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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  December 4, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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this is a fox news alert. i'm brett baier in washington. thousands of bullets, a dozen pipe bombs, some attached to remote-controlled cars. a trip to the middle east and social media communication with known islamic jihadists who the fbi was tracking at one time. new details are coming to light as president obama again used yesterday's horrific mass shooting to push his gun control agenda today. but even the president is acknowledging that the massacre of 14 people in san bernardino, california, wednesday may be an act of terrorism. we have fox team coverage, carl cameron in washington, with what republican presidential candidates are saying. peter deucy at the white house where gun control, not terrorism
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appears to be the focus so far. we begin with senior correspondent adam housley live in san bernardino again tonight. hello, adam. >> hello, brett, we've learned from investigators that they believe syed may have contacted people through social media. they believe the contact did happen and are investigating the depth of the contact. it comes as the government of saudi arabia admits that syed farook and his wife visited saudi arabia last year for nine days. but will not say that his wife was a saudi citizen. >> we still don't have the motive. >> more than 24 hours after wednesday's shooting rampage that left 14 dead and 21 injured, there are still more questions than answers. >> this i not your average investigation, we have multiple scenes, we have many victims and it will take time. >> witnesses say syed farook abruptly left a holiday party for the county health employees
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at the inland regional center. when he returned, the 28-year-old county health inspector and his wife, tashfeen malik, were dressed and prepared for battle with legally-purchased weapons. >> the suspects when they entered fired between 65-75 rounds from their rifles. however on their person, on their body and in the vehicle they had over 1400 rounds and had over 200 9-millimeter rounds. there appears to be a agree-of-degree of planning that went into this. nobody gets upset at a party and comes back with a scheme like that. >> some planning apparently began at a home in redlands. >> the search that took place revealed 12 pipe bomb devices found in that house or in the garage of that house. and there were also hundreds of tools. many of which could be used to construct ieds or pipe bombs. >> if you look at the amount of obvious preplanning that went in.
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the amount of armaments that he had, the weapons and the ammunition. there was obviously a mission here. >> the fbi also analyzing digital media taken from the home along with how the two had met and where they traveled. malik who came to the u.s. from pakistan in 2014, was here on a k1 visa. that requires marriage within 90 days of arriving. >> we know there was some international travel. they both came into the u.s. in july of 2014. they have since had a baby together. >> the fbi has yet to rule whether or not this is terrorism. >> it would be irresponsible and premature of me to call this terrorism. the fbi defines terrorism very specifically. we are still, that is the big question for us, is what is the motivation for this. >> we're also learning the victims' names, as well as those injured. loma linda medical center saying they still have two patients in critical condition and two officers injured are said to be in stable condition. brett? >> adam housley live in san bernardino. the suspects had not even been
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confronted by authorities in the shoot-out. nor had the victims been identified before president obama linked the shootings to america's gun laws. with no mention of possible islamic terrorism. today he concentrated on the former and only hinted at the latter. correspondent peter doocy is at the white house tonight. >> today after huddling with his national security team, president obama announced it's unclear why a couple in california carried out a coordinated attack. >> it is possible that this was terrorist-related. but we don't know. it's also possible that this was workplace related. >> despite the mystery, the president said he knows how to stop future attacks similar to san bernardino. >> common sense gun safety laws. stronger background checks. >> does the president really think that common sense gun laws would deter terrorists now that he has admitted these two may have been terrorists? >> yes. >> so the president thinks when there are potentially two
quote quote
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terrorists sitting around planning a mass murder, they may call it off because president obama has put in place common-sense gun laws? >> we're still learning of the precise motives. of the individuals who carried out this heinous act of violence yesterday. one thing we do know -- is that the four firearm these were wielding were legally purchased under the laws in place now. >> but republican lawmakers aren't so sure the president is seeing the whole picture. >> i've supported background checks for a long time. i continue to support them. but the problem that we witnessed yesterday, appears to be a domestic terrorist. and that's something we really ought to be focused on. >> the president is also trying to make a broader point now about sky-high shooting stats. >> we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. >> but when you define mass shooting, as causing four or more deaths in public and
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subtract gang or terrorist-related incidents, mass shooting rates in the u.s. are about the same as europe. according to the crime prevention research center, so the president's critics are expressing a familiar frustration. >> his instinct is always political. it's not presidential. >> today the white house also insisted they've been working with muslim leaders to try to discourage vulnerable young americans from becoming radicalized. but when asked exactly who is involved in that effort? officials here couldn't name anybody. brett? >> peter doocy live on the north lawn. thank you. while the president and democrats are pushing the gun angle, republican presidential hopefuls are talking terrorism. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports from a major conference of candidates and donors. >> the republican jewish coalition presidential forum drew all the gop candidates. they promised to defend israel, destroy islamic terrorism and decried the san bernardino
