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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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turkeys this thanksgiving and donated more than 200 to local charities. that's it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." >> we're learning much more about that alleged gunman who open fire at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. law enforcement sources saying that alleged shooter, 57-year-old robert lewis dear made a comment, no more baby parts after his arrest on friday and reports also say he has expressed anti-abortion and anti-government sentiment. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour. >> the community is mourning the loss of the three people killed,
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including hero university of colorado police officer, garrett swasey, will karr is live with the latest. >> reporter: we just spoke with the mayor who says that this town is resilient while investigators continue to dig into dear's past. they are painting a picture of a loner, man who they say was living off the grid. this weekend they've been searching his trailer in park county, colorado, about 60 miles west of us here in colorado springs. they are trying to figure out exactly why he came to this planned parenthood on friday. for the past year he's been living in that trailer and fairly isolated area, neighbors there say he mostly kept to himself. >> this doesn't seem like a dude that would talk to you unless he was spoken to. there's like six of us that hang out around here and we all talk to each other and help each other out and they are not part of our clique. >> reporter: dear previously lived in a cabin in north carolina that doesn't have any electricity or running water.
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he had past arrests for domestic violence and animal cruelty. those who knew him say he never spoke of religion or abortion. while the investigation continues, there have been several vigils throughout the weekend. we're still waiting for the names of the other two civilians shot and killed on friday. we've also learned that all 15 planned parenthood staffers were ub harmed friday. earlier today a church service took place celebrating the life of garrett swasey, listen to an account of his wife's description. >> she said to me, that he knew, he knew the risks and he loved what he did. he dedicated himself to being here. he dedicated himself to this profession. and there's no way, there's no way that i think that i could have done anything different to make him a better officer. >> officer swasey's family released a statement earlier today saying they are at a loss for words and also thanking this community and the country for all of the support they've been
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getting. >> thank you, live in colorado springs. >> there have been rolling protests in paris as hundreds of world leaders are gathering there for the global summit on climate change. [ . >> as you can see the unrest as french police are firing water canones and tear gas and arrests some protesters and attempting to ban large protests after the horrific terror attacks two weeks ago. live in paris with the latest on the summit and on the demonstrations that are continuing. hi, greg. >> reporter: eric, there is horror in paris. but this time the horror is being done to the memory of those who were killed in those terror attacks. it turns out protesters upset about the ban against
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demonstrations in the wake of the terror attacks grabbed candles and glass vases with flowers and other items from a memorial to those who were killed and threw them at police. police responded with tear gas and pepper spray arresting 207. french president hollande tonight called the vandalizing of the memorial scandalous. meanwhile, more revelations about the attacks. reports this weekend claim that abaaoud could have been in europe for two months leading up to the carnage. authorities claimed he was syria and it was also that he wanted to target jewish schools and mass transit as the search continues for the two remaining outstanding suspects, abdeslam and his driver, turns out abdeslam bought the detonators for the suicide vest used in those attacks at a fireworks store. finally, in the wake of terror and with the opening of the international climate conference
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tomorrow with 150 leaders present, security along the french borders has been tightened. it was announced today in the last two weeks, 1,000 people trying to enter france were stopped and turned away because they were seen as a security risk. just in time to help out with the summit, too late for those killed and hurt in those terror attacks. >> it certainly is the case. greg palkot live this afternoon, thank you. >> there are more than 2,000 similar climate change protests taking place around the world this weekend. that's among the most in history. protesters not only filling the streets in paris and across europe ahead of the big climate summit but also demonstrations from south america all the way to australia. >> patty ann, new developments in the heated standoff between russia and turkey. at the syrian border last week turkey recovering the body of that russian pilot who was killed in the crash.
