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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 5, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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that later. awesome. we had a smart panel tonight. thanks to everyone. i'm greg gutfeld. breaking tonight, tough new questions for the commander 234 chief, as the fbi confirms the worst domestic terror attack since 9/11. on u.s. soil. and president obama remains silent. remains silent. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the christmas party massacre left 14 dead and 17 wounded a little more than 48 hours ago. among them, abc news obtaining the first pictures of tashfeen malik, the 27-year-old mother, who along with her husband, murdered 14 innocent people in cold blood. the same woman, we have learned, posted a pledge of allegiance to isis and its leader on a facebook account within moments
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of firing the very first shots in a conference room in california. as her husband's coworkers lay bleeding and dying. the same coworkers who threw her a baby shower six months earlier. and today, for the first time, the feds describe this attack as terror. >> as of today, based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> many in the country may now be waiting to hear from the commander-in-chief. they will need to wait a little longer. as of 4:40 p.m. eastern time, we received word that white house had gone dark for the evening. meaning, don't expect to see or hear from the president of the united states on this issue tonight. in moments, charles crowdhammer joins us on today's news. plus, "the kelly file" speaks with the director of the mosque where the killer husband
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previously worshipped. brad thor is here to react it that and the news conference today from the suspected killers lawyers. and senator marco rubio weighs in on how this man managed to come to america. but we start with james rosen at the white house. james? >> reporter: good evening. the white house says there is no disconnect to label the san bernardino case an act of terrorism and the eventual use of that term by the fbi. aides to president obama said up until now the white house wanted the attorney general and fbi director to have the lead role in making of public pronouncements on the san bernardino attack. officials told me tonight president obama will speak publicly on the case again and soon and will address it squarely as an act of terrorism. critics see a pattern where in the president or his aides have been slow to recognize terrorism or call it that. in 2009, janet nepal tanno famously naming attacks man-caused disasters. the ft. hood instance of
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workplace violence. and just this past july the president declined to categorize mass casualty attacks at two military installations at chattanooga, again leaving it to the fbi to call it terrorism. the president refused to use the words radical islam, islamist or jihad in describing the greater challenge from terrorism preferring instead the term violent extremism. >> the criticism is that as commander-in-chief president obama will always be handicapped in his ability to really effectively confront this threat precisely because he isn't properly defining it in his rhetoric or there for in his own mind. >> the fact that our harshest critic, that best criticism they can come up with, is to criticize what president says, i think is a pretty strong endorsement of all of the actions that the president has taken to keep the country safe. >> bottom line, the white house now does not dispute that san bernardino attack ranks as the
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deadliest terrorist attack on u.s. soil since september 11th, 2001. and again i'm told president obama will abe dressing it again pub luckily and soon. megyn? >> joining me now, charles crowdhammer. syndicated columnist, fox news contributor and author of the book "things that matter." charles, thank you for being who are tonight. let's start with the significance of what we have learned. which is terror attack hit the homeland. hit the homeland in the worst possible way, in a way that had been imagined by our security experts. for the first time in the worst way since 9/11. >> and happened just a couple of weeks after we had been assured that a paris style attack was extremely unlikely to occur in the united states. giving the people a sense that they were secure. i think one of the reasons for the true widespread and deep anxiety in the country, insecurity, reflected for example in the increase in the purchase of firearms.
