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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 30, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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there is the ticktock of what will happen, preliminary hearing, who they will press charges, and all of that, just key tailsful right now we'll wrap it up. "your world" with neil cavuto. >> thank you. you're watching your world. we have 7800 new clinton e-mails to rifle through now. this latest release from the state department brings to some 26,000. this on 52,000 clinton e-mails that were on her server that were turned over to the state department that are going to mean a whole lot of reading for ed henry in washington. is this the last of it? more coming? what do we know? >> reporter: at least a couple more as we go through the end of the year, into the early part of next year. the end of the month there's a court order each month for the state department to turn over more e-mails. this is a very large document
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dump. 7800 page, largely encloseses 2012 to 2013. you had the benghazi terror attack in 2012. i would note that many of these e-mails related to benghazi already came out because of the investigations on capitol hill, we're always looking to see whether other e-mails pop up with her staffers that might be related that were not turned over. we have seen cases where there has been information that has been deemed to be classified that was on hillary clinton's server. interesting, back in june the inspector general flagged e-mailed that might have information. the state department says two were kicked back to the state department and they said there's not top secret information. one will be in this batch and we'll see what that was. interesting, the state department is holding back the other e-mail they received that could have been top secret. maybe a lower level of
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classification, and of course the intelligence community is still holding those other two they deemed back in june could be top secret. the bigger picture, the broader opinion here is hillary clinton back in march said, no classified information on this server, and as we continue to see the drip, drip, there are indications that there have been dozens of those e-mails already that have come out that did in fact have classified information. the argument from her campaign is, they were not marked classified at the time. they were only deemed classified later. that hat been an issue and will continue to be one. >> jed henry in washington, thank you very much. this might be cyber monday but in chicago, it was more like moral monday. still protesting the death of a 17-year-old african-american male, some 14 months ago. the video only coming to light. these protesters have stymied traffic in and around chicago, and access to any stores. and a guest on fox business
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network found out the hard way. >> this is a peaceful protest. [shouting] >> i'd like to enter. >> no justice no shopping. no justice, snow shopping. >> this is what chicago has turned into. one day of the year, which provides thousands of jobs and they're prohibiting someone who hadding new to do with the incident to go inside, and this is what it is. why don't you take it to the precinct on the south side instead of affecting everybody that comes here? >> that was a business guy who just wanted to shop and that's that many other chicagoans were robbed of that opportunity. he freely recognized the right of the protesters to protest, but he didn't say they had no right to infringe opening the rights of people to go on their daily lives. charles payne finds agreement.
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>> it's a lost opportunity, misplaced anger applied by the same power brokers that in my mind have a different agenda. the gentleman was right in the black community, we learned that the economic boycotts can work. it all goes back to the montgomery bus boycotts, rosa parkses, but specific to the mong montgomery bus company. when martin luther king started mia, the montgomery improvement association, he was hoping 50% of blacks would stay away from the bus company, 99% did. proved to be very effective. this right here is misguided and i caution people who might otherwise be sympathetic and it's disingenuous. >> we saw this in ferguson and new york, similar protests over racial issues, that you argued at the time, particularly in new york, on the west side highway or deny me access to get home, either train stations or other avenues, you have gone
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overboard. but i was think when you were mentionening king king conditioning, i'm sure the protests in montgomery and elsewhere he did stop traffic. where do you draw that line? >> well, they did stop traffic but they didn't go in front of department stores, they didn't stand over diners while they were eating dinner. this right now apparently is an extension of the "black lives matter" movement which has taken the things that martin luther king and that were very successful and re-applying them to ways that are hap hazard and on the verge of anarchy. and over the same weekend, unfortunately, there were 18 shootings in chicago, eight mere people killed. you wonder when can we get the same sort of anger re-applied maybe we look in the mirror and say, maybe we got to fix some things at home in our own community before we can get respect we are demanding elsewhere. not doesn't mean that one is
