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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  November 29, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> tonight college students protesting over offensive language. we will be studying going to tonight college students protesting over work. a study that coffee is good for you. this after last month's study that says coffee is bad for you. coffee, make up your (bleep) mind. coming soon a web site that will help you grow a spine. let's get started at making a collage out of discarded swim trunks. >> he normally is pretty terribly. >> he has such a rotten
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attitude. >> is it the type of attitude you would expect from a pet lent 9-year-old. >> it is your fault. >> let's welcome tonight's guests. he is a prog in a fog. it's miles macinnis's brother and in home blogger, there he is. she is so hot the elderly mistake her for florida ebony k. williams legal analyst and fox news contributor. he's tall and funny like a red wood tree. comedian ben kiss el. while her pals played spin the bottle she preferred to empty one. joanna. it's our op ed katherine temp from national review. he's all bark but no bite. made of wood. liberal panel. there he is. >> you are a monster and the show is terrible. >> thank you.
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>> let's talk about this. the first event gives all americans the right to free speech for now at least. if campus protestors get their way your right to free speech will be deader than charlie sheen's teeth. students want words from those and want apologies for all of the words that have been said in the fast. they are not a fan of the free press. >> you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. >> get the reporter out of here. >> why is free speech under attack? i posed the question at campus protestors. the answer is so stupid i would throw up all over them. >> miles, good to see you. i want to ask you, do you feel safe among the other panelists? >> in the belly of the beast? absolutely not. i will be impressed if i get out of here alive.
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>> you invited me here so you could ridicule me and say things that are not nice. that is what conservatives do. >> let me ask you how you feel about the students. you support the students in the right to limit expression? >> that's an interesting way to phrase it. i support the students in their right not to be abused by speech. all of this screaming at em who and insulting them and yelling at them is the same as screaming fire. this is illegal. >> i don't understand that. >> you are threatening people saying black lives don't matter. that's a threat to them. >> i never said that. >> that's what you are saying when you scream at people in libraries. oo it it is okay for you guys to scream but not for me to scream back. >> we are screaming help. we are not screaming you are a jerk. well sort of because you are hurting us. help there's a jerk. >> you are saying words for
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fits. >> words have power wake up america. >> say fire in a crowded theater see if words have power. >> what if there is a fire. >> there is a fire a war on the nonprivileged. >> how do you feel about miles' take on this? do you agree or disagree? you think he should be removed. >> i think miles is on fire. >> i say my alma mater has gone through something similar. i think some of these kids are misguided. i did go to class in a building named the grand master kkk. >> williams saunders. they subsequently changed the name to carolina hall now all is good on campus. it can be merry and effective. you need to be reasonable in your demands. >> renaming the hall angers me
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so much. i am joking. i am joking. i am kidding. >> come on now. >> she makes a good point. a lot of these kids are going crazy. >> one of the things lost in the college protestors is how much fun they are having. it's just an activity. you can go mingle with one another. at the least they are in society interacting via e-mail and twitter at least they are looking each other in the eye. the problem is the idea behind the protest. woodrow wilson they want to take his paintings down white wash his name and get rid of it. which is completely insane. the reason they want to is he passed the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote. the 17th amendment took away pole taxes and literacy tax. you want to protest woodrow will done do it because he created
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the federal reserve. that's a great reason to protest him. not because he did a couple of dumb things and drunk things. >> he gave women the right to vote? that's enough for me. >> you give woman the right to vote they accepted the right to vote that was already theirs. >> i like this guy. >> you like her? >> i do a lot, yes. >> i think we have made a connection here. >> it is total league gal tearian nonracist and nongender based. >> joe san, how do the kids get work how does it prepare them for the outside world? >> have you seen the movie "bubble boy." >> john travolta. in the real world there are germs. if you are out of the bubble and you don't get exposed to germs you are going to keel over on the floor. i for one like to see everyone prosper. it is really for these kids' own
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good if they are exposed to hearing the word no. no is not an offensive word and they pretend it is. >> i feel the same about safe spaces adds gun free zones. what better way -- there's no better place than a gun free zone to bring a gun. no better place to guarantee victory in intellectual debate than a safe space. they are not armed with enough thought to express their opinions rationally. >> this is what i am talking about. >> i see not told they would be pendi bending around the word no and gun free zone talk and ear abuse. >> what's your solution then? >> i would like to go to a separate room then. >> we have a separate room. >> i didn't know this was going to be so intense. >> maybe you will grow from this? >> i file leak i am going
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backwards. benning nin button is happening in my spine. >> i want to ask cat about the situation in am hurst. the students are demanding they pay attention to their views. is it a white gi ignoring them? >> jake gyllenhaal was in bubble boy not john travolta. >> young lady, the original bubble boy, boy in the plastic bubble was john travolta. >> no. >> yes. you cannot correct me on this, young lady. >> the am hurst chancellor is actually a she and a lesbian named carol ar thor bitty martin. she wrote a piece sexuality against genders and other clear utopias. she is not a conservative old white man.
