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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 27, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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him and she is snuck there witnesses say they heard at least 20 shots in less than five minutes, saw an officer fall to the ground. that happened today. we're covering it wild. charles payne now in for neil cavuto. >> yes, we have a ongoing shooter situation in colorado springs. you're looking at live pictures. approximately two hours ago, a shooting incident began in the vicinity of a planned parenthood in colorado springs. what we know to date at this moment, three police officers have been injured, according to a colorado springs spokesperson, there's a possibility of a hostage situation, very fluid situation. let's go out no jonathan hunt who is following the story and joins me now. jonathan. >> reporter: here's what we know for sure at this point. this all began at 11:38 mountain
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time, 1:38 eastern. that is when police received the first call about an active shooter. that call came from within, according to police, the clinic of planned parenthood in the strip mall where this all is still playing out right now. the shooter is still at large. he is, according to the colorado springs police department, quote, not contained. at this point. now, what we also know is that at three police officers have been injured. there was an initial gun battle between the cops and this shooter, who is described as a white male, apparently in his 40s, wearing what some witnesses have described as hunting style clothing. that gun battle went on for some time. a lot of shots fired according to witnesses who have been talking to fox news, and those three policemen, police officers, were hurt. they are all alive at this
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stage. they have all, we understand, been transported to the hospital and the police commander on the scene described their injuries as nonlife threatening and also said a number of civilians, an unknown number have also been injured. what we don't know is obviously the motivation of the shooter at this stage. we do not know if planned parenthood was a target or it was simply a coincidence that is where the first 9-1-1 call came from. we don't know because the police say they don't know where he is right now. there have been reports he is holed up in that planned parenthood clinic. the police at a news conference a short time ago would not confirm that. they said we do not know his whereabouts. we do not have him contained. they are trying to access as we understand it, cameras, security cameras, in several buildings within that copplex.
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-- complex. they want to see if they can access them remotely and get eyes on the guy and find out where he is. reporters on the screen are describing it now as, quote, eerily calm. clearly the police having set up their perimeter are holding back now to try to get an idea of this shooter's precise location before they move in. also, it appears that there may be thosages, according to the police. they don't know for surety may be hostages held by the shooter. certainly we know because we have spoken to them via phone there are many people in various businesses inside the complex. so, charles to sum up, a very active and very dangerous situation, still unfolding in colorado springs. three police officers confirmed injured, an unknown number of civilians also injured in this ongoing situation, charles. >> jonathan, before we let you
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go, has there been any effort to evacuate any of the nearby businesses in this strip mall or is it just too dangerous because they're not sure where the shooter is. >> reporter: it appears in the early going some people who were in that strip mall may have got out but the word from the police now is, shelter in place. they are telling everybody, in any of those businesses, to stay exactly where they are, and that goes to the point obviously, charles, they are not absolutely 100% certain where this shooter is at this point. so, we just spoke on fox to one gentleman in one business. he said there was a line of about seven cops standing outside his window, clearly there to protect those people who are inside in case that shooter makes a run for it from whatever his location currently is. they were escorting one woman out, according to that witness who needed some urgent medicine, but police basically are saying,
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if you're in one of those businesses, stay there. this is very active. this is very dangerous. charles? >> jonathan hunt, be safe. we'll come back you. flight we have david katz, who has trained s.w.a.t. teams. david, you're not at the scene but you have been involved in these kind of situations before. you have trained s.w.a.t. teams around the nation. as jonathan hunt was speaking saw an armored car swerving around that looks like the kind that may typically carry a s.w.a.t. team. we understand that tactics have changed over the last couple of of years how to deal with these situations with an active shooter and hostage situations. can you fill news on what may be unfolding. >> sure. thank you for having me in the past, what routinely was done is you set a perimeter, until you were absolutely sure what you were dealing with, and then waited for the appropriately equipped and trained units to arrive. now the focus, if there is an
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active shooter and the person is shooting people, there's no time to wait. so the police officers are more increasingly trained to go right in when they know where the guy is. so, it appears that from what i'm hearing they don't know exactly where he is, but once they do, if there's any chance that there are people in harm's way, they'll make a dynamic entry and do it quickly when they photo where he is hold up. >> are we past the days of the hostage negotiator or is that still a possibility once they find out where hi shooter is. >> a big difference between an active shooter and a hostage taker. a hostage taker, it is what it sounds like. the person goes into an office or building or store, wherever, and takes a group of people and threatens to harm them. and usually there's a string of demands that are -- that the hostage taker is issuing. there's no -- there's a period of time where there is a back