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contingent upon the other but we should be demanding both. >> charles paine, thank you very much. this is cyber monday, for a lot of you who maybe hasn't of haven't parlayed a computer and done some buying, which you should never do at work which is why i'm going to stop this right now. the bottom line is it's a big multibillion dollar day, and a lot of websites were crashing today, target chief among them. jolene kent is in a fulfillment center in new jersey on how this cyber monday was shaping up. how was it? >> reporter: checking out very well for am sewn. it's busy but target had an issue. they're site was flooded with traffic because they were offering such intense deals on toys and apparel, and then they had a slowing down of traffic. you can see here, this is why. all these amazon packages going down 14-milesmiles of conveyor ,
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getting scanned right here, so they can be scan and put on the trucks to go home, and amazon is telling us that more than 500 orders are being processed per second. a million packages can leaving this new jersey fullment center, they're on track to have their best day on cyber monday. and $490 million have already been spent, according to adobe. that means consumers were buying on walmart, target, amazon, are poised to spend $3 billion on cyber monday, which would be some sort of record but amazon, not hurting for business, at least for today. >> jolene, there isn't any fine china or glassware in this boxes, is there? just curious. >> not that we november of but i -- that we know of but i have seen workers wrapping stuff in that inflated bubble wrap, the bubble pillows that amazon is famous for.
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>> i'm thinking of the mall sketch -- that's just me. you probably too to remember. thank you very much. >> i know it. >> you remember that. amazon even though down today, as were a lot of retailers down today, that stock has more than doubled this year the market had ho-hum day, down 78 points but the dow for the month kind of flat show. fear this would be a collapsing month after a strong october, the fact of the matter is that the dow is in and out of positive territory on the year, and we might have a chance, going into a quarter that looks at the dow down 10%, of rescuing this, some big winners this month include not surprisingly some of these that were consumer dependent on the belief of a consumer turn-around so started out strong and then slipped away. pfizer, the big deal being scrutinized. suffered in the last week. had it not been for that deal,
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coming to light with agler began, would have been it. by and large, with one month to go, as we begin a new month tomorrow, wrapping up this final quarter of the year, looking like we'll avoid a negative your when wait all but a sure bet at the end of the third quarter too. early to tell but that would mean that going back to 2008, the last down year for this market, it does not appear to be in the cards this year. but again, a month is a long time, is it not? we're going to have the very latest from paris and what these attacks are portending here. we have growing terror watch lists and not, not, just what the new threats that evidenced themselves today in afghanistan. the fact that the world over is on heightened alert, which makes you think that maybe now is not the time to discuss just climate change. especially when you come to realize it's going to cost a hell of a lot more than just some loose change. we report, you pay. the best of everything is even better
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so hurry in, it ends soon. the kind of news you do not want to hear especially after the fact in paris where they discover a number of paris airport workers, 57 we are field, were on a terror watch list, and depending on the press you read, half have gone missing. hard to verify. this much we know. it has an already tense western europe and particularly france, on tender hooks. to benjamin hall in produce -- brussels with more. >> reporter: still two suspects missing and the europeans have been honest they don't know which country they're in. we knew who they are about they have completely disappeared. here in belgium, life is trying to get back to normal there some military on the streets here but it is still a level three and
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that suggests a possible and probable attack rather than a serious and imminent one we had last week. there's some new information. a french official saying it appears that abdeslam may have bought ten detonators at a specialized store outside paris two or three months before the shooting, which raises more serious questions about why there aren't watch lists for people with known jihadie sentiment here. other number of attacker's known to authorizes before the attack do, to bring that home it has been announced 57 workers arizona paris airports have lost their authorization to work because of radicalization concerns and at least five people have been fired since those attacks a few weeks ago. charles defall airport is reviewing 86,000 workers and just in the last couple of days the prime minister of belgium announcing that he will try to instigate and bring in a europeani cia agency to counter
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radicalization. >> let's talk about the radical pockets. we need to be more mobilized to dismantle culture centers preaching hatred. we need to control mosque financing. >> all those issues about radicalization and how can people on watch lists get such rolls in the public sector jobs. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. already, now, in the meantime in paris, you would naturally think they are like stink on you know what on following anything having to do with terror. that would be their full central focus. but you would be wrong. for 150 leaders from around the world gathering in paris, it has nothing to do with terror but climate change, and mark says that is what we call awkward timing. mark has a film coming out, the climate hustle and it is making its big debut in france. very good for you, mark, thank you for coming.
