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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  November 30, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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check out fox's new sirius station. 24/7 headlines where i do a daily media minute. we're back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern. look forward to seeing you then sunday." president obama in paris and making a late night visit to the bataclan concert hall, the site of one of the french terror attacks earlier this month. the president paying his respects just moments ago. these are brand new pictures coming in to fox news. this i visit his very first stop, i should say, after air force one had landed in paris a short time ago. this was all been the last hour or so. the reason for his visit, an international climate change summit. one that could shape his legacy years after he is in office. we wanted to quick ly show you that picture because it had just come in. that climate conference generating some sort of a deal
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we're hearing despite opposition in congress. i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. the two-week long global climate conference began with a moment of silence to honor the 130 people slaughtered in the paris terror attacks this month. the climate summit will be its largest of its kind in history. 147 heads of state attending. this development report some key steps are already finalized including one plan to pump billions of dollars into clean energy research and late word we could see a plan announced as early as tomorrow. but not so fast. opposition is already building here at home. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is warning other nations not to trust any deal the president agrees to. more on that coming up. first, outside the summit. the streets of paris. filling up with angry crowds
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earlier today. at times if you watch, they became violent, raging against riot police who were called in. the associated press is reporting the they arrested some 100 people. our kevin cork is traveling with the president. kevin, we just saw those pictures outside the bataclan. what about that visit just minutes ago? >> well, really something to see, harris. clearly you understand the power of the moment when you see the presidents of both united states and france to say nothing of the mayor of this beautiful city all coming together tonight to once again pay tribute to the victims of the grisly attack that happened friday the 13th in november of 2015. for a lot of people here that's their 9/11. it was that horrific and, as you mentioned, it was the bataclan concert hall where 90 of the 130 victims did perish. the president joined by his french kaunter part and the
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mayor of the city walking solemnly down the street here tonight to pay tribute to the victims. again, they walked very solemnly, very slowly, and ultimately they all laid little flowers down at the bataclan concert hall. it was really something to see. i can just share a very quick personal aside. just watching that for a moment, harris, you really sense that the city is obviously still healing, some 16 days after the deadly attacks, but you also sense the solidarity that is shared between this country and our own. >> absolutely. and you know, i know so much of this was unplanned. we saw the reports coming down where the president was going to go. i should say unplanned on our end to react to. so we're glad we could bring that to our viewers right away. i'm curious though because the president's visit is about the climate change summit. late word that the deal is in the works affecting hundreds of millions if not more of all of us around the globe before the conference even begins.
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>> yeah, listen, here's what's going on with that. you and i have talked about this previously. one of the major legacy items for this president is to somehow craft a global agreement that would obviously reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that would bring to the table not just the major economies but also the major polluters in the world to somehow for an agreement to do just that. the president, of course, arriving here in france tonight armed with the idea that he will get an accord. as you pointed out it's very likely to happen. a couple of things i want you to keep in mind, not just the idea of restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions but alsoen innovation project that would speed up or accelerate clean energy initiatives. it's a very important element for the president's long-term plan. we talked a great deal about that. but clearly this is all happening, harris, against the backdrop of extreme high security given the fact we have so many world leaders here in paris tonight. >> you know, i can't help but
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think of the scene after "charlie hebdo," the satirical newspaper that was hit by radical islamists in paris not too long ago and this scene, the six site, six terror sites, 130 people did. the president not present for that arm in arm picture after "charlie hebdo" but bataclan making news, it will become history with him there. but again, the climate change. that conference that the president has said climate change is still the greatest national security threat after being there at the feet of so much tragedy, is he still saying that? >> well, i can just say this. to be fair, i think they're walk that back little bit. you heard the white house sort of work on the nuance of that message. essentially what they're saying now is, immediate risk to our national security. in fact, i can take you back to comments the president made in
