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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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better than anybody else is going to be taking over the coverage from here. but you can see they are lining up for the press conference. all record." shepard smith and o'reilly factor starts right now. ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we have a domestic terror situation unfolding in southern california. all throughout this hour the factor will report on the situation which is changing by the minute. at 8:00 eastern time here is what we know in stone. at about 11:00 pacific time this morning the environmental health services office of san bernadino county was invaded by gunmen. according to eyewitness denise peraza who was shot in the back and wounded, two men with large caliber weapons opened fire on a group of people and they shot for 30 seconds
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straight. reloaded, and fired again. at this point, 14 innocent folks are dead. 17 others wounded. police shot one of the perpetrators hours later as somebody fled in an suv. we still don't know how many people were in there. we should get updated information momentarily. now, a hunt is on for at least one other suspect but, again we don't know much about that. the dramatic events were broadcast live to the nation on cable tv outlets as once again america is shaken by senseless violence. we are awaiting a press conference from san bernadino county and when that begins we will go to it but, first, adam housley has been covering the story all day and has an eyewitness with him i understand. adam, set it up for us, please. >> yeah. i will set it up first and eyewitness is going to come over here in a second. i can tell you this is basically not far from where the barricade is taking place, the severine is taking place. right behind me as i step
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away. that's where the shootout was. for those who maybe didn't follow this or just getting what happened here, the shootout came here about two and a half hours ago or so. black suv was coming down the street, heading toward the street called richardson. at that point a back window was shot out of the suv. we don't know if that was coming from the inside or the police officers that were in the chase. it was a slow speed chase as southern california goes, 2355, 35 miles per hour only. returned fire, continued on where the stoplight where it came to tan end where two suspects were shot and killed. we do know that basically the area all within the police tape where we are located about a mile square is completely shutdown. they have been evacuating people out for the last two and a half hours that we have been here. people barricaded in rooms. one woman we spoke to earlier in her closet. still with her dog spoke to her on the phone that is a situation. helicopters continue to circle as well. so bill, as you can tell it's very fluid out here.
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you know the situation. that's the situation we are in. >> this is exactly what happened in the boston marathon case when they were chasing tsarnaev brothers and we had to be live two suspects were shot by police conflicting reports on that. are you positive it was two shot in the suv. >> not positive, bill. as you know again the witness, i'm going to have him tell you what he saw. what's amazing about this, bill, is you have a situation a mile and a half from here where the actual murders took place literally if i was to drive straight through this camera a mile and a half, that's where the initial 14 people were killed. david was in this building right here. on lockdown, shutting the factory down. the whole town of san bernadino shut down. people going home and statement a lot of the streets were empty. unmarked coming out. david, explain to bill what did you see you? were outside and all of the sudden be you heard the gunfire. >> you heard the gunfire
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black suv driving fast by in front of us. the windows were breaking from the back. i don't know if they were shooting at the cops or cops them. we heard shots and we just cover and back of the car that was in want from of us. and then when they passed us when they passed us, maybe about 30 or 40 feet after they passed us, more shots rang out and that's when we really took cover good. they had scruffy faces. short black hair. and they were looking back. i did not see if this everywhere pointing at something at the cops. all throughout the day you probably heard it here. you were listening and watching television as well that they were wearing black and looking for three men wearing all black. that's when you saw? >> that's when i saw they had like black shirts on or black sweaters on or something black. >> conflicting reports whether or not waiting for a press conference and
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hopefully tell us whether two were killed there or not. i don't know if there was a third one in the back. he only saw two in the front. i saw two in the front. >> i want you to give me an idea too. you see all this police activity see the shootout in front of you what's that feel like? it's like something surreal helped clear some of the things um. ask officers here. >> i have got a couple of questions for david. >> of course. go ahead. >> first of all, did you see any bodies being removed or any people being removed from the suv after the shootout? did they take away, the police take away anybody from the car? >> you were down there for a while. did you see -- any bodies been pulled out you move backed? >> no no. the first shootings happened
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here. >> 100 yards further? >> no, i didn't get to see any of that. >> bill it was actually three spots. just about maybe 100 yards from where i'm at that's where the first window was shot out and right in front of david is where the main, second main shootout happened and about 150 yards past is where it ended. you are receipt in the middle of the three locations? >> yeah. do you have another question bill? >> no, thank you david. we appreciate that i have got a couple of questions are for you adam. >> sure. >> now the law enforcement at this point has to now who these guys are are. two hours now roughly two hours. >> so if they are not both dead. know who they are. law enforcement is not really talking to you or any other reporters. all information was funneling through these press conferences correct? >> correct. i mean, they have given us little bits and pieces i
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will give you an example. when he would first heard about this chase we were over in a different locations a couple other correspondents based on railroad tracks bill that was directly across where the shooting took place. we were there by ourselves and a still photographer. when we were there i had someone tell me hey, you know we have to go with the idea we are looking for three men with tactical gear and they said ak 47s. that's when the law enforcement guy said that's what we are looking for. now, if they officially say that we are in chase. we are in chase. a black suv. and so right away within a second of getting text where we were the main center of where the fbi was the bomb squads right where we were by those railroad tracks they took off. this was like unit, unit, unit go, go, go. the tactical units took off. we jumped in the suv and drove here. they have given us a little information but a lot of the main situation are there two bose in the suv that have been pulled out. stuff like that. are there just three suspects. they are not narrowing it down for us.
