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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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the inflatable struggled to keep up as it floated down the parade route and, you know, i think he's still upset about breaking up with miss piggy. abby: where is miss piggy? whatever happened to them? gregg: he's got a new girlfriend, denise. i read "people" magazine. abby: on that note, have a great week, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. gregg: bye-bye. ♪ ♪ heather: as france remembers the 130 people killed two weeks ago in paris, we're getting some new information about possible new leads around the terror attacks with links as far away as germany and slovakia. i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. leland: i'm leland vittert in for jon scott. france today pausing in somber remembrance, crowds gathering to honor the victims of the worst attack on french soil since world war ii. the french president pledging
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to, quote, destroy the army of fanatics responsible. this amid reports of an arrest in germany and word investigators may have tracked down where some terrorists have been getting weapons used in other attacks in france this year. greg talcott is live in paris as there are some suspects still on the run. hi, greg. >> reporter: hi, leland, that's right. an interesting new possible lead in the paris terror probe. reportedly, it turneddous, that the -- turns out, that the paris attackers got at least some of their weaponry online. a man has been arrested in germany for illegally selling weapons over the internet. the leading german newspaper says he sold two ak-47 and two ak-47 style automatic rifles to the isis-backed gang. while german authorities are not yet admitting to a paris link, signs in the report seem to indicate that this could be an accurate trail.
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as for the hunt for the two remaining key suspects in the paris attacks, no news is bad news for the authorities. the so-called eighth attacker, salah abdeslam, and his alleged driver remain on the loose. there has not even been a reported sighting of either of them in a week. where could they be? be meanwhile, here in paris strong words, strong emotions. 130 killed in attacks two weeks ago, they were honored today. in attendance at the ceremony be, families of the victims as well as some of the survivors. the names and the ages of the victims were read out including 23-year-old nohemi gonzalez from california. victims of the attacks came from 18 different countries, most of them young. the ceremony at a complex of military monuments and buildings here many paris. this was, in fact, the first time civilians were honored there. it's usually military victims there.
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no mistake, french president hollande has called the terror that we saw here two weeks ago an act of war. he says france is at war with isis. one more quote from him: we will crush them, he said. and he concluded: we will not give in to fear. very strong, indeed. back to you guys. leland: greg, as you're on the streets in paris, you've been there since these attacks, have they turned the corner a little bit? are the french resolving to go about their daily lives or still this mourning? in mourning? >> reporter: i'm glad you asked me that, leland. last night i was out with my nephew and his wife having thanksgiving dinner, and we were actually walking through the area of the cafés. we went to two of the cafés that were hit. flowers were still there, the messages were still there, some people were still paying their respects, but you know what? in five, six, seven hipster cafés right around the area, it was filled with people.
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it's not that people have forgotten, no, they haven't forgotten. they're firm in their conviction that something needs to be done, but apparently they're also firm in their conviction that they will go on with life and they will enjoy it. that's probably what french president hollande meant when he said the french will not give in to fear. leland: well said. greg talcott in paris, thank you, sir. heather: protesters in chicago threatening to disrupt the city's shopping district this black friday, planning to take their demonstrations against the police department hike this one last night to the streets of chicago's famed magnificent mile. the outcry on heels of a murder charge against a white officer accused of shooting a black teenager 16 times. now, the shooting, caught on dash cam video, was released earlier this week. we're live in chicago with the latest. hello, matt. >> reporter: hi, heather, that's right. we are in the heart of chicago's shopping district, the magnificent mile.
