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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 4, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> pledging loyalty to the islamic state. it's 3:00 p.m. on the east coast, noon in san bernardino, california. where the woman who helped her husband carry out the massacre posted to her allegiance to isis on facebook. the feds said today that the shooters tried to cover their tracks, and all the evidence piling up led to this from the fbi just moments ago. >> based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> our first look inside the killers are home. the landlord inviting the media in for a bizarre show and tell on tv. >> we know that farouk, his
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wife, malik, their baby and his mother, lived here. >> ahead, what our will carr saw inside. and what we know about the victims of san bernardino. including a christian man -- a christian who escaped persecution in iran, only to die in that california blood bath. you'll hear from her family. let's get to it. breaking news. we're now dealing with the deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since the attacks of 9/11. the fbi confirm what was becoming crystal clear, the killer couple of san bernardino was no bonnie and clyde but instead a pair of terrorrests hell bent on spreading chaos and death. the fbi now confirms one of the killers pledged her allegiance to isis on facebook and that post went live just as the attacks began. and in what has to be a bizarre first in a terror investigation,
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the killers' landlord opened their represented house in redlands and invited camera crews inside. our will carr got a look at the home, littered with reminders of the baby girl they left behind. >> there's some pampers right here for their six-month-old baby. the baby, who was left with the grandmother, when malik and farouk went on their shooting rampage. now, as we keep coming through here, -- scott, come over here -- on this table that everybody is crowding around, there are fbi receipts for what they took away, and i've taken a look at those. there's a number of guns. you can see the koran there. >> the tidy house, very different scene from the bloody mess left behind. the first police on the scene described the unspeakable horror in san bernadine when they entered the inland regional center, the site of the hoves holiday party and meeting.
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bodies scattered across the room, a christmas tree. >> the fire alarms were going off. there were people who were obviously injured and obviously in great amounts of pain, and that was evident in the moans and the wails. it was very loud and we had fire sprinklers going off 0 so that was add tolling the i chaos. >> the bloodshed would not end there investigators released pictures from the gun battle in which he husband and wife team died. we have an image of the guns they used. a pair of semi-automatic rifles and two handguns, all of them we're told purchased legally. investigator states ammunition the killers wore when they died was but a fraction of what they had at home, nearly two dozen pipe bombs, thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition, and an arsenal fit for war. so what was the end game? why the stockpile of bombs that were never used, to shoot up an
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office party? according to the reuters new agency's reporting investigators are looking btkfp possible argument that syed farouk may have had with this jewish coworker and cording to reports the coworker blasted the muslim faith and said it was dangerous. that colleague died in the attack. investigators now sure to look into whether they were planning more or a different attack, ones they'll never get to pull off. tmz has a picture of one of the terrorist's final bloody faces, face down in the street, still we wearing black tactical gear. the s.w.a.t. teams taking no chances, slapping handcuffs on the killer's corpse. it's fox's top store, trace gallagher is live. what do question know about the facebook post. >> in the wife posted on facebook using an alias, pledging allegiance to the leader of isis and now a facebook executive confirmed
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that in fact she also operatessed the group right -- praised the group right before the attacks. later she tried to delete the post, but as we know the feds did recover it. a big part of the reason the feds are now calling this a terrorist attack is because one or both of the killers spoke on the telephone with someone here in the united states that was under investigation by the fbi for terrorism, on top of that they had contact with people overseas. it's unknown if that was also on the telephone but also with people who are under investigation by the fbi for the couple also tried very hard to erase their digital footprint. we're talking about destroying cell phones as well as hard drives, but some of those were recovered. listen now to the fbi. >> we found two cell phones in a nearby trash can. crushed. we have retained those cell phones and we do continue to
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exploit the data from those cell phones. we do hope that the digital fingerprints that were lift by these two individuals will take us towards their motivation. >> reporter: and there ills now belief that the wife is the one who may have radicalized the husband, becoming his trainer and she may have been the one with the bomb-making knowledge. shep? >> the fbi also gave more information on the couple residents weapons, trace. >> reporter: they did. you said earlier there were four hand gucks. there will two rifles and two handguns and all purchased about two or three years ago, all purchased legally. but here's the thing. two of the handguns were bought by syed farouk but the rifles were bought by somebody else. might be a roommate who once lived with the couple. now, the reason that fbi authorities want to talk to him is because they want to know why he bought them and they want to know why he then gave them to the couple. they said during the news conference they do know where he is but said for right
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now he is not under arrest. we should also mention off the top of the news conference, they mentioned that on monday night two days before this shooting, there were two strange incidents as a local movie theater where two people of middle eastern descent were asking questions and taking photographs of a movie theater. they do not know if there's any connection but wanted to alert the media just in case. >> trace gallagher, live on point on scene, thank you. hassan hassan is an associate at chatham house, an independent think tank. he is also the co-author of a book, this book "isis: inside the arm of terror." sir, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> one of the predominant working theories now is a woman who he met online, whom he married, with whom he had baby, radicalizes him in some way, brings him over to this ideology. if so, uncommon, could you give us some context?