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we are getting little bits and pieces. >> right now is there a dragnet? are there police helicopters all over the place and are there house-to-house searches going on right at this moment? >> absolutely. house-to-house searches you can no longer see because we got moved back. there is only one helicopter though. and you are not going to see it tonight unfortunately. the news helicopters which you get some of the video on from the air. they have been moved back it up to get out of the way at times especially listen, follow law enforcement in that situation. so there is one helicopter we know that is law enforcement related. and there are yes house to house searches going on. we do know, bill. i talked to one woman on the phone before her phone went dead she has been in the closet now for two hours since she heard the initial gunfire with her dogs. and she has been told to hunker down. >> as an experienced reporter, you know and i know that if there was a dragnet going on intensity.
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even where you are right now. there would be sirens going there now. because that's the way that these things are conducted i think the police know what the disposition of the case is going to be i don't like to do it but it's educated speculation. you don't have one chopper on a crime of this magnitude, you have got five. because it's l.a. county. l.a. county, it's san bernadino county. it's fbi, it's a whole bunch. it's a joint force trying to get these guys under control. correct? >> yeah. it's a massive force. i would agree with the dragnet situation. only caveat i would bring in if there are only three main suspect is two are dead behind me and speculation there is one barricaded a whole another line of cop cars will be coming in here in a second you will see over my shoulder. if there that is the case just three suspects you will know they will be looking at possible other connections here.
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where did they get the weapons from? other people maybe not as involved as active shooter. so you do have that dragnet taking place as well. and in this situation i think what they are trying to do is ensure that they have -- if there were three if they have those three completely surrounded in one house and dead or if they are missing somebody. there has been a lot of different calls as you know in different situations i have heard them on the scanner of myself today. so and so running this way so and so running that way. they have to respond to those, too. >> what are the warnings to the people in the community? that will tip you off as well as to the intense city of right now. what are the warnings, are they saying you can't go out of your house now? you can't drive on the street now? what are they saying? >> well, san bernadino is a big area. i will say the streets that i have seen are not as crowded as they normally are this time of night. a lot of people staying in out of the fray. beyond this police tape and basic quad grant drant of an area, a mile square, massive area moved back to with the shootout being right there and the search basically being right over there.
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that whole area people have been told to stay in place. they have been told to stay in place like that woman in the closet. stay in place come to your door and tell when you it's safe. >> through the local news, the authorities have said in this area where you are don't go outside. they have issued an order not to go outside; is that correct? >> exactly. and also, the reason why this press conference is late too bill, i was told by federal source i'm close with is that this obviously changed. they wanted to have the 8:00 eastern press conference. this whole situation and the ongoing situation that apparently is taking place with the barricade, if that, again, is still ongoing that is what's pushing them back a bit. very fluid as you know, bill. >> okay. so they are trying to compile the new information to bring it to the nation. now, adam, i would like you to stand by, obviously we are going to go back to you you when anything happens. but i want to bring in two people right now who are experts in counter terrorism. have some information that's important: los angeles. then jim hanson in
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washington, d.c. jim, let me begin with you. because you know something about one of the suspects i understand? tell us. >> across the police scanners bill, the name faruq saeed came out as the suspect who went into this meeting/holiday party left angrily and they believed was the one who came back and initiated the shooting. >> anything about faruq saeed? do we know anything about him? >> there is a lot of work being done. not that uncommon of name. there is work being done to see if there are any connections between him where he may be going to mosque. are there any other indicators that there was an islamist jihadist type of attack. >> we have got to be very careful here, mr. cohen. very very careful. if it is a tears attack generated by fanatical muslims it becomes an international paris type story with implications for the president of the united states on down. so we don't want to speculated. but, do you have any information for us at all
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tonight, mr. cohen? >> active shooter, law enforcement around the country, bill. and my sources have also said that there has been a islamic name that was released and that's been given out. the attackers went to a specific place for specific reason with the type of tack kick call gear that would allow them to create maximum damage and then leave. also leads my sources to tell me this could be potential international related terror attack due to those specific things that i'm hearing from my sources on the ground. again, these are people that i train specifically an active shooter so this is what i'm hearing. >> the problem with the story right now is that san bernadino county, well, a fairly sophisticated area, is not and this facility that these men intruded a
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regular neighborhood facility, it doesn't look like, you know, a statement that isis would make or something like that. again, we are speculating but i wanted to get both of your opinions on that, first you, mr. hanson. >> bill, america is one giant soft target. so the idea if isis wants to create the most fear, hitting us in places that are not iconic is the best way to do it. it brings everyone in to play and we are all now in play. so i think if this is an attack and they don't have to be tied to isis. they can be inspired by isis. they can just be people who believe that jihad commands them to kill the infidels and doing that anywhere even if they are doing it in the furtherance of a personal beef, leads them to paradise and that's what they are looking for. >> now mr. cohen we were going to do a report tonight with rudy giuliani which of course we are not doing now
