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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 8, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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tonight on "red eye." president obama wants to stop people on the no fly list from buying guns. that's bad knews for you penguins, key wees and emu's. and marco rubio loves water. is it possible he loves water more than his country? and would you fake a disability just so you can fly with your pets? seems like the only sane thing to do. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. the fbi says the married couple responsible for the mass killings in san bernadino was at a shooting range days
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before the attack. they believe the farook and malik, his wife, were radicalized for quite some time. one source telling fox news that prior to the attack deposio the terrorist bank accounts. it is unclear where the money came from. donald trump wants to ban muslims from traveling to the u.s. the front runner releasing a statement on monday night calling for a, quote, complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. the rest of the republican field responded to trump making it mown that they do not share his beliefs. iran is defying the world again carrying out another medium range ballistic missal test. the launch reaches to u.n security relations. it has a range of 1200 miles. and it is capable of hauling a nuclear warhead.
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it is the second missal test done by iran since it agreed to curb its nuclear program back in july. >> today at the ceremony we demonstrate that the lives lost on december 7th and in world war ii were not lost in vein. >> the u.s. is marking 74 years since the surprise attack on pearl harbor. the nation honoring the lives lost on december 7th 1941. the ceremonies were held from washington to honolulu remembering the day that lead the u.s. in world war ii. during the attack about 2400 military members were killed on the hawaii island of oahu. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy over at the "red eye" news desk. >> happy take it in the ear
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day, tom. >> what? >> happy take it in the ear day, tom. >> what in the world is take it in the ear day? >> i have no idea and neither does anyone else apparently, but it exists. >> what could it mean? >> i could speculate, but it is better to roll the banter animation. >> let's welcome our guests. she authored dirty sexy politics. two of those words don't sound bad. i am here with the fox news contributor megan mccain. his witt cuts like diamonds. will ron. she appeared on the dana harvey show and now the tom shillue show. that's not the name of the show, but actor and author of "aping gree conversations -- angry conversations conversations with god." he won the andy kaufman award. or he is part of the andy kaufman joke. lets ay start the show. president obama addressed the nation on sunday night and the
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nation's response was, okay, now back to football. i want to focus on one thing the president said that got many republicans up in arms. >> congress should act to make sure no one on a no fly list is able to buy a gun. what could possibly be the argument for allowing a terror suspect to buy a semiautomatic weapon? this is a matter of national security. >> last week the senate voted against a ban on gun purchases for the people on the federal terrorist watch list. the republicans argued that the ban would take away americans' rights without due process and they .ed out that the -- and they pointed out the lists are not always accurate. >> the majority of the people on the no fly list are oftentimes people who had the same name of somebody else and they don't belong on the no fly list. the former senator kennedy, ted kennedy said he was on a no fly list. there are journalists on the no fly list. there are others on the no fly list. these are everyday americans who don't have anything to do with terrorism.
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>> at least one of the republican candidates would consider the ban. >> if you are on the no fly list you can buy a firearm. does that need to be fixed? >> i would certainly take a look at it, i would. if you can't fly and you've got some really bad -- i would certainly look at that very hard. >> he would look at it very hard. very hard, will. he would look at it very hard. that's a specific thing he would do. >> that's his stock answer for i have no idea what you are talking about. you can bring anything to donald trump and he will say yeah, i'll look into that. should we intern all of the muslims in cams? i'll take a hard look at that. he will say that to literally anything you could suggest. >> isn't that what someone is supposed to do? take a hard look at things. >> i can't even joke about them anymore. he seems to agree with president obama on this issue. what could possibly be the
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argument against this. do you think he is setting up a political argument? >> no. i don't think he read anything about it. >> i am talking obama. >> he is doing a cynical thing and he thought he could score points. >> that's what i wanted, criticize obama. >> the president, he goes up there and he knows that the libertarians on the left, the aclu, they hate it because it robs people of due process. department of homeland security employees are on the watch list and it is an absurd list. to deprive more people of constitutional rights, it is just a nonstarter. he is looking to get a few points out of this. >> he knows it and he is playing the logic game like we have to be calm and we have to approach this reasonably. he is playing politics, is he not? >> president obama? >> yes. >> all day, every day playing politics all day long. my favorite thing is my fellow
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republicans, especially in arizona, it is def-con5. they are saying another 9/11 is happening and gun sales are up. if you are cat stevens, ted kennedy you can't arm yourself. we are living in crazy times. >> crazy times. >> is anybody not being political now? >> i am trying my best. >> if the no fly list still includes ted kennedy, can somebody say he's gone. cat stevens has not played offensive music since 1979. >> no, that's when he was playing good music. >> that's true. i think, hey, if you are on the no fly list, call your congressman and get off. it hospital be hard -- it shouldn't be harder than going to get an id so you can vote. >> i see. there are two lists. we have the no fly list and then we apparently have the lists like we can fly, but we
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will give you grief. >> the no fly list would be a subsection of the terror watch list. >> the no fly terror list. if you are on that, you shouldn't have a gun. >> i have a sense that people want to talk about trump. and donald trump put out a press release calling for, quote, a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. nick, it seems like he left a lot of wiggle room in there, don't you think? >> if you are not a muslim, you're fine. that was a little wiggle room. >> when trump came for the mexicans, i did not speak up. when trump came for the muslims i did not speak of. i did not speak up. there was nobody left. >> i wish his hair would have spoke up. >> he is an okay guy. he is white like you so let him in here. >> which part was offensive.
