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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 29, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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check out fox's new sirius station. 24/7 headlines where i do a daily media minute. we're back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. look forward to seeing you then with the latest buzz. fox news alert. police piecing together for the horrific deadly shooting at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. welcome, i'm eric shawn. er arthel is off today. sources say the alleged shooter made a comment about, quote, no more baby parts, after his arrest on friday. they also indicate he has expressed anti-abortion and anti-government views. planned parenthood also saying that witnesses told them when deere burst into the building he said he was motivated by his opposition to abortion. as deere waits for his first court appearance tomorrow, the community is mourning the loss
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of three lost, including hero university of colorado police officer garrett swayze. the nine wounded are still recovering from their injuries, among them five police officers. let's go to will carr live in colorado springs at the site of the shootings. will, what is the latest? >> reporter: hey, eric. as we talked, investigators are digging into deere's past this weekend. they've been searching a trailer he was living in in park county, colorado, about 60 miles west of us here in colorado springs. they're looking for clues to find out why dear unloaded on planned parenthood and wound up in a gun battle with police on friday. for the past year he had been living in that trailer, a fairly isolated area. and neighbors there say he kept to himself. >> just don't understand how you could wake up in the morning to this beautiful area and everything and want to load up your truck and go into colorado springs and want to do something like that. >> dear previously lived in a cabin in north carolina. that cabin did not have electricity or running water.
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he also had past arrested in south carolina for domestic violence and animal cruelty. those who knew him there say he never really spoke about religion or abortion and kept to himself. while the investigation continues, there have been several vigils for the victims this weekend. we're still waiting for the two civilians who were killed to be identified. that's likely to happen sometime tomorrow. we've also learned that the 15 plan the parenthood staffers who were inside the building on friday were all unharmed. now, the community is also celebrating the life of officer garrett swayze, a father of two, an athlete, and a man of god. >> he didn't have to respond. this wasn't his jurisdiction, so to speak. but he knew that there were people in danger. he knew he was in proximity. and he answered the call. >> reporter: president obama issuing a statement this weekend
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in part which says, enough is enough when it comes to gun violence. at the same time, attorney general lynch says that this is a crime against women who use planned parenthood for health care services. eric? >> officer swayze leaves behind a wife rachel as well as a 10-year-old son elijah and 6-year-old daughter faith. we all are thinking about him. >> reporter: so tragic. >> absolutely. thank you, will. meanwhile, overseas right now, the standoff between moscow and turkey is intensifying. following the downing of that russian war plane near the syrian border last week. turkey hopes to calm the tensions, now saying the pilot's body will be flown home, russian president vladimir putin is slapping sanctions on turkey as the president aired owe juan hopes to sit down with president putin in paris at the climate summit. conor powell joins us with more. >> reporter: turkey, eric, is definitely trying to ratchet tensions with russia a week
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after defending the turkish actions of shooting down that russian jet, president aired ajuan offering some remorse today saying his country is saddened by the incident, turkey announcing it has taken kproel of the russian pilot's body and aink ara is in the process of returning the body to russia, a local orthodox church and priest offering the last rites. but make no mistake, russia is angry and has a lot of leverage over the turks. russia has moved advanced missiles to its bases in syria, beefed up its military presence in the mediterranean. vladimir putin calling today for sanctions on turkey in the wake of the downing of the russian jet. more than 3 million russians visited turkey last year and moscow has called for russians to stop visiting it. that would put a real dent in turkey's economy. russia also banning the importation of several turkish products, most prushlly turkey gets more than half of its
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natural gas from russia. moscow can make turkey pay this winter for the downing of this russian swrjet. eric, there's all this discussion about what needs to be done in syria, very little agreement. but the one thing everyone agrees on is international cooperation is needed. this incident where turkey shot down a russian jet makes international cooperation all the more difficult, and it really does make peace in syria and the defeat of isis all the more difficult. >> that it does, sadly. that's something that they'll be discussing in paris. conor powell, thank you. as we reported, president obama will attend the conference in paris as will presidents putin and sairaired ajuan. president putin claims they will till work with the u.s. coalition targeting isis even though the u.s. and others say the russian forces have been hitting the opponents of the moscow-backed syrian president bashar al assad. do you think this will really