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>> don't you bare responsible you and your wimpy ideas and destructional values. >> and expanding people's minds which now you are arguing against. >> i like miles. >> of course you do. >> i like him more than his brother. his brother is mean. >> i am sitting back here listening to you guys talk about college students like they are american isis. >> interesting and terrifying. >> you know what i think we should do? >> no, tell me. >> princeton is named after an english king who massacred irish catholics and moved over a slave trading nation. isn't it time to i think cha the name princeton rename it community college of north central new jersey. >> did he have slaves? >> i am assuming he did. >> unbelievable. >> it is terrible. >> it is an interesting point. nobody wsh wsh we can't rewrite
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what has already been done. putting a spotlight we don't love america because she is perfect we love her in spite of being perfect. >> she has a gender? >> she does. >> you look at florida efrpg is a guy. >> princeton and yale now white e elitist liberals they occupy what was against. the they are in high school. i have no sympathy for any one. they have the privilege to even hate themselves. >> i think ultimately the absurdity. the loudest voice gets the attention. did i round it up nicely? >> are you okay? >> this is insane. fox news is way worse than i could have imaged. >> we welcome you back because we are interested in your opinion. >> i am not going to get out of here alive. >> we have a car to pick you up
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and take you home. we a car service and everything. >> did you enjoy the food in the green room? >> yes i had a bite. >> everybody was nice to you? >> they were nice. i could smell the resentment. when people are friendly it is like a gas that seeps around like a weapon of mass destruction. >> before we go to break i want to show you a highly disturbing video. unbee knowned to me before the last debate joanne noeand kathee auditioned to become debate moderators and it was pretty disturbing. >> you know, you don't have to show this. the of if you don't want to. >> yeah, i think we are out of time. >> let's roll it.
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>> moderator take one. >> where is the couch. >> why don't we start with simple opening ban tore. >> okay. >> okay. >> wisconsin. >> cheese. >> with wine. with everything. >> the wine. yes. >> boxes are a different shape, yeah. >> why don't we get an idea of what questions they would ask? >> marco rubio. you talked a lot about your childhood and up bringing and your family. so i have a relate the question. how were you able to handle your last name rhyming with ubio? >> nailed it. >> why don't you toss over to jesse waters as if you were reporting. >> i will toss to any one but not jesse waters.
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>> how about a polite laugh. (laughter) >> why don't you show me how you would toss to a commercial break? >> now a commercial break. >> this camera. >> we will be right back after this commercial break. >> how about some good listening faces maybe. >> that's it? >> thank you for agreeing. >> we will be right here. i will be waiting. >> you can't find the camera. find the camera. >> commercial break. >> coming up our agreeable
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>> should he give less hugs and call out isis thugs? i speak of a young muslim man who blindfolded himself and stood in a paris plaza in front of a note that read, quote, i am a muslim and i am told i am a terrorist. i trust you. do you trust me? if yes, hug me. no surprise everyone loves it.