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>> thank you. >> why did you choose france for the debut? >> well, this is in the middle of all the action the united nations climate submit where world leaders try to alter the course of human civilization through the earth's climate and we'll have a red carpet premiere right in the middle of downtown paris and a lot of protesters with nowhere else to go. we'll have a done founder of green peace and i'm showing up live at the red carpet and this film is going to turn the tables on the entire global warming mom. we interview people who used to be believers in manmade globe warming and have grown skeptical. nobel prize winning scientists and u.n. scientists. >> a lot of people go bark and forth why to to hold hose negotiations right after the paris attacks. i can understand giving the benefit of the doubt to the president of franks, the presidents of the united states to say if we cancel the thing it
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would look bad for the terrorists but to continue it without mentionings terrorism, although they did at the outset; it send others very different message and almost makes the terrorists think, are you serious. >> the terrorist might be upset. why aren't you paying attention to us? what they have -- i can understand the notion of going forward no matter what. we won't let terrorists deter it but we have voices including cnn and the administration and others who are claiming that global warming will solve terrorism or lessen terrorism or if we solve global warming and lower co2 levels the middle east may turn peaceful, as if the middle east used to be peaceful until the last 50 years of carbon dioxide emissions and industrialization. >> that has only recently become the powder keg. the last few centuries not withstanding. i want to ask you about this other goal where the united
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states is footing the bill, the idea to control the temperature rise across the planet two degrees zellous, 3-point -- celsius, but to bring it down, easier said than done. >> we had one u.k. scientist who said there are hundreds of factors gloverring global climate. for the united nations to pick one factor and then try to tweak at the margins and then come up with some temperature goal, 50 to 100 years in into the future, is akin to scientific nonsense. you can call it modern day witchcraft. we know from the climate gate emisdemeanor this two-degree limit the u.n. has been par arresting was plucked from thin air, unquote, aquoterring to a u.n. scientist. that was revealed in the e-mails released in 2009. so we know that even u.n. scientists don't by this two-degree limit. it's not based on science. it's political goal to get countries to join in so they can
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entertain these ideas of a tipping opinion. you must act or else. the climate is going to get bad. we can protect you from the climate if you sign on to the treaty. >> i find it interesting -- it's -- the extent of my knowledge of this stuff, what's the big deal. very good having you. good luck with the film. i'm sure the as os scar nominations await. >> the. >> you see all of these refugees from around the world setting up camp throughout southern europe. there's some bad apples in the bunch and to hear assad of syria telling tv today some of them are terrorists. and they're in that crowd. take a lisp. maybe you can figure out who. is that the warning that has a lot of folks now worrying? not about climate change but the radical in our midst change.
