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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 8, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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again. >> how's the christmas tree? it looks okay. >> it looks okay to us. >> it looks good. >> you're not getting old. >> that's it for today. thank you very much for joining us today. see you back here tomorrow same time, same couch. bill: a fox news alert. donald trump is not backing down on his call for a ban to muslim immigration to the u.s. martha: here are the comments that sparked the uproar. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is
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going on. [cheers and applause] >> we have no choice. we have no choice. we can't live like this. it will get worse and worse. you will have more world trade centers. it's going to get worse and worse. we knowledge be politically correct and stupid but it will get worse and worse. bill: there was wired spread condemn -- there was widespread condemnation from both side of the aisle. here is vice president dick cheney. he thinks it's a terrible idea. >> this idea of no more muslims, to ban a religion is a bad idea. bill: let's bring in byron york. if history is any guide, this is going to play out like it has
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for the past year. how's that? >> it's not the first controversy involving donald trump. there are recognizable steps in these trump controversies. the first is there is a problem. then trump comes up with a radical proposal. in this case a ban on all muslims entering the country. it sets the political world on fire. his rival candidate condemn him, the political establishment condemns him. he musters a show of support, you saw that in south carolina last night, then he begins to refine his idea. he began that on "gretta" last night. he did a bunch of interviews this morning and said it would not apply to american he citizens or muslim-americans serving in the u.s. military and
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it would be temporary. then the argument gets into the weeds. he cited f.d.r. as a president. and then donald trump moves on with his support. bill: he says it's not set in stone. he says our representatives have to get their act together. he take all the oxygen out of the room. few people are talking about how to defeat isis. trump as you mentioned, he was on for 90 minutes on two different cable shows and one broadcast morning show and this is what he said. >> if a person is a muslim and goes overseas and come back, they can come back, they are a citizen. but we have to figure things out. look at this case of the bombing -- the killing, the carnage. he had bombs all over his
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apartment and people knew it and they didn't want to call the police and racially profile him. bill: if you look at the polling there is a majority of republicans and democrats who believe what he is talking about is possible. and byron, that's what he's going for. he's looking for that in his supporters. >> he found it in his supporters. if you look at support trump has particularly among republicans who do not have a college degree. very, very strong support. i think you are going to see that continue. yesterday at this time you and i were talking about republican reaction to the president's prime time address. all the reviews were very, very negative. trump turned the debate into a completely different direct and it's all about donald trump and
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we have seen him do that before. martha: jeb bush tweeting this. donald trump is unhinged. his policy supports are not serious. chris christie speaking up on the radio. here he is. >> this is the kind of thing people say when they have no experience and don't know what they are talking about. we do not need to resort to type of activity nor should we. you do not need to be banning muslims from the country. in my view that's a ridiculous position and one that won't even be productive. martha: carly fiorina calling out trump with bill o'reilly.
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>> that overreaction is as dangerous as barack obama's under reaction. we are going to violate the rights of citizens. he's preying on the fears of the american people. it's called rabble rousing. martha: obviously there is a vacuum in this one tray that allows people to respond positive live to what donald trump said. people don't feel the government is taking care of them and i think that's what we are seeing in response to donald trump. bill: you can like it or dislike it. a recent fox news poll found a majority of democrats and republicans believe at least one
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syrian refugee coming to the united states will carry out an attack. martha: the f.b.i. is following the money and a possible international connection to the attacks in san bernardino. investigators finding syed farook and farb * deposited a -- and tashfeen malik deposited a large sum of money two weeks before carrying out these attacks. but the details on their background is still somewhat a mystery. >> the question we are trying to get ought is when did this happen and by whom did this happen. we don't know the answers at this point. martha: chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in redlands. reporter: the most important lead they seem to have is this money trail. that's always something
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investigators focus on quickly in the aftermart of these sorts of incidents -- in the aftermath of these attacks. e farooks had a deposit of $28,500 go into his bank account two weeks before the attacks. that's a large loan because it's half of his salary. then 10 days later he withdraw $10,000. where did that $10,000 go. the f.b.i. is looking at whether it went t to to enriquey marque. he is the one who gave those deadly assault rifles to farook and malik.
