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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 30, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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there's them looking -- i think their mom took over that picture. >> that's it for us right here. guess what's up next? yay. i'm shannon breen in for bret baier who is on assignment tonight in new york. this is a fox news alert. the frontrunner for the democratic presidential nomination who already has many trust issues with the american public is dealing with problems both old and new tonight. there is word hillary clinton opened her secretary of state's office to a steady stream of potential donors to her campaign. and we're getting a first look tonight at the latest batch of e-mails from her private servers and addressesment. >> the largest document dumped, 748. an e.
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despite clinton declaring in march her server had no classified information. her critics say. >> a new batch of hillary clinton's e-mails come amidst questions of whether she inappropriately opened her office to donors, plus contributors to the clinton foundation who helped pay her way for a second run. >> money buys meetings, it buys returned phone calls. >> the associated press, after a year's-long request under the freedom of information act, has finally obtained copies of clinton's daily calendars. pepsi ceo had three meetings with clinton as the soda company spent millions lobbying the federal government.
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back in 2008, pepsi's foundation had pledged $7.6 million in grants with two water firms zp. the union chief also sits on the board of a superpac backing clinton and wine gaeingarten en her in july. she has turned over her e-mails and calendars to be transparent coming february. >> if we need a supreme court that protects the right of every citizen to vote, not the right of every one to.
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. undermined claims had suggested that she was faking the injury to avoid benghazi testimony. jenna? >> and still many e-mails to culminate through. the time between christmas and new year's may be holiday season for you, but every four years it is. the gop hopefuls are trying to get as many as possible to help tonight. >> an american pass, as word emerged they were not yet ready. i think that's a little premature right now for me, but i'm willing to listen to what he has to say. >> pastor darrell scott took the blame for the miscommunication. the meeting still happened and
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the big endorsement may still happen, too. >> i talked to a number of black ministers that said they're going to vote for trump, but they just haven't come out publicly with it because they're afraid of losing member support. >> the sit-down came as trump doubled down onis assertion that he watched live as large groups of muslims in new jersey celebrated the september 11 terror attacks. >> many people saw it in person. i've had hundreds of phone calls to the trump organization saying, we saw it. it was dancing in the streets. chris christie, who didn't even make the main stage in the last debate, is the top of the influential union leader newspaper, endorsing him because they think, quote, general christie has mand these last times. this morning another important endorsement of.
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. accumulating 18 congressional endorsemen endorsements. then we need to keep heading in the same basic direction. >> but only one candidate spent thanksgiving in the middle east, dr. ben car, and the outsider has a new prescription for syrians displaced by isis. >> i had the opportunity to talk to many of the syrian refugees and asked them, what is your supreme desire? and it was pretty uniform. they want to go back home. >> we may see a new crack in the pledge all parties made and signed to support the gop presidential nominee no matter
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who it is, because john kasich is now refusing to say he would support his side's nominee if it's trump. but an rnc official told me today they are not concerned about kasich potentially breaking that pledge. shannon? >> peter, thank you. president obama has been invited to deliver the state of the union. we are now awaiting a formal acceptance. the it's a victory over the ethanol industry of alarmists and some presidential candidates. the first caucus state, iowa, produces more ethanol than any of these going on in paris is an act of defiance to terrorism, following the deadly attacks on the french capitol two weeks
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ago. >> reporter: in the largest ever gathering for world leaders in a summit of its kind, they tried to draw a connection. >> >>. we have come to paris to show our resolved. the city is reeling from terror attacks a few weeks ago by saying a thousand prayers. they honored the victims by laying flowers in a makeshift memorial outside the concert hall where most were killed. in the wake of the attack, security has been extremely tight, with police uniting with
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protesters. the president continued to make the argument that climate change and terrorism go hand in hand. >> this is a turning point. this is the moment we finally determined we would save our planet. >> the thinking goes this way. severe environmental conditions contribute to a sense of desperation, and that, they say, fuels. >> it can alter execution. and there's a financial impact. climate change means more heat waves, hurricanes and superstorms like sandy and huge wildfires, all which cause taxpayers billions annually. the world on terror was one of many subjects discussed between. meanwhile, critics slammed the
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president's insistence that the terror war and climate change propose the same risk. >> it is delusional for presidents obama and hillary clinton and anyone else to say that climate change is our near-ter near-term. closely by iran and perhaps russia. >> today we expect another and ar arwa. keep in mind turkey is a key ally in the battle gns isis to say nothing of their aid he will, including the shootdown of the russian aircraft that's straight out of paris. president obama is holding fast to his link between climate change and terrorism.