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if ever wondered how people get series saturday to study any country or do anything? the waiver prom and the process is getting more scrutiny when we realize a lot of nefarious characters can slip through the cracks. we found that out in paris and brussels and kind of all officer the world. to kevin cork following the white house in paris. kevin? >> reporter: you're right about this, and what the white house announced today are new steps the dhs, department hoff homeland security, will be taking to add an extra layer of security for all of us. participants who take part in the program will be asked extra questions. they'll be more screening,
1:24 pm
trying to figure out if they have method any travel to places that are deemed terrorist safe havens. always also fair to opinion out we're talking about tens of millions of people that come here every year as part of the program, but 20 million people in fact are per midsted to travel to the u.s. under the program, which includes 38 countries, partners, including places like belgium and france and the u.k. now, white house press secretary josh earnest says the latest layer is a positive step forward to add security to the homeland. >> it means individuals are subjected to some scrutiny and to some background checks prior to boarding an airplane. so, there are some significant security gains derived from this program. the question is, there are some things we can do to strengthen the screening friar individuals boarding -- prior to individuals boarding an away. >> this evening the president
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and french president francois hole lean are at a private dinner. they'll be talking about including building a coalition that perhaps might involve the russians as the worldwide effort to combat isis continues. i just want to make one super clear point about this additional program. i just want you to understand. what they're talking about, my friend, is trying to figure out if you come into this country, have you been places like syria, for example. if they're not doing screening like that, you don't know who they are or where they're coming from. so they're trying to add more layers to hopefully protect us all, my friend. >> thank you very much, kevin. imagine if anyone answers in the affirmative, yes ex-stopped by syria briefly but on my way somewhere. incredible. what is also incredible is now the leader of germany and syria, different characters, on agreement on this much. a lot of the refugees who made their way into europe from
1:26 pm
syria, a lot of them are bad guys and a lot of them are csis, and more than -- isis, and more than you no. to kt mcfarland, fox news national security analyst. that's bashar al-assad said that, a la merkel saying that, it's very likely many slip throug cracks and-under in europe. >> that's not just that. let's say it's one percent, million refugees coming and one percent are bad guys. that's still a lot of bad guys. that's a thousand bad guys. but look what happens and doesn't take any kind of a fortune teller. you have thousands to refugees, hundreds of thousands of refugees, going to the refugee centers, going into shelters. some of them are right now sleeping in the fields. what happens when the weather starts getting cold? there are no jobs for these people. there's potentially no organized housing, not a lot of social benefits because a lot of the benefits will have been used up.
1:27 pm
there isn't -- it's not a bottomless pit for this so when they come, they come to europe, they don't have anyplace to stay, going to be a cold winter. they'll become easy pickingsing for recruiters and they're already in europe right now. so it's not like you have to smuggle anybody inch these are already people who are going to be in desperate straits by a cold winter and will be easy pickings for recruiters. >> the irony will be to those western powers that have held become on bringing them, in that very behavior, maybe for justifiable reasons, is actually going to make the situation worse. >> going to make it worse. i talked to some leading international businessmen who headquartered in paris and he said what is happening is as the europeans countries as part of this agreement whereby once you get into europe you can travel freely no borders. once you get into europe, then you can move freely around the entire region, but if the european, northern european countries send people home and say we don't have room for you,
1:28 pm
where do they go? they go back to where the first entered europe is the balkans and that could become the new hot pot, the new chaotic place in the next sick -- six month necessary balkans. >> thank you very much, i think. we're back to these questions. as kt was speaking you have any time you spent in syria, i guess you add that 0, do you have any fruit with you, any vegetables. really? is this how we're combating the terror in the mid ol' of climate change summit? whatever. a big newspaper in new hampshire supports chris christie for president. this on top of christie managing to land 100 key top party officials endorsements for the same job. still think he's going nowhere? meet he historian who says he is
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dismissed governor chris christie of the fine state of new jersey, have no dowd he is one incredible energizer bunny and secured the endorsement of a are hundred top officials but the big enwhich i lad da is winning the manchester newspaper endorsement that doesn't mean you will win the state's primary. it helped with one john mccain. so, probably helps more than it hurts. with us now larry sabato, the university of virginia center for politics. you're not quite such a believer here, that union leader endorsement isn't what it was or that chris christie can't get much fir -- further thancrat. >> you're right from suggesting i'm skeptical. it's a plus obviously for christie but he has put all of his chips on that one state. that is a dangerous thing to do.
