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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 3, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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hannity on twitter and let us know what you think. unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. killers armed to the teeth, ready to killvt even more the husband and wife duo, the evil murders behind the san bernadino massacre armed with a arsenal of weapons including homemade bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition. 14 innocent people gunned another 21 people wounded during the christmas carnival carnage. what was the killers' motive f a terrorist(áu group. j"íhy
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police will be in this position for some time to come. we should note the big headline of the day comes from the associated press saying reporting that syed farook did have contact with people. the fbi is investigating for terrorism reasons. apparently they were using social media to contact these people. the question is who were these groups and who were these people? q and how deep did the contacts people? which makes it all the more important when they go to the house of the killers today and start pulling out all of those electronics, greta. because we are talking about cell phone data. we are talking about computers. if they can get some more information to help connect
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the dots. the question the fbi has been wondering fact, they did have contact with these extremist groups, were there some help in planning this? was there help in maybe training or are funding? we know the fbi"4q,j this was a well planned attack. the question was
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was this dispute, apparently between5uebçzez the co-workers of syed farook and a man who was a christian. we are told they had a disagreement over whether islam was a peaceful religion or not. that coworker was among those killed inside the regional center. it was a heated argument. not part ever of the argument that happened during the day of the shooting when farook apparently left the building and then came back with his wife and opened fire. we can now tell you, greta, that earlier today the police have ruled out that third suspect. last night at this time we were talking about a potential third suspect. now that person apparently has been ruled out. they believe this couple did act alone. and finally we should note, greta, that now all the names of the victims of the dead have been released. the families have been notified. the 15 people, they range in age from 20 years old to 60 years old, five women, eight
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men. i know that's 13 and there were 14 -- i beg your pardon, 14 fatalities, we still don't know the gender of the last one. news conference comes up in about an hour and 15 minutes. we hope to get more information then, greta. >> trace, thank you. one even had six children. at this hour the fbi is closing in on the motive for this vicious massacre. top of the list, the fbi is hunting for any ties between the killers neither isis or al qaeda. have they found any? fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins me. catherine, have they found any? >> well, one of the central pieces of evidence that the fbi is looking at are these pipe bombs. the pipe bombs use components from these remote controlled radio toy cars. and this is a signature of the group al qaeda in yemen and their online magazine "inspire" like being a lifestyle jury trial jihadist. how to live your life, be respectful to your faith and
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also have to build bombs. this is a data point that would lead us to al qaeda. >> all right. we are looking at the new dmv photo by the way of one of the killers of the man, obviously. catherine, is there any indication of isis, even on social media or anything that has shown any support for this or contributed in any way? >> this has been a classic situation where isis has been cheerleading for what has happened in california. and sort of triumphing or reveling in the fact that so many americans lost their lives. significantly, there has been no claim of responsibility. just further on trace's point, we actually independently confirmed here at fox that syed farook was in contact with individuals who were being investigated by the fbi on terrorism issues. but our understanding is that he had contact with this group after those fbi investigations had had closed. was very reminiscent based on our reporting of the situation in boston. remember, the elder tsarnaev brother was looked at by the fbi. the case was closed. and then it was after that
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he went overseas and came back and did the attack. >> i will tell you what is peculiar i was listening to a police scanner after it broke yesterday afternoon. i heard one person say, one police officer say to another we have a tip and they say the name is syed. i told someone in new york looking for somebody named syed. they knew about this guy as a possibility very early on unless there is more that than one syed. they had a tip from one of the co-workers who survived. the original name was not syed farook. to other names attached to it at that time. >> where did they get the money for. this that's a great question. i don't know where the money came from. they had to have significant cash to buy the am negligence, guest the weapons, and then to make these bombs. i want to emphasize the number of pipe bombs they found really speaks to someone who has experience with explosives. and is good enough that they're not having accidents to get found out. that's another important data point here. they are going to find out in the scrubbing of these