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because of the breaking news situation that said a study out of george washington university in washington d.c. pinpointed 300 social media people affiliated with isis and 71' isis people have been arrested in the u.s.a. those 300 in america as well. so, they are already here. and i think all the counter terrorism experts know that, correct? >> that's absolutely correct, bill. the online radicalization has been ongoing for several years. isis is a terrorist group that has mastered the use of the internet just the same way celebrities use it to create, you know, their careers in the media for music and what we have seen now is how easy it is for isis to almost one up al qaeda. al qaeda is not going to be able to outdo 9/11. but isis knows that they can be very successful with incredible low so he face it at
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-- sophistication there is a pool of talent for them to tap into in this country against these soft targets including san bernadino. >> we don't want to care it to a conclusion because we don't know. but, i want to get back to faruq saeed mr. hanson. you heard the name again over police transmissions correct? >> yes. i did not hear it but the sources we spoke to who reported that from l.a. said that was the name that went across the police networks and that was how they started the search for the suspects. >> okay. what sources were they? they are focused law enforcement. i don't have the names i can give you right now. >> if that information filtered it's way to you how did that happen? >> that came across because the people who heard it were on the scanners, part of the actual tactical effort to behind this these shoot errs. >> how would you know that? >> i know that because we
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spoke to them. >> and you spoke to them, why? >> because we were attempting to find out a were there any names in play and b once we could get a name like this. was there any way we could find any social media or other things that might lead us to believe that he left a suicide note or he did one of the other indicators after jihadist attack. they are prone to doing those final video episodes. >> when you heard the name faruq saeed? did you run him down or check him out? >> like i said it's a common enough name that no one i'm aware of has yet come to a definitive answer. at this point it's only a name that was heard over the police scanner. it has not been confirmed. perhaps at the press conference they might do that. >> everybody is trying to find out whether this is a domestic terrorism like charleston, south carolina, where just in a rational crazy person goes in and shoots up a church full of people or, whether it's islamic terrorism because then the story becomes
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international. it becomes a story where okay, here they come. all right? this is number one. and, we have some information i want to give to the folks right now. according to the "the washington post," they are reporting this evening that a local law enforcement official confirms that atf agents found what is believed to be a pipe bomb on one of the suspects. the officials said the fbi is also looking into that case. so now we have mr. cohen reports of big weapons gear, that i guess you could buy anywhere pipe bomb which i guess you could make. does that give you any clues at all? >> it gives me a lot of clues. if you look at the actual vehicle takedown that was transpire aring when the bear cats were blocking in the suv. it was on oous from watching the footage as well as from
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my sources and again these are i have been very close to southern law enforcement for years i get text messages from these guys because they want to make sure the information gets out in their own quiet way if you will. we communicate in the tactical community. i have been a reserve deputy for nine years and a swat instructor. we are always texting and keeping abroad. the suvs being deployed were specifically tailored for what we call a slow and deliberate clear which meant that there was an explosive or a very strong possibility of an explosive on one of those persons in the vehicle and from my sources, i'm hearing it was two suspects in the vehicle who had been engaged engaged in by law enforcement. you can tell from the shrapnel and bullet holes in the front windshield, bill and that the robotics and clears were dedicated at removing an actual improvised explosive device from one of the suspect is in that vehicle. >> does this have the earmarks or fingerprints of
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any particular operational organization? all right. so i'm asking the question again because you have a dual scenario here. you can have homegrown terrorists that we saw in boston charleston, where they are just haters and they go in and kill. and then you have the organized islamic jihadists. does this tell you anything, mr. cohen, the information that you have given us, does it lead to one way or the other? yes, it does bill, it leads me to believe there is a very strong connection in my professional opinion to islamic i can motivated international terror. it has the same prints as the bataclan style attack abdeslam opened fire on citizens well equipped armed with kalashnikov cough rifles easy to get in and
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retreated to belgium where he was either able to continue to carry on with terror or until he was engaged. you have this group of subjects who performed a very similar type of attack. they went in. they opened fire and they left and did it, bill, in under five minutes. it's premeditation. >> you are drawing parallels are from san bernadino to paris, mr. cohen. that's what you are doing right now? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> do you concur, mr. hanson? >> without a doubt. i think this absolutely has the earmarks of same type of attack. even more scary bill, is the fact that this has the ability to happen anywhere. this doesn't have to be internationally inspired because they have seen how to do it. they know how to do it. we had the boston marathon guys. we had major hasan at fort hood. this has happened before in the united states. but now we have got foreign groups like isis calling for it to happen, inspiring people in the united states who are already here whether they infiltrateed as isis operatives or whether they
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were simply radicalized in a mosque teaching jihad or did it themselves online. they could be anywhere. they are among us. consequently that makes all americans targets. this is going to to become a bigger problem and more of this is going to happen. >> it's impossible to stop in a free society. but, if these individuals who killed the 14 people afound to have isis ties obviously they will go over computers and background and find out how they got in here. who they associated with the fbi is excellent at that. then, the pressure now becomes on no to take isis off the map. that's that story. if it's a boston marathon two crazy brothers who think they are going to kill people to advances cause of jihad. then the story takers on another angle in the sense that you can't stop it in a