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protesters say this is where they will be marching today. they say they want to get chicago where it hurts, in its pocketbook. they went as far as to say people won't be buying sneakers here. shoppers are steadily coming in and out, maybe the rain and the cold weather will deter some of those protesters. jesse jackson sent out a robocall yesterday calling out his protesters and people to the streets today, so we're not sure if that will increase the number of protesters here. in in the past couple of days there's been anywhere between a dozen and a couple hundred protesters on the streets of chicago. now, there are splinter groups across the city of chicago today, other protesters, and reverend jesse jackson is holding a press conference in about a half hour. we will be there, and we'll update you with that information. this is all about that video that shows police officer jason van dyke shooting to death 16-year-old laquan mcdonald last year. the video was not released until
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tuesday, so the protesters and activists are fired up about that. they're upset, they say the system here in chicago is broken, and they have formally called for the police chief to step down twice. heather? heather: upset with rahm emanuel as well over all of that. matt, thank you for joining us. leland: an unwanted thanksgiving visitor was the latest security scare at the white house. we're learning more about a man draped in an american flag who jumped the fence at the first family residence. the secret service apprehended him immediately on the north lawn. that's the video you're looking at right there. now he faces charges of unawful entry. barrett tenny live on the north lawn with details on that, hi, garrett. >> reporter: hey, leland. this latest incident is another t in what's become a string of publicized security breaches here at the white house. yesterday afternoon is the -- as the first family was celebrating thanksgiving inside, witnesses say the jumper was standing in a
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crowd along the outer fence of the white house when they saw him take off his sweatshirt, wrap himself in an american flag and then take a deep breath, and he said, "let's do this," before jumping a barrier and then scaling the fence. by the time he landed on the north lawn, secret service agents had their guns drawn and took him into custody. security cleared the area and locked it down for nearly three hours, and the whole incident caused quite a stir for a lot of people here in the holiday crowd. >> it was chaotic. everyone around us was yelling, and kids were crying. it was pretty unexpected. >> reporter: you can see just how chaotic it was for these folks as they were running from the scene as security moved in. officials have identified the jumper as 22-year-old joseph caputo from stanford be, connecticut. he's been charged with unlawful entry although that charge could change. he's expected to have an initial appearance in court today, but this latest incident marks the seventh time in the last two years someone has jumped the fence.
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earlier this year the secret service installed anti-climb spikes at the top of the fence. you can see it in some of the pictures. they do what their name suggests or are supposed to do, prevent someone from climbing over the fence. clearly, they failed to do that yesterday and now members of congress are again calling on the secret service to meet with them regarding these security breaches at the white house. leland? leland: among those, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton last night even sending out a statement saying she wanted t a meeting about this. garrett tenny on the north lawn, thanks so much. heather: let's talk politics. fox news is america's election headquarters. the latest polling out of iowa shows two republican candidates surging, senators ted cruz and marco rubio gaining some momentum as terrorism moves to the forefront of the 2016 election. well, this week's quinnipiac poll shows senator cruz's support doubling in just four weeks. he is now in second place, close
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behind donald trump. senator marco rubio is fourth at 13%. this, by the way, the first major poll in the wake of the paris terror attacks, so consider that as we talk about it. elizabeth harrington is a staff writer for the washington free beacon, and she joins us now with more insight. thank you for joining us today, elizabeth. >> sure. heather: so we have ted cruz and marco rubio gaining, ben carson dropping, trump still in the lead. who stands to gain the most as ben carson's numbers drop? >> i think that's definitely ted cruz. i think he is the natural heir for carson supporters, especially in a state like iowa. this really has been the year of the outsider, and cruz is the outsider in the senate. ever since he's been there, he's been very combative against the establishment, he's very combative with his own leadership, and so i think cruz is naturally in that position to take the support.