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we do know those guns and others were used by farook and malik at nearby gun ranges in the days leading in the up to last wednesday's deadly shooting. here is someone who works sat one of those gun ranges. >> he presented what appears to be a valid i.d. he came in and acted the way normal people act. come in and use the range. >> it affected the world, it affected our range, it affected everybody. >> we are also learning the very people targeted in last wednesday's shooting held an active shooter drill in that very same room in which they were eventually attacked. that drill took place last fall. what we do not know is if farook
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was present at the active shooter drill and whether he used that as some type of ominous reconnaissance mission. bill: they have a pretty good clue already if they follow the money trail. the president laying out his plan to as he says, c isis. coming up, senator john mccain says we need a plan, a new plan right now. he's next. plus this. >> individual tied to terrorist groups in syria have tried to gain access to our country through the refugee program. martha: donald trump is working to tighten security around a key refugee program to keep isis out as refugees flood in. bill
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trump? will he have skipped national security hearings and votes just to campaign like marco rubio? martha: the gloves are coming off. one super pac supporting jeb bush. the ad tries to paint jeb bush and marco rubio weak or reckless. the new ad is set to air in four states. it will be aired nationally on cable. will it work will be the big question. bill: from the trail to the hill. lawmakers calling for action. president obama is fond of invoking lessons from america's recent wars. the simplest is the one he
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rarely mentions. the arizona senator is my guest now. you call for two to three times the forces on the ground in iraq today. what is the realistic chance that happens under this administration? >> i'm always hopeful with jimmy carter had a very passivistic view until the russians invaded afghanistan. i was hoping the san bernardino attack might change this president. but frankly i don't know what's going to change this president. meanwhile as lyndsey graham and i pointed out, isis is metastasizing. they are in libya and seven
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other countries in the region and there is no strategy to defeat them. ' they have trumpeted the fact they finally took out the fuel trucks isis was using to raise money from oil. it took them a year. one of the reasons why is they could never get permission from the white house to attack those fuel trucks. i'm not making that up. bill: vladimir putin called them out at the g20. you say the strategy is changing. do you think it is? you just mentioned the fuel trucks. the fuel trucks sharing intelligence with france. urging turkey to close its bored. 300 specia -- special opposite-. do you think the white house has
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changed its strategy? >> no what they have done is incrementally increase their activities in response to the airliner or paris or san bernardino. what we are seeing, that goes to the vietnam war of incremental increases in what they are doing. the best thing we can see now is establish a no-fly zone. you can stop the barrel bombing of bashar al-assad and don and train freedom fighters there. but they won't do something like that. bill: you admit there is a slight chance but not nearly wait needs to be. >> it's incremental. but they have been killing bad guys. there has to be more american
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boots on the ground. right now we have 3,500. not the huge influx the president is talking about an an international force. the largest composition would be arab countries who would be willing to do that if we supported it. >> americans have no confidence in the handling of isis. clear majority. that's what the poll told us from cnn. 60% say action against isis going badly. majorities in both parties thinks the u.s. has not been aggressive enough. >> for four years lindsey graham and i have been saying that. for four years lee we have been arguing for this and we have been disrespected by the liberal
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establishment. but there is going to be another attack unless we stop them and that is just inevitable. more and more americans are beginning to realize that. the president likes to set up true men. do nothing or hundreds of thousands. that's not what we are advocating here. a lot of smart people we admire or respect all say the same thing. martha: the nuclear deal struck with iran and now they have reportedly tested a ballistic missile that is not allowed under that agreement. it's in direct violation of the deal we've signed with them. bill: a local sheriff says in the wake of the san bernardino attacks he has advice for the
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the missile has a range of 1,200. martha: ways your reaction and as you point out this is not the first time they have done this. any response from the white house? reporter: the national security council issued a statement saying they are aware of the test but so far we have not heard reports we have gone to the sanctions committee in new york.
