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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 5, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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>> i think i'm going to tweet that later. awesome. we had a smart panel tonight. thanks to everyone.
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until then, i'm adam in redlands, now, back to hannity. welcome to "hannity" tonight. it was an act of terror. >> based on the information and facts as we know them, we are
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now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> the fbi is now investigating the san bernardino massacre that killed 14 people as an act of terrorism carried out by a pair of radical islamists on american soil. they ex-steps 1i6ly plotted those attacks and stockpiled ammunition where they were ra e raising their 6-month-old baby. the female suspect pledged allegiance to isis in a post at the very same moment she was waging jihad with her husband. this is now the single deadliest terrorist attack on american soil since 9/11. earlier today, attorneys for the suspect's families made outrageous comments during a press conference. listen to this. >> there's never been any evidence either of the two alleged shooters were aggressive, had extremist views.
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>> i think every investigation they do involving a muslim will involve some type of terrorist investigation. >> when a christian goes to shoot up a planned parenthood or an extreme conflict bombs an abortion clinic all the headlines don't say extremist radical christian. >> joining us with reaction major general hornered a marine corps university, dr. sebastian gorka. let's start with new developm t developments today. i guess widows and orphans means women can be terrorists, too, if we're taking in syrian refgs. what you heard at that press conference almost compete denial by the family attorney very disturbing and the new developments they in fact were radicalized. >> i think that attorney should apply for a job with cair. absolutely stunning, this waf e waffling about religions and freedom of religion.
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what about the freedom of religion of victims gunned down in los angeles by these two jihadi jihadists. of course, this is an isis attack. let's get this political corr t correctness, jetson right now, if you're swearing by us, swearing allegiance to the head of isis as your new emperor, i don't care if isis was sending detailed constructions to these pair of mass murderers, this is an isis attack because it is following their ideology and their intent to destroy the infidel on u.s. soil. it's really that simple, sean. >> there was a poll out that said 16% of french citizens supported isis and had an immigration system. this woman was cleared and got a visa and green card. the president wants to take in 10,000 syrian refgugee, our
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intelligence is saying we can't properly vet them and i'm arguing we can't possibly vet them in light of what happened in france and the refugee population infiltrated by isis, how big a risk do you see as th this? >> it's enormous, sean. my parents were refugees. let's take the emotion out of it. when they escaped communist hungary they had to sit in a refugee camp for weeks and some relatives for months until they could show they were cleared and truly persecuted individuals deserved to come to the west. director comey is correct out of the bureau, only two ways to vet a refugee, number one, check their information against a reliable database. we don't have access to datab e databases in syria that could help us mildly or moderately vet these people. the second is extensive counter-intelligence interrogation lasting days if
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not weeks. we don't have the man power to do that and this administration wouldn't even countenance such a counter-dependence measure. if you're isis, what are you going to do? you're going to salt your operatives in these refugees and exploit these situations and endanger americans as americans. >> he's gambling with their lives. we now have a president who is incapable to recognize simple and basic fundamental truths, can't even use the term radical islam. the president has been so wrong so often. this is the j.v. team, they are contained contradicted by the joint chiefs and dianne feinstein and they do not represent an existential threat to america. wrong on all fronts. how can the president of the united states be at this level of denial which is now bordering on a pathological illness of some kind. >> i think it's a combination of
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two things. i think it's the naked king, naked emperor. nobody in his bubble wants to tell him what the truth is. it is clear he's isolated from america and from the threat. second, it's an incredible combination of arrogance and ignorance. we have people in the white house, deputy national security advisors whose qualifications are a maste erers degree in fi n fictional writings and fine arts. since when does that qualify you to protect america and understand the threat? we have incompetence mixed with arrogance and combined with isolation, that's how we are in this alice and wonderland fantasy today where the commander in chief thinks global warming or climate change is more important than terrorism and the caliphate. >> very well said. we appreciate it, dr. gorka. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, shawn. >> young is with reaction is the
