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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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great leader that's the chief. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. see you again tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. and stay with fox news for all the latest news. the o'reilly factor is on tonight: >> close the gate. we have we have gunshots. >> multiple shots fired. we need a bear cat. we need medical aid. [gunfire]m)z >> more americans die at the hands of muslim extremists. the factor is investigating this horrific act of violence in california and there may be an isis connection. >> on behalf of the american muslim community, we unequivocally be condemn the horrific act that happened today. >> despite mainstream muslims there is no question the image0m of islam is damaged in america. we will comment on that.
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>> sometimes when you are up there, you get overly excited. you have to be careful. >> also ahead a very lively interview with donald trump who remains the frontrunner in the republican presidential sweepstakes. >> are you going to have assassins shootings the families of the terrorists? >> caution, you are about toe[zup enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right iy ♪ >> hi, i'm billoy( o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more americans die at the hands muslim extremists. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the death toll remains at 14. 1 wounded after two muslim extremists attack a public facility in san bernadinodtigmj4(p&c@ county california yesterday. now, here is the update tonight. 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old wife tashfeen malik left their 6 month old daughter with a relative and
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then embarked on a day of murder. farookkp7ñ workedm environmental inspector for the county can and attended a luncheon atq the regional center. he left the celebration and returned home -- returned with his wife brandishing9 semiautomatic weapons. opened fireqx÷ firing off 70 rou
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calling the kill canners
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news from california, the factor was the46] )ááu news operation in the world to identify the primary killer. >> the name farook saeed came out as the suspect who went in to this meeting/holiday party left angry youly and they believe is í##t one who came back and initiated the shooting. >> once again, joining us from washington jim hanson and both counter terrorism experts mr. hanson, congratulations on that breaking story. what you can tell me that's new this evening? >> well bill i think the fact that the police and fbi are now announcing that they found jihadist materials, that there was an online presence of jihadists sites with ties to isis removes any doubt that this was a terror attack and it was a jihadist and his wife7 ç who committed it. now, i think the thing to pay attention to, you mentioned that isis and its fanatical followers are
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besmirching millions of muslims. it should be noted when pew international surveyed muslims worldwide, more than one third supported violence in the name of jihad that is half/bp a billion muslims worldwide who do not besmirch themselves by ignoring this. they have supported it and that is one of the bigger problems we are dealing with. >>v mr. cohen, this6 reminds me of the boston marathon bomber situation. had you two people. you had the tsarnaev brothers up there. they come to america. the wife did anyway, the guy was born in indiana. and they radicalize themselves for whatever reason and then they go out and they kill and3jfyq maim. really no:n reason to do it. they just feel compelled to do it. am i missing something here? >> i think what we're is a connection to islam to be able to carry out acts ofñ terror for people who were
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suffering from low self-esteem combined with wanting to connect with isis. look at the tactical5 footprint here, bill. there is a lot ofv8t similarities between the equipment that was stockpiled which investigators found once they madekl entry into the homeqnm# between the attack yesterday and what we saw at fort hood which was, again, multiple weapons, the fact that there was ç.fcñ preemptive planning involved i'm not speculating here and the most common thread for me the tactical footprint on this one also thej1t> psychopaths. and it doesn't matter who us is. it could be a child a woman, a man. it doesn't matter what color you are religion you are. thezpff go in and just blasting away.
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so, mr. hanson i mean, i don't know any society that can stop that a free society. do you? >> i think you have to look not just sociopaths or psychopaths. they do have an an mating ideology that ideology is jihad. it's thea!3fñf pursuance of sharia and furthering the goal of isis which is a gleeble caliphate. isis has caliphate. these people feel that their contribution is to kill infidels to furtherzi cause. >> this are like soldiers in the war of isis in s. in command and here they are. you are dealing with a free society. a society that allows people to come and go. and, you know, again, these people, it's always the same story, mr. cohen, and you are out in l.a. well, how could this happen? the immanuel of the mosque, oh no, we never saw. this the guy's brother-in-law can't believe it it's always the same. it's always the same kind of stuff. it just seems to me that we bq)
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n al,v we are not really fightingv it but even if we fought it even if president obama wasí$ly a war time president, i don't think you can stop this kind of stuff totally. you can't. >> well there is no such thing,bú bill as total safety but in israel we have learned that we can get to it a high degree1bf of safety as long as the safety protocols are lookedczi at realistically. i know it's a subjective term. i hate to use it it's very israeli. at the it end of the day if you don't take the aggressive posture of both defensively in termszc training our security forces here little less reliant on the technology more on4.b)q behavioral profilingo?hya'd the intelligent sharing, which we're not great at but we are getting better at. what i mean is the eagles have to come down to collect the data and accumulate it and be able to deploy it realtime which is the key with terror and then be able to go after these threats aggressively using special operations force. if you]zdon't do it the way we know it works in israel.