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may at the coast guard academy. listen carefully to how he framed it then. this will give you a sense of what we're likely to hear this week as the president tries to talk about that. >> climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security. an immediate risk to our national security. and make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. so we need to act and we need to act now. >> so again, what he's talking about is how global warming, if you will, broadly speaking, harris, can change not only the landscape we're dealing with in particular as it relates to potential battle, it impacts the way we approach the battlefield, for example. you're going to hear a lot of that as the president tries to make that shift or make the sale even, if you will, that this is an important aspect of not only our national security and global securi security. it also has huge impact on the lives of our children moving forward. as you pointed out, mitch mcconnell and others, giving an
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awful lot of push back on anything that the president tries to forge, probably in an accord, not a treaty. >> which means as i understand it he won't need them to say very much about it. >> exactly. >> all right. kevin corke, live for news paris. we will move on to the other big story still developing. from the story the moment broke on friday, much attention was put on the shooter of colorado springs. we want to hit that pause button now and talk about whom the community lost. fox news confirming the names of two civilians killed in the attack. just moments ago, jennifer lacovski and kiaer stewart. keir stewart. the third victim, colorado sprins university police officer garrett swayze we have known about. husband, father of two, a pastor. we're learning so much more. church goers came together on this sunday remembering him as a man of faith, devoted to his family, his job on the force as
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well. >> the way he treated me but also the way he treated my family and the way he treated his wife and his children. he was just such a gentle, caring individual. and yet you knew behind that was this strong warrior who would give his life and would defend life to the best of his ability. >> now to the active crime scene of the horrible acts in colorado springs. a clinic. investigators still searching for the answer to the big question why. that is an active scene for their investigation. one official reportedly says the suspect whom you see here, robert deere, says, quote, no more baby parts after his arrest. that has led some to assume things about this story. we do not know yet the true reasons why a person who would load up enough ammunition to engage hundreds of law enforcement officers over and over on friday afternoon. the next to watch for, his first court appearance set for tomorrow.
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will karr is live from our west coast newsroom now. will? >> good evening, harris. throughout the course of the afternoon we've spoken to family and friends of the two victims who you just named, the two lives lost here on friday. as you can imagine, everybody very emotional. the first who we were able to confirm through both friends and now authorities, 29d-year-old keir stoewart. veteran, toured in iraq. apparently just left active duty last year. a father of two children. friends tell us he was working in insurance after he got out of the army but wanted to become a truck driver. i spoke to his good friend amber butler. she served with him in the army. here's her reaction to the tragic loss. >> he was just a great person and he didn't deserve to die that way. he was not only a really good friend of mine but he was my brother in arms. kearre is a great person and he
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will truly be missed. he was loved and is loved by a lot of people. >> the other victim, 35-year-old jennifer marcosky. she was a stay-at-home mom and dedicated to her children. they say they are devastated. harris? >> well, now, we do want to ask about the latest on the investigation. i had mentioned to our viewers that it's a live crime scene for them. they're still there trying to gather information. >> that's right. they're here behind me. they tell me they may be here for an additional six to seven days trying to clear this crime scene. so they are being meticulous. this weekend we know that they went his trailer in park county, colorado, 60 miles west of colorado springs. they're being tight lipped about what they found there. of course looking for the motive here. we also know that he previously lived in a cabin in north carolina. that did not have electricity or running water. he had prior arrests in south carolina fordow mess tick
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violence and animal cruelty. they say he was a loanloner and to live off the grid. set to appear in court 1:30 locally here in colorado springs tomorrow. harris? >> will carr, thank you very much. we'll continue now because politics have starting to become part of the story we'recovering. debbie wasserman schultz who has defended federal fund for planned parenthood has released a statement. quote, in the planned parenthood case it's especially troubling that there has been no meaningful reaction from republican candidates and leaders. the shameful silence is becoming a theme for republicans who are all too ready to denounce a 3-year-old refugee but not acts committed by a domestic terrorist like we saw friday. end quote. those are her words. the fact is many of the 2016 presidential candidates have weighed in and here's some of what they have said. watch. >> why would say to anyone who tries to link this terrible tragedy to anyone who opposes
