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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 7, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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can't keep people and drugs out? short answer, they can't and won't and we'll still have the crimes and the only people that will be disarmed are law abiding citizens like us. good questions. that is all the time we have left. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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we should not be drawn once
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more into a long war in iraq or syria. that is what groups like isil want. they know they can't defeat us on the battlefield. isil fighters were part of the insurgency in iraq. they know if we occupy foreign land, they can occupy insurgencies for years. >> that is not a smart strategy, but quick strikes on the ground in safe zones will be established. m obama should be sophisticated enough to know that. don't believe we're losing? consider this. meeting security at airports have cost billions and adds hours to everybody's travel. all large public celebrations in
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this country must be guarded by maximum police presence. our intelligence agencies spend billions monitoring dangerous jihadists around the world. every american has been affected. our personal security in doubt. just ask the good people of san bernardino. in the face of all that, what has the obama administration really done? retreated? that is what they've done. don't believe me? just ask leon pinetta. and mr. obama pulled out troops from iraq. and the sunnis allowed isis
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sanctuaries, and isis began controlling thousands of square miles of territory though the president knew all of that, he still told the world the savages were junior varsity. the president announced a 65 nation coalition to fight isis but few nations up. the phantom coalition was a pr stunt. also, mr. obama refused to send modern weapons to the kurds who are fighting for their own lives against isis, and recently that has changed. but the president armed and trained pro american syrian rebels. 4 or 5 battle ready individuals, 4 or 5, for $500 million. when asked about that, mr. obama said i never liked the program in the first place.
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after the terrorist attacks in paris and california the president refuses to bring nato into the fight. will not crush the isis command center in syria and will not admit the usa is at war with islamic terrorists. time to be honest with the american people. we're not containing jihad and the world is a more dangerous place since you, mr. president, took office. someone alert the media. that is the memo. joining us from washington is charles krauthammer. we have breaking news here. $28,500 deposited in syed farook's bank account shortly before he and his wife massacred 14 people and wounded 21 in san bernardino. we do not know who deposited the money in the bank. i trust authorities will find out. this is more than two cranks in
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an apartment house in california. where am i going wrong on my talking points? >> your talking points were right. on this issue over $28,000 i found it very odd that the fbi director said a couple days ago, then, obama repeated there is no evidence that there was some kind of larger conspiracy or outside, net worth from the outside. but how did they get the money? this guy is a civil servant, yes. he didn't have money for the vest, for the cell. they had help and we learned fox is reporting that they have contacts and the people from outside of the country. of course they had help. whether an organized conspiracy with instructions written down is a different question. but at every turn, every turn, to administration tries to down play every single attack.
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you get the fort hood attack. work place violence, the under wear bomber, obama's response? isolated extremist. it wasn't isolated extremist but action coming out of yemen. every time he's confronted and until a couple days ago, obama was entertaining the idea somehow san bernardino attack was work place violence. absurd on its face. obama has not, since the day he took office, when he abolished the term. >> there are millions that believe, many watching tonight, that the president does this consciously. he that he wants to weaken the united states, that he doesn't like the country, believes we brought this jihad upon ourselves by our past history. do you believe that? >> when obama did his apology
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tour, when he came into office, he went around the world, confessing american sinners he called for a new arrangement with muslims where we show them respect as if we had not shown them respect trying to rescue them in somalia and iraq and liberating the balkans. so he carries this college under grad idea of america as a find of imperialist power and he was going to be a new kind of american leader who would first confess our sins try to redress them, he had this underlying area, with this anti-imperialist mind set that we're a cause of a lot of the blow back. that we're the ones, guantanamo bay is a recruiting agent. that if you speak ill or not
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towing the line on what islam is and you dare say radical islam, that is a recruiting element to bring more terrorists. whereas, in fact it makes no difference whatever, that terrorism began long before iraq, long before abu ghraib, began in the mid-90s when the only thing we were doing were rescuing muslims. >> look at afghanistan and what we supplied to the mujahedin to get them out of there. there two schools of thought. he's jam buchanan. we mentioned that before. then, there are people who say he's doing it on purpose. he wants to run the country down. so where do you stand on that? >> no.
