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  The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 3, 2015 8:29pm-8:45pm PST

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campaign 2016, we conducted an interview with donald trump before the terrorist attack in california happened but many themes are relevant to the islamic terrorist situation. we begin with president obama traveling to paris this week for the global warming conference. >> let's talk about the policy. what did you think of the global warming summit in paris this week? >> i think it's ridiculous. we have bigger problems now. to have the president be there for an extended period of time talking about global warming being the biggest problem facing this country is insane. he ought to get back to work and solve the isis problems and problem was russia and iran. if they spent as much time working on the iran deal, this transaction where we're giving away $150 billion and could lead to nuclear proliferation, he
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ought to get back here and go back to work. >> do you believe in global warming and climate change? do you think the world is going to change for the worse because it's getting warmer? . >> i think there will be little change here, it will go up, get cooler and warmer like it has for millions of years. it will get cooler, warmer, it's called weather. i do believe in clean. a lot of people don't know this. i received many environmental awards, many, many environmental awards for the work i do. and i believe strongly in clean water and clean air. but i don't believe that what they say, i think it's a big scam for a lot of people to make a lot of money. and in the meantime, china is eating our lunch because they don't partake in all of the rules and regulations that we do, they're buying our coal, we're not using our coal, they're using it and compete because they're spending less money to build products and make their products so i am a believer in clean air and clean
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water at the highest level. >> if you were president would you invest money into alternative energy to get away from fossil fuels and limit coal emissions into the air? >> i want to get away from the middle east. i want to get away from the monopoly they once had and still have to an extent. i want to be self sufficient to the country. now, due to new techniques it turns out we have a virtually unlimited supply of oil under our feet due to fracking and techniques that are new. i know a lot about wind. wind is destroying problems, one, it's killing birds and eagles and you see what's happening in california. if you shoot an eagle, a bald eagle in california they want to put you in jail. and yet the wind mills are killing them by the hundreds.
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>> so not a fan of wind. >> i think it's fine in certain locations, i think it's fine. the problem is that it needs subsidy. it's fine in certain locations. >> would you invest government money in alternative fuels? would you do that? or just let it go? >> i would spend money on certain things. now, solar sounds better than it is. you know? you have a 36 year pay back. i want to go solar. i love the idea, then, i do the test and you bet your money back in 36 years. the panels destroy themselves after ten years. you know? you've got to make it economically viable, bill, right now, it's not economically viable. >> and if it were, someone would be marketing it, for sure. >> wonderful if you can do that. it has to be viable, yes. >> this morning on "fox and friends" you're talking about isis and said this. roll tape. >> we're fighting a politically correct war. the other thing is with the terrorists you have to take out
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their families. you get terrorists have you to take out their families. they care about their lives, don't kid yourself. they say they don't care about but you have to take out their familys. >> what does that mean? you're going to have asassins roaming around? shooting families of the terrorists? >> when the world trade center came down, the people that knocked it down, the terrorists put their families on airplanes and sent them back home, mostly to saudi arabia, believe it or not. >> the bin laden, bush thing, yes. >> the bin laden disaster. >> would you have you killed bin laden's family? >> i would have done very great disruption. look. supposedly they don't care about their own lives. i disagree. >> you have to define take out their families. what does that mean? >> bill, bill, do you think the wives and families knew exactly what is going to happen with september 11th? i do. i know they did. i do. i think they did.
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>> so you say take out? >> we have to do what israel is doing. >> what does take out mean? >> it means have you to wipe out their homes where they came from. you have to absolutely wipe them out. the only way you're going to stop terrorism. you have all of these cells. >> would you kill the family members of terrorists? would you have killed the bin laden family? >> i don't want to be so bold. i want to tell you they will suffer. they knew what is going on. if you look at what happened with the terrorists, those wives knew what's happening. the children, everybody knew. they put their wives and families on those planes. they went home and knew what is going to happen. >> how do you know they knew? >> because i know. because that is the way life is. because i'm a realist. that is the way life works. the wiveses knew. >> he had wives and relatives here, he's in afghanistan, hatching a plot. i don't know if you can -- you know, i don't know. >> you can't really take them
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out. >> hey, bill? we have to be much tougher than we are. we're just not doing it right. we have to be much more vigilant and we have to be tougher. we can't allow this to happen. they take the wives and put them on planes and send them home. let's watch daddy on television knock down the world trade center. there has to be retribution. if there is no retribution, you're never going to stop terrorism. >> i asked mr. trump why he makes statements that get him into trouble. right back with you. during bass pro shops' holiday sale. ladies flannel shirts - 2 for $20. get a free $50 bass pro gift card with purchase of the go pro hero 4 video camera. plus check out for daily deals and free shipping.
