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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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you train for it and you know that your job, the only reality, it seemed a little surreal but yet i did the job i was supposed to do. my job is to go in there -- >> i'm megyn kelly, you're watching the kelly files. we are watching police from san bernardino, california bring us the latest. we have heard this officer here, mike madden, describe it as unspeakable carnage and we listen to what else he has to say. >> you know, just knowing, though, that yeah, we resolved that situation quickly. but there is so much tragedy that is left behind. there is so many families on this holiday season that now have to deal with the tragedy that were left behind by this senseless acts of violence. that's a little tough to deal with. >> you talk about the panic that you saw on people's faces, how
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did you feel? what do you say to them? how do you calm them down when you yourself are going through this -- >> you have to be clear in your orders. the initial 50 people did not want to come to us. they were fearful. they were in the back hallway area. and that actually heightened my concern and my fear that potentially suspects were in that hallway holding them hostage. and waiting for us to enter into the hallway. we today tehad to tell them sev times, come to us, come to us. ultimately they did. once the person took the motions forward, it opened flood gates and everyone wanted to come and get away from that as quickly as possible. we can't panic in those situations. these people have already dealt with enough. the last thing they need to see is their police officers panicking. >> was it silence in there? or screams?
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what was -- [ inaudible ] >> it was extremely loud. the fire alarms were going off. there were -- there were people who were obviously injured. and obviously in great amounts of pain. and that was evident in the moans and wails we were hearing in the room. it was very loud in the room. and we also had fire sprinklers going on inside the room. that was adding to further chaos. >> was there information about the shooter -- did they realize what happened -- [ inaudible ] >> my primary goal was to find out how many and where they were. and i was asking individuals, but again, panic was obvious and parent and so we weren't getting a lot of further information in regards to that. >> did your people find the bomb? >> no, our team did not find any of the explosive devices. those were found later.
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>>. [ inaudible ] a holiday party with decorations, food, chairs -- [ inaudible ] >> that sums it up. yes, it was. it is a fairly large meeting room. and i noticed upon entry that there is a christmas tree in there. all of the tables were decorated for a christmas party. and it just seemed so senseless that, you know, here is people going into their holiday festivities and now we were dealing with death. >> you talk about the training that you have. how do you stay calm? take deep breaths? think about it? did you feel the adrenaline going through your system? >> yes, i'm sure i did. but you can't let your emotions override your judgment. and you need to do the job that we're supposed to do. you know, it's just what we're trained to do. >>. [ inaudible ] what was it like for the last
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day and a half? [ inaudible ] >> you know, i tried to make a point that those officers that i knew were some of the initial guys with us and which there were many officers who did an extraordinary job yesterday for our department and also for all of the agencies who responded so quickly. it was just -- it was truly overwhelming to see all the agencies that got here and got here in a hurry. to provide us assistance. because just like i said, i was sensing that this was a true event. they had the same sense. and they got here and nobody hesitated. people knew what their job was. their job was to try to bring calm to chaos. and so, it's one of those things. i've gone around, tried to contact our officers. i've tried to assess how they are doing. talk a little bit about it. and you know, and in doing that, maybe that is helping me a
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little bit as well. i think we will all work through it together. >> there is a video showing incredible courage from an officer trying to get people out. [ inaudible ] was that you, and if not, who was it? >> no, i would like to think i was that cool. but no, unfortunately, that wasn't. i don't know that that officer has been officially identified as of yet. but i'm told he is one of sheriff mcmahon's folks. but i haven't had that confirmed. >> what was your reaction when you saw that? >> i'm sorry? >> what was your reaction when you saw that video? >> i saw that everywhere yesterday. that was happening everywhere during this event. >> were you surprised with the
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way the men and women reacted yesterday? can you address how you felt about those men and women under your command? >> we've taken a lot of hits lately. some justified. much of it not justified. and it takes a toll. it takes a toll on all cops. because it's hard being -- it's hard being labelled and hard being branded as being rogue. and i guarantee you that no cop comes into this job with the mind-set that, oh, great, now i have ultimate power to be corrupt and to violate people's rights. there are cops who go astray. but overwhelmingly, the vast majority of officers, and when i say vast majority, i'm talking 99.5% of officers go out and do the job to protect the public. and yesterday just reminded me of that. and it just solidified that again in my heart and in my mind-set and for that, i'm -- for that i'm thankful.
