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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 27, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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they are ripping us left and right. the leaders are so much smarter. they are ripping us left and right. the wall is peanuts. >> people are actually starting to listen to what the candidates themselves are saying. and they recognize a failed policy. >> you have debates where thai trying to get you into a food fight and insulting each other. i ain't going to do it and if others attack me, i'm not going to respond. >> but i believe we need someone who has a proven regard to go against hillary clinton. her record is one of lack of
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accomplishment. >> quite frankly, if you recall, that's why i ran in 2010 because i felt there were people not willing to fight for what matters. >> i believe we should go to legalization, but not citizenship. i don't believe in that path. >> 2012 was taking hard work, 2015, it's going to be hard work because people take you seriously. >> she has lived in her own world and bubble for so long that she really doesn't perceive these very real conflict of interests as conflicts of interest. from. >> someone's got stand up for the people to somebody who has an authoritarian concept of government. >> welcome to this special edition of hannity. so far, the election season has been exciting and competitive. on this program, we've made it to point to feature the republican candidates. tonight, we will show the best interview moments from many of the candidates we've had on the
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show over the past several months. to kick things off, we start with the one gop candidate who has managed to separate himself from book. trump, who sored to the top of the polls after announcing his candidacy in june. >> "wall street journal" says where's the platform, the details. i want to give you an opportunity to go over some of the things you've discussed. you talked about mexico. how quickly could you build a wall? how do you make them pay? >> so easy. will a politician be able to do it? absolutely not. i watched some of the shows including your show and i watched these guys say, oh, you can be the get them to pay. we give them tens of billions of dollars a yore. their leerds are so much smarter than our leaders, they are ripping us left and right. the wall is peanuts. it's interesting, in china, in china, the great china wall. i mean, you want to talk about a
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wall, that's a serious wall. you don't climb over with a ladder. you don't even go under it. it's 13,000 miles. if you add up everything in this kitchen sink with what we're talking about on our border, it's less than 2,000 miles and a lot of it you don't have to do because you're covered with terrain and areas already built, so say you're talking about 1,000 miles versus 13, then they say you can't do it. i will get mexico, will a tariff or whether they give us the money. they need us badly. i'll with be friends with mexico. i'm going to have a great relationship with mexico. we have a bad rim with mexico and they're an abuser. every country is an abuser because we have stupid people representing us. >> i read your book, which you just releaseded and you seemed to soften a hair, maybe you want to revise your remarks when you said the vast majority of
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undocumented immigrants are honest, decent, hard working people who came there to improve their lives, their children's lives. >> true. >> do you think that if you had to do over, you would have been that first and we're also getting murders and rapists, which we know to be a fact, too. >> well, you know, look, i say, i speak very bluntly and i think we have to. it's not politically correct maybe sometimes. i think the way i said it was proper. i think people looked at it, you know, very interesting, when i made my opening remark, everybody thought i made a wonderful speech and we went for about a week and a half, somebody said, wait a minute, maybe we could interpret it a certain way, i don't think i'd do anything differently. i'm number one in polls as you know. i think i'm number one in every state. now number one in iowa. i had lost iowa for a period of time and didn't quite understand it. i think i would have done exactly what i'm doing.
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>> let me ask you about ben carson. you said four times in one day that he had a pathological disease. he's admitted that he had anger issues when he was a young kid. that he did go after his mother with a hammer. that he nearly tried to stab somebody. the issue came out. i thought he gave a good explanation about the rotc and west point, but why do you say a pathological disease when the narrative of his life story is that he changed his life from that point forward. and then he became a student and a doctor and followed his dream. >> because he wrote it. i didn't say it. he wrote it. he wrote that in a book. he wrote in his book that he had either pathological disease or temper or there was something. actually, one of shows called it disease and i don't know if that's the word he used, but pathological was used and i think the word might have been temper. but you know, pathological is a very serious word. when you say you're pathological
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about something, like usually, you associated it with the word, liar, but he actually wrote that word in his book. that wubt me saying it and i was surprised it was put in the book and it was reported lightly. and look, i hope everything's okay with ben. i've gotten along glareat with ben, but he's having a hard time. the pyramids are solid structures. can't put grain in them other than a little thing for the far rows at the bottom, but the pyramids as an example, they were not built for grain because they're solid. these are very strong, solid structures. they don't have beams going across connecting and big hallow spaces underneath. they're solid. so i don't get that one. but there were other thing, but the word pathological was used in his book by ben. >> of the 21,000, 84, 94 refugees from syria we've taken in so far, 96% are muslim.