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abortion or opposes the sell of body parts is this is typical left wing tactics. >> what he did is domestic terrorism. and what he did is absolutely abominable, especially to those of us in the pro-life movement. >> no question the hateful rhetoric exacerbates this situation. i think both sides should tone down their rhetoric. >> kristen fisher live for us in washington. we did hear from republicans. maybe debbie wasserman schultz had not seen television yet but clearly they are talking. next point, what about the democratic candidates? >> all three of the democratic candidates, clinton, sanders, and o'malley. but within the last hour brnz just upped the rhetoric in new hampshire at the state's annual jefferson jackson dinner. let's listen. >> i am running for president because in these difficult times, against i havritriolic
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republican, we must protect a woman's right to truth and we must defend planned parenthood. >> hillary clinton had a chance to talk about it at a big rally today in boston. she decided not to but she has another chance tonight. she is just minutes a way from speaking at that jefferson jackson dinner. >> other headlines on the campaign trail today? >> the big news today is a big endorsement for gov fer chris christie from the new hampshire union newspaper. marco rubio and ted cruz the paper's public cher said, quote, we don't need another fast-talking, well-meaning freshman u.s. senator trying to run the government. governor kristi is right for these dangerous times. one candidate already there but slipping is ben carson. right now he's on his way back from jordan after meeting with syrian refugees. he's still against bringing them to the u.s. but he thinks the u.s. should do more to help countries like jordan asorb the
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costs. >> the syrians want to be in syria. they want to be repatriated in their own country. and they are looking for a mechanism to get there. but in the meantime the facilities that have been offered to them here in jordan are very satisfactory. >> and one more bit of news from the campaign trail, donald trump has just canceled a press conference with a group of african-american pastors that was planned for tomorrow. trump's campaign says the meeting is still ago but now it's closed to the press. and right now, the government is about to reboot its approach to telephone surveillance. this week after all the info we learned about them doing a deep dive in our lives we're expected to see the feds collect data on us very
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pope francis is on the african continent in a place ripped apart by war. his message to the team, to arm themselves with love. it is the first time a pope has
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ever traveled to an active conflict zone. ♪ the catholic leader held mass at a cathedral in the central african republic after meeting with refugees displaced by fighting with rebel coalition and government forces. it all began officially in december of 2012. paul is live in johannesburg, south africa. paul, a historic visit. take us through his day. >> well, it started, harris, with him obviously landing at the central african republic me seemed to be completely unfazed by all the security concerns that are swirling around him. such are the security concerns that we understand the trip only got the final go ahead last night. the u.n. has deployed 4,000 troops to protect him. the pontiff made his views clear when he reportedly told his pilot it want to go to central africa if you're not able to take me, give me a parachute. francis opening a door to peace
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and reconciliation. [ applause ] thousands have been killed here in the last two years alone. harris? >> paul, i know pope francis has been very much a part of the global conversation about the refugee crisis in general. such as the one that's playing out in syria, for example. so he visited that camp on his trip. what is being said about his focus on the refugees? >> well, i think undoubtedly the reason why he's focusing on refugees, harris, is that he believes that he can reach out to the people of this nation through the refugees. a million people, that's a quarter of the population, are refugees. he told them today whatever may be our ethnicity, religion, social status, we are all brothers. and because we are all brothers we want peace. ignoring an armored car as transport and walking around the camp on foot.
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the pope as a rock star shaking the hands of anyone who wished to greet him. touching the heads of every child he could find. tomorrow he will talk to muslim refugees trapped inside the notorious pk-5 camp, threatened by christians who are surrounding the camp. pope francis on a mission to try and end a decade's long civil war, a big ask in he's risking his life trying to do just that. harris? >> wow, i tell you, religion is such at the center of so much of what's happening over there. paul tilsley, thank you for giving us the walk-through on the pope's visit. more ahead on the news that proek at the top of the hour. president obama visiting the memorial for the paris terror victims. his trip drawing strong criticism from some people who are saying the president needs to get his priorities straight in their opinion. the fox news politic
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as we hit the bottom of the hour, the headlines for sure, we know now the names of two civilians killed during a standoff by a gunman on friday. they are kearre stewart and jennifer macovsky. no details are being released. there was a police officer as well, garr writ swaysy killed in that.