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once paris happened, the focus has turned to more serious issues; national security and terrorism. i think it's shown that ben carson is in a little over his head, and so he's going to drop from that. ted cruz is very knowledgeable on the issue, as is marco rubio. i think you'll see both of them continue to gain. heather: so another part of the poll, they took several different polls, it showed that terrorism, as you mentioned, and foreign policy together the two most important issues that voters will consider when they consider who they will vote for, cited by 30% of republicans as the most important, that was followed by jobs and the economy. we spoke yesterday about democrats who are focusing on jobs and the economy. do you think that republicans really do need to zero in on foreign policy at this point? >> yes. i think it's a major concern for voters. i mean, and all across the world right now. i mean, there's -- you have world war iii is trending on twitter as we speak. so clearly, it's a big issue that republicans can contrast themselves with president obama
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and with hillary clinton because she's really going to be tied to a lot of the president's foreign policy positions. and this refugee crisis is clearly in the minds of a lot of republican voters. they're very concerned about it. so i think you'll continue to see republicans talk about that and try to contrast themselves with the president and democrats. heather: all right. differentiating themselves from the president and hillary clinton, you said it would be a wise move, but it does appear that the republican candidates now are possibly lining up to gang up on trump and his candidacy. there are several ads that are being rolled out or in the works that are anti-trump, also some tweets that have been going out. do you think that's wise for them to do, to the kind of band together to go up against another republican candidate, or should they turn their focus to the democratic candidates and their policies? >> i think they should still stick to contrasting with democrats. it's still a little early. i can understand that a lot of
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republican insiders, as they're called, are concerned about trump. he seems to have catched out -- carved out his support. it doesn't matter what he says. on foreign policy, his supporters still trust him on it even if he can say a week before paris happened that we shouldn't with be out there, we should let putin handle isis in syria, and then terror happens, and he's seen as this great leader who's going to win the war on terror. he's going to have that support. but at the same time, i think he should just let it play out, see where he is. you don't want to create this war within the party. just stick to attacking democrats who are the main opponents. heather: trump also still leading when it comes to fighting terrorism, when it comes to immigration, one after another voters say he's their man. thank you so much for joining us, elizabeth. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. leland: overseas pope francis is spreading his message to africa. the pontiff touring parts of the continent have has been torn
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apart by violence, and he's now trying to bring peace to the region. plus this, also tensions rising between turkey and russia. you can imagine that after them shooting down that russian plane. details now on moscow's latest moves against turkey. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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heather: welcome back to "happening now." right now it is beginning to look a lot like christmas at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. first lady michelle obama welcoming the official white house christmas tree which will be on display in the white house's blue room. it is the centerpiece of decorations on the state floor. this year, by the way, the tree is an 18-and-a-half foot fir. the couple who grew the tree are presenting it to the first lady, they actually just did that, so that's done. leland: now you can put the tree up, put some ornaments on, the lights, all that good stuff. heather: yeah.
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leland: also right now moscow suspending all visa-free travel with turkey as tensions continue to rise after turkey shot down a russian plane. it claims it violated turkish air space. a russian marine killed during a rescue effort has been laid to rest. his helicopter was shot down by militants over syria who also say they shot and killed one of the pilots who parachuted from that downed jet. turkey's president wants to meet fate -- face to face with vladimir putin at next week's climate summit to see if they can't diffuse the tensions between those two countries. heather: pope francis making his second stop in africa, arriving in uganda earl meeting with the country's president and addressing the statehouse there. earlier before leaving kenya, pope francis visiting one of nairobi's slums, denouncing conditions there and saying that education and jobs could help
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young people, keep them from becoming radicalized by extremists. paul tilsley is live from south africa with more. how you doing today? >> reporter: hey, thanks, heather. very well, and i hope you are too. i have to tell you that pope francis was cautioned by many on receiverrers -- observers when he came to africa not to rock the boat with the very conservative catholic church here, but he's rocking it right royally. and in an address to young people this morning in nairobi, pope francis hit out at the al-shabaab terror group saying in so many words they and the other extremists are destroying life. the largest number of foreign fighters in al-shabaab, a somali group, are believed to come from kenya. the country is gripped by corruption right up to the highest levels w. the president looking on, the pope pulled no punches, accusing politicians of doing politics to rob and steal. he admitted there are cases of
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corruption in the vatican. let's hear what he had to say. >> translator: corruption is something which eats inside, like sugar; sweet. we like it. it's easy. >> reporter: this morning in the nairobi slums the pope denounced the way so many africans have to live, declaring access to safe water as a basic human right and that everyone should have dignified, adequate housing. francis is now on a two-day visit to uganda. the government have taken gay men to court. uganda's lgbt community is trying to get an audience with the pontiff, and they have another problem, it's also subject to attack byal-shabaab because the ugandan government have sent their troops into somalia to fight al-shabaab on their home turf. heather? heather: yeah, the pope's first visit to a country that is an active conflict zone, so it's history making.
8:20 am
thank you so much for joining us, paul. leland: history making, too, because you saw him in the pope mobile. he seemed to disavow any types of security. folks asked him about that and said aren't you worried about going into this place, and he said, well, i'm more afraid of the mosquitoes. [laughter] heather: i read that. leland: well said by the pope. you can be afraid of whatever you want. heather: he's kind of known for that attitude everywhere. leland: yeah, fiat one in washington, d.c., really interesting how he's changing the catholic church. moving on to a nation in mourning, of course, we're talking about france that paused to remember the 130 victims of the paris attacks as investors are working on a possible lead into where the attackers may have gotten their weapons, a key part of this story. and in the era of megamergers leading to fewer and fewer airlines, more and more delays, fewer hotel chains, higher prices, loyal customers are also seeing fewer and fewer rewards for their airline miles.
