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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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unaafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. the fbi says terrorism, it was terrorism. and today the fbi officially declaring a husband and wife killer duo carried out an act in southern california. the evidence proving that is piling up. the female shooter pledging her allegiance to isis on facebook on the very day the couple stormed the regional center slaughtering 14 innocent americans and injuring 21 more. an inside look into the couple terrorist home. this is the home police describe as a bomb factory. we will take you inside that house of horror. we have live team coverage from the bomb factory house to the multiple crime scene to the nation's capital. terrorism.
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>> we're here today because we want to make sure you understand this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. >> we are now investigating this as an acted of terrorism. >> the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and foreign terrorist organizations. >> we have also uncovered that these subjects attempted to destroy their digital fingerprints. for example, we found two cell phones in a nearby trash can. those cell phones were actually crushed. we have retained those cell phones and we do continue to exploit the data from those cell phones. >> we are going through a very large volume of electronic evidence. this is electronic evidence that these killers tried to destroy and tried to conceal from us that we now have and are employing to sphand them. >> we have uncovered
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evidence of explosive, multiple apartmentments, you know that. you know the the ammunition that was out there. the high-powered weapons. the explosive devices. we are continuing to go down the path to ensure that we find all of the evidence that pertains to this matter. >> we begin with fox news correspondent trace gallagher live in san bernadino. trace? >> greta, federal authorities say the wife was using an alias when she went on to facebook and pledged her allegiance to abu ba car the leader of isis and she praised isis right before the attacks on the regional center. later she tried to delete the posting but as we know by now, the feds recovered that though they will not tell us how. the fbi also says they have evidence that one or both of the killers spoke on the telephone with someone in the united states that was under investigation by the federal bureau of investigation. and they had contact with people outside of the united
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states that were under investigation by the fbi. the couple tried to erase their digital footprint, smashing cell phones and hard drives. as you heard earlier in those sound bites the fbi may have salvaged them and they are trying now to recover that data. it is in quantico in the process of being recovered. there is a belief that the wife is is the one who radicalized the husband, became his bombmaker and his trainer if you will. but today the family of syed farook said there was no evidence at all that the couple had any ties to terrorism. the investigation into the weapons goes on. remember, there were four weapons, two handguns and two assault rifles. they were bought legally two years ago. the two handguns were purchased by syed farook. but the weapons, the assault rifles were purchased by another man, believed to be a former roommate. police know that man's identity and they say for now he is not under arrest. we should note that we keep hearing there was such a
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huge arsenal inside the home of the killers that they could have planned a second attack or even larger first attack. today the fbi began their news conference by saying that on monday of this week a movie theater, they had two suspicious incidents involving men of middle eastern dissent. they came by to ask questions and take p3ctures. the fbi has no idea if that incident is in any way related to what happened wednesday. but they wanted to alert of the media that it happened just the same. >> trace, thank you. and today, what a stunner. we have got a look inside of that home of that killer couple. "on the record" griff jenkins and ted williams walked through the home where syed farook and his wife and six-month-old baby lived. ted and griff are live in san bernadino, griff? >> greta, that's right. it's one of the most unprecedented accesses to a crime scene anyone in the
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media has gotten. you will see all the media there. here ted and i take you inside the home where the two lotted and carried out what is now being called a heinous act of terrorism. take a look. >> we are getting a first look with other members of the media. obviously of the apartment here. ted, let's walk through and see what we see. we know that authorities were worried about the explosives. 12 pipe bombs found in here. we don't know the exact locations. clearly the authorities pulled this place apart. some of this mess may have been from their. we see the window knocked out. i'm not sure what we see, a hatchet here in the drawer. not necessarily something, ted, that we find in a drawer with kitchen utensils. a very large mallet style hatchet. we know that the authorities went through this back area. we talked to the next door neighbors. the frost, they told us that these windows were
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shattered. we see the glass here amidst what was the -- is the play pen for a child. a stark and sad reminder that there is still a 6 month old daughter now without parents. >> now, this is interesting here, griff. because here is -- when the fbi and other authorities go in a list from what they take from the home. they actually leave here. and what we see here is the the united states department of justice federal bureau of investigation. and it shows a description of the various items that they have taken from this home. what is interesting here we see there is ammunition that has been taken from this home. they have removed
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electronics. >> computers there and gig bites. >> right. >> and as we see, we can show this, can get a little closer look. the 13 boxes of 50 rounds as you say, 10 boxes of 100 rounds. 9-millimeter. 14 boxes of 50 rounds. two 23 caliber. one bag of 20,000 rounds. these are the ar 15 style assault rifles that were used in this attack. one thing ted, we don't know as we get a first look is of the 12 pipe bombs, that are believed to be in here, one would think in this back window and why we saw the glass and the shattering was that authorities were worried it would clearly have been booby trapped in the entry. any way that people were coming and going out of here would be where the bombs were. is there anything that you see that indicates where they may have put these explosives? >> not in this area. but clearly the explosives are very well just have been out here in the open.