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free society is. you just can't. and unfortunately that is what the case is now mr. cohen, you have made your reputation in israel, correct? >> correct. i served israel's counter terrorism unit. >> israel is a country that every single day of its existence there could be a terror attack the people of israel know that. do they have a different mentality than we americans have? >> yeah they do. israelis regardless of where they stand politically understand the fundamental idealogues who can't be talked to normally because when you are dealing with that type of ideology, there is no logic. it's a delusional mentality regardless of where israelis stand, national security is always taken seriously everybody serves in the
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military. citizen when permitted often carry weapons. we rely on our citizenry in israel to respond as we have seen with all our crazy knife attacks in the last month. it's because israel is a very socially security conscious society that we don't have as much terrorism as there could would be if they weren't the way they were in israel. >> let me paraphrase. you are saying because israelis, who are pretty robust in their political differences because they all come together on this issue protects themselves from terrorism, it's easier for the government to do that. while we, in america are divided along ideological lines on how to attack isis, what to do with the jihad. as you both know our president won't even mention the word are jihad. so it makes it more difficult for the country to unite around a single strategy to protect ourselves. would that be an accurate
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assessment mr. hanson. >> it is a problem. it is the difficulty of a free democratic society that does not feel as under sieged as the israelis do. but there are things we can do. the president, at this point, has to be told in no uncertain terms his job is to kill isis and to cut down the black flag as the center for security policies plan to kill isis calls for. but we can also do things here in the united states. they are difficult, they are painful. they need to be done we commissioned a study and published it in a peer review journal of 100 mosques in the united states. out of those randomlyath ubfjgéw(zpmrkn6udá"?8mdqáw%cnte&marà,6éírq)-eev)
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call this thing what it is which is islamic fundamental terrorism. two get aggressive overseas and three start to get aggressive with our preventative measures here in the united states. otherwise, we are going to see a lot more of what we saw today in san bernadino. >> all right. and again we are speculating to some extent. based upon the information that's coming in here. so, we are not drawing any conclusions or saying anything in stone. we're just having a discussion about where the investigation has led right now. on that note. monitoring the investigation rampage took place. anything new on your front jonathan? >> yeah, bill. right now it there appear to be two main fronts here. one is the ongoing search
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for a possible third suspect as police continue to go down a couple of streets a couple of miles from me here in san bernardino. now, separately, we understand that law enforcement officials currently carrying out search warrants on residents in redlands, that is right next door to san bernadino. two active scenes right now as they the search for one possible suspect and continue the search for a motive in this rampage that killed at least 14 people and we simply, this stage according to all law enforcement officials we have spoken to have no clear motive although there are some indications, officials have been saying, bill, according to reports coming from a very reliable reporter, at the "l.a. times," may have started with with an argument at this holiday party that we understand was going on at the inland regional center.
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>> all right. but if that's true these guys certainly ha lot of things prepared to bring in the weapons and the garb and everything like that. the suggestion, bill arguments between two people. one of those persons then left. conflict dressed now in black wearing black masks with heavy duty weapons. yes it would appear that planning was involved in that indeed was the case. >> if that report is true, you don't conjure up the pipe bomb, trace what do you have for us tonight in. >> well, i just want to expand on what jonathan is saying there bill, we are still trying to vet this "l.a. times" report. the theory here is that this was rented out this conference room that the shooting happened at was actually rented out by the county health department san bernadino. it was kind of a slash christmas party also kind of an awards banquet. the report is that this person was actually inside
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the conference room and then left after an angry altercation and then came back inside. but the question you raise is a very good one bill, which is if you come back in with two other shooters. and you shoot the place up. there was clearly an active plan to get out of this building. because this building at the complex at the regional center was the only one not secured. so what happened is you had shooters go. in they opened fire. they reloaded. opened fire again. and were able to leave the building because there was no security there. got in, apparently to that black suv and lingered in that area for the better part of four hours. because it was four hours between the shooting and when the shootout on the open street happened. >> sure, they live in the area. and they are not real smart anyway. they go out in broad daylight in a car four minutes to the press conference san bernadino. we are hoping that they can advance the story and give us at least what they know
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about the peppers. that's the key right now. the people who are hurt, the 17 people were monitoring them. hospital all across the area. we talked to man, this is very interesting story. carlos or ortiz and his son kevin was shot three times. kevin is in stable condition. mr. ortiz was going to join us but they just let imin to see his son for the first time. call his father carlos and described what was going on. that these guys there were two gunmen and this coincides with what we told you at the top of the program with the other eyewitness that was shot in the back. and these guys just calmly walked in and started mowing people down and firing all over the place. and then reloaded and started to fire his injuries aren't too grievous. but the victims are going to
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be monitored and that will be a big story for tomorrow. for tonight we're trying to find out who these guys are. and then as i said if it is a terrorist component islamic, that just blows this whole thing up into another paris situation where the president is under siege already and that becomes a big international story where is if it is just a local beef, then it's a local beef, it gets down into charleston, it gets down into fort hood and that. now, the "the washington post" is reporting also that federal law enforcement officials are saying they do not believe the shooting, they do not believe the shooting is an act of international terrorism. okay. these are initial reports that are coming out, which is why i warned everybody that speculating is very difficult. but, we have a name and the name is obviously a name that was on the police band and it is a muslim name.
