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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 4, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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stuff. some great employment numbers today. looks like interest rates are going up, but they like the employment opportunity. "your world" is coming up. have a great weekend. >> this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. >> it was terror. it is terror. and now we know they're investigating it as terror. not an issue of gun control. an issue of getting isis under control here in the u.s.a. welcome everyone. fox on top of some scary stuff going down. a pro claimation by know less than the fbi, the justice department, we have some sinister intenders in our midst. adam housely with the latest. >> reporter: investigators tell us be careful about tying this just to isis. the investigation is still very early and the stale believe
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there could be ties to al qaeda. and as we have been talking over the last couple of days they have been saying all along and felt this was terrorist related. they are also saying, even though the director says they don't have any direct connections to organizations, they do feel the couple did work with somebody oar someone else. they don't know. they won't go any further on that. take from that what you want. just about 30 yards from the home where i that found the pipe bombs and all the material, is the car that is involved with the family. they don't tell history is registered to or who it belonged to specifically other than plongd to the family. we saw them going through this yesterday. they felt it might have pie -- pipe bombs. they didn't find anything but inside there's a sheet right now from the united states department of justice, federal bureau of investigation, receipt for property received, returned released or seized from inside this car. the black lexus, 5300. it says that it was apple iphone, a multitool key,
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business -- some business cards, miscellaneous items, bank receipt, shooting targets, a hammer, vice grips, uhaul receipt, tire receipt, notebooks, garments, go propackaging, and some legal documents. a couple of the headlines there, the gopro packaging and shooting targets. when the nib -- they told us they were going to come out today and the assistant director would be here who would call this aterrorrist incident and then talk about the connections digitally. take a listen. >> i'm ready to confirm there are some telephonic connections between these two individuals, at least one of thieves individuals, and -- these individuals and other subjects of our investigation. >> reporter: now, we were told that press conference would be noon. it was moved up an hour because the national director was speaking at noon so this investigation at least on the ground has been going that direction from very, very early on. enough they've admitted it to the entire country.
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>> adam, obviously that brings up the name of tashfeen malik, the 27-year-old woman, who expressed her allegiance to facebook on the day of the attacks. but it does raise questions whether isis could be involved. to your point, director comey said there's no indication that the killers were directed by the islamic state, but it seems that's where they're directing part of their focus. there,. >> reporter: absolutely. they do believe the money trail potentially leads outside the country. thatted to us when they would call it terrorism today or terrorist attack, they said they believed directly to me they believe the money trail leads outside the country. they didn't say -- there's so much to do here, neil. a lot of things they're finding out. and it's all about the evidence trail, and they found a lot of evidence i'm told. a lot of evidence, some of it was attempted to be destroyed, as we learn, and reported last night, and now you look in the car and you can hear some things in the car, shooting targets,
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gopro packaging, something that i was told a couple like this would not normally be able to afford on their own. they won't say their connected to terrorist cells yet. obviously looking at the possibility. they do believe other people helped them. that was a quote i was given, and i have been told numerous times do not rule out al qaeda, isis could be something towards the end of this. they're just saying, don't rule out al qaeda. they've been very specific about that. >> adam, if you'll indulge me on the communities bottom the gopro packaging, the local police chief ruled out the rumor that the two assailants halt go procameras on them as they were conducting the attack. still the packaging, do we know anything more about where these cameras were or what they were doing? >> no. there's been -- because of the investigation like this -- there was a ton of evidence at the scene where the shootout was ump was there yesterday, and the day before. so they found a lot of stuff. in investigations like this, or even investigations that don't involve terrorism, a lot of time
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thursday things that are mixered messages and wires can be crossed. we know the chief has gone back on a few things he said there was an argument at the meeting where this shooting and the murders took place, and they walked that back. the situation that maybe federal agents got these, if they were there, and that the local authorities donor about it. there's a lot of explanations to that, neil. but the fact the they found the gopro packaging brings us back to that. but there's so much other information that is more important. they want to make sure there's no other terror connections locally or internationally that might potentially threaten the homeland or our people or allies. >> adam, i keep saying it's the last question but i have one more about the odd nature of having loretta lynch there, the attorney general, with the fbi director. what was going on there? that's quite unusual. >> reporter: i was told, as you know, we broke this a couple hours ago, that was done purposely. there's been a lot of at least here on the ground, frustration