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so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. thanks for staying with us. thousands after the september 11th attacks, investigating and came up with an interesting report from wcbs-tv after september 11th. >> there is another apartment building that has been investigated and swarming with suspects who, i'm told were cheering on the roof when they saw the planes slamming into the trade center. police were called to the
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building and found eight men celebrating. six tenants in the building. the fbi and other agencies that arrived and older investigators on the task force were called and the first world trade center attack led them to a man whose mosque lies between the two buildings getting attention today. >> now, i played that report for mr. trump yesterday, telling him we can find no other videotape jermaine to the issue. >> nobody will talk about thousands of people celebrating and we looked everywhere. it's just not there. but there were people celebrating. mayor rudy giuliani confirms in new york it happened. mr. guzman confirms in jersey, it happened. so does the jersey state police. so you're wrong by saying thousands but it did happen. what say you? >> well, i don't know i'm wrong,
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bill, you know, this just came out, i mean, literally just came out. trump vindicated, 100%. this just, i mean just seeing it now. so i don't know that i'm wrong. there are a lot of people. you know, we don't have cell phones today with cameras on them. if we did, you'd see something different. you look at what happened a week ago with a soccer game. they had a minute of silence for the people that were just absolutely, horrible what happened in paris. and honoring those people a minute of silence and you heard shouts from the muslim world at the game that were horrendous. >> what country is that? do you remember? >> it was a different country. >> it was turkey. >> there is tremendous hatred out there. >> people aren't acknowledging it. >> where you get into trouble
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with all due respect, of course is when you give a speech and say things like i saw thousands and there weren't thousands. >> you don't know that there weren't, bill. >> i was here. if there were thousands i would have been reporting. >> but they were swarming. bill? this article swarming all over the place. it means a lot of people. >> there were some people, not thousands. but i want to get at is this. >> bill, you don't know that. bill? you don't know that. >> i'm pretty confident. >> you're pretty sure. you don't know that. you know i'm always right. >> you know i'm always right so take it to the bank. >> okay. >> so you're in virginia and give a speech tonight, all right? do you have the speech printed out? or is it an ad lib speech? >> it would be easier to read off of a teleprompter where our president does because he can't
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do anything else. i like to not do that. i have thousands of people. i like to -- you know why? it's more exciting. do you know the other thing about it? i can talk about things that took place two hours ago. i can talk about a soccer game if played an people were screaming horrible things and it took place an hour before i go up. and frankly it's more exciting to speak for the people, and for me. >> i understand that. >> you need extraordinary memory and lots of abibl to be able to speak in front of 20,000 people without a speech. >> and you have. >> i think it's much better. >> here is what happens. when sometimes you get up there you get over yi excited and say things as anyone would because the crowd is cheering and everything is going wild, that you don't know to be true. but you blief to be true.
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but you don't know it. so that is the risk as a president, all right, when you're out there as a man who wants the most-powerful position in the world you have to kind of be careful in those speeches because that is what gets you in trouble. get my point? >> i would love to read speeches off of a teleprompter. it is so easy to do. i would love to read speeches, period. but you don't get the same excitement and feeling. i haven't made many mistakes. when i talked about illegal immigration, the world went crazy, and thought it was terrible. four weeks later i was number one in the polls because everyone realized i was right. it was about one week later. i was number one in the polls and now, i'm number one in every single poll, a big one is coming up, cnn tomorrow, i look forward to that one. we're number one in every poll, including the fox poll.
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>> but i'm just saying -- >> and we beat hillary. we beat hillary. >> i'm sure she's thrilled with that. >> thrilled. >> with the responsibility that you're seeking comes personal responsibility. when you say something you've got to be pretty damn well sure it's accurate and not hyperbole. that is the point i'm trying to make and i'm sure you understand. >> i've had very few complaints, bill well. get the biggest crowds by many, many times and we get far bigger crowds than anyone else. >> we have a great, you know what? we have a great time with a tough subject. because there is not a lot of good news happening with the united states. you understand that. so we have a great time, as good a time with subject matter that is not so pleasant. >> always very