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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  December 6, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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on twitter. a special sunday edition of "justice" tomorrow night right here at 9:00 eastern. the greg gutfeld show is next. see you tomorrow. of the american spirit. thanks for watching. fox urgent now. breaking new details in the san bernardino shootings. just as we are learn that this the president will address the nation tomorrow night. we'll have more on that in a moment. but first, there are reports now that the assault weapons, that the two shoot issing suspects used were purchased by a neighbor. and this is a new twist two an investigation that has see many unanswered questions. just how much contact did they have with extremist over seas and was it a part of a larger plot. i am julie banderas. this is the fox report. the fbi confirming they are
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investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism. it would be the deadliest attack on mefrp soil since 9/11. the wife tashfeen malik pledged allegiance on line to isis. isis responding in a radio broadcast praising the two supporters but at the same time did not claim responsibility. the attorneys repreponderating the family of say-ed farook and tashfeen malik were blind sided that farook and his wife were capable of doing this. >> none. family members had any idea it was going to take place. they were shocked. they knew her as a sister-in-law. it was not an overly close relationship but not too distant. >> signs that the community is on edge.
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ups facility shut down entirely after a driver noticed a package that was supposed to be delivered to the suspect's home. it turned out to be nothing suspicious. kristin fisher has reaction from the 2016 presidential candidates on. this and we begin with adam houseley who is live in california who is covering the story since the beginning. we heard about a possible raid near biechlt what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, julie, you mentioned the guns that were talked b. a r- 15 used by the killers back on tuesday. the authorities didn't believe it was given to them by an accomplice but someone bought them legally and going on theory and they were transferred over whether an illegal sale or lending them.
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that's where the investigation is going now. we can tell you that the fbi has not arrested anyone in regard to the long weapons. they made a tactical entry in a home in river side, california. 35 miles from here and we were told by the photographer that they broke in through a garage door and can made the harsher entry because of what was inside. they didn't find anything beyond the norm so to speak. they didn't find bombs. it was a precaution. and at this hour, they insist to us that there are no other arrestses julie. >> what else have you learned? >> reporter: they told us and we believe something will be said about how the a r 15s were
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taken or gots into the hands of the killers and they are are telling us about the international search. thousands of agents involved not only here locally. and they believe that the money trail leads outside of the united states. they are leaning toward the possibility that the two worked with or contacted with the better way of putting two terror organizations in the middle east. they will not tell us how deep the conducts were. probably because they don't know. they are looking in an avenue that tashfeen, the wife was connected to a mosque in pakistan that is radicalized and known for supporting attacks in pakistan. you can tell there is a lot of way withes the investigation going. there is a lot happening we don't know b. they felt like there was a terrorist angle to this. and there was behind the scenes verbiage between the administration and leadership of
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the fbi. cullinate be not only the director but the regional director coming out and saying that this is a terrorist investigation, julie. >> before i let you gi heard about the the land lord that let the media in the town houn house. the sheriff was not happy coming and taking the land lord with them? >> reporter: we heard that and i didn't see it myself. the fbi called me directly. there is a lot of criticism about the way that happen yesterday. you can criticize obviously the way other folks and media went in and not us did certain things. the folks in the investigation told me point blank, we spent 24 hours and went through it inch by inch. and no reason to go back n. what
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he did afterwards was up to him but this does not hurt the investigation one iota, julie. >> thank you, adam. fox news alert as we mentioned in the top of the hour, the white house announcing to the nation about the steps to keep americans safe and the investigation in the california attack and the fight against isis. the speech will happen tomorrow night and we'll have continuing coverage for and you stay with fox for the latest developments. and in the meantime president obama calling the san bernardino an act of terror. and the white house released the photofrom the president meeting with the security team in the situation room earlier today. meanwhile the fbi investigation rolls on and they are treating it as a act of terror and can looking into possible ties that