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ceo, richard is here and former security expert james, and k.t. mcfarland. let me take you to where the fox news got into their apartment they were building ieds, 15 pipe bombs and had their arsenal et cetera and ammunition. one of our reporters got in there. >> reporter: they ended up finding 12 ieds, called an ied factory. when you come in you can see holes in the walls cut out. they have receipts left by the fbi for some items they've taken. i looked at these receipts. listed a number of guns and ammunitia ammunitions and had thousands of guns and there are prayer rugs, a koran, evidence of their faith. >> in light of this being a
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terrorist attack, the allegiance of this woman to isis, pipe bombs, ammunition, dead people, et cetera, then you listen to the family attorney with his back up saying we really don't have -- it's nebulous some nebulous thing on facebook et cetera, we need to wait for the investigation when we already determined these things. what is your reaction to cair blaming america. >> i was listening to that stumbling family attorney offer the most ridiculous of onjection as if there's a waive of anti-muslim hatred about to break over the united states if we dear point out the radical muslim message these killers left behind. all he did was read a facebook page and left a facebook post swearing allegiance to isis. >> we have 72 people that work for homeland security. these people with this passport they did a passport check on her
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and we're taking in 75,000 ref geese and they promised to do so here and our intelligence officers are saying that and the president insisting we have to bring them in regardless of the threat to the american people gambling with the lives of the american people. >> what's funny. you say that. that was the first thought that went through my head when it was clear this was a terrorist attack. what i thought was actually -- why have we sent seven years of this administration focusing the department of homeland security how can we implement amnesty and deal with global warming with the department of homeland security diverting the department and other people focusing on real issues. here's why it's important. today, we're all looking at this and saying this is the new face of terror today. tomorrow, it will be a different face. one of the things we have is a database that tracks all the islamic terror plots against the united states since 9/11. we have at least 75 known plots. they all have --
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>> 1,000 investigations, let's be clear. 1,000 in all 50 states, i sis in america. i sis is now in america. we have to get ahead of it. >> we're not ahead of it. he's leading from behind. >> a great title, sean. >> k.t. >> political correctness is now going to kill people. why? because of intimidation, don't hurt anybody's feelings, don't come out and say what you really think. the neighbors of the massacre killers were afraid to report what they've seen, suspicious activity because they were afraid they would be accused of racial profiling or discrimination. as a result of their hesitation to come forward, people died. you just said, sean, over 1,000 people on this list. do you know it takes 2 dozen government workers, state, federal, local, fbi, nsa, to monitor one bad guy 24/7.
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if we're talking 100 people being monitored 24/7 now and 1,000 on that list we do not have the resources to look at all those people. we need americans to come forward and say, there's something suspicious going on. if we have a political corre correctness regime, we -- >> we cannot risk -- with isis infiltrating the refugee population in paris and attack that happened there, what makes this president so arrogant he will gamble with the lives of the american people after paris and san bernardino. it's outrageous. thank you. appreciate it. isis is here in america and the president has the nerve to say this. >> we are seeing the kind of crisis that we can't deal with through the deployment of the mari marines. we can't deal with it through throwing money at it. >> unbelievable pathological
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former house speaker newt gingrich here with reaction. also later tonight. >> let's not forfeit some of our own foreign policy has fueled that extremism. >> the head of cair, the group of unindicted holy co-conspirators some years ago that chapter has the nerve to say america is in part fueling terrorism. that and more on this busy news night.
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welcome back to "hannity," the terrorist attack in san bernardino wednesday is likely not an isolated incident.