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and forth because the hostage taker says, i want this, and eif you don't do this, i'm going to harm people. and active shooters are not negotiating. they're shooting. so, there's no opportunity for a negotiator to enter veep. so two totally different scenarios and appears based on what the reports are indicating that this guy is not taking hostages. he is shooting people. >> david, want to alert the audience that says president obama has been advised about the colorado shooting by him homeland security officer and will be updated on the situation. having said that, we had someone in a local business across the street who is now hold holed up who said the police related to him that they, quote, were using high-powered rifles. we already have three police officers that have been injured. if this is a case where this shooter has really high-powered rifles and sophisticated
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equipment, how does that change the scenario? >> i mean, any rifle pose as greater threat because high velocity projectile and greater ability to aim over a distance. a police officer's vest, for example, they're effective against lower svelte -- velocity rounds only so anything larger than a .. 22 caliber rifle allows a shooter to defeat the body armor typically warn by police officers. the tactical teams have different equipment to protect themselves against rifles. but it's an extreme level of danger. with respect to people who are sheltering in the area, it's not really -- don't want to tell people to shelter it if glory a store or a business nearby, don't just stay inside. find something substantial to hide behind, bag pillar, something made of concrete or steel. those rounds -- they can go up to a mile. so depending on the angle. if you're in a store, they're
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going through the glass, through the window, sheet rock, and injury someone else. so if you're holed up, get behind something with substance to it, likely to stop a high velocity projectile. >> david, initial reports had 20 shots going off in a five-minute period. dot that tell us morepotential w that all the report says is just one lone shooter, but with that kind of velocity could there be more? >> it's very difficult. usually -- if you install naval yard shooting the initial reports indicate two or possibly three or mother -- more shooters. what happen is an incident occurs. somebody is shot at, take cover, call 9-1-1. they have a fleeting glimpse of the person. they call 9-1-1 perhaps, two or three minutes after the first shots were fired. 9-1-1 takes the call. at the same time another 9-1-1 operator is taking a call from another person who may be is reporting something happening in
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-- so peopling their there's an incident from this location, another report from that location, sometimes stringses don't match -- descriptions don't match and the initial inclination is to say there are multiple shooters. it's too early to tell. 20 shots in five minutes is not a particularly high number of shots in that time period, though. >> david, i want you to hold. we're looking at scenes where you have ambulances still coming in, very quiet. we hey bo deedle, new york city police detective. bo, we have been told over the last several week, particularly after paris, there's a brand new way of attacking this, david katz alluded to that. if you're on the scene, how long do you wait before you decide we have to go in, or do you try wait this out? >> it depend. if we had a shooter that was an isis shooter, someone who banked on dying, then it's handled
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differently. this could be just a psycho pathic person that can be spoken to. we don't know the situation. but like that other gentleman says, when they call 9-1-1, we don't know really if it's one shooter or more shooters, but 20 shots is not a lot of shots compared if the cops are shooting back and forth. that's not a lot. if it's a high svelte gun they can have armor piercing bullets that can go through the armor they have. >> hold on one second. we have kody fish, e'er, reporter on the scene. >> hello. >> hi. tell us -- >> yes. >> kody? >> yes, hello. >> tell us what you're seeing. [inaudible] >> have something difficulty. we'll connect back with him. bo, when do you make that determination? because you also have people who
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work in these nearby businesses. it's a strip mall. they're transported inside of these strip malls. the last thing anyone wants to see is any sort of exchange of extra firepower, but when would the police make a determines and decide to change tactics and force the issue or do you wait this guy out. >> this one is different than what we were talking in paris. we know they were bent on one thing, killing a many as they can. this thing here, would wait a little bit. seems like it's an american guy in his camouflage fatigues, and as far as i'm concerned maybe we can deal with this guy. his not banking on killing himself and going to a la with the 72 virgin. >> you've wait for someone to call i think that's my husband or son and bring in a hostage negotiate you're. >> absolutely. this could be a different scenario. there irhostages, maybe we can save the hostages.
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also, you have to keep him in one area where he can't leave the area. put him into one area where we can keep him isolated. >> what's the technique for finding out exactly where he is? initially they thought the shooter was contained. then reports out right now that they are not sure where this shooter is, perhaps in planned parenthood. maybe there are hostages hospital. how do you disassemble this strip mall? do inch by inch -- >> you go in there with teams and go to each different area. what could really have been happening here was the fact when they had the exchange of gunfire, he could have been hit. he could be dead. we don't know if that's the scenario also. if there's an exchange of gunfire, which we know happened, we have three officers shot that we have heard, he could have been shot also. he could be dead. so now you have to be very cautious. as i'm notices with the video, no one seems like anywhere a hurry over here. when you watch the cars they're walking around, pretty calm. i wouldn't be -- if it was
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really happening you'd be seeing guys running around. they look like they're hanging out. >> we're going to take a break. we have an active shooter situation in colorado springs, perhaps at a planned parenthood location. certainly near there. we have catherine herridge coming back right after the break. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung.