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attacks. >> this horrific murder underscores that we're at a time of war. >> we need to come to grips with the idea that we are in the midst of the next world war. >> if you think that shooting in california is about gun control, then you don't understand what's going on in the world. >> if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck and sounds like a duck, maybe it's a duck. >> donald trump had no doubts about it. >> radical islamic terrorism and i'll tell you what, we have a president that refuses to use the term. he refuses to say it. there's something going on with him that we don't know about. >> marco rubio in promising to defend israel took a shot at trump for telling the "associated press" he questions israel's desire for peace. >> some in our party have actually questioned israel's commitment to peace. some in our own party have called for more sacrifice from the israeli people. they are dead wrong and they don't understand the enduring bond between israel and america. >> trump got booed for refusing
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to say jerusalem should be israel's capital as part of a middle east peace deal and said while he would like to broker peace between the palestinians and israelis. >> i'm not sure the they have a the commitment to make it. >> mike huckabee, an ordained baptist minister was not. >> the united states needs to make a definitive statement of who it's taking sides with and move its embassy to joerusalem and once and for all declare we know who our peace partner in the middle east is and it's israel. >> dr. ben carson hedged on jerusalem as the capital of the middle east, and read a 30-minute prepared speech. >> i view israel as both the canary in a coal mine, meaning that as israel goes, so goes western civilization. but also as the tip of the spear in the clash. >> the san bernardino investigation may take months. it's clear the entire republican field has all but concluded that
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jihadism in the american homeland can no longer be considered theoretical. brett? >> jeb bush was our guest in center seat. we'll show that a little later. if you have questions, drop us a line at facebook/brettbaiersr. or on twitter. hillary clinton took an uncomfortable but probably anticipated question today during an event in new hampshire. >> you recently came out to say that all rape victims should be believed. but would you say that about john broderick. kathleen riley or paula jones? should we believe them? >> i would say everybody should be believed until they are disbelieved based on evidence. >> the women mentioned have in the past accused clinton's husband, of sexual harassment, assault or rape. up next an historic decision, the pentagon officially gives the green light to women in combat. first, here's what some fox
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affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in, a jury has found former massey energy ceo guilty of conspiracy connected to a deadly coal mine explosion, 29 men died in the blast at the upper big branch mine in 2010. fox 5 in new york, five fifth graders in northern new jersey are suspended after allegedly plotting to attack a high school during a field trip. police say the kids brought a nonexplosive device filled with vinegar and cinnamon to school. teachers and administrators found written plans on how the attacks would occur. this is a live look at cape canaveral, florida, one of the big stories for fox 35 in orlando, a weather-related delay in the scheduled launch of a rocket carrying gear to the international space station. the payload includes 7,000 pounds of supplies and 250 research projects. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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a big shift in the u.s. military. women are now eligible for all front-line combat positions. including elite special operations units. the pentagon ended combat exclusion this afternoon. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has reaction to this historic decision, tonight from the pentagon. >> standing alone at the pentagon podium, defense secretary ash carter announced his decision to open all front-line combat positions to women. >> there will be no exceptions. this they'll be allowed to drive tanks, fire mortars and lead infantry solds into combat. they'll be able to serve as army ranger berets and
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everything else previously open only to men. >> the service member who is sued the defense department for this right welcomed this decision. >> we cheered, we clapped, some cried a little bit and i was one of them. it's been a long time coming for us. >> notably absent was chairman of the joint chiefs, general joe dunnford oversaw a study that found male-only infantry units shot more accurately. could carry more weight and had lower injury rates. congressman duncan hunter is a marine who served in iraq and afghanistan. >> the marine corps has looked at this extensively. they're the only service that has done so. they came away with conclusions that it makes the fighting unit less effective.r special operat commanders have expressed skepticism. >> i think we need to ask ourselves as a society if we're willing to put women in front-line combat units to take the first bullet on target. or willing to cause every 18 grld girl to sign up for