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so, what law enforcement had to do was take their time in entering this place because they were clearly concerned about booby traps. >> enormous amount of information as you sees a ted, as investigator as former homicide cop was able to glean. later in this show, greta, we are going to take you upstairs and what we found was nothing short of shocking. greta? >> ted, having investigated that scene, was there -- having gone inside, was there any information that they have taken a lot of information about trace evidence? for instance did, you see a lot of fingerprint dust? did you go into the bomb-making area and see where weather the printed that area. were there pieces of carpet cut out so they would like for some sort of fiber samples? i suppose they did some swabbing for possible d.n.a. and glass. was there anything hint that the fbi was also looking for trace evidence to see if anybody else had been in
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there. >> there was no discernible hint that those things have taken place but i have got to tell you. i think that the fbi and local and state law enforcement officers he haded this to dickly took their time. they knew what they wanted to take from there and quite naturally as we said they listed what they took from there. the various pieces of evidence. i think they did a good job of going in there, greta, meaning the local and state and local authorities. >> you know, griff, looking at your video of what you and ted shot, it's it soeery. this was planned. they dropped the baby off and done a lot of planning for. this yet, when you look at the video it looks like they are coming home soon. the couple is coming home soon. they have left everything, their pictures, everything. >> i think for any parent watching this, just to see the video as it struck us, standing in inside there knowing that a 6 month old had been abandoned and the
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materials that clearly were weapons and bomb making materials showed that this story did not have an ending. that this child would grow up without parents because they had gone off to carry out this act of terrorism. that was, perhaps, the most damning and most chilling standing amongst where we were, greta. >> we will show more of what you both saw inside that home. the upstairs. thank you, both. and, of course, we are getting more information, including the bloody aftermath of the police shootout that successfully stopped and killed these two terrorists. we warn you, this image is graphic. tmz has showing see he'd farook dead lying in his own blood in the street. peter doocy has been looking into the murder's possible ties to isis. >> this is really interesting. when you log into facebook. the right away right at the top of the page what's on your mind. and as the carefully planned attacks in california began on wednesday, fash feign malik tashfeen told her
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facebook friends she pledged her allegiance to al baghdady. they recovered that post this morning. we learned this afternoon the timing of the post matched up with the timing of the attack. the reason the post needed to be recovered is because facebook deleted malik's account when they realized it was promoting terrorism. the social network says they work aggressively all the time to prevent terrorists from using their services. this was one of those times. and the social media connection is significant because we know isis uses that to recruit and that is why the state department tried to spearhead a campaign using messages to counter isis a campaign they concluded several months ago wasn't having the kind of success it was supposed to. it's still unclear tonight if facebook is how this couple in california became radicalized or if they communicated on facebook with any terrorists overseas. and even though we don't know exactly what malik wrote in this post yet. we know it's a really important piece of evidence
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that helped had the fbi conclude this was a planned terror attack. it also helped tie up a loose ends because it was isis she was writing about on facebook. not work place violence. >> so she attempted to delete this passage and facebook took the whole account down? >> yeah. facebook says that they have this strict policy. they have go through their entire network and they are looking all the time for different words. we do know that this post was not taken down right away. we don't know how long it was up. but it was up for a while before somebody saw it and they deleted it. that makes it harder for the fbi to look at it from their offices but facebook has given them everything that they need. >> i'm sure they will get a history whether she has other posts that are suspicious. thank you, peter. the parents killers and to be a normal couple but they were killers hiding in plain sight. how did they go uns inned and how can we prevent this from happening again. terrorism expert walid phares joins us. you know, everyone says the quote they were normal even
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the lawyers say that they were typical normal housewives that she was although she was living in a bomb factory. i don't know how typical that is what do you think about this? >> well, that's how they are. that's how they should be if they are jihadiists. take most of the cases we have in the united states, the successful ones and the unsuccessful ones. almost every time after the fact you are going to have neighbors, a teacher, a friend say they were normal. they were friends. >> it's interesting how everyone is now -- i shouldn't say -- people are now saying that radicalized him. yet, we also hear from the lawyers today that she was dressed in a burrca. she didn't talk to men. she didn't drive. she hardly seems to be the aggressive type when you hear that picture of her. >> my question for the lawyers is what would be the aggressive type? we don't know. >> oh, no, no. she is plain killer. >> if they are saying she did not display anything radical. what would that mean? otherwise the radicals those writing blogs as well on