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an arab name. we're going to wait. take a deep breath and we are hoping this press conference will materialize shortly. i want to recap on what has happened here. about is 1:00 pacific time this morning two gunmen, at least, went in to the san bernardino community center where they have rehab for people with disabilities and they also rent out rooms. where there are a couple of parties going on. apparently the men shot up one party. we don't know why. we don't know what the motive is. they fled. and adam housley i guess there is new information on this. adam what do you have? >> yeah, bill. i just got off with federal law enforcement sources the third suspect is a female. that throws a wrinkle in here. we didn't know what to suspect as you know. trying to get a confirmation on the name or type of name. we are getting some speculation on that as well. won't get more information they are going to address
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this in the press conference very shortly as you have been aloadsing too. we have heard there might have been third suspect female go looked up for held up in a home. we are told it is a female and they will hopefully have more information for us when that press conference takes place, bill. >> the person i spoke to says this person said that they believe that they were still at large. federal agencies are all trying to work together. the information gets passed around pretty quickly. also very fluid. under their interpretation, the person was still at large. but, the information they got was like 10 anyone's ago. so, it could change. the person could be in kiss today at this moment. still at large bill. >> any stepped up activity where you are. fog about the search how it was conducted. i know that there is a lot of activity. is it for frenzied or is it calm are where you are adam.
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>> since i spoke to you last it was calm and friended in some. we saw battery units and units. i talked to one of our producer who's is actually on the other side, basically other side of the location where we are. diagonal. basically a square that they have taken people out of. and he is on other corner. right before i got that phone call that said it was a female was the third suspect. >> okay, now, in the air the hospitals is it still just one hovering overhead? >> no, there is two. i saw a second one bill. i know it's at least two police because they are lower, the media ones because it's night. the media ones are way up high over there and over there and over there. >> police ones are low. behind my shoulder and trees. one over there as well. steamed like will two. maybe three. here comes one right now. they have picked it up a lot at least this area.
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we'll haven't seen the helo this close to us. >> do they have spotlights on adam? >> they do have their spotlights on which means there is still a search going on. >> that's what it means. three police harpootlian -- police spotlights. >> there has definitely been a pickup in action, bill. here comes another one right now. no way they will allow media to fly this low. i don't know if you can see did at night. here is another one coming through. there is definitely more activity. we saw the battering ram come out of here right after i spoke to you. a number of units and tactical teams leave. then i got the information from a good source in law enforcement saying that it's a female who is the third suspect. >> who is taking the lead, adam? >> right now see that's part of the problem bill, san bernardino police says they are the lead. i know from talking to federal sources the fbi generally steps into these
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situations. they are very good with working with local law enforcement in california. a lot of scenes. i know the fbi is obviously very. >> let's go to the press conference in southern california go. >> conference. but i will say this. since that time, we are still working on the building here at the inland regional center mentioned in the first press conference there was suspicious devices. one of those devices is believed to potentially be an explosive device. they are taking a very cautious, very slow approach to processing that building and rendering that safe. i would imagine we will be here for several hours as the bomb squad continues to work that part. we followed up on some tips that took us to a residence in the city of red land. setting up that residence to watch it there was a vehicle that was seen leaving. that was suspected of possibly being involved. there ended up being being a
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pursuit of that vehicle and eventually that pursuit came back to avenue between mountain view and richardson here in the city of san bernadino where the suspect's vehicle stopped and there was an officer-involved shooting. we had multiple officers that were involved in the shooting. we have two suspects that are dead at the scene. one of them male. one is a female. we had one police officer that was wounded. he has injuries that are not considered to be life threatening and he is at a local hospital and is expected to be okay. the suspects that were -- that are dead at the scene. one is is a male. one is a female. they were dressed in kind of assault style clothing. they are both armed with assault rifles. they are both armed with handguns. and there is also kind of some sensitive stuff around the vehicle that they are not real sure. they are taking a very cautious approach in dealing with the vehicle in case
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there is more explosives there. right now i'm going to turn it over to dave with the fbi to talk about some parts of the investigation. >> thank you chief. so first off my name is my name is in charge of the nib in charge of the los angeles field ooffice. bowdich. first off we want to extend our true sadness to the families of the victims. there are many, many wounded and treated as we speak. this is truly a tragedy in our country and we will continue to apply all the resources necessary to assure that both us, the sheriff's department, san bernadino police department as well as the atf work this thing together to assure that we have chased down
5:39 pm