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in the end ultimately you are going to fail. >> well, this war is nowç defined for all americans except president obama. he is not leading. i don't expect him to lead the folks are really really furious. we will learn in the next day or two whether this guy was on the terror watch list farook and his with all3& social media throinks isis and all the stuff they found there has to be a link. then you willé:3ñ see hell to pay if they knew about himá d they didn't doj 48w anything. gentlemen stand by. we will bring you back in a couple days because i know this story is going toóhsx have more to it. we appreciate it tonight. next on the rundown isis people are already here in america, as you know. we are going to tell you precisely what we knowb .o about that. then the political implications of the mass murder. we will talk to dana perino and newt gingrich. also ahead, an interview with donald trump. the factor is coming right back.
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nrñrçjuu((u egment tonight, isis collaborators in the u.s.a. as we report earlier this week?p a ad new stud from georgeg!n washington university authorities have arrested 70 individuals on isis related activities. police here in ne%l4¥r(ráy have been monitoring radical mosques and other places where might gather. the mayor of new york city right now bill de blasio shut that program down. joining us now to explain how it did work, the former police commissioner of the big apple ray kelly. the author of the new big "vigilance my life serving america and protecting its empire city." that's what the program was all about protecting no,. >> exactly. >> how did ))brñ work. >> the program that the mayor eliminated was demographic unit. we wanted to know who lived in new york city.
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most diverse city in the world. very tribal. we knew that, for instance, suicide bombers were going from one town in libya into iraq in 2000 '. we want'ed to know in a more granular fashion who was in new york city. perfectly legal. for instance, it gave us information that told us where the chechen community was in the metropolitan area. why was that important? the boston marathon bombers were coming to new york. if you recall. they told the individual who they hijacked the car from they were coming to new york. >> right and they were chechens. >> so we knew where they might go. that sort of information is helpful. >> you called it the demographic unit. >> right. >> this was basically compiling information about wherx people were living. >> right. >> right? >> totally in public. it wasn't surreptitious. civilian officers some had language skills going out and spoke to people in the
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community. >> what's going on? anybody new in town? >> yeah. >> we did hear there were some nypd undercovers that went into radical mosques. there were a few in brooklyn we i.d. and preaching hate and you sent in people to find out what was going on. is that true? >> to follow leads. we& would go wherever those leads would take us.$w if it took us to a mosque, find, if it took us to saintv$(u patrick's cathedral or synagogue. you can't have a refuge. >> you did send under covers into certain places. >> when appropriate. >> when you reasonable cause to do so? >> presizely. >> was that helpful? did you get information from radical places not just mosques but maybe clubs and things like that? >> the ultimate test is we had 16 plus and none succeeded on the bloomberg watch. it was all part of a major comprehensive program. >> so you interrupted 16 plots by policing in this
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manner demographically going where you thought trouble might occur and assembling information? we were lucky snom of those cases? new mayor comes in and he says no no, no. this is profiling and we are not going to do this anymore. what is your response to that? inappropriate. perfectly legal. no reason to eliminate it. we changed the name to the area assessment unit but. >> the area assessment unit? >> right. >> so you change it from the demographic squad to the area assessment. >> had more diments duties. >> that's still not good enough, right? he says no, i don't want any eyes, even if the guys out there is screaming he wants to kill americans, and i love isis, you are not allowed to chase him around or look at him. >> this gave him a front page story in the "new york times" which is what he wanted. do you think anything is
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going to change that we have this thing in san bernadino where this guy is going to be linked up to isis. he is a regular guy. a little baby. a wife. do you think de blasio is going to wise up and other2q people wise up? >> i don't know. it's very challenging to identify someone like this. we will see how much information he has on the computer who is he talking to. >> i'm talking about the political mind set. is it going to change? >> we can only hope. i don't know. there is enough pressure is put on, we will see. but new yorkers number one target in america. that's the consensus of the intelligence community. but city of san bernadino certainly not the center of the world. >> but this guy was there he was there and he was willing and able and planned it and he was going to do it. thanks commissioner very much. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> how it will effect president obama, hillary clinton and the candidates.