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electronics that are being brought to the fbi lab here in quantico, virginia. so the computers, the thumb drives, the files. what their pattern was on the web. they are probably going to be able to pull up bank records from that as well. >> we are just getting too to fox news the copy of the marriage certificate they were marriage august 4th, 2014. >> as soon as they met in saudi arabia, they were there nine days. they returned to the united states. they had 90 days to get married and they made it official once they were here. >> of course, saudi arabia raises a red flag for all of us. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> bl?]j-÷ massacre carried out during a christmas party in a crowded business complex. hundreds of employees, innocent people inside that building when this cancer began. [sirens] >> my daughter is in there. she texted us about 30 minutes ago and said that there was a shooter. she thought he shot 10 to 20
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people. >> she said the guy came in next to her office, and i guess started shooting. they locked themself n her office. they saw bodies on the floor. >> ambulance are taking people out. >> the alarms went off and they were all called to hunker down and hide and shelter in place. she said then eventually the police came by and took them out. never heard any gunshots or anything. >> boom boom boom. all of a sudden, boom. >> "on the record" is live on the ground investigating this horrific and evil rampage. griff jenkins has been speaking to people who knew the suspected killers, griff? >> hi, greta. much of the activity today surrounding the condominium owned by syed farook, wife mother-in-law lived as well. no one was more shocked to find out there was dozens of
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pipe bombs and arsenal of weapons in that condominium than immediate next door neighbors alan and amy frost. take a look. >> how close to you were they? >> we share walls. >> you share walls? >> um-huh. >> share walls. >> when you heard the news, when you saw on the news who this was, or i guess maybe you found out first when the swat teams and the police camegç in. walk us through that. >> for me, the first indication that i had of how close it was my wife called me when i was at work. and so saying that she was going over to a friend's house because they were going to be investigating our neighbor. so, for me, that was my first indication of that our neighbor was a suspect. >> i was home watching the news, and i received a text from a neighbor down the way in the complex. her husband found out from a police officer that was at the it end of her driveway.
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the entrance into the complex. and he said that the police are going to raid the house that they are living in. and she said i need to get out of the house right now. >> they found makeshift bombs. >> that's what i understand, i didn't speak to the agents about that. >> did that terrify you? >> absolutely. who wouldn't be,xc right? >> it is right next door. for us, literally on the other side of the wall. and so it is disturbing to think about that. >> and we are learning a little more about who farook was. he was a health inspector in san bernadino county. we talked to a restaurant owner who was once inspected by him. take a look. >> this morning i was going through my emails and going through emails and i finally found it and it was him sending an email and i saw his name and it freaked me
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out. >> what stands out about him was he seemed disconnected. didn't really care too much about what (t÷ does. what i mean by that was didn't have a lot to report. >> we are joined by our own ted williams a former federal agent. homicide detective talking to cops on the ground, what are your impressions? >> first impressions are law enforcement officers have shocked by this division as to whether this was a terrorist act or whether this was work-place related. they believe it was a terrorist act, griff. >> greta? >> ted, as you are out there and talking to the police officers, i mean, you have to admit that this is an amazing response and that no one else was killed is absolutely extraordinary. i got to tip my hat to these police officers. >> yeah, greta. you are absolutely right. the men and women of law enforcement out here have done an exemplary job. they went in.
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you got to understand, when this thing first broke, there was a great deal of confusion. they were out there on the highway. they were in the middle of a shootout. they went -- they served and protected this community very well. they even went in to that apartment. there was booby traps in the car. they were dealing with a lot of question marks out here and theyk did an exemplary job, greta. >> this is not to lay the blame on anybody. but, if you see something, say say something. certainly you=/zh someone is buying all the engreed cents to make this bomb factory at home, someone must have been!(x. and everyone is always afraid to speak up. >> you know, greta, if i could actually just jump in though, that couple lived -- they were separated by that condominium by a wall. i pressed them on and off camera whether or not they knew something was going to to have so much material. they didn't honestly >> they may not be the ones though, griff, but somebody sold them the stuff. i don't know how much is in there but it sounds like it's a virtual bomb factory
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and they did go to it a store unless they went every day at a different store for the last eight months, i don't know. they must have been suspicious. >> you're absolutely right. i think when you look at the proportion of the amount of ammunition, the amount of bomb-making material, the federal authorities are going to have to to backtrack and look at bomb-making material. hopefully they will find fingerprints and forensics on this material that's not either farook or malik. >> thank you both, griff, ted, thank you. and the violence and bloody shootout with police and thenned the carnage and killed the suspect is all played out on police radio. >> looks like male8x with dark shirt, blue jeans running eastbound through the parking lot. >> we are in pursuit of the suspect vehicle eastbound on san bernadino avenue from richardson. we have got shots fired out the back window. >> looks like we have one in custody.
