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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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fox news alert. we're now learning more about one of the killers in the san bernardino mass shooting. with the father of sayed farouk saying his son was obsessed with isis ideology and al baghdadi. that's not what his family, his sisters have said. this as president obama plans to deliver a rare oval office address aimed at reassuring our nation after this unspeakable attack. hello, everyone, welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm marcel neville. all this coming as the fbi launches a new raid targeting the home next door to where
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farouk and ma malik used to live. >> reporter: farouk's father telling that italian newspaper that his son supported isis and supported the creation of the islamic state. in particular he was obsessed with israel. the father evidently telling the son to stay calm because within two years israel won't even exist. now, it's the second link that we've seen between these kit kilers and isis earlier in the week. we learned tashfeen malik had pledged her allegiance to isis on the day of the shooting in a facebook post. over the weekend isis coming out saying it was two of its supporters responsible for the massacre on wednesday. here in southern california over the weekend, federal authorities issued a search warrant for a home in riverside. they say the homeowner there is enrique marquez, a friend and former neighbor of farouk. he now may have purchased the 223 semiautomatic rifles that were used in this shooting. really unclear at this point if
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marquez knew about the plot. we do know that he has not been charged. but neighbors say that marquez and farouk knew each other well. >> i did see them like walk over to each other's yards. they worked on cars a lot. i heard they both them and enrique shared that interest where they worked on cars a lot. >> that raid in riverside comes on the heels of the raid here at farouk's apartment. that happened a couple of days ago where federal authorities say they found a cachet of weapons, ammunition and pipe bomb enough to call this an ied factory. marcel. >> will carr, thanks so much. eric. fbi continuing its probe into the deadly attack. now a federal terrorism investigation. farouk and malik opening fire during that office christmas party killing 14 people including their friends and wounding 21 others. and now questions are being raised about tashfeen's background.
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officials saying the attack took an eerie amount of planning. >> what we are trying to focus on again what motivated these two individuals? what led them not just to commit the act but to pick this particular place. >> doug mcelway is following the investigation from our washington news room. doug, sayed farouk and tashfeen malik apparently tried to destroy their cell phones and laptops. has the fbi gotten any evidence so far from those devices? >> reporter: the fbi has not commented on its investigation to retrieve electronic data. but speaking on fox news sunday, the chairman of the house homeland security committee said they did not successfully destroy their electronic trail. >> we have the computers. we have the devices. we are currently going through the forensics. they tried to destroy those computers unsuccessfully. and now investigation is ongoing to find out what is precisely the connection between isis say
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in raqqa and in the united states and what was going on. i believe at a minimum inspired but very well could be directed by these internet communications. >> while the white house has said there's no evidence yet the two were affiliated with any specific terrorist group or plot, as you just heard farouk's father had told an italian newspaper that is not the case. and in an online statement an isis representative has said the two were isis members. meanwhile, yesterday fbi agents raided the home of the neighbor of the two terrorists, enrique marquez, a childhood friend. we don't know for certain but he may have bought the assault rifles for him. not charged with any crime yet, eric. >> questions raised today about the fiancee visa program that tashfeen used to get into the country and this could have been a long time terrorist plan used to get her in here. >> reporter: former ambassador john bolton said tad the visa program and many others like it
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is riddled with loopholes. he indicated fears as terrorists masquerading as syrian refugees -- >> 2% of all the refugees going into europe from the nearest were gee jihadis. >> loretta lynch getting big time criminal for her remarks that any anti-muslim comments that edge towards violence wibl dealt with aggressively. congressman joe walsh said if they're not going to learn to assimilate i don't want them in this country. got a problem, loretta lynch with me saying that? then throw me in jail. ersni eric? >> 30,000 people let into the country in that ffiance visa pr. john bolton says terrorists are taking advantage of that and that is a loophole. president obama will be
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addressing the nation from the oval office in just a few hours. in this evening's rare address, the president is expected to tell the nation how he will keep americans safe from terrorism as well as his plan to defeat isis in the wake of the deadly san bernardino attack. kevin corke is live at the white house. kevin? >> reporter: marcel, good evening to you. you're right. the president will once again try to assure the american people that their safety and security remain his top priority. the speech tonight, of course, the first in a long time, in over five years from the oval office by the president of the united states. we also expect him to unpack a number of key ideas. some concepts about increased cooperation among security agencies and intelligence agencies right here in the u.s. to say nothing of more intelligence sharing between the u.s. and our partners abroad. now, that is obviously huge especially in the wake of the devastating attacks in paris of course they're trying to reduce the risk of something like that happening here in the homeland. as you can also well imagine there are a number of gop lawmakers very eagerly weighing