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>> we're going to take two more questions. >> what have you heard from residents? obviously this is sinking in with a lot of people in the community. what have they told you? >> not just myself but every officer who i'm encountering right now is getting the same positive encouragement and support because again i think this -- we can never -- we can never underlie the tragedy that befell the city and so many families yesterday. but there is support for law enforcement. >> when you railized that the threat you were facing, that they had some kind of -- [ inaudible ] did they leave a manifesto behind -- [ inaudible ] >> it was clear when we knew we had an active shooter and we knew the severity and amount of
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carnage upon our initial entry that this wasn't just a rogue individual. this was -- there was something more. as far as us finding any kind of manifesto, no, sir. i don't have any information in regards to that. >> thank you. >> real quickly. this was hard to believe that this was happening in his town. mike was raised in this town. went it high school in this town. spent a majority of his law enforcement career in this town. it is genuine when he says that that he felt that this was his town being attacked. thank you. we will be back in the morning for another conference. i believe someone from the sheriff's department might stand by to talk about the photos and get digital images. thank you, folks. >> welcome back, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. that news conference was
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remarkable. with the authorities not giving us new information in terms of what exactly happened, but giving us a lot of new information in terms of the details. we have known -- we have known that 14 people were killed. tonight we learn that 12 of them were county employees. we have known now that 21 were injured. 18 of those were county employees. they set the scene inside that room. for the first time. that 91 people were invited. 75 to 80 were present when the gunmen showed up. it was a department of public health event. they were starting out with business in the morning, transitioning to a christmas party. there was a christmas tree inside the room. christmas trees on all of the tables. they were trying to have a celebration. of christmas. instead, 23 days before christmas, 14 of them would die. the police officer you just heard from at the end lieutenant mike madden who was a first responders talked about how they train for this.
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but couldn't imagine what actually happened. they are trained for sensory overload but it was that and more. he said it was immediate evident upon arriving at the scene that the reports they had been hearing of an active shooting situation were true. victims obviously dead outside the conference room. situation inside the conference room, he said, was surreal. talking about the smell of gun powder. the fire alarms going off. sprinklers going off. people wailing in pain who were suffering. those down the hall who were terrified, not knowing what was happening or whether there were more shooters an his effort to coax them, to come to the police and how it took the courage of one person to actually come forward and that opened the flood gates of the people who knew these police would protect them. and protect them they did. you heard the bit at the end there was no manifesto found on-site. there had been a question about that and we're looking at video on screen right of the police escorting people out of the building. have you seen this tape yet?
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you hear what the cop says? >> thank you. thank you. i'll take a bullet before you do, that's for damn sure. just be cool, okay? >> relax. i'll take a bullet before you do. that's for damn sure. okay. tonight we have learned the identities of the 14 people murdered by their coworker and his wife during the christmas party. the youngest victim, 26 years old. oldest, 60. police have also revealed this crime was anything but spontaneous. saying the killers add huge assortment of weapons and virtual bomb factory at their homes. still we don't know whether it was terror. police say this evil husband and wife couple fired off some 75 rounds at their victims inside the christmas party conference room. they left three rigged together pipe bombs at the party. with a remote control detonating device that apparently
6:12 pm
malfunctioned. they fired another 76 round at the cops during a fierce gun battle. they had more than 1600 rounds of unused ammunition in their rented suv when police killed them. meantime, at family home, police found 12 pipe bombs, tools for making more, and an additional 3,000 rounds of ammunition. all of this combined with their use of tactical gear makes it clear this couple was ready to kill and the carnage could have been much worse. in moments tonight, we will be joined by dr. is a bastion gorka, who provides counterterrorism train together fbi and by former islamic extremist nuaz. we begin with trace gallagher reporting from san bernardino, california. trace? >> reporter: megyn, now police confirmed the associated press that syed farook was watching isis propaganda on-line and was in fact in contact with the people the fbi had under investigation for terrorism. the next step is for them to