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>> he will come back and say look, this isn't racist. i am saying we will temporarily shut it down until -- what did he say? until we get a handle on what's going on. what's wrong with that? >> kareem abdul jabar, get out of town! mohamed ali, pack your bags. >> i don't think he is dangerous. >> somebody wrote on my wall i think all muslim americans need to go back. i was like go back where? mohammad ali is from louisville so he wants them all to go to louisville. >> let's talk about the politics. his numbers are going up, are they not? >> he has a golf course in dubai, so i want to know if it is being shutdown because there are muslims working there as well. number two, he is officially down according to a poll in iowa. ted cruz is up ahead of donald trump. this is the political reaction to him falling in iowa. >> that's it. he is flanking to the right,
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is he not? cruz is the only guy matching on the right. >> he is the thinking man's trump. he is the harvard law. >> do you disagree? >> he is trump with a harvard law degree. he knows how to parse it a little bit. give him a couple weeks. i think this is a reaction to donald trump seeing a dip in iowa because he thinks the people around him -- he thinks the iowa voters are idiots. >> during a rally on friday night donald trump brought up to the stage two women who were not shy about their support. >> and this is going to be our next president of these united states. >> the duo known as diamond
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and silk were known as internet sensations after they posted videos after the first gop debate. they were first getting started. >> listen, he will put that wall up. he is gonna build that wall. >> he is gonna build it. he is gonna build it tall. >> he will protect us all. >> we don't want this country to fall, do we? build the wall, donald trump. >> build that wall. >> i think they speak for all-americans. >> i like silk. i am a silk fan. >> in other campaign news, has blown the lid off the water obsession. in 2013 while delivering the gop state of the union response the florida senator famously paused to get his h2o fixed. there he goes. on monday he ran an 18-00 word piece that noted like richard
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nixon's perspiring the need for constant hydration is a bodily quirk that infringes on his life. he takes care to make sure there is water at events and the vessel he drinks out of, stemless glasses, not stemmed and water bottles. the absence has thrown off the delivery. marco has a water thing says one affiliate. a water thing? megan, i know they have to fill -- they have to fill pages here, but is that much? >> they are acting like he is shooting black tar heroin. he has a real problem. he is making speeches all date long and doing town halls and he wants a little water. i read this article and he said there is ice in the glass and it makes noise. >> their response was politico
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lost his mind. you have officially lost your mind. why don't you go back to telling chelsea and hillary clinton you will give them easy interviews. >> politico may have lost their mind, but aren't you jealous of their page fuse from this afternoon? >> we are all talking about it. it is generating a little politico traffic. sometimes i work in a writer's room with the reporters and a newsroom, pu will. a newsroom if you will. you would think, that's kind of interesting, but isn't that more of a tweet? isn't that more of a facebook -- did you sum that up on instagram? this is kind of oppressive. i did not finish it, but it was impressive that politico, they knew what they were doing. here we are talking about it at 3:15 a.m. >> i would say a series of tweets. >> a tweet storm.
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>> a tweet storm! you do that, right? >> until i wake up tweeting at the world. >> what do you think of the physical quirk. >> this is the most important story of the day. this trump stuff, i mean i don't trust a guy who needs water. what is he a snowman? he is always sweating and he needs water. i think he is a snowman that made a wish. >> i think he can turn it around. he can get camel backs and have the little thing that goes in here, and he can -- it can be like team rubio h2o. all supporters can wear camel backs for support. >> you noy who loves the camel -- you know who loves the camel backs? democrats. who loves the water the most? the democrats are hiking and they never get off the appalachian trail. >> tom, i am not a doctor or a vet, but i can tell you that when cats have the kidney problem, sometimes they drink a lot of water.