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>> copy, one in custody. >> multiple shots fired. >> eastbound multiple shots fired. >> many americans are frightened. they do fear an attack just like this one in their town. what should we do? what can we do? former new york city mayor rudy giuliani goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. how are you? >> i'm very well. well, it's no secret
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everyone is suspicious that this is radical islam. he was born in the united states. but he was -- he traveled to saudi arabia. but he had had a fight previously, not in the day before or the day of with one of the)g people th killed about whether islam was a peaceful religion or not. i guess the killer certainly answered that one for himself. >> well, you know, first of all, we have got to divide this into two stages. he find the first one completely incredible that the fbi has trouble describing this as a terrorist act. whether it's work-related or muslim related, m"bh
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are never going to be able to figure this out. secondly, is it islamic related? that's a little bit more difficult to question. but all the circumstantial evidence points that way, greta. i mean, here's a guy who goes and gets a bride from saudi arabia, pakistan, right? he is an american. he goes and gets a bride from there. he comes back, he has put together basically an arsenal in order to do massive4 luckily, he got killed during the first attack. this guy was ready for four or five, six is atti so, it kind of sends me in the direction of i wouldn't definitively say at this point it was islamic terrorist attack, but it sure is pointing in that direction. but to have the fbi today, not be able to say this was a terror attack and
11:17 pm
i i have worked with the fbi all my life, as a u.s. attorney, associate attorney general, man, as the u.s. gone on television and contradicted him and said you are damn right this is a terrorist attack. now let's figure out if it is islamic or not. >> nobody wants to say it's radical islamica let's face it, it would be unreasonable not to be suspicious that it is. >> of course it would be. >> that wouldh+89ñ be unreasonable. we will all wait to see what the facts are but it would be unreasonable not to be suspicious of that tonight. >> if you were working for me, when i was u.s. attorney as an agent or as an assistant u.s. attorney, and you didn't have that as a hypothesis, i would fire you. you would be fired. because you would be too stupid to work for me. >> and tonight i assume that the fbi is combing his computer. one of the problems is that hist g÷ coconspirator, his co-killer is his wife.
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it's not like they are going to have computer messages between the two of them. >> here is a guy who is an americ!g]í citizen, right? he goes online and pecks a wife in saudi arainia, pakistan.ñ what does that have to tell you? also, there was a neighbor that i saw reported somewhere way down in the "l.a. times" article today who said that they sawvñuuó the couple in thei garage, a suspicious number of times in the weeks leading up to the attack, but they were afraid to report it. i would like to you go find that neighbor. i would go find that neighbor if i was investigating this case. you know what tells me political correctness is winning and reality is losing. if that neighbor was afraid to go report that to the police. >> and that neighbor -- i have read that story and the neighbor was afraid that the neighbor would be called a racist so the neighbor didn't want to. >> if the neighbor had reported it, you might x&p gotten a search warrant and you might have been able to prevent this. and i can give you four
11:19 pm
cases in new york we and that's why not calling&jj%y them islamic terrorists and the president refusing to do that is imposing a politicalo7 correctness on us that is dangerous. >> mayor, i have got to go. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. and outrage is growing instead of hammering mass murderers. one newspaper attacks republicans asking americans to pray. governor chris christie is firing back. his response, you have to hear it straight ahead. plus, we have new information about the suspect is and their suspect is and their possible ties to terrorism
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this is a fox news alert. heavily armed and on a mission. the husband and wife pair, the suspects behind the san bernadino massacre were armed to the teeth and ready for a battle. investigat)j slaughter 14o innocent people and hurting so many more, then now turning up clues that may point to terror. fox news correspondent adam housley is live near the suspect's house in red ao@í$se, -- redlands, california. the it clearly is terror the anybody.y >> i!q off the phone with one investigator and talked to others in this last half hour did. folks on the ground do any investigation both federal and local level. they will tell you as far as they are concerned this iss&(/÷ terrorism. the problem they believe is coming from much higher level in washington telling