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept i don't have to set records. but i'm still going for my personal best. and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. we have an active shooter situation in colorado springs near a planned parenthood location. want to go to harris faulkner with the latest. >> what we are hearing from the colorado springs police department they're encountering gunfire again. this has been going on for three hours. we had a lull of 90 minutes to two hours where they were thought to have this guy cord -- cord cor donned off. head from an official from the planned parenthood who are
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deeply concerned. this is a seguant development because is speaks to the issue of just how ongoing this is, charles. so they are encountering gunfire now at that location. a spokesman for the king super supermarket. i mentioned them last hour, they had quite a few people in there telling us the store there just down the block remains on lockdown, and that in fact there are 150 people inside, including customers and employees. we had given you a lower number of a couple of dozen earlier because that's what we knew from someone in the deli. that may have been what they were able to see. everybody is safe inside the king's super, and we're working with law enforcement on the next step. no reports of injuries inside the supermarket. no timetable given by police as to when the lockdown will end. that is consistent with what we have heard and interviewed right here on fox news channel this afternoon, with witnesses that are about 100 yards away at nail
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salon who were giving us some good pictures, good vantage point away from the windows, we hope. the first video, first pictures. the planned parenthood is right next to a chase bank, and early on the people inside the nail salon said it looked like a bank robbery because as you can see, off to the right, the first officers to arrive and those armored vehicles were outside the bank. in fact now we know they were after somebody who was openly firing. three police officers down. we understand that those officers, ate least two of them, have been taken to local hospitals. hospitals are standing by. a line of ambulances, at least six of them. we'll come back to you've with the latest. the big headline right frow, they're currently encountering gunfire. law enforcement -- there are very many of them, along with the suspect they're going after, as we learn more we'll bring it to you. back to you. >> let's go to john -- rafferty.
1:20 pm
a former nypd detective. a lot of people holed up in the vicinity. what do you think the next move should be or with bev by law enforcement? >> well, probably what they've done already is done a workup on the address. taken a look to see if there were any recent firings, have they received in the recent threats. can they make contact with this individual and try to negotiate with this individual. is that even a possibility? they're going to be filming around the entire property. going to be set up cameras to make sure they every every square inch of the property under a camera, if they see any activity inside. there is a possible wayne to get inside the building to get people out. it's hard to say because you don't nope what's going oned in the building. they're trying to get barret understanding what is going on and who that person is. >> there is any sense of urgency, any sort of sense that the longer this lingers, the more anxious this person may get
1:21 pm
or frustrated? are we talking about running against the clock? >> of course there's a sense of urgency. if the police storm that location, will that turn around and cause this person to start opening fire on the people inside the building? the thin line they have to walk, and what they're trying to out is their best course of action. is the persons just causing mass casualties. you don't know who you're dealing with. hard to understand what your best response should be. >> also, planned parenthood, center of controversial and has been for a very long time, i'm sure there would be some sort of search, perhaps social media, perhaps recent threats against planned parenthood, that has to be a route they're investigating as well. >> absolutely. and like i mentioned first, they're going to obviously think of that first and foremost but they're going to take a look to see, has there been any recent
1:22 pm
issues or recent threats. has anybody been fired or coming into this location threatening the staff. way want to find out who they're dealing with here is the main concern, somebody who is reasonable, that they're willing to speak with. >> john, here's the thing. harris faulkner just told us there's a king's supermarket where you have 150 people locked down inside. and i understand that the idea that there's got be some negotiation and that the idea is to wait this person out, perhaps find out who he is and try to negotiate, but as these gunshots continue to ring out from the mall and the surrounding area, how safe can anyone be? >> well, you hoch that we're trying to evacuate as many people as possible to the outer perimeter. the only thing is we don't know where the person is. if he is not locked down how can we determine where the outer perimeter is, safety for the people. the police there are putting together a plan as we speak, on how they plan on entering this
1:23 pm