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find out exactly how deep these contacts were. were these people, these groups, involved in any type of planning? the fbi has long said this was a very well-planned event. the question now is was there any outside planning? did these suspects have any training? were they getting any funding? and those answers might come in some of the evidence that was taken out of the home of the killers over the past 24 hours. we have seen all kind of electronic equipment coming out. we are talking about computers, cell phones, and experts say that would give police some type of idea of exactly when these conversations were going on, how long they were going on, and maybe how long the planning stage might have lasted. because the firepower you just listed, megyn, was so extensive, police were concerned or at least convinced that this might not have been the original target. the christmas party wasn't the original target and that somehow killers got off track and they
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were planning for a much bigger attack and they had the firepower to do so. we learned in the weeks before this attack, there was a confrontation between syed farook and one of his coworkers. the coworker was deeply devout christian and there was an argument between them that got very heated, said the coworkers wife, about islam and whether islam was a peaceful religion. that coworker was among the 14 who were shot and killed. i just want to, for viewers who missed that amazing press conference ats the top of of the hour, megyn, starting right before "the kelly file" went on the air and for those who didn't say lieutenant mike madden, who grew up here in san bernardino, he isn't even a beat cop any more. he was an administrative cop. and he summed it up saying, look, these people were celebrating christmas and the next thing they knew, they were dealing with death.
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i'm not sure if we have the soundbite. but i want you to hear what he said at the top of the conference. >> i tell you, it something that, although we trained for it, it is something you're never actually prepared for. it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing. the number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead, and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. >> and in every tragedy there is irony. there were 14 people killed, megyn. 6 of them were women. 8 were men. one of the men was the father of six. one of the women had escaped as a child islamic extremism in iran. and finally, we should note that police are very interested in this trip that syed farook took to saudi arabia in the early spring. megyn? >> we are learning a lot more about him today as well. trace, thank you. the trip to saudi arabia.
6:16 pm
trip to pakistan. apparently born to two pakistani parents as was his wife. and the wife is a whole story unto herself. we will get to her in a minute. the fbi has taken over this investigation. and my next guest just happened to have been with the fbi in los angeles while this attack was unfolding. dr. sebastian gorka provides counterterrorism training to the fbi and special forcees. serving major general distinguished theory at marine corps university. he has a fascinating website as well. he is the real thing. doctor, thank you for being here. you are on the ten days ago saying we're on our own. that it's going to happen. and today as we sit at 9:16 p.m. eastern time, we are still being told it might not be terror. it might, it might not be.
6:17 pm
>> i think that discussion is over. if the report your colleague just gave us, that there is confirmation of not only that this individual was accessing isis jihady propaganda, but also in contact with individuals who had previously been investigated for connections to jihady groups like isis or al qaeda, i think that train has left the station. you heard the lieutenant himself, first officer on the scene, say unequivocally, this was not a rogue incident. this isn't a question of somebody who had, you know, an individual grievance with a colleague or who had some kind of psychotic wreak. everything we are hearing reinforces that this was a well-prepared plan by people who have an ideological commitment to holy war, to jihad in the name of allah, and that's what they did yesterday in that
6:18 pm
government building. >> we still like to believe that the fbi would be on to somebody like this. somebody who is communicating with suspected extremists. somebody building bombs in his apartment, in his house. many of them. somebody arming himself to the gills. along with his wife who he picked up in saudi arabia, came back and married her. we want to believe that people like you are monitoring these people and would know if they are getting toward do something like this. but it's not true. >> look, the fact is, i work very closely with the fbi. i've worked closely with the nypd. these organizations are doing incredible work. look at the fact that in the last 20 months, we have killed or arrested 82 isis suspects. isis supporters on u.s. soil. that is through the amazing work of our federal state and local law enforcement and our intelligence community. but it is very, very
6:19 pm
challenging. the report that i mentioned previously, that my company has just published on isis as a domestic threat, which your watchers, your viewers can access at tleet threatknowledge.or rg. we have examples of an isis dialogue here in the united states pumping out the kind of material that apparently this mass murderer was consuming. and that individual had 48,000 followers on his social media site. so we've done a great job at intercepting and stopping those people who want to do jihad here in america. but who knows how many more there are. that's the real question and it is fundamentally a human challenge, a human intelligence challenge. >> what is being done to encourage the development of that intelligence by this administration. >> what is being done to stop it, that's the better question.