6:27 am
the last test was october 10. that test i will list his sited -- that test i will i brot strong condemnations. the last missile attack the president said the i.s. was preparing to brief the u.n. sanctions committee, adding it would not derail the nuclear deal. >> we'll review as we have in the past any violations of u.n. resolutions and we'll deal with them much as we have in the past. reporter: days after tehran and six world powers signed the nuclear accord, the u.n. passed resolution 2221 which compels iran to refrain from testing ballistic missiles.
6:28 am
the security council is debating how to respond to iran's last test in october. as of this morning there has been very little reaction from iran or the united nations to this latest revelation. bill: there was a time when you break a treaty you pay a price for it. apparently not yet. americans are lining up to get their guns. will 2015 become the biggest year on record for firearms sales? martha: donald trump has gotten fierce we action to his proposal. we ask carly fiorina to respond. >> let us make our government competent. donald trump doesn't know how to do that but i do.
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>> i'm calling very simply for a shutdown of muslims entering the united states, and here is the key, until our country's representees can figure out what's going on. if a person is a muslim and goes overseas and comes back, they can come back, they are a citizen, that's different. but we have to figure thing out. we have problems in this country. we have people who want to blow up our building and cities and we have to figure out what's going on. this proposal has been met by intelligent people with great popularity. george, let me finish up by saying, it's a period of time. it's until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. martha: there you have it. donald trump refusing to budge.
6:33 am
the republican front runner sparking outrange. he's defending that plan saying it may not be politically correct but he doesn't care. republicans and democrats alike have been piling on. carly fiorina joins us from the cam rain trail. good to have you here this morning. this obviously the controversy of the moment. weigh in, what do you think. >> i think his overreaction is as dangerous as barack obama's under reaction. we all get frustrated when obama recognizes that the government is incompetent an tramples on our constitutional rights. donald trump is saying the government is incompetent so let's trample on the constitution by holding a religious test.
6:34 am
what i say is let us make our government competent and donald trump doesn't know how to do that. barack obama doesn't know how to do that, but i do. the media plays into this every time. donald trump says something and that's all we talk about. we ought to be talking about a sensible proposal to give the investigators access to all the nsa data they need. we ought to be talking about a sensible proposal mike mccaul made yesterday to fix this problem. i'm not an establishment insider, i'm an outsider. we settled for an incompetent government for too long. martha: the reason people are gravitating to these two opposite side is they are scared and they don't feel like the government is competent enough
6:35 am
to take care of them to protect the borders and keep people safe, to be reasonable and practical. >> and they are right. >> i don't think there i any disagreement on that. let's listen to what president obama said the other night. i know you head a strong reaction to his speech as well. >> muslim americans are our friend and neighbors, our co-workers, our sport hero, and yes they are our men and women in uniform who are willing to die in defense of our country. we have to remember that. martha: some people saw that as a bit scold together american people. >> of course it is. i think it is scolding. i think barack obama is lecturing us as usual instead of providing us with leadership and strength. something he's incapable of doing. that peach last night i tweeted was vintage obama.
6:36 am
we don't need lectures from him. we need competence. i think that's what's at stake in this election. i'm running because i believe i have the skills and experience necessary to deliver to the american people a government that works for them instead of a government crushing them and letting them down. but what we need to remember, our constitution is the documented we need to make this government competent. our constitution says this was intended to be a citizen government. our political classes let us down. 80% of the american people think the professional political class cares more about their ambition, power and privilege. 75% of the american people know the government is incompetent. donald trump is hillary clinton's christmas gift wrapped up under a tree. if he were to be our nominee hillary clinton will wipe the floor with him and we may lose
6:37 am
the senate and we could lose the house. i'm the lump of coal in her stocking. we have to take our country back. martha: i imagine people are listening more closely than ever after what happened in california in particular in terms of the issues of how things are run in this country and the safety they are concerned with at a gut level. you talk about the fact that you believe donald trump can't win. there is increasing discussion among the political pundits about a brokers convention. there are many who do not want to see that happen. here is laura ingraham on "fox and friends." >> we could see because of this and despising what he stand for. this could ultimately lead to a crisis at the convention where the republican party basically
6:38 am
rips itself apart to prevent him from becoming the nominee. martha: is she right? >> i don't know, i have a lot of respect for laura ingraham. that's one of the reasons hillary clinton considers donald trump a gift wrapped present under the tree. i'm running for president because i think it's time we take our country back. that means we cannot hand the presidency to a career politician but we also cannot hand our presidency to incompetent people to talk tough but can't deliver. donald trump says you don't want to know my strategy to defeat isis. indianapolis because he doesn't know how to defeat isis. i have been specific. we must deny them territory. we must build up a coalition of sunni arabs who will help us fight.