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in on what they hope to see tonight in the president's remarks. among them the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has issued a statement that reads in part "the president has the opportunity tonight to tell the american people how he is willing to adapt to the threat and how he can better prepare our nation for a fight that will inevitably be passed on to his successor" that's a sentiment by the way shared by the chairman of the house homeland security committee. >> i think the american people deserve to know what the truth really is. and we also want to hear from him a military strategy to finally defeat and destroy isis, drain the swamp so the swamps in syria can't come into the united states and san bernardino is an example of the swamp coming to the united states. >> mike mccall right there. meanwhile the president's national security team convened in the situation room yesterday, breaking down the latest intelligence on the attack. and while details are still coming in, even at this hour the white house in a statement said that they quote as of yet
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uncovered no indication the killers were part of an organized group or formed part of a broader terrorist cell." just a couple more notes for your consideration tonight, arcel. keep in mind the speech should be somewhat lengthy. it could last around 20 minutes or so. although to be fair the white house is still crafting and refining the speech even at this hour. so even they don't know how long or what exactly will be in the speech. we also expect the president, a arcel to speak to the heart of the american people about the american culture not giving into the hateful ideology that so many people around the world are hoping we will give into in the wake of this devastating attack. of course we'll look forward to the speech tonight at about 8:00. >> kevin corke, thank you so much. this evening's speech will be the third time president obama has given a nationally televised address from the oval office. presidents used to sit behind that big desk and frequently address the nation. the president's first oval office address occurred in june
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of 2010 as a response to the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. during that speech he slammed b.p. for what he said was its recklessness. he laid out a plan to clean up the oil and help those affected by that disaster. the president's second oval office address came just two months later in august of 2010. the president telling the nation about the end of combat operations in iraq. the president generally prefers to give his formal speeches from other areas in the white house, including that statement on the killing of osama bin laden in 2010 which he delivered from the hallway right there just outside the east room. in the wake of the investigation into the horrific san bernardino shooting, the feds learned two of the guns recovered from the shooters were purchased legally. the president and fellow democrats are calling for tougher gun control laws, while republicans say tighter restrictions are not the answer to preventing tragedies like this. elizabeth pratt joins us live from washington. elizabeth, is there any common
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ground on the hill over this issue? >> reporter: well, i wouldn't say there's much at the moment. where there was division before it's actually even stronger now. voices on both sides say more could have been done to prevent this act, but it's what should be done that creates the biggest point of contention. republicans argue the white house isn't being honest with americans when it comes to isis. they call the administration flat-footed when it comes to taking on the very fluid terror network with a web of scattered followers carrying out random attacks. senator lindsey graham went on to say that the strategy must change when it comes to combatting isis, and he wants to hear from the president tonight. >> a change in strategy and comp with a regional army to go in and destroy the caliphate in raqqa, syria, that he's going to abandon what is not working. he's overwhelmed by radical islam in general. he doesn't have a strategy to destroy isil. >> reporter: we also heard from senator rand paul. he proposed legislation which would limit refugees from
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so-called high risk countries, one of many ideas that lawmakers are proposing after of course paris and the attacks in california. >> so elizabeth, what are we hearing from the democrats? >> reporter: we're hearing from them, too, but a much different proposal. democrat lawmakers are echoing the administration's call for legislation which would make it harder for what they say violent individuals to obtain and purchase guns. according to them it would have no impact on law-abiding citizens. last week they presented two proposals in the senate but both were rejected. critics say at least one of those proposals was unconstitutional. but vermont senator bernie sanders says background checks do need to be improved and a number of automatic weapons need banning. >> the terrorists or potential terrorists should not have guns. people who are being barred from flying on airplanes should not have guns. i believe we must improve and expand instant background checks. i believe we have got to do away with this gun show loophole. >> reporter: even though the president has pressed lawmakers to pass new gun safety
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legislation, experts argue any use of executive powers might be too legally challenging for this administration. but we'll see. arcel, back to you. >> elizabeth prann, thanks. you can watch the president's address on the news channel. join bret baier before and after the address tonight begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. bret will be on board about 7:50 to give you a pregame if you will. we're looking forward to that major coverage in the fox news channel tonight. the big question this sunday afternoon, was tashfeen malik tranned? was she a terrorist plant or was she and her husband sayed farouk self-radicalized by following isis and the radical islamic ideology on the internet? coming up we'll see what the investigation could be turning up. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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new deadly violence in the holy land. police say a palestinian man stabbed two people in jerusalem before he was shot and killed by an officer at the scene. this is the latest in a wave of nearly daily attacks over the last three months. i think this is the wrong video. we can stop running that.