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selective service. are we willing to cause women to serve in infantry units against their will as we do men? >> 30% of all infantry units are made up of men who didn't volunteer. today carter was asked if women could be forced to serve on the front lines. >> women will be subject to the same standards and rules that men will. >> three women recently made it through anger school for the first time. now they're eligible for the ranger regiment, could be the first female special operators sent to fight isis. brett? >> jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. british jets struck isis oilfields in eastern syria today, hours after the british parliament gave the go-ahead for participation. germany is prepared to send reconnaissance aircraft to the region. russian president vladimir putin is calling for a powerful fist to fight terrorism following yesterday's release of a purported isis video showing the beheading of a russian-speaking man. and is repeating his charge that
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turkey's president is personally profiting from oil trade with isis. turkey's president erdogan denies that. as bad as things have appeared recently for the u.s. secret service, they're actually worse, a new congressional report paints a picture of an agency suffering from low morale, high attrition, a lack of funds and a lack of leadership. chief legal correspondent shannon bream has the specifics tonight. >> secret asks is an agency in crisis. >> the bottom line of a 400-page bipartisan report from the house oversight committee. detailing incidents of those with violent criminal pasts, scandals involving prostitutes and agents on overseas assignment, as well as accusations that intoxicated agents interfered with a crime scene outside white house grounds. >> unfortunately we've peeled it back and looked under the hood, the more i've seen, the more i worry about the president's, the president's own safety and security. i really do.
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>> congressman elijah cummings, the top democrat said he agrees there's a lot of work to be done, but has seen improvement under director joe clancy's leadership. >> i think they're at high alert. i think they have learned from the things that have happened in the past. >> the report cites rampant mismanagement and critically low morale. among the scores of recommendations are better transparency about how misconduct is handled and the suggestion the next time the president chooses the director, he look outside the agency. white house press secretary josh earnest said clancy retains the president's confidence. >> director clancy, the secret service has worked hard to implement a series of reforms that have strengthened the organization and have enhanced confidence in it. >> the secret service says it's reviewing the report and that the agency remains committed to improving and addressing challenges. brett? >> shannon, thank you.
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south african olympic star, pistorius, has been convicted of murdering his fashion model girlfriend, overturning his earlier conviction on a lesser charge. the supreme court of appeal says pistorius fired the fatal shots into reeva steenkamp with criminal intent. pistorius is currently under house arrest. he was released after serving one year of his five-year sentence for manslaughter. still ahead, jeb bush takes questions in our center seat. first an exclusive look at a new congressional investigation. into obamacare.
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. new house speaker paul ryan says he's not interested in playing nice with president obama. today ryan outlined an agenda he
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described as bold and pro growth. >> our number one goal for next year is to put together a complete alternative to the left's agenda. we are not here to smooth things over. we are here to shake things up. >> ryan says the federal government has grown arrogant, condescending and quote outrigh paternalistic. house members have approved a five-year, $305 billion transportation spending bill. it goes to the senaey the bill contain as renewal of the charter for the bank. today house leaders announced bipartisan legislation to tighten rules on a program allowing citizens from 38 countries to enter the u.s. without a visa. a new effort is under way to reveal how many of your tax dollars have been spent on failing obamacare state exchange. and it comes as the president's health care law is again under attack in congress. correspondent rich edson tonight
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is following the money. >> obamacare spent about $2.5 billion establishing health insurance cooperatives. customer-owned oo'onprofits designed to provide low-cost coverage. the affordable care act funded 23. only one has made money. 12 are closing. the government investment in the failed dozen? about $1.2 billion. now the chairman of the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations tells fox news his staff is probing failures. >> we're doing an investigation into what happened and why. when you have the federal government involved with start-ups at a time when the health care market is so unstable that's a dangerous thing to do. >> the administration defends the co-opps, claiming they offer affordable insurance. >> new internets to any market, especially the insurance market can face pressures, particularly in the early stages, as with any new set of business ventures, some co-ops have succeeded, while others have encountered more challenges. >> beyond republican-led investigations, obamacare faces rising premiums and the nation's
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largest health insurance r surer, united health care said it's considering dropping out of the government insurance exchange for 2017 because it is losing too much money. conservatives charge the law is unraveling. >> premiums will keep going up. people will keep dropping out. people will lose their coverage. access to the doctors they want. that's not sustainable. either economically or.qjv politically. >> the administration points to major insurers, like aetna, kaiser permanente and cigna. say they are still committed to the exchange. officials say obamacare has disrupted the insurance market and claimed it is successfully evolving into an improved expanded health insurance system. will also harming the law is a ban on government payments to insurance companies that agree to cover sicker customers and lose money doing so. supporters say the payments, part of a provision known as risk corridors, prevent dramatic premium increases.