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is that people feel that the authorities, particularly the president, the white house, ultimate authorities, simply are clueless about what's either that they have no idea what to do about it and thus deny its existence or its importance or its severity or that the president truly doesn't believe that this is major threat to the security of his own people and when you feel leaderless, when you have the white house an hour before the fbi says it's terrorism, still refusing to call it terrorism, when you have the president saying that isis is contained, isis is not gaining strength and his own head of the joint chiefs of staff says in testimony a few weeks ago, isis is growing, it's not contained. when you have every single indication of the highest authorities in the land down playing the threat at every turn, starting from the jv team until right now, then you have a
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sense that this is not an administration to whom you can trust your safety and the safety of your children. >> typically, we look to our president as commander-in-chief and at a time like this, as comforter in chief. and i don't mean to say that this is the same as 9/11, but this is a terrorist attack. the fbi tells us it's so. so where is he and why isn't he coming on camera tonight to address the nation? >> well, where is he, as i just learned from your staff a minute or two ago and i just heard you say, he's meeting with former congressman gi congressman gifford. what was his reaction to the shooting and all of the circumstances that reacted to all of those in the country and this is radical islam. he came out with a statement and this is the only time he shows passion on gun control which is totally irrelevant when it comes
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to international terrorism. the problem of isis is not a gun control problem. the french have the strongest gun control laws in the world and they even hit three times now in this calendar year by acts of mass murder. so he preferred to or he is interested in gun control far more than this issue and when you look at it, you weigh the threat of one against the threat of the other, what's happening in the middle east, happening in europe, and now reached our shores, it's nearly incomprehensible. but it is that sense of absence, i don't need him to comfort me. i just need him to give the country a sense that he knows what the threat is and that he is alerting himself, his administration, to put out the maximum effort. but every time he speaks about this, every time, it is either to down play or distract to another issue. >> but you know, after the paris
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attacks, which were very jarring even here in america, he swung and he missed in an attempt to talk to the american people. and he was criticized for it. not just by his political opponents, but by democrats saying, hold on. you have a different role here. and that is that of comforter in chief. even though the dr. charles crauthammers of the world may not need it. he came out and gave it another try. now we are here on the day the fbi is saying this is a terrorist attack. the day the woman pledged allegiance to al-baghdadi, just before she shot 14 of our citizens. he is missing it again. there have been suggestings he might say something about it in his radio address this weekend, charles. not good enough! >> well, the controlener chief thing, remember, there's a reason i left psychiatry. but on the main issue here, remember what he did at the press conference in turkey. right after the paris attack.
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i mean, the dead had barely been buried and we all saw what he did. he spoke in very measured terms about what happened in france. he called it a setback. the president of france called it an act of war. then he showed his only passion in that hour of the press conference, in denouncing republicans on what, on admitting syrian refugees. as if that was the issue. and not the rise of islamic terrorism in the heart of the west and obviously accelerating and strengthening in these seven years of his administration. and now hitting american shores. >> charles, is this the new reality of living in america? >> it's the new rye aeality of living in america when we have spent seven years, be a abdicat our role in the middle east and allowing the influence of iran
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to rise. with the growth of isis. isis has become, under this president, the largest semi sovereign terrorist group in the history of the world. resources of income untold in the history of terrorism. and with obvious skill and reach. an he acts as if it remains a jv team and minor nuisance. >> charles, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> well, it is not just the white house taking heat tonight. senator marco rubio is here to talk about attorney general loretta lynch and what she is calling her greatest priority right now. plus, new details on the terrorist couple and what happened in the run-up to this attack. trace gallagher is live in san bernardino with the breaking news on that right after this break. also, the years before farook became a cold-blooded killer, he attended this mosque on a daily basis. tonight "the kelly file" speaks to the director of the mosque about a warning he shared on
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breaking tonight, we are learning new detail about the killer couple on u.s. soil since september 11th. and what they did before, during and after, killing 14 and wounding 21 innocent people in san bernardino. including a new report that directly challenges this suggestion this could have been some sort of workplace violence. trace gallagher live in san bernardino, california for us to night, trace? >> reporter: remember on the eyewitness report, that syed farook got into an argument with a coworkers, stormed out, and came back with his wife and opened fire. it now there are reports that police are very skeptical. in fact, that likely did not happen. isis probably directed the attacks. and they have been directing followers to attack their homeland and it turns out the wife is an isis follower. take a look at her picture from
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abc news. we know she went on to facebook and pledged her allegiance po to al bag da . the federal government recovered that post. we do not know how. the fbi says there is evidence that one or both of the killers made telephone contact with here in the united states that was under investigation by the fbi for terrorism and made contact with somebody outside of the united states also being investigated for terrorism. the couple tried to erase their digital footprint, smashing cell phones, smashing hard drives. but the fbi has salvaged them. listen now to fbi director. >> we are going through a very large volume of electronic evidence. this is electronic evidence that these killers tried to destroy and tried to conceal from us. that we now have in trying to
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understand them. >> reporter: meanwhile, they are still investigating weapons. two assault rifles and two hand guns. they were bought legally two years ago. but farook only bought the handguns. another man, a roommate, bought the rifles. the police know who the man is. he hasn't yet been arrested. but they want to find out exactly why he bought tlem. >> joining me now, former fbi assistant direct nor charge and senior adviser to the governor of new york state. jim, good to see you tonight. the investigation will focus on for the moment the electronics, phones, computers, which they tried to destroy. which in and of itself is suggestion of possible terrorism. >> full-court press on all of the electronics, all of the phones, all of the connections. i wish nsa was back in the picture. because we would have a spider web of connections to act on right away.