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there are 1,000 investigations going on in all fifth states according to george washington university's program on extremism, get this, 71 people charged with isis related crimes since march of 2014, that's not all. over 250 americans have traveled overseas to fight with isis or other terror organizations since 2011. joining us with reaction author of the brand new book called "duplicity" and former speak over the house, newt gingrich with us. you were on my radio show today. at the end you said something extraordinarily chilling to me. i actually think it's true. you said this represent represents the greatest national security threat to ever occupy the white house. it's not something any american wants to say about any president putting all politics aside, but
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you believe that. why? >> i think that the danger from islamic supremists grows every year. sooner or later they will learn how to make biological or chemical or nuclear weapons or how to steal them. i think we have at risk losing an american city. i think you have a president for psychological reasoning, ideal logical reasons or whatever reasons incapable of being honest about this threat. one simple change will begin to move us in the right direction. what happened in california was an act of war. you need to drop this notion these are random terrorist acts. this was an act of war. it was an attack on america by people who want to destroy our way of life.
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once we get this in our head, this is an actual war going on, people preparing to wage war against the united states and you have an attorney general and a president and secretary of state who are incapable of understanding the reality of the world we live in. >> it really -- it really is stunning when we learned that we wouldn't bomb the oil fields where isis is getting its money because of environmental concerns, that's scary, but how can the president be so wrong so often? the jv team, that they are conta contained, they are not an existential threat to america, all comments by the president, all wrong. >> the president contemptuously talked about how republicans were afraid of orphans and wi w widows because he apparently has no notion how often women have been very successful and effective terrorists. now, we have a new example. here's a woman who pledges her loyalty to isis on her way to kill americans.
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maybe the president will face reality and understand the republicans worried about women terrorists are right. these are real people. these things actually happened, yet this president seems to live an fantasy world surrounded by the secret service. he is personally safe but the rest of america is not. >> that raises the question of the president's in city is steps of 10,000 -- insist steps of 10,000 refugees. the national director of intelligence, james clapper and comey and strategies to take on isis have all said we cannot properly vet these people inflammatory as a matter of fact, obama's own department of homeland security vetted this woman and gave her a k1 visa and green card. >> the congress should put in the continuing resolution that's coming up a prohibition on any funding that goes to fund new refugees coming into this country from syria, because the
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truth is we have no idea who these people are. i think the white house statements are just total falseho falsehoods. why they're saying them, i can't quite imagine. i think it fits their world view. they're not in the business of protecting americans, they're in this business, as you saw from the attorney general's comments, they're more worried about protecting muslims and the sensitivity of muslims than they are about protecting the lives of americans. >> i keep talking about a clash of cultures, a clash of civilizati civilizations, i keep using examples. if somebody was raised in saudi arabia where women must dress a certain way, cannot be seen in public without a male relative if you're a woman or cannot drive a car and four male witnesses for rape, i bring these examples up, how do we ascertain if somebody is coming to assimilate and get the freedom and breath of liberty they never had and give to it
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their children or are they coming to bring their ideas to us and bring those views with them. since obama has been president 239 people according to senator jeff session, 83,000 individuals from pakistan, 83,000 from iraq, 239,000 total of people from 2009 to 2013 have come from what we would describe as terrorist states or states hotbeds for terror. should we rethink that? do we have to revisit that? student vis sas for saudi students. >> we have to more than rethink that. remember, the husband involved in the act of war in california this week is american-born. the british subway bombings in the 1990s were by british citizens born in great britain, given a free educate, lived in public housing and the welfare state, you have this
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epidemiology i described in my book "duplicity", is not algeria and or somalia, there is a worldwide pattern of islamic supremacists gradually moving on the internet more and more dangerous. there's some evidence the pipe bombs in california were built coming off a website from al qaeda. >> yeah. here's a scary thought. the president said if you're on a terror watch lsu you ought not be -- watch list you ought not be allowed to buy a gun. congressman lynch pointed out in august, this should scare everybody how incompetent our government is, our department of homeland security have 22 individuals that work there that are on the terror watch list. if they shouldn't buy a gun they shouldn't be working for the department of homeland security. >> let me go a step further, if they're not american citizens not on a visa, why are they
