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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 27, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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after the meal. >> the purpose. >> head right into the weekend. we are back here on monday at noon eastern, happy thanksgiving week to you, blessing to you, "happening now" starts right now. they are using black friday to draw attention to their demands
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which include a federal investigation in the police department. matt, what is going on out there right now? >> reporter: heather, i want to show you michigan avenue behind me, closed off as far as the eye can see. the protestors are about a this happened out here. and they have shut down michigan avenue. they wanted to take it. and this protest is going on and by far the most dynamic day. there are a thousand people and loud and focal and chanting. 16 shots. and jesse jackson led it down michigan avenue and they shut down the city avenue. and now jesse jackson is expected to speak, heather. >> it is a different scone in a hour ago.
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what is the impact that they are having around there? > reporter: much different scone in the past couple of days, there is a couple hundred people. and they are loud and vocal. andñr it is in michigan avenue. -- i can barely hear you. what are they chanting? can you hear what they are chanting? >> they are chanting 16 shots according to the 16 shots that the chicago police officer shot in last october. that's what they are chanting as they walk down michigan avenue, heather. >> thank you, mat.
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>> we'll bring in chuck, and president of solidarity strategies. gentlemen thank you for being here. as you watch the scene developing in chicago, i am interested in your thoughts especially that you have rahm emmanuel as mayor and not able to handle the crime or issue of police violence there in chicago? >> when you look at images right now, coming live to us from the streets of chicago it is totally understandable why people are deeply upset. a tone -- teenager is gunned down and the good news that officer was charged with first-degree murder. that is serious. why it took this long for all of this to come to a head?
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why did it take this long for the video to be released. the shooting was many, many months ago. it reached a boiling point in the city of chicago. and there is a flash point here and hopefully the protest remain peaceful. >> this is an issue of so much violence. tyshaun was executed because of a gang issue related to his father. they arrested somebody in the murder and in mcdonald's murder, the police officer in this case. but jesse jackson didn't call for a protest or say i want to watch on the blood or crips house or find the gang leader. why are we not see the response on black on black violence that claims see many lives, chuck? >> the video is the difference.
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there are horrible crimes that happen every day and they keep going by and people who don't see them on their tv set, if you don't see it kindling up all of the fear and anxiety in the community. >> i hear you on the video. but this is a nine-year-old little boy, if he is not safe in chicago, no kid is safe in chicago and still we don't see the leadership there in chicago or from that matter we haven't heard the president talking about the violence in chicago and the kind of qoutrage that seems to exist. and the mainstream media to talk about it. why haven't we see the outrage as we look at the pictures of his funeral. >> a young man seen shot 16
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times. it probing my heart. 30 minutes ago was the first time i heard of it. i seen every day through every news cycle about p the policemen. and then i heard about a boy, dying by his basketball. but that was the first i heard of temperature >> we'll monitor the protest. in the meantime, president obama is dedicating the weekly radio broadcast to the syrian. he reminded the americans of the immigrant history and comparing the refugee to the last pilgrims. >> the borld is still full of pilgrims and want nothing more for a safer place for their families. what makes america, america, we
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offer that chance. >> 67 percent of the disagree with the president's plan to bring syrian refugees here. he can do it if he wants, but does he have the political capital. >> i think see. i asked a cornell is this who we are as a country. that is what makes us different. to take people in and made america the best. no matter who you are and where you are from. and that's why president obama had a good point comparing them to the pilgrims. >> somebody who has had a tough time as it goes and relates to foreign policy, dr. ben carson just headed to jordan. and landing there in a couple of hours to see the syrian refugee camps. and this is the quite he gave in
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the hours before the trip. i find when you have firsthand knowledge as opposed to second-hand, i want to hear their stories and hear from what the officials call their perspective. all of that is extraordinarily useful in formulating an opinion of how to solve the problem. if it is solvable from the national review comes this. too late for carson to catch up on home work referring to foreign policy. does this trip mean more than a photoop. >> i do applaud dr. carson for going there and doing home work and studying up a bit. a lot of us watched the last republican debate and he gave a couple of answers that were head scratchers pertaining to syria and iraq. and one answer particularly comes to mind.
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and after paris, a lot of voters reevaluate if it makes sense to elect a total novis. rather than should i telling around and shrugging his shoulders he's trying to do something about it. if it is to late the voters have to decide. he is soccer. >> he has soccer balls and beanie babies to give to the refugees, is that enough to give now that foreign policy is taking center stage? >> it is a holiday weekend. i am here in fort worth with my family and mother and we had thanksgiving dinner and i asked them about foreign policy. people want to feel like they are safe. my mother and sister and family want to know somebody is looking after their best well-being. and if he has to go over there to prove it, good for him.
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that way people can vote for him and trust him. people just want to know they are in a safe country. >> guy, i think you would agree with that. guy, chuck, i appreciate you being here and go wild cats. >> go cats. >> there you g. >> in paris. two weeks after the terrorist attacks that left 130 people dead. the nation paying homage to the victims in a somber ceremony in central paris. security is high in the city of light as the investigation in those attacks continues. steve harris, what was the tone of today's memorial service? >> it was an emotional ceremony. many of those invited today were family members of those people killed and some injured in the
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attacks. some people were in wheelchairs and stretchers and president hollande made a strong case that this is a war against the islamic state and vowed that he would fight the war to the end and destroy those responsible. many of those killed in the attacks on friday 13th were young. average age 35. and their names were read one by one. and president hollande is working hard on the diplomatic front trying to get allies in u.s., uk and russia and leads the war against the islamuc state. >> are theñi investigators clos to catching the suspect. i know they are still looking for two? >> that's right, there is two main suspects. the aide and his accomplice that
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were seen in the car used in the attacks two days before those attacks took place. despite the manhunt that spans much of europe no word on the success of finding them. there was an arrest of an arms dealer who suspected of supplies terrorist with four assault rifles. back to you. >> thank you see much. we appreciate it. >> and new developments in the ongoing tension between russia and turkey. turkey's president said he space more than a week before turkey shot down the russian plane. the president erdogan spoke at the g20 summit and putin urged
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him to accept russian planes as guests and that didn't happen: he said putin played the part in the deaths of hundreds of people. and russia accused turkey of buying oil from isis. >> and traffic diverted at a busy toll plaza and what we are learning about that crash. and donald trump saying about his controversial comments.