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and that's the importance of that program, really. >> which we got rid of. >> which we got rid of. which was stupid, really. they are doing neighborhoods, every place, all of the people working there. >> one of the things we learned today is that syed farook's mother lived with these two. helping take care of the 6-month-old baby. and today we will play this in a minute, these two lawyers suggested she didn't know anything. she knew nothing. even though she was there when they left in their gear to go shoot up the place. >> that's bogus. >> what is the fbi doing with her right now? >> well, interviewing her, right? finding her. >> they've got her. >> they have here, good. >> she says, i know nothing. >> she will have intense interviews. and it will be geometric in how that goes. >> they will get to the bottom of it. >> we will get some information. >> how good are they with the electronics? we like to think they can do anything.
8:18 pm
can they? >> they are very good. the forensic guys are really, really good. the question is, do you have enough of these people to deal with this immense geometric puzzle that rapidly grows. but yes, they will do a great job and they will bring other people in, and other agencies will help, no doubt about it. >> what information did you get from director comby, and loretta lynch, attorney general, who didn't use that word. >> jim comby is a good man. and his final analysis, we will get the truth out of jim comby. he is walking a tight rope, although he has a ten-year term, which is a powerful thing. but he is a good, good man. even the fbi is doing a good job. you can see how the gymnastic semantics are kind of frustrating to hear this thing. i think in the final analysis, we will know exactly what happened, no question about it. >> we saw that extraordinary please conference last night where the cops said we've taken a beating lately and it's been
8:19 pm
hard. as a guy who devoted his life it law enforcement -- >> of all the times to have demoralized cops that will be like hands off, don't want to be called this, don't want to be called that, that's the worst time. look what happened. look what they've done morale and ability of police. and i'm not standing up for bad cops. but 99.9% are patriots. they want to help you. support you. make sure you don't get shot. just like the cop told the group leaving. now is not the time to have guys not get out of their patrol cars. not report something. just like that neighbor that said she didn't call it in because she didn't want to be called a bigot. that is a very harmful thing. we need the opposite of that now. we need people calling in. we need good muslims, claim to be not part of this, and don't support this terrorism, they need to be telling us. this guy is changing. i've seen different things.
