. >> i want to be the first band that plays in the bataclan when it opens back up. >> why? >> because we were there when it went silent. >> our friends went there to see rock and roll, and died. i want to go back there and live. >> the band wants to return. the new dates have not been announced. verizon is reminding you there are more important things than your cellphone this season. >> it's good to take a moment.
4:38 am
>> the ad starts out with people chatting, texting, playing on tablets as they travel home for thanksgiving. once the family is all together, the phones go dark. i think that's a good idea. now we're toss it to meetpe and clayton. i think you're going to talk about leftovers. >> that's right, you have leftovers in your refrigerator. >> we'll get creative. >> a chef is here this morning. >> we practiced the name how many times? >> don't worry about it. >> chef, it's always good to see you. adabio is one of the great restaurants in new york city, you're if philadelphia as well. you just opened a new location in -- >> right here in new york, across from grand central. >> i'm looking over here.
4:39 am
>> i made the traditional sandwich that we all know how to make with the turkeyfing and crd hellman's mayonnaise. >> can we move on from that? >> we made some turkey bolognese. we thought it would be fun to make a pizza with all the stuff from yesterday. we have the pizza she will already made. we'll -- pizza shell already made. we have some cranberry sauce. >> i've never seen that before. >> neither have i, actually, but that's another story. some stuffing on here. we'll use all the stuff here. then this is the turkey right here, we ground it up a little bit. >> what's a good way to do that? >> just put it on a cutting board and chop it up, really easy. the butternut squash.
4:40 am
>> how long are the leftovers actually good for? you're the professional. >> we don't want you to use the leftovers, first of all, we want you to come to the restaurant. usually by sunday, i think it's time to move on. sunday or monday. >> i think that's a good rule of thumb. >> i think so. you want to start the week off, go to the local store and buy some new food. >> where came people see this if they want to go and start fishing around in the fridge and make their own leftover thanksgiving pizza? >> you can actually buy these in stores, you can buy the shells. or it's very simple to make pizza dough. >> fish around, whatever you got. >> these are different things that we have. i love these onions that i use. there we took some sweet potato and grated it.
4:41 am
this is grilled cheese, we used cranberry and brie and the cheese. it's very simple. >> i saw online that people who eat grilled cheese are happier. >> of course. wouldn't you be? >> i think so. >> if you're in new york city, check out dabio's. chef, always good to see you. we appreciate it. back to anna. >> peter, i agree with you, nothing better than warm tomato soup and grilled cheese on a cold winter day. coming up on "fox & friends," believe it or not, november is almost over and december is about to bring us huge moves like "star wars." kevin mccarthy gives us his film forecast, ahead. and warning, this house says merry christmas and god bless america, and if you don't like it, leave. the politically incorrect sheriff live with his message, next.
4:42 am
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4:44 am
in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line. we are already over 200,000. our collaboration with citi has been very important from the very beginning. citi was our biggest supporter and our only private bank. we are not only being efficient in the way we are moving people now, we are also more amicable to the environment. people have more time for the family and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences to hear people saying: "the metro has really changed my life."