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heather: happening right now, france mourning the 130 lives lost in the paris attacks two weeks ago. it took more than ten minutes for all the names to be read aloud at a memorial service and then a moment of silence at the very moment the terror its began the massacre. meantime, investors are working some possible new leads with the arrest in germany of a man who may have supplied the paris attackers with weapons. we have a former intelligence officer and embedded military adviser and security and terrorism analyst, and he joins us with more insight. >> thank you for having me. heather: we have developing news
8:25 am
just crossing the wire, belgian authorities saying they have arrested a man in brussels, not saying much except to say it's over his involvement in terrorist attacks. so the investigation continues to spread, and it continues to spread across countries. what do we need to do to stop this from happening again? >> thanks for having me. we need to make sure that our european allies are working well with u.s. intelligence and also this is a great place for the russians to be able to help with identifying these smuggling routes between eastern europe and western europe. this is a great opportunity to demonstrate shared intelligence and working with hollande to find these terrorist attackers and find out how they got the weapons. and, of course, there's the online sales, and there's the deactivated weapons from the slovenian -- heather: yeah. i wanted to ask you a little bit more about that, because the
8:26 am
gentleman in germany who has been arrested, he sold these online, but they're the decommissioned weapons that were being sold out of slovakia. >> right. heather: but that is legal to do. >> right. and it takes a professional on the other side to reactivate them. so that's another lead for law enforcement, a look at who has this capability to reactivate these weapons. so, again, a great opportunity to do intelligence sharing between law enforcement and actual intelligence agencies. heather: yeah. french president francois hollande, he has a quote out today, he says we will crush them. he's gone and talked to putin, he's come here and talked to president obama. is president obama doing enough? is he coming out strong enough against isis? and are we prepared for isis here in america? >> well, hollande is coming out very strong against isis, and i would love to see the president follow suit. hollande is actually taking the lead and putting a coalition together.
8:27 am
not just a coalition of names, but actually a coalition willing to actually commit forces to the fight in iraq and syria. we've got to remember how easy this is to do. the good thing about paris is you're seeing that they had to go through, they had to buy these weapons online and reactivate decommissioned weapons. and the united states, there are more opportunities to do attacks like this. but when the president says that the paris attacks were a conventional attack, they were not. suicide vests are very sophisticated weapons. but we need to really be prepared for the lone gunman who takes an ak-47 and just starts to shoot at a café. the good thing about the u.s. is we're quick to call law enforcement when we see a huddling of people that we think might have nefarious goals. heather: yeah. and, of course, the worldwide warning that's out right now telling people to if you see something, say something. right.
8:28 am
heather: thank you so much for joining us today. >> thanks for having me, appreciate it. leland: techs certainly high in the windy city on this black friday as protesters are expected to hit the streets in just a couple of hours to express outrage over a video showing a white police officer shooting and killing a black teen. this video's from a couple of days ago coming up. details on plans for a protest targeting one of the busiest shopping areas in america. plus, a new company is aiming to bridge that huge divide between generations. of course, we are talking about how to teach seniors to use their tablets and smartphones. dad, i know you're watching. pay anticipation.
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leland: in just a few hours, protesters are planning to swarm chicago's magnificent mile shopping district to express outrage over the deadly shooting of a black teen by a white police officer. >> shut it down! leland: angry protesterses last night chanting service shots and -- 16 shots and hands up, don't shoot. the third night of demonstrations since tuesday's release of dash cam video of the incident. that police officer has been charged with murder. we want to warn you, the video of the incident is disturbing. it shows the moments when the officer shot that teenager 16 times. the officer has been arrested about a year later after this incident took place in 2014.