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i think those are, that is like the obama false choices. there is a third choice. he's not trying to destroy america. this is not incompetent. this is a guy believes we overreached and overstretched after september 11th. he said that at the beginning of term so that we're provoking this. he is a man who thinks that idea of radical islam is a strategic nuisance to the united states. charles, very to challenge you. >> if you're a football coach and don't gain a yard and lose all of -- you're incompetent. he has to know he's losing. has to know this is out of control.
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won't admit it. i believe he's just absolutely incompetent president and will go down in history as such. what is me. >> eem trying to explain is that he does not see this as a world historical struggle. >> that is incompetent. >> no. it's not. it's an ideological view that the threats are russia, china, and perhaps iran but terrorism is a minor issue we have overblown as a result of september 11th and caused the blow back. that is where he is getting it wrong. >> okay. next on the run down, carly fiorina. and later, what is the truth about anti-muslim feelings in the usa? the factor is coming right back. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well.
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joining us from rapids iowa, republican presidential contender carly fiorina. do you believe we are losing to these savages? >> i do. i agreed with every single point of your talking points memo. we shouldn't be losing. president fiorina will not be losing. this president is not leading. >> what would you do differently and how would you turn defeat into victory? >> first, at home, we have to give our investigators access to every piece of information they need to track down would-be terrorists and to investigate terrible terrorist attacks like san bernadino. second, we need to. >> would want a new patriot act. >> for example, tom cotton. the patriot act is 14 years old and technology has moved on. generations, actually, in 14 years, having come from the technology industry. for example, today, both tom cotton and mike mccaul proposed very common sense rules that would give fbi investigators access to more than two years of information, those should be
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passed ask private sector companies. >> got it, what else? >> ask private sector companies to help with new encrypted technology. also not make the problem any worse. we must be clear and realistic what we face. as you pointed out in talking points memo. this clearly was a terrorist attack almost from the minute it happened. yet, hillary clinton and barack obama started talking about gun control. barack obama went to paris talking about climate change. is he delusional. climb change is not our most present national security threat. abroad, isis. we must deny them territory. gain power and legitimacy. >> let me ask you a series of very specific questions. okay. >> okay. >> raqqa, syria, there they are, command and control, that's where all the crazy people if they want to join up. rack carks syria. small town in the middle of the desert. what do you do there? >> well, as you suggest in your talking points, we need to take control of that command center. we need a far more effective bombing campaign, which
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means we have to change the rules of engagement. we need to equip our allies with what they have been asking us for for years now, years. jordan, it's not just the kurds who have been asking us for arms, way too little too late from this president. the jordanians have been asking us for bombs and material for at least a year and a half. we haven't provided it. i will. egyptians have asked us to share intelligence. jordanians, kuwaits, egyptians, the saudis, elm, kurds, i have been to this region. i know the leaders of many of these countries. they is asked us for support. we need to provide leadership, support and resolve while we can compete this enemy we need their help, actually. sunni arabs need to be part of this force. >> would you mobilize nato to rule 5 to attack isis and thereby get your ground force and go in? would you do that? >> i would not necessarily yet. i'm not ruling it out. but i think that the sunni/arab allies are a very important part of this. why? because the caliphate that
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isis controls, that territory, i believe, must be retaken by mostly sunni arabs. and we have. >> it's not easy to get those people -- >> -- no it is not. >> equip them and train them -- >> -- yeah, but bill, okay. >> it's doable but not easy. on that note. >> it's not easy but by the way it's worse when we are helping iran, their arch enemy and because we have helped iran, they don't trust us right now. >> now, tonight in south carolina, donald trump said this about all muslims. roll it. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. [ applause ] '. [cheers and applause] you have no choice. we have no choice.