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facebook. she was not. she would hide her activities and her thoughts so she would be successful operationally. >> you can read an english post. can i tell whether it's terrorist or not. but some of these are written in arabic. so many of these communications that, you know, i imagine that so many we miss. i know we have experts in the fbi. but, still. >> we do have excellent experts within the fbi. even when you write in arabic, you are not going to putted operational arabic so that the fbi law enforcement are going to see it but the difference is that we know as experts if she is extremist. if the narrative is extremist she should be in a pool. what happens is the administration removed that poll. they called it freedom of talk. that's where we have a gap between extremists and tastes. walid breaking right now, we are seeing the first picture of tashfeen malik. she is the female terrorist who pledged her allegiance to facebook before
4:15 pm
slaughtering 14 be in the people during the san bernadino terror attacks. look at that woman. that's a picture of evil. >> well, now we know unfortunately there are a lot of pictures like her but not everybody is violent. the issue is not. >> she is showing her face. that's not a burqa. she is showing her face and obviously many people before that has testified she has shown her face. the issue is what was inside her mind. what was inside her narrative and what were her actions. >> how does she go under the radar? >> something -- she was under the radar apparently so many many people other than people must have been suspicious if she was buying bomb equipment or if he was. >> she is not going to do that actually, i suspect that most of those who are like her who are going to conduct successful operations are not on any list. >> and, again, that picture right there. that is the evil terrorist. abc news obtained that picture. but that is the first picture we are seeing of
4:16 pm
this woman. pakistani dissent. and she came over to the united states to marry this man. >> spend some anytime saudi arabia. we don't know much about that as well. >> i assume we will get it very soon. there she is. there is the terrorist. anyway, wall lead, thank -- wal, thank you. the focus of the media has been on the killers. who are these killers and why? of course it's very important to noted something else. 14 meant americans were murdered. slaughtered by these two horrible people. fox news jonathan hunt has more on these 14 and their famous. >> if you wanted to find a cross section of america, you could have walked into the holiday party being held at the inland regional center in san bernadino wednesday and found it hard-working fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, black, white, hispanic, asian, some born here, some immigrants who had fled
4:17 pm
other countries to escape persecution or violence. then violence found them. and last night, thousands gathered at a candle lit vigil to remember the 14 gunned down and killed so brutally at that party. among them, bonetta, she was 46 years old and left her native iran when she was 18. apparently to escape islamic extremism and to pursue her husband said the american dream. >> she had that opportunity. she raised her beautiful three kids. got the house, education, work. and enjoying life. vacationing spending time with the family unfortunately taken away by an evil man and evil woman. >> 31-year-old continuewin was another. her mother fled vietnam when
4:18 pm
tin was 8 years old to bring her to the united states. her father said days ago she was trying on wedding dresses. she planned to marry her boyfriend in 2017. nicholas was 52 years old and worked with syed farook. one of the shooters. he was a messianic jew. while he was outspoken about islamic terrorism he got along well with, according to his wife with his muslim colleague. she said her husband always put others first and she said she is cherishing the memory of her last moments with him. >> and he dropped me off. i had snack day at my job. i'm a second grade teacher. i had snacks i needed to bring in. he said i will bring them no for you. i got an extra hug and kiss before he left i'm just holding on to that i'm just grateful for that. >> 40-year-old robert adams grew up in the san bernadino
4:19 pm
area. he married his high school sweetheart. for years they tried to have kids. 20 months ago their daughter savanna was born. friends said he doted on her, taking her to play in a local park almost every day. posting pictures of her on facebook every night. those are just snapshots of four lives, greta, four of 14 ordinary american lives taken in such an extraordinary and brutal fashion. 14 families devastated, struggling like the rest of us to understand why. >> you know, jonathan, every single one i read there was a father i think he was 37 years old with six children. there are these hateful, horrible people. jonathan, thank you. and today the white house press josh earnst calling this massacre an act of terrible violence. but our fbi director stepping up to the mike just hours later and declaring this an act of terror.