6:20 pm
you've had your own experience in new york with mayor de blasio shutting down some of the most incredibly powerful intelligence initiatives of the nypd. over the last several years, we have seen this at the federal level. we've had the attempt by the administration to excise, to censor training and the materials used to prepare our operators. for example, the word jihad should not be used. should be deleted from power point slides, from materials, because it could be deemed inflamed to muslims. this is where you see politics getting into the intelligence cycle where you see censorship dispo d disstarting the function. i have talked to them and they know this will endanger americans if you allow political correctness into our national security mission. >> that is where we pick it up with our next guest. doctor, thank you. >> thank you, megyn.
6:21 pm
>> things that relatives and neighbors are saying about this suspect, farook, seem to paint a contradictory picture. his father said he was quote, very religious. a neighbor said about two years ago he became more devout, growing a beard and wearing religious clothing. another says he was living the american dream. another says that's the problem. that's the signs of someone going down the path of islamic radical may not be as obvious as you think. a former islamic extremist and author of "radical, my journey out of islamic extremism." pz. >> we would like to think we would know if we work in the next county -- dpournty and work next to somebody who is becoming radicalized. but by might not know. >> actually, most times, megyn, we don't know. that's the sad state of affairs. what we just heard from policeman mike madden, was nothing short of heart breaking.
6:22 pm
and first responders deserve medals. survivors of this as strosity deserve all of the condolences and respect. but we could never predict this. we have the evidence to indicate exactly from past terrorist attacks what exactly happens here. if you look at 9/11 attackers, many of their passports were found in strip clubs and bars. if you look at the problems in the boston marathon bombers, you find that it was very difficult to predict that these were becoming islamist fear cries and terrorists. and if you look at just even to this month, if you look to the paris attacks, evidence indicates that some of the attackers were fully integrated in french society -- >> we heard reports from one neighbor, she saw suspicious behavior. she didn't want to report them because she didn't want to seem like a racial profilers. >> yeah.
6:23 pm
and actually, the evidence points to the fact that those who join terrorist organizations would try to conceal any sign of religious devotion. precisely so they are not detected. so if we look to profiling, i think that ethnic profiling and profiling for overt signs of religion would miss the target. as would have been in this instance, if this is a jihadist attack. we need to look at psychological factors. look at ideas that are adopted and behavior. the sort of ideas we are familiar with, anyone who starts saying things such as it is a duty, incumbent upon muslims to resurrect. or somehow is a global war against muslims. or somehow democracy is antithesis to islam. these are the ideas that radicals begin to adopt. if they begin speaking this way, i say to you megyn, even if they are drinking alcohol and eating pork, if they are speaking this way, they are a surer sign to
6:24 pm
radicalization, which will be concealed bay terrorist. >> reads quite well in your book. thank you. >> thank you. >> two weeks ago on this broadcast, former al qaeda infiltrator turned cia spy made a chilling prediction that just came true. he is back tonight with a disturbing follow-up. plus, is there a terrorist cell still hiding in san bernardino? that investigation is next. >> gunshots. gunshots. oh, oh, they are killing that guy.