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brett is here with some thoughts on that. good evening, brett. >> given the ghastly events of seven days ago in paris, it makes sense that world leaders would gather there this week. but as you heard, they're not there to. there is an assertion that this gathering, which could express a to the terrorists. that's right, folks, they insist that whatever agreement emerges from this conference, it will not bind the u.s. to be sure, but that would be true with or without any paris attacks. those who say climate change is a serious matter draw the line at taking principal actions proposed to combat it. 60% are opposed depeto higher t
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on gasoline. whatever hoopla the other leaders can womp up at their paris meeting, remember this. their deal will not be binding, and if it were, it would have to clear the senate, which it can't. >> this begged a lot of similarities with iran. there are similarities. >> in the case of the iran deal, there was money up front, that is to say, money that was the reason so many people resisted the deal. on the other hand, money needs to be there for those to fight climate change, but that would be an appropriation by congress, and all the republicans up there say there's no way he's going to get that. so he can continue to do what
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what he's otherwise doing. >> brett, good to see you, as always. up next, the colorado springs shooter makes his first appearance in court, but first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country is shooting himself. >> following a threat against the university of chicago chicago that forces the canalization of classes today. >> he threatened on-line. they believe it's retaliation following the video. fox 4. more than 63. . authorities in kansas say the band of stormds left six dead in that state. this is a live look at new york from fox five. one of the big stories there
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the suspect in friday's deadly shootings at a colorado springs planned parenthood clinic made his first court appearance today. will collins is live in colorado springs to tell us what happened. hello, will. >> reporter: this is the first time we've seen this killer. he shot nine on friday at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. from a county jail, he appeared in front of the judge wearing a
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bulletproof vest. he is the same public defender who represented james holmes. there is no official motive, but there are reports he told investigators after his arrest no more baby parts according to the controversy playing out on the national stage. the judge will tell him his rights and he will appear here on december 9 to be formally charged. the judge also said he will decide at a later date if he will receive the death penalty. a procession drove past the jail carrying gary swasey's body. he shot two others. all three were parents. shannon? >> will carl live in colorado springs. thank you, will. jury selection got under way today in the first trial of a police death last spring. leland is live tonight.
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good evening, leland. >> reporter: a judge saying they will be back at it again for another panel of potential jurors. each of the 80 or so called before the judge today indicated they had heard not only of the freddie gray case but also the controversial $6.4 million settlement the city of baltimore made with freddie gray's family. officer william porter charged in this case sat stone-faced and taking notes inside the court today. he is charged with involuntary manslaughter and other charges that could get him 25 years in prison. he is expected to take the stand in his own defense and call up to 25 character witnesses. his trial comes first as prosecutors want him to testify against some of his fellow five officers charged in this case. the judge has precluded prosecutors from discussing details surrounding the arrest of freddie gray, but he will allow jurors to see videos of gray that might shed light on how he was injured.
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they will also see the actual van gray rode in with police taking him to the hospital with no other injuries. security is tight in light of what this case caused in terms of riots back in april. we have seen precious few protesters, and only a handful have been backly to haunt this rein. bond is set for $150,000 in the death of an african-american teenager. last week the judge said ept to see the video involving officer jason van dyke and 17-year-old laquan mcdonald before deciding on bond. still ahead, how do we decide what polls show who is accurately winning the race for the white house? first, things just got harder for security to access data on
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phone communications from both you and the bad guys. with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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. u.s. embassy in afghanistan is warning americans of what it calls credible reports of an imminent attack in kabul. the state department says the threat is not specific to americans or the embassy, it's declining to reveal the source of the threat. the white house is making changes to the visa waiver program in response to the paris terror attacks. it currently allows people from 38 countries to visit the u.s. for 90 days without obtaining a visa. home security will now collect more information from those travelers about past visits to certain countries. the republicans in the house say they want to overhaul the program by year's end.