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>> translator: transferring to officials to have the pilot flown back home. meanwhile vladimir putin slapping new sanctions on turkey over the shoot down incident. both scheduled to appear at this week's climate change conference in paris but not clear if they sit down together. it turns out that erdogan called putin but he refused to take the call. a busy weekend wrapping up for the 2016 presidential candidates, dr. ben carson and carly fiorina making appearances on sunday shows and ted cruz is campaigning in iowa and hillary clinton has an event in massachusetts today. kristen fisher is live with a wrap-up for us. >> governor chris christie just picked one of the most important
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endorsements of the season, a clear dig at senators marco rubio and ted cruz the publisher of the new hampshire union leader says we don't need another fast talking freshman senator trying to run the government. governor christie is right for these dangerous times. will this give him the momentum he needs to break into the realm of the top tier candidate? one candidate who's already there but slipping in the polls is dr. ben carson. today he's wrapping up a quick trip to jordan where he met with syrian refugees and says he still believes they should not shall brought to the u.s. and thinks the u.s. should do more financially and politically to help. >> they want to go back home but they said united states and other nations could be much more supportive of the efforts manifested by the jordanians. >> the other big issue on the sunday shows was the planned parenthood shooting in colorado. planned parenthood said hateful language from anti-abortion
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activiact vists may be to blame but carly fiorina fired back. >> what i would say to anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes abortion or opposes the sale of body part, this is typical left wing tactics. >> trump and carson and huckabee condemned the shootings but dismissed a link to anti-abortion rhetoric. clinton and sanders and o'malley issued strong statements of support for planned parenthood. clinton is in the middle of an event in boston and tonight you can expect all three democratic candidates to be in new hampshire for the state's annual jefferson jackson dinner. a big night for the democratic candidates. >> kristen fisher, live in washington. thank you. >> the fatal shooting of the black chicago teenager by white police officer, that's led to some big protests in the city and others across the nation. now there's new accusations that a viral video from that night
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories. a chicago burger king manager told a federal grand jury that police erased surveillance video the night mcdonald was shot by a police officer. that manager's name is -- the fbi took the video recorder containing fast food surveillance images and says when police leflt the restaurant two hours after the incident, the video is an inexplicable 86 second gap that included when mcdonald was shot. authorities, including the police suspect deny it was
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altered and said there was no evidence the tape was deleted. >> more than two weeks after the terrorist attacks in paris the manhunt continues for suspect authorities believe participated in the massacre. investigators say salah abdeslam rented the cars used in the attack. three people in we wibelgium ar under arrest. the man in this video is under arrest forgiving abdeslam a ride. they are trying to use his story to track down the wanted man. but every passing day means the trail could be growing colder. let's bring in charles, former cia who headed the weapons of mass destruction terrorism unit and also the author ever "beyond repair." >> three people in custody say they droes abdeslam andbrussels was on lockdown for four days and how is this guy still in the wind? >> the first thing to
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understand, you're not just looking for a guy or handful of individuals. you're looking for an individual who's a member of a robust, capable network. obviously got a lot of people helping him. frankly he may no longer be am belgium. he could be almost anywhere by this point. >> yeah, there's this issue of the availability according to some members that have come out and bragged it's easy for him to get a false eu documents. do you believe it's possible that he's used these to leave belgium and possibly be in the united states? >> the availability of eu passports which are widely being sold to syrians and other middle eastern refugees is a big concern here. what it means is if you have those documents, if for instance, you've got a greek passport, you can travel unimpeded across europe. and frankly visa free throughout the world, including directly into the united states. this guy could absolutely have
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switched and be travel in another nationality and be almost anywhere. >> you're a former cia operations officer. what more can be done to track this guy down? >> well, they need to continue to do everything that they are already doing, shaking the trees and questioning people and running every lead to the ground. the key here is the same key that exists to preventing attacks in the first place, they need sources inside the network. they need people inside the isis support structure that are actually reporting to law enforcement and intelligence. that will stop it before it happens and help you find these guys. >> very difficult to infiltrate isis. >> you know, it's difficult to penetrate any of these organizations, if not impossible. i have done it and other cia officers have done it. it's hard. like i say, it's not impossible. it can be done. >> how much assistance is the u.s. giving? >> the u.s. is going to provide
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whatever assistance it can so it's going to provide the information that it has. but brings us back to the same point we were just talking about. the u.s. intelligence is only going to be as good as our sources are. and i suspect frankly that that's inadequate right now. >> an issue that has come up in relation to this the fact that bulk data collection here in the united states expires tonight at midnight. what impact does that have on the war on terror and on investigations like this? >> i'm not sure that the bulk data collection is really the key to stopping this. we are still collecting a lot of signals intelligence and a lot of interceptions, what's missing from the equation more than an electronic intelligence is human sources, that's the big gap for all of the western intelligence agencies is people inside isis. >> so when it comes to infiltrating this network, is there more that the u.s. could be doing? i know we're not in the lead on
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this investigation, but at this point in the game to get information in them over there? >> we need to be a lot more aggressive in recruiting sources and a lot more aggressive on the ground in syria and other areas in the region. this all starts from the top. you have to have the president of the united states demanding better intelligence and pushing people to be more aggressive and take more risk. if he's not doing that, it's not going to happen. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> you know, patti ann, some ask what about those iraqi citizens who helped us in iraq? some charge too many of them are getting the cold shoulder from washington to save them from isis. we'll have their report on the heartbreaking story of survival. up next, one former navy s.e.a.l. will tell us what he thinks our nation should do. >> we have been suffering a lot.