8:33 am
the video and the protests are now getting lots of media coverage, but the big question here is, has the main seem media asked the important questions and continued to cover these in the way they should? joining us now, cal thomas, syndicated columnist and a fox news contributor, lynn sweet, washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times." cal, first to you. is the mainstream media in one way or another intimidated by these protest ors and that's why they're not thing tough questions about why aren't you protesting of the other black -- all of the other black murders that happened inside chicago? >> that's part of it, but kudos to a citizen journalist on this named jamie calvin who heard about this video, and it was leaked to him, and he put it out there for all to see now before be the major media did. look, this is a horrible tragedy. anytime a 17-year-old young person is shot and killed in the streets of any city, it's awful. and if this video, in fact,
8:34 am
tells the whole story -- and all the evidence isn't in yet, and the defense attorney for the police officer says they do have a case, i'll be interested in hearing it -- he was walking away from the cop. 16 shots? come on. he was down after the first shot if, indeed, you feel that schools was-- shooting was deserved. black on black crime in chicago is virtually ignored certainly by the national media. last year in chicago there were over 2500 shootings. this year there have been over 2700 with more than a month to go in the year, but that doesn't seem to concern the mainstream media as much. leland: lynn, to you now. our matt finn on the ground is reporting jesse jackson has put out a probo call telling people to come out, the question is, why hasn't he told them to walk streets in ca writtenny -- ca brainy green and the south side of chicago, and why isn't the
8:35 am
media asking him why aren't you doing anything about what's killing far more black teenagers than one, obviously, police officer who's in a lot of trouble now? >> reverend jackson has been at the lead of many, many movements to try and stop black-on-black crime. cra britainny be -- cabrini green as such doesn't exist anymore. there has been tremendous coverage of the shootings on the south side by mainstream media, particularly in chicago. and i do applaud mr. calvin who went to court to get the videos released, and eventually other news outlets got them too. but will has been tremendous attention to crime in chicago. i don't know how any person who is particular with the situation says that there's not. and if you look at national coverage, chicago has had -- mayor rahm e -- emanuel was up
8:36 am
for re-election, and i think a part of his electioning was about he was combating not successfully the victims of violence on the south side. so i don't even understand the premise of where you're coming from on this one. respectfully said. leland: cal, when you look at this from the presence of politics, has rahm emanuel been doing everything he can here, or is he handling this problem in chicago with kid gloves? >> well, one of the things i believe, leland, and i've written about this for many years that would help the african-american community in many major cities is school choice. the democratic party, including rahm emanuel, the entire democratic structure in chicago, and in fact, here in washington, the entire democratic establishment in the congress will not allow poor african-american children to escape from failed public schools. if you don't get a good education, you have two strikes against you right away. and i think that's where the protests ought to be.
8:37 am
i think young african-american children are being denied a decent education while the politicians send their kids to private schools like president obama rightly does. they trap these young kids in these poor and failing neighborhoods in their failing public schools and doom them to an uncertain and often failing future. that's where the real problem is. but major media will not hold the democratic party be accountable for this. leland: all right, we'll leave it there. >> there is a rebuttal to that, sorry we get to it. he he up against a hard break, we'll see you soon. ♪ ♪ heather: well, a new start-up company holding classes to bridge the digital divide between generations. they say that teaching our nation's seniors how to use tablets, smartphones and social media will reduce isolation and help them connect better with younger people. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta with more on this.
