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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  December 6, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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we are awaiting the major oval office speech from president obama happening just five hours from now. many americans fear for our safety following the unspeakable san bernardino terrorists attacks. some lawmakers on capitol hill say the president tonight needs to be clear and blunt about the threat that we face. >> i want him to tell the truth to the american people about what the threat nature really is. and what the threat itself is and that's radical islamist terrorism. it does exist in the united states. >> rick is a former adviser to four u.s. ambassadors to the united nations and a fox news contributor. rick, always good to see you. what should the president say tonight and what do you think he'll say? >> let's start with what the president should say. he should say his strategy isn't working and he should speak directly to the democrats and say we no longer can keep this
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political promise that says no more u.s. troops are going to be sent overseas and we're not going to start any wars. we're in a war. his political promise isn't working. he needs to throw it out. he needs to tell susan rice and ben rhodes specifically that their services are all politics and he needs to stop listening to them and listen to the generals and to the military men and women who are telling him that in order to defeat isis, you have to put forward u.s. troops on the ground to get accurate, timely intelligence. that's what he should say. i don't know exactly what he will say. i suspect that he'll probably turn to republicans and either talk about gun control or say that our strategy is working or we need to do a little bit more to defeat isis without changing course and committing to more u.s. troops. >> they say they'll step up the attacks against isis. do you think that's enough? john mccain, lindsey graham saying they need 20,000 american
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troops there. >> look, the day is over for president obama getting a pass from the media for saying we want to defeat isis, we want to defeat isis, we want to defeat isis but he's not willing to put the tools in place and make decisions to defeat isis. he needs to send more u.s. troops. without u.s. troops on the ground, without accurate, timely intelligence, we're bombing from the sky, we're missing all of the targets and we're not able to do the job. that's just the reality. we need to hold president obama accountable. if he says he wants to defeat isis, he needs to be able to send in the u.s. troops in order to defeat isis. >> what about those that would say sending in troops fits right into the isis narrative? that's what they want. come on western american enemy as well as let's split the muslim population here against the west and this sort of thing. >> i would say that those same
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people told us to ignore the "uss cole" attack and ignore the attack in kenya. they're on the march in northern africa. if we do not go over there and defeat them, they are going to come here just like what we saw in san bernardino. >> they already are here. and more may be here. you have 900 investigations. you have syed and tashfeen. her friends say she changed in 2009. we can get into that more in about ten minutes from now about who she is and what she may represent and if there are more here. how does the president tonight reassure us? rick, can he reassure us? can he be comforter in chief? a way to say i have your back, america? some feel the federal government through its visa program and other issues just we don't.
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>> i'm a very hopeful person. i continue to hope for change. i continue to hope that this president will say my political promises of not doing the necessary things to send u.s. troops to gather the intel, my political promises have to be broken. that's what we're expecting and we're demanding of the president. you are going to continue to have sleeper sell problems in the united states like what we saw in san bernardino unless we use the intel gathering techniques that we have and that we push away the criticism that somehow you're racially profiling or that you're taking away someone's civil liberties. we'll continue to have these terrorist problems if we don't stop them. so we have the tools. we have to have the political will now to step up and use those tools. >> that could include reinstating some of those nsa programs perhaps but the president will probably not back that. >> he doesn't have the guts
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because he listens to the left wing base and promised them he'll leave office and not start any new wars or not add to u.s. troop presence overseas. >> that expired just a few days before these attacks. we'll have to see what we get from tashfeen's and syed's phone records. we'll report on the president's speech throughout the evening. good to see you as always. >> thanks. so tuesday kicks off a year of special events in rome as the vatican jubilee begins. people from around the world will visit rome but the turnout can be less than expected amidst growing concern over the threat by isis. >> reporter: back in march, pope
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francis called for an extraordinary jubilee. a holy year to begin december 8th. it's theme is mercy. >> we open the holy door not just in rome but in all the world. >> reporter: the holy door at st. peter's is only open for jubilees. passing through it is symbolic walking closer to god and away from sin. pope francis said for those who don't want to or can't travel here, home churches and even the thresholds of prison cells can act as holy doors in this period. another first, the first jubilee under the shadow of isis which threatens to march on rome. over 2,000 extra security personnel are on the streets. the pope's personal protection has doubled and airspace over rome will be closed. beyond the security concerns, organizers hope the jubilee will reach even beyond the church as mercy is a universal concept.