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from the way things are termed these days when it comes to terrorism. they say it comes from a levels above them. i was told that loretta lynch was there to ensure the director didn't go too far, and that came from very high levels in washington, as well as locally, and that comey was somebody who was willing to stand up to president bush, willing to stand up to president obama if it goes that far but lynch was there purposely. >> thank you. want to get the read from this from former nib deathor bill dally. first on the attorney general appearance with the fbi director. the administration has been criticizedded in the past for not saying this was a terrorist act. the fbi director obviously felt compelled through his investigation and research to say otherwise. what do you make of just that? >> well, certainly -- i've ha the pressure of meeting director comey. he is aster fighterright --
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forthright and direct person who says the fbi will investigate without any view of political standing help is speaking for both the fbi and the justice department. he reports to loretta lunch so he is having his boss sit next to him. >> that's what made it weird. and raised the thought, well, maybe they're running -- running him in or not overdoing the terrorist angle.rñz >> often you see fbi directors giving press conferences with attorney generals. when ashcroft was standing next to the been fib director as well. speaking parts aside i don't think it's -- >> we'll have john ashcroft ton address that but your right. it's just the timing of this and given the relurk tenancy to use certain language issue found it about but that could be me. i want to switch gears to the isis connection. they're ruling that out as -- not ruling it out but not
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jumping the conclusion it's an isis connect but we do know as well that tashfeen malik, the 27-year-old wife of city yesterday farouk did claim allegiance to isis via facebook on the day of the attacks. as someone who investigates this stuff, how would you start piecing that together, questioning that, building on that? >> well, certainly all the things we have been talking about, electronic evidence that's been gathered and that perhaps the suspects in this case, the individual thought they destroyed, will be very helpful in determining exactly what not only just their intent as we know, beyond what the shootings took place, but also what was driving them, and sometimes i think we are seeing a convergence of perhaps we look it's through the optic of whether it's isis or al qaeda. but in some ways people can be driven just by the general ideology and whether we draw that together to be -- or separate it, i think it doesn't matter at this particular point.
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i think it will matter when we get down to exactly whether any connections that were made with people who belong to this organization who are known or suspected to be part of them. so i think from the standpoint of her making the pronouncement, which we now it's been assaulted was done just moments before the shooting -- suggest it was done just moment boyfriends the sheetings didn't gift time for the authorities to react to that or track her because it was done contemporaneously with the attack. thank you very much, my friend. what brought to us this point and this so-called act or terrorism, who is terrorizing us. it's it isis, isis and al qaeda, other groups all picking us apart. staff sergeant alonso on that. one thing we look for are commonalities or behave. we look for in the case of a couple behind this, their travels, particularly the husband and his travels to saudi arabia, we're developed at --
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told at least one trip last year, could be more. and whether he was radicalized there. there are no immediate indications that whats the case. in retrospect he grew a beard but his behavior was not unusual. a little more spree introverted but a promising employee. what do you look for, hearing all of this, connecting these dots? >> well, what i look for primarily is that their mannerisms, nonverbal cues. try to track their finances, their travel plans, and also the type of personnel they genuinely would affiliate themselves with. are they patriotic, done any patriotic things throughout their life. the dig a little deeper and look and see how they were as students. were they introverted, extroverted? isis try to target people that have some type of drama going on
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in their house to give them a sense of belonging. >> that was not the case with farouk. and you raise a good point here because by almost all measures, he was a well-liked employee, considered shy, quiet, but industry you, rewarded as many were at this center, if you were productive, getting restaurant certificates and the like for helping out in meetings. so he did have a couple of arguments with a couple of people here. whether that would be enough to have him come back and shoot them is anyone's guess here. when you look see saudi arabia connection, because everybody is doing that, do you look back at who he was meeting with, what he was doing there? obviously that factors in, the saudi's cooperating, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. because just like they used to say, follow the money you get to the source. so, if he's meeting with these people that were possibly financing or making promises to where if he does his dieted, they would take care of his family, in the afterlife, that