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only 3% have been christian. if there's no way to vet them and they do have these sympathies, and our national intelligence director and others are saying isis will infiltrate, how is that hateful by definition? >> it's been that way for a long time. in syria, you have the christians where their heads are wg chopped off randomly and at will and you have the muslims who i'm not saying they have a great life, frankly, but it's not as bad as what the christians go through. i've been told by very, very good sources and people that really understand what's been happening, the hardest thing you can do is be a christian in syria and come into the united states. one of the easiest places in the sbrir world to come into the world from is syria. if you're a muslim. so, if you're a christian, you can't get into the united states. if you're a muslim, it's one of the easiest ways to get into the united states from syria, so, i'll tell you what, there's something going on out there that is maybe you and i don't know about. but it's becoming more and more
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obvious and as far as bernie sanders, first of all, he's got going to win. he gave it away when he gave up the e-mail situation. probably hillary's protected by the democrats. she should have problems because everyone else has and they've done less, but sanders quote that i thought you'd have in there, he blameded the paris attack on global warming. that was the beauty. i had an obligation the watch the rest. he said during the debate, he said that the paris attack is a you know, having to do with global warming. i mean, the whole thing is crazy. the third guy shouldn't even be on the stage. he was the mayor of baltimore. he shouldn't even be on the stage and hillary with her tuesday, in my opinion, can't win the election. she's weak as can be on illegal immigration. she is going to lose the election. especially if i run against her, but she's going to lose the election.
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this is a fox news alert. a shooting and stand off at a colorado springs planned parenthood has ended in tragedy. three are dead. two civilians and a police officer. nine others are hospitalized in good condition. all with gun shot wounds. the stand off ended when the suspect surrendered. we're told he brought items with him and authorities have been working to make sure those items are not dangerous.
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nearby businesses had been placed on lockdown during the shooting. the people inside have been allowed out. police described the shooter as a white male, but are not revealing his identity, motive or whether he had a connection to planned parenthood. now, back to hannity's hottest interviews, the 2016 gop candidates and for all of your headline, logon to fox welcome back to the special edition of hannity. now, political outsiders have had a huge impagt on the race and dr. carson has made a strong impression on the voters by tapping into the frustration with the washington establishment. here's the best interview moments we've had with dr. carson. take a look. >> why are you surging, ted cruz in trump and carly? what do you think it says about the republican party? >> well, i hope it means that
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people are actually starting to listen to what the candidates themselves are saying. and they recognize a failed policy. you know, we've been going with democrats and with republicans for decades now. and they say wonderful things during election, but they don't do anything. and we can't continue county that pathway and i think people recognize that. >> you know, it was interesting, i read your comments on race and why don't i talk about race. explain what you meant by that because i'm a neurosurgeon. >> you know, that was -- >> interesting to me. >> well, the point being you know, so many people are very superficial. and they look at a person's external appearance and they make a judgment based on that. when with that person is. it's the brain. that's what controls who we are. and we need to start thinking about what dr. king said, the content of your character, not the color of your skin. >> most polls, it's trump, then you.