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replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. co-host tucker carlson goes "on the record." when are we going to hear from the president. probably soon. i imagine there is pressure growing on him hillary clinton campaign. delusional and we are
4:24 pm
approaching that point. he is going to have to acknowledge this is part of a pattern and it joins the paris attack and the downing of this russian airliner, of course, in taking of a good portion of the country of iraq and also syria as signs of the growing threat of isis. what bothers me is his inability. i don't think he can understand their motives. they are doing this because they are mad about global warming or angry about being poor as if people commit murder or kill themselves because of economic reasons. these are people motivated by religious instincts. they think they are going to heaven by doing. this he doesn't understand that and that's scary. >> you know, it's been quite obvious. obviously the fbi does have to wait until it has proof. >> of course. >> indied it was. but listen to what josh earnst said today just a short time before the fbi director said this is an act of terrorism. here is the white house press secretary for the president.
4:25 pm
>> looks like people intent on carrying out act of violence. >> we are investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> terrible act of violence. that's what he says this afternoon. i'm thinking to myself what is he talking about. you got the problem that the day before terrorists, president obama is saying that isis is contained and we have these maps which show you that isis is not contained. it's growing. so i just don't get this. >> the president seems all alone in this. i mean, josh earnst isn't stupid. he knows his words are in effect parody of the truth. it's absurd is. everyone knows it's absurd. muslims are a key constituency for democrats. they will be a key player in this upcoming democratic election. it's not a small thing. it's bigger than that. the president sees this and almost else in american life as part of a civil rights battle. the main concern he has and attorney general has and she said it yesterday there will be backlash against muslims. nobody wants that. that is a concern is it the top concern?
4:26 pm
no. fifth concern after getting shot to death in the shopping mall. that's the way he sees the world. >> maps 2015 and november. look at the difference in the red. the president said it's contained. nothing but growing. here is what i don't understand the president such an important thing, terrorist violence since 9/11 for us the president sends out fbi director and attorney general that he doesn't take over and show -- and make the statement to the american people? >> there is a lot of daylight between the fbi director mr. comey and the president on this and other issues. the fbi has taken steps pretty obvious ones, public ones saying we are independent of the white house. among other things this is a bad sign for hillary clinton who is being investigated by them as you know. admirable on the part of the fbi. you want fbi independent of political interference. good for comby. makes the like the president again standing out by himself muttering about how th flat. it's unbecoming and embarrassing and makes people like donald trump much stronger.
4:27 pm
americans look at the president and don't think he is going to protect them. starting to suspect people like trump will. that's one of the reasons his numbers are going up, trump's are. >> more facts tomorrow on "fox & friends" i assume you have that as well, tucker on the weekend. >> thanks a million, greta. >> "on the record" will take you back inside the home where the two terrorists murders live with infant daughter and a homemade bombs. we're live next.