6:39 am
we must take advantage of every capability in this country to track down would-be terrorists. we are not engaging the private sector at all. we need to engagement private sector. technology has moved on a long way. 14 years, to be precise, from the patriot act and four years from obama's cyber strategy. we can fix it but we won't fix it by fear mongering and rabble rousing. martha: we need to get google on the same page with that. thank you very much. always good to have you with us. bill: 21 before the hour. stark warning from the chairman of the homeland security committee here. >> extremists are not only disguising travel to evade the detection, they are also concealing their communications. no longer do terrorists plot by
6:40 am
using couriers and caves. bill: lawmakers want to overhaul the homeland security deal. >> it started up the road. they started flooding first. we were going door to door. reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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but it is not the device mobithat is mobile, it is you.
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martha: very heavy streets turned portland oregon into streams. the high waters caused the city's sewer system to overflow. officials warning people to avoid it for 48 hours. a flood watch remains in effect. it's expected to continue into the weekend.
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bill: the chairman of the house homeland security committee warns that some refugees with ties to terrorism are trying to find a way into the u.s. >> the united states government has information to indicate individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria have attempted to gain access to our country through the u.s. refugee program. >> this is a big deal. ed royce, chairman of the house committee. first of all what do you want to do to the program? >> we want to do is twofold. this an automatic visa waiver in europe which would in theory allow those who go into syria to fight and train with isis and come back to europe to automatically have the ability to fly in the united states.
6:45 am
we want them vetted. we'll do this where with the legislation. secondly we have a problem with stolen passports and passports, document fraud is used. you saw this in honduras with five syrians trying to get into the united states with stolen pass ports. both of these issues will be addressed. bill: on the vetting, can you tell me how your vetting program as you envision would be better than what we have right now? >> i can. what it would do is surface the 5,000 foreign fighters who have traveled out of the european theater into syria in order to train and carry out these attacks. there is a record of this that the europeans have in terms of those who have left. we want access to that information. no more automatic flights to if
6:46 am
the united states. we want that flagged. bill: you were just in europe, just in london a week or two ago. you know, the refugees moving across the continent in is so little record of so many of them. how would this program be better? >> what we are documenting in the legislation is anyone who has been in syria or iraq, or other countries that are state sponsors of terrorism, it would no longer be automatic entry into the united states. therefore we would be able to tell that these people are trying to come in on a visa. bill: that is a distinction based on where they have been. you would see that stamp much if the passport is legit. what countries it would apply to. >> primarily to syria and iraq
6:47 am
but it would also apply in theory to iran, a state sponsor of terrorism as well. bill: this program of is huge. on the screen, the permits, free travel for 20 million visitors. some 40% of all overseas visitors per year, visitors arrive from 38 different countries. is it true they can arrive on this program without a passport. >> the problem with a visa waiver promise that you could have individuals -- two of those who attacked the paris, including one who was the bomb who blew himself up outside the stadium traveled into belgium and france on these syrian passports. they came in through greece. they hid with the refugee population coming in from syria.