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the debate rages on over accepting syrian refugees to help the tens of thousands of iraqi citizens who helped us. they remain stranded in their country saying their lives are in danger. in 2008 the iraqi special immigra immigra immigrant visa program -- our iraqi friends who stood by our nation should come first some believe. a former navy s.e.a.l. served in iraq and author of if t"first f
12:22 pm
fearless." it almost seems un-american for these, to stand in line and wait. how bad is this? >> i've spoken to some still on s.e.a.l. teams and those we have fought with still out there trying to get to america. we made them a lot of promises when we went out there and one was we're going to look after each other. i don't think the process is working as it should be. >> and you know one of them yourself. tell me about that. >> say again. >> you know one of the iraqis who served in special ops. >> i do. one of the family members who -- one of the special forces soldiers i trained and fought with one of the probably two dozen we built out there in ramadi, during the battle of ramadi. he was a volunteer out of 1500 soldiers and fought hard. he's trapped inside baghdad and
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his family contacted me. one of his family members saw the book. she saw his certificate and we've been in contact for about a week now. he cannot get united states. this guy did more things than most americans could ever imagine. in my opinion he's earned his citizenship to this country. >> but his story seems typical of a lot of people. let's look at this numbers. the president's plan is to admit 10,000 syrians that happens to be more than of the 9,000 afghans that have been admitted and more than of the 7,000 iraqis admitted and already 2,600 iraqis who are in process and waiting let alone others not in process like the brave man who stood beside you. >> that's right. i'm all about immigration -- or excuse me refugees and bringing them in. we're a compassionate country but we do need to prioritize our efforts. these people that have risked our lives and family's lives, for people that don't understand isis and al qaeda and those type of individuals, they have no
12:24 pm
heart and soul. they will be ruthless. if these folks get found out they work with america, them and their family will be killed. that's to me, there's no man left behind, that's one of the warrior codes we live by. i think we're leaving them behind. i hope we pry or ties our efforts, a friend of mine just helped draft a bill to put a pause on the refugees and work on getting some of these allies home. >> trying to prioritize those who helped. let me read you a quick plea from an iraqi, wall street journal, served alongside our troops. my life is now in grave danger due to my service to the u.s. army. i've survived two car bombs near night home and phone calls and text messages from unknown numbers threatening to put a bullet through my head. each day that i wait brings me closer to a terrorist group like the islamic state finding me and killing me. i pray my visa will be granted
12:25 pm
before it's too late. this guy has been waiting for six years. six years. can you believe that? >> well, i can believe it. the it's unbelievable in some sense that we have allowed this to happen. when we left iraq in 2011, we knew the consequences. but it was made that the decision was made and that's what happened. now we need to bring these people home. it's a legacy we do not want to have to betray people that have put -- these people wanted the american dream and wanted to serve for democracy and that's what we promised. i believe those people come first and they've already been trusted. i know an interpreter that i used in iraq, mick named his moose, he's been trying to get over here. did a thousand navy s.e.a.l. missions, more than i can imagine. he cannot get in. i think that's just awful, unbelievable that we would do that. >> it seems certainly that
12:26 pm
there's a whole line of those who want to share in our democracy and what this country represents, they have helped us, we should stand by them. author of first fast fearless. thank you for your service and what you're doing with this cause. >> thank you for bringing it to light. >> absolutely. >> just call her her royal cuteness. kensington palace releasing new pictures of princess charlotte. she's adorable. the photos taken by her mom in east england. the 6-month-old princess doing what most babies do, smiling and playing with stuffed toy dog. she is adorable. >> and royalty. >> yes. >> that does it for us for now. >> we'll see you at the top of the hour, 4:00 p.m. eastern time. had a headache! but now, i...don't excedrin® is fast. in fact for some, relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin®. now available in geltabs.
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this week on "the journal editorial report", fellow republicans begin a campaign to take down donald trump but will the strategy really hurt the gop front-runner and who is the most likely to benefit? plus, as protests continue to spread at colleges across the country, is free speech the latest casualty of the campus left? all of that and peggy noonan on culture and politics and the time of our lives. but first, these headlines. >> fox news alert, chilling details in the colorado springs planned parenthood shooting. law enforcement sources say the suspect robert lewis dear


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