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brett? >> rich, thank you. federal reserve chair janet yellen told congress today economic conditions are falling into place for a raising of interest rates in two weeks. wall street was not happy with that. or perhaps the jittery security here in the u.s. either way the dow lost 2 52 today. the s&p 500 was off 30. the nasdaq fell 86. former vice president dick cheney returned to'erz the capi today for the unveiling of his official bust by a sculptor. in brief remarks, cheney said he hoped to be remembered as believer in america. vice president biden, the lone democrat on hand, said he holds inordinate respect for cheney, even though he disagreed on most issues. and former president george w. bush making a rare joint appearance with cheney, said the latter always did what was right with the nation and he couldn't ask for-ho@ a better vice presi. republican presidential candidate jeb bush in our center
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seat, next on "special report."
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we are pleased to welcome-< republican presidential candidate jeb bush to our center seat. let's bring in our panel of questioners, syndicated columnist, george r&l. jill tulty and steve hayes.
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>> it's a sad couple of days with the tragic events in san bernardino yesterday and the obviously the fbi hasn't made their /@4x ial determination. it looks like the main suspect may have been radicalized in some way. yesterday as it was happening, president obama said this about the issue ofk gun control. >> for those who are concerned about terrorism, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no-fly list where people can't get on planes. but the same people we don't allow to fly could go into a store right now in the united states and buy a firearm and there's nothing that we can do to stop them. >> he's calling for legislation. you're thoughts on all of this and as it develops? >> the first impulse i would have rather than talking about gun control is to make sure that we protect the#fbx homeland. and last week the meta data program was ended. on november 30th.
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i think it ought to be restored. there was apparently some tracking, if he was radicalized, there were suspects that were being followed by the fbi. this is the job of the president, it isn't to turn every instance into a need for taking rights a i way from people that are law-abiding citizens. we need to protect the homeland. every aspect of how we go about liberties in this country ought to be used. >> when hillary clinton tweets out i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to stop gun violence now. what is your reaction? should something be done on the issue of guns? put this issue aside. >> i don't think so, i don't think there's a federal government solution to this. the issue of these mass the issue of these mass tragic,t breaks everyone's heart. ought to be you know, the main thing that we've seen up until now is mental illness. and we could do better probably identifying people before they go completely outwe9ow of contr.