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>> indeed, i think having interviewed many people, associated with isis over the past two year, the story of the couple is all too familiar to be hospital. the common thread is that people are radicalized abruptly and they're radicalization is transformational in the sense they change in a very short period of time, and it's also unpredictable and that makes isis especially in particular more dangerous than other jihaddists and extremist groups. it's very hard to know whether someone is going to be an extremist or join that group or not, and this is common. this is the line that we always find in stories related to this group. >> hassan, so what degree do they user -- i know women are recruited online. can you talk about that process and how it is they're used to
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try to bring guys over to do harm? >> that also an important aspect of isis recruitment. in fact, isis targets women because -- now speaking in the context of the region where isis operates -- a woman are very important for isis because it's very easy for them to target women, very hard for governments to spy on women in the region and also easy for women to be used to transfer messages and also to recruit family members. they target women but also target young children, instead of targeting them. and that way they could reach as many people as possible and the least kind of risky ways as possible. we know for example, that isis uses women on the ground to pass on messages from one ameer or field commander to another, and it makes sense that the woman,
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radicalize their husband probably when they met in saudi arabia or elsewhere. >> if -- what we supposed to do? we're told if you see something, say something. but this idea of saying something about someone who you think is a little weird, who has a name that you don't necessarily trust, in these strange times, people start not trusting peoples because of names, a horrifying thing. what are people who have good thoughts and want to be helpful and good, supposed to do? >> authorities, american authorities have warned against hysteria, when it comes to this, but it's really serious issue. in the region north only in the west. a serious issue in the sense it's very hard to know whether someone is associated with this group or not. you just need to be vigilant. people i knew in the past with a
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direct -- and canned them to join this group after the conflict, after five years and did not join the group. others who were the least likely to join this group, did join the group. so, as someone who studied the group for so long, i cannot put my finger on what makes a person join this group. there are many reasons. but there's no particular reason, and also these reasons do not exclude other factors as well. so it's really hard to do -- i think it's a long-term challenge. >> new territory for all of us. hassan hassan, the book is "isis: inside the army of terror," and we appreciate your time. thank you. here's one of thing, you seg i swear allegiance to isis, give a heads up to somebody on that one. ahead, more from inside the killers rented home in redlands. aspeak with a man who worked at the top level of the fbi and says letting the media in there
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was a stupid move, and he'll explain why, but any media who was given the opportunity to go in there and take pictures of a scene that was cleared by the fbi, if you said no to that, you be a stupid member of the media. we'll show you what we learned, coming up on this friday afternoon, friday, at least afternoon, friday, at least there's that. b%y ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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today. there was a lot of confusion whether the fbi released that house. had done all they're going to do and gave it back to the owner or still an active crime scene. now we're certain because the fbi reported their work was done there and they released it the landlord. let's bring in a former assistant director of the fbi. it's not to see you, thanks again. >> my pleasure, shep. >> it was weird watching that. i mean, our will carr was in there, just a surreal scene, and then -- i don't know anything. but you don't see fingerprint dust in there, you see a lot of documents and driver's licenses and stuff left behind. was there anything weird about that to you? >> it's extremely unusual that anything like that would happen, shep. at first if somebody thought the news media was let in there while it was still a crime scene, cooperate believe something like that could happen. obviously it didn't.
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once the bureau finished with the crime scene, they turn it back over to the owner of the residence. now, while the owner would let anybody go in there i can assure you he won't be able to rent that again. >> a lot of freaks in this world, never know. i was kind of surprised about all the stuff left behind. by lou you leave a list of everything you take, obviously but the left a lot of stuff behind. there was that surprising to you at all? >> no. i think what they did is they looked at everything in that house, all the material and clothes and different things that were left behind were looked at by anybody. i'm sure the went through the pocket odd of every garment, every purse. they went through everything, found those to be of no evidentiary value, and did take everything. but it is standard practice, mandated by law that when they take anything out of there, they have to leave an inventory, ergo the list of items on the table in the living room there.