location and putting an end to this threat. without a doubt, 100%. however to rush in and to get more cops hurt, or to get hostages shot, that's the last thing they want to see. >> let's go to catherine herridge withmer information. >> thank you, charles. the main developments in the last half hour is that president obama has been notified of the situation in colorado by his homeland security adviser, and counterterrorism advisor and will be getting regular updates as the day progresses. secondly, we have seen a shift with the fbi. initially this afternoon when we first got word of the shooting, the fbi said it was really in a support role with the colorado police department. that's still the castles but the fbi is now assisting with personnel on the ground in colorado. the atf here in washington is also fully engaged and have what
1:24 pm
they call an acting special agent in charge. a term for the principal officer on the ground in colorado. so what we have seen, charles in the last 45 minutes is further engagement in washington, though the colorado police remain in the lead of this investigation. >> all right, congratulate around, thank you very much. back to bo. bo, fbi, atf, local law enforcement. who is in charge here? >> well, you know, now all of a sudden i'm seeing on the screen about the atf guy being in charge. i don't know. i think the local guys are still in charge here. i just did notice something. there was an armored vehicle that pulled up. i was watching the video. they actually had an ambulance there next to it and took one out of the armored vehicle which makes me conclude that the possibility they had to use the armored vehicle to get one of the cops out who was shot, and they couldn't get close enough only with the armored vehicle to
1:25 pm
get in and get him out. i guess he is not dead. he is shooting again. so in reality we have to determine if it's the isis type religious guy go in, let's not wait. and use tear gas, use flash grenades, but in this case here, i would take it a little slower. we mae maybe can negotiate with this guy. >> shots ringing out right now after this hour and a half lull. does it help them pinpoint the location? because now -- we're being told that the shooter is not contained. they're not exactly sure where he could be in this strip mall. a lot of confusion. gunshots, three officers injured. were those actually in some way maybe help narrow down where he might be. >> we have the technology to pin bryant the -- pinpoint where the shots are coming from. in reality a ricochet is something. a rifle shot, you cannot determine exactly where it's coming from. i don't know what technology they have there but in reality
1:26 pm
this one here is not like paris but we don't know. >> you made a lot of the fact it was relatively calm for a moment. of course there weren't any shots from either side. >> hour and a half. >> and now of course there are shots ringing out and we do see in different sort of shots there's mobilization of perhaps s.w.a.t. teams or special teams here. what does that tell you? >> i think there's a possibility that the cops are moving movingn him and then as the move on him, be firing shots at him. that's what i presume. i'm praying and hoping there aren't people in there being shot. if that the case all bets are offdown, have to go in there. >> it's absolutely remarkable, we have been talking about the fact that the movie, massacre, and the same state, is when law enforcement sort of had an epiphany that you got to change your way you do this. we have seen so far it's been by the book. set up the perimeter and doing everything by the old school
1:27 pm
book. but we keep hearing there's a new school book and everybody is reluctant to use it but if somebody has already shot three police officers, it may be tough to negotiate with this person. >> yeah. i don't know what kind of devices they have with the flash grenades and all that but they certainly have to make a move. this is not a thing where you wait. if he is in there and killing people, i want him to stop. you have to good there -- go in there. if you have to get a bulldozer, get a bulldozer there and take the building out. mentioned 150 workers of people in that king's super market. i'm not sure exactly writ is. obviously in the written. and i'm wondering if that -- how do you protect those people? i know there was some sort solve salon near the scene where police officers, seven police officers, lined up with the shields and protected them or tried to protect them. how do we protect 150 people who could be sitting ducks?
1:28 pm
>> bo? >> well, you know, as far as that goings you have to have something where you can keep those people isolated away from where his position actually is. i was just watching the video, and i'm trying to ascertain exactly what i'm seeing. if these are live shots right now. again issue don't see the hecticness of people running around. i see people standing around. quite be when they come close, he fired a shot so they back off and that could be -- >> these certainly are live shots. it's colorado springs. this is a strip mall. approximately 11:38 their time, 1:38 eastern time is when the calls came, in of an active shooter. right now we think it's one shooter. and it could be, we're developed it could be a possible hostage situation. of course, also could be that it was centered on the planned parenthood. controversial organization. with all know. it's been in the news a lot, and some of these location haven't been targeted in the past.