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personal story segment tonight, the mass killings in san bernadino are an embarrassment to president obama who is widely perceived to be soft on islamicwj terrorism. >> isil is not going to pose an exthreat to us. they are dangerous organization like al qaeda was. but we have hardened our defenses our homeland has never been more protected more effective intelligence and law enforcement professionals at every level than they are now. >> co-host of the five dana as this
5:22 pm
morning after the terror%m isis is not existential threat. existential means a threat to disrupt the entire society that we have. and i'm saying to myself, you know, first it was gun control. that was his first reaction,q president you know, it's all about gun control. and then it's well, you know what they are a little pesty but our security apparatus has it under control. 14 dead and 21 hurt, what's under control about that? >> i understand the president's desire to express confidence and try to reassure americans that the government is on top of things, but he doesn't ever to seem to hedge a little bit. we have known for a long time that the terrorist have to be right once we have to be right is hundred percent of the time. if we don't have the intelligence resources to help disrupt plots that are under planning like the one in san bernadino, we can't actually help the police to prevent them from happening in the first place. >> the guys before you are never going to stop it all. >> no. >> you can't. it's a free society. you will take your blows.
5:23 pm
but this president simply will not acknowledge that this is a war. >> agreed. >> he is aided and abetted by the press who goes along with it listen to this cnn sound bite last night, go. >> so to me, this takes on some type of a planned attack with multiple people that don't like the government, and that sounds more like some type of militia group. >> that was before they knew and we broke the story as we mentioned that it was an islamist. it's a right wing militia. this guy pulls this out of the sky. he has nothing to base this on at all. nothing zero. but that's his wish. that's what he wants. and it plays right into president obama's wish. >> their first thought is never that it's terrorism. >> never. >> and i also think it's very clarifying to me when you talk about good versus evil. that's not out of the realm of possibility that thereb$ are antigovernment folks out there. that was his first thought to go there. not to wait. >> that he wanted it to it be that. they want it to be it.
5:24 pm
>> even now the government is reluctant to call it terrorism. >> it's -- we are getting a decent amount of information. they may be reluctant but we are getting the profile. there is no doubt he is islamist. >> that was his wife. >> so was his wife. and they were there. and they got bombs in the house and oh, nobody knows. come on, nobody knows? nobody knows? i don't believe that for a second. >> i think they will probably find out that there are more. >> that's right. it does seem like the president wants to stick by original comments that isis and al qaeda are the jv team. >> he is making himself look weak and foolish. now, on the republican side. who do you think benefits politically if theres increased concern with terrorism? >> i you think i'm reluctant to say that any tragedy actually helps somebody politically. >> no, in general? >> you know, i have to say that chris christie could possibly be one of the0y people on the stage that says is look, i have been there. i understand terrorism i have prosecuted it because
5:25 pm
he has been hanging on and he is heading into a debate in a couple of weeks. i think if anyone actually were to be able to say i have experience that can help us deal with this heading into it might be chris christie. >> all dana perino, everybody. thank you as always. donald trump, did he gain from the terror attack? we have the very spirited interview with him coming right up. and newt gingrich will analyze what mr. trump says and talk about whether president obama will ever change his war on terror strategy. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. lease the 2016 es350 for $349 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment. see your lexus dealer. if a denture were to be put under a microscope we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher brighter denture every day.