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i don't know. i am just posing questions. >> i see. i am not even going to elaborate on that. okay, now, despite what nick said, it is finally time for -- tis the season to open carry. she is taking heat for her family packing it. it features a group armed to the teeth. even her young grandchild is toting a pistol. she is the blonde woman and posted the photo on facebook writing it is up to americans to protect america. we are just your ordinary american family. that's a lot of american in there. democrats are calling fiori a gun nut and they call her the first future female president of the -- president. all of this fuss could be avoided. there is a way to show your value without being controversial. he makes a point about issues that affect his family like
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political correctness. it says hope your holidays are nonoffensive. holiday safety. have a safe holiday. presidential politics. look at that flying shoe. and addiction to technology. we all do that, don't we? >> i do that every day. >> i have no idea what this one represents. what are they serving? that's their christmas. they celebrate in strange ways. megan, were you offended by a gun toting family? >> that could be my brother's christmas card when he has children. i am not offended at all. those are my people. >> what about the kid? we were talking in the green room. you have to teach him sometime, right? >> yeah, but that looks more like a christmas card from "sons of anarchy" but i am from california so i am
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uncomfortable with that much fire power. >> isn't it a cultural thing? you just both decided where you are from. you have seen people posing with guns since you were a kid, right? >> every guy i know from arizona carries a concealed carry on him all the time. my brother walks around with a piece on all the time. i have friends who come home for thanksgiving and shocked by the amount of guns my family owns. i think it is cultural, but every american has a right to defend themselves and we are big second amendment people and in all seriousness with what is going on in the world people want to protect themselves because it doesn't look like president obama is. >> will, this gives me an idea. it is about travel. when you want to learn about other cultures you are more open minded. how about people getting out of the city and going out to where the people are carrying their guns. maybe they will get used to it and won't be as scared. >> as a city dweller, i say, yeah, sure. >> i think part of the reason this is taking off and people are reporting on it is these -- this family -- they
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kind of look like what the coastal elite people like say andy levy would imagine these rural middle america families looking like. everybody is in their matching red shirts and it scares us a little bit. it is very exotic though. in that kind of way like going and seeing and exploring what the natives do. >> that's it. you know why comedians are so open minded is we get out there and play the funny bones and the punch lines. >> we can see the -- we're with the people. we are in the trenches. >> if you are not funny they will pull a piece on you. >> laugh it up, comedy boy. >> isn't it true though you go out to dinner at a road house after the show in middle america and there the guys are with the guns on their hip and it is not so bad. >> they tell you a racist joke and you have to laugh at it.
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that's very true by the way. >> it is not true. >> it is pretty true. >> i'll laugh. >> when you have a gun you have to laugh. >> that's funny, right? >> yeah. they went to a park. can't believe that happened. can we get the check? >> that would never happen to you. that has never happened. i have to defend my people. apparently as the one red state person at fox, you can't say that. that's not true. not one person has held a gun up to your head and told you a racist joke. it is a joke. >> the whole state of missouri they tell me eke joes. >> the cooling off period into the commercial. coming up, when pets fly. don't go anywhere.