3:24 pm
there is a tool that helps french officials track down the perpetrators of the paris attacks. for now, there is a phone data collection program. >> reporter: new legislation forced them to remove their phone records. the post-9/11 program tracked terror suspects using so-called m metadata. after the paris terror attacks where the suspects used encrypted communications, the chairman of the senate committee told fox news sunday that limiting the usa comes at a cost. >> the united states made a real mistake when they eliminated this program where we could search foreign, known terrorists' phone numbers to see if they talked to anyone in the u.s. >> they became the poster child for government overreach in 2013 after this statement to congress. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or
3:25 pm
hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not. >> not wittingly. >> and documents by former contractor edward snowden left no doubt that they were collecting on americans. they asked for a data search. they said the extra step makes disrupting -- if you don't have their entire history, then you're going to miss the fact by downloading certain videos, maybe looking how to build bombs. >> they say a more targeted program is the right approach, because even in paris, investigators were struggling to determi determine. >> they were talking about this being done by this mass data collection, and they call this
3:26 pm
analysis paralysis. >> one collects internet data but has been less controversial. katherine, thank you. stocks were off today. the dow lost. speaking winners and losers, find out which presidential polls you can trust to see who is leading in the white house. plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. if you've ever wondered how we decide which polls to trust when reporting who is loading in the presidential race, tonight we have your answers. my colleague bret baier takes us through the process. >> we have hillary clinton in a two-way race up 11 points. >> with just over two months for the first voting in the presidential race, most people will tell you they're either tired of or confused by polls. most will add their sick of the use of polls by all media outlets looking for a way to measure the race. we do it, too. here's what we do and don't use. at fox news, we do not use on-line polls. we use scientific phone and cell phone-based polls with trusted
3:31 pm
methodology. >> if you are invited to go onto a poll on line and vote for who you think won a debate or who you think the best candidate is, if you stumble upon that while you were surfing around the internet, that isn't even a poll. that's just how many times can you get people to click a button. and candidates try to manipulate those. they urge their supporters go there and vote. >> there are a lot of on-line polls that aren't representative. there is a lot of what we call rvi polls where it's an automated, recorded voice asking people to push a button. the gold standards calling people on cell phones and land lines, there are not a whole lot of those. most of the major networks do it. we do it. >> while we've polls, there is not a good track record with elections. the most recent one is kentucky. the major poll is the bluegrass poll. heading in, democrat jack conway
3:32 pm
had 45% to the republican matt bevins' 40%. but look what happened on election day. the real results? bevin 53%, conway 44%. not even close. and the bluegrass poll is a respected poll in kentucky. >> when you look at what went wrong, a lot of times you have to crack open the externals. you had too many members of a particular group, was there a partisan skew of turnout that wasn't picked up in the poll? >> it affects hwho they expect o see on the vote and maybe they had the wrong assumptions. >> as you know, we are inundated with polls throughout the presidential race. here's one in iowa. plus or minus 4%, the margin there, with trump in the lead,
3:33 pm
tom cruz and carson at third. take a look at this, the margin of error plus or minus 6%. the latest fox news poll had similar results with a slightly bigger lead for trump, plus or minus 4%. people say, what does this mean as far as how many people are involved in these surveys, in these polls? well, in the fox poll it's 406 gop primary voters. still, again, 4.5% margin of error. some may ask why does 406 equal a fair cross-section of this race? well, here's why. >> i don't need to drain a bowl of soup or a vat of soup to determine the temperature of the soup. all i need to do is take a spoonful. as long as that spoonful is representative of the entire pot of soup, i can get a really good impression of the flavor, thee,. what we do in polling, the key, of course, is random selection of individuals. and the more people you randomly
3:34 pm
select, the more likely you are to uncover opinions, attitudes, vote preferences held by lots of people. >> there is some evidence over time that the republicans are underrepresented in polls. the republicans, perhaps, are less willing than democrats to participate in polls before election day. in 2014 cycle, one of the reasons for the polling debacle in so many cases was there was an assumption that the electorate would exist somewhere between the 2010 tea party wave and the 2012 reelection of barack obama. as it turned out, the pollsters were wrong. they thought the electorate would look like 2012. in fact, the electorate looked like 2010 and resulted in a nine-seat pickup in the republican senate. >> they're coming one after another. it helps to look at the average of all recent polls. we use a clear average here at fox. it averages all the recent polls in the presidential race, and
3:35 pm
there you see it, the breakdown. there are also other sites that do this as well, an average. there is no margin of error, this is simply an average, but it gives you a sense of the big picture, because there are so many different polls and they all have a different crosssection of people surveyed. >> they're not a crystal ball that can predict the future for you. they can give you clues and help decide the contours of the landscape, but events inevitably intervene and change where the public is. >> in washington, bret baier, fox news. president obama says the climate change conference in paris san act is an act of defi terrorists. we'll talk about that with the panel when we come back. buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. nearly 200 nations have assembled here this week. a declaration for all the
3:39 pm
challenges that we face, the growing threat of climate change could define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other. >> he's talking about climate change in paris. he's also talking about how can the nato forces and the u.s. s. coalition forces meet and destroy isis. >> let's talk about the president in paris for the conference. george, i'll start with you. the president said having this gathering to discuss climate change there in paris is an act of defiance against the terrorists. your take? >> the people of isis, wherever they are in northern iraq, are saying, oh, we've been rebuked? this is part of the problem that everything is said to confirm global warming. and global warming is now said to cause everything else.