11:32 pm
their -- basically their bosses not to go path u 100 percent in this very narrow definition defined. so they/4y are frustrated by that because they want to be able to say that at the main time,lh number one priority is to continue with the investigation itself. behind me at this home in redlands the federal fbi team has left with, forensic vehicle that they use. they there is still a couple 'of agents here as you might imagine. the apartment has quite a crime scene. but the actual team itself with the forensic vehicle left, that was recently. i have also been told by the fbi tonight that there is actually a home in carona right now, carona, california, not far from here where they are -- they they are basically saying they are checking>$l÷ç out the home and ensuringayfwñ that thee is no security situation there that's as far as they will go. they won't give us or call it a raid. can you see the actual apartment here that was a
11:33 pm
raid. it took a long time to go through. there is still people inside from the fbi, the forensic team as i mentioned pulled out of here recently, greta. can you see where that window was basically knocked out. this is where they found a lot of those devices factory or facility where they had the pipe bombs and they had the explosives also attached to the cars, the motorized cars, greta. this investigation continuing in a number of locations, spreading out not only here nationally but also across the%nc country as well with as internationally, greta. >> adam, thank you. and investigators are now4f poring over the lives of two suspected san bernadino massacre. they are looking for a motive. what they found inside the suspect's home. >> there were 12 pipe bomb-type devices found in thq of that house. there were also hundreds of54fw tools, many of which could be used to constbt# p ieds or pipekxwp bombs. and, in addition to that, they had other material to
11:34 pm
have produced some additional bombs as well. >> does this level of planning point to an act of terror. fox news terrorism expert walid is here. be careful. i will go out on a limb. this is terrorism without any doubt in myé tny question is whether this is a freelance copycat that they got radicalized and didyzo this all themselves or whether they are in any way part of a group, which is also another form of terrorism that they were encouraged or inspired or even paid for or had plann' look at it.ou this is terrorism. this isn't work place where you have a grudge boss. you don't go out and get your wife and come back aí= shoot 14 people. >> absolutely. this is exactly where most of the expert community is right now. the government is behind trying to build the case little byevpx little, piece by piece. there are three major areas. the actual operation itself, the fact that they had all this equipment, the way they executed. >> they had a at home. >> they had all the features that a regular cell of terror in iraq or syria
11:35 pm
would do. more than that, who trained them? they were trained ,y somebody. somebody oversaw that training. element number two the wife would leave her baby to go perform that kind of activity? we have seen it in the middle east. >> mother. >> this is the black widows that attacked russia in the past and we have seen those cases in iraq and syria. there is another component.=sfvy the environment. the tweets coming from isis. they did not come when there was shooters in our high schools. you saw only those tweets when there was an action byásb0l jihadist or presumed jihadist. thirdly you have what these two persons have done in the past, traveling and who are they following on twitter he? this is something thez÷; government definitely has to have information about it. >> sort of the metadata collection which is they are doing right now to see who they spoke, to where they were on their computer andr8
11:36 pm
terrorist across state lines or something soes that we would have, you know, across2ekx town, so you would have phone records. i mean, there is somewhat of a limitation. but you are right, they had had to learn it some1c!c place. the internet is a rich place to get all sorts of information. and you get really information, even how to build a bomb. >> absolutely. you have the actuala4 internet. and i'm sure not just the government everybody else in the private sector is going after that now. but what the government has in their own hands is the laptop or the computer. this is everything. i mean, if there is a email it will be there. >> the sadness is we are going to find this out and get this information. the problem is it's after the 14 are deaâ? it's after the 20-some are injured and shot. 14 dead. one of the people died is a 37-year-old man, married and six children. it's horrible that we are learning this after the fact. we need to be ahead of the game. >> absolutely ahead of the game. that's how we are conducting counter terrorism operation. this is a question ofe policy. i think the administration doesn't want to -- the direction to be in that field of jihadism unless
11:37 pm