4:45 am
at the top of the hour, a georgia sheriff making a bold statement about freedom of speech and patriotism. >> he posted a sign saying, warning, harris county is politically incorrect, we salute our troops and our flag, if this offends you, leave. sheriff with the harris county sheriff's department joins us now. when the mainstream press started writing about this, as though saying those things, merry christmas and we support our troops, was politically incorrect? >> i was kind of honored to have them say it. >> you've been there for six terms now in harris county, georgia. what happened that made you want to go and put down 550 bucks at
4:46 am
the local sign shop to post that sign on your property? >> well, it's not my property, it belongs to the county. i guess that's why i'm catching so much heat over it. but i am the custodian of it, so that gives me the authorization until i'm no longer in office, i guess, to keep it there. just a silent majority has been silent way too long. just things that are happening nowadays. i guess i got -- i got time to thinking about it, my staff brought that saying to me. we looked at it. we all kind of liked it. and i decided it was something that i would stick outside the office. >> and you say you used your own money for this, it wasn't taxpayer money, and people are supporting you so much they're actually sending you some cash. not everybody is happy. the american humanist association sent this letter saying for a government official to affirmative order those who
4:47 am
do not support merry christmas and other theistic message is unquestionably an unconstitutional act of hostility. so not everybody is peachy in georgia. what do you think of them? >> i hope they don't think i can order anybody to leave my county, it's not like the old west where they have until sundown to get out of town. but if it truly offends someone, they can leave. hopefully if they disagree, they can voice that opinion. but if it offends them, truly offends them, maybe they're in the wrong country. >> and to your knowledge, though, you say that if somebody is really offended, they can leave, has anyone actually said, i really don't like that sign, i'm not move? >> no. in fact the information i get, people want to move to harris county. >> your position is an elected
4:48 am
position? >> i've been elected six terms. i start my 24th year in january. >> congratulations. do you think this will help you or hurt you in the future? >> i don't know. i'm just a poor country sheriff trying to do his job. >> are you going to put up any more signs? i know it was 500 bucks, people have been sending you checks. does that mean there's going to be another sign, different message, or the same message? >> i think i've got some yard signs being made, i think some t shirt shirts are being made. i'm humbled by this, i never expected to get this much news media. >> sheriff mike jolley, you are bold in your faith and your patriotism. happy thanksgiving. >> honored to be with you. thank you. a big month of movies ahead, like a little movie called "star wars." kevin mccarthy has his film
4:49 am
forecast, ahead. first, on this day in history in 1987, this was number 1 on the charts. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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4:51 am
4:52 am
there has been an awakening. >> oh, yeah. well, that was the brand-new trailer that came out last night for "star wars: the force awakens." it's all about kilo ren.
4:53 am
>> we are here with your preview. fox news contributor and the founder of, kevin mccarthy is here. >> for people who don't know at home, clayton and i were just talking about "star wars" before this segment started, we're so excited about this. >> you're lighting up like a christmas tree right now. tell us about it. >> "star wars: the force awakens" opens december 18th with early shows on the 17th. i'm already rocking out, i can't wait to see this movie. i've seen this trailer a hundred times. i watched the new one from last night ten times already. j.j. abrams is a big fan of practical effects. i love that he's doing it practical. >> he's such a fan, he's got like figurines in this office. i have to call our senior producer gavin who has admitted to me he's never seen "star wars." he reminds me every time we do
4:54 am
one of these segments. >> i am adding a line to my contract that says i can no longer speak to gavin until he sees "star wars." this movie is going to be insane. john williams is doing the score. great cast, harrison ford returning. it's shot on film. he's going to be amazing to watch, preserving that old school technique but also bringing back these practical effects. every trailer has given me nerd tears beyond belief. clayton, i'm seeing it three times. opening weekend in two days. i have tickets for all three shows. i'm going so many times, i cannot wait for it. december 18th. >> we know clayton is super jealous of that. next up, "the hateful a," quentin tarantino got some negative reaction to this film. did you like it? >> i haven't seen the film yet.
4:55 am
tarantino had a controversial remark and there was a question whether it would affect the movie's release. it's being released in 70 millimeter. on christmas day they're doing a road show production of this movie across the country, you can see it like they used to show films like "ben hur" or "gone with the wind" back in the day. the movie features michael madsen, tim roth, jennifer jason leigh, they shot the movie with the lenses used back in the day. it goes into wide release in january. tarantino also did "reservoir
4:56 am
dogs." >> also, "the revenue" with leonardo dicaprio, this movie was done with all natural lighting. >> i think de caprio is finally going to win an oscar. he's been nominated four times in the past, never won an oscar. they're saying he slept in animal carcasses when shooting this movie to make it more real. i know, it's gross, but he really became the character. it's a revenge story in the 1820s. the movie was shot by the guy who did "gravity" as well as "birdman" and "children of men." shot with all natural lighting. i heard the filming of this movie was one of the most incredibly hard experiences ever for actors doing the film. >> kevin mccarthy, thanks very much. >> go watch the "star wars" trilogy again. >> i was honored to be on your
4:57 am
show, happy thanksgiving, guys. black friday is already getting wild. we'll be right back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. bacn everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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hi, friends, good morning. today is friday, november 27th, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. this is not wwe smack down. huge crowds streaming into stores, trying to get the best deals. the obama family thanksgiving on lockdown, when a man draped in an american flag scales the white house fence. wait until you hear what he was carrying in his teeth when
5:01 am
police finally got him. in princeton, students storm the president's office. now a student group formed to fight the recent wave of political correctness run amok on college campuses. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> hey, everybody, welcome to "fox & friends." >> loosen your belts. it's post-thanksgiving. >> good morning, everyone, welcome in. peter, anna, and clayton are in for you. >> we're going to start with a fox news alert. fox are breaking out across country as black friday shoppers clash for deals. this just in, reports of a pregnant woman in memphis being assaulted while shopping at a best buy. >> take a look at this.