8:20 pm
if they want to be part of america and live in our culture and assimilate, they have to help us with this problem. >> you heard jim comby saying that today, saying, if you see something, say something. we mean it. if you get that feeling where the hair stands up on the back of your neck, call. jim, thank you. >> thank you. >> there was a remarkable 40-minute news conference this afternoon. when the family of syed farook sent attorneys out to argue that he has no real ties to terror and that was just the start. "the kelly file" tonight goes inside ma rofarook's mosque to e knew the man better than anyone else. what the mosque director told us about the wife involved here. that's next. >> he was born in america and she was born overseas and she lived overseas. so that was one of his concerns that he talked to me about. olay regenerist
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in the years before farook and his wife committed mass murder, farook was heavily involved in a mosque in riverside, california. perhaps no one there knew him better than the center's director. earlier he spoke to us about the man he knew before syed farook married tashfeen malik and the pair turned into killers. this is the mosque syed farook attended from 2012 to 2014. he and its director were very close. discussing everything from islam to syed's love life. >> when he decided to get married, probably had started some contact over the internet with a young woman in saudi arabia. she is from a pakistani origin. he was born in america and she was born overseas and she lived overseas so that was one of his concerns that he talked to me about. >> syed asked for dr. cuco's
8:25 pm
blessing. he said he gave it but with a. he said he remembers one time that ma league attended the mosque. and shortly thereafter, syed stopped attending. >> after he got married, he continued to coming to our mosque almost like i would say three months or so and then after that he stopped coming because he move out of riverside to redlands. and i understand that he started going to some mosque over in that area. >> when he heard syed was behind wednesday's deadly attack, kuko said he was shocked. >> i know the guy. how can he do something like this? it was awful. >> kuko said the man he knew
8:26 pm
seemed incapable of committing mass murder. >> it's kind of hard for me to rectify someone who's so quiet and peaceful and someone who has, you know, the audacity to commit such horrendous crime. >> he also said syed never told him about any office conflict. >> he never told me about anything that related work problems. >> after his wife's pledge of allegiance to isis. >> i'm not sure about this report. i haven't seen it and i have no way of saying it's true or false. >> joining me now, brad thor, former member of the homeland security department's red cell unit and best selling author of "code of conduct." brad, thanks for being here. so now we have it coming together. he gez to the mosque. he leaves, he goes to a different mosque. in the meantime, we find out that his wife is pledging allegiance to isis before they walk into that conference room
8:27 pm
and the latest reporting is, guess what, there was no argument between this guy and his coworkers on the morning he shot them to death. >> right. we would have heard about that long ago. and i'll tell you, this is the first time i'm hearing this interview with the director of his previous mosque in riverside. and one of the things that immediately pops into my head, megyn, is what if the wife radicalized him. what if the woman who grew up in pakistan and grew up in saudi arabia, and came over here, what if she was the force behind making him a more pie assed muslim and forced him in this direction. i'm finding it hard in my head that he can get her trained up and passionate enough to commit this attack. we may never know but isn't that an interesting position. >> what is your understanding about what we are doing when it comes to mosques in america right now. >> i have to compare to what we are doing against the french. the french are very, very -- i'll use the word liberal, but
8:28 pm
not right way to do it. they will do wiretapping. they will do all sorts of stuff. microphones in mosques. recording sermons. what nypd did with commissioner kelly did that de blasio didn't like, they have to have probable cause but they wouldn't let things stop at threshold of a mosque. if they thought planning was going on pt a mosque is traditionally more than a house of worship. you can store things there. there are rules of engagement that allows us to go into the mosques for military. i don't think we are doing enough here. listen, i'm a big guy about civil liberties. i know you respect them, particularly as an attorney. but we have to find the right balance between security and liberty in this country and if we get a lead that stuff is going on in a mocks and hate is being preached or jihad is encouraged, i think that should be enough probable cause to go to a judge for a warrant for more surveillance in a mosque. >> it opens up a dicey area
8:29 pm
legally. >> the catholics, amish, protestants, it is not like we have a problem across the board religion wise. >> interesting to raise that point. this is contrary to the point raised by the attorneys for the family, which i'm going to play next. i'm holding you over. so stay right where you are. coming up, senator marco rubio, still ahead tonight, with a warning about what we learned today. as well as lawyers coming up for farook's family who called a news conference this afternoon to argue that religion had nothing to do with this crime. >> the motive is very unclear. it could be a disgruntled worker. at this point, since the investigation is ongoing, it could be a disgrunt elled employee. it could be about the connections to different types of g i'm jerry bell the second. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back.