6:48 am
isis directed their own rank and file in the technique of how to sneak in with refugees. that's part of what they do. as a consequence of this plan by isis, in order to penetrate the west, we have them training in bomb making and in use of automatic weapons inside syria and telling individuals try to figure to get back into your host country and carry out attacks like we saw elsewhere. bill: it appears you have bipartisan support and the white house is on board. is that across root say? >> we are going to pass this with just an overwhelming margin in the house. you saw this on the last debate on the legislation on the syrian refugees where we picked up 47 democrats and had basically a reso override situation here. and i think more and more of the democratic rank and file are
6:49 am
seeing what the republicans are arguing here. this is a national security concern in which isis says it's at war with the united states and other western countries. it's going to try to kill all apostates. they are going to carry this battle to women and children. so it's incumbent upon to us take these steps and that's what they are doing. bill: does it have anything to do with the k-1 visa program with fiances? >> as we know in this particular situation, you also have isis with a 34-page manual to show how to use the internet and to show -- they are also trying to instruct people how to get ill legally into the united states and legally into the united states. and they now have a 24-hour hotline where if you want help
6:50 am
with security and you a want to join isis, they will help you set this up and encrypt your messages so it's harder for us in the united states to find out what isis fighters are doing here. bill: thank you for your time today. martha: how about this question. where did they get thousands of dollars to pull off the san bernardino attacks. investigators looking into mysterious deposits into these attackers accounts. could it lead to accomplices. bill: gun sales on the rise. americans in many places remain on edge. when you have shootings like that it makes people ponder, would i want to be there and be helpless. kages arrive. totally slammed! introducing real-time delivery notifications.
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martha: gun sales skyrocketing in the wake of the san bernardino attack. some say they feel the need to protect themselves and others say they fear it will make it lawmakers make a move towards more gun control. >> since president obama was first elected americans bought more than 100 million guns. while you often see a spike in local gun sales after a gun:spree, this is nationwide. background checks on black friday topped 185,000. that it's 8,000 guns sold every hour. a phoenix gun store is offering
6:55 am
a free concealed carry class for every gun sold. >> if you are not prepared how to use a gun safely it can be as dangerous as not having one. we wanted to make sure the customers buying our weapons were handling them in a safe, responsible manner. we didn't want people just to be out there aimlessly running around with guns on them. >them.. reporter: 27 states allow open carry without a permit. some polls say more universal background checks. but others see the president's effort as more restrictions on law biding gun owners. violent crime, including murders are the lowest in decades. though some gun control groups don't see it that way.
6:56 am
>> we cannot even prevent terrorists in this country from buying guns legally. what does that say about the resolve of our nation? >> we could have the highest number of guns sold ever this year. martha: william, thank you very much. bill: donald trump, is he losing the lead in iowa. trump is the only candidate that everyone is talking about today with his latest policy idea on muslims coming to america. >> on the budget, 51%. everyone else ... (0209fox555a.ecl)
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6:59 am
>> donald trump sparking an uproar with his latest comments
7:00 am
calling for a ban on muslims entering the united states. brand new aaron l. of america's news room. bill: this was a bendixen religion, trump is doubling calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. martha: that is a statement he read quite intentionally. great to see you this morning. a lot of\obviously for this. what do you make of it? is it a step too far? >> it is a step too far. i find it hard to believe we are having at serious debate about
7:01 am
banning an entire religion in a country that in many respects was founded on freedom of religion. i think it is a bigoted proposal. i think the reaction you see across the political spectrum from dick cheney to folks on the left suggests it is very much out of touch with mainstream american thinking and out of touch with mainstream american thinking. martha: look at the past several days, sen bernardine no, ted cruz getting some attention in the iowa polls and with this statement last night donald trump appleby attention, almost like a tease for reality tv show, something really big will happen tonight so tune in and everybody tunes in to see it. >> donald trump is a master at this, no question. if you take a second to think about what he is actually proposing, how it would really work, try to explain how it would work, how you would actually pull off a ban on all muslims entering the united
7:02 am
states, a total ban he said yesterday, he said, quote, customs agent would ask are you a muslim? think about that. if you are coming into the country to conduct an attack, you are a committed jihadists you'll stop and acknowledge your religion? that will prevent you from committing your attack? it is such an indian proposal is hard to believe anyone is taking it seriously but trump and his followers are. he made it a minor adjustment to the total ban yesterday and said he would allow u.s. citizens to return or soldiers, muslim american soldiers serving overseas to come that, u.s. citizens returning, would have allowed sayed farook to return. it would not have prevented the attacks. martha: it is a reaction to what people see, and confidence in terms of the government's
7:03 am
ability to handle this these you hear about neighborhoods, in boston you heard about the two interviews with the fbi, and you have this huge what list with 700, 800,000 she nodded, and many of them the same. people are so sort of uneasy, so unsettled that this, these notions of just shut the doors down, don't let this certain group of people in is resonating because there is set huge vacuum created, we got arms around this problem. >> yesterday we reported at the weekly standard there was scattered traffic in the media after the san bernardino attack suggesting law enforcement officials had investigated fa o farook a week earlier. we are looking to learn more about that but if it happened you can understand what it would contribute to the environment of frustration we are talking about. how do you address this?