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jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. suspect vehicle eastbound on san bernardino avenue from richardson. we've got shots fired out the back window. >> east san bernardino, shots fired! we need a bearcat. we need medical aid! [ gunshot ] . >> we are tonight hearing for the first time some of what
6:28 pm
unfolded on the police scanners during the shootout between the cops and two suspects yesterday. in 24 hours since that happened, we have learned that the suspects syed farook and tashfeen malik were husband and wife. they have a 6 of-month-old baby girl. when the police entered what was supposed to be the couple's happy home, they found what was a factory for explosive devices. live at that home tonight, adam? >> reporter: they were tipped off about that factory or facility tonight in redlands. when we first got back out here this morning, the first information is that this woman, this wife, was mysterious to investigators. they were learning a lot about the husband and his family but an lot about her. as the day transpired with be we learned more. they are working on the theory, that's the word to me, that this couple planned on a second hit. that their first hit was a soft target on purpose. as one terror investigators told me, this is an m.o. for a terrorist attack. go for the soft target first to
6:29 pm
make sure they have success. that's way if the second target goes awry, they have success. they were intending on a second target. they also believe that these two may have been married -- not married, may have been engaged in mecca in saudi arabia last year. and the third point i think is very interesting as well, they are working on the premise that she may have radicalized him. which makes sense in some ways when you look at the facts laid out there in trying to connect the dots. again we were the one told she was shooting out of the back of the car. there was training involved here. they were going on that as well. a lot of information megyn as you know coming out from a lot of different source us both national and international as they continue to go forward this this case. for us, the headline for us that came out tonight, is that they believe they were going for a second target, megyn. >> adam, thank you. joining me now with more, mia bloom. professor of communications at georgia state university.
6:30 pm
also the author of the book "bomb shell, women and terrorism" and she has been studying this issue for years. mia, thank you so much for being with us tonight. happy to have your expertise. she may have radicalized him. how does that sound? >> you know, this is very consistent, megyn. we've seen a lot of women who were far more radical than their husbands. i think that preconceived idea that women are the kinder, gentler sex, is thrown out the window. because we've seen a lot of very radical women associated with al qaeda. isis. even allegedly pt the person who pulled abal noi into the association. >> he was very devout or had sh signs of getting more religious, more recently. >> and i think is consistent and maybe when he met her, he went to saudi arabia twice. first to meet her, then her
6:31 pm
parents. also to get married. it is very likely that relationship with her is what may have been the tipping point or spark that radicalized him. >> i mean, i realize we are dealing with a different ideology, but what kind of radical islamic woman goes on what's potentially very much a suicide mission, when she has a 6-month-old baby girl? >> well, you know, it is interesting, megyn, not just radical islamic ideology. we saw this in june of 2014 where jarod and amanda miller also a couple, shot up two police officers and killed someone at wal-mart. this is not specific to the islamic organization. we've seen couples in a variety of groups. these people were sovereign extreme right wing. we have radical women in all the groups. but we have also seen within the jihady groups, whether the chechen black widows.
6:32 pm
or mirashi blew up in a crossing and left her child. we seen saw a picture of a woman with a child. >> you raised a question before a show that we may be looking at a cell in san bernardino. why do you ask that? >> i asked it because the fact that they have 4500 rounds of ammunition. body armor. 12 pipe bombs. if he was going to attack the community center, would he have just brought the weapons when he first went there for the party. i wonder if maybe he had an encounter with the gentleman he add fight with before. and he snapped. he knew he had the weapons back at his house. went home. got his wife. got the weapons. it doesn't, for me, make sense why he wouldn't have taken the weapons in the first place. i think mr. might have been a different target. but that at the party, he got
6:33 pm
very upset. >> thank you so much for being here. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> all the best. coming up, the husband after shooting survivor shares his wife's harrowing story from inside the building. listen to this. plus counterterrorism experts saying the kinds of devices these suspects left behind are signatures of al qaeda. katherine harris is here on that. then we will speak with mortin storm. a man who infiltrated al qaeda. about the chilling prediction he made on this broadcast two weeks ago. >> and within two weeks, next two weeks we have a -- i also believe a copy cat in america will do the best to do wh their brothers have done in europe. a . a . kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