5:02 am
>> ah, the holidays. >> getting into the highlight spirit at a mall in kentucky. two men are seen throwing punches and wrestling each other to the ground. a woman was trampled, that's when cops stepped in. >> they were upset because sbarro's closed. many stores started their sales yesterday in an attempt to ease this morning's mad dash. >> in chicago, protestors are threatening to disrupt the holiday shopping, planning to shut down one of the biggest shopping districts in the country, the magnificent mile, the goal, to draw attention to what they consider a police brutality problem. >> those fools that were wrestling on the ground, there's no electronic out there worth doing that. i think they were just trying to get on tv. >> the kids look, dad, i'm so proud of you for beating someone
5:03 am
up to get that toy. >> i'm not much of a shopper, i'm more of a buyer. but if i'm going to go, my rule is if you show up at a crowded mall and there is a news crew, just walk away. we'll have more on that this morning. a fox news alert, a man draped in an american flag and holding a binder in his teeth jumped over the white house's spiked fence. this the latest security breach, just as the obama family was sitting down for thanksgiving dinner. garrett tenny joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: the first family's thanksgiving dinner had to be put on hold for three hours as the entire white house was on lockdown. witnesses say the jumper, who while the house officials have identified as joseph caputo,
5:04 am
wrapped himself in an american flag and took off. this woman says she was standing necessary to him. >> i heard him take a big, deep breath and whisper to himself, all right, let's do this, and he took off. he jumped offver the barricades and climbed over the fence. once he went over, he lifted his arms up and yelled something at the top of his lungs. we couldn't figure it out, because by then the police were yelling, get out, we have a jumper. >> secret service took him quickly into custody as he landed. this is marks the seventh time in two years that someone has jumped the fence here. caputo is the first person, though, to jump the fence since the secret service installed what's called anti-climb spikes at the top of the fence which are supposed to prevent someone from climbing over. clearly, though, they didn't
5:05 am
work. >> hey, garrett, when you climbed over this morning, were they really sharp? >> reporter: a little bit. a little bit. >> thank you very much from the white house. >> with gloves on. >> when they were trying to figure out what kind of security measures they should do, a democratic congressman said, why don't you guys build a moat? the secret service looked at it and said, what happens if somebody is in the moat? we don't want to have to go get them. >> in medieval times they put crocodiles in there. president obama has this controversial plan to bring in 10,000 syrian refugees, meeting resistance from republicans in the house, who say there ought to be more stringent vetting processes. the president vows a veto, saying this is going to be
5:06 am
delaying things too much. 30 governor are against it as well. the president is trying to tug on the heart strings by trying to compare the refugees to pilgrims. >> i've been touched by generosity of americans who have written me e-mails and letters this week, offering to offer their homes to refugees fleeing the brutality of isil. nearly four centuries after the m mayflower set sail, the world is full of pilgrims who want to come to america. what makes america america is that we offer that chance. >> he's saying people are sending letters saying, we don't have any money but we have an extra room, we'll welcome them into our house. >> clever wording by the president on thanksgiving to try to think of the refugees at pilgrims. it's a surprising analogy. yes, the pilgrims did come here
5:07 am
for religious freedom, but he's comparing the pilgrims here, 400 years ago, to a group of refugees that has potentially been infiltrated by people who say they want to infiltrate and exploit the rules by isis terrorists who are trying to use religion to kill as many people as possible. so obviously, you know, the original pilgrims didn't have to go through 18 months of biometric screening. times have changed. >> it wasn't like we all got together and were all happy. >> they're so cute with those hats, clayton. >> but it was a bloody history in this country. do we not remember what happened in this country? trying to pull on heart strings around the thanksgiving table. i don't know that the analogy holds water. >> i don't remember isis saying we're going to put people on the mayflower and sneak people in.