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but there's, this impulse to always solve a problem in washington, d.c. typically ends up taking rights away from law-abiding people. >> george? >> governor, you say we're at war with isis. yesterday the british parliament felt constrained to vote to authorize simply an expansion of british strikes on isis. are we've been striking isis now for 15 0pñoñmonths. with no congressional authorization. if you were -ñ+&tár"ent, would u hesitate before having, proceeding with force until congress acted? >> i would seek congressional authority. i think the president does have the authority. i think you need to get people all in on this. we need to have a budget. if it is a war of our times, i think we need to be serious. when president obama presented this to the congress, and then he backed away. he put all, all sorts of constraints on it. rather than listening to the military advisers. not only that the three republican senators rpresident
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did not give him that authority. but i think the next president should go and get this authority. lay out a clear strategy where the united states leads. to train local forces, to create, make sure that everybody understands what the clear objective is and go at it and be successful at it. >> on a related matter. two of your competitors are at daggers drawn over the issue of libya. the attack onna!"n libya was administered by secretary of state hillary clinton, supported by marco rubio. d÷ disaster.s it was ah where do you come down on the u.s. intervention on libya? >> the disaster was there wasn't a clear strategy to create security at the end of this that's the lesson learned over the last 15 years i think in the middle east. if we're going to be engaging, put men and women in harm's way in uniform. we ought to have a strategy to create a peaceful solution at the end. >> u.s. interests in stake there? >> i don't know. clearly, we've now made things worse by not having a strategy to create, we have chaos, we
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actually have isis now, with a foothold that's now undermining tunisia. so it appeared toúyfu me that t was, this we were leading from behind. we were providing support to our european allies without any thought given about the overall strategy. so in reality i don't think it was the right approach. and bragging about it as hillary clinton did is pretty amazing. >> karen? y ss drawn. what is your sense of the debate within your party about america's role in the world? it used to be that republicans you know, you would pick the isolationists school or the internationalists school. do you have a sense that it is shifting as a result of this? >> i think it's a healthy debate to be honest with you. i think it's clear that some candidates have thought it through and one particular candidate hadn't. >> and -- >> donald trump. trump has been all over the map. he's lacking a seriousness on this subject and this4 b' is a serious matter, we're living in very dangerous times and we need
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someone as president that actually has things throughoh iq welcome . important to discuss for sure. >> what is he voting that you consider unserious? >> saying let russia take out isis. bomb the bleep out of isis. all within three weeks' period. that is not serious. admitting that he gets, of course we love the sunday show here on fox. admitting he gets his foreign policy credentials from watching the sunday shows? that's not serious. >> getting specific on that question, ted cruz said the other day that the united states doesn't have a dog in this fight. do we? >> i disagree with that. >> who is our >> the dog? >> who is our dog in this fight? >> the threat of global our country. and every day that the caliphate exists, is another day that they win and that they can recruit
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terrorists. and the the chaos in syria is a grave national security threat for our country. >> do you think the united states has a moral obligation to intervene when somebody like bashar al assad has used?[a hemical weapons on his own people? írh!cnecessarily. think you also have to have az@ national security imperative attached to it. &háhp &hc% in foreign policy to have a moral underpinning for sure. it can't just be exclusively that. in this case we have a caliphate the size of indiana. 30,000 0sy well-financed terrorists who have declared war on us and they're declaring war on the thing we're most vulnerable for. our own freedom. we have to create a strategy because whoe8fe,sáq will do thi? it's not going to be the french or the brits or the germans and it's not going to be the arab nations unless the united states leads. >> more with governor jeb bush in center seat, a of a break. stt
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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test test qzv questions for you. one is the results are in on common core and they are overwhelmingly negative. why do you continuey it? >> well first of all, the congress is going to do something incredible. they're going to actually pass a bill to present to the president of the united states, the reauthorization of the no child left behind act. which i/%wh helped work on. and the net result of that is that the federal government cannot have direct[ any say in the creation of standards. that's been my position from the very beginning. i support higher standards. and common core standards were highergh standards that we had. they were implemented after i was governor andt@cgh standards with realbur school choice and a performance based system of paying teachers, will yield rising student achievement. my passion is to make sure that every child has the god-given abilities to go to college or
1:42 am
get a job. right now a third of our kids do. >> when you hear fred and others, i'm sure you hear it in town halls and in the republican party, really concerned about this. >> they're concerned about t)tp&ly, they're deeply concerned about federal overreach and education. their voice was heard and the congress will pass with bipartisan support, a reauthorization of the federal government's involvement in k-12 education that prohibits "&:37÷ and i support that. >> on the question of crony capitalism. you campaigned saying you will end crony capitalism if elected president. yet you look at your biggest donors, they're the republicans who are responsible in largeék) measure for propagatingc÷ crony capitalism here in washington on k street and elsewhere if you're elected, do you lock them out? how do you do this? >> they're supporting me because they see that i'm a leading. that i can solve problems. that i have a proven record. unlike others that are running to have nothing in their past that would suggest that they could lead. and so absolutely.