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will give you the answer we're looking for. >> sergeant much has been made effect they left their six-month-old baby with a relative and must have been planning to meet their maker and didn't care. what if with got that wrong? what if it was their intent to come back and get the baby, that this was not the final day they had etched out. that something went wrong. they were caught by police, the shootout ensued. they're done, but they had so many weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition, to say nothing of those dozen pipe bombs and now we're told much more, ied type devices and the mangings of them, where they could have launched a small war on l.a. what if we got that wrong? they were not done and ready and poised to do something else? >> well, i don't think we got it wrong. i think that we just got two out of the whole sale. i think there are others that are just waiting to step up and fulfill their role, and we just happened to be lucky enough to
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come across the cache of weapons they used on their path of destruction. >> you think others work with them, and whether this couple was going to follow up in other attacks if there were such attacks. enough weaponry to launch quite a few. that there are others out there we don't know about yet or maybe the fbi does and instant saying, who were working in concert with them. >> oh, absolutely. i don't think there was just a two-person operation. i think that it is a wholesale, that once we break into this, we are in -- other cells spread throughout the country. >> as someone who was on the receiving end of a muslim extremist at fort hood and survived and it good for you, i am wondering what took so long. what took so long then, the fort hood attacks, what took so long, not nearly used you had to
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endure before people called it. what it ills. is it because people are scared to tail the obvious? >> well, i think it's a mix of things. one, yes, they are afraid to state the obvious, and then also goes back to you can't fight a fight nice. and in other words, if i'm going to hit you, i'm going to knock you out, i'm going to hit you and knock you out but i really apologize for it but i'm going to hit you. no. you have to meet fire with fire. a lot of our military personnel are frustrated with our rules of engagement. we could have etchedded this a long time ago but because of our unease and political correctness based on how we thought the world would look at us and responded to this, we kind of backed up a little bit. however, every time someone gets in trouble, who do they call? they break glass, the united states will come in and be the saving grace but won't let us fight and use our resources we have to our availability to get the job done.
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>> well, thank you for all you have done and all you have gone through, sergeant. be well. thank you very much, sir. >> you're welcome. >> meanwhile the connection between terrorists and poverty. what if there is none? hint, there is none. i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
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because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. you have no way of something terror on the corner of small and broad. one of the best weeks in a long time. and now into positive territory. that fueled debate that now it is no debate the fed is going to raise interest rates and this volatile week proves they're dealing with it now even though they weren't yesterday go figure. they have no idea. just relaying that sentiment. in me the meantime, the husband and wife were doing okay. they were earning good money, in the case of the husband, he looked like a promising employee, and one who was singled out for doing good work.
1:19 pm
so, is it really the -- destitute who do dastardly deeds? we have a form fbi agent. it appears not in this case. in fact i was looking -- you're a better student than i am -- that is not always the case inch the case of the 9/11 hijackers, most came from upper middle class browns, osama bin laden, family had billions. maybe we get that wrong. >> well, i think it's definitely changed, neil, and by the way good, afternoon and thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> what we have seen -- i'll cite two examples. look at overseas, the draw of the foreign fighters into syria, iraq, afghanistan. they cross-country lines, cultural lines, male, female. we take a closer look here, domestically in the u.s., from columbine to the recent attacks in san bernardino, california. you have men, now women, black,
1:20 pm
white, asian, rich, poor, educated. >> how would the bulk of the background go? i don't see too many poverty stricken. at least the ringleader are quite well off or beater off than you'd think. >> i don't know if we want to focus on economic -- their economic status. >> i guess the reason why i mentioned it is that many are and are trying to draw the link, if not that. climate change. i think it misses bigger opinions that we're not looking at. you're thoughts. >> well, we're clearly have people that are not high up on the economic ladder and we have well-educated people. nasa degrees, engineers, doctors, being recall caddized and taking part. >> how are they radicalized? what is isis manage to do, and before that al qaeda, boko haram? what do they do? >> i think they strike a chord. there's a sentiment with the
1:21 pm
people that are susceptible to this type of radicalization, whether they have mental or emotional problems or whether they're really true believers in that extreme belief, if you will in islam, or this religion. so, there are many chords that can be struck by someone who is looking to be radicalized. young and improgressionable, mental, emotional -- impressionable, mental, emotional issues, looking for satisfaction, looking for adventure. there's a number of reason, and i don't think you can loan -- look at one specific chord. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> presidentat candidate chris christie was looking at the whole shooting from am intelligence perspective, that it failed. agencies weren't communicating. to john ashcroft what he makes of that after this, and this notion how unusual it is are is not when the attorney general is see very same press conference with the fbi director 0, just in