1:34 pm
remember, rudy giuliani putting all his chips on florida. it doesn't work out -- >> isn't it better to -- >> unlike giuliani -- >> -- chips on new hampshire rather than florida. right? >> well, sure. it's better -- if you win new hampshire you are going to get a lot of great headlines but where does christie win after new hampshire? south carolina? i dot it. sec primary on march 1st in the deep south? i doubt it. >> a couple of northern states in that bunch. >> that's true. he could do well in the northeast. he might do well in the industrial midwest, but it's a very tough path to the nomination. impossible? of course not. this a crazy year with a crazy cast of characters. >> he might be benefiting as a union letter said, endorsement from timing. we look at security, look at tension, look at his other opponents, appears to have the
1:35 pm
substance, at least according to the union leader and 100 other backers, many democrats, that doesn't necessarily mean victory, but i always think that when you look at things, larry, there's something about his -- obviously work ethic and the fact he is the energizer bunny, is relenless, does that bay off? it's very akin to john mccain's comeback in the same state where he was given up for dead, and then resurrected himself. could it happen? >> it could happen. it's important to focus on a state like new hampshire with that energizer bunny approach. worked in iowa, works in new hampshire, but then you get out and it's very difficult, even in new hampshire, because of the south carolina -- south carolina, rather, because of the limited time after new hampshire. it's difficult even there, and then it becomes impossible when you're in an election where you have ten primaries on a particular day. but look, i'm not
1:36 pm
underestimating it. i just don't think that the ball game the way it used to be. >> do you have to win outright? i mcbill clinton in 1992 didn't win but was the comeback kid for doing bert than he thought and was on his way. >> bill clinton had an incredibley weak field of opponents. no one would call this republican field weak when it comes to winning the g.o.p. nomination. so there are two completely different circumstances. historically. >> that hurt mist feelings that-do hurts my feelings you shot done. >> i'm sorry. i would never do that purposely. >> okay, fine, it's okay. i'll just sniffle through the next commercial. thank you, professor, for your last appearance on the show. larry sabato of the university of virginia, brainiac. do any of you remember the federal study testing a shrimp on a treadmill? never flood -- understood the
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count on being slammed this hwith orders. we're getting slammed with orders. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. totally slammed! introducing real-time delivery notifications. one more reason this is our season. anyone remember the late great william proximate mire and the golden fleece award to study federal waste and excess. i was a favorite. now a whole bunch of senators are into the same thing because it keeps going on and these federal fumbles and the amount of waste could fill a book and chad read it many times. chad, there's some doozies this go-around. >> i have this book right here. this is the book put out i james
1:41 pm
langford, the republican senator from oklahoma. langford inherited the man tell from his predecessor, tom coburn, there three programs in particular. first is trucker weight loss. $2.6 million to get truckers to lose weight. the third one is on studying the dating hands of seniors. a federal or eharmony. they spend $375,000 on that program. and finally, we have a pentagon study that looks at the gnat capture. a small, blue gray bird, they spent $283,000 of the defense department and a lot of people want to know what does a blue gray bird have to do with protecting the country, defense spending? i want to point out just how small some of this spending is. we're $19.1 trillion in debt right now. that's about the debt limit. we spend a little over $3 trillion each year here in
1:42 pm
washington and this accounts for $105 billion. that's a very, very small percentage. so this barely makes a dental. one of these other programs that was mentioned here was silent shakespeare. imagining performing shakespeare without words. the essence of shakespeare, and if you're senator langford from oklahoma, the question is whether that program is to be or not to be, neil. >> i knew it. i knew it when you did -- i had a feeling. but in all seriousness, one thing i find with these relatively paltry sums is they're like a gateway drug. the means by which you approve and get support for other bigger pieces of legislation. omnibus and otherwise. that just makes a mockery of our budget process. what do you think? >> that's the other thing, too sometimes when you actually find out the reasons hip these programs, you mention the shrimp on the treadmill and looking at senior dating -- >> i like that one.