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still here. we should expedite anybody on the no-fly list. >> we keep talking about the crimes of criminals -- didn't mean to interrupt you. talk about the im impact of the events in paris and in california will impact the election? >> i think the democrats are becoming a party that won't protect americans and america won't protect the risk and it's a big asset to trump and to cruz and rubio, all of them come across as very strong personali personalities. people want strength. people are legitimately frigh n frightened, not illegitimate. the attorney general's comments yesterday were insulted to every american. you have every right to be fright frightened. paris and san bernardino are not isolated cases, we are in fact in danger. >> i would argue we need a
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war-time president. thank you. coming up tonight on this busy news night. >> don't forget some of our own foreign policy have fueled that extremist. >> the cair l.a. director bla blaming america for fueling terrorism inflammatory when is this madness going to stop. later tonight? >> they were actually doing work in this garage and she was kind of suspicious and was -- wanted me to report it but said she didn't want to profile. >> the neighbor of the terrorist didn't say anything about the san bernardino suspects to police. why? for fear they would say they were being racially profiled. we'll check in with reaction as "h
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welcome back to "hannity", during a recent interview, the head of islamic relations made
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outrageous remarks blaming americans. >> don't forget as we speak today, isis has killed 95% are muslims themselves. at the forefront of fighting isis are brave syrian people fighting on both fronts. so we should give credit when credit is due. we actually have left the syrian people and fight and battle with isis and we complain and say what are the muslim people doing to root out terrorism and extremism. let's not forget some of our own foreign policy of the americans and west fueled that extremism when we support coup leaders in egypt and things that push people over to the edge they become extremisms and terrori terrorists, we are partly responsible. terrorism is a global problem not a muslim problem and everybody has a role in the solution. >> no, america does not have a
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role in terrorist attacks. in 1997, cair was des night by the fbi as unindicted co-conspirator for supporting the mosque for the holy land foundation. >> infidel's guide to isis, gabriel and imam zeke is with us. here we have it again. islamic terror, muslim terrorism. why does this keep happening? >> first of all, i wouldn't put it in those terms, sean. but say with god the most merciful we offer our condolences. >> she pledged her allegiance to the islamic state. >> has the not the report i heard. >> did you hear what i heard? >> i did not hear that report like that. >> that's exactly what i heard. this is islamic terrorism rising all over the world.
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we in america have avoided talking about islamic terrorism because we do not want to offend anybody or hurt anybody. it's time to throw political correctness in the garbage. right now, those afraid to report suspicious activities almost have blood on their hands because the fear crippled them from speaking the truth and about time to speak the truth. >> hold on. we have other people on the show. robert spencer. you have studied isis. this is part of their mo, they want to radicalize and use the internet. it's believed they use the blueprint from al qaeda, their online magazine to build the pipe bombs and they were going after these ieds. what does this mean? >> what they have is a comprehensive plan to sew blood and mayhem in the streets of the united states. they have a very detailed guidebook for muslims in the united states how to mount
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terror attacks exactly like we saw in san bernardino and to blend in before they mount the attack with the larger population and instruct them don't carry around the car ran and don't go to mosque or appear to be an observant muslim and we will call you when it's time to strike. they hope to overwhelm the american law enforcement enforcement and intelligence with so many plots the system will collapse and they will take full advantage of that. >> we need to re-evaluate, robert, in this society, the cultural clash, whether or not our immigration problem, our immigration laws, our visa laws. do we need to go back and re-evaluate evaluate? >> absolutely. there needs to be a drastic overhaul. many jihad terrorists have gotten through the visa program as well as the refugee
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settlement and asylum programs, these have been taken advantage by terrorists since the 1993 world bombing. >> are we going to let refugees in when some of our officials say some may be radicalized? >> no, we shouldn't. obviously, there's no system good enough to let these refu e refugees in. we have to protect ourselves. we cannot let these refugees in. we don't know their background and no database to compare. knowing isis want to come to the country no way to let them in. also, sean, we need to do retraining of our first respo responders and fbi agents, those trained jihad basically is yoga. remember, obama purged all our contra terrorism training manuals from jihad. all these new agents need to
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know exactly what we are dealing with. thanks. more straight ahead. they were actually doing a lot of work out in the garage and she was kind of suspicious and was -- wanted me to report it but said she didn't want to profile. >> the neighbor did not say anything about the san bernardino suspects to police for fear they would say she was racially profiling. is political correctness going to kill us. >> here in the u.s. an incredibly disturbing rise inanity muslim rhetoric. the fear you mentioned is fear as a prosecutor. >> anti-muslim rhetoric is the attorney general's biggest fear. if that's true, what about radical lists themselves? we have a big problem. kimberly guilfoyle is here and eric bolli
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left 113 people dead and hundreds injured. joy welcome back to "hannity." they did it again, the new york "daily news" printed this disgusting cover, got sunday x fixing this. and calling the executive vice president and ceo, a terrorist.