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and it was finally put out and traffic was diverted away from all of the damaged lanes. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. the crash is under investigation. >> and donald trump responding to the mocking of a news reporter. and now the republican presidential front runner said he doesn't know the goichlt the reporter claimed he interviewed trump and they have been on a first name basis for years. >> now the guy. ñ know what i said. i don't remember. i don't remember. >> and howard kurtz is a fox. and what was he mocking the disability?
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ground by making fun of reporters and idiots and losers and twitter the and not everybody likes the media. it is it evident he stepped over the line. because he was not mocking serge. he is a great guy and journalist and obvious be he has limited use of his arms and it looked like trump was doing that impersonation. >> and some of the tweets he sent out. and one of them. i don't know the reporter for the new york times or what he looks like. i was showing a person to grovel to take back a statement long ago. and the failing new york times should focus on fair and balanced reporting. yesterday three boring articles and today two. >> and it seems to me that trump
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is in a position where he's on the defensive. and one of the few battles with the media. donald trump is a smart guy. he would not deliberately make fun of a reporter with a disability. it is about the arukcle that was written back in 2001. and saying authorities in new jersey detaped for questions some people that celebrated the attacks. and that doesn't match up with trump saying thousands celebrating. it put trump on the defensive and really at war with the new york times and washington post. >> and i have to ask you this. are we now starting to knit pick and look at things to come at donald trump. you yourself said it was a great reporter and everything i am reading about him. he is great and professional.
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he department back track his article. his article stands. and the difference in the numbers and thousands and donald trump comes out and talks about it, he doesn't get credit at all? >> it did partially vindicate donald trump. and that is reporting on people. & the way trump tries to cast it. make the mainstream media the villian and his fans love that and that is another example. but the misstep involving a physical disability back fired on him. but the new york times editorial page a cowses trump of racist
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lies and bully and running an ugly campaign. there is a lot of criticism, but never reached the state of open warfare. and i think most of the time, that helps trump. because his supporters and fans don't love the media and they love donald trump. >> it is now the other republican candidates that have a lot of ads and negative things to say about donald trump and that is it all coming out. >> i am see sorry, howard. thank you for joining us today. >> great to see you. >> a charity honoring our veterans needs your help. and we'll tell you more. and a shopping frenzy out there this black friday and peter barnes is in the thick of it. >> reporter: it is it in the
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website. and one mall in washington d.c. is wooing shoppers with complimentary cocoan and coffee and hershey kisses. will that tempt people to spend more? >> johning us live from the mall in dc, hi, peter. >> reporter: hey, leland. that is right. and the theme for the mall this years spread the love and trying to do that with free hot cococa. and people saying thank you and here's a gift card and free hershey kisses and get the message out dig atty. >> and this is highlighting the deals. and that is the gap is offering 50 percent off today for an
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entire purchase and an additional ten percent off of all of the fashion you can fit in onehon your tote bags. and here's what he said. >> he's got the facebook and twitter and instagram and again with the photobooth. we want people to tweet and hash tag and speed love this holiday season to get the word out. and that is post the attacks in paris. and it has been talking to the department of homeland security that certified it. we have seen more security guards and uniformed police officers and actually this morning saw a canine unit here in the mall, leland. >> and we've heard all about
10:28 am
soft retail numbers there in october. and a lot of the retailers working. do they think the social media outreach is doing the trick? are they seeing a real response? >> we talked to shoppers who said they checked on line. and here are a couple of shoppers that we talked to. macy's had good deal. >> spread the love is got a twitter handle. and we went in a digital photoboth. we have photos to show you. we are trying to get in the holiday spirit with with this digital photobooth on spreading
10:29 am
the love. >> bring hershey kisses for us, thanks, peter. >> protestors in chicago descending on the city. and we are watching things on the ground and will continue to bring you the latest and what police are saying about the bruttial gang related murder of a nine-year-old boy, and what to expect as his case moves forward. >> all of our cases are important. it is an act of barbarrism. friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. for all the things you can't wash, use... ...febreze fabric refresher whoa hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smells nice in here and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for... ...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher...
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>> a fox news alert. protestors are tasting to the streets in chicago and targeting high end magnificent mile. & they show the fatal will shooting of a 17 year old mcdonald. and also in chicago, police announcing charges against the chicago style murder of the nine-year-old who was lured in an alley in an alleged gang hit against his father. corey morgan charged with first-degree murder and police say he has a long record. >> as iñr told you,ñi we we wil
10:34 am
find the individual with an extensive violent history who should not have been on the streets. he is a documented gang member and convicted felon and we picked him up with a fire arm. >> and that is first, looking at the and that is someone see depraved that they would take a nine year old boy out. is that what violence has come to. >> the fact that this man would lure a nine-year-old boy, in the alley and the only regret is that illinois did away with the death penalty and for all of these people who think that.
10:35 am
it is not. and that is unfortunately unbriedled and sfashz i am concerned i would indict him and the kid's father. >> it was in retribution for something that the father did in the rival will game. do we need something like the fbi task force and go out after them. and break up the leadership rather than taking the foot soldiers through the revolving door? >> it is what they are doing in atlanta like we are here doing the doj and fbi and dean and all of the different federal agents that are usingitate laws and federal laws. and fire tapping. we are not seeing localized
10:36 am
gangs. but seeing units and these are large and international games. and we have to have them working together to get the intelligence at the state and level. we have to have them working together to curb the violence. and it is a lot of the intelligence from the community. it is not a case of snow snitching. what is that person likely to assassinate a nine-year-old? what would they do. and that is something if there is a positive from this. that is something we will turn
10:37 am
a corner. it is one thing to snitch. and one other thing to try to dimopped out gang members and clean up the streets. >> it is a horrific crime and i understand why the members of the community come forward. and there is countless people who live in the neighborhoods and trying to raise their families under difficult circumstances and those people need to come forward. and they need to kind of point their finger at these people. this crime is horrific. and these crimes lead to a lot of death. we in the law community need help solving. >> appreciate all of your
10:38 am
inseat. we'll see if it tops in chicago. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. states are high forñiçó retaile and hoping to score deals. and they join us live with the stock exchange. >> and it is retailers and a lot to watch. the dow was weak wither. any kewas a winner. and they are lookingality a possible rate hike. and disney came under pressure and down three percent. espn lost 7 million subscribers and abc and disney channel lost subscribers. but black friday had a strong
10:39 am
start. $1 billion and more than was spent on line. 36 percent plan to shop on line. and that is total on line holiday. and sales are estimated to be 100 billion. and over all. that is going to the physical store and shopping on line. that is expected to rise three and half percent. target saw unprecedented sales. and that is flying off of the shelves. and apple ipad. and nintendo. and see tois. and that is princess lego and bar beechlt it is not a best seller but they saw demand for.