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>> i think you have a monitor of our air now. i want to show you what the choppers are seeing. this our chopper, los angeles-based chopper, and this crime scene where the shootout happened there on san bernardino boulevard? it's still active and it looks like every orange cone in southern california is in use there. all these -- two days later what think they still be doing there. >> that was such a horrific scene. thing thes that happened there were unusual. i think maybe some of the round fired off triggered the sprinkler system, and as a result, all those -- >> time talking about on the street there. >> well, that's still part of the extension of the crime scene and if it so they don't want to move anything that could possibly lead to identification of these additional subjects and there is no doubt in any mind, shep, there are additional subjects here based on all the facts we know today. >> it's fair to assume that whoever these people have had contact with, basically at any
12:18 pm
point headquarters been look at or are being looked at, and that we have the resources so do that sort of thing now? >> well, truthfully, you make the resources available you. pull people from other cases, whatever they're doing. this is the primary importance as we all know and we all agree. you have to make it happen and you have terrorism task forces, resources from them as well. so you take everybody that you possibly can and get to the bottom of this as rapidly as you can because you don't want to see the other half of this or the other two-thirds of this happen again. >> no. bill gavin, former assistant director of the fbi near new york. nice to see you. thank you again, bill. >> thanks, always my pleasure, shep. >> we'll get some good information in just a minute because we can now report that the fbi director, comey, is about to speak. we're expecting new information on this case. do they know of anybody else who is involved? can the fbi tell us anything --
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make public anything about the investigation now to allay some fear? we'll hear from the fbi director comey shortly. today we learned how tashfeen malik posted about the islamic state on facebook, and we want to know what facebook and other social media sites are doing about posts like that. how hard are they working to take them down? or if something like this is seen, i'm swearing allegiance to isis, do they've give somebody a heads up on something like that in some answers ahead. on "shepard smith reporting." jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it.
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shooter in the san bernardino attacks pledged her allegiance to isis on facebook just around the time the shootings began. it's now looking like it was and then that police car to suv shootout. facebook claims it deletes any profile, page or group related to a terrorist organization. the executive director of the group, the one that monitors extremist activity online, has told wired magazine that facebook is the best at removing content, of all the social media sites elm joein kent is here. >> facebook has been very good about eliminating celebrations of terrorism and isis support groups, but we do know that the post actually lived online for quite some time. it was eventually taken down by facebook, as is with their community guidelines, and we want to show you what those are. quote, we don't allow any organizations engaged in terrorist activity to have a
12:24 pm
presence on facebook. they say they remove content that expresses support for groups involved in violent or criminal behavior. so, they have been relatively good, relatively speaking. >> facebook said we just didn't have time. we got it down as quickly as we could. what about say twitter i, instagram. >> a lot of criticism of twitter and how they, take down ant account or put one away and then the account pops up again. critics say there is czech -- technology out there that twitter could employ but haven't done that. twitter says they shut down all accounts that promote terrorism. google is often the most valuable data. youtube video, gmail accounts and they say they will not work or hand over anything to law enforcement without a criminal search warrant. >> well, that sort of the constitution at work there. >> that's right. >> nice to see you. look for your on fox business
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network. we're hearing from the family to the terrorist is. what do you say when your brother pulls off the deadliest terror or country has seen in a decade and a half? you'll hear from the killer's sister. the hunt for the leader of isis, al bag dad by. the same guy one of the killer's praised. a search for the most wanted terrorist as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. this is brad.