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i can't think of two more die metically oppose ed personaliti, you being more shy and demure and soft spoken and trump being outspoken and confident. that's interesting, but the one thing you have in common is you've not held political office. >> but i think the thing that's important to the people is that we're thot looking like people who are going to be corralled. by the political establishment. >> how can the president and these top candidates be so wrong about such a clear and present danger to our country and to the world? >> well, you know, i hope the people are paying attention to this. you know, i find it interesting that you know, they're willing to use the term isis because the i in isis is islamic and so they're not really being very consiste consistent. but obviously, the terrorism
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that's growing and spreading around the world is coming from that base and you really have to understand the history of it. you know, mohammed, who lived in mecca, he wasn't a very popular fella, by the way. his uncle kind of shielded him. when he died, he went up to medina and that's where he put together his army. they went around and killed people who didn't believe as they did. anybody who didn't accept their tenants belonged to the cashier and you could do anything to them. kill them, behead them, lie to them. that understood lying belief is still there with the radical element of the islamic movement. now, what we need to do, i think, is encourage the i m manmans and clerics do come out and condemn the radical elements of that faith. >> now, dr. carson is not the only outside ner the race. texas senator ted cruz rose to prominence as the tea party
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conservative and that's part of the reason he's been doing well in recent polls. here's our best interview moments of the 2016 contender, ted cruz. take a look. >> senator, the iranian are not abiding by the deal. they wouldn't let their nuclear sites be inspected and we can't get a deal that releases four americans and says they've got recognize israel's right to exist? what is he talking about here? >> well, you know, unfortunately, with with president obama, it's all politics all the time. it speaks volumes that east halfway across the globe and feels the need to attack me directly and it's interesting, sean, he didn't actually dispute the criticism, so, the point he responds to there as i've pointed out that urnld the obama nuclear deal, over $1100 billion will flow to iran. iran is the world's leading state sponsor to have terrorism, so much of that will end up in
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the hands of hezbollah and other radical islamic terrortists and if this deal goes through, the obama administration will become quite literally the world's leading financer of radical islamic terrorism. now, president obama didn't dispute that. he didn't point to any other entity that would send more money to islamic terrorism. he didn't dispute that billions of dollars in the control of the american government would be used to fund jihadists who will take that money and murder american, murder israelis, europeans. instead, he attacked us. >> one thing you have done through the the campaign, you refuse to get into it with the other candidates and you made that very clear the other night. is that how you feel? is that a campaign strategy? >> i'm a big believer in reagan's commandment, thousand shalt not speak ill of other republicans, so, when you have debates when they're insulting each other, i ain't going to do it and if others attack me, i'm
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not going to respond. now, i do think policy disagreements are fair game. i think it's fair game for a moderator to say ted, your tax plan is a simple flat tax, so% across the board. another candidate's has a rate of 35%. what's the difference and why is yours better. that's the sort of question debates should be about, but shouldn't just be food fits and insults, which is what sometimes these turn into. >> i agree. i thought the winner were all the candidates on the stage, but you got it started. i was talking with glenn beck, he said he did an interview with you. there are people who have photographic memories. he used the term audio graphic mem rand because he wointed out something that i haven't picked up, which was you late lit rally named everything that had happened in the exact order. i want to ask you about that. let's play the tape. >> the questions that have been
7:19 pm
asked so far in this debate, illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. this is not a cage match. and you look at the questions. donald trump, are you a villain, ben carson, can you do math, john kasich, will you insult two over here, jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen, how about talking about the substantive issues. >> i don't know if many people though this, but alan -- has praised you as one of the smartest students. austin gools buy has praised your skill, your int lek and i watch that point glenn was making and thought to myself, yeah, you were the national debate champ at harvard, but is that true, you have to ability to memorize things like that? >> i have a good memory and i do remember things that i hear. it's not perfect. it's not 100%, but it is a good memory.
7:20 pm
and i do think conservatives are tired. of getting our clock cleaned. margaret thatcher said first you win the argument, then the vote and we keep sending people into debates that democrats just eat their lunch and we need to be able to stand up to hillary clinton and make clear her big government vend is a failure and i think conservatives are hungry for someone who's not going to curl up and hide from the fight, but instead with a smile, the optimistic vision of a reagan say, what you're doing isn't working. here's what you said and it isn't happening and here's instead the principles that builds america and i think if we conservatives win when we articulate what it is we believe. liberals win when they hide what they believe because truth matters. our principles work and theirs done and if we can explain that, howst that's howie win. >> coming up, jeb bush and
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welcome back to this special edition of hannity. now, jeb bush served as florida's governor for two terms a successful eight years, now hoping to win the republican nomination and here's our best moments with the former florida governor. take a look. >> the president now signing off on this whole iranian deal. they get $150 million, we got nothing out of the deal. 24 days note for inspections. they build their icbms, get more conventional weapons. that coupled with john kerry last week, here, israelis are getting killed and he tried to equate a moral equivalency
7:24 pm
between palestinian terrorists and israel. >> first, they go hand in glove because legitimizing the iranian regime to empower them to be the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world, is only sending fear throughout the region and israel correctly views this as a threat. i don't believe it's necessarily a convince dense that the palestinian authority is inci inciting violence against innocent israelis. we have some say in as it relates to the palestinian authority given the fact we provide aid and we should be very clear that there is no moral equivalence, that inciting terror nd of israel is not the equivalency of what israel does in self-defense. they do this in their schools to incite a feeling of hatred towards israel. israel is responding as any sovereign nation would.