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>> let's discuss this with our panel. joining us fred stevens wall street journal foreign affairs columnist and deputy author of the great book american retreat which i had until it fell off my ledge in my apartment 12 stories into a crowd. i am not going to say where. but i was terrified for literally hours thinking i might have injured somebody. i found the book and everything was fine. i look at this and i know that we are supposed to love this stuff because it has really nice music and people are hugging. i feel like we are being subliminally told to police our feelings of rage. we are told the only feeling we must have is love. we cannot be angry. >> what bothers me about it is really two things. number one it's dishonest. every single western leader has gone out of his way not only to say that muslims aren't terrorists, not the majority of
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muslims but even to say islam has nothing to do with terrorism which takes it a step maybe too far. more importantly instead of asking to be hugged what i would ask him is to lead a million man march in paris to say these jihadists do not represent us if we hear them in our mosques, we are going to call them out. if we see them in our street we are going to report them to the police. this should not be in our name. so instead of asking for sympathy he should be joining those of us who feel outraged the massacre of innocent people in paris. >> your book kind of predicts this the advocation of responsibility a group of other extremist groups. >> the coming global disorder i wrote that in 2012 when the president waudz saying we were entering into a new world in which the tied of war was receding and al qaeda was on a path to defeat. but the problem you have is when
10:21 pm
you have the world's only super power you create power vacuums those vacuums are filled. you know rick more ran nis, honey i slunk the kids? he slunk the super power and the result is all of a sudden every fly is going to eat you alive. >> when you drink you can get swallowed up by the power vacuum. when the cleaning lady comes. >> september 17th, 2001, go back and watch w bush's speech when he addresses muslims across the world. one of the better speeches he wrote. i can't deal with this guy. also it is so selfish you are not a terrorist. wonderful. you know what? al qaeda is in a mall with molly. that's what we have to be concerned about. we can hug all day long but this guy is -- he is using the terror
10:22 pm
attacks in paris for his soeven promotion. i think it is mildly offensive. >> seriously. i don't get that at all this guy is looking for sympathy. that's one way to see it. the way i see it he is trying to put people on notice that look, you don't have to necessarily be afraid of me. i think a lot of muslims are condemning this behavior out right. i agree we should have come out and said time and time again they don't believe it. but if we want to cut back on incentives to be recruited by some of these extremist groups a good place to start is so we don't have to alienate or marginal identifimarg margimarg marge margealize. >> i don't care about their feels. >> i was walking through new york city i walk into a pro palestinian protest. this is a few days after the attacks in paris. i am like, this is not what they should be doing.
10:23 pm
they should be gathering huge margins and saying what's happening in syria, that's not us. we condemn assad, we condemn isis. it's true and i accept the vast majority of muslims are peaceful and want nothing to do with terrorist groups. go out and say this is not us. this doesn't represent us. we are going to call you up every time we can. i lived in brussel i lived in the labor nuneighborhood where guys came from. you said bad things are going to come out of this. there are imams preaching hatred of the west support of terror. they weren't stopped weren't checked by their own community. there's an issue of community responsibility saying hey we are going to do something different we are not just going to ask for your sympathy. >> i am going to say this. i can appreciate that. that becomes a full-time job in many circumstances. i happen to be a black person in america. >> are you? i had no idea.
10:24 pm
>> here's the thing. every time a black person in america does something outrageous, which happens a lot. we all -- it's a huge thing. >> ma martin lawrence character. i love him. >> i am not accountable to go out and condemn eerie bad behavior. that's ridiculous. i don't think it's realistic. >> compassion doesn't cure ills. if terrorists are a bacterial infection hugs won't get rid of them. antibiotics do. this kind of grand gesture while it is well intentioned it won't actually help these communities we are talking about. >> so you are against hugging. do you have -- is there any benefits from hugging in>> yeah, it actually lowers your blood pressure. >> really? >> yes. but it doesn't have the same effect hugging random strangers as it does hugging somebody you are in love with. to get maximum benefits you have to fall in love with had kid first. >> i would never hug the liberal panel i would get splinters.
10:25 pm
>> if i could shave mid. i am a wall. >> you are a wall of ignorance. >> i would love to see a video where a blindfolded christian who insists he is not a member of baptists. >> westboro baptists -- >> they are not radical islamists. >> that's not the point i made. >> why am i yelling at you. you are nothing but a piece of wood. >> i have to go. the terminal exclusively for people like me.