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12:31 pm
brother or my sister-in-law doing this because they were happily married, they have a beautiful six-month-old daughter, it's mind boggling. >> it is for everybody. the fbi said the couple smashed two cell phones in an attempt to cover up their communications. missy ryan is a reporter for the "washington post" and has been covering the story on the ground. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any reporting to suggest that we can put this together, that he found this woman, decided to marry her, went to mecca to do so, and she radicalize him. there is evidence of this? >> no, there really isn't evidence yet. she remains a mystery three days after the attacks. today we have the saudi government confirming that she was not on any sort of watch list or known to have been involved in militant activity in solid diarabia, but -- saudi arabia but a we're trying to piece together her life up to the point she moved to the
12:32 pm
united states in 2014. she appears to have bon from saudi arabia to pakistan, on and off, according to a saudi official. over a number of years but we don't know if she was involved in any sort of militant activity. i think it's too early to say she was actually the one who radicalized syed farouk. >> no doubt and the authorities made it clear that one of many working theories and they're trying to figure it out. that said we know she posted on facebook and the authorities have now narrowed it down to this time frame between the massacre and she shootout between the police car and the suv. but is there any reporting to suggest she said anything about isis on social or anywhere else before the that? >> no. all we know about is this one post that was subsequently removed from facebook, facebook has confirmed it existed but nothing about the nature of it or how she posted it. so, again, this is something that is still unfolding, it's early days. hopefully in the next couple of
12:33 pm
days we'll get a fuller picture but she doesn't homed have to decked with anybody in the community. it's telling that city yesterday's coworkers held a baby shower for him she did not attend. she was not working outside the home so it's difficult to find people who can give us insight into this woman who wasn't in the united states very long. >> i know that the first thing authorities want to do -- another of their working theories -- again, theory is the word -- is that there might have been another attack planned, and they say that because there were so many bombs and rounds of ammunition. you would think they probably went out to try to figure out who had any ties with them at all. have authorities said or your reporting indicating they're sitting on anyone, they believe anyone else might be suspect in any way? >> today there was a mention of a person who the authority says they've identified the person who bought the long guns that were used in the attack but they're not saying yet who it
12:34 pm
was, and whether or not they've detained that person.=á]i today we have the first inkling of additional involvement of people outside the couple killed in the attack but we don't know yet. >> missy, we know the reports from neighbor things redlands where tray represented the house where authorities described a bomb factory, neighbors shade there heard all kinds of noises at night and saw come examination goings and were concerned on some level, at least one. has anyone been identified as one who may have been in and out of the house yet that we know of? >> no. there were those reports early on there were several men who had come into the home in the days before the attacks but honestly we have just hear conflicting things about the nature of the couple. many people told us they were perfectly nice, quiet and polite. talking more about farouk. so it's early to draw conclusions whether or not the
12:35 pm
indications were actually innocent or something that might have been involved in the attacks. >> missy, regarding the christmas party, the meeting taking place there in the inland center, we know that farouk left the building sort of abruptly, and there was initially some reporting that maybe there was some sort of confrontation with somebody. has your reporting tied any of that down what that was? >> again, i hate to sound like a broken record -- >> that's fine. >> -- conflicting reports. there was an initial report and that is really what tipped off police to track him down after the attack occurred, but other people have said, cubicle mate, other co workers, he just disappeared and didn't appear to have been a problem and that's one of the thing that added to the shock and difficulty understanding what actually occurred in the conference center at the irc on wednesday. >> missy ryan, part of a fantastic reporting team from the "washington post" and "washington post."com.
12:36 pm
thank you so much. all the best out there. >> thank you. >> i mentioned earlier that the fbi director comey is speaking today, and we're hoping to get some more informing from the fbi. they're obviously leading in the investigation now. they're the ones who cleared the house before the media went rummaging around in there to look at everything. now the fbi director has spoken. they made a decision at the fbi not to have live coverage of that. but instead to allow all the media, with a pool, to record what was said and then play it back. we have come to that place. here's the playback,. >> thank you for coming over. i've joined the director's briefing today. as many of you know the news from san bedino continues to evolve and obviously we now have seen the names and faces of those victims, of those -- the fallen and the injured, and as always our hearts go out to them and let keep them in our prayers. not just those who lost their life but also those who were injured, including law enforcement officials. as we have also told you about
12:37 pm
this matter, it is an evolving investigation, we told you we'd keep you informed before the this investigation. just recently there was a press conference in the local area, with the assistant director in charge of the los angeles office providing more operational details. the director is going to give you a further briefing as well. as you saw from that and we indicated yesterday, the fbi has taken the lead in this investigation. they continue to work with our local partners, who are outstanding partners, also along with the atf are and u.s. marshals as well as we continue to investigate this. a lot of new information has come to light, and the director is going to give you more insight into that. so thank you for being here)/u". >> thank you, attorney general. our hearts continue to ache for people lost and wounded in san bernardino and their families, and i also want to say a word of gratitude and say how impressed we were with the response of local law enforcement in san bernardino.