3:40 pm
so it's a theory that can't be refuted, which means it's no longer a scientific theory. the amazing thing is that never in history, anywhere ever, has all the powers of the modern state supplemented by mass education, supplemented by mass media, supplemented by journalism and entertainment been all employed for 30 years to propagandize about this sort of thing, global warming and all the rest, to almost no effect. fewer americans carpool today to work than carpooled in 1980. suvs have never been a larger proportion of the vehicles being sold in this country. the american people may profess occasionally to be concerned about global warming, but their behavior tells you that none of this propaganda has had any effect. >> and juan, when brit had his commentary earlier in the show, he pointed out the fact that when you ask people about real life impacts on them, would you
3:41 pm
pay more for gasoline, would you pay more for electricity, the percentages are up to 60 and 70% of those who oppose that. so a lot of people don't want to get on board as well. >> i think without leadership, without being able to persuade people the importance of the issue, there is almost month base here. if you look at the poll numbers, it's very low. it's not a priority of the american people. i think you see this reflected in commerce. . so the president is trying to offer some vision, he's trying to use executive orders, changing regulations with the epa, trying to use his stature as the leader of the free world to rally some kind of international coalition that will say, we will do something. because the congress is not going to do anything at the moment. >> well, and you mentioned how much people do or don't care
3:42 pm
about this. in polling, our most recent fox news polling on the important issues facing the country, and this is from mid-november, terrorism is at the top of the list with 24%. you go further down to climate change and it's 3%. why this continued campaign by the administration and hundreds of leaders around the world gathering in paris? >> because this president lives in a world that's idealistic, if you want to be favorable to it, and benign about undiluted graduations. this is about if the league of nations and everything in between hadn't happened. remember, obama had a summit in washington a few years ago to end nuclear proliferation. he thought it was a great event. i remember the one announcement of a success was that canada had given away some extra surplus stuff, as if the threat of the world is from canada. he lives in a world where people
3:43 pm
get together, reasonable, educated, harvard law school people from all over the world, and the greed that means nothing like the league of nations, like the u.n., but we have learned something since then, he has learned nothing. this global warming is the same thing. nothing will come of it because it's not a treaty, will never get through the senate, it's not going to be binding on anybody, and the great announcement he made when he was in china that we would radically reduce our emissionsed by 2025 and would immediately begin our reductions in '30. how about a serious air campaign over syria? how about destroying their oil infrastructure for a start? but that doesn't occur to him. >> i just think it is a defiance. i disagree with you and with george on this.
3:44 pm
i think the isis people want us to be afraid. they don't want oral leaders risking that security. i'm sure they're not sitting there saying, oh, gosh, the fear that would make them say, don't go there. >> but do you think it's. in my mind, you can do two things at once. you either do terrorism or you do climate change. >> but obama is the one who connected them, that's the point. is there a re. it is so visionary that the idea of the paris attacks was because they wanted to prevent the leaders of the world -- rise to
3:45 pm
the ocean contributes to another competing fact. there are a billion people on this planet who have no electricity. i would think that might make them more irritable, if you will, than climate change. >> well, and how do you answer critics who say, as charles pointed out, that china has been less committal, and india and some others, with very specific guidelines. we're working to cut greenhouse gases by 26 to 28% in ray very short time frame. >> i think the bigger issue is we don't see that the chinese is enforcing the deal there right now, even. so you have to have enforcement, otherwise it's not real. the larger point, i think, is
3:46 pm
the united states who has, of course, historically the coal industry has been so big here, and we ship it overseas. has to show some leadership. >> the chinese in the first nine months of the year have been licensing four coal-powered plants a week, and we are closing this now. >> it's over climate change that congress will finally find their footing and say the executive power starts here. they can do that. up next bret baier in new york with a business panel on the state of the economy. details.