1:17 pm
that israel is saying is due to incitement by palestinian leaders over juierusalem holy site. palestinians say it's rooted over frustration over years of failed peace talks and lack of hope of gaining statehood. >> that video may have been from another terrorist attack that you see there. this one occurring this weekend, a stabbing in england. officers arrested a man that they say stabbed three people with a knife in that london underground tube station. investigators say they are treating this matter as a terrorist incident. for more on this we'll go to carna pca connor powell. >> reporter: this attack in london's underground tube station could have been much worse. two people were injured with a knife. another one was threatened by the knife. one of the injuries was particularly serious but we understand both people will survive. but this certainly has rattled people in the united kingdom. british police are treating it as a possible terror incident
1:18 pm
because several witnesses say they heard the attacker say "this is for the syrian people" though there was no mention of isis or any other militant group. a 29-year-old man is in custody now after being tasered and taken down by police. authorities say he appears to have been acting on his own. as of right now they are not looking for any other suspects in connection to this attack. this incident comes just days after the british parliament voted to expand its air strikes against isis not only in iraq but not into syria as well. it's not clear what that played into this attack or how it all is connected. eric, police are still investigating, trying to figure out what the motive was behind this. but certainly with everything that we see going on in the world with isis in san bernardino, there's a lot of fear right now in the united kingdom. >> yeah. they say the threat there is severe. of course if the suspect is saying this is for syria, then you can make the deduction that it was motivated by that. connor powell from jerusalem
1:19 pm
tonight, thank you. federal investigators learning much more about the couple behind what's likely to be the worst terror attack since 9/11. for instance, a co-worker now saying sayed farook was among the first to arrive at wednesday's holiday party at the inland regional center in san bernardino suggesting he may have been scoping out the facility prior to the rampage. let's bring in now rod wheeler, former d.c. homicide detective and a fox news contributor. rod, good to see you. i see you there in the redlands in the middle of everything. so what would you say, rod, is the most pressing -- are the most pressing questions that the detectives are looking to get answered at this point? >> well, good afternoon to you, arcel. there's been a lot of activity over the past 12 hours. i'd like to show you and the viewers exactly how fbi are starting to connect the dots with all of this. real quickly i'm standing at the home of the two suspects. when the fbi went into their home the other day they did a raid, they got a lot of
1:20 pm
information and a lot of evidence. well, some of that evidence, arcel, led the fbi just last night to riverside, california, only about 12 to 15 miles from where i'm standing right now. i actually went over there last night, arcel, and the fbi took out a lot of boxes, they took out a lot of bags. they got a lot of evidence. it was really interesting because they also interviewed a couple of individuals that was at the home where they did the raid. they did not make any arrests but they got a lot more information. so as we can see now, all of the dots are starting to connect. and as a matter of fact, new information that i learned is that there's another individual, arcel, by the name of mohammed hassan, a known isis recruiting living in the united states in minnesota. according to my sources at the fbi he's no longer in the united states. but guess who was in contact with this guy over the past few weeks. the woman, tashfeen malik, by way of the internet. it's a possibility that she was
1:21 pm
in contact with this guy. so the fbi is aggressively trying to connect the dots on all of these people, arcel. >> rod, what about the people who were associated with the husband of that killer duo? what are they going to be asking those people? >> exactly. they actually have identified quite a few people, believe it or not even this early. this is really still considered the early stages of this investigation. like i said, the childhood friend that lived in riverside, and there's about four or five other individuals, arcel, that the fbi has identified that this person, this guy, sayed, was familiar with. so they're looking for those people. because you remember, arcel, one of the neighbors on the street reported she saw several men coming and going out of the garage here. the garage is the ied bomb factory. the fbi want to know really quickly who those people are. but even more importantly, where those people are, arcel. >> and who purchased the guns, some of the ones that were purchased legally. >> that's right.