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we're only human. we are so devoted.
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and devotion like that is just crazy enough, cancer will regret ever crossing its path. devotion. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. >> time for no right answer. it's the debate that doesn't solve anything but we are going to do it anyway because that's who we are. la international airport has approved a construction of a private terminal just for celebrities. officials say it allows a can tors athletes to avoid paparazzi by allowing them to drop off guests to closed doors. it will cost them to use the terminal private lounges, catering separate security points and jude full body rub downs from the cast of full
10:30 pm
house. >> wow. >> i know. one day you will be a celebrity. not yet. you are lacking forward to be able to look down on everybody else in here? >> i look forward to being into my private jet looking at all of the small people waiting to fly commercial. if they want to pay that extra money, i guess good for you. go for it. >> i do believe when i am a celebrity i am going to be very frugal. i don't want to pay. it isn't worth it. >> you will be a celebrity. >> you hate this until you are in it. >> i am a man of the people. like teddy roosevelt took the train i will always take economy flights. that's what i do. i represent the common man. >> i think it's fun no celebrity actors and diplomats. who is stalking the diplomats? he is got a mustache fan club.
10:31 pm
want to get close thouo that bu. >> there's no doubt about that. >> i think it's interesting. it's a statement of modern society. everybody has their iphones everybody is an i reporter. the celebrities which i believe are stalked in many situations and they are stalked in utero. >> what's the poor celebrities the poor us, to be near the celebrities, when they fly commercial. then you have to say oh dear. that's so-and-so. i have to be within 50 feet of that. >> that's so celebritiesque of you. >> it is also any one can do it if you are willing to pony up $1,800. not anybody. if you have 1800 to do it go ahead and do it. it's a pricing mechanism. >> i will pay for anything like that. >> i was in l.a. for five years. i was first hand to the absolute annoying commotion of the
10:32 pm
celebrity sightings. everybody taking out their iphones i think it's so annoying if you ball, go all of the way out. don't be cheap about it. they do use a lot of resources. tsa and airport security have to -- that's resources spent on these stupid celebrity sightings. if they report that i have a purpose. >> it exposes the tirnnal contradictions of humanity. we talk about equality why we continue to pay for artificial classes. first in a play first class it's coach. in coach you can pay for other things that mick it better than the person next to you. they refer to the main cabinet spur raj. people no matter what want to be separated from other people. >> inequality only bothers you until you become unequal part of society. >> do you have any facts to back up anything you have to say right now? >> sure there's a lot of
10:33 pm
benefits to the terminal that you didn't talk about. you have to take many fewer steps you only have to take about 60 steps during your travels where as normally you would have to take about 2,200 steps. taking steps is such a burden. >> it really is. >> walking, oh. >> blishl panel, travel? >> can you image the cocaine? sodomy. >> wonderful. >> i am here every day vr are i night. my soul is trapped in this wall. >> that is true and i am glad. >> it's your ex with a text. the web site called a breakup shop. it will help end your relationship for you for a small fee. options range from a $10 breakup e-mail to $80 break up gift pack which includes cookies wine glasses netflix gift cards and dvd of "the notebook"."
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two canadien brothers argue if there are sites to help you get into a relationship it makes sense to have one that gets you out of them. have you used this service yet? >> no. >> unfortunately i do like the awkward way. i make a phone call or i do the face to face. the face to face is the worst. i think any one who is using this site should not be in a relationship in the first place. so it's probably all for the best but it does exist. it weeds them out. >> don't you have to learn how to give bad news? that's part of being an adult so you can take bad news. >> i am super guilty of not wanting to do this. i recently learned you just have to do it. you have to do it. you have to pick up the phone and say what nobody wants to hear. >> you are a mess. >> it really, i hate doing it. >> i am never at a loss for words. the breakup thing is hard to do. this is for complete movement.