8:19 pm
>> so what do you think about that? >> overreaction is as dangerous as barack obama's under reaction. >> explain that. >> well, let's see, mr. trump also said that if we have muslim american citizens traveling back from vacation, that he will not let them come backing into the country. so let's see, we're now going to violate the constitutional rights of citizens because of donald trump? i don't think so. i do not think that helps us defeat isis here at home or deny them territory abroad. >> all right. because this is going to be, you know, what mr. trump is doing mobilizing anti-muslimk sentiment around him. >> that's right. he is mobilizing anti-muslim sentiment. he is preying on the fears of the american people. it is called rabble rousing. >> all right. miss fiorina thank you very much. we appreciate you coming on this evening. president obama made a big deal how muslims in the
8:20 pm
u.s.a. are being treated by everybody else. we have the facts on that. and, later, goldberg, williams, ingram on all whether the left hand press will turn on the president who is getting hammered right now in the court of public opinion. public opinion. up ahe public opinion. up ahe bass pro shops has great gifts at big savings. like savings of 25% on bear creek flannel shirts. and save 25% on jumbo adventure play sets. plus, bring the kids for a free picture with santa. that's right. free.
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personal story segment tonight with donald trump making a big deal out of limiting muslim influence in america. president obama's major point last night that the u.s.a. should not alienate the muslim world takes on a greater meeting. meek. >> if we tore succeed in defeating are terrorism we must enlist muslim communities as some of our strongest allies rather than push them away through suspicion and hate. it's our spansability to reject proposals that muslim americans should be treated
8:24 pm
differently. muslim americans are our friends and our neighbors. our co-workers, our sports heroes. >> you remember that was before mr. trump's statement tonight. the noble sentiment but there really isn't any evidence that muslims are being mistreated in the u.s.a. here are the stats. 2014, 11140 religious hate crimes reported in the u.s.a. all hate crimes. 16% against muslims. 57% against jews. 6% against catholics. 2.5% against protestants. this is religion-based not skin color or anything like that. joining us from washington cia operative and private analysis on terrorism. mr. cats, why do you think the president is making such a big deal out of the muslim anti-don't be mean to them when the stats show jews are at far greater risk in the u.s.a. than muslims? >> absolutely, bill. i think from the beginning of the administration, we have seen the president trying to court almost 2 billion muslims around the
8:25 pm
world. but, at the same time now, he is building this fear base and really absolutely just disregarding completely a million jews in the united states and their security and safety. >> but you have the -- i don't think he is doing it as an anti-jewish play. >> no. >> but, you had the attorney general, miss lynch come out and say we are not going to tolerate any anti-muslim stuff. i'm saying there hasn't been any anti-muslim stuff to speak of. we have been tremendously restrained in the united states after 9/11, if it were ever going to happen it would have happened then and it didn't. >> absolutely. it didn't. and in the united states, you were three and a half times more likely, if you were a just to experience a hate crime. so, there is a lot of issues going on here. what we're not seeing is not seeing the attorney general get out and say anything about the jewish community, about those hate crimes. the president is not giving any speeches from the oval office about the antisemitism on the rise. so this is absolutely just
8:26 pm
building into the fear that the muslim community in the united states is separate or somehow different. >> why is the president and the attorney general making a political issue out of something that doesn't even exist now. why? >> goes back to the very beginning of the administration where they were reaching out and they have been reaching out to the muslim world almost 2 billion muslims around the world to sort of provide the narrative that the united states is accepting. and we are absolutely accepting. but what the president and the administration is failing to do is failing to realize that at home there is no issue here. there is no hate against muslims. there is no backlash. >> you say suspicion against muslims. that's why donald trump, we can say that what he said tonight and i think he will garner even more support because there is suspicion. >> there is suspension but the crimes and actual actions against the muslim
8:27 pm
population is not there. >> not acted upon. can't do a group think don't be suspicious when there is one crew against the u.s.a. and that's the islamic fundamentalists, the crazy slams. >> absolutely, right. we need to be -- we need to understand that and identify that and not put this like you said group think on the muslim community. >> final question, do you believe that the president's strategy of making muslims sympathetic is worthy in an age in the war on terror against the jihad? >> it is not. it's actually feeding into the jihad, bill. because, what's happening here is the president in his own words is actually being divisive. he is saying to the muslim community you need to be afraid. there is nothing to be afraid of, but you should be afraid. that's playing directly into the message that isis wants,which is to say to the muslims in the west you are