7:04 am
the very few people have been more critical of president obama the and i have with respect to jihad islam, the global jihad movement and our lack of willingness to engage in the war they are fighting against us. the answer is not to ban all muslims, to ban entire religion, setting aside the work of the question is not the right answer. it is not american. is an american proposal. martha: it would not have stopped at a 18, and you have to be targeted and smarter and we have to do better at dealing with specific individuals, that is the way we will stop these things in the future. thank you so much, good to see you. bill: some money trail suggests the attack plot had been at work for some time blues sources tell fox news $30,000 was put into
7:05 am
and the king's bank account prior to when a deadly shooting spree was a out. pafford harris live in d.c. on this. lot of people talking with you. what have you learned? >> reporter: a source who is not authorise to speak on a record about a federal investigation, there was a sizeable deposit to his bank account followed by significant cash withdrawal suggesting final stages of the plot were set into motion undercutting the idea that a christmas party argument was a catalyst for the attack. about november 18th there was a deposit of $20,500 from to his account with union bank, on or about november 20th, $10,000 in cash from union bank region centered dino, calif.. investigators are exploring whether the $20,000 was alone and he used the cash to get two assault rifles from his friend
7:06 am
reject himself into a mental hospital immediately after the shooting, i he is reportedly cooperating with federal agents, telling reporters monday what they're trying to confirm. >> marquez for the two assault rifles you see shown on media, are right now our major concern, the fbi is determining how those firearms, rifles in particular got from him to sayed farook and small leak. >> investigators believe it is his mother totaling some $15,000. his mother exceeding $280,000 according to california records. a spokesman for union bank told fox, quote, we are cooperating to the full extent of the law with the agencies conducting investigations into this tragedy contacted by fox lead bank, they are not taught talking to reporters and there was no
7:07 am
response in the mother's attorney. bill: john bolton, a senior fellow american enterprise institute and fox news contributor, my guess is they know a lot more right now following this money trail. use a stock was between terrorism overseas and homegrown terror or lone wolf. what do you mean by that? >> it creates in people's mind the impression these are two considerate problems, overseas you have al qaeda and somehow we have to worry about them but the people in the united states are radicalizing entirely on their own and that is not nearly as big a problem. i think the two are directly connected and we can see with even the limited information we have on set bernardine of how that works. you don't need a government style or courtroom style
7:08 am
organizational chart with boxes and lines to show how isis and other radicals can influence people in this country. the internet provides a method of disseminating ideological propaganda and operational tools that people can use that can make this decision, that they can travel, u2 and got a white in saudi arabia and can back, they communicated over the internet, the fact that the terrorists might make their own decision when and where to attack as opposed to taking direction from them--a cell leader somewhere doesn't mean less of a problem but more of a problem. bill: pressure will only grow on facebook and on twitter and these companies to go ahead and divulge more information. i think it should.