every lead to solve this case. secondly we are bringing in fbi resources. we have agents on house in redlands california right now. that house as we know, we do not know the contents of what's in that house. but previous active shooter incidents have shown us that there are times when devices are left behind. we do not have any indications there are devices. to my knowledge, but we certainly are going to proceed very cautiously in to that house to preserve life and limb of our employees. we are bringing evidence response teams in to work hand in hand with our state and local partners on the officer involved shooting scenes as well as the scene here where we have multiple victims as well as the house we will continue to go down this road. this is a marathon, not a sprint. i know one of the big questions that will come up
5:40 pm
repeatedly is this terrorism? i am still not willing to say that we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements that it is a possibility. we are making some adjustments to our investigation. it is a possibility. but we don't know that yet. and we are not willing to go down that road yet. >> david the relationship between the two dead suspects? >> unknown at this point it. >> the name? >> how old you will approximately are they? >> i do not even know that. >> what about the third suspect? they were talking a third suspect? >> there is a third suspect and i don't know the disposition of that suspect.hat question to the chief. what i will tell you on any indications of terrorism or this investigation, i told a few of you already we will go where the evidence takes us. it's possible it goes down that road. it's also possible it does not. we're just not sure yet. and when we are fairly sure, we will let you know. >> do you have a motive for this? >> could this possibly be
5:41 pm
terrorism? >> there are a number of potentials and there is a few potential things and we just don't know. i'm not willing to go down that road. this is a very fluid active investigation. we are are still gathering facts, all the heads of agencies that we have here. we are still gathering some of these facts ourself because this scene is strewn throughout the city and into another city. it's incredibly fluid about the identity of the third suspect, description anything? >> so i should have included that in -- when i talked a moment ago. so as i said we had an officer-involved shooting on samuel avenue between mountain view and richardson. there were two people in the vehicle, both of those people are deceased. there was a third person that was seen running away. we do not know if they were involved. we have that person detained. i don't have any information on who that person is yet and we certainly don't know if they were involved. it's possible they were not. the ream we put things out on social media that we ask
5:42 pm
people to shelter in place in those neighborhoods is because there were some folks that called in and had reported that they heard somebody jumping fences and they reported some of that activity in the neighborhood. we don't know if that was possibly responding officers but we took a cautious approach. we locked down the neighborhood. we need shelter in place and searched that neighborhood extensively. as of a couple of minutes ago we would reasonable doubt that search has been wrapped up. no additional folks contacted or seen there. we feel that area is safe and we can lift that shelter in place there. >> do you have a motive yet and why this location? >> we do not have a motive. >> possible age of the suspect. >> i do not have that right now. keep in mind that i said that there were some things that were causing the officers to take a very, very cautious approach in approaching those suspects and so we just are not that far into the investigation yet. >> possibility these suspects might have had suicide vests or something similar? >> i don't know.
5:43 pm
is i have not heard suicide vests, no. >> do you believe this whole situation is all clear that people are safe or there is still more shooters potentially out there? >> we feel confident about the neighborhood where the officer-involved shooting took place that we have secured that and there is nobody outstanding there. we are reasonably confident on that. on the broader scale of the investigation, as i said early on we had information that there were potentially three shooters, we are still at a point where we are tracking down that information. we are going to try to continue to identify if there was a third person involved or potentially even more people that might have been involved in the planning. we are still pretty early on that part of the investigation. >> there were a number of reports about a holiday party. >> i can't listen to all of them. >> chief, there is a report out as to holiday party somebody left angrily went out, came back with two other people, guns, and started firing. any truth to that? >> so i have heard that they were in a meeting or a holiday party type event at the inland regional center. somebody did leave. but we have no idea if that
5:44 pm
is the person that came back. >> oh, so that's a possibility then? >> somebody did leave. there was some type of dispute or something when somebody left that party. but we have no idea if those are the people that came back. >> any idea the type of weapons that were recovered you said long guns initially. >> they were assault style weapons. >> ak series? >> yeah, that type of weapon yes. >> are there explosives, sir near that black suv currently? >> there was a report that they potentially threw what was identified as a pipe bomb. i think we have rendered that device safe it was not an explosive. i think we are still working on the vehicle and making sure that that is safe. >> you can give us anything on description of these suspects their appearance, ethnicity? age? >> just the way that was described to me and i said this in the first press conference they came dressed and equipped and i think the people that we have at the scene that are deceased are dressed in that way. they are dressed in dark, kind of tactical gear is the
5:45 pm
best i would put it. >>eth miss -- ethnicity. >> serve a search warrant. >> i didn't say we served a search warrant. >> we understand you served a search warrant is what we are being told. is it your understanding they were hold up in the general area then the whole time? >> no. no. there was information -- early part of the investigation as we started to develop information there was one particular focus area that we went there were a couple. but there was one particular focus area that we went to. and it was one of those follow-up focus areas that led us to the house in red lands that led to the ultimate pursuit that led to the officer involved shooting. >> is that their house? >> the address was connected to the follow-up that we h i don't know who the suspects are. nor do i know if that is where they lived. >> chief, do you believe that the the -- >> they were carrying assault style weapons. >> i don't know the specific caliber or make or model of the gun.