5:08 am
>> a lot of people are saying this is a trojan horse, they're trying to hide with the refugees. it isn't a hypothetical, either. it's presumed one of these terrorists from the paris attacks got through with the refugees to greece and then into france. >> and then they say what they want to keep doing. there are rules in place that are easily exploited, as we saw, as you mentioned, in paris, and they say they want to do that to get people wherever they can. >> vice president biden said there's a lot of fearmongering here, it will take many years, one to two years to go through this vetting process, we're talking about trying to help children and moms flee this horrible crisis there. and questions about saudi arabia, they've got an entire tent city right now wide open and empty. why aren't some of the middle eastern countries stepping up to take on these refugees? >> in the last hour we spoke to
5:09 am
a sheriff from georgia, harris county. he posted this sign, it says, warning, harris county is politically incorrect, we say merry christmas, god bless america, and in god we trust, we salute our troops and our flag, if it offends you, you can leave. >> it sounds like something out of the 1800s. >> i hope they're not naive enough to think i can order anyone to leave the county. if it truly offends someone, they're more than welcome to leave. i have spent 20 years in the army to give everyone the right to disagree with me or anyone else. hopefully, if they disagree, they can voice that opinion. but if it truly offends them, maybe they're in the wrong country. >> well, the american humanist association sent a letter saying, for a government official to affirmative order those who do not support merry christmas to leave the
5:10 am
community, to expressly state that visitors must accept god bless america and other theistic messaging is unquestionably an unconstitutional act of hostility. again, the american humanist association. >> he says he bought this sign with his own money and he's getting overwhelming support. he's had people sending him checks to pay him back. >> it's amazing, if you look online, it's transactattracted attention, but people are saying that it's really politically incorrect. he says nobody has left. people are making a big deal about this sign, there's a lot of blowback in harris county, georgia, but nobody has left. so how much of a problem do they have? >> it's always outside groups
5:11 am
that come into these small towns and complain about things, and the small town itself has nothing to worry about it, it's somebody from new york that comes in and wants to write an article about it. si heather childers is here with our headlines. >> we have some headlines, we begin with a fox news alert. overnight, german police announcing the arrest of a gun dealer who may have sold weapons to the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks, including assault rifles. investigators say they found e-mails about the sale on the gun dealer's phone. all of this coming after police in berlin carried out anti-terror raids yesterday, arresting two men accused of preparing for an attack. a new look at what happened just moments before this. a gunman stood over a student and shot him in the stomach. this brand-new video from minutes earlier shows that
5:12 am
gunman dragging a woman down the street attempting to get her into his car. but then gold drives by, slamming on his brakes, coming to the woman's rescue. it's that brave move that enraged the gunman. he aimed for his head but the gun jammed. he's now being held on charges of second-degree murder and attempted kidnapping. a terrifying moment for passengers and crew on a boeing 747 landing in mexico city. the landing gear collapsed, leaving passengers shaken up. no one was injured. passengers were treated for shock. it's unclear what caused the accident, but the age of the plane may have been a factor. those are a look at your headlines. back to you. >> thanks, heather. coming up, some say the video says it all. why did it takes a year to charge that chicago police officers with murder? our next guest is a former chicago cop who says it's all about politics and mayor ram
5:13 am
emanuel. his theory is next. not everyone gets to go home for thanksgiving, especially the heroes serving our country. one military mom's incredible act of kindness will make their day, and yours too. (wind noise) what's happening here... is not normal, it's extraordinary. because there is no stop in us. or you. only go.