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the suspects had to extremist over seas and now new reporting that the investigators will not be tiebl look at all of the telephone records of the suspects, even with a warrant, peter doocey continues our team coverage. what does the white house say will come out of that meeting first of all? and why is it that the telephone records they don't have full access to. >> reporter: the white house mentions terror and not work place violence. that is following a rare saturday sit down in the situation room with national security members all huddled around the president. the president's team highlighted information pointing to the perpetrators radicalized and the president affirmed that as of yet there is no indication that
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they are part of a brarred terrorist cell. but because they were radical otherwised doesn't mean they were ordered to attack in california. they could have been inspire issed instead. >> see far we have no indication that killers are part of an organized larger group or a foreign part of a cell. there is no indication that they are are part of a network. i quickly add. it is early and we are working hard to understand and see far we don't see indications. >> reporter: but there are strong indication of terrorist relations. the couple was a supporter of isis. say-ed farook was xhupting with al-shabaab and newsfrunt and tashfeen malik pledged allegiance to isis as the
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attacks were happening. the bureau can't touch what the nsa has on the couple going back five years. that is because the nsa mass surveillance program ended last week. that's that. investigators are able to get two years worth of records from the phone company but the picture of two somethings that met on line and got married and allegedly became terrorist is harder to piece together because of that law that changed last week, julie. >> all right. peter doocey, thank you. terr the campaign trail. the candidates are weigh nothing. gop candidates putting democrats on the defensive after the left calls for tougher gun laws. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders said legislation is
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needed to keep guns out of the wrong hands. >> others want to control who is entering our country. kristin, what are the republican candidates saying today. >> reporter: they are slamming the democratic counterparts for pushing gun control in the wake of a terrorist attack. it is not about controlling guns. listen to ted cruz and donald trump in iowa. >> it is precisely in a eran of radical terrorism that the second amendment is important and about the god- given right of every american to protect your home and life and children and family. >> no one has a gun but the scum and bad guys. they don't want to die. it is a hoax. they talk about tie dying. they are chicken [bleep], believe me. they don't want to die.
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>> and strong language from donald trump who is 20 points ahead of his closest competutter out yesterday. that is a massive lead with 57 days to go until the iowa caucus. what are the democrats saying. they are united on this. they are calling for stricter gun laws. sanders said he supports expanding background checks and banning assault weapons. >> i support people's right with cultural heritage, but people don't go hunting with assault weapons. >> the president calls for strikeouter gun laws in the weekly address. >> it is entirely possible they were radical willized to commit terror and underscore the threat. the danger of people succumbbing
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to viulent extremist. >> that is significant that he called it an act of terror. but he stopped short of saying radical islam. >> thank you. we are monitoring a situation coming out of east london. a man armed with a knife was arrested after a stabbing attack in a subway station. the suspect yelled this is for syria touring the attack. police used a tazer to subdew them. three people were hurt. one victim had serious injuries. and the suspect is in custody. and police are treating it as a terrorist incident. we'll keep you posted. >> new fears of possible terrorist attacks against our allies in europe.
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the latest moves from isis that has analyst concern canned about attacks from the air. and democrats are pushing gun control. and republicans are urging a stronger stance in the wake of the san bernardino shooting. a possible terrorist attack. what is the right direction to take in order to keep us safer. >> members of isis will use every means to attack our country and that's why we use country and that's why we use every mean in our power at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. ♪ snowmen with buttons, snowflakes with icing ♪ ♪ candy corn feathers, sure look enticing ♪ ♪ rice krispies treats, the fun doesn't stop - ♪ ♪ how many ways can you snap, crackle, pop? ♪ make the holidays a treat with kellogg's rice krispies.
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tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side effect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> president obama using the weekly address to honor the victims of the san bernardino shooting. >> and two of the suspect's guns were purchased legally. this is to help prevent tragedies in the future. republicans in congress is making it clear they will not
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take up gun legislation on the floor any time soon. garrett? >> julie. >> both of those proposals, expanding background checks and prohibiting anyone from buying a gun. neither gained traction in the republican controlled congress. and the white house doesn't expect it to change. the administration will work on a plan, using the executive powers to enact some of the changes he's calling for. and this morning in the weekly address, the president continued the campaign for public support. >> right now, people on the flow fly list can walk in and buy a gun. that is insane. if you are too dangerous to board a plane, you are too dangerous by definition to buy a gun. congress needs to close the loop hole now.