10:40 am
that happy shopping, everybody. >> thank you, nicole. >> and governor larry hogan battled cancer for five months and he won. he sees the world differently now. and fox news a team has more from maryland. >> as of today, i am 100 cancer free and in complete remission. nlarry hogan. popular dpof goff of maryland is out of the woods after battling stage three cancer. >> it is amazing i had it all in my body and never got sick or felt it. and it is something i keep telling people. make sure you get checked out and if you are not sure what a lump is. check it out. nprofound fatigue is gone.
10:41 am
and he sports bald dome and numbness from the chemo. he calls the nurses and staff angels. and the team of doctors uncred ebl. >> they treated every patient like they were a governor. i was like a dad or brother or urchingle. >> having cancer helped him to happen what patients and families are going through. and now has a new task at hand. advocate for cancer treatment. for children who was a source of strength in his own battle. >> is there a particular kid that touched you. and see they are going through this. and i thought i could give you advice. and his mom typed up the going through chemo and had things
10:42 am
like that make sure you have your hugging person with you. mine is my mommy. he said pray to god because it really helps. your doctors. and i used to eng they are mean but they are there to help you. do what they tell you. make sure you get the numb, numb cream. no one told me about the numb, numb cream. and see it was a kid who took the time to say i want to help you going through your tough chemo battle. he is positive. and seeing what they go through inspired me. and i went through nothing compared to what they are fighting. >> dr. mark segal fox news. >> he's inspiring to a lot of
10:43 am
them. and that doesn't mean they are legalitying down the guard. and they are starting to catch up to those of men and that could have serious health consequences. doctor is in up next. canned passed security is tight
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all over belgium. it continues in the brussel's area and the final davis cup tennis tournament going ahead as planned west of brussels amid heavy security. and spectators told to come early. and do the additional check ands love their bags at moment. bomb sniffing dogs are out on
10:47 am
patrol. 48 percent of the women report drinking each month. and in the meantime drinking fell among men to over 56 percent. and the average number drinking days a month increased from under 7 to 7.3. and among men it fell ten days to five and half daysment why are more woman according to those numbers, more are drinking. and they are unable to pinpoint the exact cause. and that is from drinking. and we have another travel to
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pull out. it did not change in the study period. there was a difference in the beverage drinking. it is five or more on the occasion. that is one of the concerns. it can be be affecting our livers. we'll go back and it entering through the water. and generally speaking women weigh less than men do. our brains and orgarare exposed and our liver has to break down
10:49 am
more individual than men does. it damages the liver sales. and cause scaring and inflammation as well. it adds to it and makes it worse. and moderate drinking can increase the breast cancer in the . >> there is studies that come out and say one glass of wine that can create a slippery slope. see can exercise and eating healthy. and they are not certain and conclusive and every person that hasville. it would be good for their
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hearts. it is for men and women. and see it affects our brain and increase it can shrink our brain. it can increase the risk of stroke. it can affect our hearts directly at the plus. >> caller:s causing it to die late. these can be concerning and can increase the risk of cancer, breast cancer, throat cancer. >> long list. >> long list of problems. >> thank you for joining us. think about it. it's friday night. thank you. i'll be thinking. i'll have a drink too. a new procedure is helping young cancer patients keep up with their play mates. a look at the implants that grow with their young patients. tom brady is getting creative to put a smile on his fans faces. his kids may feel a little differently about the big turkey. kets, no accidents... kets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining
10:51 am
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welcome back. tom brady thanks his fans for their support with a facebook video featuring himself dressed as a turkey. his kids may not feel quite as thankful. you can see here nearly scaring the stuffing out of them. i cannot believe that i had to sit here and read a story about tom brady and not mention my carolina panthers that are 11-0. >> you don't have cam newton dressing up as a turkey. he just knows he's cool. >> we really don't have to wonder how you feel. now you will all feel good
10:55 am
about this next story, including heather. young cancer patient who is are growing tall thanks to a new procedure. some doctors using extendable implants to keep up with children's changing bodies. claudia is live from los angeles with how it all works. >> the typical treatment for these children is chemotherapy and often times amputation. with simple as something as a magnet, they can grow tall like anybody else. when doctor first met the 12-year-old in 2013 she had painful mass above her knee. it turned to eed out to be a ra of bone cancer. about 800 u.s. cases each year, half of which is in kids. for adults, mover the affected bone and replace it with a metal rod. for children that's not an option. >> in a growing child it's a whole other factor because we're adding in the fact that the limb
10:56 am
still needs to catch up to her other leg that will be growing n mally. >> reporter: a few year ago she would have lost her leg. doctors had another solution. remover the tumor and replace the bone with this extendable prosthesis. >> it has a pin into it when we put it under the magnet allows the growing component to disengage and lengthen at a rate of one millimeter per four minutes. 16 minutes later. >> all day. >> reporter: her left leg was four millimeters longer. >> that's pretty good. look almost evening. >> reporter: it takes a few visit a year to keep her legs evening opinion since her initial surgery two years ago she and the prosthesis have grown quite a bit. her doctor plans to remove be m
10:57 am
implant and replace it with a standard rod. she says the process doesn't hurt and one of her favorite things to do is run around. cute little girl. >> incredible technology. tense protests in the street of chicago. demonstrators try to hit the city where it hurts. more live, next.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation. oh, that smells so good. aw, and it tastes good, too. we can provide the right care, right at home. we begin with a fox news alert as hundreds of protesters on the streets of chicago right now. their vowing to shut down the city's magnificent mile on black friday. they are demanding justice for the shooting death of a black teen by a white chicago police officer. the protest has been going on for a couple of hours. we've been monitoring it all along. welcome now. >> nice to be with you again. this is the latest and most prominent protest yet.