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is it a big deal when you see these two guys seated together? we had the news the fbi director comey wanted to make an announce; presumably to sea it was a terrorist event. then we hear loretta lynch, the attorney general is it going to be there. the appearance seemed to be of baby-sitting or watching him. now, that's a quick leap that many reporters make, and you know reporters, they can be horrible human beings. doesn't former attorney general john ashcroft know that. mr. attorney general, is triggers suspicion, the administration wanted to dial comey back on the terrorism
1:26 pm
thing. do you think that was the case? >> i have no way of knowing. let me just say that in 9/11 circumstances, robert muller and i were together, and it was to indicate that far more than the fbi was being committed to the investigation. the justice department had a row but set of additional -- robust set of able resources the u.s. marshal uss youch can't draw anything from it. i hope it signaled not just the fbi but all the resources that might otherwise be involved in preventing an additional occurrence would be devoted to this effort to stop the -- >> now what feedded -- >> because -- >> -- this notion that the administration sieged reluctant to call this terrorism, not so much the fbi or the fbi director, and then low -- lo and bee hold the fbi makes a statement and he presumably he
1:27 pm
has to clear that with the attorney general and then she shows up and you -- you think they're both in sync. >> i hope they're both in sync on dealing with it. i expect them to be in sync on dealing with it. there's no way of knowing whether there were controls or other efforts made to manage the, quote, message. >> all right. always a class act. even when i try to push you into something controversial. let me ask you as well about what chris christie was talking about, sir, this motion that there was an intelligence communication breakdown, and if that is the case it would be very akin to what we saw prior to 9/11 where agencies weren't talking to each other. we developed loam handed security to make -- homeland security to make sure that didn't happen but it has stumbled. we saw that in boston, and national officials weren't communicating with the local police force weapon saw it in paris and london, it is a problem. ills it a big problem? >> well, communication is always a problem, and time is of the
1:28 pm
essence in these matters. and the quicker you develop the full range of authorities to bring them to bear in an investigation, the more likely you for be able to learn what you need to prevent the next occurrence. and so characterizing this as a terrorism investigation really helps because it gives you access to a kind of intelligence that would come through previous fisa records and through the use of intelligence material that might not otherwise be available. it makes you -- gives you access to cooperation with certain foreign sources. so it's very important that you have a terrorism investigation when you have an act which is arguably, and appears to be, manifestly terrorist in nature. so, if you wait until the investigation is over to deploy these additional tools, that's self-defeating. so when you have -- we had the trade craft here of terrorism.
1:29 pm
the stockpiling, destruction of the digital trail, the audit trail, and frankly, the announcement of all these things may actually keep cooperators to destroy other thing that might provide the trail to them. so the strategy, the strategic effort that is made in these investigations and how much is said and not said can really make a difference in terms of whether or not you can stop the next one. >> you know, i wanted to get your thoughts on -- she is the l.a. director of the council on american islamic relations and he spoke to cnn that we're, the united states, is partly responsible. i want you to react to this. >> some of our own foreign policy as americans, as the west, have fueled that extremism. when we support cruel leaders in egypt or other placing are support dictatorships, repressive regimes that push people over to the edge, then they became extremists and become terrorists women are part
1:30 pm
live responsible. >> isn't that blaming the victim again in didn't we do that after 9/11? >> well, you know, our president has really said that america is the problem, not the solution, in so many cases and apologizing and saying that we are not the agent of liberty and freedom. of course, liberty and freedom are not part of the inventory of things respected by isil. they don't like liberty and they don't want freedom. they want sharia law and they make no paul for -- no apology for that and if you read what isis is about. it's about an interpretation of the muslim religion that was well over a thousand years old and very literal. it's about decapitation, it's about amputation and promoting the cataclysmic end to the world. this is not our fault. this is something that is
1:31 pm
believed by this group of individuals and they are trached by and it want to participate in having it come true. the rest of the world and many muslims are not part of that, but for us to deny that's what it is, is for us to stick our head in the sand pretty deeply. >> john ashcroft, good seeing you. thank you very-s much. >> my honor. >> now we know. the wife was on facebook, avowing her loyalty to isis. that coming from a facebook executive. do these other social automobile sites have -- online sites have an obligation to get another out immediately? we're on it after this. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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on your qualified wireless plan. plus, three hundred dollars in credits for every line you switch. to make your appointment call at&t and switch the easy way. >> we know the the case of the wife, pakistan said she was good to go. no problems with her going to the united states to join her new husband. what went wrong? what went wrong? fn(ç