1:43 am
i'm proud of the fact that people are giving me money. i haven't changed my views about anything. think we ought to phase out6$e÷ sugar subsidies. i think we ought to phase out the subsidies in the tax code for oil and gas, for wind, for solar. we need to phase out the renewable fuel standard over a period of time. all of these things i'veq÷ói clear. i go to iowa and say these things, look, i am who i am. and my compass points north and the fact that people are not a bad sign. >> george, you have a plan you say for 4% growth which would be remarkable and?eíy sustained 4% growth. the next president may come to office in the middle of a recession, we're overdue for one after a sputtering 2%q how do you credibly say you can engineer 4% growth? >> if you increase economic activity by dramatic changes in how we create rules first and foremost, the proposal we've laid out is to say that there should be two years to be able to get a permit, not2céo ten y that we're going
1:44 am
back to the states wherever possible. we've treaded on the 10th amendment, trampled all over it i think the epa, the department of education, department of transportation, as much of their programs, medicaid,< things have to go back to the states. we should embrace the energy revolution, rather than trying to make it harder and harder to create economic activity. we need to reform our tax code. if you combine all of those things together, you're going to get closer to 4% growth. and george, let's just say i got it wrong.÷qa5n maybe it's 3.75% growth. that would be a phenomenal difference in this tepid new normal of 2% growth. which is trapping people in poverty and seeing $2300 of disposable income lost since president obama was inaugurated. >> if we could go back to topic a among democrats after san bernardino, gun control what about the specific proposal that the president was talking about in the tape that we saw earlier? do you think that if somebody's
1:45 am
name is on a no-fly list that they should be able to get4 gun? >> if the no-fly list is a concise list, yeah. i think that that would be an appropriate qualifier. >> we should point out that you're sitting next to someone who was= >> i wouldn't be able to get a gun. >> no. >> there's no due process in not being able to get a gun. >> i'm defending you, brother. >> my point is the no-fly list is not a conci/cko list of peo under investigation or that may be for a short period of time. but if you, if you down from that list to people that are, that are being investigated in an active way, that would be appropriate. >> you still don't have the due process on front end, right? by definition if they'rejáq on no fly list -- >> that's why you would have to narrow it down to the point where it was clearly, there's an active investigation of something like that. but that's not going to be the answer. the answer is going to be that we have to identify people before they come to the country. orrme identify them if they're,
1:46 am
they're communicating with known terrorists outside the country. and there's ways to do that to protect civil liberties in this country and we need to get back to that óçqbusiness. >> governor we always thought steve was a little sketchy. >> another round on politics with governor jeb bush, when we come back. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. we're back with our panel center seat governor jeb bush. let's talk politics. the real clear average of polls has you at a .3%. trump. you take a be look at the latest iowa poll. 5% there. 22 points behind donald trump. i've asked you this questionve have many people about your place in the polls. take a listen. >> i used to say it's a
1:50 am
marathon, not a sprint. he you think it's a triathlon because it's more arduous than a marathon. you you have got to sprint and ride a bike and swim at the same time. you have a long way to go. >> there is a long way to as always. herman cain was the winner at this time when he was running. >> what ii/í meant wasuxb that herman cain was a frontrunner with close to 30% of the vote. that measuring polls in october oand november are completp'8% irrelevant. >> well, today, in 2011, herman cain dropped9bpz out of the race. even though he was leading, he dropped out today in 2011. and here is what people are asking on twitter and elsewhere. mdh 2 says governor bush, at which point should non-leading candidates get out and get behindo,! leading nontrump alternatives? >> i think we need to let the process go=uh$÷ forward. and toat's exactly what i'm doing. the pundits aren'4w=%9 decide hot9rw party's nominee is going to be. it's the people for starters in iowa, and new hampshire,
1:51 am
and iowa and nevada. and a surge of, you know, primary states in march. and i think people just need to be a little more patient about this. let democracy work. i am -- we are best ground game in iowa and in new hampshire. i'm a patient person, and i believe that we are making good, steady progress. ultimately the decision is not going to be about who is theí loudest voice and who can insult the person the best. who can lead? who has the proven record to8çgg difficult times. >> if staying in means that the vote is split on the nontrump candidate, are you okay with trump being the nominee for your3v party? >> donald trump will not be the nominee of[fe5s party. the judgment of the voters, republican primary voters. >> george? >> let's stay with mr. trump for aa÷f; moment.,t it's almost impossible these days for a republican to get to 270 electoral votes without florida.