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well, the new york post reports today that people are lying about their disabilities so they can receive special treatment by the airlines. the disability in question is emotional dependence on their pets. as you know, pets are not allowed on planes, but emotional support animals are. if you want your animal to be an emotional support animal the industry has sprung up on-line and instead of $50 to $200 you get a diagnosis. the post reports the airlines are compliant because fines can run as high as $150,000. so how do you separate the liars from the truly needy? of course your precious host offered a solution months ago on this very show. look. >> i have a better idea. calling the whole thing off. if you are so emotional
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fragile you can't fly without a potbelly pig next to you, you can't fly. sorry, not sorry. n-individuals is a tradeoff. to be compassionate to one you have to show lack of compassion to another. that is everyone else on the flight. >> wow, that was a daring tie-shirt combination. >> i'm sorry, not sorry. very hip. >> wow, that is some youthful lingo, tom shillue. >> have you looked at the demo? it is pretty low. a lot of young demos watching the show. >> listen, will ron, when will this end? people will continue with this and continue taking advantage of the system. the only answer is eliminate the whole thing. >> airlines? >> nobody can have a pet. if you have an emotional problem and need a pet, no flying. >> i know people are getting upset about this. i don't get it. finding a loophole and exploiting it and hanging out with an animal these are some of the most american things i can think of next to gun christmas cards. >> some of us don't ride first
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class to and fro washington and running about doing business and writing our newspapers. >> they don't let you bring cats on. >> you tried? >> yes, i tried when i was a little kid. they kicked off the cat. i am still upset at amtrak about that. bring your pets. >> you need a note from your doctor saying you are emotionally dependent from your pets. >> we outlawed spanking children. >> no one ever tells them -- i thought the most emotional support is a spouse so i travel with my husband but there is drama mean and there are pillow pets, drink a beer or don't fly. >> i haven't heard of this drug, should i look into it? >> you should. >> some people like will ron weren't spanked enough. >> your parents didn't spank you? >> that wasn't the issue. i'm irish catholic. you get a little bit of that
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and run out and play stickball. classic brooklyn up bringing. >> i don't know if you have been on a plane when this happens, but there are dogs and cats running about the seats when you get on the plane. >> they say if you are allergic to a peanut and die and maybe it is the world telling you you are not supposed to live. you can't get on the plane without a little dog. maybe you are not emotional capable of getting on the plane. >> megan thinks these people should die. >> those are my people! >> i don't like these emotional support children they were allowed to bring on the plane. apparently they say i need my children with me because then i will worry where they are. you know what, i don't want to stand for it. if you can't go on a plane without your kids you don't need to be flying. put them in a whatever -- >> in a kennel. in a kids kennel. >> the pets can fly below.
12:27 am
it is cold down there. >> put two layers of jeans on. >> i know a bunch of obnoxious girls that have tiny dogs and say support animals and they bring them all the time. i don't know how it works, but they say i know people in my life that it is a support animal. >> megan, that's perfect. >> every pet is a support animal. >> so the people you know have gotten this little doctor's note. they paid -- you pay $100 and you get it. there have been guests on the show. they won't fess up, but they have emotional support animals. it is easy to do. pretty soon it will be like noah's arc. >> name names. >> i will not name names. >> can we guess? >> you can get off air. >> it is small, isn't it? >> it is not sherrod small. he is not a pet guy. coming up, you asked for it and now you will get it. half time is next.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. the man who purchased two rifles used in the masacre in san bernadino is now talking to authorities. agents are telling fox news they are leaning toward charging him, however at this point they don't know if he modified the weapons to make them automated or if the terror suspects or a third
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party did. and the fbi says the married couple behind last week's mass shooting in san bernadino had been, quote, radicalized for quite some time. farook and his wife were at target practice at area gun ranges. the last time was just days before the terror attack that killed 14 people. investigators are also looking into the couple's money trail. one source close to the investigation tells fox news that they are eyeing a suspicious deposit of more than $28,000 into farook's bank account. yet another aircraft plane diverted due to an anonymous threat. this time a flight from san francisco to paris was forced to land at true dough airport in montreal. the plane landed without incident. and most weapons used by isis in the middle east were stolen from the iraqi army. that's according to a new report from amnesty international. the group says decades of
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poorly regulated arms flowing into iraq have contributed to isis, quote, large and lethal arsenal. according to the report the weapons were manufactured and designed in more than two dozen countries including rsh shaw, china, the u.s. and [inaudible]. oscar pistorius is in court for a bail hearing. they threw out his manslaughter conviction for killing his girlfriend and found him guilty of the more serious charge of murder. a new sentencing date has not been set. now back to "red eye." welcome back. your dreams are your ticket. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy on the "red eye" news desk. >> a nice welcome back carter shoutout. >> you caught that? >> absolutely jie. some of these underaged people -- >> i saw that movie. obama's speech and the whole no fly list hospital be
12:34 am
allowed to buy guns. as will pointed out it is not a no fly list. that's a sub list of the terrorist watch list. the bill that diane feinstein put up and would have done h would have used the terrorist watch list and another database maintained by the national counterterrorism association that is even larger. why aren't you saying this? >> i have to give you something. >> i don't mean on this show. >> >> it is everywhere you run. >> what is that thing you run? >> we had a piece up today on the terror watch list. >> did he call it the no fly list? >> listen, i am not going to be interrogated by andrew levey at the daily >> the president knows this and harry reed knows this.