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welcome back. we are going to new york now where bret baier has some special guests. >> thanks. so it is cyber monday which, of course, follows black friday and small business saturday. i didn't know that but we are going to talk about the state of the u.s. u. economy tonight. joining me here from new york the fox business network maria bartiromo. stuart varney and trish reagan. thanks for being here. this is exciting time. holiday sales. national retail federation put out a graph of the projected sales. 3.7% this year. $630 billion. on average over the last 10 years up about 2.5% for holiday sales. but for retailers, this is a huge sign. maria. >> this is a huge sign. this is dictating it the entire year for most retailers. about two thirds of the
3:51 pm
overall economic story in the u.s. this is a critical time of the year for the retail sector and for the overall economy. frankly what i have been seeing, bret, it has been. bring and mortar. given the continued acceptance of online shopping. that's done a little better. things like apple, amazon. for the most part, most retailers did see disappointment. the good news is that means in the next couple of weeks we will probably see even more discounting. >> so is this economy soft? is that a word to use, stuart? >> i think it's bumbling along. consumers have more cash from much lower gas prices but they are not spending it in the stores the way they used to. i think you have got to take count of obamacare. enormous deductibles. very high costs of healthcare. i think that's eating into the disposable cash which is allot of consumers have. the turning point in my opinion this year is the turning not so much away from the retail stores, bricks and mortar, but
3:52 pm
towards online shopping. this is the year when when online came of age. and amazon is absolutely leading therómo way. it's a real thrust to go shopping online as opposed to standing in the library at the mall. -- in a line at the mall. >> there is a lot of excitement for a lot of americans to stand in the line at the mall. it's a tradition. black friday. a lot of people, i'm not in this camp, but a lot of people like to go shopping on black friday and be part of that festive holiday cheer which includes lots of sales. they are having an opportunity to do it online more so. that's pretty good. i was disappointed in the lack of numbers that we saw the national retail federation in terms of friday's sales. they came in roughly a billion dollars less than expected. and, you know, i think that that, bret, really speaks to some of the softness in the economy. one part of it people don't want to deal with those lines. i think it's telling you something else. i agree with you, marie a we are going to see a soft season it's because we are in a very anemic economic
3:53 pm
growth environment and people are not feeling confident and good people are not shopping. >> maybe it's a cultural thing or my age. i have seen door buster sales and lines and i have tried to park for eternity and i can't do it. maybe i'm turning away from the actual standing and buying it. >> you love it. >> look for the amazon. they put out the video of the new drone that is going to be delivering packages around the country. and that's really quite something, that could be the future of delivery of service. >> it looks interesting. it could only hold a pounds so small packages for sure. i think overall what you are see something a soft economy, bret. you really are of. seeing people worried about their jobs and their neighbor's jobs. as a result they are sitting on cash. obamacare is the right to make. obamacare is getting rushed. if you have auto employees, you are forced to offer benefits.
3:54 pm
healthcare benefits if you can't afford it. you will pay a fine. a lot of small businesses are choosing, you know what? i will pay the fine because i cannot afford to pay all of these benefits to employees with just 50 employees. >> talking about jobs, trish. you have got the look over the past few years and quarters and the unplymouth numbers. and obviously they have ticked down but so has the number of people who are looking for work in the workforce. >> 5% unemployment just ain't what it used to be, bret. because, back in the day that would have been really good. but 5% isn't so good anymore. there is a few things going on. one, you mentioned basically the number of people that could be working that aren't working. we are seeing a labor participation rate that's quite weak and it hasn't been this weak since the 1970s. wages have been going up. little bit of an uptick last time around. they are not growing enough which is crazy when you think about it it the fed has been throwing everything it possibly can at this economy to try to get a
3:55 pm
little inflation and we're not really seeing any. people aren't making this much money. >> this is the united states of america. this is a vigorous, dynamic capitalist society. in the last seven years we never seen a single year where you have 4% or 5% growth. we have not seen it. america that's extremely unusual. if you turn that around, if you did get that kind of growth, you would see a different attitude on the part of the consumer and the shopper. >> so look in the crystal ball here, marie a 2016, in the middle of a presidential race, is the economy slowly getting to a place where it's chugging along a little bit better than it is now. >> chugging along is a fine phrase for that. that's okay. that's really not where we should be at this point in the recovery cycle. the fact is that the manufacturing part of this economy is already in recession. you have seen a huge collapse in the price of commodities. a huge collapse in anything really related to trade. exports are down. many people expect 2016 to
3:56 pm
be an all out recession. that's going to be a major issue for the next president to have to deal with maria, stuart, trish, thank you as always. send it back to you in d.c. >> thank you, bret. airways in early voting states are filling up with political ads. we have a new one you don't want to miss. that's next. happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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4:00 pm
>> how do you think that is going to play in iowa? hey, it got our attention. thanks for watching "special report," i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. "on the record" is up next. tonight "on the record" senator marco rubio he has something to say about president obama. the commander and chief said there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change. the president is in paris focusing on climate change. he said the global warming is a critical issue. >> no challenge, no challenge poses a greater threat to it generations than climate change. >> nothing more than climate change can change the contour than climate change than any other. >> g.o.p. presidential candidate marco rubio goes "on the record" from new hampshire. good evening, senator. >> good


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