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5:17 am
this moment doesn't speak to who we are and what we can become. i believe this is a moment that can build bridges of understanding rather than become a barrier of misunderstanding. chicago's mayor ram emanuel called for healing in chicago after a video showing a chicago police officer shooting and killing a black teenager was released this week. the video had been held back from the public for more than a year. many people now want to know, did emanuel hold it to benefit politically? a former chicago police sergeant joining us now. you say the reason this
5:18 am
videotape wasn't released was to smooth a reelection bid for mayor emanuel. >> yes, the aldermen involved are also having their elections. if this tape hits, there's no way this mayor gets the black vote. and the black caucus aldermen would have been hit too. hiding this or covering this up for 13 months is absolutely absurd. people demonstrating or blaming the police or blaming the superintendent, who i'm not a fan of, i would blame the mayor. if you want to picket, picket the mayor. >> i would find it difficult to believe that ram emanuel up until a week ago hadn't seen this video, as has been reported. do you buy that? >> if you want to buy a bridge in brooklyn, i'll sell you one. not at all. the mayor is the head of a huge
5:19 am
corporation making billions of dollars. you think that if anything like that happened in big business, they would hide it from the ceo of the business? of course not. i would say that he saw this tape. and i knew, and i know, that that tape would have inflamed the community, and he would have not been reelected. and he knew it. the aldermen that supported him, they knew it. and of course once they're all elected, they then give the family $5 million for the egregious acts of whatever they're saying. and now the family says we don't want anything to do with any violent protests. but the demonstrators are protesting for the wrong reasons. the mayor hid it. the mayor is the one that should be the person who steps down or is impeached. >> what of the mayor's
5:20 am
accountability? if voters s hadeen it, he wouldn't have been reelected, where is the accountability who when it mattered, african-american politicos were silent. why? >> it's not just chicago. the aldermen, they knew they would not -- the guys that support the mayor, the black caulk us, the african-americans, hispanics, whoever they are, if they would have supported the mayor, and this tape came out, they wouldn't have won their reelection. >> do you think this is all hush money, this settlement was hush money? >> you know, the kid was a ward of the court, a ward of the state. so giving the family the money, that's questionable. $5 million, there's no amount of money that will recover a life. none. >> pete, pretty shocking revelations here. thanks, pete. >> thank you.
5:21 am
coming up here on the show, students at parrinceton fightin back against what they say is free speech under attack. they're not backing down. the students leading that fight will join us live, next. ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. from the brand doctors recommend most. what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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5:24 am
well, black friday, passionate shoppers are going to extremes to save a buck, crawling with bargain hunters. last night at chicago, things were already pretty tense. jake hamilton joins us from the woodfield mall. nice to see you, jake, how does it look? >> reporter: good morning, guys, looking pretty good. about an hour inside of chicago, at woodfield mall in schaumburg.
5:25 am
thousands of people have been flocking here since 6:00, shopping straight. they'll keep going until 10:00 tonight. i talked with a few people already. one guy waited hours in line to save ten bucks on an xbox controller. another guy i talked to waited three hours in line for a pair of shoes. i asked him, why would you possibly wait three hours for a pair of shoes? he said, and i quote, they're awesome. everything's been civil, no unrest, no fights, no arguments, everybody is waiting their turn and so far things are looking good. they are expecting higher numbers to peak at 12:30 this afternoon. things could change, potentially. for now it's quite early in the morning, people want to get in here and get their shopping done as they have been since 6:00 yesterday. they're going all the way until 10:00 tonight. things are fine in chicago, back
5:26 am
to you in the studio. >> time is money. three hours for ten bucks? jake, thanks so much. >> reporter: three hours! >> what a shopping experience, on black friday. it made headlines last week, hundreds of princeton students occupying the president's offices until their demands for racial equality were met. >> now a new group formed in response to that sit-in is fighting back, firing off this letter to the university's president. many students have shared with us that they are afraid to state publicly their opinions on recent events for fear of beingvillebeing ville vilified. joining us on the couch are students from princeton university, both members of the princeton open campus coalition.