1:35 pm
everyone has a press conference to get their case out there. now we're hearing farouk's family is going to do so as well at the top of the hour to explain how it is there was danger in their mit and they had no -- in their midst and they had no idea. we do know from various media sites, that the wife took to facebook to say she was going to express her allegiance to isis,
1:36 pm
whether there was any quid pro quo there on the part of isis, we don't know. we know from the facebook executive that there was little time to alert authorities even if they wanted to, jolene kent on that. >> we're learning now is facebook is now working with law enforcement on this. the post by tashfeen malik, put up right around the time of the sheeting, pledged support toking a bag dad -- al-baghdadi. the profile was removed from vie laying the rule but facebook doesn't see when it took don't the post. facebook says we don't allow any organizations engaged in terrorist activity to have a presence on facebook. we also remove content that expresses support for groups that are involved in the violent -- in violent or criminal behavior. facebook also says any content celebrating terrorism is
1:37 pm
completely taken down, that includes any sort of praise and support, and that's where malik's post comes in. more broadly, facebook really difficult to do, and it's very controversial. facebook has a billion daily active user around the world, and analysts say facebook is better at removing this kind of content exciter twitter which is the social media of choice for the -- and twitter says it will shut down accounts that promote terrorism. google requires a search warrant for any search or e-mail data including photos photos and gmad youtube video. >> nothing that compels them if someone said, i'm joining isis or anything like that, that beyond shutting down their account to alert authorities. nothing to compel i them to do that. >> not at this time but it seems facebook is willing to work in concert with the authorities. they would not disclose to us whether they first went to the authorities or the authorities went to them. >> all right.
1:38 pm
we should stress as you did, this was the day of the attacks so even if the opportunity presented itself for much advanced warning, it didn't happen. thank you very much. jolene. we have the director of the gwu program on extremism. lorenzo, i pick up with you on this notion whether such sites now are going to be pressured or should be pressured to not only shut down the accounts of those making threatening statements or in this case saying they hooked up with isis. whether that should go to alerting authorities. what do you think? >> they've been pressured for a long time. this is a conversation going on for years with. washington pressure and silicon valley to do more. facebook is one of betts over the last touch of years hard been a shift in taking down material inand cooperating with authorities. the next step its for this place to be pro-active, companies to be pro-active and go to the government. i'm not sure if that's going to happen. maybe incidents like this could potentially trigger the dynamic,
1:39 pm
but so far it's been a resistance, and again, facebook is relatively good. twitter is more -- not as good and others that are very reluctant to work with government to take down accounts. they basically use the first amendment as the reason for their refusal, but these places are open paces for jihaddist and isis sympathizer is. >> we know 300 or 400 who do just that and use such sites as google and others to communicate. so, does mean that these types of businesses are different than others and have a better or bigger obligation. do you think that maybe -- i know the government looked at this and they're talking about algorithms that would cite words like terror or isis or decapitation came up at the time of the hostage killings, that it would be an easier way to sift through the billion or so references that come up in a tip
1:40 pm
dale okay for facebook to sift out the dangerous ones relatively quickly. >> the government is already doing that. the problem is knowing who women mailing the leap from being a key word barer -- >> the government doing anything with the billion or so message do. >> there's a different focus on people in the u.s. compared to people abroad. but they are monitoring the spaces. they get a lot of valuable intelligence. it's just that you cannot arrest people just for saying things. you monitor them. sometimes they cannot catch them. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that. what you're seeing on the -- in los angeles, california, the farouk family, the male assassin. they want to get the world out their relative had -- they had no idea their relative was going to do something so awful the woman involved, the wife, on what she knew and when she knew it and when she hooked
1:41 pm
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will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. to scene in los angeles where the family of syed farouk, the 28-year-old behind the attack inside san bernardino this week, along with his wife. farouk family wants to state the case and tell the press we had no idea he was such a monster. the brother-in-law indicating there was nothing+wr to indicate that was the case, he was shocked as anybody. the family expected to make the same case. the woman at the center of this, tashfeen malik, she was grant what they call a fiancee visa to allow her to come to the neutz i think from pakistan. pete center. >> the u.s. government vetted tashfeen malik, now being
1:45 pm
investigate for being a terrorist, decided she was safe to let in with the k-1 fiancee visa, and this afternoon the state department announces there are no plans to make meaningful changes to the way they screen people who apply to move here to get married. >> we stand behind our screening process. what i will say is that the state department remains committed to the security of the homeland. our process, we continue to revise, and continue to look at this. it improved after 9/11, something we look at every day. at this stage we stand behind the process. >> if a person can prove they're engaged to u.s.a. citizen i they can apply for a k-1 visa through the state department and then the security screening begins. fingerprints taken, interviews conducted, databases reviewed. if everything checks out the series says granted and the recipient is supposed to get married within 90 days. that what happened here. tashfeen malik came to the