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the nsa is ending the bulk data collection of phone records. the government is now replace that controversial program for what it calls a more focus and targeted approach. basketball superstar kobe bryant says he will be retiring at the end of this season from the nba. in we might have popped up the wrong picture before we apologize for that. of course we know who kobe bryant is, right, crew? 37 years old, writing in a post online saying, quote, this season is all i have to give. that sounds final. bryant has led the lakers to five championships. he also selected -- was selected to the all-star team 17 times. and president obama in paris for about 90 minutes or so now making a late night visit. very first stop to the bataclan concert hall. the president is paying his respects earlier. this visit his first stop after air force one landed. the reason for the visit the international climate change
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summit. the president obama administration back here at home is uncenter fire for strategy against the islamic state strategies. iraq's foreign minister now ace world leaders have underestimated terror groups in general. who will stop at nothing to further their bloody campaigns. >>. >> translator: the world took too long to rep act in 2004. 11 years ago i said terrorism has no religion and no country. those people do not wish to see any country or any family living in piece. >> the fox news political insiders are here to chime in while you're watching. join the conversation. they'll put up the handles as we go through. pat and fox news contributor. via satellite from gloria south carolina tonight. john, former republican con mang from new york and bill shown and fox news contributor as well. john, i'm going to go to you
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first baz i saw you nodding as iraq's foreign minister was speaking. >> first, i always smile when you introduce us. i have to pretend i'm happy half the time because the news is so grim. this is the most serious thing that we -- we talk all the time, pat, doug and i. the world is on an axis, right? and when it's properly on its axis things go well. but when we get off track the world goes to hell. right? one of the things that keeps it on its axis is strength in the oval office of the united states of america. when the president leads properly and responsibly, guess what, the world tends to work pretty well. what we've had now is 15 years in a row in the oval office where we've gone too far in one direction and now in this direction we're too weak. we have the tinsel strength of
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wet tissue paper in the oval office. and bad guys like putin, all they care about is strenlt. they meet you and they can tell in one nanosecond you're either weak or you're strong. if you're weak, they will march right through you. if you're strong, they'll respect you. they don't respect obama. the world has taken a reading on him. we're off the axis. >> i want to go to pat. those are some strong images via words there, pat. >> yes. but they're true. >> i think we lost his live shot. >> we like what we said though. >> he agreed with you and then the picture closed. >> obviously will agree with pat and john. this week we saw that a russian plane was downed in turkey. the response from the russians per john's comments were certain, there are going to be sanction on turkey from the russians. the russians will not engage with the turks. and they've sent heat-seeking anti-aircraft missiles to the
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region to repeat -- to avoid any repetition. isis is out of control. we don't have a strategy. harris, we're at the prospect where we could face a world war out of this. i hate that -- >> i hear you say that and i know that social media sometimes can get, you know, they get hot on an issue. but world war iii was trending as a hashtag last week as the world waited to see what russia was going to do after that russian jet was shot down by turkey when president putin said turkey stabbed in the back. people were bracing for that. >> right. >> do they fear russia more than they fear us? >> let me be clear on what's going on. very quickly turkey is a nato member. under article v an attack on a nato member is an attack on all nato members. so we've had two opportunities in the last really month for article v to be invoked, by the
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french, the turks potentially could have. this is really on the edge, the cusp of a potential conflict that could be worldwide. >> by the turks you mean if russia had decided to retaliate. turks shot down their jet but there's a lot of conversation over what led up to that. john? >> precisely. >> what was not put in the news about russian jet being shot down. if i remember right, the first week of russian bombings of syria there were repeated incursions into turkish airspace. this has been going on. we talked about it on here. the russians buzzed the uss ronald reagan off the coast of japan. the chinese have encroached on american airspace. the russians off of alaska. why is this happening? probing, pushing, seeing how far they can get away with it. what's the american response? what is the american response to russia hitting an american ally? zip from obama. nothing. >> that's it. there is no strength in the oval office. there is no strategy.