11:01 am
laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times. demonstrators are demanding major changes including a federal investigation as well as resignation of chicago's top cop. ma mattflynn is live with more. what's going on? >> reporter: happening right now a couple dozen protesters are standing in front of the store. this is black friday, one of the busiest shopping day of the year. they came to shut down michigan avenue, and that's what they did. they walked arm in arm, elbow in elbow and shut it down for quite some time. the crowds have been coming and going. the weather may be playing part. earlier, there were hundreds, if not a thousands protesters here. still pretty lively scene here right now. these protesters are shouting no justice, no peace and 16 shots. the 16 shots referring to the police officer jason van dyke
11:02 am
who shot the young teen 16 times last year. heather. >> this protest is different than the ones we saw in the days before thanksgiving? >> reporter: yes, it is. there were maybe a couple of dozen or hundreds of protests leading up, today we saw a much more dynamic crowd led by reverend jesse jackson. i estimate at least a thousands people walked down michigan avenue an shut it down. you'll be hearing 16 shots. they've been chanting that all day long. >> thank you. fox news is america's election headquarters. two republican presidential candidates, senators marco rubio, ted cruz is rising in the polls. now the supporters are trading punches on the air waves. the funder of one super pac is
11:03 am
spending $200,000 to run this ad in iowa accusing cruz of weakening national security. >> our leaders must keep america safe. when ted cruz had the chance to fight barack obama's dangerously weak anti-terror policies, he didn't. cruz voted to weaken america's abilities to identify and hunt down terrorists. meantime super pac backing ted cruz responding with a you tube video attempting to paint rubio as weak on immigration. >> ted cruz is surging in the polls and rubio's people are desperate. rubio stood with obama and shuck schumer. >> erick erickson is the editor in chief. who is desperate by running these ads? >> it looks like the rubio team
11:04 am
is confirming what everyone has seen. ted cruz is soar ing in iowa. he's taken trump supporters and a lot of ben carson supporters. this really the attack on cruz is confirming what the public polling is showing. >> does it matter that this is in such gray violation of reagan's 11th commandment? >> not at all. notice it's the super pac's doing it. they can say they have nothing to do with their super pac ads, they can't talk to them or tell them to tell it off. it's the teams that are doing it. >> how does this forecast for the race coming together by virtue of the fact that both of these super pacs are running these ads that attack the other person. you have to think they believe that come iowa, come new hampshire, south carolina, these will be the two guys we're
11:05 am
battling it out, something you've said for a long time. >> i've bp sayi ibeen saying it to be a cruz race. trump is kind of plateauing a bit. as jeb bush and kasich and others fall away, a lot will go to rubio and the outsiders will go do cruz. there's a lot of momentum there. it's interest wing where they a hitting each other. i think the immigration attack may have a lot more weight in the republican primary than the national security attack. >> rubio has had some issues when it comes to immigration. something that people have hit him on before. when it comes to national security, seem like that's a pretty tough sale the make going against ted cruz going on national security. do people consider it just sort of a low blow? >> among the people paying attention in the electorate right now, it will be a low blow. no one thinks that ted cruz is soft on national defense. if you remember in the fox
11:06 am
business debate he defended marco rubio. really a heavy pivot for the rubio campaign to make that shift. >> we're now a couple of months here just about exactly before iowa. is this the time to start having these ads come out or is everyone wasting their ammunition right now? >> among some of the candidates there's some weakness out there in field. people are beginning to define who they think will be on the other side. once you get into january, you're a month away. you plant the seeds now, do a few ads here and there. pull them off before christmas. just let them percolate out there. there's more debates coming up. you're laying the ground work to say let me ask you about the ad your opponent is running against you. >> i'm going to flip it around from what you said earlier when rubio and cruz can go it's not
11:07 am
us, it's just our super pacs. is there a danger you can have your super pac do something that reflects badly in terms of how the electorate views you or makes an take that doesn't work. >> we've seen outside groups make a really hard take against someone. it turns out it blows up in the candidate's face. it's hard for the candidates to deny the super pacs or completely separate entities when they went out and fund raise for the super pacs before setting up their national campaigns. they will try to do it. they can do it with straight face. they're politicians. they're capable of it. no one will believe it. >> well, we'll see if the gloves come off. looks like they're about to when you look at the ads. appreciate your insight. we'll see if your forecast turns out to be right. looks good right now. >> thanks, take care.
11:08 am
a final report due out next month of a probe on iran's nuclear program. it's unlikely it will draw clear conclusions. the iaea chief says he cannot guarantee the program was meant for peaceful purposes. the failure to reach final judgment could now slow down the process of completing the nuclear deal with iran and other world powers. chief intelligence correspondence has details for us from washington. >> thank you. the international atomic energy agency or iaea spent five months investigating whether iran has a secret nuclear weapons program and the director general of the iaea told journalists this week his report will not be black and white. >> we have better understanding now. >> as part of its investigation, they toured one of the most
11:09 am
controversial military sights. tehran imposed restrictions on his visit. critics say years of renovation scrubbed evidence of a nuclear weapons development including the removal of a testing chamber for warhead. the iaea reviewed matters and supposed to show how close they got to the bomb. if the past research and development programs are a mystery at major sights a member of the house intelligence committee said that the restrictions must remain. >> the administration to kept the surveillance in a verification right. >> critics argue tehran provided limited access to scientists and documents providing no new information to the review. administration officials
11:10 am
emphasize iran has cooperated with the iaea and there's no justification to slow down the deal. the report is due in just a few weeks in mid-december. >> thank you. black friday shopping is under way at stores across the country. the holiday past time, as you might imagine, got out of control in some spots. we'll show you theie craziest scenes. he's steeen here straddling the white house fence opinion that's not supposed to happen. will a judge be on fence about how to handle this alleged thanksgiving trespasser. es. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge.
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11:12 am
11:13 am
an active shooter situation at a planned parenthood?