5:27 am
thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> is your big problem the things that some of your fellow students are protesting or are advocating for or the way they're trying to get those things? >> i would say both. we founded the princeton open campus coalition for two primary reasons. first, we viewed both the message employed by the protestors and their demands as being contrary to the academic values of the princeton community. and second, we worried that a very loud, very passionate few group of students was monopolizing the conversation about important issues on our campus. and we wanted to give a voice to the silent majority, if you will, of the princeton community that we feel had a different perspective. >> it's something we're seeing across the country, not just princeton. liberals think they're the open minded ones, they're open minded until they face opposition. what's your hope for colleges across the country? >> our hope is that this movement will lead to
5:28 am
reconsidering the value of free speech. our group has been focused on the protests, but free speech has been coming up more times in the past year, with protests about commencement speakers. we hope that college students will remember the value of listening to others that don't agree with them and engage in conversation to pursue truth. >> do you feel like the protestors are going about this in a constructive way? >> no. they're definitely not. students who don't agree with the protests or with the specific demands of the protests have been called racist. disagreeing with specific demands and with specific ideas about changes on campus does not mean being racist. those two things are not mutually exclusive. >> in your letter where you lay out your problem with some of those protests and the way they're doing it refuse you have a solution that you propose to the university president. what is it? >> well, we propose engaging in more open dialogue and fostering
5:29 am
greater discourse among students on campus. one problem we have is there has been a lot of minority students. we have a very diverse coalition on campus supporting us. there have been a lot of minority students who have been told if they don't agree with the protests, that they're not being authentic to their race, they're being called white sympathizers. we're trying to fight for diversity of thought and trying to fight back against a politically correct culture on college campuses that tells people they have to hold certain opinions based on their race or gender or sexual orientation. we want to defend our students' rights to form their separate opinions separate from the opinions of peers. >> where can we find more about your cause? >> we have an active facebook page called the princeton coalition. we've been posting updates there
5:30 am
about everything on campus and messages we've been getting from supporters and others in the community. >> thank you so much. >> now you've heard the other side. nobody else is talking about the other side except us. coming up, the numbers are shocking. nearly 50 new isis suspects on the fbi's radar in our own backyard. how the feds cracked into their communications, next. and whatever you do, do not throw away those leftovers. how to turn last night's massive meal into one great lunch, that's next. announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red.
5:31 am
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this morning we're taking a look at some of your thanksgiving photos. we got this picture of a family. >> and a picture of a family's annual pilgrimage. >> this entire family is reunited for the holiday. >> take a look at this one. mark sent this picture of 80 other family members for a thanksgiving prayer. >> how many turkeys do you think for 80 people? >> that's a lot of sides. >> we have two. and we have a picture of i think the doocy children. we got this during the octob oktoberfest edition of "fox & friends." >> i saw a picture of your dad carving a turkey.
5:35 am
>> we got a special lesson yesterday of carving a turkey and they wouldn't let me do it. >> how about you, clayton, did you gobble until you wobbled? >> i'm still wobbling. my wife put the kids to work in the kitchen, he was mixing up an onion dip. they love that "master chef jr." show on fox. they're all part of a team. >> i didn't look quite as cute as miles when i was making my dishes. i made corn pudding and green bean casserole. that's my husband, our first time as a married couple celebrating thanksgiving. he's australian so i have to tell him what it's like to eat turkey and stuffing. he made sausage rolls. >> everybody has something different at their house. >> we had a dance party after we ate all the food.
5:36 am
turned the lights down know. >> that will burn off the calories. >> everybody was just passed out at my house, no dancing going on. send your pictures to us. i know heather was dancing in the street yesterday because of the carolina panther. >> yes, they beat the cowboys, 11-0. >> rub it in. >> that was a great thanksgiving. right now we are taking a look at some of your headlines. we do begin with a story that you heard first on fox news. the fbi using its elite tracking squads to track at least 48 isis suspects who are considered high risk here in the united states. these elite teams typically are reserved for espionage, mob violence, and high priority terrorism cases. this level of surveillance shows the severe risk connected with
5:37 am
the suspects, to prevent copycat attacks to the shootings in paris. a mother left her kids in the car at a gas station. a carjacker jumped in and drove away with the children. >> my kids were in there. i had to do what a mother would often do with the kids. >> both women could not hang on to the truck. they followed in a friend's car. the carjacker stopped and left the kids out, and took off. this morning the kids are safe. three deadly attack machines now being unveiled as the newest weapon in the war on terror. the machines show cased at this week's world robeot conference n china. they can coordinate with each other on the battlefield.
