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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  December 6, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> senator obama had a historic prime time address on terrorism just a short while ago. hello and welcome to "justice" a special two-hour edition. i am june jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us. ahead tonight we will be joined live by some of the republican candidates running for president with their reaction to the address. but first let's hear a few of tonight's highlights. >> the fbi is still gathering the facts about what happened at san bernardino. here's what we know the victims were brutally injured by one of their co-workers and his wife. we have no evidence the killers were directed by a terrorist
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organization overseas or that they were part of a broader conspiracy here at home. but it is clear that the two of them had gone down the dark path of radicalization embracing a perverted interpretation of islam that calls for war against america and the west. threat from terrorism is real but we will over come it. we will destroy isil and any other organization that tries to harm us. our military will continue to hunt down terrorist plotters in any country where it is necessary. in iraq and syria air strikes are taking out isil leaders. we will continue to provide training and equipment to tens of thousands of iraqi and syrian forces fighting isil on the ground so we take away their safe havens. in both countries we are deploying special operations forces who can accelerate that offensive. we have stepped up these efforts since the attacks in paris and will continue to do more on the ground.
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we have shared intelligence sharing with european allies. we are working with turkey to seal the border with syria and we are cooperating with muslim majority countries and with our muslim communities here at home to counter the vicious ideology isil promotes on-line. the international community has begun to establish a process and time line to pursue cease fires and a political resolution to the syrian war. doing so will allow the syrian people and every country including our allies but also countries like russia to focus on the common goal of destroying isil a group that threatens us all. this is our strategy to destroy isil. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry joins me now with more on the president's address. >> the president didn't layout anything new here but he reiterated what we already know. why a prime time address?
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>> he was forced on defense. this is the biggest terror attack on american soil since 9-11 and it happened on president obama's watch. they had been dancing around the idea that was it a terror attack or workplace environ violence. one said look this is a terrorist attack and forced him in his hand. he did such a high profile way to do it. when you do that you raise the stakes in a major way grabbing the nation's attention in prime time from the overly office. the president his other broader point was to say look this threat is evolving. we have home grown terror. we have little we can do to stop it in real time. then he didn't offer anything at all that was new. his aids even said that. that's not just his critics talking. his aids told us before the speech there will be no new
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major policy innishty. he's on one hand saying threat is evolving getting more serious, i am on top of it but didn't offer anything new to confront it. >> ed henry, thank you so much. with me is republican presidential candidate former arkansas governor mike huckabee. good evening. thank you for being with us. you heard the president tonight. first of all if you were the president what would you have told the american people different from what this president did. >> i am going to be telling people something different for the last search years. i would identify we are at war with razz cal islam. that's who we are fighting and we have to take the fight directly to them. we have heard people say it is better to fight there than here. we are fighting this em here. they are here. that's what happened in san bernardino. it may not be isis but it is radical islam. we saw it in fort hood. we saw it in little rock. we saw it in boston. finally the president at least makes an attempt to acknowledge
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every so faintly but at least acknowledge this was islamic terrorism. >> i don't know if he said islamic terrorism. this is an act of terrorism then he talks about going along some perverted form of islam. everything he said we are taking ow the heavy weapons. we continue to train forces. we spend $500 million to train four people in syria. how can he stand in front of the american people -- >> we didn't drop the ordinances because we had such tight rules of engainment. we need to understand we are dealing with an enemy. he used the exact met tore, a cancer. when you have a malignant cancer you don't try to take care of the area around it you eradicate tra cancer so it doesn't come back you radiate around it. >> you would send troops? >> if necessary.