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>> for me personally, it's about becoming a little more tender, a little more calm, a little more patient and understanding that people don't always have to be the way i think they should be. >> investigators are trying to learn more about the san bernardino terrorists. syed farook and tashfeen malik. coming up, a former top fbi official will be here to tell us what authorities are looking at as they try to piece together what motivated these two mass killers. >> our pulling back and lessening resources on intelligence which the president has done also has created a big problem. i think we'll see that paris was an intelligence failure. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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injury after his private plane makes an emergency landing. the actor's plane blowing a tire shortly after taking off from clarksdale, mississippi, yesterday. the pilot landing the small aircraft 36 miles north of there. a sheriff's deputy says the plane went off the runway after it landed. both freeman and his pilot made it out safely. good to tell you without a scratch. days after the attack in san bernardino, we're now learning more about the two young terrorists. we now know that syed farook praised the islamic state and his wife, tashfeen malik, friends saying she changed in 2009 and she was linked to a radical mosque and cleric in pakistan. could they have been stopped? joining us to talk about the investigation is former fbi deputy assistant director and fbi's former hostage rescue team
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commander. always good to see you. let me start with what syed's father said telling an italian newspaper that he was obsessed with isis and hated israel. his sisters say that we didn't know anything about that. this is all a big surprise. could this have been stopped if someone said something? is this the only way we can stop the terrorist attacks if members of a family or close friend suspects something, how else with the fbi and authorities come up with this and get them on the radar if no one says anything? >> they can't except through intel through electronic surveillance. remember, we get away with the nsa program and that's bad. one thing to remember, this girl did come from pakistan. pakistan has a group that launched the most vicious, terrible active shooter operation against mumbai, india,
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that shut them down for a couple days. after the mumbai attacks, the handlers that ran that thing said this is just the trailer. wait until you see the main event, which means they are coming over here. i think it's significant that this lady, woman, went to saudi arabia and that's the home where they generate 90% of this activity because of their view of us as infidels and their desire to create caliphates all over the world. all of the trademarks are there. the fact that we didn't get it, it would have been really helpful had that neighbor who had seen things she thought were suspicious but was afraid to report it because of being characterized as a bigot, that would have been helpful. if some member of the family stepped forward, that would have been helpful. sometimes that does happen. unfortunately not enough. >> that's for sure. let's talk about tashfeen a little bit more, his wife. they weren't high school sweethearts.
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they didn't meet in illinois at the high school. he didn't even know her. they met on the internet. he goes over there and then they marry. she comes here a year ago in that k-1 fiance visa. and some issues with that. 30,000 fiances come over. maybe most of them are actually in love with each other and all that. what are questions about this? could she have been a sleeper agent? could she have been a terrorist plant? marry an american. come over here. she grew up in saudi arabia and went back and forth to pakistan and we have that report in europe that she was allegedly connected somehow linked to a radical cleric and mosque. does that fit that potential pattern that could have been what potentially was behind some of this? >> there's no doubt about that. the question is could it have been. absolutely it could have been. it would have been really nice if this woman had an association with a radical cleric and had that been reported to the authorities and then that be put in a data base that we could
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have accessed. we don't know who is coming in here. we do some cursory checks if they are marrying a u.s. person and citizen, it's rubber stamped when they come in. there needs to be better cooperation. state department needs to get more serious with these other countries who don't give us the type of information that we need in order to protect ourselves. saudi arabia they are investigating that and she came up clean. there was no criminal record or anything like that. isn't that the purpose of this to come up clean and not have any fingerprints and look like you're another one of the 30,000 that want to come to america and get married? >> absolutely it is. not having a criminal record doesn't mean you're a potential terrorists. there are other things that should be considered like associations. is she a member of radical mosque? there's a mosque in london that's generated a lot of terrorist activity. that one may have been closed down by the british authorities.