12:38 pm
they were simple police amazing. we are all very lucky that really good people become police officers in this country. and i want to also say a word of thanks to the folks we don't talk about much, the people who rendered emergency care and aid. the e me ts, docs, nurses, victim specialists, the angels of our business and don't get the thanks they deserve. so thank you to them. we're here today because we want to make sure you understand that this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. the reason for that is that the investigation so far has developed indications of radical ization by the killers and potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. and we are spending a tremendous amount of time, as you might imagine, over the last 48 hours, trying to understand the motives of the killers and trying to understand every detail of their lives. we are going through a very large volume of electronic evidence. this is electronic evidence that
12:39 pm
these killers tried to destroy and tried to conceal from us that we now have are and exploiting to try to understand them. we are keeping our minds open was we always try to do. i know that there are a lot of good questions that folks want answers for quickly. but i hope you know about our work. we aspire to do it quickly and most of all aspire to do it well and carefully. there's a lot of evidence in this case that doesn't quite make sense, and so we're trying to be very thoughtful to understand it, and to make sense of it so we understand the full extent of what we have here. let me offer you a couple of specifics on the investigation. first, our investigation to date -- again, only two days old -- so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or formed part of a cell. there's no indication that they are part of a network. again, i quickly add, it is
12:40 pm
early. we're still working very hard to understand but i wanted you to know that so far we don't see such indications. second, there is nothing in our holdings about these two killers. i have seen reporting where folks focused on reports they were in contact -- at least one killer was in contact with people who had been the subject of fbi investigations, either investigations closed or still open. i urge you not to make too much of that. there were no contacts between either of the killers and subjects of our investigations that were of such significance it raised the killers up on to our radar screen. we're obviously looking very closely at the contacts but i would not want you to overindex on that. it is, also i said, 48 hours old. there is much about this that doesn't make sense to even those who do this for a living. that is the reason we have hundreds of people running down leads all over the world on this and spending tremendous amounts
12:41 pm
of time trying to understand the electronic record round these killers. let me close by saying something the attorney general and i have said before. we know this is very unsettling for the people of the united states. what we hope you've will do is not let fear become disabling. but to instead try to channel it into an awareness of your surroundings, to get you to a place where you are living your life, but if you see something that doesn't make sense, you say something to somebody. when we look back over our cases, over the last ten, 15 years, in almost every case, we find that somebody saw something, whether it alabamaly member or friend or coworker, and didn't say something to law enforcement, wrote an innocent narrative over facts that were making them feel unconsider thible or the hair stand up on the back of their necks. please don't do that. weaved very hard from philadelphia to get ourselves to a place where if you tell a provision of deputy sheriff or call the nib and say i saw something next door that seems
12:42 pm
off our saw something online that seems off, it will ghetto right people and we'll investigate it quick live and responsibly. we investigate in secret so we don't smear isn't people. we don't run over and bang only your neighbor's door. we investigate if there was nothing there, no harm done. if there was something there, great harm may be avoided. so we would ask you, please channel that sense of fear into something healthy, just an awareness of your surround examinationlett us do the work you pay us to do, whiches is to investigate and fight terrorism while you live the lives that are so wonderful in this great country of ours. tough for this, and we'll take your questions. >> in truth they didn't take questions. he said we'll take your questions and the feed cut i'm want to bring in bill gavin, a one-time cheek e chief executive
12:43 pm
for the bureau. the director says no sign of radicalization, not part of a terror cell, accord ago the investigation so that are, and the director sites potential links to foreign trohist organizations in the shooting. bill, help us make sense. >> you're exactly right. you've hit on those two vital points. number one, he spoke about inspiration, looking at who might have inspired them, which is a little bit different than direction. so, i think they'll go from inspiration to direction. what was just as germane in his speech was they're looking at all leads here and all leads overseas. that tells me that there is a little bit something more to what is going on and they're doing very their -- very very best to resolve that if there was a nexus between the united states and some inspiration and/or direction from overseas. >> she talked about see something, say something and they don't just burst in your neighbor's house, they do a lot
12:44 pm
of investigating itch guess there are lot of people to investigate right now as they go back through the people's background. >> there sure are a lot of people they look at right now. i agree with you. if they see something, say something. it isn't the day and age where if you say something, like the house, right across the street and knock on somebody's door and say, mr. smith just told me x, y, z. doesn't work that way. you have some law enforcement has some tremendous professionals on all levels. local, state, federal. and we that's to be expected. >> we spend at another love time and yet saudi arabia, most of the hijackers on 9/11 came from there. we got ties here. we look at the way they treat women and act on the global stage. why are people supposed to be cool with saudi arabia? i don't get it. >> i development get it either. think you hit the nail oned the head on that one. that is someplace we have to
12:45 pm
look and be a little leery of with all our future work. >> better find a way to get off their oil. bill gavin, thanks again. almost out of time. approaching quart till the hour. back with more news after this. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
12:46 pm
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getting a closer look at the evidence investigators will be combing through in san bernardino. part of the chain of evidence, a vehicle where adam housely is live. a little context, if you would. >> reporter: you just heard from the fbi about how they don't have a direct connection. they say to terrorist organizations but keep tilling us they don't believe these two acted alone and it's because of the evidence chain. near redland. 30 yards away is the home where they raided. if the wasn't to the car up to last evening. this car is a lexus, belongs to the family. they won't confirm to whom but i can tell you inside the left an evidence sheet inside from the fbi, the jutes department of justice, receipt for property
12:49 pm
received, return, released, seized. among the property taken from the car last night, an apple iphone, a multitool keir, business cards, miscellaneous stuff, bank reef seats, shooting targets, hammer, vice grips, a you uhow -- uhaul receipt. and a go propackaging, and they knocked the window out. at one point they were worried the car might have pipe bombs or be booby trapped. they went through it delicate lay. once they finished in the home they went through this. they made sure it didn't have any explosives and then went through if with a fine-toothed comb. >> the renewed push to track down and take out the terrorist al a.l. bag daddy.