5:38 am
the set being sold for more than $200,000. there's no place like home. but some of our nation's heroes were not able to visit their families this thanksgiving. one woman opened up her doors to a group of marines and cooked them a meal. she says it was the very least she could do. >> these young men and women have written a blank check to the united states of america for, up to, and including their life. for that, we can peel an extra potato, you bet. >> you bet we can. several local businesses helped her out with the meal, donating cash, gift cards, and even a turkey. thank you to all those men and women who serve. now let's head outside to maria and extreme weather in the midwest. >> unfortunately we're tracking
5:39 am
this massive storm system. some footage out of iowa, a stormed rolled through that area and produced heavy snowfall. snow is also coming down across other parts of the midwest. it's moved out of iowa and now you're seeing it across portions of texas and even into oklahoma. the big concern out there really, i would say, is more of the ice. we have freezing rain mixing in with that, so icy conditions across texas, oklahoma, even in new mexico, also stretching into parts of kansas. it will be a dangerous day on the roads. i recommend you stay home, stick to cyber monday and stay off the roads. the other concern with the storm system is also very heavy rain, stretching from parts of texas to the great lakes. the area in pink is where you have freezing rain coming down right now. behind that, even colder temperatures. we're dealing with snow beyond that as well. you can see we have accumulation expected to be as much as a half inch to 1 inch of ice out there. it will be dangerous on
5:40 am
sidewalks, on roads. here's a look at your rainfall forecast, 4 to 6 inches of rain forecast out there. flash flood watches have been issued across places like texas and oklahoma. east of the storm system, temperatures are mild. 54 degrees in new york city, in the 60s farther south along the gulf coast. >> thanks, maria. a little chilly out here, a perfect time for soup weather. if you have a fridge full of leftovers on thanksgiving day. >> we'll put them all together with ed cabino, chef and owner of adabio. >> great to be here today, thanks for having me back here. we'll have a fun way of using your turkey leftovers. >> what are we making? >> not just turkey soup, which was my favorite growing up, my grandmother used to make it.
5:41 am
we're making turkey potpie soup. >> potpie is my favorite, when you combine it with soup, two of my favorite things. >> we have the recipe on the website. it's a fun way to use your leftovers and have a fun meal. you can freeze this for later too. >> do you have a crock pot here? >> just for today. but at home, on the stove top, you have your turkey stock, your vegetables. celery, some onions, carrots. >> instead of putting it in a piecrust, you're putting it in the soup. >> this is our secret ingredient, thai dumplings. >> can we put in some more? >> what kind of spices do you have over there? >> salt and pepper to taste, some sage, which is a nice turkey flavor. tons of turkey meat left over from yesterday.
5:42 am
some thyme and garlic. >> do you have to do anything with the turkey meat? >> just take it, chop it up, throw it in, a nice homemade feeling. you bring it to a boil, add corn starch. the other ingredients, white wine. when the alcohol evaporates it leaves a beautiful sweet flavor behind. we stir it up to a boil and you get a nice thick soup. >> where can they buy this frozen? >> we have frozen soups on our menu, we ship coast-to-coast. we have boil in bag soups too. >> i notice you skipped over a step. do you have some heavy cream too? >> after you hit the boil and the starch thickens it, you turn
5:43 am
off the heat, at the heavy clean, stir is up. now you have a nice batch of turkey potpie soup. >> the website? >> great choice for your gifts. we do a lot of holiday choices. we ship coast-to-coast. >> thank you so much. >> you guys sticking around? [ cheers and applause ] >> the best damn soup you ever had. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in
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5:47 am
my favorite is the dance. the patriots quarterback popped out of a pile of leaves dread like a giant turkey. all that gobbling scared his kids just a little bit. >> i'm terrified by that. if i saw a grown man jumping out of a leaf pile. >> child abuse. >> are you a self gifter? >> yes. >> i think we all are. a new trend this season says americans will go shopping for someone else and actually buy themselves a gift to the tune of $130 per person. >> so many good deals out there, two for you, four for me. >> i always do that. is that so bad? >> people are just now starting to admit it. >> it totally changes black friday. you find out somebody is punching somebody else in the face for a new "star wars" watch
5:48 am
for themselves. it's like, what's the matter with you, mister? >> in past black fridays, people say, i'm just buying this for myself, this xbox for myself. >> what about people who buy something for themselves and tell their spouse, this is what you're getting for christmas? >> it could totally change the course of history, though, because like if they did a remake of "a christmas story," ralphy would buy, what is it, the red rider bb gun for himself and it would be over. >> the national retail federation says 60% of americans are now doing this. is there anything wrong with getting a good deal on black friday for yourself and not just for everybody? >> quite frankly, we need this right now, to help bouy the economy. do you mind doing this, giving a gift to yourself? you can e-mail us. >> or do you think we're all
5:49 am
selfish or becoming too self absorbed, the selfie culture? >> give it to charity or something. >> what happens when you score the best black friday deal on a flat screen tv but can't fit it into your car, and then you accidentally break the screen? it's a shopping disaster. we're live in the middle of all the madness, that's coming up next. come on in pop pop.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
the busiest shopping day of the year. fights are breaking out in malls across the country. >> brand-new video coming in of a group of men throwing punches in an indiana shopping mall as other shoppers stay clear. then there's this.