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no ground troops i heard people say. why do we limit ourselves? why would we ever announce to our enemies we have limitations and we have a line we are not going to cross. >> were you surprised this president did not even discuss given the fact these guys seem to be under the radar any problems as relates to meta data and collection encryption fry of the -- any of the stuff that is being used to radicalize people? >> even in the time he was saying we need to bring syrian refugees here, a lot of people are saying wait a minute. we don't have a good process of vetting them. he said don't worry. the shooter was more vetted than the syrian refugees are going to be. as dr. phil would say, how did that work out for you? it didn't work out for us very well. i don't think any american has a great deal of confidence in the so-called vetting process, and
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one of the things he talked about that i found extremely crazy was the idea that we will run the same kind of background checks. if you are on the no fly list you don't get a gun. these people ko purchased a gun. they weren't on the no fly list. she had a passport and visa. you know who waudz on the no fly list? the late senator ted kennedy, the wife of senator ted stevens. why? because sometimes she went by the name of cat stevens. he shouldn't reashave been on t list. >> when we listen to the president and he seems to spend more time about how we can't treat muslim americans differently as though there was a huge backlash against muslim americans. this country since 9-11 has been incredibly open and allowing muslims to come in just like
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everybody else. the president and his attorney general with this shocking my greatest fear is when they are going to approach action. >> i wonder if she saw the front page of the new york daily news last week and she is going to go out and say they sant say nastily things about christians. i don't know people who blame all of the muslims in the world for the radical muslims. i don't know anybody about a brain when people follow jihad they believe their duty to god on this earth is to kill everybody who doesn't accept their caliphate. i don't know why the president can't say folks, these are our enemy. they want to take us completely off the radar screen and we are not going to tolerate it and we are going to eradicate them before they have the opportunity to keep killing us. >> governor, given what happened in san persbernardino, the prest
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is so concerned about how they came radicalized. is that as important as finding out who they are? >> it is only important to realize that social media has given them a chance. >> we already know that. >> maybe we need to do a better job enfiltrating and shutting down access of social media to people who are looking and beginning to communicate in ways i don't know why an american company would give a voice and platform to people who are talking about murdering americans. >> it gives them the ability. law enforcement the ability to monitor it, yet at the same time jim comey said we don't have the opportunity to resource or the people to monitor it. >> we certainly need to have a system in place that follows the constitutional protections so that people don't have their rights infringed upon. there has to be probable cause. once you have it then use it for
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heaven's sakes and go after the people you suspect. do make the haystack so big hads harder to find the needle. if you think the needle is in there go find the magnets and pull it out of there. >> governor mike huckabee, thank you so much for being with us. joining me is dr. sheb ban i can't say gorka. he's an expert on terrorism and irregular warfare. you heard the president you believe his strategy is a winning one? >> i didn't hear a strategy. i heard 7 minutes of reheated leftovers, and then the rest of his speech half of the speech was about yuf we don't want to do such as declare war against islam, between america and islam. who in american america is saying that? it is quite stunning. you are right nothing new at all and then a whole list of things we are not going to do. he didn't talk about what the
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ideology is of the people who executed these attacks. he didn't talk about jihadism. then he talks about how he is going to restrict access to assault rifles. is he aware of the fact that making pipe bombs in america is illegal? they have made pipe bombs. how is legislation going to save us from the next attack? this was a moment he could have grasped the thorn and really declared war against the jihadis that is now on the american shores. >> what would you have wanted here? >> i want to hear a couple of things. the first thing is i want to hear what victory looks like. never use the word victory and he didn't talk about our enemies. we need to be honest and take political correctness out of the
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threat. today you can't talk about jihad if you are training law enforcement, federal law enforcement or the military. >> if i can just interrupt for a moment the kind of language was literally scrubbed from the manuals. >> in 2011 his white house decreed to the attorney general all federal training has to have any reference to religion scrubbed which like saying we are going to de pefeat the nazn. let's what we have been dealing with for seven years. let's find out who the enemy is and take down their ideology. not soak cuss on weapons but on taking down the message of jihad. that is what i would have loved to have heard. >> when the president said this
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is a new kind of threat, isn't it the case that this has been a threat that we have known about for many years? i understand the new york police department in 2007 issued a report on radicalization in the west and the home grown threat. is this really new? >> not at all. that's an excellent point. the home grown radicalization the home grown threat of the nypd which some people tried to get deep six. it has been around for decades. it began in 1979 with the creation of al qaeda ba, it's a function of the iranian revolution if you look at hezbollah this is the host serious ter hes attack since 9-11.