1:43 pm
>> sometimes you can fine out there are some actually good reasons. you look at -- back when we had ear marks. they used to set aside hundreds of thousands of dollar ands say that's deals with hog waste in north carolina. or the wine industry in washington state. ear marks that only cost several hundred thousand dollars but very important for the economies of the states, and you take those out. then those industries clean. >> all right. buddy, you have beside a couple hundred tread truckers waiting outside for you. let me know how that goes. chad, very very much. in me meantime, we're talking about money. according to the republicans, we check these numbers -- hillary clinton is now over a trillion bucks when it comes to promises and proposals that she would enact if she became president of the united states, lisa booth has been crunching the numbers and said that might be a conservative figure. but we should say everything from infrastructure support to getting people back to work, to
1:44 pm
re-invigorating health care and on and on. it's going to add up and helps the criticism of republicans at the fox business debate that the other party is all promises and we're the only one that wants to give money back to you. but let's go through this. how to get to over a trillion dollars with hillary clinton? >> well, what hillary clinton is doing is she is selling the american people a pack of lies. the biggest problem here is not just the proposals shees putting forth but the fact that she is promising middle class families she won't have to raise tacks. that's not the case. saying she wind ray taxes on 7% of the american families making 250,000 or less. not just the republicans raising the alarms on hillary clinton's proposal. also the "washington post." they've said it was imapplause able for hillary clinton not raise taxes on middle class families to meet her current fiscal obligations and these new policies. >> i ask of liberals and ask of
1:45 pm
republican as well and conservatives, ask whatever your proposing is going to be paid for? what would include tax cuts, not using dynamic accounting, but the money you lose right away, at least initially from a tax cut, and with democrats i say the same applies to program. how are you going to pate for it? taxing the one percent isn't going to do it. so what is? >> absolutely right. you tax the one percent at 100%, you're only talking about funding the government for a few months here so that's just not applause -- plausible so her program isn't going to work. what she is trying to do is pander to middle class families with these faulty promises -- >> she would not be the first democrat to do that. >> not the first democrat to do that but it's important to take a look at these policies and realize they're just not plausible. >> it is interesting the two sides vary dramatically on government. democrats want more, if you like that, their your cup of tea.
1:46 pm
republicans want less. more money back to you. if you don't like that, they're not your condition of -- cup of tea. >> there's stark differences between the republican party and democrats and what we're offing american families. what we have seen under rub rub is the middle class families are further behind, making less money than before president obama took office, and guess who has gotten richer? the rich. so these policies aren't working and public hillary clinton is just going to be a continuation of the same failed policies. >> good analysis as always, and just a reminder, we do crunch the numbers here so you don't have to. you could tax the one percent, take all the mo and you couldn't keep medicare going for a few years. then what are you going to do with the other stuff? money in, my out. more money going out than coming in. have to do something about that. we're told that isis recruits are down because they're dying fast. they're getting gunned down even faster. why a certain general just doesn't buy it.
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. the theory goes something like this. the crackdown on isis has killed a number of isis. in fact, they're getting gunned down so fast that we have fewer to worry about, so maybe we don't have to worry so much about isis. on paper it makes sense, but lawyer jack cain doesn't look at things on paper, he looks at reality. and you're not buying that isis is no longer a problem, huh? >> most of this reporting is anecdotal. we certainly want it to be true, that we've lost thousands of isis fighters, a number of them are defecting, et cetera. but that's not the way we look at an adversarial organization.