1:52 am
the most important swing state. you have know florida very well. ish%? trump could carry florida? >> if hillary clinton is indicted for, you know, for her email scandal or nk she is a weakened candidate. but you can't insult your way to the presidency. yo5 disabilities. .0ñc0÷ can't insult people that are latino. ythl can't insult women and expect' that you are going to win the presidency. he i had thought, perhaps, that he would have a second act. that as he garnered this tremendou)&v surge of support that he would actually turn intokc- a serious there is no evidence is he asw)3 serious cand)2á >> trump against a non-indicted hillary then, hillary wins? >> i'm afraid so. >> karen? >> at what point do think you keep saying there is a long way to government at what point is'y there no longer a long way to go? >> february 1st wouldtiov be a leading indicator because that's when the caucusesp.i
1:53 am
start. >> younxi right upm! to voting. >> yeah. >> where do you think you would be right now in the polls in your name was john ellis vpñ not john ellis bush? >> it doesn't matter. i'm blessed to be a bush. i'm blessed to be son of george h.w. bush. i am who i i have got my own record. i'm running about ideas about the future. i'm totally comfortable with it it? >> you are convinced that people are actually hearing this as owe opposed to sort of stopping it? >> yeah. and a lot of -- if you look at& the polling that i have seen, a lot of people actually like my brother and love my dad. >> steve? >> a lot of talk about the drama between you and marco rubio and your relationship with him in the past. and there have been reports supporting you is willing to be prettyjf& not just5bme on policy but going beyond policy. you don't control your super pac. >> no.eo0k."tir:á line? you can tell them today what's appropriate and what's not. >> everybody willk.zky be -- everybody will have scrutiny. and that's fair game.
1:54 am
and that's exactly what i think everybody would÷y@) want. and i'm not going predict what the super pac does. so far, the ads that i have seen. when i'm working out at 5:00 in the morning allp"i look pretty good. they are touting me and tooting my horn which is what i like. ii1sñ think people need to know what my record is and what my views are about how to fightxñb isis and those ads are pretty effective.ks at 5:00 in the morning prove your high energy?÷x9w is that a response to trump? >> donald has got his little slippers on and tea and bath robes. he is calling into the shows at 5:00 in the morning. is he a hard working guy too. with others like john kasich to go after donald trump, which had been talked about in some analytical circles, much like 2004 against howard dean in iowa. think that that is going to transpire over the next 58t days before february 1st? >> look,óumy focus is getting my ideas that i have to
1:55 am
create higher growth and create aqi(a safe and secure america and talk ñ5?"ñ the leadership skills that i27k$ave. we
1:56 am
backbone. who has a heart for people. >> governor, thank you. stay tuned if you will. that's it for the panel. we are going to see one presidential candidate knock someone's socks off campaign tr::>) eh
1:57 am
finally tonight, president george h.w. bush known for colorful, unique sock collections, so a recent event in south carolina withñ senator tim scott that was front of mind. >> i did notice you had my dad's socks on. >> yeah.
1:58 am
[ laughter ] >> i was wondering how long it was going to take. ,,@uuq) ] >> this is my way ofõ'm honoring the bush family i picked up the habit a couple months ago. kaí8o >> it is friday, december 4th. tos a knocks news lart. details em americaing about the suspects hine the san bernardino
1:59 am
shootings. we get a look at the explosives discovered inside their home. why the carnage could have been even worse. >> the first officer to arrive at the shooting scene describes the horror. >> the situation was unreal. it was unspeakable the carnage we were seeing. >> the harrowing account from the hero cops that will give you chills. a milestone, the pentagon allowing all women on the front lines of combat. why some are still not sold. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox and friend first on this friday. you have almost made it to the weekend. i am lea gabrielle in for ainsley earhardt.>> i am heather childers. new details emerge about the san bernardino suspects as a
2:00 am
terrifying arsenal is found inside their home. >> they are coming together to remember the 14 people killed in the massacre. anna kooiman is live with the new developments in san bernardino. >> good morning to all of you at home. investigators are saying the san bernardino terror suspects had more than 6,000 rounds of ammo. 1600 with them when they were taken down by police following that short chase and more than 45-found inside this home along with small explosives strapped to a remote control car is one of many reasons investigators say this couple may have had more sickening acts planned down the track. i want to tell you what was found inside the home. 12 pipe bombs, hundreds of ied tools, more materials for bombs, 2,000 nine mill met meter rounds and 2300 rounds


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