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this is a threat that has grown and grown and grown. isis is much more dangerous than al qaeda for many, many reasons. we did a check for reasons of finance, weapons, capabilities. >> you know, doctor, i want to ask you, 15 of the hijackers and the 9-11 attackers in saudi arabia. we know tashfeen malik had a connection to sawed bee arabia. she had been there a few times. how does saudi arabia play into this narrative of this so-called moot terrorism? >> kaudsy has been an issue for decades. if your in us reals to understand, if begins with a captured the hole lessite of islam.
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a devils pack was reached between them. elements of the saudi elite have been sponsoring jihadi cock kids. it is kind of a half preing sant nation whether where they really find it difficult to condemn internationally. >> thank you for being with us this evening. >> another person. lindsay bram is here with me live and president's's writ. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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>> president obama just addressed the nation for the ole' office. senator lindsey graham joins me now for reks a. i am going to ask you the same question i asked mike huckabee. you heard the president tonight. if you were the president, what would you have said differently? >> what i have been saying for over a year.
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i i would go on offense. we have 3500 american troops in iraq. i would go up to 10,000 so we can have the capability to reinforce the iraqi security forces to destroy isil inside of iraq. there's nobody left to work with on the ground in syria. there is no ground xeen nents. the president is misleading the public about what we have to work with in syria. i would get sunni arabs in turkey to form an army of 80,000. >> the president said he's leading a coalition of 65 nations. i don't know what those nations are. you are saying he is not doing that. >> i looked at the 36th strip. the yte were cousins of the ptk the terrorist group inside turkey. this there is no arab coalition. they are not going into the caliphate. the they told us they are not
9:21 pm
going into iraq. there is no plan to destroy isil. there's a plan to hand this to the next president for a year. >> are you saying, senator the president is not telling us the truth? >> i am saying the president and t are leading the president obama not president bush. he withdrew all troops from iraq when the military said you need to leave 10,000 behind. three years ago john mccain and lindsay graham and many others said you have to train the free syrian army. those two mistakes led to isil. there is no ground component inside of syria. we need 10,000 americans with 80 or 90,000 arabs. >> they don't trust us any more. >> they would trust me if i was president of the united states. nobody is going to follow him. the problem is nobody trusts him. the most dominant force inside of iraq is shi'ite militia.
9:22 pm
the people controlled iran. iran now is controlling damascus. to those who say like senator cruz leave assad the power of men. he has killed 200,000 of his own people. he's a pup pit of iran. there's no way of arabs are going to accept that. here's when i learned on my trip. noer 9-11 is coming here. this is not about lone wolves the terror attack they preached senator mccain about the attacks. i was blown away about the coordination, the planning and really the sophistication of that attack. >> how do you know another 9-11 type of attack is coming? >> terrorists want to come here. i can tell you where the attack is coming from. it's coming from syria. i can tell you who is planning it? of the leadership of isil. the paris attack was coordinated six to eight months in planning, very sophisticated.
9:23 pm
they want to hit us here at home. >> are we prepared for it? >> no. we are gutting the fbi's budget. we are bringing down the nsa program at a time when we need to beef up homeland security we are gutting it. when the president said we pardon our defenses that's a lie. we are cutting the fbi, the cia and nsa by 20 percent. we are going to reduce fbi spending by 15-20 percent. >> the president started out by saying we are taking out the isil leaders and heavy weapons and oil tankers. >> we have had tactical auk successes in iraq and syria. >> if authorities are not dropping bombs. >> that is beginning to change. you don't destroy them from the air. he says i don't want to get drawn into a ground war. if i am president in the united states we are going to have a ground war against isil.