1:51 pm
we want to look at the ability to command and control. we want to look at the tactical and operational initiative, the territory they control, how much have they gained, lost, are they holding what they got, resiliency, their ability to recruit, their financial support and funding. all of those things is the way you look at an organization kprens civil. unfortunately, we are not doing that to the degree we used to do before this allegation came at sencom and now we have an investigation taking place. and that's a sad commentary. >> i remember a lot of these census groups come and go and another one comes to replace it. we don't appreciate the magnitude about that, and now the latest from angela merkel in january is many of these are sde descending themselves from europe. >> no doubt about it, one of the
1:52 pm
attributes isis has had, the ability to recruit is important for this organization. i don't doubt we've killed thousands of them. i don't think we should be counting those numbers because i think it can be very misleading unintentionally. and the truth is that in the last year, despite the killing of isis that's taken place, they essentially sustain the size of their organization. now, whether we actually have that now, it will impact your ability to claim territory, it will impact your ability to take initiative, and we'll start to see this organization begin to shrink. but this information we have now, neil, it is anecdotal. it is not systemic analysis, and we cannot make a lot of conclusions based on it. >> and just to dismiss the possibility that all of these developments have actually helped recruit isis. >> there's no doubt about it. the paris attack certainly contributes to that.
1:53 pm
it gives them, again, this aura of success and this sense of invincibility. the success is playing into their hands. what isis wants in europe, they actually want to polarize and fragment the muslim and non-muslim communities. they want the muslims to appeal to their sense of alienation that takes place. so they're playing right into isis' hands. >> always good seeing you. >> good talking to you, neil. a couple of weeks in realtime. that's how much congress has left before it adjourns for the holidays to get a lot of stuff done, and i mean a lot of stuff. yikes. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. you think you have a big to-do list.
1:57 pm
you should see congress. the problem is they don't have much time to do it. >> it's the case this year. on friday, highway funding runs out. that's the first deadline congress faces on all of this. they're negotiating right now with a $300 million proposal. they have to get together and figure out a singular version. they're working on that right now. there are actual tax deductions, like the increased child tax credit, development for business and lawmakers always due at the end of the year. those are temporary but extended at the end of the year. and they have a trillion dollars worth of government funding. there are questions specifically what to spend it on, and of course, the issues known as policy riders, the ones that want to fund planned parenthood, make changes to refugee policies, other issues making their way through capitol hill. you also heard about the visa program that congress is going to make changes to at the
1:58 pm
request of the white house. a number of lawmakers are working on that as well. and then the senate is also going to try to repeal a piece of obamacare and defund planned parenthood in the same division. they're trying to do that in the next few weeks, neil. >> these are have-to goals. how doable are they? >> they're doable in the sense that probably government funding and highways, those deadlines they really can't push over, but congress every time has the opportunity to push something off, usually it will take it. you'll see the government funding very likely. that's a priority on getting highways funded, those tax extenders, those expiring tax breaks, that's the priority. beyond those, it's anybody's guess. >> if conservatives decide to get rid of any of those tax breaks, it's akin to raising taxes. in the heat of this political season, that's a hot button, isn't it? >> absolutely. you have lawmakers using tax reform as a way to fund highways. we've heard for the last couple
1:59 pm
years lawmakers overhauling the tax code. you've seen proposals from the democrats and republicans in the white house. it doesn't appear it's going to get done any time soon, but it's always one of those issues. they did a lot of work on capitol hill with the superhighway committee. if you want to overhaul the tax system, somebody will pay less but somebody will pay more. >> i take it the obama administration is not looking to get a lot done. >> they're running for office, neil, it's an election year. that's what they face. >> good talking to you again. it's been a while. >> you, too, neil. that's what's at stake for these issues and the global issues. rudy giuliani will be joining us. he's particularly worried about the focus of this climate change conference going on in paris when he feels like that city alone is reason to focus on some
2:00 pm
other things. a quick look at the dow today. while we're down about 78 points, a lot of folks think it could be worse. we go into the final months of the year with stocks in final territory and maybe dodging what seemed like a shoredown year. i'm here with "the five." it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." according to president obama, we've got isis contained. terror isn't the world's biggest threat, it's climate change, so let's battle the weather with all our mights. >> nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. what greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than martialing our best efforts to save it. i believe, in the words of


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