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and the president's own poll ratings on foreign policy and strength and leadership are sinking every day. >> i want to talk about this climate change conference. let me know when pat caddell is back from south carolina. is he back? nope. not yet. we're still working on it. technology. so the climate change conference, and late word today that a deal in some form is coming together. this sounds like iran where we heard the drip, drip, drip of a deal kind of coming together and this is before the conference even is set to begin, john. >> often these things are precooked and they get over there and it's a photo-op to announce this wond fult thing. >> there was a lot of gas cooking if this the the case. >> here's the thing. every poll we've seen of what the american people care about, climate change is like number 20 in the list of things. this is not a huge issue in what we talk about with you every week, which is politics. it's just not. except on the far left where this thing is a religion.
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>> more important than national security. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. so you -- i don't know if you were watching kevin corke traveling with the president. he topped his newscast tonight from paris. i asked him, is the president still sticking by and he said, no, the white house has kind of backed off whether or not climate change is the most important issue facing us with regard to national security. why do you think he's backing off just a bit, he says. >> they haven't backed off full square as they should. but reality is setting in. john is exactly right. with are facing the possibilities of a conflict globally, we could be attacked here and i'm not trying to fearmonger. i hope none of this ever happens, harris. but the president should be offering leadership and saying we're going get the people who recognize it. >> because we can't get pat's satellite back here you're going to have to represent the democrats here on the political insiders. >> sure. sure. >> what's your point of view?
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>> my point is view is he's not offering leadership. there is no strategy against isis, against the russians. >> is that a political decision or just doesn't have it? >> i think it's partially politics but partially his view is you lead from behind. you don't make tough decisions. >> i don't want to be george w. bush ii. i don't want to be a cowboy. i got the nobel peace prize for not being george bush. i don't want to be a war president. i have got out of iraq and afghanistan. i'm mr. peace. that's what he thinks. >> right. and isis will take care of itself over time. >> jv. >> and the russians are in a quagmire in syria. >> iraq's foreign minister is raising his hand. >> he's right. and then come back, dr. ben carson, looking for some foreign policy credentials, well, maybe. he's visiting refugee camps in jordan. it has been a sticking point and criticism. we will ask how he is doing on this front. fox news political insiders are coming back and they want to talk to you on twitter and
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facebook. here's our question, how did dr. ben carson's trip to jordan affect your opinion on him
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then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? candidate donald trump is main take his lead over the republican field. according to the real clear average of polls, 28.7% of voters say trump is their pick 07 dr. ben carson in second. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are third and fourth with 12.7 and 12% respectively. fox news political insiders are back. now, pat, your satellite picture didn't stick with us but we have you by cellphone. thank goodness for that edge the. want to go to you first and get your thought on this. there's a lot of thought about
1:44 am
donald trump about what being seen as the wind in his back, momentum. you've covered races his whole adult life. is it too early to say that or are they spot on? >> it is cleared that they has picked up since the crisis in paris. he's picked up because he's the strong leader and he is now under full assault by -- i listened to thrning no the morning shows. nbc, the to be but clinton network, and cbs, clinton broadcasting system, where they were attacking these journalists and at tag him for -- i mean, really going after him saying he doesn't tell the truth, whatever. these are people who allow president of the united states to lie whenever he wants, hillary clinton to lie whenever she wants. but you can tell by their outrage that they are terrified of what he is doing. the reason is, is the american people -- and i'm not sure -- i don't agree with him all the time and i think his language is a little much sometimes. but the point is, he is making a
1:45 am