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work? a.m. bambassador john bolton jo, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. you're in london today, ambassador. do they there and do you believe putin, or is this more of his bait and switch? >> well, i think putin has several objectives, one is to try to insert himself into the affairs of the middle east using isis as an excuse in a sense. i think he wants to help split nato and turkey and the united states even more and than the fissures we already have. i think he's playing another game completely unrelate td may seem but to get rid of the west's sanctions on russia. i think he's going to use the shoot-down of the russian jet which many in europe believe was really turkey's fault more than russia and try to see what ke get on all of these fronts. here in britain in particular there's a vote coming up in parliament in the next few days whether to authorize british air
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strikes against isis in syria. you'll recall that strikes against the syrian dictator were voted down in parliament a little over two years ago, causing an enormous disruption in the western alliance. so there's no doubt there's a lot at stake here. >> prime minister cameron is calling for that. do you think parliament will vote and support britain getting into this for those air strikes? >> it's interesting. the secretary of defense here in britain said this morning on their sunday talk shows that he didn't think the votes were there yet. the british labor party is fractured in more ways than you can count with its new radical left wing leader jeremy corbin against strikes against isis. so a lot remains to be played out. and i think for putin, with his several objectives in mind, this just allows him to fish in troubled waters. i'm sure that's what he'll be doing in paris. >> when it comes to paris and we saw at the g-20 last week that asounding video of president obama sitting closely with putin. you saw the coffugh urnee urns
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this room with intense discussions. look at that. basically nothing it seems came out of that. putin with alawn says they will cooperate. then a few hours later, putin's spokesman says, we are not cooperating with them. is this putin's way or the highway? what can be achieved if the president again meets with vladimir putin in paris in the coming days? >> well, there's a fundamental contradiction between the russian position and the american position that president obama hasn't realized for nearly four years, and that is russia is going to continue to insist that assad stay in power in syria with him personally or with the regime. that's what the russians want. that's what iran wants. they're not going to back away on that. whereas president obama, secretary of state clinton, secretary kerry have said during that same four-year period that russia will help cooperate in easing assad out of power. it has never been the case.
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it was not the case then. it's not the case now. it's not going to be the case in the future. so until the obama administration gets over that illusion, i don't think there's any chance we're going to see cooperation. i think the two countries have fundamentally different interests. i think the russian primary motive here is to move the united states out of its longstanding position as the dominant external power in the middle east with enormous implications across a whole range of issues, israel, the iran nuclear program and others, and i don't think president obama has yet figured this out. >> so how do you think this will end? clearly at some point it will end. dow think assad will stay in power? what will come from the talks in vien vienna? will they ease him out or the status quo remain? >> i think assad will stay in power as long as iran and russia wants him to. russia is expanding its influence. iran has a lot of influence. they're going to be able to pay to help keep in assad in power because of the release of
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billions of dollars in assets released under the nuclear deal. they have a president in washington who doesn't seem to know which way is up. i think assad stays in power. the real issue is whether the united states will provide leadership in the next 14 months to put together a real anti-isis coalition. so far, no evidence of that happening. >> finally, quickly, what should the president do? >> well, i think he ought to tell putin to get his air assets back on that base and stay out of the way of what efforts we produce to go after isis, although so far, frankly, they've been utterly inadequate. i think our policy in the middle east is just hopelessly confused and contradictory. as i say, i just don't see that's going to change in the next 14meanwhile, the human catastrophe that has taken such a horrible price continues and shows no sign of ending. ambassador bolton, good to see you from london.