5:53 am
out kentucky, two men wrestle each other to the ground, knocking down bystanders. millions more are turning out throughout the day. steve keely is live in new jersey. any more people trying to stuff large items into cars? >> reporter: no, because they're selling out of the big items. i heard you guys talking, i met a girl earlier today who spent 130 bucks on herself. she's got deep pockets and she's available, just shopping for herself today. what a scene for single guys. >> are you sure she's not still in the parking lot? >> i think my favorite -- go ahead. >> reporter: that's just at target. she was going to other stores to shop more for herself.
5:54 am
she's an unlimited budget for herself, she says. i saw wrapping paper. i said, do you wrap it for yourself? i was wondering if she wrapped it for herself, put it under the tree, and opened it on christmas, forgetting what she bought for herself on black friday. >> somebody spent a bunch of money on a big ticket item and couldn't fit it in the car and had to go pay for a rental car? tell us that story. >> reporter: yes, two interesting stories with two pieces of matching video, coincidentally. let's show you the video before the sun came up, this young couple show up in target and buy the number one tv that target sold this thanksgiving weekend. that is the 55-inch westinghouse flat screen tv. the problem was the couple showed up in a dodge challenger where they met or tried to meet the challenge of getting this big tv into the trunk of a dodge challenger, which for you people listening on satellite radio,
5:55 am
it's not a suv, it's a car, and trying to jam it in there, the screen was broken. getting home, they realize the screen is broken and they bring it back. target is a kind enough retailer to bring it back. the couple said, this was broken before we bought it. >> how would you know? >> reporter: the best selling toy that's there, they're sold out of, we met a sister who went shopping with her sister from manhattan, and they bought two of these little cars for their two kids and had to rent a car at budget, a big suv. she said, i need something this size so i can take my christmas toys home. both the toys and the tvs are sold out. nobody's going to have that trouble anymore because everybody's sold out. you see the tv is a lot smaller
5:56 am
now, these two tvs should fit in the vehicles. don't count on the second one fitting in if she had a really tiny car. a lot of people already have full trunks, then they try to jam high end electronics into these full trunks and it doesn't work. they have bigger eyes in the store than they have when they get out here. >> steve keely on the scene with craziness this morning. good for target, you know. we learned from all of this, even though you just smashed our teach screens, we'll take them back because you don't know any better. >> more "fox & friends," coming up. it's here, the first gummy multivitamin... ...from centrum. a complete, and tasty way to support... ...your energy... ...immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light.
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thanks for sending in your
6:00 am
pictures. this is john and his family, starting the holiday off life. >> are those screwdrivers? >> here's a lot of people, a lot of dishes. >> thank you for watching on this black friday edition of "fox & friends." >> see you tomorrow. gregg: a day of remembrance in france two week after the terrorist attacks that left 230 people dead. [♪] paris paying whom and to the victims in a somber ceremony in the central part of the city. reporter: president francois hollande delivering a speech and urging


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