it's given all the >> and that's a you rough thing is that we don't know about this until after the fact. i would rather stop thisñvfo walid, thank you. >> thank you. >> you heard governor ch)yw7 christie's response to how he would keep this country safe.kjgv a candidate have to sayúa9 mass murder in california. carly fiorina goes "on the record" next. plus we have more of the breaking news. more information about the suspect in this mass to terrorism. to terrorism. more live coverage comingp
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breaking right now, "on the record" is monitoring the investigation intoe1fáan9 bernadinowax0mmre. we are awaiting a news> enforcement. as soon as it starts, we will take youq right toñi it. >>z- controversial front page of the new york daily news. the paper mocking the tweets of republicançó presidentialni" prayers in light of the mass murders in9d,=ñ california. now, the paper displaying
11:42 pm
tweets with giant headline this former ceo ofymñke1 hewlett packard and 2016 presidentiali] candidate carly fiorina goes "on the record." welcome to#rut d.c. i]d#s÷ know you have been in iowa, new hampshire, and every place else. so welcome. >> thank you so much. thanks for having me. >> what do you make of this new yorke1 daily news page? >> we have to country back. we have to restore the character of ourgmd nation. i mean, honestly, this is unbelievable. when you read the article, it goes on to say that the people who hadi] pray for our victims and our first respondeu problem. it's juste1t( outrageous. the same paper said that i planned parenthood shooting because i haveçú2 exposed the parenthood does. this is what the left wing least on day oneú8ú< they ought to be looking at thee1 killers. >> yes they ought to instead oftñqq-%9 >> hillary clinton, remember, when she was asked flip. i actually thought.
11:43 pm
>> they think the enemy conservatives andqéiaz republicans who might pray after a!u terrorist attack.t( >> i don't think theyçó wereñ being flip. >> no they*÷p)eú4ç not being flip. i thought the new york daily news is not what would you do? colorado, wer other shootings and sandyc hook. we had a lot of massfñiñ shootings in this country. we have a wholemfoy list of criminals who are not supposed to own firearms and w%v@ know exexd and we prosecute less than 1% of them. >> here we have a situation unclear but, for heaven's sake. their home. they had been inspected for possible ties to terroristsñi we actually knewhersl something was wrong, somebody investigated them at some point, but didnó]xy reallñúî anything about it. this is why i think our director said a couple weeks ago, evenvi:3jut the parisjf
11:44 pm
attacks that the fbi was, quote, overwhelmed by the number of possible3yj terrorists already in this country. they couldn't keep up. and, yet, president obama=wpñ says that anyñr ofxd us who say that maybe we shouldn't be letting more would be terrorists in if we cannot vet refugees, fort( example, he says wehño providing a recruitment tool to the; terrorists. >> all right. one other thing that ir say circle back on that is i think wexd have tq&ç stop being afraip of being called racist. apparently if you see somehould sayuok something and apparently one woman did see$ñ bomb factory or see something anything, which i can understand. but the problem is we do $jqjrrñ this is the cost of people being shouted down because the8=z express an opinion that the left wing doesn't like.í 9tráhráhpágg(çç . people stopr cannotxd stopxd talking, wejf can'tsg stop speaking the truth. and we can't stop saying something if we see something. but that'sw3 the cost. >> if you seeñgt(ñ something --k
11:45 pm
people demonize the messenger because they don't like theq message. >> if you see someone buying five pressure cookers, say something. you have a new your first year inñir and you have got a whole list@ going to do. what's top of the list? >> i have laid outxd six things that i think are violation to get done early administratf to take our country back. it involves defeatingxd isis. and leading once again in character of our nation by religious liberty. it involves enforcing a pro-american immigrationb"x system.ñiw3 it involves rolling",&@ç back te worst aspects of cronyq capitalism of which obamacare is number one. it involves most importantly getting to zero based budgeting soko we canjf examine every dollar, cut anye1 dollar, move any dollar and taking5'bçy that 73,000ko pageñ code down to three >> just add the zero based budgeting is if we can figure out how to get rid of some of this waste and fraud in the government we can pay for more law enforcement or some of the other things.
11:46 pm
>> absolutely. it's also true that we have more irs personnel today because of that 73,000 page tax code than we do cia and fbi combined does that strike you as afá misallocation ofçófá resources? i think so. >> don't get me started. carlie foreignna, welcome to washington. niles to he so you. >> thank you. thanks for having me, greta. >> look atr these are the faces ofyh thejfc suspects in the san bernadino massacre. more on the investigation next.