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the fbi says the man isn't a suspect but they want to question him. tomorrow night, president obama will have the latest from the ongoing investigation into the san bernardino shooting. he'll address the nation from the oval office to discuss the broader threat of terrorism and reiterating his conviction isis will be destroyed. join fox news channel for complete coverage. i'm lauren green. now back to "the kelly file."
8:34 pm
>> breaking tonight, the suspected terrorist syed farook gave a press conference hours ago. in a series of rambling and lengthy exchanges. attorney david chessly and mohamed be a abershade insisted the family of the suspects knew nothing and asked religion be left out of this. >> there isn't any smoking gun clear evidence that they were part of any particular cell or group. they are pointing to things that they saw on facebook under different account names in the case of malik. and his coworkers made fun of him for example, and his beard. he was a very isolated introverted individual with really no friends. i guess what we would say is when an incident happens like this, when a christian goes to
8:35 pm
shoot up a planned parenthood or extreme catholic bombs an abortion clinic, all the headlines don't say, extremist radical christian catholic. i have so many muslim friends and so many people that i work with that are muslim, and no one -- every muslim community around the world has been in a state of remorse and condemnation of these acts. no one supports it. >> they thought syed's hobbies were building cars. he liked to go into the garage and build things. that was his man cave of sorts. he used to build shoe racks for his sister. [ inaudible ] >> i guess what i would say is that this is just so -- this is just thester why typical situation of what takes place every time there is an event like this. most of the time no one knows that much about the shooter.
8:36 pm
and the same thing was the case here. the mother stayed to herself. i think she stayed upstairs and so she would have been separate and not really known much about what was taking place in the rest of the house. they are the fbi and they're damn good about getting this information. they asked everything they could. they had the mother under pressure for seven hours or so. they basically took her into custody and at one point they had the mother in custody and they said, we're not letting your mother go. they said this to syrah, the sister of syed, we're not going to let your mother go until you, your brother and sister, eva, come in for questioning. i think that was a very dramatic experience because their son just died. >> the motive is very unclear. it could be a disgrunt elled worker. at this point, the investigation is ongoing. >> former prosecutor now criminal defense attorney. arthur is a trial attorney and
8:37 pm
legal analyst brad thor is back with us as well. mark, she was very upset because her son just died after he killed 14 people and was shooting at cops. he died by a police officer's bullet. the one he was shotting at. >> right. yeah. shame on them for questioning her. listen, they made some good points and some points i took exception to. let's get out the good points. we should all avoid bigotry and stereotyping. not every muslim supports murder and not everyone was involved in this. that's important to note. however, i think they went to great lengths to try to suggest erroneously, there's no evidence of any terror link whatsoever. two things i would say it that. number one, your client's family members destroyed a lot of that evidence. and there was a lot left in the house for the media to rummage through, including shredded documents which should be in the hands of the fbi, unshredding
8:38 pm
those, to find out what they didn't want us to know. >> mark is making reference to something earlier today where the landlord let the media in and had their hands on whatever evidence is left in the house. first of all, every muslim community in the world has been over a state of remorse here. that's not true. so he loses credibility. but he talks about how the mother didn't know her own son? she stayed upstairs. never sought pipe bombs. didn't see when i came home, put on the vest, pulled down the ski mask with his wife, left their baby with the mother and ran out to commit mass murder. she didn't see any of this? >> megyn, let's talk about a dose of reality here. mark and i represent criminal defendants all the time. even though they aren't representing a criminal defendant, the family here is being colored with the horrible acts, horrendous acts, that their family -- >> because they have been in and out of this house so many times.