case for strength. and they don't understand that the american people are in revolt. and not only have we had a political revolt against the political class in washington which is emphasized to the outsider, we also now have it conflating with this crisis overseas in which y'all were just talking about, a president who hasn't a clue what he is doing. >> right. and i think that trump appears to have a clue, at least he sounds like he does, and he sells it well. the thing about the world being off its axis, i think people sort of know that. if they don't think it they know something's off and that maybe a strong independent rich guy like trump is the guy who can get the thing back on. that's what they're thinking. >> to add to what pat was saying about the criticism and we see this as front runners. they take all that incoming politically, right? >> sure. >> even i call them co -- kind of co-gop presidential --
1:46 am
they're contenders but almost co-worker on the field. eastbound carly fiorina is going after trump saying, he's an entertainer. he's not necessarily a leader but he's doing those things, john, that you say that need to be done. >> when he acts like he is the president, when he's out speaking, i'm going to do this, i'm going to do that. none of the other ones do that. they're all wishy washy. >> possession, nine-tenths of the law. >> failure of the washington political class as we've been saying as weeks, months, and years, do to do anything constructive. the fact that trump is out there, he is a urncounter point obama and the absolute lack of leadership that we're seeing there. trump is definitive, clear, precise. you know where he stands. >> let me throw up some water on it. >> sure. >> i want to hear what pat and doug say. harris, you saw that poll, right? >> uh-huh. >> in new hampshire trump is way ahead. these other guys are 10, 15 points behind him. the pollster on wednesday did the same poll but put romney in
1:47 am
the poll. suddenly romney was way ahead in new hampshire and a third of trump's support left him. he was down like 15%. >> pat, what's you're take on that? >> my take on it is rom is nrom is not running. yes, he may be running that group until he gets in. look, i don't know why we're running the worst candidate ever in american history would be in the race. who had a chance to win, in my opinion. but you know, the other thing i want to say about trump's strength is, again, the media. we have a iran which is now we set. it is not abiding by the agreement. if they go on and the inspectors -- the atomic energy people insist on looking at their military background. they're saying they never signed the agreement. they shouldn't buy themselves. you know obama and valerie jarre jarrett, ms. iran, and the rest of his team clowns will support him no matter what. this terrifies americans. look, the -- the fear in the
1:48 am
american people is palpable. my grandchildren do not want to come to new york for christmas which we do every year to visit before christmas because they're worried that there's going to be an incident. and they're less than 10 years old. what does that tell you about a country? >> we have a poll that 81% of the american people believe an attack is going to happen in this country. >> i would say this, though. we saw some of the training that they were marching out here in new york city and all of the work, 24/7 that our law enforcement are doing. so i know people may be worried about it but we do want to say thank you to all those people who are spending their holidays trying to keep the rest of us safe. let's talk dr. ben carson for a second if we can. i mentioned that trip to jordan. some critics are saying, hey, he needs to do that to shore up his foreign policy talks. maybe. i like carson, he's a good man. liberals hate him. we are so angry with d.c. as well. we need a strong, honest leader. she says, trump, people like ben carson though. does he need this trip to
1:49 am
jordan? >> he does need it. he has been going down as trump has been going up since the paris attacks because, candidly, dr. carson as well meaning and gooz a man as he is has not been as informed about foreign policy as he might have been. he's made some key errors. he needs to shore up his credentials because if foreign policy emerges as a key issue he can only be competitive if he -- >> it is the key issue right now. fox news polling last week said they care more about it than the economy. >> he was already in decline before paris because of his book and the things he claimed in his personal story that didn't quite fit the real narrative. no big deal except that's what he was running on, his story. >> senator marco rubio in new hampshire has moved up into second place. we have time to show that quickly. he's in third place as you look state to state in other areas ahead of the primary. what are your thought osen that? >> here is the quick dynamic. in the state of iowa there's
1:50 am
polling to show that ted cruz is moving. in new hampshire, rubio.