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>> executive action would face challenges. the supreme court is currently looking at the legality of the actions on immigration. ted cruz said in light of the recent attacks in the world, democrats should be more focused on-going after radical eslam. >> immediaty are action in the face of the terrorist attack they go after law- abiding citizens. you don't stop the bad guys by taking away our guns. >> the republicans will address one common theme, the issue of mental health. julie? >> the new york times pushing for tougher gun laws and today's front page article. the editorial piece reads in part. no right is unlimited and immune
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from reasonable regulation. certain kinds of weapons must be outlawed for civilian ownership. it is require americans who own those kind of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens. this is the 50 time the newspaper run a front page editorial. and the publisher said the times wanted to make a statement about our country's inability to come to terms with the scourge of guns. a confrontation between police and a suspected bank robber. the video ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio.
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>> this just in. police fatally shooting a suspected bank robber in miami beach and the whole thing was caught on video. it is graphic. we'll show you only a porg. officers confronting a shirtless man outside of a shopping center. he was armed with a straight emged razor and he took a step forward and police opening fire. it is not clear whether they tried to subdue him with a tazer. >> the fight against terror. iraq calling on turkey to withdraw hundreds of troops near mosul. john has the story. >> reporter: iraq's foreign minister summoned the turkish
2:24 am
ambassador to baghdad to protest the turkish troops and calling it a hostile act. turkey reported 150 soldiers to a training camp in the iraq province. the prime minister said it is a serious violation of iraq's national sovereignty. he is calling for the immediate withdrawal of the troops. turkey prime minister said the training camp started a year ago at the request of the iraq ministry of defense and training sunni militia fighters. but the head of the training camp invited the latest increase of troops without baghdad's consent. the head of iraq's security and defense committee in the parliament suggested that iraq take military action against
2:25 am
turkey if the troops don't leave to protect the country's sovereignty. >> in case the turkish forces department leave and hit by iraqi air force. it will be followed up by other is slammic countries. >> the prime minister in turkey said no one should misinterpret our help. we don't have eye on their country's soil. the turkey fight against terrorism and terrorist organizations. julie? >> thank you. >> new concerns that isis is preparing for air attacks on europe. they are using at least one flight simulator and small planes to train pilots in a air base in libya. they may be left over from the gaddafi regime. isis is operating unchecked in sirte. which is a short flight from
2:26 am
mainland europe. isis is all over libya. >> and dramatic rescue caught on video as navy ships rush to help migrants rushing to make the journey to europe by sea. >> plus this. >> her family knew she was carrying and it was basic information. >> she was like a typical housewife. >> the families of the shooting suspect said they have no idea that the couple was capable of carrying out such ev constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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>> it is time for top of the news. president obama planning to address the nation tomorrow night. this coming in to fox this evening. the white house confirming he will speak about the san bernardino shooting and terrorism and trite against isis. and breaking details about the investigation on the shooting suspects. and the reports of a new raid this weekend. and a neighbor may have purchased the assault weapons in the gruesome attack. adam has the latest. >> reporter: hi, julie, we got a chance to talk to the fbi
2:31 am
about the raid. but it was a tactical entry of a home in riverside, california. we have video. and our photographer was there. they broke in through the garage and door. they have no arrest made in regard are to the tactical entry and done as a precaution due to the circumstances of this case. they say no arrest but a lot of the operations like this that are going on not only here locally but around the globe. the president met with director comey and we know there is friction between the administration and comey and fbi over what to call this. it was an investigation in the ground. many on the ground said they felt it was a terrorist attack. and the president is going to speak about this. and people here are interested
2:32 am
and interested in what the president has to say. as the investigation goes, there is a lot of the leads. there is a lot from inside of the home. and fbi reported a couple of times, they are confident that they got everything out of the home. there was no reason to go back inside. they had to give it back to the owner. they have no worries that there is more evidence to be gotten and they are focusing on not only here locally. but saying that the money train leads outside of the united states. and tell me that they believe that these two had connections to terrorist organizations. it may be communication. but they tell me there was training involved and as you know, julie, they reported that tashfeen the wife was
2:33 am
potentially the one finished the radicalization of her husband and may have been the bomb maker and helping with the training. there was not only a lot domestically but in the country they are insuring that there are no more attacks to do with this case, julie. >> adam, thank you very much. and that's bringing us to the twitter question of the day. and do recent attacks change your opinion of the most important issue of the 2016 election and why? i will read your answers later on the fox report. >> tomorrow, an interview you don't want to miss. >> the texas congressman mike mccaul. and what it means for security in the home land.