7:25 pm
we should be completely on their side on this an frankly, the next president of the united states ought to be getting israel's back, we need to make sure we continue to support israel, providing them with the most sophisticated equipment to create a deterrent effect. one of the ways is to show our support for israel. >> trump has hit you hard. you've been hitting rubio hard, the campaign powerpoint that came out. among other thing, in the powerpoint, it said marco's a risky bet. there's little battles that seem to be taking a lot of your attention way. what is your reaction to trump, why are you going after marco so hard? >> i haven't, he's my friend and he's a skilled politician for sure. her record is wup of lack of accomplishment. the ten years, the united states senator, three bills she sponsored, namesing a highway after tim russert and a post office. >> that's not exactly an
7:26 pm
accomplishment. i like tim russert, but that's not a big accomplish. . >> yeah, i get it. in foreign policy, after the benghazi hearings where she said that in fact, that this was created by islamic terrorism after deny l after deny l and 60 plus e-mail frs the embassy in libya saying they had a security risk and no action taken. i think we need someone that has a record of accomplishment. people are going to sort out all the little battles, i'm not focused on that. >> now, former governor jeb bush helpeded mentor one of the rising candidates in the race. senator rubio has benefitted from some some strong debate performances and here's our best from senator rubio. >> hillary clinton was viewed as being dishonest and untrustworthy, when the poll was asking what are first comes to
7:27 pm
mind when you think of hillary clinton, the first three were liar, dishonest and untrustworthy, so, between that and the e-mail server scandal, how much trouble do you think she's in? >> it's a very serious issue. there are people that have been charged with criminal offenses for less. on top of that, just highly irresponsible. i'm on the intelligence committee. i have access to highly classified information and we would never put that in an e-mail. you look at it in a secure environment or on paper in a secure environment. someone did something very wrong here. her staff should have known better. it showed sloppyness and incompetence and perhaps criminality. i'm glad to see the fbi's taking it more seriously. >> is america now creating a vacuum, betraying our allies like israel and others in the
7:28 pm
middle east and opening this basically given away the table to the iranian is now putin coming in and taking advantage of that and what does it mean for what's going to happen down the road in terms of international safety? >> well, here's what it means. number one, putin's reputation, people may not like him in the international stage, some of the things he's done, but he's seen as decisive and reliable albeit in a way not in the interest of most of the world. on the other hand, obama's seen as unreliable, skittish, afraid to engage and not clear what he wants to do moving forward. what he has never understood is that in the middle east in particular, weakness is an invitation for further aggression and that's now america under obama's viewed right now, as an unreliable count country. and the consequences are significant. because it extends not just to
7:29 pm
the middle east, but in asia pacific region and europe. >> especially with trump, who i just asked about, it seems to be a back and forth with you and him. that if he can't control his credit cards, how is he going to manage the nation's finances, what's your response to mim is this. >> i'm not sure one like trump should be lecturing anyone about finances. i think what he's referring to my credit card statements. and it shows that what i've always said that the overwhelming majority of the ek pences on the card were for political uses and anytime there was a personal expense, i paid for. this is an issue we dealt with in 2010 when charlie crist tried to raise it. the finance of the american people. you know, we have millions of people in this country that have
7:30 pm
given up looking for work. we have record numbers of people living under government dependen dependence. for the first time in 35 year, we have more businesses failing than starts. we should spend as much time as we can focused on those issues, which i know the left doesn't want to focus on because they want to distract from the failures of barack obama. >> and coming up, when we return, our midwest talked about interviews with john kasich and chris christie. thax next. straight ahead. choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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welcome back to this special edition of hannity. governor kasich made a name for himself as one of the chief argument tects of the balanced budget act in the 1990s. also had a lot of success as the governor of ohio. and here's our best interview moments with governor kasich. take a look. >> 57 million american women out
7:36 pm
of work, out of the labor force. nearly 94 million out of the labor force. 50 million in poverty. can you apply those exact same principles and policies and make it work nationally? are you saying you could take an $18 trillion budget deficit or debt that we have an 128 trillion in unfunded liabilities and you can fix that? >> sean, just remember, you always talk about when i was budget committee chairman in washington. and remember, when i left washington after having completed that effort we made and i spent ten years of my life getting there, we had a five trillion dollar surplus and it was blown and a lot of republicans participated in that. but yes, we don't need to be balanced overnight. we need to have a credible plan that sends a word to the markets and we've got to begin to deregulate, so we're snuffing