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in campaign 2016 segment tonight, an interview with donald trump. we conducted it yesterday before the terror attack in california happened. but many of the themes we talked about are relevant to the islamic terrorist situation. however, we begin the interview with president obama traveling to paris this week for the global warming conference. t-5rrñ let's talk a little policy first off. what did you think about the global warming summit in paris this week? >> i think it's ridiculous. we have bigger problems right now. to have the president be there for an extended period of time talking about global warming being the biggest problem facing this country is insane. he ought to get back to work and solve the isis problem and solve the problems we have with russia and iran. if they spents much time working on the iran deal i mean this horrible, horrible transaction where why are giving away 1 auto billion
5:30 pm
dollars which will need to nuclear proliferation by the way. he ought to get back here and get to work. >> do you believe in global warming climate change. do you think the world is going to change are for the worse because it's gettingú warmer? >> i think that there will be little change here. it will go up it will get a little cooler and warmer like it always has for millions of years. it will get cooler. it will get warmer. it's called weather. do i believe in clean -- i have -- a lot lot of people don't know. this i have received many environmental awards for the work i do. and i believe strongly you in clean water and clean air big scam for a lot of people to make a lot of money. in the meantime, china is eating our lunch because they don't partake in all of the rules and r';ueá )jju that we do. they are buying our coal. we are not using our coal. they are buying our coal and they are using it then they
5:31 pm
compete use less money products. i'm a believer in clean air and clean water at the highest level. >> if you were president, would you invest a lot of money in alternative energy to get away from fossil fuels and would you limit the amount of coal emissions and other industries into the air? >> >> i want to get away from the middle east. i want to get away from the monopoly that they once had and they still have to a certain extent. i want to be able to be sufficient sufficient to the country. now due to the new techniques things that we didn't even know about three or four years ago. it turns out we have virtually unlimited supply of fuel under our feet due to fracking and many other techniques that frankly you are new. and we are able to take care of ourselves. i know a lot aboutot ñ wind. wind is destroying a lot of problems number one it's killing the birds. the birds and the eagles and you see what's happening in california with, you know, if you shoot an eagle, a bald eagle in california,
5:32 pm
they want to put you in jail. and yet the wind mills are killing them by hundreds. it's very sad what's happening. >> i'm -- i think it's fine in certain locations. i think it's fine. the problem with wind is it needs tremendous subsidy. i think wind is fine. >> would you invest government money in alternative fuels? would you do that? or would you just let it go? >> i would spend money on certain things. now, it always sounds better than it is. 36 year pay back. i love the idea of solar and then i do a test and you get your money back in 36 years. the problem is, the panels destroy themselves after 10 years. it's just, you know, you have got to make it economically viable, bill. right now it's notki-economically viable. >> if it were, then somebody would be marketing it. that's for sure. >> have to do that but it has to be viable. >> this morning on "fox & friends," you are talking about isis. resolve the tape.
5:33 pm
>> politically incorrect war. the other thing with the terrorists you have to take out their families. when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. they care about their lives. don't kid yourself is. but they say they don't care about their lives. you have to take out their families. >> so what does that mean? are you going to have assassins roaming around shooting the families of the terrorists? >> when the world tradee&sg &c @&c@ center came down, the people that knocked it down the terrorists that knocked it down put their families on airplanes and sent them back home. mostly to saudi arainia believe it or not. >> that was bin laden bush thing. >> bin laden disaster. >> would have you killed bin laden's family? >> i would have done very great destruction -- look, supposedly they don't care about their own lives. i disagree with that they want to live, too. >> you have to define to me take out their families. what does that mean? >> bill, bill. do you think the wives and the families knew exactly what was going to happen
5:34 pm
with september 11th? i do and i know they did. i think they did. and. >> when you say take out though. what does take out mean? >> you have to do what israel was doing for a period of time. take out means that you have to wipe out their homes where they came from. you have to absolutely wipe them out. it's the only way you are going to stop terrorism. you have all these cells. >> would have you killed the bin laden family? >> i don't want to be so bold. i want to tell you they would suffer. they know what was going on. if you look at what happened with these terrorists, they put their wives on the planes. those wives knew exactly what was happening. the children, everybody knew. but they put their wives and families on those planes. they went home. they knew what was going to happen. they sat back rnd watched daddy on television. >> how do you know they knew? >> because that's the way life is. i'm a real list. that's the way the life works. >> had a lot of wives. he had some relatives here. is he over in afghanistan a
5:35 pm
plot. i don't know if you can -- you know i don't know. you can'tj really take them out. >> we have to be, bill, hey, bill we have to be much tougher than we are. >> all right. >> we're just not doing it right. we have to be much more vigilant and we have to be much tougher. >> okay. >> we can't allow this to happen. they take the wives. they put them on planes and send them home. let's go home and watch daddy tonight on television knock down the world trade center. there has to be retribution. if there is not going to be retribution, you are never going to stop terrorism. >> in part two of our interview i ask mr. trump why he makes so many statements that get him into trouble. right back with it. get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor and for details, visit jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction.