5:46 pm
>> hang on real quick. >> there were two people in the suv. both of them were r. deceased. >> police killed them both. >> one male, one female. they were engaged in a gun battle with police officers. and we had several officers that shot at them and into the vehicle. i don't know what bullets caused their death. >> we had a third person seen leaving the area. is he detained. we do not know the extent of his involvement, if any. it's possible that he was not. >> aurora and coal son? >> it was -- he was -- the person was detained very close to where the officer involved shooting. we don't have. >> i don't know. >> there was an arrest on coal son street. >> this was somebody detained we have not identified them yet. >> did he have weapons on him, that third suspect that's detained? weapons located on that person? >> i don't have that information. >> was there any words exchanged during this gunfire.
5:47 pm
>> i don't know. >> nationality? >> i don't know. >> okay. we're going to try to do another press conference sometime around 8:30, 9:00. hopefully we have more information for you at that time. thank you. >> all right. that was the police chief of san bernadino. and the breaking news there were two suspects shot dead by police. and one suspect being detained. you know, it's funny because i have been doing this for 40 years. the police know more than they say. and there is always a little hints. when the fbi guy got up there and he said, look, we're north ruling out terrorism, that means that terrorism is on the radar. okay. because if they thought that this was just bonnie and clyde, two narrow near do ething they would quickly get that out o. you cannot speculate further than what the man said.
5:48 pm
so, terrorism is in play: let's bring in catherine herridge from washington our correspondent who knows all of the intel players. so what are you hearing tonight, catherine? >> well, bill, we have have just had a conversation with u.s. government official who has told us that the lead assailant has been confirmed as a u.s. citizen. they did not provide further information but they did also tell us that they had been working with a foreign name earlier and they believe, basissed on -- based on their review of records that that name has washed out. what caught my attention of the news conference is description of male and female suspect that were killed at that suv. the assault style clothing, the assault weapons. a handguns, and then also what they believe may be explosive devices inside that vehicle and then also at a suspect's home. a final point the fbi as the east coast has progressed and you rightly point out is becoming more deeply involved in this investigation and halsz not ruled out terrorism as
5:49 pm
possibility in this case, bill. >> okay. we might tell the audience that if it's a local beef. just people in san bernadino, committing murder that's not a federal crime. all right. so the feds don't get involved. there is no bias activity here as far as we can tell. so the fact that the fbi los angeles office is almost taking the lead here, he didn't want to embarrass the police chief by speaking first, shows us that there is an avenue of investigation that contains a terror component. now, when you say catherine that it's a u.s. citizen. as you know the george washington university study just out today says that there are about 300 u.s. citizens involved actively with isis on social media and 71 have been arrested for isis-related activity. so that doesn't really tell us too much, does it? >> it doesn't tell us a lot in this particular situation. but the facts seem to be
5:50 pm
laying out this evening in such a way bill, that the the fbi is getting more intensely involved as you rightly point out that would not be the case if they thought it was simply it was simply a local matter. and they are also very focused on the level of preparation there seems to be here and also how heavily armed they will and what they believe may be improvised explosive devices. >> it is not just a beef that somebody got mad at a party. the washington post is reporting that someone told them it was international terrorism. that's what the washington post is reporting. but if you listen to the fbi guy, he's not ruling that out. so you've been around long enough like i have to know that we're probably not knowing until tomorrow what the extent of this is. once they find out, who these individuals are, go into the home and as we just heard, katherine, they can't go into
5:51 pm
the home yet because it might be booby trapped. like the guy in colorado did. so they can't go in yet. once they get who the guy and the gal were they're easily going to trace them down. get their computers, see where they are and by this time tomorrow we should is a full profile. do you think that's the way it will unfold? >> i think we should have a beter better picture by this time tomorrow. there are two suspects killed at the scene. they should be able to identify them fairly quickly. once they have identifications, as you point out, they will scrub their electronics and see what kind of social media footprint they had, if any, and what their phones sim cards computers will show leading up to this event. the news conference is police chief i believe said that there had been a report of an argument that conference center the room
5:52 pm
that had been rented but they were not clear that this individual is the same person who entered with the gunmen. there were a lot of reports this evening that this also seems in doubt this hour. >> all right. we may have clarification. we appreciate you helping us out. >> of course. >> i head is lieutenant lawhead, public information officer for the san bernardino police department. we appreciate it we know you're busy. can you talk about the argument that allegedly happened at the center? >> like the chief said there was an argument. however we dent ne what the argument is about. whether it has anything to do with this case whatsoever. and we don't want to be too quick to point fingers or say yes, that was involved. i mean we have to be careful -- >> absolutely. you can't speculate. now what you can tell us though is the person who is detained is that person in your custody
5:53 pm