8:28 pm
different. they are going to come after you, and it's really helping isis here. these words by the president are absolutely harmful, bill. >> all right, mr. katz. we appreciate your point of view. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg evaluating media reaction to the president's speech last night. also, laura ingraham and juan williams will answer this provocative question. will the liberal media ever turn on mr. obama? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control and significant a1c reduction. toujeo® is a long-acting, man-made insulin
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factor follow up seeing tonight. terrorism has wiped the chaos on college campuses off the front page. the situation is still pretty volatile. two weeks ago the president of oklahoma wesleyan op-ed piece called this is not a day care, it's a university. joining us from tulsa is dr. piper. the aforementioned president. what is the is message you are trying to get to the students with that op. ed? >> first i want to make it clear that i have got a bunch of great students on my campus and they completely buy in who we are as an institution. i was writing this article not so much i am to them but the culture capital c. why in the world is it news worthy for a president to challenge his students that education is more about their character than it is for them to feel comfortable. i'm more interested in their intellectual freedom than ideological fascism and not what others can do for you so much as what they can do
8:33 pm
for others. i'm looking the academy in the eye and i'm saying look, why don't we returned to the classical liberal arts model where we actually pursue truth and identify what's false rather than teach our students to think of us versus them and rather than considering virtue and vertos they focus on victimization. >> you mention. many students are self-absorbed. they can't really pursue the truth. they don't even want to pursue the truth. >> i do. i actually feel like this firestorm that i have caused with this article is akin to me grabbing march -- by the lapels this isn't about you. the more he reacts to my statement the more he proves that his name is well earned. our culture is more interested in graduating students, if you will, that are self-absorbed than
8:34 pm
selfless. they are more interested in huber russ than they are humility. i'm suggesting that the classical liberal arts academy is supposed to teach you liberty. it's supposed to teach you freedom and justice and those higher ideals are not supposed to teach you to be self-absorbed. >> but this has to be the fault of the parents because the kids arrive on campus spoiled twits. if they hear an opinion, other than their own, they melt down if they watch the o'reilly factor, they go into a, you know, a fit. like this. i mean, they just cannot accept anything other than their narrow little ignorant world. so, it's got to be the parents that are doing that right? >> richard weaver wrote a book in 1948. he titled it "ideas have consequences." the point of the book book was ideas have consequences. no idea is neutral. it does matter what you believe. it doesn't matter if it just works for you. ideas bear fruit. and when you teach bad idea, you are going to have bad
8:35 pm
culture, bad government, bad community, bad kids. what i'm suggesting is we should return to the liberty that vertos and classical liberal arts model. >> you will get push back they don't understand. they don't have interest in it. >> you are a religion based college and there is a sermon from a minister or something saying hey, you know, if do you x, y, and z that's a sin and you are going to pay a price for that, oh, you can't say that about me. i might -- you know, that kind of thing. no judgments. no nobody is held to account. this is what is running wild on even the ivy league schools. in fact, they leave the league in it. what are you going to do about it. i think we need to turn to. >> going to track them down there, doc? >> you will not convince them because they are too narrow-minded to be convinced. >> you challenge people with those ideas so comfortable. you don't coddle them with those things that make them safe per se. i said in my university
8:36 pm
oklahoma wesleyan university is not a safe place. it's a place for you to learn. i'm not interested in coddling you and your selfishness, i'm interested in challenging you to have a higher degree of character: those challenging ideas are what produce adults. that's why i said this is not a day care. this is a university. when you get rid of the big laws of god you don't get liberty. you get thousands of little laws that rush in to fill the vacuum. what we have today is we dr. gotten rid of those simple laws of god if you will and we have thousands upon thousands of little laws, opinions, that rush in to fill the vacuum that's been vacated by the law the truth that the academy was founded upon. >> that leads to chaos and fashion itchism fascism. no apooing points opposing points of view will be tolerated. when we come right back whether laura ingraham and
8:37 pm
the liberal press will ever turn on barack obama. reaction to president obama's speech last night.