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>> thank you, eric. meanwhile, while the ambassador is in london, paris remains on high alert as world leaders prepare to arrive for the climate conference there. you're looking at clashes today between activists and police. this despite that climate change march on the security concerns in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the city. this as the search is still under way for this man believed to be behind some of those attacks, senior foreign affairs correspondent greg pol cot has the latest on that search. hi, >> reporter: thick of things are looking a little more contained, eric, in the center of paris but there's still a tense standoff going on. few hours ago there was some real skirmishing going on where there is a memorial to the victims of those terror attacks some two weeks ago. several hundred anarchists apparently upset about the protest ban you mentioned
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incredibly taking flower vases and other items from the memorial and throwing them at police. police responded with tear gas and pepper spray. 100 people we're told have been arrested. other ways, there was high security across paris, something like 150 leaders and their entourages including president obama are arriving today and tonight before tomorrow's opening of that big climate conference. highways and roads have been closed around paris. the word to parisians from the authorities, stay home. this amid more developments regarding the probe into the terror. reports indicating the mastermind abaaoud was in europe two months before the attacks. no doubt plotting. remember, officials believe he was in syria for all that time. also, other targets were planned to be hit reportedly included jewish sites, schools as well as public transport. now, the mastermind is dead but the two suspects remain on the run, so-called eighth attacker
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salah abdelsalam and his driver. been over two weeks, still no trace. it's now revealed that abdelsalam bought detonators for those suicide vests used in those attacks from a fireworks store outside of paris. finally, eric, we get word today that 1,000 people have been turned away from the borders of france amid heightened security all along that. we are looking for -- this happened in the last two weeks since the attacks. we are, in fact, trying to find a french translation for the phrase closing the stable door after the horses have bolted. back to you. >> that is for sure, greg. abdelsalam on the run, possibly in belgium still. thank you, greg palkot, live in paris. meanwhile, the radical islamic terrorists have struck at the very heart of the west. here in our country, the nsa putting an end to its collection
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of americans' television records. the government says it's moving to a more focused approach they say of trying to gather intel on terror suspects, that shift coming more than two years after the details of the program were first leaked and made public by the former nsa contractor edward snowden. molly hendonburg has the details from washington. >> eric, president obama said in january 2014 that he wanted this nsa program to end, and in june of this year congress agreed. but gave the intelligence community about six months ending last month to close down this program. it was edward snowden who leaked details about the government's phone data collection program which alloweded nsa to track information about americans' phone calls to try to ferret out any terrorist connections. now the law requires the nsa to get a court order and then go to the phone companies to get those types of details. the office of the director of national intelligence put out a statement on friday saying, this
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change in the law will help make the nsa's efforts, quote, appropriately focused and targeted. the statement went on to say, the collection of data, quote, is limited to information that telephone service providers have historically used for their internal bilge and operational needs. moreover, the government will report annually to the government and the public. the total number of orders issued under this short r authority and the number of targets such order. some republicans are already voicing concern that the u.s. needs bulk phone beta collection to prevent terror attacks and the new procedures may not provide critical information in time. >> i don't think it's too troubling that you would need a court order. i think what's troubling is that you're going to have to go to multiple telecom companies and at their pace search their records, which mean it's could take weeks. >> senator burr says it's a, quote, real mistake to take this
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tracking tool away from the intelligence community. eric? >> molly, thanks so much. he got a big boost when he needed it. new jersey governor chris christie picked up a major endorsement in a key primary state. but some are wondering if it will be enough to help his lagging poll numbers. we'll take a look at the state of the christie campaign. the weather is taking a dangerous turn for millions across the country. there have been more than a dozen deaths. ice and heavy snow making travel a nightmare as we end the holiday weekend. coming up, we'll have the very latest from the fox extreme weather center. america's news headquarters rolls on this sunday afternoon. # inoducing metris, the mid-size van from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability,
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. new jersey governor chris christie was a leading republican contender in 20 twifl before he declined to make that race. he's lagging in the single digits but sticking with his campaign. but that could change. christie got what some think was an unexpected and big boost yesterday. the front page endorsement of new hampshire's influential conservative newspaper the "new hampshire union leader." the editorial said in part, quote, governor christie is right for these dangerous times but the one reason he may be best suited to lead during these