12:35 am
in a nonpolitical setting we would refer to this as lying. why is the media playing along with this? they reifer to it as the no fly list. >> where have you been for the past 15 years? >> i have been here in this seat telling jokes. >> yeah, yelling people at 3:00 a.m. and making them feel bad. they leave here feeling bummed out. >> so i have been doing my job. >> you said if you are on the no fly list call your congressman and get off of it. >> a friend of mine did that. he called to complain and they put him on the no fly list. so he called his congresswoman and she got him taken off. >> so they put him on the list because he complained? >> yes. they said he could be dangerous. he with one step away from the
12:36 am
guy who jumped over the fence. this was in a previous administration. he did get off by calling -- >> but part of the problem is the aclu is currently suing the obama administration over the no fly list and one of the reasons reasons -- they are suing on behalf of 10 people. 10 people who couldn't get told they weren't on the list. when the aclu sued on their behalf the government airing -- argued that whether or not they were on the list was a state secret. >> this is what happens when too many people try to get together and fix things. >> i feel bad for obama. he says you can't do that. you can't do that. anybody who is in that office has a thankless job. >> but when you -- the thing that is constitutional --
12:37 am
>> i imre. but the question is. >> if this is a subset then why are you on the no fly list. let's have not just a blanket throw everyone at the flagpole and see who comes down with the gun. >> can we agree it is will's fault? >> it is totally will's fault. it is his beard. >> you are a parody of an irritating libertarian. >> are you cornering people. no, no, the fountain head. what they need to read is the fountain head. >> i think we should put men's facial hair on no fly list. >> trump wants to stop letting muslims into the country. this is where i need you back. you said donald trump is so bad you can't even talk about him. he makes you want to crawl into bed and eat ice cream and watch old movies. >> haha, he has lyndsay
12:38 am
graham's phone number and telling it to a thousand people. now it is just a giant bummer. there is some neo nazi in his trailer right now who will tweet me later. it is all so awful. >> and you will replay saying month andy is the jew. that's the kind of thing you would do. >> trump supporters hate me too. >> what about those two women? they seem to think he is doing a great job. >> i don't have them in my notes. >> silk? >> amber and silk. >> diamonds and silk. >> if you wrote that into a movie i would think how dumb is this movie? >> they have real issues. they like the guy. >> i think they are sort of like obama's anger
12:39 am
translator. they are like, wait. anyone who is hard of hearing you just repeat it. >> trump doesn't seem angry. he always seems like he is in a good mood. >> he seems like he is all of the initter net troll comments put into one person. he says whatever he -- you know, completely outrageous stuff. or he is like your drunk uncle running for president. >> real guy. >> what is that? >> he is a real guy, a regular guy. >> he's a turd. >> he said when he came for the muslims he didn't speak up and the americans he didn't speak up. >> he had a gun to his head. >> we are going to get to that. tom you said trump will come back and say this isn't racist. the not letting muslims into the country. >> he says he has a lot of friends. >> it is not racist. muslims are not a race.
12:40 am
>> cleared up that one. >> i'm sure donald trump has a firm grasp of that point. >> it is bigoted, but not racist. >> politics wrap up -- did you see rueben is shooting black tar heroin. >> politico is acting like he is drinking and maybe they can reach out to hillary clinton. didn't forget. writing the pieces about marco rubio. people had forgotten that. >> we remember. >> you are going to give chelsea clinton a comfortable interview? >> he is a good guy. >> what is he a snowman? are snow men known for drinking a lot of water? >> they are made of water.
12:41 am
it is a different form. it is mostly water. >> by the way, the reason you never see hillary clinton drinking water is that rep -- reptilians don't need it. >> the christmas card with guns. will you took a shot at me for being part of the coast ali leet. >> that was a compliment. >> i was going to say don't remember running into you in the army or watching football. >> mic drop. >> you are very manly. >> flying with emotional support i enjoyed your lawment for tom -- sorry moment with tom. you didn't mention mine which is hand out xanax to passengers. >> that's a good idea.
12:42 am
>> we are done. you are done. thank you, andy. time to take a break. now take it away kennedy. >> salute you, "red eye" watchers. on the next show, the always brilliant charles cook. see you at 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 pacific on the fox business network.