11:40 pm
and we have with us, mark and bo. i'm a proud member of the nra and a marksman since i was 11 years old. let me ask you a question, if, god forbid, you're in a room like the 14 victims and 21 other victims fighting for their lives and trying to get well, if you're in that room, bo carries a gun, sean hannity trained in the use of a firearm, do you want us in there with you if this was unfolding. >> the truth is i shot firearms and my dad is a licensed gun dealer. i will answer your question. i might well want you with me because you might give me a little bit of a chance. the truth is any law enforcement official will tell you a civilian with a gun is not going to stop somebody who comes in with body armor. >> bo and i have been out together and bo and i would communicate with his eyes and he
11:41 pm
would go this way and i go that way. >> you would communicate with your eyes. would we be able to in a situation like that when they dropped their first clip and relo reloading, wouldn't you be able to take them out? >> let me talk please. if someone comes in there and starts shooting and unloads his clip, i'll be damned if i or sean would stand there and let him reload another click before you start firing at the guy. they go into these gun-free z e zones like they did in california, there's so many terrorist attacks and shooting attacks, 2k34domestictivity, tho in gun-free zones, movie thea r theaters. where people can't fight back at them. guns don't kill people, team do. what they will have next is bombs and chemical weapons. what will we do now? >> they had ied making equipment
11:42 pm
and 15 pipe bombs. >> just imagine, they didn't have any body armor on. imagine if one person in that office, when he came in shooting at the party, if one person had a legal firearm on them, was proficient in it and when the clips drop out he was able to shoot these two we could have saved a lot of people. >> interesting, mark, i bet you everybody watching at home listen to bo and me would speak the obvious would say, yes, it would be a good thing if a tr n trained person with a firearm was in that room. you say, well, maybe, because you have an agenda and your agenda is you don't want people to have weapons and somehow in your twisted liberal brain you kind of believe the weapons are the problems or criminals will obey laws. you know what, i just don't buy that. americans are sitting ducks because people like you don't want law abiding citizens to have guns. >> is there a question in here somewhere? >> not really.
11:43 pm
>> i didn't think so. >> not for you because you have already made up your mind, you're not being honest. >> i think law abiding citizens should have guns. >> would you want us in there or not? >> no. i'd like a law enforcement official. >> i'd like for more people to practice and at least we'd have a damn chance. if you don't have a gun, you can't fight someone without a gun. i don't care. i'm in the security business and they asked for unarmed security. that's not really security. >> i have two things for you. first of all, i think that's fine, if you're a law abiding citizen, get a gun, go practice and get a concealed carry permit. i think that's perfectly okay. second thing is i would rather keep guns away from th terrorists who shouldn't have them in the first place, a better solution. >> i think a better solution is not having 72 people on the terror watch list that work for
11:44 pm
the homeland security. did you know that? >> i didn't. i always felt if we were going to pass that terror law to keep people from getting guns we ought to clean the list. >> the fact is you weren't being honest when i first asked you. you should want people who are trained in the use of a firearm and that's the point. the reality is most mariners would. -- americans would. >> the daily news should be sued, calling the nra a terrorist with his picture there. >> that's a bad idea. >> i'm sorry. >> i total hi agree. they should not be doing that. i think wayne lapierre mourns like everybody else when there's a mass shooting. >> this guy ain't that bad. he can hang out with us, this guy. >> you think so? >> can you hang with us, mark? >> i can hang with you, and i want to. >> coming up, is political
11:45 pm
correctness going to kill
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they were receiving packa packages, quite a few packages within a short amount of time. they were doing a lot of work out in the garage and she was
11:50 pm
kind of suspicious and was wanting me to report it but said she didn't want to profile. >> so has political correctness gone too far. the neighbors saw something but was afraid to say something for fear of being blamed for racial profiling. that's not all. yesterday at the muslim advoc e advocates 10th anniversary dinner, the attorney general loretta lynch made surprising commen comments? >> in the u.s. a disturbing rise of anti-muslim rhetoric and the fear to me as a prosecutor my message not just the muslims but the entire american community we cannot give in to the fear these back linebackers are based on. as we talk about importance of free speech we make it clear actions predicated on violent talk are not america's, not who we are and not what we do and they will be prosecuted.