1:22 pm
well, they believe that this guy that lived in riverside, they believe he was the one that purchased the guns. but they don't think he's the only one, arcel. they think it's others that could have been involved in this. >> rod, do you know if there's anything that investigators will be able to learn from that dating site that the two met on? >> right. no, i haven't heard a whole lot about that. i've been trying to get a lot more information on that. haven't really heard a lot about that. but i can tell you this, and everybody knows this already. that is that tashfeen malik, the wife, she was very internet savvy. as a matter of fact, she was the one that posted her allegiance to isis on facebook moments before the horrific terrorist attack. >> right. >> so they're continuing the fbi forensic cyber investigation unit continuing to go through their computers and other digital data to try to find out more about them, arcel. >> finally, rod, with your experience and plus you're there on the ground, what are you sensing in terms of how successful this investigation is going so far, and how much eventually authorities will be
1:23 pm
able to uncover? >> you know, i think it's been pretty successful so far. like i said i'm here on the ground. i saw the raid last night over in riverside. i can tell you that the fbi has agents, arcel, all around the world actively and aggressively searching for information to see if anyone else aided and assisted these two terrorists last wednesday at that building here in san bernardino. >> i'm sure the fact that they're digging and digging, hopefully if there's anybody else lurking in the dark there in that community that they'll be aware of that, their presence there. so rod wheeler, yes. i wanted you to tell me if you felt the same way. >> that's right. >> rod, we have to go. but it's always a pleasure to talk to you and get your take on investigations. bye, rod, thank you. >> bye. thank you, arcel. we know the president is preparing to address the nation tonight just under four hours from now. the threat of isis and terroris wake of the attacks that americans want to hear from our president next. plus republican presidential
1:24 pm
candidates demanding the u.s. ready itself for a new world war. how they say they would handle isis if they were in the oval office. >> we have to teach everyone the importance of vigilance, and not being afraid to report something. even if you get nine false alarms, if one of them turns out to be positive it's worth it.
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it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. president obama just hours away from addressing the nation in the wake of the deadliest terrorist attack in the u.s. since 9/11. and according to a fox news poll, 65% of americans feel that mr. obama is not being aggressive enough against isis. that number is up from 59% in july. so what should the president say tonight to try and change the minds of many americans? can he? joining us now is vince carnase, executive editor of the daily caller.
1:29 pm
vince you remember earlier in the year he called isis the j.v. team. he said isis was contained in the geographic area in syria and iraq. he has said we are safe and the borders are being protected. and yet we have this horrendous attack that's just like right off the grid. man, oh, man, is it off the radar. these two young terrorists coming in, shooting up their friends, at least in sayed's case, his co-workers. and americans are worried and we're scared. can't president reassure us tonight? >> right. well, that's his mission. and the president of the united states in the wake of a terror attack needs to come out and comfort the nation. of course now tonight we're going to be looking for a couple of things in addition to the comfort. we also want to know that the president has adapted his strategy. because his own top officials have regularly said in public that isis indeed is not contained. despite the president looking to downplay the terror threat that's existed from isis throughout its existence. so now tonight after we see a terror attack on american soil, we expect comfort.