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no fish stickss, no peace. they are so disgusted that they organized a boycott to put pressure on the food services company. the boycott started with a class project and the civics teacher said they found if they boycotted lunch they wouldn't get paid and they saw that as a means of forcing the company to provide higher quality food. they think about 80% of the 1100 students will take part in the boycott. well, what do you think? megan. i am confused. i think he is a bit of an activist. eat your lunch and go back to class, right? >> i heard it was really bad and they were protesting it earlier. so maybe this has something to do with that. i don't know. all i know is when i was in school i ate a lot of chicken patties and candied yams and things that were gross.
12:47 am
so maybe growing up school lunches are not the best. >> candied yams? we had coleslaw. that was our dreaded sidedish. it was the rainbow coleslaw. >> is it the different leaves? >> you do it wrong you have to eat three rainbow cold slaw. >> why some rainbow. >> there is red and yellow. >> i feel like it was healthy. >> we didn't like healthy foods. we are kids. >> i think boycotting is silly, but -- because children are dumb they don't realize the power they have. the fifth graders at a school would unionize and they could say we are not doing our homework anymore and go to school how will he stop them? >> it is already happening in l.a. >> why can't they bring a peanut butter sandwich to school some.
12:48 am
add your own tater tots. it looks like kfc without the red and white stripe. it they put it in a bach. >> hey, you are speaking my language. i will go one step further. they are taking away gym. they are taking away art. let's shorten the day and when they get hungry, send them home. >> that's not how it used to be. >> when i started in elementary school, we all brought our lunches. if you didn't bring your lunch they put a big thing of peanut butter with a big spoon. >> i had two slice of bread. it would be bread and balogna. and then i would lick the salt off my hand for success tau nens.
12:49 am
now they have drink, sides, spoils! we are teaching them activism. isn't that the problem? >> you don't want them to think they have a say in anything. bow down and do what they tell you and don't make -- if funninger games taught us anything be sub serve gent. don't rise up. >> it is like the issue with the school uniforms. >> i had to wear the school iewn rms to. >> catholic school? >> yes, xavier college prep. i was in detention a lot. i was always rolling my skirt up. it was a longtime ago. look i am on tv, you nuns. worked out on you kay. >> who won this round, nuns? >> the school uniform you are
12:50 am
probably in favor because they helped discipline. >> i hated my school uniform so much. i was put every saturday in detention and was not allowed to wear flip-flops. i don't think kids should wear uniforms. >> i we'll close things out with a bedtime story.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" jedediah bila, rob long and dagin mcdowell. >> what is the most common fear? an on-line survey from rankor .com is about to find out. they chose between 44 phobias. the top five are fear of deep water. fear of snakes. fear of enclosed spaces. we all know that one. fear of spiders. fear of heights. a bunch of other phobias, strange ones were like fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth which was ranked number 41. the website that conducted the
12:55 am
survey is not a trusty scientific source. here is another survey that i notice they did. who will get the drunkest at the golden globes? looks like amy schumer is in the lead so far. no surprise there. nick, what is your biggest fear? >> my biggest -- not having something to say -- oh no. it is happening.. >> you had me there. i thought wait a minute. we sent an e-mail and think of your worst near. fee is going up. >> butter nut squash, slippers formica tile. being insignificant. i think butter nut squash, i think. >> that's right. >> it is a weird shape and if you eat it and dream about it it is like the butter nut
12:56 am
squash monster. >> i don't want to touch it either. >> i obviously have a fear of saying those names. it is fear of snake or arachnaphobia or whatever it was. >> it doesn't sound debilitating. >> for the one moment and then you are okay. >> we are all upset. i would say probably a two-way tie between commitment and change. >> are they the same or opposites? >> i think it is the same. >> what do you fear? >> a hillary presidency. i was thinking about what is keeping me up at this time of night and that will do it. >> i thought i was going to read the end here? i will say my special thanks.
12:57 am
megan mccain, will ron, nick isaac and -- oh no. susan isaacs. >> we just got married. see you next time. i'm tom shillue. right there.
12:58 am
12:59 am
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we want to wish everyone a happy hanukkah tonight. special report next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we are learning tonight that as bad as last week's terrorist massacre in san bernardino, california was, it could have been much worse. after the bullets that killed 14, there were bombs targeting first responders, but they didn't go off. there was also breaking news about what law enforcement may have known about one of the shooters prior to the assault and how both prepared for battle. senior correspondent adam housely has breaking news on the story tonight. he's in redlands, california right now. adam? >> reporter: fox news has learned that law


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