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8:40 pm
thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the impact segment tonight, we expect president
8:41 pm
obama's job approval numbers to possibly fall into the 30's after all the terrorism controversy. but even though the president is having a hard time with isis, outlets like the "new york times" continue to prop him up. with us now here in new york city juan williams and washington laura ingraham. laura, did you sense that the liberal media in general, is there any chance they are going to turn on barack obama? >> let me think about this. no. the liberal media will continue to prop up obama because in the end they are despising conservatives or, god fearing, tea party people, however you want to describe it. global community. >> the left sees the danger of this terrorism business? >> no. the danger for the left are tea party conservatives. donald trump, ted cruz, maybe ben carson, that is the real danger for the united states of america because those people. >> 14 dead people lying in the street? >> i think, bill, in the
8:42 pm
end, if innocent americans have to die for liberals to keep an open borders, you know, globalists pull multicultural vision of the world intact, that's what's going to have to happen. >> now i want to reintroduce juan williams because he is the only person in the united states that new poll is just in. the only person out of 320 million that thinks president obama's speech was good last night. >> i did. >> stand alone. >> i will tell you what i think. i won't play any games with you. but i will say this in response to it your question that today i was watching nbc, "the today show," there is mark halperin who says this speech was no good. i picked up a copy of politico they say the president said nothing, bill, nothing. >> some of them are coming over. >> so, but when i pick up the conservative media, there is not one word of support for our president. >> there never has been. the conservative media acts like a herd and you pick on
8:43 pm
liberal media. >> wait, i'm picking on the liberal media because there are dead people in the streets of america, okay. they are dead people. and that isis is winning as i laid out in the talking points memo memo. they are defeating the united states. we are not containing them. they are expanding and people are dying'. and then you have a section of the media that is saying they are fine with it and that's not the conservative. >> i don't know that anybody says they are fine with it i think people are fine. >> global warming is the cause of terrorism. >> no. let's not mock. let's sear yursly say there is a strategy. of the president has confidence in his strategy. most americans have never heard of his strategy because they pick up media that says the president doesn't have a strategy. >> that's insulting. >> seven years. okay? the strategy is not working. go ahead, laura. >> there is no strategy. everyone knows there is no strategy. it's very different from saying well, mark halperin said something. mark halperin is hardly like the huffington post. the fact that mark hall trip says his speech is lame big
8:44 pm
deal. a lot of people at the other cable network says the speech is lame. that doesn't mean anything. what means something is when the rubber meets the road. when his successor, hillary clinton is running against one of the republican nominees, whether it's cruz, trump, rubio, whoever it is is we'll see how the media judges obama because hillary is going to have to prop up barack obama's policy. >> she was at the center of it. >> i think the president spoke last night because the poll bill o'reilly mentioned this. polls have been going down his strategy. you why it's going down? because he can't get heard in terms of saying here is my strategy. >> are you kidding me? is that your argument? no, no, no. >> defeat the terrorists. >> let me get this straight. >> we are live tonight. so, juan, juan, the polls aren't going down because he hasn't been heard. the polls are going on because there are dead people in the street, juan. >> planned parenthood wasn't dead people in the street? >> no, no, no. >> in chicago? >> organized jihad cutting
8:45 pm
through. it's cutting through. it's here. >> the president is singularly focused on islamophobia and global warming. >> strategic sustainable strategy to defeat the bad guys. not just shouting out. >> as i said, we admire you for being the only person in the united states who thinks that was a good speech. i have got to go. bernie goldberg is on deck. he has reaction to president obama last night. i think it with juan. bernie is next. this is claira.
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back of the book segment tonight, president obama got a huge audience addressing the issue of terrorism from the oval office o. as i stated in the talking points, there was little new. but reaction came quickly. >> i think nothing new and no sense of bipartisanship, not good for the country.