1:29 pm
i don't know that anything has resulted like this, bo, but we know that people picked the location in the past. if that the case, picked for political or'll rope, too give us a chance to reason with. the a little bit more. maybe get a conclusion to this that sees no more bloodshed. >> right. if it's someone who is against the planned parenthood, and that's their whole thing and they want to make a statement, and that is their statement now, and they have the shooting, we have seen guys surrender with these type of incidents and but in fact is that what this is? we're getting so much sketchiness, it's so hard to determine exactly what is going on. we're now in several hours and we still haven't heard someone from the police department advise exactly what is going on there. so we're just shooting from our hips here. >> we are shooting from our hips and there's more important things, trying to put together to your point, some sort of
1:30 pm
concise plan of action and how to deal with this, and but you would think, too at this point, it's been two hours, a little over two hours, going on three hours, that maybe we start to get some idea about perhaps would this person is. typically by this point, someone calls, there's a tip, they start to understand who this person may be. >> right weapon don't know if that person has made some statements. we don't know what the threat heavily was there. was there other threats to that place? and the detectives are going through the threats that at the planned parenthood. if that's what it's about. >> true. i want to ask you about the high-powered rifle being used. how that changes the dynamics of the whole situation. we'll take a quick break. remember, we have an active shooter situation in colorado springs. near or perhaps even in a planned parenthood. we'll be right back.
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>> this is still very active. we have the individual inside the building and as of a minute ago when i was listening to the radios he was actively shooting at us. >> lieutenant, we have talked to somebody who said a sister is
1:32 pm
inside the building. is it a hostage situation. >> we have people in the building. we have been affecting rescues from the building as well as the strip maller in, which is just to the south of that, which is you can see behind us. so we have been work with all of the agencies to effect rescues and get people out, but at this point we can't say how many people are injured or how many casualties we have if any. >> one gunman or do we know? >> at this point we always train for the possibility of additional gunmen, but we have encountered one individual right now. >> a man? >> can you describe the gun? >> don't know. too early into the incident to say what time of. weapon. we were told initially it was a long gun.
1:33 pm
what type we don't know. >> any information whether this has anything to do with planned parenthood or coincidence? >> we don't have anything about this individual mentality or ideology. we're trying to stabilize the situation right now. we have brought owl of our resources to bear in order to conserve life and take care of the community first. >> that's happening inside the planned parenthood. >> inside the building at this point. >> -- nod. >> we have not identified the suspect yet. >> -- [inaudible] >> i don't have the exact number of the individuals transported yet. >> are you -- we just saw the bear cat beat out of here -- >> the bear cat did bring an individual, an officer who had been injured in an exchange with the suspect, and that officer
1:34 pm
was transported to a local hospital. >> the four officers that were injured, were shot? >> yes. >> when you say there are -- firing shots, multiple fires or shots at one time -- >> they're just saying they're encounters gunshot fire inside the building. >> your name. >> lieutenant katherine buckley. colorado springs police department, public information officer. >> when is your next briefing? >> let me give you these back. to your left. my news -- what time is it now? it's 3:35. we'll try to do our next briefing at the top of the hero at 4:00, unless i have something else to tell you in the meantime. >> staging area? >> yes. >> thank you. >> i do ask you to please stay out of the street because it is very active.
1:35 pm
and as we start to go through and work through the buildings and that, we will need access to our ambulances and access to transport. >> where will the briefing be. >> here unless it's announced otherwise. >> that's lieutenant katherine buckley, the public information officer for colorado springs. giving a very detailed at least to the extent she could, update on what is going on there. i want to bring in harris faulkner. harris, the lieutenant was pretty concise to the degree she could be. do you've have some additional information? >> a couple of things. there are now at least eight ambulances waiting at the intersection near the clinic and why is that important? we know some of them have already left. so they may be getting a more firm number of people who possibly are injured inside of that building. you heard what she was saying, they're actively trying to find him inside that complex, and
1:36 pm
they're in an engaged situation with gunfire. that means that he may be -- this is what i'm learning from law enforcement -- maybe leave something areas clear. and as they go through those areas they may be finding the wounded but that's a significant amount of medical assistance show up, more so than we have seen all afternoon. you heard her say at least three officers injured. she would not confirm any more numbers but we have seen at least six people come out in terms of -- and we don't want to be too firm with the numbers because we're watching this via video. a couple on stretchers, some on their way interest ambulances. this is a fluid situation but the show of medical assistance that has just now appeared is not only somewhat of a development but very concerning. we know from witnesses that there was man who walked up, asking about his sister. one asking about his daughter. and these people are being told,
1:37 pm
we are trying to get your loved ones out. you heard the public information officer, lieutenant buckley, the detective there, just say, yes, we know that there are people inside this building. now, she was cautious not to use the word, hostages. that word popped in an earlier news conference and did not pop out of her mouth this time. she called them people inside the building. these are significant nuances as we try to figure out what kind of situation is unfolding inside that building, and then the other nugget we got is we're on a rolling situation now where we're being updated every 20 to 30 minutes. this is on the move and you can bet we'll be right here for the next one at the top of the hour. back to you. >> thank you very much. lieutenant catherine buckley, the public information officer in colorado springs filling us in, saying it's an active situation. the shooter is inside the building. she was scads is that planned parenthood, she affirm that. she said they were affecting rescues with all agencies.