1:30 pm
and i'm not certain that the president's going to bring that. because the attorney general of the united states, loretta lynch, was already on television today talking about the fact that she will -- expects gun control to be a part of the conversation tonight. and that has very little to do with terrorism on our soil. >> and tomorrow is december 7th. pearl harbor. and right after that, franklin delano roosevelt stepped up to the podium in congress and said there is nothing to fear but fear itself. can this president provide the type of comfort? can this president provide the type of emotional embrace of americans? because i think in some ways that's what americans want and need now. does he have it in him to give us that or will it be a policy speech? >> unfortunately i think it's going to be more of the latter. i think he does have the capability to give the speech that you're talking about, to come out and say that we're going to smoke these guys out, we're going to destroy them, we're going to change our policy in such a way that we prevent
1:31 pm
radical islam from harming another american anytime we can. but of course, as i mentioned, if gun control is a part of tonight's speech in any capacity -- and so far we've found out the attorney general says it is -- all that's going to do is create divisiveness. that drives a wedge between americans who are trying to respond to a terror attack, not get embroiled into a domestic policy debate. >> you just said something else. you just used the words radical islam. do you think he's going to say those two words together? you can say radical in one part of the sentence and islam but put them together? >> the truth is he will not. i would not be surprised, by the way, if we hear a call tonight to avoid islam aphobia. that we need to be careful about the way we treat muslims in the united states. >> there's a point to that. that is true and we must do that. but americans are asking questions about tashfeen. she came in this fiance visa just came here last year, six months later she has a baby. baby in may.
1:32 pm
and what they're building pipe bombs in their garage? got a dozen pipe bombs? target baby shower buy pipe bombs and put them this your baby carriage. was she training? was she part of a terrorist plant? was she indeed part of a radical mosque in pakistan as has been reported? who are her friends? her friends, a close friend in the "washington post" says in pakistan that she changed in 2009. that's six years ago. for six years maybe she's had this ideology, and she didn't get on the radar. apparently authorities over there didn't flag her. yet she still came in under that visa program. do you think the president will address that and anything that they're doing in terms of the visa waver program or trying to protect our nation from these types of attacks? >> i'd be very surprised. this is the psychology of president obama. we've seen it throughout his presidency. which is that anytime some national security issue brushes up against the politics of the obama administration, the politics win out. we saw it with benghazi when they gave deference to the
1:33 pm
election rather than run out and say it was terrorism. we've seen his former head of the dia said they used political considerations when deciding to downplay the threat of isis. this has happened time and time again. now remember we're in the midst of this huge battle in this presidential cycle about immigration. i'd be surprised if he really gets into the visa waiver program with any specificity this evening. >> in his saturday address he said they were possibly radicalized. we'll see if tonight he change that is word possibly to definitely. do you think so? vince, thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> arthel? >> okay, eric. some presidential candidates offering up their thoughts on the deadly san bernardino shooting. as president obama prepares to address the nation on that very topic. so the fight against terrorism becoming an increasingly important topic in the 2016 election. kristen fisher is live in our washington news room with more. kristen? >> reporter: arthel, in a rare live interview on a sunday political show, hillary clinton
1:34 pm
talked about the san bernardino attack, gun control, and isis. she said we are dedefinitely in conflict with isis but she wouldn't say we're at war with isis or radical islam. she explained why on abc's "this week." >> the problem is that that sounds like we are declaring war against a religion. and that to me is number one wrong. there are radicals, people who believe all kinds of things, in every religion in the world. >> reporter: but most of her republican counterparts have no problem saying we are at war with isis or at war with rad cam islam. yesterday ted cruz released this new ad. he calls it rebuild our military, kill the terrorists. >> if i'm elected to serve as commander in chief, we won't cower in the face of evil. america will lead. we'll rebuild our military. we'll kill the terrorists. and every islamic militant will know, if you wage jihad against us, you're signing your death warrant. >> meanwhile, the republican frontrunner, donald trump, says he supports profiling muslims in
1:35 pm