8:49 pm
>> you saw much more passion. you saw much more force. you finally got a chance to hear him lay out his concern as a parent, glets he laid out this strategy again and it's really the same strategy that hasn't been working for the last several years. >> joining us now from miami, the purveyor of bernard, mr. goldberg. before we get into analyzing the reaction from the pundits. what did you think of the speech? >> well, you know, i watched it and i came away saying i can't believe there are very many americans out there who are saying after this speech now i feel better. i listened to the president and now i feel better about how he is taking on isis. and then i thought whether you like president obama or not, whether you agree with him or not, this is a man who has rhetorical skills. this is a man who came to office with very, very rare qualities in a politician.
8:50 pm
he had charisma, and he had magic that indefinable something and they are gone. he squandered them because you can't say things like isis is the jv say things like, the jv thing. isis is contained one day before they kill 130 in paris. you can't say terrorists are on the run and maintain your credibility. you can't maintain that magic and charisma. so i said, you know, it's over. this is not the man who came into office. >> but you have a guy like juan williams, a liberal man who thinks it was a good speech. that's what i was trying to get at. there's a hard core crew that's going to support barack obama to the end, no matter what happens. >> that's absolutely right. there are people in the media who have a lot invested in barack obama. they're not going to throw him under the bus.
8:51 pm
but when barack obama makes you look foolish by defending him, that's another story. >> do you think we've reached that point? >> i think we're at a tipping point. the american people know that isis isn't the jv team, and so do journalists, including liberal journalists. the american people know isis isn't contained and so do the journalists. if they think they're going to look like idiots defending the indensable, you know, we could see things changing for the first time in a long time. >> as i said in one of the leads, the poll numbers coming out this week will show barack obama in a freefall, and people are just going to go, you know what? he doesn't live in the same world we live in. >> that's absolutely correct.
8:52 pm
the word that comes to mind is "delusional." you can't believe the things he believes and not think of the word delusional. he is the man who thinks the world is the place that he wants it to be. >> there are a lot of people like that. >> yeah, yeah. except mike tyson had a line about something like that. mike tyson, the boxer, he said the fighter goes into the ring with a plan, until he gets punched in the mouth. well, barack obama's plan, whatever it is, to fight isis has taken more than a few punches to the mouth. mike tyson would have stranged his strategy. barack obama doesn't. >> and there's also another worded involved with the president and it's irony. it has to go with the gun control that he wants so desperately, to shift the conversation over to it. not to terrorism, either domestic or foreign. more americans are buying guns because barack obama's president
8:53 pm
than ever before. so he is the best thing that's ever happened to the gun industry, because people feel so insecure, this guy will never protect us, so people are going to buy as many guns and ammunition as they can. that's irony. last word. >> yeah, the last word is i agree with you. irony can be the nasty companion, and it is in this case, obviously. >> i mean, if he wants gun control, he should resign, because he's not going to get it. bernie goldberg, everybody. "factor tip of the day," how you can turn bad times into victories. "the tip," moments away. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition
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>> he did four years in the navy, glenn, and he was decorated for his service. amazing they came out of the same family. >> that's smart, tim. a challenge will get him nowhere with these pinheads. but i would like to hear those tapes. so if you can get them to me, i'll listen to them and we might be able to do something with them.
8:58 pm
>> friday we had a great time, and next year we are going to cancel the don't be a pinhead shows and call them "who wants to be president" tour. so we'll announce the first wave of dates this wednesday. premium members get first crack at tickets tomorrow. daniel from lexington, kentucky -- >> i'm glad you're aboard, dan. memberships make great gifts, remember that. and use your discounts, guys, because you get nice discounts and a lot of free stuff we're giving away. and we're giving away a lot of money to charity this christmas season. finally, "factor tip of the day," life is hard, then you die that's the optimistic outlook that many people have.
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i'm bill o'reilly. we hope you always remember the spin stops right here, because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking news tonight on the san bernardino terror attack, including evidence that may suggest an international connection here. the news breaking just as we came to air, that large sums of money were deposited into the killer's bank account just weeks before they opened fire at a christmas party. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. in the days science syed farook and tashfeen malik committed the attack, there's been questions whether they had outside help. tonight we may be closer to learning the truth. it comes as we obtain a rare image of the pair, believed to have b


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