12:50 pm
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the obama administration is sending up the focus on finding and killing abu bakr al-baghdadi. they have taken out mid-to-high level isis leaders and do so every couple of days the officials say bag daddy has the unique ability to inspire and organize extremists outside of isis territory. the iraqi military officials said multiple teamed they have hit his convoy, possibly killing him. the isis leader released video and audio following those attacks indicating he was still very much alive. doug is at the white house. administration officials revealed a new strategy. >> the secretary of defense announced the formation of a
12:54 pm
special operations forces whose job its to capture senior al qaeda and isis leadership, including al-baghdadi. in a background briefing yesterday, senior administration official told fox news the strategy is focused on defeating core isis in iraq and syria. to better enable the defeat. the official said isis at the core level is contained and some rinking, quote, in fact it's not expanding anymore, it's shrinking, starting to shrink rather dramatically going to continue to some rich north just about the land mass but the territory they hold and the able to project power. the official went on to say that the coalition forces are working to cut off the entire road network and supply lines between raqqa and mosul, recall that earlier this week the coalition
12:55 pm
forces hate scores of oil trucks. the president had resisted doing that for fear of environmental damage and destroying the infrastructure that syrians might one day return to. that has vary clearly changed. >> thank you, sir. we'll be right back with a look at the dow, which has soared today. and a look back on this day in history. an astounding tale of political corruption and the prison break that followed. this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her she's agreed to give it up.
12:56 pm
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in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line. we are already over 200,000.
12:58 pm
our collaboration with citi has been very important from the very beginning. citi was our biggest supporter and our only private bank. we are not only being efficient in the way we are moving people now, we are also more amicable to the environment. people have more time for the family and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences to hear people saying: "the metro has really changed my life." >> at the mouth of the mississippi river a navy veteran is making history. chris ring is swimming the final leg of a 2300-mile downy, the first american to swim the length of the mississippi. we first met him over the summer. shortly after the began his trip in minnesota. he is doing it for legacies alive, an organization that honors families of fallen troops. he has met with many of the families along the way and says that's keeping him going. he is, quote, super excited today as he swims the final
12:59 pm
three miles. he is expected to finish within the next 30 minutes after spending 181 days in the water, swimming through ten states. legacies >> on this day in 1875 william tweed escape from prison. for years he ran new york city's tamine hall. the democratic political machine that bought votes and stole money from the city. but even in prison boss tweed cheated the system himself cell was a private with a window overlooking manhattan and he was allowed to leave. he eventually escaped by telling guards he had to check out his sick wife. instead he hopped in this getaway carriage and was off to the races. police all the way in spain captured him a year later after the pulled off what could be one of the easiest jail breaks in american hoyt, 140 years ago today. while we talking about bad stuff, the dow is doing good
1:00 pm
stuff. some great employment numbers today. looks like interest rates are going up, but they like the employment opportunity. "your world" is coming up. have a great weekend. >> this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. >> it was terror. it is terror. and now we know they're investigating it as terror. not an issue of gun control. an issue of getting isis under control here in the u.s.a. welcome everyone. fox on top of some scary stuff going down. a pro claimation by know less than the fbi, the justice department, we have some sinister intenders in our midst. adam housely with the latest. >> reporter: investigators tell us be careful about tying this just to isis. the investigation is still very early and


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