1:46 pm
states with the visa from pakistan last summer, got married to city yesterday farouk who was an american citizen, and then our reports are that before the visa expired she applied for a green card. >> amazing, thank you. good reporting, my friend. >> just become that. she was vetted through all the proper means as was her husband, and in the i case -- her case vetted by authorities in pakistan. then hough the heck are we going to be vetting those coming in from syria? lieutenant colonel bob mcguinness wonders about that and the timing of this. what dot you income. >> you can only velocity the information you have -- you can only vet the information you have. it comes from an unreliable source it's worthless and in seare kaz case there's no dat and we don't be able to vet at the people properly so we're going to bet people that are
1:47 pm
undesirables to be radicalize it in this country. if you coming out of pakistan there's no reason to believe we can trust some of the pakistani immigrants just because we can't even trust their intelligence services. >> they're giving the seal of approval on someone coming comio the country. you you have to start worrying about those countries. forget syria and other ones. but gets back to the vetting process. the administration defends, make are sure no nefarious characters slip through. in this case all the is're dotted, t's crossed but in this case the system did not work. >> at this point. keep in mind, we brought in over the last five years, 680,000 people from predominantly muslim countries and gave them green cards. we need to think about the data that they're giving us. the vetting system we put in place. we need to wonder if they're come frog am country like syria or yemen or libya, where there's no infrastructure, whether or
1:48 pm
not we're going to with an interview be able to vet them properly. we aren't. and so we're going to get people in this country that are not going to assimilate,oing to be radicalized easily. that's what happened in paris. five people that lived in the suburbs ofp1íy paris that were r assimilated and easily reached by isis-type people who brought them into the attack. don't know the history with these two yet. but all the indications are that they were radicalized somehow, and i would argue that -- on assist, they have -- isis, they have a magazine and they called for -- if you can't come to syria to fight with us, wherever you are, you need to kill the infidel, and that is exactly what i think we saw this last couple of days. they were attacking the unbelievers in a christmas party of all things, which would, of course, have pleased
1:49 pm
al-baghdadi. >> it is weird. thank you very much. we want to let you know about this press conference. i can tell you some of the had gones they have been saying about the perpetrator behind the attacks and the farook family is going to indicate he was quiet, studious, hard working, commendable employee, open the upstream, widely regarded as someone who would be the last to do what he did. stop me if you heard this before. hundreds of times. ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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jeb bufrom our president:h you will not hear we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. some neighbors are energy saving superstars. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. in just under 5 minutes you can see how you use energy and get quick and easy tips on how to keep your monthly bill down and your energy savings up. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings.
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i was just waiting for the president to respond to donald trump's remarks, lamb basting the president for pushing climate change as one of the dumbest priorities he's ever heard in politics. president obama did get the chance to respond today. take a look. >> donald trump who is the
1:53 pm
front-run frer the republican side said your remarks were one of the dumbest statements i've ever heard in politics. >> well, you know, mr. trump should run back a tape a quarter on some of the stuff he's said. >> herman cain, introduce donald trump at a rally on wednesday. what did you think of the president's kind of "away with you" response. >> the president has gone from assuming that the american people are gullible. to assuming that the american people are simply stupid. donald trump may say some things that irritate some people, but he never assumes that people are stupid or gullible. that's the difference between what donald trump said and what the president said, neil. plain and simple. >> what trump was criticizing was the president prioritizing climate change this past week when all this other stuff is going on. i'm wondering if there is this, this issue that trump brought 0-that revealed a real weakness
1:54 pm
for the president. because even some democrats have privately said his timing was off. that is, the president's timing. >> that's just one of the weaknesses of president obama that has been revealed. his other weakness is he acts as if he is clueless on the fact that this economy is stalled. he wants people to believe that the 2% gdp growth is the new normal. that doesn't have to be. he wants teampeople to believe that we can ignore the spiraling national debt. so he is using climate change not only to push a political agenda, but he's using climate change to divert the attention of the american people with the help of the media, that climate change is more important than the economy, more important than national security, and a whole list of other important things. that's what the president is doing.