8:39 pm
>> here is the bottom line. the message they gave out, i agree with mark, they made some good points and not so good points. they came out, brought our clients into the fbi. four hours for the sibling. seven hours for the mom. and we are cooperating a hundred percent. that's point number one. point number two is they did whatever they did but almost muslims should not be painted with the blood that's on the hands of those two individuals. i think those were the two main points they wanted to make. >> go ahead. >> megyn, who is painting them? i've had enough of these apologetics from the muslim community. we get it. not all muslims are terrorists. but we are wasting time. what we are seeing here is a public relations jihad. it amaze pg. we talked about how quick they got the press conference. this is all an attempt to get us not to talk about islam and islam is key to this. >> these lawyers today said we need to protect the muslimi
8:40 pm
community. and the neighbors are saying, you need protect the whole community. people are being shot to death go together christmas party, mark. >> i want to respond to the other point. who is paying the attorneys? follow the money. money comes from banks. oh, yes, media, holding bank records left behind. they were left behind. >> you can't get over the fact that what is a crime scene was opened up to the media today? >> i agree with mark on that. >> it is a colossal mistake. >> number one, i would not be surprised in the least if these two young attorneys are doing this for free to be standing in front of national audience for the whole night, number one. number two, the fact the media was allowed in there. i scratch my head. i heard another analyst, cia or dia saying this was planned by federal investigators so that citizens like us right now
8:41 pm
watching this would see clues and we would come forward to the fbi tonight and -- >> what? >> yeah. that's what someone is trying to say with a straight face. >> i spoke with a recently retired very high ranking fbi member this afternoon from the criminal division out of the washington headquarters who told me this was a colossal break down in his opinion. he didn't know exactly what happened. but he said colossal break down in communication between san bernardino county sheriff and fbi. there should have been someone post outside the apartment. the fact that there wasn't -- >> last question. they found pipe bombs side that garage. now they want us to believe that when family members came over, they went into the garage and he worked on cars and they had play dates with their 6-month-old babies. did this pass the smell test? >> i'm not convicting the family. i want to see evidence that they knew. they should continue to be investigated. >> what if they didn't? what if they didn't? it doesn't necessarily pass the
8:42 pm
smell test. >> you think they would leave bomb-making material just out laying around. next to car oil? >> who is to say he wouldn't? got to go. good to see you all. we spoke to the husband of a woman shot in the attack and who saw her friend killed. he will share her story. plus, not just the white house taking heat on the response to terror. senator marco rubio is here to speak about attorney general loretta lynch and what she is calling her greatest priority right now. >> my message, not to just the muslim community, but entire american community is, we cannot american community is, we cannot give in to the fear that ♪ ♪ ♪
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i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. break tonight. new backlash to how the administration is react together san bernardino attack. the fbi labelled this massacre terrorism. the white house has not yet done the same and just last night with 14 people dead in california, attorney general loretta lynch spoke to a different fear. >> since the tragic attacks in paris three weeks ago, there's been a decidedly disturbing uptick in anti-muslim rhetoric. it's been very divisive and many of us, frankly, feel that the rhetoric is the worst that it's ever been. >> the fear you just mentioned is in fact my greatest fear as a prosecutor. as someone who was sworn to the protection of all of the american people, which is that rhetoric will be accompanied by acts of violence. >> joining me now, presidential candidate and republican senator from the state of florida, marco
8:47 pm
rubio. senator, thank you very much for being with us tonight. so your reaction to how the white house has handled this so far. >> inexplicable, really. first of all, from the very first instances like this happened, jump awning the gun control argument, and not knowing facts about this case, just jumping on it and banging the drum of gun control. indications were greater and greater that this was gun control act. and we know it was. irrespective of whether or not the white house acknowledged it yet. as evidence comes out, we know it is a terrorist attack. they didn't wait. they jumped on it. just another example of another mass killing and this is why we need gun control. completely ignoring that none of the laws they are proposing would have done anything to prevent this shooting or the previous shootings they have cited or pointed to. >> what do you make of the attorney general loretta lynch who comes out today, doesn't even call it a terrorism investigation.