2:34 am
family and friends are bidding a final farewell to the american killed in the paris terrorist attack. the funeral for the 23-year-old gonzalez held outside of the los angeles. mourners remember her as a fearless and confident young woman who never had enemies. >> the memories will never be forgotten. >> she was a student in cal state long beach and the university awarded her bachelor's degrees to her mother. >> eagle deaf metal returning to the stage. juning you two in an arena for one song tomorrow. the group plans to continue the the tour and return to the
2:35 am
concert hall devastated in the attack. this comes as things are returning to normal if you can call it that. and the ca fe reopened yesterday. >> and a major storm over turning cars and flooding hopes and shutting down roads and it is the top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> the united kingdom. several neighborhoods forced to evacuate. they are without pour in epg land and scotland and norther ireland. it is six inches more rain by sunday. >> and it is italy, the italian coast guard saving 2000 migrants from 11 different rubber boats in the mediterranean.
2:36 am
140000 migrants have entereditily using this route. >> in bibliical town of bethlehem gather aring for the lighting of the christmas tree. the people sending a message of solidarity as violence grips the west bank and gaza. >> germany, talk about a holiday treat. a horse drawn carriage wheeling a giant christmas case in the dressdener town square. it was cut by a jiept knife and that is a wrap on fox trip around the world. >> and russian vladimar putin. upveiled a life size sculpture at the chocolate fare in st. petersburg.
2:37 am
it shows putin and dog connie. unfortunately no one is allowed to eat putin. he will return to the candy shop where he was made after the festival was finished. >> the amazing level of detail to be seen to be believed. >> and a group of volunteers giving santa claus a helping hand. this guy from engineering says
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in new jersey. and thousands of volunteers. and million meals to help families in need this season. and this is an uplifting story. >> and you and i know it. and the head lines are bad and negative and all you need is christmas spirit to bring you up. we spent time in the liquid christian church in new jersey. they packed 200000 meals. and the meals and the food bank will any out to needy families in the state. a million people are live nothing povertiet and it is close to home for the church vol
2:42 am
tors. i grew up in camden, new jersey. and i am a recipient. this is heart warming the way i can give back to others. >> they are have wish lists bus pass sxsz winter coats. and will be delivered. the liquid church was established in 2007. it was based out of a local ta vern and includes live christian music and on line stream and a mission to put faith in action people have a spirit of fear and christmas is faith hope and joy. and one way to have joy is
2:43 am
serve. show them the love of god. >> reminder what it is about. we need to be volunteers. >> and that's great. nais to see them getting involved. we are getting the closest look at a world billions of miles away. nasa releasing the first batch of high def pictures showing the surface of pluto. it showses ice mountains and crateos. >> and they dedicate their life to helping veterans. and now campaign to elizabeth doyle is raising awareness about
2:44 am
the day-to-day challenges of being a care giver. rick has the story. there are millions of disabled veterans. but little attention to the families who are full- time care take are ares. they are the hidden heroes. he was a reservist and while training troops. he suffered injuries and wound up unable to care for himself. >> he had a military career that was active and then sitting in home in pain and physically and emotionally psychologically he was hurting. >> she was a catholic high school for 25 years and retoured when she realized his well-being
2:45 am
was at stake. he was depressed and i saw that increasing. robert scott overslept on 9/11 and lost 15 friends and decided to enlist in the army. >> i had a job and career and times changed. the red, white and blue called my name. >> he had suffered to dope vein thrombosis. his mom made his health her mission. >> i am secondary. there is 500 million struggling to care for the wounded warriors. >> they are suffering from physical ailments and anxiety and depression and suicide. steve swab and the elizabeth
2:46 am
doyle foundation are trying to generate help. and resources and attention they need to be strong for the loved ones. let them get out and go grocery stopping and get their hair done. >> it is life changing. i was in a dire situation. gary said his wife deserving ought of help she can get. you can learn more at elizabeth doyle >> the u.s. coast guard sweeps in to save a group of men stranded at sea and all caught on camera. more of this incred inl and dramatic rescue caught on tape. and some people have all of the luck. a lottery player wins a thousand with a scratch off and struck