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this is a fox news alert. we are now seeing the first picture of tashfeen malik. this photo was obtained by abc news. she is the female terrorist that pledged her allegiance to isis on facebook. the fbi announcing she pledged her allegiance to isis before carrying out the carnage. >> we are now investigating this as an act of terrorism. >> this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. >> we have the mandate to investigate terrorism to its fullest extent. >> our investigation to date and, again, it's only two days old, so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or form part of a cell. there is no indication that they are part of a network. again, i quickly add it is early. we are still working very hard to understand but i wanted you to know that so far we don't see such indications. second, there is nothing in our holdings about these two killers. i have seen reporting where folks have focused on reports that they were in
4:32 pm
contact. at least one of the killers was in contact with people who had been the subject of fbi investigations, either investigations that were closed or that were still open. i would urge you not to make too much of that. >> those cell phones were actually crushed. we have retained those cell phones and we do continue to exploit the data from those cell phones. we do hope that the digital fingerprints that were left by these two individuals will take us towards their motivation. now we are seeing inside heir home, their bomb factory. this is where they lived and planned that attack. fox news correspondent will carr is live outside the killer couple's home. kill? >> good evening, greta. earlier today the fbi coming out and now saying this is a federal terrorism investigation. they say extreme planning went into this. now, earlier in the day we confirmed that tashfeen malik had posted on facebook the day of the shooting that she had pledged her allegiance to isis. it was a short time after we
4:33 pm
confirmed that that the owner of the apartment showed up here. he said that authorities had turned the apartment over to him and he offered to take us inside. we were careful not to touch any personal possessions but i want to show you what we did see, take a look. >> we're outside of the apartment in red lands, california where syed farook and tashfeen lived with their 6 month old baby and farook's grandmother. the fbi had to actually go in through the window here because they were concerned that the apartment was booby trapped. we will walk you inside. as you know now they ended up finding 12 ieds. this has been called an ied factory. we spoke to the owner. the man who owns this apartment. and asked him what his reaction was when he found out his tenants were the ones behind this massacre. take a listen to what he said. >> it is not real. >> what saeed seem like to
4:34 pm
you? >> he seemed like a normal person. >> >> much the apartment appeared normal. it is what we didn't see that seemed alarming. fbi left receipts inside for what they took out it showed thousands of rounds of ammunition, guns, technology like laptops and hard drives. all of what they would have used on wednesday to pull off the deadly attack, greta. >> will, thank you. and we are learning more about this evil killer couple syed farook, this american citizen but his wife tashfeen malik visa. american citizens. how much screening dtx she get in immigration lawyer wane massey goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> she is here on what is called a k-is 1 visa. what is that? >> it's a visa used by american citizens who want to bring their fiancees to the united states
4:35 pm
essentially they petition the government to classify individual abroad as a fiancee. and it's a petition goes through, dhs forwards it to the department of state for a interview. >> now, in connection with this, i imagine there is some screening. i saw some reference in the state department they do extensive screening and i looked a little bit deeper and all that was said was they do fingerprints and some facial recognition software which is not particularly extensive in my mind. maybe they do more. do you know how, quote, extensive this screening is? recommendation i have some idea how extensive it is. essentially they run the fingerprints and photograph as you learned on the website. they also run by graphic information about the individual against fbi data bases. international criminal databases. and other databases maintained by various agencies in the u.s. government. if a person has not created a flag in any of those
4:36 pm
databases, then they wouldn't come up in the security checks. >> i quibble with the state department the definition of what is extensive. basically a woman with no record can come here on a k-11, right? and k-1, that's essentially what it is. >> no criminal record of any kind. >> is there an interview. >> there is an interview at the counselor post. she is interviewed in person after her barometrics have been run and even after that, i understand she was able to apply for and was granted conditional residence status which means she was also interviewed by dhs here in the united states there just not have been any flags. >> she comes to the united states and has to get married within 90 days provided she does she is eligible for a green card. >> she is eligible to apply, yes. >> any idea the number of people who come in on these fiance visas a year? >> i don't know the exact
4:37 pm
number but i think this past year it's somewhere around 35,000. >> and is there sort of a part of the world where they come from? do we have -- are these countries that offer us something like a k-1 visa? americans? do we have rest pros city? >> i don't know that we have his rest is i pros city for fiance visas. many have diplomatic reels with them obviously that's why we have counselor posts there. >> any idea most representative in terms of k-1 visas? >> i do not, sorry. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you. >> thanks for having me. >> "on the record" goes inside the bomb factory home where the terrorists lived. that's come up. my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots
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the media swarming the terror couple's home after the fbi released the scene. give jenkins and ted williams. live in san bernadino with what they found on the second floor.