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so it needs to be more than criminal data bases. they're not criminals yet. they're going to be. they're not. it needs to be changed. we need to take a complete look of how we do our business and how we investigate these guys. remember, they are waging war on us and we're not. we're not retaliating. >> they are waging war on us and sadly that war has already started and we have seen it just in the past few days. we have seen this in this country for 25 years since the killing in 1990 here in new york by islamic radical terrorists. thank you so much for insight today. >> always a pleasure. >> you raise questions about our visa program. thank you. before president obama delivers his prime time address this evening in the wake of the san bernardino massacre, some of the 2016 presidential field are beating him to the punch. we'll have more on that after the break. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself.
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before we hear from president obama tonight on his plan to protect the nation in the wake of the san bernardino attacks, some of the 2016 presidential candidates are taking to the sunday public affairs shows making their case as to why they are the right person to do just that. >> i would say to that, chris, i think of all the people running, i've probably had the most experience make critical life and death decisions. it's not necessarily the one who claims to have all this great experience. the fact of the matter is, there's nobody running who has a great deal of international experience. except for hillary clinton you see where that has led. >> clearly we have to have a much more robust air campaign against isis targets, against the oil infrastructure, against their leadership. i think you'll hear that from
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the president. and part of what i have been arguing for for quite some time now is that we've got to do a better job of getting back the sunnis on the ground. >> so we have to create a full strategy directly arming the kurds, which this administration refuses to do. a no fly zone in syria, creating safe havens in syria. a serious safe haven so the refugees don't feel compelled to leave. >> let's bring in jamie weinstein senior editor of the daily caller. good to see you, jamie. >> goo good to see you. >> with foreign policy taking center stage, do voters want bravado or a comprehensive foreign policy plan? >> so far in the republican primary, to me it looks like they're more interested not in specific proposals but more bravado. we see that with donald trump after the paris attacks, now of course the attacks in california. but polling after the paris attacks saw a lot of voters go to donald trump. the cnn poll shows him winning on the issue of terrorism by a
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large margin. donald trump isn't necessarily -- doesn't necessarily get specific with what he'll do. in fact, he prides himself on being unpredictable. he basically promises if you elect me, if you trust me i'll take care of this problem. i'll destroy them, go after their families. no details but just a promise and faith in him that he'll get tough. it looks like voters right now are look for toughness, not necessarily specific proposals. >> on the other hand we just saw hillary clinton. and she laid out a specific plan to fight isis. so i ask you, has hillary clinton done an effective job in terms of laying out that strategy in a way that resonates with voters? >> well, i think she faces a little bit more of a quandary. because there's a lot of people in her base, her left wing base, who are upset at her still from her vote for the iraq war and are wary of her foreign policy of maybe being too interventionist for them. so she has to kind of appease them tosome degree while at the same time positions herself for
12:55 pm
that general election where most of america sees this threat of isis, doesn't feel like the president no matter what he's doing at least has projected strength. she needs to find of fill that gap and show that she'll be a tough commander in chief to the general electorate population without turning off that left wing base she needs in the democratic primary. >> we talk about the primaries, we talk about the general election. and the candidates naturally have to play to their base in order to get to the general. how does that play in when we're dealing with such a nemesis, that being terrorism? >> well, i think with the republican base it's kind of more of what most of the country is feeling in terms of independents and even some democrats they feel they want a sense of security. a natural feeling for most voters. you want a sense of security you want someone to be tough on isis. for hillary clinton there's that base within the democratic primary that is not
12:56 pm
interventionist. they believe we have kind of caused this problem by being too involved, getting this blowback. so she has to be wary of that. what she's lucky about there's no real challenger to her that's really facing a stiff challenge in the democratic left other than bernie sanders who's kind of faded. so maybe that's not as acute a threat as it might be but she's still there. >> jamie weinstein, we'll be talking to you a lot in the future. thank you, jamie. eric? >> a few hours away from that address by the president from the oval office. first time he's speaking from there since 2010. he'll address the threat of terrorism. it's at 8:00 p.m. tonight. we'll cover it here on the fox news channel. big question right now, what will he say? and will it be enough? at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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fox news alert. we're now learning more about one of the killers in the san bernardino mass shooting. with the father of sayed farouk saying his son was obsessed with isis ideology and al baghdadi. that's not what his family, his sisters have said. this as president obama plans to deliver a rare oval office address aimed at reassuring our nation after this unspeakable attack. hello, everyone, welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm marcel neville. all this coming as the fbi launches a new raid targeting the


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