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all right so people are chiming in while they tune in. i want to go to eric scott bloom on my twitter feed. "why do so american believes one person can fix everything?" pat? >> i don't think one person can fix everything but we have a presidential system, strong leaders, presidents who look like they're in charge who can reassure the people if it works down the line, as you pointed out, the police and our first responders, they're really preparing but you have a president who has lost the confidence of his country, who cannot unite it and will not do anything to address the anxiety. you know, and for god's sakes the climate problem is worse than isis and people are going,
1:54 am
it makes them nervous when the man at the top can't unify the country or lead it, then you have a problem. that is our system. we have had great leaders, whether it's franklin roosevelt, you know, all the way through. this is ridiculous. >> pat can't bring himself to say reagan but he was great. >> no, i could cite them, harry truman, others, you know, eisenhower. this is not what we are used to, and it is an outrage and it's scary and everyone has a right to be scared. >> john, you're going to do the interviewing for a second. >> well, doug and i have talked for a long time. the gop establishment stories keep coming out, packs, attacks on trump. will the establishment let trump win the nomination? >> see, i think the answer to that is no. they won't let trump win. they'll change the rules. >> why? >> because they are scared that trump jeopardizes their
1:55 am
political franchise. >> isn't this up to the voters, up to the people? >> it is but we've seen the republican elites and democratic elites -- >> a real quick question quickly, from randy boulais. do republicans with the super delegates who could effectively tilt the nomination. >> no. >> i'm curious how do you stop what people want? >> if i could just finish quickly, they will reinstate the loyalty oath and saying we have to get everybody to say they won't run as an independent. trump did that this week. he hinted he might. the other thing is they'll get everybody to drop out. romney could come in or they could all gang up and support one alternative. >> wow. >> i'm anxious to know what people think about that on twitter and facebook.
1:56 am
1:57 am
i figured this topic lit up social media. pat, i want to go to you about the thought that the establishment of the gop might play a role in who gets nominated, and not the people. and we don't know this for a fact, but john just told me you're kind of a master at this sort of thing. how is that so? >> well, because i've been in so many primaries and watched the rules change as the leadership wants to try to affect things. they still can, as doug said eloquently they can and i will tell you the danger. the american people are not going to have the establishments of both of these parties shut down american politics, the way they are in defense of a discredited two parties. you'll get something else. they're not going to have it
1:58 am
this year and the establishment and their press as you can see today are hysterical. >> wow, and what i hear pat saying is either side, he's not saying that this is specific to anybody. >> but on the democratic side, the public at the moment, the polling shows, they like hillary barring some disaster, she's going to be nominated with doug's endorsement. >> absolutely. >> but on the republican side we have three insurgencies going in a party that never has an srng insurgen insurgency, trump, carson and cruz. >> happy thanksgiving weekend. thank you. thank you, pat, from afar. that's going to do it for "fox report" on this sunday november 29th. see you bac >> it is monday november 30th. this is a fox news lart. facing justice. the man accused of a deadly shoot out of planned parenthood heading to court as the clinic
1:59 am
blames republican rhetoric for the violence. >> we have experienced so much hateful language, hateful speech. >> how republicans are now firing back. >> protests over climate change warm up the world. tensions boil over in paris where police are forced to fire tear gas. in new york bill nye the science guy giving a harsh message about global warming. >> the toothpaste will wake you right up. "fox and friend first starts right now. >> i am lea gabe yelle in for ainsley earhardt. >> it is the top of the hour. almost 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. we begin with a fox news alert. an eminent attack an emergency warning for u.s. citizens in the
2:00 am
afghanistan capitol of kabul. the u.s. embassy received a credible report an attack will happen in the next 48-hours. >> the time or nature of the attack are not yet known. all citizens are advised to use caution. any one heading to afghanistan are urged to change their plan. >> the man accused of murdering three people will face a judge. >> kelly wright has more. >> three people were killed and the man believed to be responsible for their death will be in court via video later today. after an hour's long standoff on friday which injured nine people including five police officers police raised 57-year-old robert dear. they have not revealed a motive but multiple reports say dear could be heard telling police n


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