5:39 pm
we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. donald trump he said he saw thousands of muslims in knowledge celebrating after the 9/11 attack. we investigated and came up with the very interesting report from wcbstv five days after 9/11. >> there is another apartment building one investigator told me, quote, is swarming with suspects. suspects who i'm told were cheering on the roof when
5:40 pm
they saw the plane slam into the trade center. police were called to the building by other neighbors and found 8 men celebrating. six o building. the fbi and other terrorist task force agencies then arrived and the investigators on the task force recalled that they had been to this building before eight years ago when the first world trade center attack led them to shake omar abdul rockman whose jersey center mosque lies between the two building getting attention today. >> now, i played that report for mr. trump yesterday while telling him we could find no other jane germane to the -- germane to the issue. >> no other videotape. we looked everywhere. it's just not there but there were people celebrating. mayor giuliani confirms in new york it happened. mr. guzman confirms in jersey it happened, so does the jersey state99&od police. so you were wrong by saying
5:41 pm
thousands buy it did happen. what say you? >> i don't know that i'm wrong, bill. this just came out from breitbart. literally just came out. trump vindicated, is 100 percent vindicated. thisg just -- literally i'm seeing it now. so i don't know thatváuoñ i'm wrong we don't have cell phones today with the cameras on them. if we did you would see something different. you look at what happened recently a week ago with the soccer game where they had a minute of silence for the people that were just absolutely, it was horrible what happened in paris? honoring those people a minute of silence. you heard shouts from the muslim world at the game that÷bqúy were horrendous. >> do you remember what country that was? >>, excuse me? >> do you remember what country that was? >> it was a different country. >> it was turkey. >> i'm just saying. itady was turkey i'm just saying. there is great hatred out
5:42 pm
there. >> nobody is disputing that. >> people are are not acknowledging it. >> where you get in trouble with all due respect, of course, is you give a speech and you say things like i saw thousands and there weren't thousands. >> you don't know that there weren't, bill. >> i was reporting. and believe me if there were thousands that would have been reported. >> this article says they were swarming. bill, this article says they were swarming all over the place. i don't know what that means but it means a lot of people. >> there were some people, not thousands. what i want to get at is this. you are giving a speech. >> bill you don't know that bill, you don't know that. >> i'm pretty confident. >> all right, you are pretty sure. you don't know that this says swarming all over new jersey. >> you are not always right.b so take it to the bank. >> okay. >> so you go to virginia and you give a speech tonight okay? do you have that speech printed out or is it#1 t an ad-libm speech? >> well, it would be so much easier to read off a
5:43 pm
teleprompter where our president does because he reads a teleprompter because he doesn't do anything e> you have that. >> i thinkfv3 it's muchf!éy better. >> sometimes when you are up there you get and speaking extemporalcá= you say things as anybody would because a crowd is
5:44 pm
cheering and everything is going wild that you don't know to be true but you believe to be true. but you don't know it. so that's the risk as4]h$znatñ a president when youab there a man who wants the most powerful position in
5:45 pm
i look forward to that one!l!zñ we are number one in every poll, including the fox pol:2é! >> i'm >> -- and we beat hillary. by the way we beat hillary head to head. >> i'm sure she is thrilled that you are seeking comes personal responsibir!$v nd when you s have gotml and it's noé)ñum áu are so 'pti%m5q%9 >> we have a great -- you know what? we have a great time with& tough subject because there is not a lot of good news happening with the unitedy÷6 states. you understandxm%that better than anybody. so we-çy have a great timenpt÷r and as good as time,13ñ as you canzpd have. with subject matter that's np"[ o pleasant. >> always3j, very fascinating to talk with you donald. we always appreciate your time. thank you very much.4zp, r-y
5:46 pm
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think we have to ohv?hjzhl:6 our guard. we can't take= ÷ anything for granted. y%kmp'd ivaák just want"úó6 california that we're goingnz 2 to tod$ç to make?# sure fñ that public safety is protec$;za@,ó sx t >> i want governor for beingxranw mikee3#+ ramos district attorney. i'm avñ very fortunate zd4ñq@ we are work!&yy8hfst with the u.s.ry office. the u.s. ireneácax decker and ieejr(p''t tell you howl&"j proud iqf& local-q agency, san bernadino policet d department. the sheriff's department,
5:50 pm
and our federalwa
5:51 pm
the evd/s us to the facts. we will go where thepz/ evidence takes us. thank you again ó[l$k)wr3t/]t happen. thanks for,ñidk@hy?%ea
5:52 pm
transitioning to a háahpv christmas partyn$h&j luncheon in the 2afwn)vo2"4c afternoon. this happened right about the time of thisu]0q +9)ansition. there werew we don't:c knowv)w; that (uq everybody signed in.v6i) of the r21 people injured, 18(epjdtq u$em(ámb-ñh/t! have been identified as county employees.p'ñ:l÷'a >> how $6çmany? >> 18 of 21 weredáñ county employees. the otherhcy1ñ three were not- ñ employees. of the 14 people deceased, and their identities are@y3bj éqlnc1ñ released now 12 individuals were i county2qdñemployees. county of san bernardino. two of them were not.m2av2ñ! d
5:53 pm