1:38 pm
something we talked about. we're heave with bo -- deedle. former nypd detective. we talk about this, going store-by-store, effecting rescues. harris talk about the influence of ambulances and as they start to clear the mall they're finding victims. it's speculation but that could be something going on. >> i just pray that it's speculation. it could be anything. this could turn out to be the horrific tragedy we heard in paris. there was hostages and they were all saved. then next thing we heard there were 130 people killed. i'm just praying to god this thing is not going turn out like that. we don't know. and listening to that lieutenant we still didn't learn knee -- any more. >> what we learned perhaps -- >> still active. >> active shooter is inside planned parenthood, and they have affected some rescues with all the agencies. so, all these -- the teams are working together, and it feels
1:39 pm
that they're going to update news half hour, a little less. again, she didn't try to give away too much obviously, and i think there's a certain amount of this to keep the public calm. great observation by harris with respect to the word "hostage" or not. it might be semantics and this is the challenge for the police. >> a great observation with all these ambulances there. in reality, they don't know what is inside there until they get inside there, and we'll have to wait and see when they've get in there to find out if there are any other people that are shot or not. >> when asked if wait a lone gunman or single gunman, the lieutenant katherine buckley, cautious, saying she couldn't say for sure although it feels the reports are so far a lone gunman but still a possibility, bo, apparently, and how does that impede the planning for the next stage of this?
1:40 pm
>> well, again, they were mentioning about people going there, asking about their sister, their family members. we have to remember there are 150 people supposedly in the supermarket. so that could be what they're asking about. >> also, of course, think within the strip mall as well. once again, we have an active shooter situation at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. just heard from the public information officer. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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>> wewe have an texastive shootr situation in colorado springs. jordan, you're on the scene. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: right now as we're talking they're up loading people from a squad car into other vehicles. there are -- [inaudible] -- >> okay. you were breaking up there. people -- are these armored police force -- they're comping
1:44 pm
out of 0 a s.w.a.t. vehicle? >> there are officers coming out -- as well as individuals wrapped in blankets who appear to be escorted out of the vehicle. >> this part or what the lieutenant said, they have been effecting rescues. this looks like more of that. do you get any other sense from your vantage point of anything else going on with respect to police activity or the shooter inside? >> all i can tell you is there's a lot of activity, a lot of tension right now. officers are doing their best to direct everyone they can. there's a lot of media. we can't see the building but there's a lot of police across the street. >> do you sense the police are gathering, there's some sort of -- we heard that there were at love different law enforcement agencies there dish. >> what? >> a lot of different law enforcement eggs agencies on the scene. right?
1:45 pm
okay. let's -- we'll try to get jordan back on in a moment. i want to go back out to jonathan hunt who is following the story. jonathan, what would you have? >> reporter: there is obviously a very active situation right now, and cops are trying to get at this shooter, potentially to take him down, if not at the very least to get him into custody. cops have confirmed to local reporters that he is indeed inside the planned parenthood clinic. the building that houseses houst clinic. said to be in the lobby. they have partial sight of the shooter. they're describing him as a white male, he is apparently coat. they believe he may be bearded. now, he has been sitting down in a chair as we understand it in the lobby. they are talking about him beingard with an ak-47. obviously the kind of long
1:46 pm
assault rifle that witnesses have also been describing him using. one other update. the police have now confirmed in colorado springs that a fourth police officer has been injured. we believe that he was shot in the leg during the most recent exchange of gunfire. when that gunman apparently opened fire from inside that building. we believe he has been hit in the leg, has been taken to the hospital right now. so that means a total, as we understand it at this point, charles, of four police officers injured. they have also spoken earlier of an unknown number of civilians being injured, and we do have reporters on the scene there telling us they have seen civilians being taken away from the strip mall buildings, a number of them, in s.w.a.t. vehicles and then unloaded into ambulances, at least two of those in the last few minutes
1:47 pm
taken away from stretchers. >> thank you very much, jonathan hunt. i have to go to harris. she has new information on the victims. >> so this is what is coming in per claudia cowen doing some reporting on this. seven victims now from the shooting have all finance out to colorado hospitals. -- off gone out to colorado hospitals. i point edthat an excess of eight ambulances have been lined up, which is more than we have seen all afternoon and that medical assistance was being fortified, and i pointed that out as significant because the person stayed were covering them in blank wetted. it's now below 17 degrees. the snow is coming down heavily. they're working against the elements and now pictures that have come in, as they load them into the back of these strategic tactical, i should say, vehicles. trying to get people not only by ambulance but in anything that can carry them a. from the scene and get them to these hospitals. reportedly there are at least a couple of hospitals that are