2:47 am
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>> planned parent hood hosting a day in unitty in response to the shooting last month in a clinic in colorado. they spoke out against violence and threat and honor the three people killed. the show of solidarity comes one day after the funeral of officer swaz authority e. he was the father of two who rushed to the clinic after hearing reports of the shooting. his wife said the love of my life gave his life without
2:51 am
regret two people including a police officer was wounded in a small town of wisconsin. they were shots fired in a motorcycle shop north of milwaukee. and the local police there and chief said the situation is under control and the officer will make a full recovery. >> i can tell you and the citizens now, that the scene has been made safe. we are just going through the final clearing prayings and we have everyone accounted for. and see there is no threat to the community. in all thurt shots were fired and two suspects are in custody is there is incredible video of a u.s. coast guard that rescue
2:52 am
the men. the crew spotted the group clinging to a life ra ft. they pulled them in the helicopter one by one and taken back to shore and said to be okay. it is unclear what caused their boat to sink. and there is a stand off and deadly shootout. our top story as we go cross america. >> texas, police responding to a call after three suspects forced their way in a home in irving. the officers a ratified and the intruders took off. one surrendered and police found two others nearby. one of them fired at police and called for a stand off. no officers were injured.
2:53 am
the family at the home where it all began was not harmed. >> floatered, flood advisories are lifted for miami-dade county. it could be time before all of the water dpz out. there is major flooding. and importantly the worst appears to be over. >> california, talk about a lucky day. a man in modesto wins the lottery twice on the same day. he bought a scratch off ticket and then another. winning 10 million. the owner of the store said he couldn't believe it when he heard one of his customers won see big. >> scratched it off. >> i did know that it would be that much. >> and the store gets 50 this happened for selling the $10 million ticket.
2:54 am
rodney meadows said the winning gives him hope as he struggles with recent health issues. >> and in pennsylvania. children watch nothing wonder as scuba santa takes a swim. jolly old st. nick will make appearances including on christmas day. earlier we asked you. if recent terrorist attacks of what is the most important issue. >> it is the economy and mary writes. one national security. and stricter gun laws and economy. number three and beyond are moot points if you are preventabilitiy dead. >> tweet me more at julie banderas. i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital
2:55 am
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eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! >> before we dpshgs recap on the breaking developments surrounding the san bernardino shooting. president obama will address the nation tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. the white house announcing he will speak about the shooting and the fight against isis. he called the shooting an act of terrorism in his weekly address. >> it is entirely possible they were radicalized to commit the
2:57 am
tower. it would underscore a threat and danger of people succumbbing to violent societies. this as we get new reports. the white allegedly pledged allegeance to isis during the attack. isis praised the supporters. and there was breaking news coming out of east london today and someone is in custody right now. three different victims were stabbed. we'll go on to twitter. and dew to possible attacks here
2:58 am
at home change your opinion of what is the most important issue of the election and why. yes, husband is recently laid-off. and now terror threat is the list. and rob writes, no it will always be about the economy. immigration and terrorism are top issues on the 2016 presidential election. this administration is out of touch. and justin davis tweeted no. it will happen no matter who is in office. that is a problem we will always face. tweet me at
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good morning, everyone. it is sunday, december 6th. i'm juliet huddy in for anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. president obama preparing to face the nation in a prime-time address. an unusual move by the president from the oval office tonight. he's going to be talking about terror and isis. but will he also use his speech to push gun control? >> and then overnight a brand-new raid tied to the san bernardino terror attacks. the feds storming the home of syed farook's childhood friend. what they found and what we just learned about the targets. and the new york daily news hitting a new low this morning? this writer now attacking one of the victims of the san bernardino rampage. even putting part of the blame


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