6:34 pm
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they had, i guess, been receiving packages. quite a few packages within a short amount of time. and that they were actually doing a lot of work out in the garage. she was kind of suspicious and wanted to report it but she said, she didn't want to profile. >> as more and more neighbors report what they suspect to be suspicious activity. the at shooting suspect's home. we were learning more about their weapons and other devices they left behind. as one counterterrorism expert tells fox news, some of the items appear to be signatures of al qaeda. joiningness a moment is martin storm, former cia double agent who infiltrated al qaeda. who producted this kind of attack would happen on u.s. soil almost to the day of the attacks. katherine heritage is live in washington with more about what we are learning on the possible terror ties here. katherine? >> reporter: megyn, confirmation tonight that 12 pipe bombs and
6:38 pm
hundreds of tools to build ieds found in the couple's garage and key point for investigators is a remote control toy car parts. this is a signature idea in yemen. there is a how-to guide to build bombs using toy car parts for the detonator. it can be set off with the controller using line of sight or an app on your cell phone. the sheer number of devices suggest some training and familiarity with explosives even though this device found near the scene did not detonate. >> it's my understanding that somehow there was three pipe bombs attached together. somehow attached to this remote control car and designed that the remote control device would somehow trigger or set that device off. we don't know if they attempted to do that and it failed or what the story is. >> the fbi says the brothers built pressure cooker bombs using the inspired recipe and
6:39 pm
relied on the toy car parts for the detonator to kill at the boston marathon. the assistant fbi director on scene today telling reporters they are looking for a connection to the al qaeda inspired magazine. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> our next guest infiltrated the al qaeda organization as a an agent of the cia. he predicted there would be a terror attack on u.s. soil within a couple of weeks. a consultant for the international spy museum and coauthor of "agent form" my life inside al qaeda enat cio. thank you for being here. so having predicted this, what do you think will happen next? >> well, i'm almost afraid to say something. because when i do say something, it happens. and i have a feeling that within the new year, there could be another one in america. possibly two in europe.
6:40 pm
and but it is a feeling i have. you know, these people, they are not going to stop. and we have christmas, that's what they want it destroy. we have celebrations for the new year. these are the things they want it hit us. and 2016 will be a very bad year for all of us. >> we can't think about the fact that they were having a christmas party with christmas trees on the tables an in the room and try to -- and get bewildered about why they would shoot up a room and a bunch of people. that's part of the joy for them. they want to destroy those moments. >> yes, of course. i just -- you know, i want to say that, this here, it is 2,818, proved mohamed tells the believers that paradise is under the sword, under the shade of the sword is paradise for the
6:41 pm
believers. so it is no wonder that it's never going to end. if these people -- and i used to believe in this. i used to follow this. if islam, it is, very violent, people are determined and who believe that paradise is under the shade of the sword. >> do you think, morten, that there is likely to be -- that there are likely to be more people connected to these two in san bernardino? >> you know, with all damnation of the explosionive and the preparation, of course they have more than that. they have a network out there. i'm a hundred percent sure about this. >> how, we just had our last guest talk about the likelihood that she radicalized him, if that's in fact what happened. did you ever see that? >> yes, i have seen women who are very ready. in fact, i've said it, he ran his whole life to yemen and she was croatian convert muslim. she was married first to a
6:42 pm
muslim in great britain in london. but he wasn't strong enough. he wasn't good muslim, devout enough. so she divorced him. she wanted to commit jihad. and that's what he said, she sent me a letter, thinking of one of them. but i was double agent thinking she said in the letter that she wanted to become, she asked, she follow for permission to blow herself up and become a suicide bomber. >> unbelievable. i mean, just so the audience is clear, are you talking about amwar's wife who morten helped find and he was talking with personally after she he was killed about how she could blow herself up and kill more people. >> thank you. >> you inspire magazine, inspiration for the pipe bombs. and he was an american national
6:43 pm
pakistani who also -- >> i'm happy to be a part of taking these people out. >> absolutely. cia and fbi are doing herculean work in trying to stop these guys. morten, thank you. we are getting information for a search under way for the person who bought the guns used in the attack. it was not one of these two. when we come back, congressman peter king joins us on where this investigation is going. next. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most.