8:48 pm
it took the fbi director sitting next to her to say that. at the same time, second a message to muslims groups saying she will make sure that any hateful rhetoric towards muslims is looked into. by the way, we do have the first amendment, but i will look into that. >> the first of all, the problem is they refuse to acknowledge we are at war with radical jihadists. this is the same thing that led to the lies about benghazi. that we don't have anything to worry about, that terror, isis is the jv team, that we're not in any danger. and so they continue to want to pretend that this is not a major issue the way it is and they refuse to acknowledge they are waging war on terror. so they continue not to call these things for what they are, because it counters a political narrative they are trying to further. which is that there is no war on terror here. >> how much danger are we in? >> so we have two major issues
8:49 pm
we are facing. one is they are inserting foreign fighters. inserting fighters into europe. i think jordan will be a country they will target here soon from some large scale attacks. they would like to use the refugee crisis to insert fighters here in america. terrorists here in america. but there's a second problem, the homegrown violent extremists. perhaps born and raised in the united states, never exhibited any sort of ideological leaning towards terrorism -- >> that's this guy. >> exactly. he became rapidly radicalized and turned that into action. that's why there are magazines, like the beat, their on-line publication, they are looking to inspire attackses in the west. they don't have to coordinate with them but they tell them how to attack and inspire them to attack. those are the hardest ones to find. you just don't see them coming. >> but it is like you have to find a direct communication
8:50 pm
between al-baghdadi running isis and the individual in the united states in order for the administration to say this is clearly terror. there doesn't have to be the direct link, does there? >> there doesn't. that's the point. homegrown violent extremists. not receiving an order to attack this certain place at a certain time in a certain way. they are getting propaganda on-line and other methods that inspire them to attack, and suggest ways to attack. military men and women, military facilities. and soft targets. anywhere you can get away with killing the maximum number of people. the homegrown violent extremists, active investigations open in virtually every field office that fbi has in this country. it is a threat unlike anything we have ever faced and it is rapidly growing and each one of the attacks makes the next attack even more likely because of copy cats that are inspired to do the same thing. >> senator, thank you. growing. and the more attacks we have, the more we're going to have
8:51 pm
because of copy caps that are inspired to who does this kinda thing online? i-i-i clicked on some links, ugh the kids weren't even home.
8:52 pm
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i do not. eric? i'm all set. nice word play by the way. "my name's luck." thanks, sully. i got it. you don't even work on this floor! you don't work on this floor! td ameritrade. you got this. it's the kelly file with megan kelly. >> among the wounded yesterday, an environmental engineer who works in the conference room. she was shot once in the hand and twice in the stomach but survived. we spoke to her husband. >> she just returning from the restroom and heading to the conference room, that's when all the bullets started flying through. they started hitting her, going
8:55 pm
above her head. then she and a few other people then ducked down themselves and you know crawled them into the bathroom. then she realized she was bleeding. her jacket had blood hole through the jacket and she was bleeding. her friend told her that there was a couple who was with ski masks shooting at the people until they found out, and then they know who these people are. they all work together on the same team. and this guy is working there for five years, with the same team. nothing unusual. nobody ever suspected anything unusual. that's what i'm hearing from her and some of her co-workers. she is crying still, she can't believe that her best friend who
8:56 pm
she worked with being shot and killed. nobody comprehends how that could happen. this is definitely something that's beyond understanding. >> our best to anice and this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel... technology for capturing co2 emissions... ...and cars twice as efficient as the average car today. ideas exxonmobil scientists are working on to make energy go further... matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here. on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is
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9:00 pm
backlash. remember, you have a much better chance of g right now on "justice," -- >> it is impossible that these two attackers were radicalized. >> how did this woman breeze right into this country where she helped kill 14 americans? i'll get into that tonight. plus, the fbi says they're investigating a terrorist attack. but the president and "the new york times," they're aiming at a familiar tired target. >> another tragic reminder that here in america, it's way too ea


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