9:24 pm
>> what about going after the oil? >> we are doing that finally after two years. you are not going to start them out. to beat isil you have to go in on the ground. the good news is the arabs and turkey would follow american leadership. 90 percent of the ground troops would be them and they would pay for this war we paid for the la three. >> i want to talk about the visas from muslim dominated countries. until we can figure out who is coming in, we are obviously not good at it, start with the boston bomber. >> time-outn syrian refugees andave a better vetting program. here's what i am most concerned about in california episode was she radicalized before she got married? was this a terrorist arranged marriage. did a terrorist agroup arrange the marriage. >> let's assume the answer was yes or the answer is no. it doesn't matter either way. >> it matters if yes. >> they are using women unlike
9:25 pm
al qaeda they are using women. isil recruits women heavy ill will i to recruit men. here's the problem. are they found a way to arrange a marriage between iraq women and somebody on the fence in america and use the visa system to get her into the country. >> we saw local police in san bernardino. they had weaponized armored vehicles. the president is trying to take that stuff away from local police. will congress fight to get police the armored vehicles and weaponry they are going to need in the war that isis is bringing to us. >> i am going to fight to replenish the nsa and cia budget. i am going to fight to resore the nsa program. we are at war and president obama is fighting crime. >> senator lindsay grahey grahak you for being with us. >> my opening statement last night trending on facebook tonight.
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jeanine. >> the responsibility of muslims around the world to root out miss dpieded deals to root out radicalization. it's the responsibility of all americans, of everything to reject discrimination. it is our responsibility to reject religious tests on who we admit into this country. it is our responsibility to reject proposals that muslim americans should somehow be treated differently. because when we travel down that road, we lose. >> president obama addressing a topic tonight that i touched on in last night's opening statement. it has been trending on facebook all day of the we thought we would show it to you in case you missed it. right after you watch i am going to debate some of these points with a prominent muslim scholar and doctor. take a look.
9:32 pm
>> the single deadliest terror attack on u.s. soil since 9-11 has happened. they are here. and it is time, time to stop putting footi-- pussy footing a and stop the incorrect nonsense worry being other people's feelings, pull out all of the stops and start fighting for the survival of this country and our way of life. you need to make a plan how you are going to possess yourself your family and your kids. this is not about politics. it's about being safe. it's about surviving. the plan, number one, get a gun. buy one legally learn how to shoot it and be primed to use it. i don't care if you get a long gun, a hand gun a revolver, a sem my automatic get whatever
9:33 pm
gun you can handle and don't let any one talk you out of it. the second amendment to the constitution and the united states supreme court confirm your right to have one. number two, it is time to weaponize your local police department. they are the first line of defense in the islamic terrorists that are against us. if you watched the san bernardino attack unfold you understand these jihadists were not going to stop at that one attack. the local police stopped the murder massacre. your local police like the cops in san bernardino, 300 of them running toward the danger ultimately stating i will take the first bullet. these are your defenders. these remarkable men and women in blue are or our heros who don't think twice about taking a bullet for you. number three. we need to close the borders
9:34 pm
from mexico and canada. syed farook and tashfeen malik set the precedent lie showing the world it can be done on american soil. there needs to be a halt with the issue of the visas. i don't care if it's a business visa or a vacation visa, an education visa, fiancee visa. 90-day visa. stop. these people do not have a right to be rear, perioer -- to be he period. end of story. we must stop the refugee reset element program immediately. i don't want to hear it is not who we are. i know who we are. we are a nation founded on the judeo christian ethics. i don't need any one to tell me that i have to take in somebody because they want to change the political demographics of this nation. the need i remind any one we don't have the ability to vet them.