11:14 am
colorado springs. that's an hour south of denver. police are tweeting out that the scene is not secure and is urging media and others to stay away. local affiliates reporting that people might be injured. we can't confirm that. the situation is breaking over the past few minutes. we're working hard to confirm what we can about a possible active shooter situation at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. happening now the holidays are here but some shoppers are not feeling the spirit of the season. black friday brawls breaking out in stores across the nation. cell phone video from el paso, texas shows people going crazy over tvs in a walmart. police officers separate the fighters but one man takes a swing at a cop before he's arrested. in louisville, kentucky two men duke it out before wrestling each other to the ground. police officers had to break up
11:15 am
the fight. no word on the exact cause of the clash. a fox news alert. the latest man accused of jumping the white house fence has now landed himself in the north lawn into court. joseph now facing criminal charges for climbing a section along the fence of the north wall while draped in an american flag. the events at the white house into lockdown on the thanksgiving holiday as the first family was inside and obviously it comes at a time that heightened national security fears. chief washington correspondent james rosen live on a secure north lawn with more. hi, james. >> reporter: good afternoon. the u.s. secret service says the fence jumper has been charged with unlawful entry. he was due to appear at 1:30 eastern time today in federal district court. he's been identified as 22-year-old joseph kaputo of
11:16 am
stanford, connecticut. he was wrapped in an american flag and appear to be clutching a binder in his teeth when the jumper made his move. >> once he went over he kind of like lifted his arms up. get out. get out. we have a jumper. trucks and tech anythinnicians the lawn. what appeared to be ordinance disposal units spent the next three hours working the scene testing for explosives. your humble correspondent and all other credentialed media were kept inside the white house
11:17 am
until 5:45 p.m. when the briefing room doors were unlocked. this is a fox news alert. we're monitoring early reports of an active shooter situation at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. the scene is not secure. they are urging media to stay away. the situation is breaking right now. we will keep you posted as we learn more. of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine,
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11:20 am
i want to take you back to that live news that's developing right now. colorado springs reports of an
11:21 am
active shooter. we have someone on the phone. are you on the phone? >> i'm here. >> what do you see now? >> right now they asked us to stay away from the windows. we're in back. >> how long has this been going on? >> i want to say 20 minutes. >> i was reading some accounts from a japanese restaurant that's also in that area. they said they went up to the windows of the restaurant and were waved back from police. have you had any type of interaction like that? >> yes, the police came and waved us down to stay away from the windows. >> no reports on what is happen something. >> no. looked like there was a policeman down earlier. we don't know kwhapd. there's been several units come around and cut through the parking lot in front of us. then the last i saw was a bunch of policemen down behind a
11:22 am
suburban. >> a lot of this coming from over twitter. one of the officers being injured. can you tell me what you meant by that? why did you think there was an officer down? >> there was a vehicle -- it's hard to explain. you go through the drive through of the bank of chase which is between us and planned parenthood. they were parked towards the end of it and hear shots firing and police officers standing and looked like he went down. another police officer kind of pulled him into the car. i don't know if he did get shot or maybe almost got shot an they drove off. >> the officers were at the end of the driveway. >> of the drive through of chase bank. >> where were the suspects? >> we didn't see. go run more towards the planned parenthood area. >> have there been any other issues similar to this or any problems in that area at all with perhaps that planned
11:23 am
parenthood? >> there's always people standing like towards the end of the entrance. there's mother with children and yell at people in cars driving to it. >> have you seen any ambulances in the area. how many police are in the area? >> i want to say that police cars are maybe eight plus the suburban. i haven't seen a fire truck. i did see one earlier. >> what about the ambulance? did you see any ambulances pull away? >> we haven't heard any sirens. >> there's a report now out of nbc station in colorado springs, channel 5 saying that the rescue crews, meaning the fire trucks and ambulances can't get close to the scene because the shooting is going on. how many gunshots did you hear? was there a lot of them, just a couple of them? >> it was a lot of them
11:24 am
after i heard a few of them i started counting. >> you counted three dozen gunshots opinion able how long from the first gunshot to when you heard the first sirens and perhaps did you hear police returning fire at all? >> i want to say the first shots were probably around 11:45. we heard all those rounds go off before noon. it's been about 25 minutes since you heard any gunshots. >> i would suggest nobody tries to approach the intersection. there's still people that don't realize what's going on. >> is this a strip mall area? seems like it's a pretty pop ulatyo populated area. >> there's a bank, a grocery
11:25 am
store, a liquor store. a gym next door and a subway. there's quite a few businesses in the area. >> you mentioned people are still trying to come into the area. >> the police officers are waving them down and trying to get them to stop driving and turn around. seems like people aren't understanding there's something going on. i think they think it's traffic and not realizing there's an active shooter. >> the intersection, is that close to the planned parenthood? >> it's between chase bank and tcs bank. >> that's where the planned parent mohood is? >> it's one street over. our parking lot connects to theirs. >> other people that you're with
11:26 am
right now, you're scared. do you have any children in your shop there? >> no. the children that came in are gone. >> this area is fairly well populate s populated? >> it is. there's a will the of traffic for people who live up there. >> we've heard of the investigation. we have no idea is this related. is there a lot of discussion. is this something that the
11:27 am
planned parenthood has been there for a long time be. >> i think it depends on who you ask. if you're asking someone very religious, that's probably a regular subject priests touch on. the only reason i hear so much about it is because it's the end of the parking lot here. >> it's the end of the parking lot. we're getting pictures in. i don't think we have them ready yet for air. looking for the nbc station they show a bunch of rescue trucks are being high staged. >> if i were to stand at my register, i can see the intersection clearly. >> did it sound like different kinds of guns? >> sounds like it was the same thing. that's why i started counting. >> they all came pretty quickly, right? >> yes. >> we appreciate your time.
11:28 am
stay safe. we may come back to you in a little while. stay on the phone with us. our producers may want to talk to you especially once police let you know you can come out. we want to bring in jonathan hunt who has been working out of our west coast news room. >> what we know for the moment is that police in colorado springs have confirmed an active shooter situation. we need to emphasize in the early reporting that this is said to be near an office of planned parenthood. we do not know for sure if that planned parenthood building was indeed the target. we do know from the witnesses that you have been talking to, that shots have been fired by the police. there are a couple of reports, including the witness you just had on air and some reports on twitter that one police officer has been injured in this gunfire. the early reports also coming
11:29 am
in. i have to caution again that all the information we get in early stages of these kind of situations are we have to wait to confirm some of it. we cannot say with absolute certainty what is going on. there are some reports now that up to four people have been injured in this shooting. the shooter said to be wearing a long black coat and a hunting style hat. again, just emphasize once more, the police in colorado springs are saying that this is an active shooter situation. as you can see from their tweet there they are saying the area is not secure. they're asking the media to stay away from that particular area right now while they try to get this under control. clearly, a very dangerous situation ongoing in colorado springs right now. >> jonathan, can i ask you one more question? this is according to krdo tv. have you received any word on
11:30 am
how all of this began. once again, we're not confirming this but they're saying the gunman was shooting at passing cars from the parking lot there at the clinic and that he's now, in fact, barricaded himself inside the planned parenthood clinic. they originally start f lly stae parking lot at passing cars. >> there was one report he had barricaded himself inside of what might be the planned parenthood clinic. i want to emphasize again that we do not know for sure whether the planned parenthood clinic was target in this or the shooter just happened to be near a planned parenthood clinic. clearly, that's a very emotive issue for a lot of people. we don't want to get ahead of ourselves in the reporting here. there also was one tweet that we say that a police cruiser had its rear window shot out.