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the san bernadino massacre coming as americans are increasingly on edge in fear of terror attacks. a new national poll taken before yesterday's slaughter finding 83% of voters say a terrorist attack, killing numerous americans is likely. that same poll finding 61%
11:51 pm
of voters say the u.s. government's anti-terror policies have not gone far enough. former pennsylvania governor and former homeland security tom ridge joins us. >> nice to see you. >> 61% of the population think president obama's antiterrorism policies not gone far enough. are you in that 61%? >> absolutely. plug me in. in order to combat an enemy you have to recognize it as such. we know for the last seven years he has struggled with the term global war on terror let alone islamic -- there are hundreds of thousands of men and women go to work every day trying to keep america more secure from a defense point of view. there are gaps, there always will be because democracies are soft targets by definition. we need far more aggressive overseas. >> there are two people sitting in a garage tonight building a bomb legal
11:52 pm
materials tonight. what are you supposed to do? how is the government supposed to stop that if it's homegrown radical anything? >> i think that that embrace that notion and understand completely that not every attack is an intelligence failure not every attack is a condemnation of the men and women who try to keep us safe. we need to september reality of the 21st century, one, america is doing everything we can to keep our streets and communities safe but that intelligence does have limits. >> you know what? it may not be an intelligence failure but in every single one of these attacks when we go back and reengineer what the person's life was like, we find out buying five pressure cookers at the store and the store owner thinks well i did think it was a little weird. people are not speaking up enough for weird things they are afraid that they will be called racist or afraid to be called some sort of some
11:53 pm
horrible bigot. >> greta, you are on to something is. we arevh/ asking people to beç little bit of their earn environment. democracies are soft targets. if you see something unusual or out of the ordinary, a neighbor saw severalmacvc people congregating at night loud noises. if nothing else a nuisance. more information that needs to be generated before a final conclusion can be reached. i specially in this is a terrorist attack. i understand that the fbi has a specific definition they are trying to plug all the definition in. this is a terrorist attack. i do think we understand cold hard reality that there are limits to our ability tob3q keep everybody safe everywhere all the time. >> well, according to that poll taken before yesterday, 83% think it was likely we were going to get a terror attack with lots of casualties. ir
11:54 pm
an attack. but i do want to i -- i'm very careful when i you say. this we need to put itf>sñ in perspective. uwv!ause they drank tooqíu much. 15 or 20,000 homicides. qjyú!9t ourselves.ncy to so thef&b threat of terrorism in these fundamentalists is real, it's severe, it's horrific, wew& country. most people doing everything they possibly can to deal with it. we just have to accept that reality and maybeó the cities to do and you highlighted it a few moments ago, be af]kñ little bit more of yourcs the muslim on community to pay more attention what'sxitg> governor, nice to see you. >> my pleasure. >> new leader to admire, ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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yes, you know, i sound like a broken record talking about the police, but i must again tonight. i want to go on the record noting my appreciation and admiration for law enforcement. yesterday's job by the law enforcement in san bernadino was somethiú3n we should all be proud of. the call went out, a shooting and more than 300 law enforcement officers immediately responding, running toward danger, not away. and as our hearts bleed for the 14 massacre victims and their families and friends. it was law enforcement risking their lives, who stopped the killers before the killers could kill more by gun or with their bomb-making factory at home. i'm not the only one who is proud of0=j[>ñ enforcement. i will tell you as the chief of this agency i'm incredibly proud of the way the response here help and regional partners but the way they engaged in that officer involved shooting. that was nothing short of heroic and extremely proud of the way that they handled that. >> while the chief won't say it himself, i will. he also needs to take a bow. you don't have law enforcement like san bernadino without a great
12:00 am
leader chief.the and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thanks for being with us. see you again tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. and stay with fox news for all the latest news. the muslim couple who killed 14 people in san bernadino had a massive arsenal of ammo, bombs and high-powered weapons. they are treating it as a possible terrorism case. we will talk about it and the reaction. republicans call for prayers and democrats gun control. and we must discuss donald trump's innovation on the campaign trail. it will be a great show. first, a news break. this is a fox news alert. i'm tricia stark. the couple who killed 14 people and injured 21 others in san bernadino, california may have had more sinister plans. police say far


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