8:38 am
>> reporter: hi, good morning to you. this thanksgiving my dad arrived with a whole list of questions about how to operate his iphone and computer, and i know we're not alone. watch this. >> iphones and ipads have pretty good cameras in them. >> reporter: it's a common complaint, seniors having trouble staying in touch with their children and grandchildren. >> because you can't reach them on the landline. you don't know where they are. and they're always somewhere, unavailable, sometimes their choice. [laughter] >> reporter: that's where jane rat live comes in. the atlanta entrepreneur teaches seniors how to use smartphones, tablets and oh gadget -- other gadgets. >> if they want to stay in touch with their kids and their grandkids, they have to learn how to text because that's how people communicate today. >> reporter: how easy is it to learn this technology? >> not easy. not for me because i didn't grow up with computers. it's a whole different language. >> reporter: so the
8:39 am
instructors and volunteers take extra time to translate high-tech concepts into terms relevant to this generation. >> when we talk about podcasting, we really say, okay, go back to the '40s when what we had primarily was radio, and you'd turn the radio on and listen to a radio show. that's exactly what podcasting is. >> reporter: technology like this has become so common place, it often arrives in the box without any instructions. that's fine if you've grown up with it, but if you're unfamiliar wit, it's always good to have a little help. back to you. heather: i'm tweeting my dad during the show today. always do it with him. my mom, on the other hand, is a different story. [laughter] jonathan serrie, thank you. >> reporter: my pleasure. leland: all right, tweet about this: new airline changes to airline and hotel loyalty programs have a lot of folks feeling like they're getting the bad end of a really bad deal. an expert will tell you how to fight back just as you book all
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mucking. ♪ ♪ leland: it did not get a lot of attention, but earlier this month american airlines made it harder and more expensive for customers to use all those miles they've earned. american joining delta, united, southwest, jetblue and others in moving towards a revenue-based models. delta and united already significantly cut the rewards they give out to their most loyal customers. the evaluation comes after several major mergers in the past few years among airlines. now starwood and marriott hotels also merging leading customers to worry about their loyalty programs could also take a hit. so what can we as customers do to fight back? here with some answers, travel adviser, founder of the travel
8:44 am
blog, edward murrow. is everyone right now hanging on to, essentially, a devaluing asset? >> well, look, airline miles aren't worth as much as they used to be, that's for sure, but there's still a lot of great ways to redeem them, and more miles are actually issued from the credit cards than they are from actually flying. so there's still great ways to earn miles, but we just have to be more creative in how we redeem them. leland: now that all of a sudden the major carriers are basing how many miles you have based on revenue and then changing their rewards, what you have to give them in terms of miles to get something back, how does creativity come into play here? >> well, there's a couple of different way. if elite status is your game, you want to make sure you've got that comfortable seats, then you might need to look overseas.
8:45 am
one offers status matches to make it easier to get great seats on united or access to the lounges. if your goal is free travel, you might need to look to diversify, and that's where those credit cards can come in, starwood preferred guests american express or chase ultimate rewards where you can use those for a number of airlines. if american airlines wakes up and makes your miles worth less, maybe you redeem them on british airways to get to that dream city in europe. leland: how can everyday folks who look at their american airlines account, how do you learn to do all these things that you're talking about? it's kind of confusing at some point to figure out how to use american airline miles on café pacific or something like that. >> yeah. there are some services out will that will help you, but there's also some other thicks that the airlines -- things that the airlines have come out with. american airlines, while there
8:46 am
were a lot of pain points, they also announced a bunch of short haul awards. so instead of spending 25,000 miles to go round trip from, say, new york to charlotte, you might be able to get that trip now for 15,000 miles. so there are pockets of values you can get short term, and long term i'd suggest around for a great travel blog or a service that can help you find a way to use those miles. there's certainly going to be more value in trying to look around for those niches right now. just trying to redeem those miles that you're getting, they're harder to earn with american for a domestic flight. that should cost you more in 2016 than it did before. leland: one of the reasons the airlines and, for that matter, the hotels are able to raise their prices in terms of how many miles it costs is because there's fewer airlines. there's less competition. >> sure. leland: do you think the department of justice in the big picture is doing it job in protecting consumers by allowing these mergers to come through?
8:47 am
now we hear about this marriott/starwood merger, create this huge hotel chain. should these mergers be precluded by department of justice? >> well, i think there's a difference between the hotels and the airlines, and i think the problem the department of justice ended up with the airlines was they said yes to the first couple, and then how do you say no to the next one? i think we're past the point where we've seen all the big airline mergers that we're going to see, and i think the department of justice is trying to find a way to make sure it doesn't go further. they recently stepped this to make sure united and delta couldn't lop off all the routes they wanted to in newark. you're generally speaking in the hotel world of more choice. certainly smaller cities it can be tough when you only end up with one choice where marriott and starwood will, obviously, be the monster in the room now.