4:42 pm
griff? >> that's right, greta. as we mentioned earlier, now we take you upstairs which for not only this homicide detective and federal agent but also for any reporter and all our viewers will see the most shocking part of what we found in the house. take a look. >> let's go upstairs, ted, and have a look and see. >> as we are going up the stairs we see a dark green carpet that is outlined or the stairway here, there is nothing certainly out of the ordinary here. the only concern that law enforcement would have had in entering this place was was it boob by trapped? >> this seems to be the closet for the mother. >> what is very interesting about this closet is what law enforcement saw. when you look up' above here, there was where law enforcement, i'm sure, made some entrance to go up here in this ceiling area here
4:43 pm
that make some kind of determination as to whether they could find anything connected with this family that they may have very well hidden up there. >> we are in the child's room. we see the nursery. we're literally -- we will look in the closet. >> ted, let me bring your attention here. this is something that you wouldn't find in the closet is of an infant. this is remington gun oil for cleaning your gun. lube brie indicating and corrosive protecting firearm stuff. we see here magnum precision air rifle. if you can, let's have a look and see what's in here. multiple, multiple air rifle ammunition clearly we had heard that there had been targeting going on in the backyard. the backyard not very big. this is fascinating that we find any kind of weapon in the closet of the room that
4:44 pm
is clerely where the child slept. >> what is more fascinating is that law enforcement left some of those kind of items here after scrubbing this home displl greta, those pellets as you look back at the cases of pipe bombs, ieds, improvised explosive devices we see pellets used as part of those bomb making materials. something that certainly stood out, tim. you were taken aback that we would find actual bomb-making materials still inside that house. >> absolutely. and in light of the fact that we were told by law enforcement that they found 12 pipe bombs in there. to find those pellets. those pellets are clearly used as bomb-making material, greta. >> ted, before i let you go. i want to ask you about the lawyers for the family that gave the press conference today. you were there. i have to tell you from here
4:45 pm
it seemed peculiar calling the woman terrorist a typical normal housewife. obviously not in my mind. she makes bombs? >> greta, there comes a time where lawyers are stuck on stupid. that's one of those instances. this is not a typical house where you go in and find 12 pipe bombs. you find bomb making material. you find over 5,000 rounds of ammunition. i don't know what these lawyers were talking about, but it's a sad commentary when we find lawyers coming out in the public domain after 14 individuals have been shot dead, 21 injured. and to make such disingenuous statements? i think they were just over their heads in this because that was, to quote the president. jay vee. anyway, not to mention just a horrible mischaracterization of this woman because she was hardly
4:46 pm
your typical housewife whatever that means anyway. the san bernadino massacre officially a terror attack. how does that change the investigation? that's straight ahead. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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now that the fbi has declared the san bernadino massacre was an act of terrorism how does this change the investigation? we are also getting our first look at both suspects, the female shooter's picture came by abc news and former chief of staff of the department of homeland security and former cia director of operations chad suite goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. and just for the record i wasn't the director of operations. i was in the directof operations. >> thank you. according to the fbi. the killer recommendation, terrorists are trying to erase their digital fingerprint and they smash those cell phones.
4:51 pm
tell me, what are they trying to do now? >> obviously what we know they are attempting to cover their digital footprint as you said, greta. given legal background you know how important that is for investigations. what's important to know right now though is that in addition to the cell phones they obtained a computer, multiple thumb drives. and a music player. so from that -- all those different forms of media, our law enforcement experts are well prepared to diagnose and determine and connect the dots of those footprints. one of the most important things to know is in this l. be historic investigation. why? this will be the first major investigation after the nsa's domestic surveillance program has been reformed by people such as senator cruz. the government's ability to equally powerful to determine if connected with this just like in paris all law enforcement and intelligence officials will be able to track to down efficiently and bring them to justice.