10:35 pm
>> i think they need to extend the brand there's so many opportunities here. what about the political breakup. if democrats only had this tool with the clintons we would be free and clear. joe biden would be running for president. it would be a totally different situation. >> democrats didn't have the words to tell hillary that you are corrupt and we dislike you. >> you can say that, too, about the republican party as well and some candidates. there are 13 of them now. 15. >> chris christie would love the cookies that's for sure. >> i guess everyone is coming out against it so i will be for it. at the least you have break up e-mails you have $10 to send you for the fact that you don't want to be with that towed anyway. >> or they think you are worth 10 bucks. >> you actual splind money to break up with somebody. >> $10 breakup package. >> i am a $60 breakup person. >> if it is successful it will be another out sourced service handled in a call center in
10:36 pm
india. >> i don't know about that. i don't think they have made that many calls so far. within the first week it was only about 3 calls and six text messages. i have a little bit of faith in humanity. >> do it the old fashioned way i say. if you are going to break up with somebody, simply move. leave now. then if they ever find you, you just hide. i hide a lot. >> i am too big to hide. >> i am small. i can hide under anything. >> you are height privileged. >> i am a white height privilege. >> coming up, new home construction falls with your supply problem in terms of labor land and the housing market rather than demand and available credit. we are not doing that story. who "people" magazine picked for sexiest man alive? are about giving.
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>> california woman, the them there assuming advise yo for secretly tracking what she watcs and sharing it with advertisers without her consent. they admitted they are collecting data on more than 10 million tv's sold. the agreeable correspondent jerry carbondale. what do you make of this lawsuit? >> i think it's justified. this is like something out of 1984 with big brother watching us. this used to be our nightmare. now it has come true. >> users can turn off the set that collects the data. isn't up to the consumer? >> we have responsibility over the devices. we have to can lao and see and check our pass words so it really is up to the consumer. >> if they sell my data isn't it
10:42 pm
nice to have the advertisement tailored just to you? >> it is really about making informed choices. >> still feels like an invasion of my privacy. >> back again this holiday season as a decision based on elf on a shelf the idea is that a special kout sent from the north powell reports back to santa whether children have been naughty or nice. how do you feel about this? >> it is great. one of the great things sharing annual traditions with your family. this is just that. he is up there on the shelf ever are i year. >> won't this make kids paranoid they are being watched? >> the problem is adults are being watched now our kids are as well. >> it gives parents a break. >> as a parent one of the things that scares us arou-- that is squarscarce is time. it gives parent more time if the
10:43 pm
kids behaved. >> i think it is creepy and should be banned. >> it is creepy i agree with you. it probably shoulding banned. >> moderate coffee drinking may lower your risk for heart disease? >> it is great to get good news for a change for your het. they can sip to their hearts content. >> previous studies say it increases stress levels because of caffeine. >> stress is a big killer people should switch to decaf. >> the caffeine makes you up so he it has to relieve stress. >> we worry about too much about things. enjoy your cup of coffee? >> even if it is deadly? >> that's a good question. maybe not. >> "people" magazine crowned david beckham the sexiest man alive do you agree or should it be john ham? >> the 60's 70's add modern ear
10:44 pm
roy. >> wouldn't you want to ache a bubble bath with john ham? >> yes. i would. >> that would hurt his feelings? >> i should have been sexiest man live. >> wouldn't it be better to take a bubble bath with both men? >> yes. yes i would, greg. >> i think we finally agree on something. >> greg, i think with he do. >> don't go anywhere. we have some of the morse offensive commercials you will ever see in you are yao life. first a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's show is sponsored by a baby sloth. it's a younger version of medium it's a younger version of medium sized mammals living in cen
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> he has been watching hours of commercials so you don't have to. katherine is back with another edition of>> i think you will all recognize the first one.
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>> create your own one of a kind ring. buy your diamond is the jared. the one ring is ready for you this weekend only at jared. >> he went to jared. what kind of bs is that? women can't propose to men? women can't propose to women? am i not welcome at jared? >> you would buy a diamond from the guy at subway. >> there's more than one person named jared. we will talk about that later. next one from humor re humira. >> this is a body of proof. >> i can fight arthritis. >> with humira. >> it can fight infections. don't start if you have an infection. >> want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. >> this is my body of proof.