1:48 pm
ready to take more. one of them already has said, no more for them. so, we know that these numbers are going to change. unfortunately, they seem to be moving in a direction we wish they would not have. they seem to be more than what we anticipated. okay. so now i want to ask our news room, am i reporting this? is his firm? okay. officers in the planned parenthood building have encountered the suspect and are engaging in gunfire now inside the building. we do know that four police officers in total, charles, have been injured. i just told you seven people basically rescued and taken to hospitals. when i say rescued, as the man has been reportedly on the move, which is something we knew it was happening and i tweeted out to people, we're find us out a lot more than we're going to report and broadcast yet because we don't want to telegraph out the footprints of them trying to
1:49 pm
catch this guy. but we knew once they got inside the building and he was on the move, they could clear those areas that he was leaving and take the wounded out and it makes sense the new number of medical assistance, ambulances to take people away. now that are on the move. >> right now, that's -- >> i just want to know for sure -- >> get to be --hart parties -- >> we'ring the -- >> right now it has been confirmed they're in the building, policeman plaid building. encountering the suspect. exchanging gunfire. let's take a live look outside at what we can see right now. i know that we have several satellite rooms on this remote on this, we just have some different vantage points. >> okay. while we are looking at this, harris -- >> perhaps some of their conversations as we kind of dip in and they coordinate this area. we do know that there are officers outside some of the
1:50 pm
local businesses, but you see them, there seems to be a little bit more calm at the perimeter. there's not as much activity now at the perimeter. let's go to kody fisher with fox 21. reporting to us now, and i don't know if we can get a phone line up. he is telling us that seven civilians just rescued. that matches the number we have confirmed that have gone to have gone to hospitals. little less activity as they have taken many ambulances and rescue vehicles across this perimeter. and on to safety. and onto the hospitals. all right. sass we have the seven civilians escorted to safety. we have confirmed reports that there is an engagement of gunfire between law enforcement and the suspect playing out right now. he is on the move inside that building. we have known some of these
1:51 pm
details for a few minutes. but we did not broadcast them because we did not want to be broadcasting what we knew to be from activity in that area, until they had got ton a point where they would release that information. it could endanger a lot of people if you telegraph their footsteps. right now we see them bringing people out of that building. so many relatives, family members who have been outside the perimeter asking for any information we know that 100 yards away in the nail salon. some of our earliest pictures came from a viewer named kwan, who sent us this video and talked with us live in the last hour, telling us his perspective. there it is. he first, the people inside the nail salon thought it was a bank robbery. we don't know it could very well have been started there. but what we know was the chase bank was the first place he caught video of law enforcement moving in right next door, he said this is a huge complex, right next door to the planned
1:52 pm
parenthood clinic. then the suspect ran into that clinic and there were people, staff, patients, inside that clinic. dire concern for their safety. and now we know some of those people have been harmed. we're looking now again, this is a live look in the area, heavy snow, falling at this point. and they have -- all right so i'm, i'm forgive me for pausing for just a second. so now the reason that you're seeing even more ambulances, because some have been pulled away, now they've refortified here. police have been rescuing people from the clinic and the nearby strip mall. we're told. and we know that they've been exchanging gunfire and this man is on the move. as we watch this unfold together, an undetermined number of civilian victims, but at least seven we know from our reporter, cody fisher with fox
1:53 pm
21, our local affiliate there, which he watched get loaded up and taken away. and you just saw another ambulance go out of the picture. charles i'm going to toss it back to you, we're going to continue work on the story. the good news in all of this is that they are actively on the scene with this guy. and the number of injured is growing. >> thank you very much harris, just a remarkable you know, the imagery of this again, visual, white male, stocky built, strenchcoat, perhaps a beertd, perhaps an ak-47, sitting in a chair and the police have moved in. fill us in on how this thing might have looked. >> we could have been did it could have been a bank robbery that went awry and he ended up in this clinic. if they are able to see him sitting in a chair like that i'm sure they have sharpshooters there. and you know what they're going to do and what i would do is you take a shot at his head.