9:21 am
times is because he tills it like it is and isn't shy about it. so what does this mean for christie's campaign? kevin is here. kristi has been polling in new hampshire from 2% to 8%. how does this potentially keep his campaign alive? >> you know, as you mentioned, governor christie was the early favorite this cycle, but he has been largely eclipsed by someone who quite frankly makes him look outspoken, and that's donald trump. but as we get closer to when voters will actually hit the ballot box, i think you'll see more moderate republicans such as new jersey governor christie starting to make a comeback and really it started at that undercard debate in the last couple of weeks. he's poised now i think to make significant gains. >> the editorial really he takes knocks at his rivals. other gains public and media attention speaking bluntly, byo actually have to know what you're talking about. that seems to be a knock against
9:22 am
trump himself. >> i think when you look at the more establishment moderate republicans, of course former florida governor jeb bush, marco rub rubio, i think governor christie is really presenting himself as an alternative, particularly as senator rubio right now is locked in a bitter battle with senator ted cruz. and of course all of that jockeying i think presents an alternative opening for someone like governor christie who, again, was the early favorite. >> the ed for torial knocked cruz and rubio. they said, we don't need another fast talking well meaning freshman senator. ouch. >> ooh, ouch is right. but i think senator rubio is also trying to make inroads particularly among a younger type of republican crowd. i think he's been able to get an and attract a new generation of republican donors. it will be interesting to see whether or not he's able to capture that youthful energy into a front-runner status. so far, though, he is having a
9:23 am
good couple of weeks on the campaign trail. >> i went through the history of this, and it seems you get a bumpup when you get a bump from the manchester union leader, now the new hampshi"new hampshire " leader," 10% to 12%. if that gives krieflt tie another 10%, he could get 15% or perhaps more. do you think that will happen and thrust him into maybe the number one or two or at least three spot? >> i think the biggest unknown at this point is whether other candidates are going to start getting out of the race. and as that starts to happen, will that support go to someone like governor christie or senator rubio or even governor bush as some would make the argument. but at the end of the day, look, at the top of the polls it's still donald trump. and dr. ben carson to some extent. so, you know, i'm on the campaign trail now following around mr. trump and the crowds that he's drawing, thousands of people show up to his rallies. he'll be in new hampshire earlier this week, and so i
9:24 am
think what to watch is whether or not he's going to be able to break out of the 27% or so of the conservative base and grow his lead as more candidates start to drop out of the race. >> of course the union leader has sore of a mixed bag in term of endorsements, newt gingrich, john mccain got the endorsement, buchanan, they also endorsed lonld reagan twice. kevin sa rilly, thank you so much. we'll see what the endorsement does for mr. christie's campaign. thank you. >> thank you. now to the weather, it's pretty serious across the country. more than 80,000 people today without power. slow moving system has been dumping ice and sleet across oklahoma. as you see that video, look at those wires and how the ice just bring it's all down. as you can see, it not only brings down some of the trees and power lines but at least five roads have been closed because of the flooding. the plains are not out of the
9:25 am
danger yet. there have been more than a dozen deaths tragically to tell you about over the weekend. janice dean is joining us in the fox extreme weather center. janice, people need to be careful especially because of the icing. >> absolutely. the worst you can travel on is the ice. in some cases you've got black ice which you can't see ahead of you so people are urged to stay off the road. we do have a frontal boundary slow moving system. the pink is where we're dealing with the potential for icing on the roadways across the central u.s. that's going to continue really over the next 12 to 24 hours. you've got the temperatures warm air ahead of this system. very cold air behind it. and that mixing of the two looking at the forecast radar over the next couple of hours, snow across the rockies and then we've got that mixture here over parts of oklahoma and kansas where we still have ice storm warnings, eric. we'll continue to monitor it from the fox news extreme weather center. >> we'll be on it all afternoon. this thanks so much. we wish everybody a safe travel
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day for the millions who will be open the road. coming up, the doctors are in for a special thanksgiving edition of "sunday housecall." i'll be back at 3:00 and 4:00 eastern time with the very latest news here on the fox news channel. stay with us and have a great weekend. that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®. i then i could maybe ifupgrade a little, for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. ifi'm gettingr tha fair price. know we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle.
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i'm arthel neville. time now nor "sunday housecall". >> i'm eric shawn. welcome as always. joining us dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine at nyc language el medical center. >> and dr. david samadi, chairman and professor of urology at lenox hill hospital and chief of robotic surgery. good to see you. >> great to see you. >> as always. we're going to start with something really important today because it is the leading cause of death for both men and women. but doctors point out many people don't even recognize the warning signs of a heart attack. there are several things you


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