at your police station right now? >> that person is detained. i won't say exactly where they are. obviously that person is detained and we will do like the chief says a full investigation to determine if they had any involvement whatsoever. if there is any connection whatsoever. >> male or female sir? >> what's that? >> male or female? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> is there a reason -- i'm not being a wise guy, but is there a reason you're not commenting on that? >> i want the investigation it run its course. i don't want to see like i'm keeping information from you, but i want the investigation without saying who it is or whether they are male or female let's let it play out a little bit here. >> okay. who is interrogating? your officers or the fbi? >> i would imagine since this is a case that originated in san
5:54 pm
bernardino i would imagine that all agencies would be involved. we have a criminal element here and whether there is a federal level, we usually work collectively with those agencies. >> do you know if any of the 17 wounded are in danger of dying. >> you know anybody that is wounded in a situation like this, there is that potential. >> but you don't have updated information on how many are in critical condition or anything like that? >> no i do not, sir. >> do you know what hospitals all 17 are in? are you tracking that? >> yes, we are keeping track of that. we have three trauma centers very close to that. some wept to arrow head regional. some went to loma linda university. we have a couple trauma centers. some people that weren't as seriously traumatized might have gone to local hospitals. we have community hospitals in our city that are active
5:55 pm
emergency rooms. >> i have two more questions for you, lieutenant. did you see the suspect who was detained? did you see that person? >> no, i did not. >> that answers my second question. all right. we appreciate you -- >> i would like to can be if i could -- >> no i'm real curious about whether it was male or female. i think that's important. once you get comfortable, we would like to know that. >> sure. and you know i think that the chief was clear about hey we want to be real careful here. we don't want to start an international incident unless we're abs lie sure it is an international incident. we just want the questions answers. is now that we are sure that the personal license to secure that the hardest part and now we can work on -- >> so now that you aren't looking for anyone else. you can wrap the whole thing up. you just need to get informing
5:56 pm
straight. >> sure. i think you mentioned computers an all that stuff, obviously we will look at all that. we will did a search of all that stuff and see if there are other people involved. >> i can't thank you enough for helping us out tonight. let's go back to adam at the scene of the domestic terror activity today to wrap it up for us. you heard a lot of things clarified in the last 10 minutes. two suspects shot dead by police. one person detained. we don't know much about that person but they're being interrogated. 17 people wounded. we don't know how many are critical but they are all in area hospitals. can you add anything to that mix? >> yeah. obviously one of the suspect for you, bill and before that a female. some people reported, that there were three p men involved in it today. i will tell you after we got off the air with you and the went to the press conference that a huge long line of law enforcement,
5:57 pm
here and there are police held copters still up. and earlier when you talked about the fbi, the fbi was on this very early. you know that from being on the scene ease at all, they have that right in the investigation, but we were out the door within minutes of the information coming in. they passed me on the freeway going down, not the bike lane but on the lane and they were flying by me. within 20 30 minutes of the shooting. they were already responding in mass. they were here quickly. deferring to local police as you mentioned. but they are clearly making control of this, which does insinuate things. but until they say that, we can't go with that. they are very active. we know they have multiple public relations officials here as well. they are here much more than
5:58 pm
i've seen on any other shooting in the los angeles area other than the los angeles -- the one that happened at the airport a few years ago. they are here in a very large presence. bill? >> now, the only thing left as far as the lieutenant was concerned from the san bernardino police, is vehicle suspect are in. they are afraid there is something inside the vehicle that might hurt somebody is that correct? >> correct. you can see they cleared out their cars too. we were down almost to where that head light is way done there. within 150 yards of the suv, we could actually see it. and they moved us out, moved all their vehicles out. they had tactical units, way where the reds red lights are, the video is grainy we apologize for that. that's where the suv is. if you go directly to the right of that location, that's where the other search was going on barricade. you saw people going door to door with a woman we spoke to
5:59 pm
earlier was a woman hiding in a closet. we are about a mile and half directly east from where the killings took place. >> we're happy that that lady didn't come out of the closet with her dog. and we're happy that the authorities believe they will have the whole thing wrapped up. and adam we appreciate your fine work. you stand by for megyn. she is coming up at 9:00. we do expect another press conference as you heard, to take place within the hour. and we are very very interested to find out who these people are, obviously. as adam says the fbi and local authorities know more than they're saying. and that's fine. they have to be very very methodical. can't make mistakes. we in the press can make mistakes. it doesn't matter. they make mistakes it matters. we understand that. we understand the process that's understand way. we will be on the air here throughout the evening with updates from the scene in
6:00 pm
southern california. we appreciate you are watching the factor tonight. tomorrow we will have our interview with donald trump for you as well as follow-up reporting on this terrible situation. thanks for watching. miss megyn is next. breaking tonight, a massive investigation and manhunt following the nation's worst mass shooting since newtown. welcome, i'm megyn kelly. the fbi revealing moments ago, this may have been terrorism. >> go down this road. this is america, an sprint. i know one of the big questions that will come out repeatedly is this terrorism. and i'm still not willing to say that we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements that it is a possibility. we are making ajustments to our investigation.


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