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breaking tonight, reports just coming in that authorities are looking for man who bought two of the guns used to kill 14 people in california yesterday. new york congressman peter king is a republican and member of both the homeland security and intelligence committee. good to see you tonight, sir. so they are looking for somebody else. it wasn't one of these two who bought two of the guns. does that mean there's another person involved? >> it could be. or he could be just a person telling is guns. legally or illegally. could have been a cash transaction. whether or not he was involved with them, again, that's all part of the investigation that's going on. which again could have many dimensions as it goes forward. >> what are the odds this is a cell? that there is some cell in san bernardino? >> you know, megyn, it is almost impossible to believe these two could have assembled all of this by themselves. to have that amount of firepower
6:48 pm
and bombs and long guns and amount of ammunition. so i would think right new that you have to assume that there's others involved. and there are other ramifications. if that is true, there could mean other attacks are planned. i think that's what the fbi is most concerned about now. why they did it, and i think also, this went off by itself or are other attacks planned? is it coordinated or just something that these two, maybe two others had put together. >> right. if they had something bigger planned, who else -- who were they planning it with, if anyone. what are they looking at now? we have heard now that he had sketchy connectiones with this guy. >> again, they are looking at any phone contacts he could have had with people who have shady backgrounds or people who were suspicious. who he met with. who he dealt with. >> they said he did have tacts
6:49 pm
with people who are suspect extremists but police moved on from them, or authorities moved on from those guys. >> maybe they should reopen the investigations. again, just like the brother cleared in boston. they cleared him. and he went out and was radicalized. i this i all of this shows the importance of full blown investigation. and when you listen to lieutenant mike madden, you understand the great job cops have and the challenge they have. with the nypd and the police have been under siege because they want to carry out surveillance, find out what is happening in these commune pipts maybe this a wake-up call it people who somehow think the cops are spying and snooping when they are doing the police work that's essential to keep you and me safe. >> congressman, good to see you. >> megyn, thank you. >> up next, a chilling story that one woman shared with us about what happened when she was shot in this attack. if a denture were to be
6:50 pm
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you know, we have taken a lot of hits lately. some justified. much of it not justified. and it takes a toll. it takes a toll on all cops because it's hard being -- it's hard being labelled and hard being branded as being rogue or, you know, i guarantee you that no cop comes into this job with the mindset that, oh, great. now i have ultimate power to be corrupt and to violate people's rights. there are cops that go astray. but overwhelmingly, the vast majority of officers, and when i say vast ma jorny jort of the officers go out to protect the public. >> with me on that, former l.a.
6:54 pm
police detective and fox news contributor mark berman. well said. well said. >> you know, when i listen to his words, they're so heart felt and so meaningful. can you tell they're coming from his heart. but i think everybody should know that right now in america, just to go out in a police uniform takes -- is really an act of courage. the way the public has demonized the police and i think everybody should realize that i think this shooting in san bernardino we realize that we are at war. but the special forces, the special ops that are going to fight this war inside the united states are cops. the cops in uniform. the cops in plain clothes and detectives and the more you demonize them, the less motivated they're going to be able to be the less sure of
6:55 pm
their actions. and this is going to be a safety issue for the entire country. >> for all we know this cop was watching pigs in a blanket frying like bacon a couple weeks ago and what do we want? dead cops. whether do we want them? now. that's the context for, you know, how cops have to go on the job these days. it is. just who would want to go into an environment like that where you're throwing yourself, you know, from the kettle into the fire. i mean that's crazy. but they do it. and they do it because they're a certain breed of person. >> and they know and we saw this cop inside the building saying i'll take a bullet. do we have it? watch. >> i'll take a bullet before you do, that's for damn sure. >> that's exactly who they are.
6:56 pm
they don't want medals. they want recognition from their brother officers. they want recognition from their citizens from the victims. they're not looking for some kind of an award or even their name to be set on the media. they're doing their job. that's what they are. that's what they do. >> they want to protect the public. >> people better respect them. >> mark berman, thank you. we'll be right back. we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
6:57 pm
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tomorrow, we'll bring you the survivor story we told you about. we ran out of time with the presser. these are challenging times, folks. thank you for trusting us as your news source here at fox. i'm meg yyn kelly. fox news alert. i'm in redlands, california where the investigation into yesterday's shooting and killing of 14 continues at only in three locations here in southern california but really around the globe. fox news has learned this evening some -- several detail. first of all, investigators now believe the wife in this case may have potentially radicalized the husband. they've also learned that their now looking at a money trail that reaches outside the country. that may reach to other foreign lands to help pay for some of the supplies. by some estimates according to federal authorities, the couple spent more than $30,000 on bomb making materials as well as weapons and also


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