11:31 am
there seems to be some credence to that. >> standing by as we continue to develop. thank you for all that information. we also have a danny coleson on the phone now. he's with the fbi's hostage rescue team. he's the commander and former fbi deputy assistant director. are you there? >> you're listening to all of this unfold. what's your take on it? >> it's hard to say. sounds like he was shooting cars. right now the thing the police officer ks do s can do is put u
11:32 am
paramet parameter. >> we've had people on the phone already who are in that area, a b beauty shop owner. they are not been told to evacuate yet. >> if this individual has a high powered rifle, almost any rifle available for anyone will go through several walls. i'm sure they're working on this. we heard from one woman in a beauty supply shot down the street from the parking lot or the planned parenthood. she said she heard about two
11:33 am
dozen shots. we said she saw one officer possibly go down. there's local media reports in colorado springs that possibly two officers have been injured. before it was get a perimeter and wait for the swat team. now things are very different. >> yes, they should be. after columbine, abandoned pretty much. police roll up to these things in front of store, where ever the shooting is taking place. there has to be some training involved that says you don't roll right up to the front of the store. that doesn't happen here.
11:34 am
in law enforcement we're used to dealing with pistol range which is about 45 to 50 yards. in an active shooter situation you're talking 3, 600 yards. that's a good bit away. right now the most important thing they can do is stabilize themselves. i don't know how many people are in there. give us the idea of what kind of resources. yo can shoot a rifle 600 yards or so. you have a bunch of police officers and cruisers during the winter time that conditions may not be that great in terms of weather trying to approach this situation. are they going to have the kind of resources there? is this something that could go on for a long time? >> they will have the resources. remember aurora, colorado,
11:35 am
that's not a big police department and they did a great job at the movie theater shooting. they have reasonable swat teams. they have their own swat team. atf, fbi, is willing to help these people. they're very aggressive. they'll get it done. another television station now confirming. that could be local stations there confirming that two officers are down. another quote telling a dispatcher we have another officer down by the dumpster. this definitely is not a controlled situation yet. >> no. they don't have it isolated and contained. that's what they will try to do. if i had to guess here, i would
11:36 am
say he's probably using an ar-15 type rifle which is a semi automatic rifle. it likely had a lot of fire power and range. >> give us a sense, before we let you go, as we think about the two officers possibly down, an ar-15 assault rifle if a patrol officer rolls up he's wearing a normal bullet proof vest, is this a situation where it may not save them. >> unless there's a plate on his vest that covers his chest, it will not stop it. it's very dangerous. stay on phone with us. we'll come back to you for your expertise and bring in now harris who has been working this this story for the fox news desk. >> as we come to you now, i was
11:37 am
to emphasize we've not been able to confirm whether there's a connection between the actual planned parenthood. this may have the gun according to reports with someone shooting at cars passing by and this person may have fled into that clinic. we're working that part of the story. with regard to the two officers with the colorado springs gazette is reporting and that is one of the officers on his radio said he was trying to quote, get a look at the gunman when the back window of his cruiser was shot out. he was injured in the hand according to the gazeltte and te second police officer was injured. we don't know how or what his condition is. one of our fox affiliate reporters is there. he's pretty much live tweeting this event. i want to bring your attention now to the center of your screen. these are the first pictures coming into fox news now from
11:38 am
the scene. we can tell you that a mobile command center has just arrived. we may start to get some answers as there's a heavy media presence there. there's also a lot of police traffic, police radio traffic. will the of kind of bits and pieces that are being reported. of course, as journalists we have to be very cautious. we don't know if the pieces go together or the they are separate how this all connects. right now we have more pictures i'm being told. this coming from the fox news desk. you see the weather in the area playing a bit of a role in terms of how much we can see in these pictures. the command unit has just pulled up. we do have reports that one person was taken away in an ambulance and up to four victims. some of these things are starting to overlap with which you've been reporting. we're getting them from
11:39 am
different sources. the fraternal order of police that we're still waiting to hear from the sec police officer who was shot. a lot of still pictures coming in. colorado springs, i live there. my parents lived there for many years. i haven't been there for many years. they were there for a long time. this is a close knit community. a heavy show of force. we still don't have a good description about where this guy is located other than he may have fled inside that clinic. i heard you give out the attire, what he could have been wearing. probably a hunting hat and all dark garb. we're reaching out to fox 21, that's our local fox affiliate to bring us more than -- he did. i'm being interrupted in my ear by producers. that's why cody fish,er we want
11:40 am
to bring him on. shooting video. can we share any of that? let's watch this together. >> lights flashing in the middle of your screen is where they cornered this off. other news agencies are with us right now. >> we're watching. they're not telling me to go any further saying the situation is active. can you bring that camera in a little bit so i can see that image better. as he tweets out, i'll be able to see them live on tv. moments ago they said the danger is right behind the building that you see there. i'm going to continue to gather information, try to figure out what the potential targets are here. reports now, two police officers hurt in all of this. you heard one person telling that the first police officer saying the back window of his squad car being shot out. he was hit in the hand. sounds like he will be okay.