9:35 pm
even when we do we don't know what the hell we are doing. the sar ne brothers, we gave the family political asylum and they thanked us by killing dismembering and blinding innocent americans. number five, get ready to give up some privacy. the data collection that has been going on has been stopped. if that program was still in place the feds ko taken the cell phones of those terrorist animals and immediately connected them to their contact. you have to arm yourself with knowledge. in order to confront the enemy, you must know who the enemy is. suns our commander-in-chief won't call them what they are, islamic terrorists but instead prefers to preach what islam is and isn't and we shouldn't denigrate all muslims based on the actions of a while he is willing to denigrate all gun owners and take away our rights based on the actions of a few. you need to recognize the
9:36 pm
danger, speak to your neighbors create organizations about unquestionable be heir not just in your community but around the country. we are told to say something when we see something but don't say anything against people who act suspiciously who happen to be muslim because that would be islamophobic. their neighbors said nothing when they saw something because they were fearful of being called islam phobes or racially profiling. that's the plan, folks, to shut us up. when our attorney general loretta lynch trumpets her greatest fear is anti muslim rhetoric will lead to violence against muslims the gay before the fbi calls an attack against americans a terrorist act, we a problem. it is part of the islamic terrorist plan if we are stopped from saying something against muhammad the muslim religion or
9:37 pm
muslims in general then sharia law is already here. we are living in dangerous times. ladies and gentlemen, the jackals are at the door. joining me now is dr. ah hamed author of in t"in the land of t invisible woman." you heard my open and last night you were here and you were concerned about the blow back on muslim americans and seem to take offense when i talked about halting the visa programs. in fact i understand you have written an op-ed piece about to be published about the pressures muslim americans are feeling. >> i think muslim americans are caught in a very narrow space a space where we are collectively held responsible for the actions of islamic jihadists and there's a space where we are being feared as a potential threat. there are 3 or 4 millions who make their homes here.
9:38 pm
i would say it wasn't that i was taking offense but many of the things you outline in your plan are actually a method of undermining all of our democratic values. image if these jihadists succeeded in getting them to close the borders at mexico and canada and denied safe harbor to refugees and defined american's character. that would be an astonishing victory. >> no one has a right to come into this country. how many sovereign nations have open borders like we do? canada and mexico allowing for the influx of 10, 20 million. >> we are not talking about illegal immigration. >> we are talking about closing the borders. cloeting the borders isn't about illegal immigration. we have the visa and all of the
9:39 pm
loopholes, the refugee program. >> even the issue with the refugee program conflicts with this. the rhetoric in the united states we have been hearing since san bernardino is con flating all muslim americans to the actions of the jihadists. >> we are not that stupid. >> let me finish. >> what makes you feel we are holding you collectively responsible. what is the blow back? oo oo the language. >> what language? >> the language for instance gopd presidential candidate who talk about putting all u.s. muslims in a data base, me included. i did many background checks because of the visas and the kind of work i do practicing medicine. a lot of information on me. we are con flating every syrian refugee. 11 million people have been displaced in syria the actions of assad lindsey graham said we are connecting the entire race
9:40 pm
with isis. one thing i would agree with americans are aware we are not at war with islam. we are truly at war with islamism. i have traveled with the pakistani military and met islamic jihadists who were working and performed terrorism with the taliban. muslim ministry has no difficulty talking about islamist or jihadists. we are paralyzed, the media can't say it either. that's why we are having this discussion. >> are you saying americans shouldn't be afraid of the isis mentality and their reach into this country? >> absolutely not. quite the opposite. >> how. >> quite the opposite. the united states should accept israel is here on american soil like pakistan.
9:41 pm
terrorism has taken 150 lives between afghanistan and pakistan. it is here now. there is no concern about that. the president did not say that this evening. >> i want to read something you wrote in the op ed. you say america's response to the san bernardino shootings poses a tipping point possibly more damaging to american democracy and american muslims than 9-11 itself. >> what response to the van bern bern shootings are you talking about? >> well, i think that it was governor huckabee who used this analogy to deal with a mal lig knee. when there's a malignancy we attack it with chemotherapy, radio therapy. many of the remarks you made in your opening statement to me would destroy the fabric. a response out of immense fear and lack of prehennings that there is a by verse, islamism,
9:42 pm
it remains in theness boos of islam. t what threatens us? >> thank you foring with with us this evening. a former foreign policy advisor with president obama.