andzos"á ñ 0 of the;hjt questions that came1d í sq"ia is that@32lóq from one of the first who we&cip responded to8cijñ this on wednesday # i would like toz m-a-d-d-e-n. mike is a @s$ ñ24-year veteran. as an administrateive guy, he holds a5gm-f on wednesday mike was on his wayódkl4 uz lunch whengi? yñ hexáj didn'te2-8;61çy hesitate. mike was7d0vhe9= ñ first officer on scene. he was the first person thatçoaa9 e have thatñ$ v gatheredp5 the firstp-4z÷ units thatui3ñy went in andj$q4 addresse so +÷ i'm going to letc+s4÷ mike kind of tell the experiencedfiób÷ 'r)sth:my then we will take a few questions for mike as soon as he's done. >> thank you, sir.$
5:54 pm
i know -- i know the tone of their voice. i know the severity of calls as they're going out. and i could hear it in our dispatchers' voice that this was actually happening. this was a real event. and it was the event that, you know we have an active shooter and active shooter going on in our city. and i was nearby. i was less than a mile away. and i started coming this way. and i realized as i was getting closer that i was one of the very first units there. myself and officer shawn sandoval arrived almost simultaneously simultaneously. just out of pure luck, because
5:55 pm
the information was evolving so rapidly. it was out of pure luck that i happened to pull into the right location, which was just south the road that you see here just north of us, just south of the building where this tragedy took place. as i was looking and seeing all of the activity and trying to assess what was happening, i was informed that there was -- that that was the location where this was happening. i was asking for officers to respond as quickly as possible. because we had every belief at that time that we had people still actively being -- being shot inside of the building. my goal was to assemble an entry team and engage the active shooter. this mind-set and type of training became indoctrinated in us after the columbine shooting. we wanted to get in there and stop any further innocent people
5:56 pm
from being injured and possibly killed. as three officers arrived there is an approximate two-minute time lapse from the time i got there until we had a team assembled of our four initial responding officers and the four of us then went around the south side of the building. as we made our way around to the east side it was immediately evident that the reports we were getting were a hundred percent true. there were victims who were clearly obviously deceased outside of the conference room and i relayed that information to the other responding officers and again requested assistance. as we entered, into the conference room, the situation was surreal. it was something that i don't think, again, we prepare for, and they try -- an active shooter, we talk about sensory
5:57 pm
overload. they just try to throw everything at you to prepare you for dealing with that. what you're seeing, what you're hearing, what you're smelling. and it was all of that and more. it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing. the number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead. and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. we asked -- we got as many people out as quickly as we could. we had approximately, i estimated in talking with other officers waiting with me probably 50 people responded past us and out the doors. then we went further into the building and that was a difficult choice to have to make as well. passing people that we knew were injured and needing of assistance. but our goal at that time had to be trying to locate the shooters
5:58 pm
and deal with them. before we could get further assistance and for those people in need of medical attention. i was very glad to see that in a very short period of time we have a number of other responders that came in and were able to formulate tactical teams and then continue on with the search. and i was then able to pull back from the situation and into handling more of a super advisory role and allowing other officers to continue with the remainder of the search. does anybody have any questions? >> what were you thinking about in terms of there might still be someone in the room? and my second question is, how were you handling this? >> first, first question there was, we absolutely believed there was another shooter. we were told there were as many as potentially three shooters.
5:59 pm
but again, we were getting information from multiple callers and people weren't clear as to exactly how many shooters we did or did not have. some were reporting double suspects and things of that nature. we were told that one of the suspects that possibly fled in the black vehicle prior to our arrival, but there were many potentially two more shooters inside and when we entered, there was fresh gun powder and smell of gun powder in the air leading me to think that there was -- there were in fact shooters still. >> you are trained for -- [ inaudible ] >> to be honest, you guys, it was a little surreal.
6:00 pm
you train for it and you know that your job, the only reality, it seemed a little surreal but yet i did the job i was supposed to do. my job is to go in there -- >> i'm megyn kelly, you're watching the kelly files. we are watching police from san bernardino, california bring us the latest. we have heard this officer here, mike madden describe it as unspeakable carnage and we listen to what else he has to say. >> you know just knowing, though, that yeah we resolved that situation quickly. but there is so much tragedy that is left behind. there is so many families on this holiday season that now have to deal with the tragedy that were left behind by this senseless acts of violence. that's a little tough to deal with. >> you talk about the panic that you saw on people's


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