4:52 pm
>> now, you mentioned a law that's been changed. i mean, the main difference as i understand it now to get that metadata is now held by the telephone companies and not by the government. the investigators simply have to get a warrant to get it from the telephone company unless there is an emergency unless they can bypass it they can get the information, right? there is no impediment? >> absolutely, greta. in fact, i think one of the unfortunate things there is some like senator marco rubio who have asserted that the government cannot access under the new shiewtion that senator cruz and others proposed to get access to those we suspect of terrorism or who have actually committed acts of terror. that is actually incorrect. if you look at the evidence and don't take my word for it, the director of national intelligence in a letter dated may 15th stated very clearly that the u.s.a. freedom act preservative the essential operational capabilities of the program and, of course in, greta, it expanded the intelligence capabilities to include things such as cell phones which are now involved in this case.
4:53 pm
indeed they are, chad thank you very much. >> thank you greta. >> coming up. the pictures inside this home are disturbing. was it right to go in? i will tell you what i think off the record, of course. some of you have may not agree with me. ngus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh, epic moves, big j! fight it! getting ready for your close-up? ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. visit our website for savings on larger size. during red lobster's ultimate seafood celebration. with jazzed up new dishes like the decadent grand seafood feast and the ultimate wood-grilled feast why wait to celebrate? so hurry in, it ends soon.
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a fox news alert inspired by isis tashfeen malik pledging allegiance to isis on facebook. fox news correspondent adam housley live at the terrorists' home. >> we do expect major developments as this case moves forward. we know agents, federal and local are doing everything they can to find possible money trail. they also have not ruled out the possibility that these two might have somehow connected with al qaeda. they are saying it may not just be an isis situation. they really don't know exactly that part of the investigative process. buff they do know as of tonight they do believe other people, another person, somebody helped them in some way they don't
4:58 pm
believe they could have afforded to do what they did without that help. where does that lead? greta we don't know at this hour. they are doing whatever they can to find out as the night moves on. of course the headline today the fact that the fbi officially now says that they are investigating an act of terrorism. greta? >> adam, thank you. >> okay, let's go off-the-record now. i have to admit i am conflicted. as the a journalist, of course the reporter should go in the terrorist' home to get all the information they can. that's our job to get you all the information we can. but i'm also a lawyer. and i cringe at the bad judgment of the fbi to release that crime scene so soon. what were they thinking? yes, the two terrorists are dead so there would be no trial for them. what if others were involved? maybe others were in that house giving them money finance that massacre or build bombs. anyone inside that home left trace evidence like fingerprints, d.n.a., and knew information could arise making the fbi want to go back and look again in case they missed it now. remember the oj simpson case
4:59 pm
in the murders were on june 129. the police went back to the murder scene three weeks later and found oj's blood for the first time on the black gate. sometimes items might not seem relevant at first. another example within hours of finding simple's ex-wife dead. law enforcement saw dark wet clothes in oj's washer in rockingham. they never seized those clothes because at the time those clothes might not have seemed that important. you get my point. never release a cream scene too early. so, yes, what's the fbi thinking or wasn't it? that's my off-the-record comment tonight. stay with fox news all weekend for late breaking developments on the san bernadino terrorism and set your dvr to report "on the record" so you never miss a show. if you can't watch "on the record" live then play back "on the record" after you are finished watching other favorite fox programs how about 11:01 each night. that's the abc news picture of the killer. that's the woman. that's the terrorists. that's the massacre. the one who did the
5:00 pm
massacre. she and her husband. evil, evil, evil. terrorist, rotten, doesn't get any worse than that we will see you monday night right here 7 p.m. eastern. good night from washington. it good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching ago special edition of the o'reilly factor. the war on terror. and let's get right to our top story. the investigation into the san bernadino shooting. big developments today with the fbi confirming what many have suspected about the attack. >> as of today, based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. there are some telephonic conn


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