the u.s. but ben carson puts it a different way. on fox news sunday he called for more vigilance after the san bernardino attacks. remember the shooter's neighbors have said that they noticed suspicious activity but didn't report it out of fear that they'd be accused of racial profiling. >> we have to teach everyone the importance of vigilance, and not being afraid to report something, even if you get nine false alarms, if one of them turns out to be positive it's worth it. and we have to stop demonizing people who are trying to be good citizens. >> reporter: now, ben carson has really been slipping in the polls. he's dropped eight points since october, according to a cnn poll out friday. so he's now in third behind ted cruz while donald trump is still on top with a huge 20-point lead. arthel? >> kristin fisher, thanks. arthel, the attack hit us here in san bernardino. but over there are new reports that the u.s. led coalition is making progress in its fight
1:36 pm
against isis. coming up we'll tell you about the reports that those air strikes in syria are hitting their intended targets on the islamic state. also, president obama prepares to lay out his plan for the next step in the isis fight. what lawmakers hope to heart president say in his address. >> i think the american people deserve to know what the truth really is. and we also want to hear from him a military strategy to finally defeat and destroy isis, drain the swamp so the swamp in syria can't come into the united states. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential
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8 new reports that dozens of isis militants have been killed in syria. following a series of air strikes carried out by u.s.-led coalition forces, apparently more than 15 explosions hit key isis positions in northern syria, pounding raqqa, which is the terror group's self-declared capital. the u.s.-led coalition has been bombing isis in iraq and syria
1:41 pm
in an effort to drive the group from chunks of territory it controls in both countries. >> president obama making a rare oval office address tonight to the nation. he's expected to explain his administration's plan to protect us from terrorism and a strategy to finally destroy isis. the president is expected to announce a stepped up air campaign with the terrorist group has those strong noelhold iraq and syria. the republican presidential candidates today were offering their own proposals on how to fight the terrorist group. >> clerl we have to have a much more robust air campaign against isis targets, against the oil infrastructure, against their leadership. i think you'll hear that from the president. >> 10,000 troops would give the iraqi security forces a capacity they don't have. it would allow actually to destroy isil quicker inside of iraq. it would neutralize the advantage the shia militia have on the ground which is
1:42 pm
controlled by iran. >> will that work? retired u.s. army sperl forces lieutenant mitch uterbach joins us now. thanks for being with us this afternoon. what do you think it will take to get a handle on isis and to finally destroy them? >> thanks for asking, eric. well, tonight from the president i'd like to hear something that sounds -- sounds like the beginning of the movie "patton." i think that we're going to be consoled nationally if we hear something with an edge to it. and the president can't give everything away tonight. but i would like him to talk about more special operations into iraq and more special operations into syria, specifically army special forces. >> you rememb >>. >> you were a member of special force. what type of advantage could they have? >> they are uniquely qualified in their training and cultural abilities and language abilities to work with the forces on the ground. army special forces can really
1:43 pm
enhance and multiply the abilities of the iraqi units on the ground if we're invited by the iraqi government embed and we can really take the fight to the enemy in syria if we send more special forces guys into syria. >> they talk about sending more, but will iraq have that? and can we bolster the iraqi military that has suffered so many defeats at the hands of isis? >> one thing those of us that have been there have learned is that iraqi military fights a lot better when there's a u.s. adviser standing shoulder to shoulder with them telling them, hey, man, you can do this. i would propose, if anybody asked, that at the battalion and brigade level we embed special forces advisers. that will enable the iraqis to improve the precision of their air strikes, improve their mission planning, and it will also improve their ability to fuse their intelligence with our intelligence. and this has been done incredibly successfully in the past during the battle of basra
1:44 pm
early in 2008 when only a handful of special forces guys and iraqi forces took that entire city back from iranian-backed shia militias. >> that's amazing if only a handful were able to do that, do you think potentially that could be repeated in mosul, that could be repeated in raqqa, and that we could potentially take back raqqa and those two cities from the clutches of isis? >> well, let's talk iraq first. at the invitation with the permission of the iraqi government, our special forces guys wouldn't -- well, the president and the administration, we're not considered ground troops. the iraqis would consider us advisers as well. so let's send in advisers with the iraqi units to improve their abilities. now, it's going to be much more difficult in syria. that's the safe haven as we all know for isis. a moderate sunni coalition put together by leaders from the middle east. >> i apologize we've got to go. we have some breaking news at the moment. thank you for your insight today.