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>> why are none of those people over weight? every ad has at least one fat person in it. it has no over weight people in it and it is talking about bod be de. it uses the word body it has to have a fat person. plenty think they are brave enough to be on television even though they are so big and fat, we need to celebrate them. >> that was incredibly sensitive of you, katherine vengs they are not called fat they are over weight. >> they are fat and they should be celebrated for something on tv. shame on you humira. >> the next one is from coca-cola.
10:51 pm
>> it is not just offensive it is irresponsible. did you know according to balloon the amount of balloon pieces have tripled in the last 10 years killed wildlife. this is serious. whi we need to be outraged the mass killings. coca-cola is making nighlight o. coca-cola kill all of the birds they should change their slogans to. >> it could confuse pilots. >> the last one is the no sha o. it is offensive for google a andro android. notes >> tigers and bears. what is missing here? lions. you know who should have been in the commercial? cecil the lion. he couldn't be because he's
10:52 pm
dead. this is hurtful to cecil's memory. >> katherine, you are not supposed to talk about cecil the lion like that. that's offensive. >> exactly. >> that was very enlightening as always. thank you. don't go anywhere. my four point plan on how to defeat isis is next. ♪
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>> finally tonight i wrote this a few weeks ago. it's my thought s on how we can defeat isis. the weekend after the terrorist attacks we didn't air due to breaking news coverage. i did share some ideas in a video which we posted on-line it generated over a million hits on first base alone. than thanks for those who checked it out.
10:57 pm
in case you missed it here it is. >> this terror attack reveals the truth many have known but leaders refused to admit. we are at war. instead we watch those elected to protect us trance fixed by identity politics, fear of islamophobia and micro fractional up ticks in celsius. as i said before it is not a wake-up call if you go back to bed. it is not enough for temporary platitudes or putting john lennon's image on repeat. it is a war that wants us. we no longer have the choice of talking our way out of it like a hostage in a bank heist. we need four things. first a leader. one who understands the threat, is happy to state its name and ready to commit to its end. this is someone sho understands the adult conclusions that cheer national security and surveillance. someone who knows freedom and security coexists not clash. this leader must have no truck with edward snowden unless he is
10:58 pm
tied up in the back of it. this is a leader who knows terror change, the increase in mayhem when we had to technology trump's climate change and urgent global consensus to track evil we need coordination, borders, intel sharing and leadership that moves the world. two, a people. we need a country who pulls itself out of it's self obsession, politics of need. we need a unified citizen ry one that realizes the pleasant world they have grown used to denigrating is about to come to an end unless they act. three, a media. a sober minded industry whose priorities are based on authentic not symbolic concerns. enough about co eds weeping ore words. image if during world war ii instead of covering hitler you focused on the peek-a-boo bangs of veronica lake that's you as
10:59 pm
you amplify campus cry babies over islamic terror. four, a defense not just a national one that goes without saying or gun ownership which also goes without saying, i mean education that teaches the self defense needed when terror or mass shootings strike. we must make our soft targets harder through security, barriers and mentality. i say this not to judge others reactions to attack, but regarding my own need to change my own behalf. as a citizen, i have to play a role in knowing how to stop something awful. the cop can't be every where. swat teams and military burst into buildings knowing one of their own might die. the passengers on flight 93 did the same. they did it because they knew it was their own choice. it is time we accept that choice as a country. because it's the only one we have left. >> that's our show for tonight
11:00 pm
thanks to brett stevens ebony williams ben kiss ill miles mckennon, jerry carbondale, joanne, katherine and the i'm chris wallace. a deadly siege at a planned parenthood center. now, police search for a motive. >> he was aiming at me and started shooting. and i was looking at his face. >> there was a lot of gunfire. >> three dead, including a police officer. was it related to allegations about the sale of fetal body parts for research? we'll talk with gop presidential candidate carly fiorina, a staunch opponent of planned parenthood's abortion practices. then, americans face heightened security at home on the busiest travel holiday of the year. >> i want the american people to know that we are


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