11:51 pm
>> violent talk. what about radical is islamists? let me put two together and get your opinion on them. suing for 1$15 million, the mrc took a replica of that and asked 50 people randomly. they also had a bomb. the teacher said something and $15 million lawsuit. they were all afraid to say something. can we argue political corre correctness is putting american lives in danger? >> i absolutely think so. political correctness is a security threat to all of us because people are afraid to be chastised because the message comes from the president's and justice department. when did it ever become a problem to be a citizen and get
11:52 pm
involved and help out in your community. look at the consequences. we saw in san bernardino because you don't step up and say something, lives are lost. be more concerned about blood spilled than maybe calling in something even anonymously the police can track down and check out. >> the left made it this way, see something say something, but better not describe it in a way considered bigoted or racial or you will be accused of being a racist and who knows what the repercussions could be. these neighbors saw boxes coming to and from this apartment and were afraid to say something because they thought they would be seen as islamiyah phobic, it's becoming a more dangerous place and being purpose traded because of the left. clock boy sued for $15 million because of the hard time he had. he met president obama. i never met president obama. he met mark zuckerberger or
11:53 pm
supposed to. i have never met him. maybe i should put a clock together. >> and bo bergdahl, that's who makes it to the white house. >> pretty scary. >> what about the president? the president can't say radical isl islam. how do you fight an enemy if you can't say it. >> he can't say it and neither can hilary clinton because she's tied to his failed foreign policy. this is irresponsible for the commander in chief to not be able to articulate this message. tone does matter and words do matter. they a matter the american people. he should be able to identify and come up with a strategic plan to definitively destroy
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time for a question of the day. which do you think is a bigger threat? the weather, climate change or
11:59 pm
isis? go to facebook or sean hannity on twitter. time for an ask sean segment. i'm from scentral high school i indianapolis, nanindiana, my question to you is what should the president do about isis political action and military action-wise? >> that's a good question especially in light of isis being on american soil. we have probes going on in all 50 states. you have to realize isis is the enemy and you have to treat it like a war and american has to engage in bombing the living daylights out of these safe havens where these terrorists are training and organizing. the third thing we need to do, we have to get in there and get control of their finances. the best thing we can do is get the oil supplies they have in iraq because this president pulled out too early. the next thing i would say is i think the most important thing
12:00 am
is we have to fix our borders, secure our borders and fix our broken immigration system and that means people with visas come ing to visit america as well. only a short list. please remember, the spin stops here. because as always, we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, tough new questions for the commander-in-chief as the fbi confirms the worst domestic terror attack since 9/11. on u.s. soil. and president obama remains silent. welcome to the kelly file, everyone, i'm megyn kelly. the christmas party massacre left 14 dead and 17 wounded a little more than 48 hours ago. among them, abc news obtaining the first pictures of tashfeen malik, the 27-year-old mother, who along with her husband, murdered 14 innocent people in cold blood. the same woman, we have learned, posted a pledge of allegiance to isis and its leader on a face


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