1:54 pm
you end it right away. if you're able to see him sitting in the chair, you're able to take a head shot at him and at this point you wouldn't have done anything wrong. >> i want to alert the audience that we have a report that due to this active shooter situation in colorado, as a precaution, new york city police department has redeployed their critical response vehicles to planned parenthood locations throughout the city. there are currently no, i want to emphasize there are no specific threats to any new york city locations at this time. as a precautionary measure. so people should understand that. and not be alarmed and think that there have been threats, specific threats, but this is out of an abundance of caution which everyone understands at this particular time. but we talked about how this would end. we talked about the new waz that the police departments around the country are dealing with these active shooter situations. thinking that perhaps in the past, lingering too long has resulted in perhaps a worst case scenario and this is sort of
1:55 pm
something we thought could happen, particularly as they started to evacuate, and save some of the people who were pinned down or hostages. >> here we go again. i saw a military armored truck there. and now the president wants to stop and take the military vehicles away. this is a perfect example as you need an armored truck to get in there. to take them away is ridiculous. i'm just happy that they have an armored vehicle, they possibly were able to save people by getting the armored people in there. so they could get the people out of there. you know? >> what would have changed your mind. when harris started talking about the number of victims, as the victim count went up, one to seven. is there a point where the police say hey, the injure reasonable doubt mounting. the numbers are mounting, four police officers, that we know of, the numbers are mounting, they're starting to mushroom. is there a number where you guys, the police department say hey, the situation has changed, the urgency has changed? >> if i was in charge of that operation, i would say let's go
1:56 pm
in, let's take him out. let's do what we have to do. >> say that again, i'm sorry, pam. we're setting up to take the show again. but the rescues that we saw, dramatic stuff -- >> a lot of those people that these were rescuing, they didn't look like like they were shot. they looked like they had blanketed on them and they were getting them out of there. >> the point is to effect that kind of rescue and maybe simultaneously some sort of a firefight, that's scary. that's, we talk about soft targets being fair game. everyone came into this weekend a little more on edge because of events around the world and then you have to see this. this is, this is impactful, bo. >> this is so important for america to realize we need this kind of advanced equipment because this can happen anywhere. in colorado springs it can happen in new york. we need this equipment, and to take it away from the police is ridiculous. >> i want to go to dan bongino, former united states secret
1:57 pm
service agent. we're getting filled in as events unfold. we did hear that the police went in, they've encountered the shooter. the shooter could be on the move right now. where do you think we are with this? >> well, charles, columbine is run of your prior guests had stated earlier on in the day. and the mumbai attacks, changed the way law enforcement responds to active shooter scenarios. time is not on your side any more. time used to be viewed as your friend, set up a perimeter, start the negotiations, be a sent prior information, treat it like a hostage scenario. that's not the case any more. the default scenario with an active shooter like this. the default scenario is to stop and mitigate the situation immediately. negotiations are not the default scenario any more because we don't know. and even now with the media reports, we still don't know what exactly the motivation is. is this the motivation
1:58 pm
terrorism? are the motivation something against planned parenthood? was it a bank robbery? the police department doesn't know. so time is not on their side. they have to stop the situation and the default scenario is no longer set up a perimeter and negotiate but we have to eliminate the threat as soon as we can to prevent further tragedy. >> dan, thank you. hold on one second. we've got dan weaver, can you fill us in on how many victims or injured are you seeing and what the situation looks like right now? >> good afternoon. so far uc health's memorial hospital has received three patients from this shooting. and we are staffed up and prepared to receive additional patients if that's needed. >> harris faulkner spoke earlier and said there's a hospital in the area and they can't handle any more. we know there was a supermarket
1:59 pm
with at least 150 people hiding out there. we're not sure how many are i the strip mall or the planned parenthood location. i know you're staffed up. what are you bracing for? >> we don't have any particular number. and in large part, it depends on how critical the patients are. certainly we can care for a lot, far more minor patients than we can for patients with really critical and severe injuries. but this is something that our hospital and our staff, our nurses, our doctors, we train for. we drill for regularly. we always have additional nurses and doctors on call, ready to return. there's a lot of speculation on a weapon being used. ak-47s, haven't been manufactured in 20 years, but we've heard it was a high-powered rifle. what kind of injuries are you seeing? what degree the severity? >> i don't know as far as how
2:00 pm
the injuries might have happened or what weapons might be used. but certainly we're seeing a range of injuries in these patients. >> ben, thank you very much. we really appreciate it. active shooter situation in colorado springs. seven victims, four police officers injured. hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. and this is a fox these awe lne alert. an active shooter has been on the scene for the last several hours in colorado springs. the the shooter is not contained and the fbi is on the scene assisting local authorities. for the latest we go to harris faulkner who has been following the story from the fox news desk. >> this is just crossing into our desk. this is from the nypd, security has been raised at all planned parenthood locations throughout new york city. due to the active shooter situation in colorado, and as a precautionary


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