7:37 pm
out, not snuffing out the job creators in our country and we've got to get back to common sense and shift. >> the only two issues i ever hear conservatives critical towards you about, immigration and the refugee issue. i want to give you an opportunity to expand on this. should people who did not suspect our law in sovereignty, why should they have a path towards citizenship? >> i'm not, i'm for legalization, sean. >> no citizenship? >> no, i don't believe in that. but i do believe in they've been law abide ng this country, they can get to legalization. >> you support -- >> pay a fine, everything else, but the wall has to go up, sean. look, reagan was forfor letting these folks stay in 1986. they didn't enforce the law. we need to finish the wall and if you come over for any reason,
7:38 pm
you're going back. i don't want to argue or discus it with them but for the ones here, i think they can be given a path to legalization. if they broke the law, that's a whole other story. got to get this done. no, i don't believe we should -- >> okay. >> correct. i believe we should go to legalization. but not citizenship. i don't believe in that path. >> when you were on the last time, we discussed this. james clapper and spokesperson for the state department john kirby both states it is likely that isis and al-qaeda will infiltrate the refugee population. that to me is too big a risk. that while we're trying to do the right thing -- >> we can't be assured by people like clapper that we don't have the process to properly screen so then we can't do it, so, the issue is they got to present a program to us that says yes, we can determine who these people are. why am i saying this because
7:39 pm
sean, i don't want to go alone on nefrg this world. the europeans are being flooded. if we look the other way, i mean, frank ly, i think we're nt going to be able to rebuild these relationships. >> new jersey governor chris christie launched his presidential campaign with a theme, tell it like it is and here's our best interview moments with governor christie. >> my opinion having been on the border a dozen time, trump is right and i think republicans are afraid to say it. >> yeah. >> since obama's been president, 642,000 texas have been victims of crime by illegal immigrants, nearly 3,000 murders. how come we don't secure the border? >> because it's been a failure of a president who's been unwilling o acknowledge there's a problem. we talked about tour steps we have to take. put a fence or a wall in places
7:40 pm
where appropriate. second, hire more border patrol officers. third, use drones and other surveillance in some of the tougher areas to monitor what's goin on and every business in this country has to use e verify because lot of folks coming across are coming across the work. >> republicans, they don't defund obama care and use their constitutional power. they didn't stop obama's executive amnesty, they funded it. are they catering to big business? >> i think some are and then also, you need a strong president who's willing to lead. >> after the debate, i said the candidates won as a whole, as a group. you, cruz, huckabee, rubio, you went after those mod rarts hard. you stayed an substance and that's a hublg loss i think the going to impact media for decades to come. >> what i was trying to say to focus, we're running for president of the united states.
7:41 pm
there are huge issues to discuss and not to get into a back and forth. it wasn't an interview. it was a debate they were supposed to be moderating. ask a question, let us give an answer that's fair. follow up if they wanted to, but not in the mid of the question and not with snarky, bias filled responses and that's what happened. >> the day you announced, a lot of people were jealous i got the first interviews. you just announced you were running for president. now, i asked you hard questions about immigration and drivers licenses, i did my homework, but after you announced, i want you to lay out your vision, you want to be the president. you want the most important job in the world. does that happen less and less now? you think these moderators feel it's their zwrob debate you? >> everybody wants to be woodward and bernstein. >> if they did, they'd go after hillary. >> for the republicans because they only went after nixon. and the fact that that's the deal, they want to make themselves famous, they're more important. and then they get to brag to
7:42 pm
their friends tat parties on the weekend. that's what motivates a lot of this stuff. but the other thing i say is if you want to be president of the united states, you want to debate hillary clinton next fall, you got to be tough enough to deal with that. >> i got that, but there's a certain sense, a double standard in unfairness there. >> total double standard. all you had to do was watch the debate on cnn. >> what's your favorite color? your dog's name? your favorite cat name. >> "saturday night live" did a great set up on it. using anderson cooper's nickname. it wasn't far from true. >> and coming up, highlights from my interviews with carly fiorina and senator rand paul. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief.