1:55 pm
so he's the one that's not being realistic about the statements that he's making. because he's assuming that the american people are stupid. more and more people are waking up and saying -- we are not stupid. >> but i, you know obviously you want to -- the president wants to dismiss some of the statements out of hand. but you know, i'm wondering, herman, as someone backing donald trump, he said some things that raise eyebrows, i saw thousands protesting and cheering right after 9/11. do you get a sense that trump overdoes it? there's a particle of truth to that. there were people celebrating in various communities after 9/11. but not thousands, and that penchant for exaggerating is going to come back and bite him? >> well maybe the number that he quoted was not necessarily accurate. but there have been three sources that have said people were celebrating. >> no doubt, no doubt. >> when the -- >> no doubt. >> do you think it hurts his case when he assign as number
1:56 pm
like that to it? and -- >> no, i don't think so. >> clearly the polls prove it. >> exactly. that's what i was going to say. if you look at the latest quinnipiac poll, it shows donald trump at least twice the nearest competitor in the number two position. the latest cnn poll is not just two times, it is two times plus. so -- >> it hasn't hurt him, herman. >> exactly. so here's what the american people are saying in my opinion. they are more concerned about having a leader, and a fighter in the white house than they are worried about whether or not somebody exaggerated the number relative to something else. >> herman cain, thank you very much. we're waiting for breaking news from the farook family. going to says that there's nothing that could have indicated to them that he was going to do the awful things that he did. police chief james craig is with the detroit police department, the chief there.
1:57 pm
and many have advocated, i believe you're among those, that maybe it is time that americans get armed. is that essentially it? >> well you know, i've been consistent, certainly law-abiding citizens with concealed carry, certainly can make the difference. the reality of the world that i work in, have for now 38 years. is that we respond and react to situations. and if an emergency call for service comes in shots fired, we have a mass shooting situation, a terrorist act. we're responding to it. in those seconds, those brief seconds when the first shots are fired, it might be that armed citizens, it might be that person, that law-abiding citizen, who is trained, that can have an impact on that. you know, my critics have said that wouldn't make much of a difference when you talk about a heavily armed suspect. but i disagree with that. >> do you worry that some
1:58 pm
people -- >> do you worry, chief that it could get out of control. i know what you're saying clearly. if someone had a weapon in that room, and so many other cases, it could have mitigated the damage. we know some people are scared, gun sales are crazy strong. largely because people are rightly concerned and panicking and they want to protect themselves. some have the withwithall to handle a gun and maybe others could not. >> and that's the problem. that's a great point. the key issue is this, we're talking about someone who has been vetted, someone who is trained. and as i have oftentimes said, you can't give a gun to anybody. but you got to be, you got to have the presence of mind to deal with an imminent threat to your life. i can think of a number of situations where people have been put in a situation, and because of their response, have effectively resolved the situation. gun in and of itself is not
1:59 pm
going to make the difference, what do we do if we're faced with an act of terrorism or a mass shooter or someone suffering from mental illness? that comes into a location? what do we do? >> chief, we are expecting to hear from the family of syed farook, the 28-year-old shooter behind the attacks with his 27-year-old wife, tashfeen malik. they say apparently much like many others in these similar cases -- no idea. quiet, unassuming, good guy, good family guy. nothing would have telegraphed this. what do you think of those types of stories? >> i think a lot of that is true in many cases, certainly that's why it's so important to have working partnerships with your community. people that have a relationship with the local police department narcs will communicate those things, those things that may not fit, will make all the difference. you report to your local fbi office, your local police department, we investigate. we may stop a potential attack.
2:00 pm
>> detroit police chief james craig. and again the farook family indicating what so many other families have in circumstances like this, we never saw it coming. he was so quiet, so unassuming. who knew? now the world knows. this is a fox news alert. i'm kimberly guilfoyle and welcome to "the five." we're awaiting a news conference in los angeles, from the family of syed farook, the male suspect in the san bernardino attack. we'll bring it to you as soon as it begins. while we wait, the government is finally saying this -- >> as of today, based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> that announcement was followed by an update from fbi director james comey. >> so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or form part of a


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