11:41 am
back to you as i gather more. >> thanks so much. bringing in founder of brosnen. we heard in terms of how far back they're keeping everybody. at some point you have to have that confrontation between the police who brought in that mobile command center and obviously this shooter whether the shooter is inside the planned parenthood or some other building. >> it will be a confrontation between the shooter and limhims. the sad fact is they are unstoppable. the fog that surrounds public
11:42 am
mass shooting is very thick. you can see there's very few confirmed facts at this early stage. there's four victim, two possible police officers have been shot. what's the steps? here's how it works. the very first step is this shooter is on the loose. you have an unapprehendsed shooter. it's critical. >> critical to corner him off but to get people to safety. pat, we want you to stand by for a second. we'll be able to switch over to a reporter who has been taking some of these pictures. it looks, heather, as you look at the pictures, the weather there is tough in colorado especially this time of year. >> that will play into it. >> that will play into terms of visibility. >> cody fisher is on the phone with us now. he's a reporter at the local affiliate fox 21 news. cody, we've been getting a lot of information via the internet and local stations there. more up to date than us. what do you know and what can
11:43 am
you confirm? >> i cannot confirm right now more than anything, mump more than what you guys know other than two officers hurt. right now i'm sitting at the corner of centennial and filmore where the most of the police presence is located. there's where the mobile command center is located. if you go past that, you would be in line of fire. these officers have machine guns. their wearing full squad gear. they have told us to stay back. they blocked this off probably about a quarter mile stretch of centennial boulevard. they blocked that off to all civilian traffic. >> let me ask you one thing. you confirmed now that two officers are injured. when you say the danger is back
11:44 am
there behind that area, what's back there? is that the planned parenthood buildi ing building? >> no. it's a little bit farther north of my location. it's almost its own separate parking lot. your normal kind of shopping center. the planned parenthood is north of there. >> so, the danger is in a separate area than what we've been reporting a planned parenthood clinic? >> it's all in the same location. it seems as if it's moved from the north part of that parking lot rk lot, the north part of the parking center. >> i want to you this here, we talked to a woman earlier who was holed up in a beauty supply store. it's 2:45 eastern right now.
11:45 am
that's 12:45 there in colorado springs mountain time. as you think about this, we're told this began around 11:45 when our first eyewitness reported a couple of dozen shots fired. she's heard before the police showed up. a high powered rifle. she said it's been about 45 minutes since there's been any type of gunfire heard. have you heard any gunfire since in the past 45 minutes or have things been pretty table as the police get this around or are we hearing gunshots all the time. >> definitely. since my time on the scene which has been right around 45 minutes, i have not heard any gunshots. in that time frame from the person who called in, that would be accurate. i haven't heard any gunshots. >> what about any ambulances? have you seen any of those leaving from the scene? >> i haven't seen any ambulances leaving.
11:46 am
there is a continual flow of personnel. there's probably, i would say, close to 60 to 100 police officers all around. tlths a lot of cars whether they are ambulances or fire trucks. it's a full response here. >> cody, you spent a lot of time in colorado springs and as reporter you spent a lot of time with the police. there was an active shooter situation. a number of years i covered it there at new life church. have you done any drills with colorado springs police. have you heard about them training for active shooter situations? >> absolutely. >> what have they told you about how they are training? >> basically, they had a run, the media through a simulated or active shooter situation at a school. granted that's at a school and not this type of situation. they are all thinking about making sure they are firing like, identifying the difference between a shooter and somebody
11:47 am
who is just there and a potential victim and making sure they make that distinction and always make sure that they end the situation as safely as possible. >> when you did that active shooter scenario at the school and each one is different, but did they talk about how they are trying to move in more aggressively against active shooters in terms of who has to respond and the fact patrol officers are the ones who have to respond in the very beginning minutes of these things. >> yes. that's the case in most of these. the patrol officers are the first on scene. i think one thing that they like to talk about a lot is not just the response from the colorado springs police department. they like a full response from the el paso county sheriff and from the police department. >> you're seeing that right now? >> that's what i'm looking
11:48 am
straight at an el paso county sheriff vehicle and there's also colorado springs vehicle. there's tons of undercover vehicles around as well. it's safe to say -- >> the calvary has arrived in colorado springs. standby on the phone for us. keep taking pictures and tweet them out. we have your twitter feed live on the screen now. stay safe. we have a map up to show where the planned parenthood is. we'll try to give you a bit of an understanding where cody is. i want to bring in jonathan hunt, chief correspondent of tracking the details. >> this has been ongoing for about an hour now with witness reports of the gunfire breaking out. we have no reason why they shouldn't be. the colorado springs police department put out their first tweet about 49 minutes ago saying that there is an active
11:49 am
shooter situation. what we know for sure is that this is near a planned parenthood. that might simply be coincidence. we do not have any confirmation at this point that the planned parenthood clinic was a target in this. we have no confirmation in this situation what the motive of the shooter is. we do have confirmation from a lieutenant kathryn buckley of the police department in colorado springs that at least one police officer has been injured in what appears to have been a fierce gun battle with the shooter. now, our fox reporter that you were just talking to says he's not heard any shots for some time now but we're hearing from others on the scene. a reporter with the colorado springs gazette who says the situation appears to be ongoing. officers continue to have their guns drawn. he also reports ominously that
11:50 am
there's a line of ambulances nearby. thigh would be summoned if only a precaution but it's not a good sign when they start lining up. there's teams keeping everybody back that's seem to be continuing a hunt for what they say is, quote, an active shooter. >> jonathan, this is heather. we were talking to the local reporter, and i think it's very important, because we asked him about the location, where he is standing, and he said that officers are pointing to an area north of the planned parenthood, in the parking lot area, away from planned parenthood and that's where they told him the danger is back there. so, perhaps this has moved from the planned parenthood area. do you have any information about that? >> reporter: we saw one interesting tweet from a gentleman named mike violet. with the fraternal order of police in colorado, and he
11:51 am
tweeted that the gunman had at one point, quote, barricaded himself inside that planned parenthood. now, we do not have confirmation of that, but as i say that is from a gentleman with the practice term order of police. -- fraternal order of police. so one might assume he has accurate information, but if our fox report locally was accurate, then the search for the shooter appears to have moved away from the planned parenthood clinic, and once again, heather, very important in the early going, to emphasize that we do not have any confirmation whatsoever that the planned parenthood clinic was a target, that the motive of the shooter involved planned parenthood in any way at all. it may turn out to be that way but we certainly do not have confirmation of any of that at this point. we simply know this shooting and this active shooter is in the vicinity of a planned parenthood clinic. >> jonathan hunt live for us, thank youor bringing us up to