1:45 pm
arthel? >> thank you, eric. a fox news alert. want to take you to cape canaveral, florida. looking at live shots right there. where nasa is getting set to launch this unmanned commercial rocket bound for the international space station. let's listen to take off. >> 3, 2, 1. liftoff. on the shoulders of atlas, the ssdeke slaton two orbital spacecraft soars toward the international space station. >> a third attempt after weather disrupted two earlier attempts. sending food and other splice for the six astronauts aboard the space station. >> that's the breaking news i like. had me worried there again. >> no. this was a good thing. >> good. san jose was a ship that
1:46 pm
sank more than 300 years ago during an attack. now it's the legendary spanish treasure ship has been discovered. we'll tell you where it is and who found it. plus there is nothing like christmas shopping for teenagers to bring out the scrooge in all of us. our next guest will help us to get or keep bah humbug!s at bay. >> got teens in the house. you know what arthel is talking about. ♪ santa baby, just slip an sable under the tree for me ♪ ♪ been an awful good girl ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. potential billion dollar, that's billion with a b, find off the coast of columbia. the spanish ship that sank more than 300 years ago, the galleon san jose was found by a team of experts. the ship was thought to be carrying at the time $11 million in gold coins and jewels.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
let me know what you want in advance so it gives time to put some money aside. you know how technology changes every six months. you started in january and asked what your kid wanted in january, well, by now, in december, that could be out of style.
1:53 pm
you is a new day. >> if you get a list six months in advance you have the iphone 8 come out so everything is obsolete. you have to stay in tune and town. good families sit around the tables every night having dinner and knowing what is going on, the kids are telling you where they are and hopefully, they are not going crazy and understand the value of a dollar and not to get too crazy. look, in this day and age, what we see on tv and what we see in the movies, it is about the ferrari, the noise and the expensive. unfortunately, kids get carried away. that is how you have to be a go parent and communicate well. >> be a good parent and, say, listen, we cannot do that right new. come up with something else. do you not want to burden your child with your budget matters that is left for adults. that is for teens. but let them know that, look, this is the rule in this house.
1:54 pm
this is how we are working and this is the confines we are working with. >> you have to let them know who is king of the castle or else. when i was a teen i had the game concentration and a sinky. >> that does not compare to computers but in terms of pricing i likefs]xo slinkies. author gone and obsolete. >> talk to me and we will say goodbye. your last thoughts? >> one word. the communication. your teens are old enough to know where youi/w stand in lifes you see things. the one-upmanship of buying the next highest price thing for a kid may not be the greatest lesson. it is good to teen them the value of a dollar. >> i change my mind about that last question, what if you give an allowance over the year, can it is per month, save that for the tech gadget you want. >> there is never anything ever
1:55 pm
wrong with teaching a kid about money and budgeting and working for it and earning it themselves the kids that don't work, their specifications are high. the ones that do work, they do understand the value of a dollar. i don't disagree. >> good note to end on. thank you, gary, and merry christmas. >> same to you. >> thank you. >> i net this was a scare in the air when a man threatened to open a jetliner door mid-flight, from jordan with american passport. he banged on the lufthansa flight saying he want to be let in or he would open the door. the flight from frankfurt was traveling over austria and the cabin crew and passengers restrained the unruly passenger and the plane landed safely in belgrade where authorities then arrested him. >> we are just three hours away
1:56 pm
from president obama's oval office address on terrorism. we are look at the east room there but, first, we are going will make sure you are going to stay tuned to --. >> it looks live ashton carter. >> and secretary john kerry, all players in what the president has to say tonight.
1:57 pm
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>> in three hours the president will address the nation and well have it here on fox news channel stay tuned. >> on buzz america. "new york times" demanding more gun control in the first page one editorial in 95 years. the daily news taunting the republicans for offering prayers rather than gun control. the morning after a shooting rampage in san bernardino, that left 14 people dead. >> i have to say a last democrats were saying, how insensitive to talk about the second amendment at a time like this. i am not interested in being sensitive to islamic terrorists. you don't stop the bad guys by taking away our guns. you stop the bad guys by using or guns. >> when it comes to gun violence time and time again all we hear from the people is thoughts and prayers. peop k


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