8:48 am
leland: all right. if you want one of those very good blogs you suggested, i would suggest pizza in motion. thank you very much, sir. heather, what's coming up? heather: coming up, one woman goes the extra mile on thanksgiving. >> this was a chance that we had, and we took it. heather: how she gave a handful of marines a home away from home on the holidays. plus, another holiday tradition underway right now, black friday shopping. the latest from one of the consumer capitals of world, times square. ♪ ♪
8:49 am
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leland: a fox news alert as at least 15 people are dead on this pretty in nigeria. a suspected suicide bomber from the group boko haram, loosely affiliated with al-qaeda, blew himself up in the midst of an annual procession at a shiite mosque. now, keep in mind, of course, that boko haram is sunni. reports say 40 people were injured in friday's attack at the annual mosque. it looks right now as if it's coming from boko haram. they have been at this for about sin years inside -- six years inside nigeria, and so far according to amnesty international they have killed, in all, 20,000 people. obviously, we're going to try to update this as it comes in. and keep in mind the central african republic right there in the lower right-hand corner of your map is where poem francis is head b -- pope francis is heading in the very near future. you can imagine security concerns in that country where
8:53 am
the conflict between islamic militants and christians there continue. heather: and, actually, boko haram most recently pledging their allegiance to al-qaeda. >> i did my homework. i studied in there, i'm running in and there running it out ott. >> it's going to be a long time waiting here. heather: well, if thanksgiving is the holiday for family, then plaque friday is the holiday -- black friday is the holiday for shopping. people lining up to check out the major doles. some of the hottest toys ranging from "star wars" to the newest take on barbie. cheryl casone is live in tykes square with -- times square with a look at what is flying off the shelves. >> reporter: and flying around my head, heather, yeah. you had to mention barbie just for the ladies out there. $39.99 for the 2015 holiday barbie. but you've got to check out the millenium falcon. this is probably going to be the hottest "star wars" toy, and it's flying around me. come over here.
8:54 am
he's cruising around right now, as you can see. these things are going -- it's basically like a drone. it's normally $179, it's on sale for $99, and there's other things that are "star wars"tes u as well. this, of course, is owe da, a talking yoda. again, normally 179, and he's now $996789yoda, can i be a jedi? no? maybe? let me let him think about it. i think that was a no. you have also got -- i think we've also got a stormtrooper, darth vadar, chewbacca. these guys are big bucks. and this is the newer version of what used to be r2d2. and finally, this toys r us, by way, has been open since 5 p.m. yesterday. they were open all night long. it is packed. it is all about "star wars." heather, may the force be with you. this is the light saber, it's me
8:55 am
and yoda battling it out for retail sales, and it is a battle here in times square because it is black friday, and it is crowded. we'll see what the numbers tell us, and i'll have those for you on monday morning when i talk to you on "fox & friends." heather: he's keeping the crowds away from you, he's protecting you. thank you, cheryl. >> reporter: you bet. heather: well, new in the next hour of "happening now," republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson traveling to jordan to meet with siren january refugees, this as the president compares them to the pilgrims in his thanksgiving address. plus, new reports u.n. inspectors are unlikely to draw a clear conclusion about whether iran once operated a nuclear weapons program. so could that complicate the iran nuclear agreement set to go into full effect in the coming months?
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
one florida family took in some special thanksgiving guests. a group of marines who were not
8:59 am
able to make it home for the holiday. heidi extended the implication to it 2 dozen marines to serve alongside their son. and opening your home and for that matter her kitchen as you can imagine was the least she could do to give thanks. >> these young men and women have written a blank check to the united states of america for up to and including their life. could we peel an extra potato or 40 pound turkey? you bet. >> local businesses host gift cards, cash and of course turkey and if you think of it if you are serving 2 dozen marines you will need a lot of turkey, all of pumpkin pie. it is different from testing the family. lea: it is important to say thank you on thanksgiving and give our thanks, we do that to all servicemen out there, men and women who put their lives on
9:00 am
the line of the country. leland: we will see that here in an hour. "outnumbered" is up next and they start now. >> a solemn and emotional day in french as that nation honors the 130 victims of the paris attacks. this is "outnumbered". here with us today is harris' father, a democratic strategist and fox news contributed julie m majonsk majonski, catherine tim is here for the first time. and today's hash tag one lucky guy senior managing editor of foxnewsheld stock, and a team member dr. manny alvarez and you are "outnumbered" aunt this day when all of us are overeating and could use advice from you. >> i love to over eat myself but everyone had a great thanksgiving i hope. had a wonderful time


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