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this is fox news alert. three people are dead following an attack at a colorado springs planned parenthood. that includes two civilians and a police officer. the officer, 44-year-old garrett swayze was with the university of colorado, colorado springs. nine other gun shot vick tips including five officers are hoptdized in good condition. it started around noon local time when police responded to
7:48 pm
news of shots fired. the suspect surrendered five hours later after exchanging gunfire with police ch police say he brought items with him and authorities have been working to make sure they're not dangerous. police describe the shooter as a white male, but have not revealed his identity. now back to hannity's hottest interviews, the 2016 candidates and check out fox for headlines. welcome back to this special edition of hannity and here's our best interview moments with former hewlett-packard ce ork, carly fiorina. let me start with the hillary server scandal. you've been very critical, probably more than any other candidate, of hillary clinton. you've talked about the server, about her position on planned parentho parenthood. where do you stand now?
7:49 pm
>> you know, i said in my closing comments at that debate that hillary clinton has lied. about benghazi, her e-mails, about her server. and there were some in the liberal media, who said twhoourks really strong language. but of course, it's the right language. she has lied. and i think the more we learn, the more we know that that's true. >> do you think some of your fellow candidates might be afraid to say i agree with you, she lied. plain as day to me. i think she really has a very difficult legal problem on her hands now. we'll watch this unfold as it relates to the server, but some people are timid. they're a little afraid to say she lied. do you think some of the men in the race, they may be accused of a war on women type of thing? >> no, actually, i don't think it's gender. i think that the political class speaks in certain terms.
7:50 pm
sort of sanitized sound bites and what i call bumper sticker rhetoric. by any common sense definition, she has lied. but somehow, politicians don't always use common sense terms or plain language, but i think by any common sense definition, the same you and i would use, if you say you don't have a server and you do, you lied. for a >> i think you've been probably the most out spoken insxl 7
7:51 pm
>> i sure hope not because if the candidate can't take on a democrat4÷xmv front!ç1z runner candidate can't run an election. a agree with you. i have]úm6ú been the candidate as well as the democrat party. the democrat party, the policies they're pushing forward are undermining the character of foundation of this nation, t?wy of this nation. bp them on so i'm going toogndjfs keepíh6 taking long as she is their front zd undermin this nation. with kentucky senator rand paul. far?f(le i want to stand up who donald trump wanted to take$wwl her house through
7:52 pm
eminent domain. he believes that eminent6r9eñ d should be used to take the property from a small property owner like 4çiir:ñrohc and give parking lot. nñ conservative will -- if you tell them reid is for this,mufm they're not for it donald trump is a fake conservative. i think people areqñf going to e >>@5yá german officials said "d syria. refugees set up camp in aóriñ-g e#j>ostian cemetery and trashed the place. this is onef3g>izf the
7:53 pm
reasons i have heard rubio's bill originally on immigration % because is8&=ññ didn't think in is enough scrutiny for those attack us.c:bl+3mu in kentucky two refugees came from iraq and tried to buy stinger missiles to attack us with.oyzéd the program has needed more scrutiny for a long time. so does the student'n?0ñ visa program. for goodness sakes we need to >> refugees in new york only had a name and from afghanistan. and my goodness, what ready odds he might be someone going to attack the west? you need to know. he had nop%d years old. absolutely. we need more!h.tpç scrutiny. >> senator, it's so frustrating to me we're going to1gpt)ut thi remember yeem a path to a bomb, $150 billion, missile defense
7:54 pm
with putin, buildjh2á up their conventional arms and we getç nothing. can you tell the a?.cs(p' people is there anything:> stop this? opposed the iranian agreement. the first thought that comes to mind is i'm not sure which is less secure, hillary clinton's e-mail server because that is a disappointment we can't protect the white house secrets. a teenager tapped insnrgc james clapper's e-mail. fz vigilant. >> coming up,rjí÷ we'll havef "hannity" right after the break. stay with us.
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an o'reilly factor special is on tonight. >> watters world holiday decision. >> why do people say happy holidays? >> i don't know. maybe they think it's including easter and valentines. >> still stuffed from thanksgiving? christmas and new year's coming right up. do every day americans even know what they are celebrating? >> being thankful for what you have and being with your family. >> are you sure that's not thanksgiving? >> watters takes it to the folks to find out what they really know about our holidays. >> do the indians and the pilgrims get along. >> no. >> so why do they eat together? >> i don't even know what you are talking about anymore. >> caution, you are about t


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