11:52 am
date. we're tossing over to harris faulkner. i understand you have additional information. new reports? >> yes, specifically when you're talking with the reporters on the ground, i'm curious to know they're putting out officers are telling the reporters that they are actually in the dangerous area. in the last few seconds they have moved into the cordoned off area, and just so you understand where that is, it's a pretty big section now. centennial, which is a major thoroughfare through colorado springs, is closed from garden of the gods, very popular kind of mountainous, tourist location up there, it's beautiful. lots of rocks balanced on each other, and only say that, if you have been there, that's how you know. so centennial closed in both directions a mile and a half. so beyond the planned parenthood clinic, beyond she shopping center area where they have told
11:53 am
people to shelter in place. then i'll look down here for a second because i understand we're getting some information from s.w.a.t. okay. well, i'll process that and give you that. i want to look closer and make sure we're on point. but in the meantime, specifically in this area, that's pretty big swath they're watching, and when you talk about a certain location, and in fact it may have moved from the building you saw there and may actually have nothing to do with planned parenthood. we're still working on that location. i wanted to get that information because impeeve are watching and listening and have loved one in thear, they're told to shelter in place, don't go near windows or come out the doors. you heard the reporter saying up weared of 60 squads and other types of law enforcement vehicles there, and that command center is set up. they have just tweeted out the address of where they'll be talking with reporters. i won't give that. that's a detailed piece of information for viewers who are not in the colorado springs
11:54 am
area, but just to let you know, we should in short order start to hear from officers about exactly what is going on. they need to tell us because this is a public safety situation. people will get up and they will try to look outside so they're going to try to get as much information as they can so people will understand the danger exactly and we won't have any curiosity seekers as is human nature. back to you. >> i believe we have a live stream right now that we can take. health what i was just. from the area. a live stream. there it ills. live pictures coming in. you're taking a look at these as we take a look at them. and you heard our local reporter described a short time ago, in the area where he's stand can they're being told they're very close to where the danger is and that being in a parking lot shared by the planned parenthood along with several other businesses. and i wanted to point this out to you, leyland. this has been going on for how
11:55 am
long? >> right now at about an hour and ten minutes as we now have our live signal from kktv. >> an hour and ten minutes it's been going on. we heard some initial reports, although not completely confirmed, about possibly four injuries, including some other people, other than the two officers. but what we have not heard is any information on possibly hostages. i wonder if that is unusual. haven't heard anything. >> we haven't heard anything from police about that. let's listen into our local affiliate there and see if they have any news. >> a man, dustin? >> yes, did say a man. he went on to say they don't know at this point if any of those injuries inside to civilians are fatal as well. so they'll have to -- once they get him out of there they have to sales the situation they have with the people inside. i believe he was talking about uninjured people in there as well, and people that were inside the building and trapped in there when this guy came in.
11:56 am
but again, we don't know. we don't know what the situation is with him right now. >> very complex and complicate situation was they have wounded people, they may have fatilities, they have uninjured people, and they have the gunman himself, all still inside this building, the planned parenthood office, or at least very near to it. so, going in we heard the top priority is they have to neutralize the threat, stop the gunman, as he put it, permanently so they can get in and help the people that need their help. it's a terrible situation. the fact he confirmed three police officers were wounded is something we did not know earlier, and an unknown number of civilians have been wounds. unknown if any hoff those civilians have been killed. certainly not what we wanted to hear there are what appear to be some extensive injuries here from this gunman. a lone gunman, that's the impression you got? >> sounds like that is what he
11:57 am
is saying, just revved -- referred to one man. they said he confirmed in the planned parenthood building, but still working on getting him out. he would not say where in the building that man's located. [inaudible] >> we lost dustin. hold on, we have someone else on the line right now. ma'am, can you hear me? >> i'm supposed to call this number for a phone interview. >> yes. >> my name is marie lopez and i work at super cuts right there. >> thank you very much. you're on the air right now on kktv11 news. you are super -- >> right now, right now, my coworkers are in the back. they're not -- the front door is locked, back door is locked. the shooter has not been located and the s.w.a.t. team has been called in, and they've witnessed one of the police officers being injured. >> your coworkers did? >> yes.
11:58 am
>> tell me when this all started, marie, tell me what you -- >> i'm not sure. i was supposed to go to work another noon. i had an extreme amount of ice on my way. my boss said to come -- wait, wait, no, this is happening. so, somewhere around 12:00, quarter to 12. >> what did you see? were you at the super cuts. >> no. no. i was told not to come, in but i am in touch with my coworkers locked up in the break room right now. the front door and back door is locked. they're told -- the whole place is being shut down. >> that is probably the safest way for them to be right now marks re. we hope everyone you work with is okay. front and back doors are locked. that's what police asked everyone to do. >> correct. >> they're taking the right steps. you're looking at live pictures from kktv television in colorado springs. what appears ton the left-hand side part of the screen is the police command center. they're setting up a perimeter.
11:59 am
according to kktv's coverage they got a press can conference or update and sounds like the shooter is hold up inside the planned parenthood clinic, and sounded like there was an awful lot of wounded folks beyond what we have known possibly those two officers. >> and important to point out the story does continue to develop and the entire area, if you're there in colorado springs, officers, investigators, everyone telling you, do not go to that area because it is all unsafe. earlier being declared an active shooter situation. now they're saying the situation has not been stabilized. >> not been stabilized, and there's talk of sending in a s.w.a.t. team, possibly the shooter is still inside that planned parenthood clinic. right now we're an hour and 15 minutes into the incident. started 11:45 in colorado springs, and we were told by at least one witness they heard dozens of shots from what we
12:00 pm
believe now to be high-powered rifle. >> and as we mentioned before we went to the local report there are people reportedly inside with the shooter, who are alive. there are those who have been injured and those who are dead. >> now we turn it over to harris faulkner as our coverage continues. >> i am harris faulkner in for shepard smith. we're following breaking news, and much information just coming in. reports of a shooting near a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs was how this first came in. then reports indicate can at least one police officer was hurt, and now we know beyond that, what we have just been able to pick up in the last short little while -- this is a couple of people from different sources giving this to us. one, our own fox affiliate, they're telling me what i'm seeing consistently and that is there is a possibility we have at least three police officers injured. the story is changing


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