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you were the president's foreign policy adviser during his campaign. him now would yhe have made the speech e made tonight? >> i am one of han me advisors to him. here's what i liked about the speech. he got some of the language and articulation correct. i would have liked to hear a lot more details. the speech was only 13 minutes. why wasn't it 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes. there's a lot about the plan to fight isis. the american people need to be informed about isis. the interesting part about the speech was his plan for fighting isis. he said there were four points to his plan. really only one of them is actually working effectively right now. that one that is working is the targeting of terrorists in iraq and in syria with air strikes. that have been affective. i go to arook many month. i work to the kurds. i was there last month. when you will sees his point number 2 is arming the forces on the ground and training the
9:48 pm
forces on the ground. that is not happening effective will i right now. we haven't trained forces i have trained less than 100 of the moderate opposition forces in syria not provided much in terms of significant weapons. if you go to the front lines like i have they have tons to fight they don't have body armor and weapons. >> david. you know what lindsey graham says the same thing and governor huckabee referenced the same thing. we know 500 million was spent in syria and four people were trained. why is the president standing up and saying he is doing all of this stuff he's got the plan when the expert are coming in and saying that's not true? oo what i would like to hear from the president is this is not what he is going to do but how he is going to do it. more details so we understand
9:49 pm
the plan. he doesn't have to give away trade secrets don't want to broadcast to isis how we are going to defeat him. more details would have comforted everybody. i agree on that point. one of the other points for fighting isis is achieving a cease fire in syria. that's great. that needs to happen. we are also as far as i understand very far from achieving a cease fire there's a significant point of disagreement between the u.s. and european countries on one side and the backers of the assad regime like iran and russia who say assad would say. until we work it out we can no the have a cease fire in syria. a cease fire would be fantastic but how with are we going to achieve that? >> what you have is the president sighing ice sighs is attained there's no credible threat san bernardino after that. isis is a jv team. i think the american public is trying to figure out is this president uninformed or is he
9:50 pm
intentionally not saying what the truth is? >> well, in fairness, some of the comments like the jv team comment is from a long time ago. >> with sigisis being contained with no credible threat has been within the past few weeks. >> correct. isis is in a sense being contained with respect to the terrorists in iraq and syria. it is losing terrorist worry in iraq and losing in syria. he is correct about that. it isn't contained in terms of ambitions to strike out against america and against the allies abro abro abroad. it has affected that quite well in paris. it has the attack in california. although i would say it seems like the people who perpetrated the attack in california were not directly in contact with isis as far as we know. they are supporters of isis. it could be the lone wolves that support isis and attacking the u.s. the administration wouldn't be getting intelligence on them.
9:51 pm
>> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. still ahead tonight a republican congressman with reaction to the president's speech. president's speech. we will check in on red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? president's speech. we will check in on yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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>> what is your reaction to president obama's address to the nation? rick says same song, same tune, bottom line his plan to defeat isis is to prod along until they die of old age. joseph says obama is clue cls. more driven on taking away our rights than our security. he is the definition of a tyrant. jen says i just wasted 15 minutes of my time. the man is delusional. michael says that was the president? i thought it was charlie brown he's teacher speaking. judy says i am thankful for all he is doing to keep us safe. not if you are in san bernardino, judy. we are on our own. time to arm ourselves and lock and load. >> kate see says strong speech. every religion has its bad apples. muslims is not the problem.
9:56 pm
isis doesn't represent islam at all. >> it is defective and weak. >> make sure your facebook will twe or tweet me. we will read more responses in the next hour. our special two our justice continues after the break. we are going to go live to california with new details on the investigation into last week's mass shooting in san bernardino. stay right there. we will be right back venlt {off-lin {off-line} ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need.
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with a subscription that includes the complete hum system. call or visit us online today >> breaking news tonight president obama giving a prime time address to the nation on terrorism a short while ago. hello and welcome to our second hour of the special two-hour justice. i am judge jeanine pirro. thank you for joining us. we are breaking down the president's speech and what it means for our national security. we have exclusive they details on the investigation out of california. adam? >> good evening, judge. as we talked to you last night and the previous day before that there seems to be growing concern among investigators these two were financed from overseas and were trained at least in part ore


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