7:09 am
>> i don't know whether they will voluntarily or not but we have to understand in this international involvement we are faced with the war against us, we are not in law enforcement paradigm but the law war paradigm and we need to defend ourselves. that is what people will insist upon and there's good reason for it. bill: another story, iran and tested a new range missile yesterday and it was clear violation of all these u.n. resolutions. also clear violation of the nuclear deal we cut with them. there was a time in this country where it you did that there was a price to pay. will there be? >> of course not. the ayatollahs in tehran sustained for the united states now, i predicted they would be on their best behavior until sanctions, economic sanctions were unfrozen, they were not waiting that long with this testing and let's be clear, the testing is a delivery vehicle for the nuclear weapons they
7:10 am
will get notwithstanding this agreement. this is a sign out badly flawed the deal was, what iran's intentions were, why the middle east continues to descend into chaos. bill: the field they can do what they want. thank you. thank you, jeff bolden. martha: brand new polls show ted cruz as the new front runner in the first important state of iowa in this process. are we seeing a shift in the political landscape? we will talk about that. bill: did california changed again in the fight against isis? whether anything is new, general jack keene answers that today. >> the worst terror attack on american soil since september 11th. one county leader says the best way for the community to stand up to terror is to get back to normal.
7:11 am
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martha: the people of san bernardino are trying to return to normal after the horrific shooting that happened six days
7:15 am
ago. county leaders and doctors who stepped forward yesterday to speak to the nation, to remember the victims of last week's attack saying the best two honor their memory is to stare down terrorism and move forward with your life. we watched it on america's newsroom. >> no act of terrorism anywhere will succumb, investor fear, provide any kind of the end to the hard work, dedication of every single standard dino county employee. >> paid the ultimate price, to defend our democracy. >> they were not soldiers that became the front line in a
7:16 am
battle against terror. martha: moving watching all of you yesterday in san bernardino county. the supervisor joins us now. this has been an impossibly difficult week for you all. how are you doing? >> i am doing well because so many people are offering support, comfort and freres and reaching out in every way possible. we sort of went to watch a little bit of it and kept watching because to hear from each one of you stand-up we showed your heart to this country and we watched obviously throughout this process and heard about these victims, the strength you showed yesterday was truly inspiring and i want you to know that, and everyone in this country is standing behind you. your thoughts on how this has changed your community, what
7:17 am
impact it had on all of you, what does it leave behind? >> what we are showing is tremendous unity. and desire to let the terrorists know that they cannot change as in the way they want, the change we are experiencing is an increase of love and patriotism and that is not what they are aiming for. martha: think of them gathered for a holiday party around a christmas tree in a room where we just learned they did active shooter drills and the fact that it was somebody that they knew who was among them, how is that impacted the rest of your community? >> that is the unnerving aspect. we want to believe we can tell, that our guts will let us know when there's a bad person or someone with intense.
7:18 am
we hear see something, say something. we are willing to do that but in this case there wasn't anything to see the she didn't have any tells. was deliberately deceiving the very people he worked with every day and serve cannot baby shower. that is disturbing because it makes us think we can't tell any of us could be surprised by this horror at any time. martha: i wonder what you think when you hear this back-and-forth about muslims and not allowing them into the country and the president spoke to the nation the other night and gave his viewpoint on this issue. having been so close to this tragedy which put a deep-seated anxiety in so many people across this nation, what is your viewpoint? >> we haven't buried the dead yet. we don't have our injured back to work, we are not ready for the policy debates, we don't want the full political finger-pointing.
7:19 am
there will be plenty of time for that. we are morning and rebuilding and focusing on what brings us together. we have to remember the enemy is out there, the enemy is that terrorists, the enemies are not fellow americans no matter how different their policy views might be from our own. martha: in terms of getting back to work, does it change anything in terms of the weight that you all go to work every day or the way you look at the safety and security of that institution in the future? >> we are undertaking extreme security reviews, we have security at grades at our facilities and personnel and screening and there will be structural change to come. all of that is well and good. an evil person with intent to harm, he infiltrated himself in to the core of the organization.
7:20 am
it shakes us and also gives us big resolve to grow better to do everything we can -- martha: we are sorry for your loss and the families that are suffering, will continue for a long time. you're doing the best you can to repair and stay strong and set a great example for this country. thank you for being here. >> we appreciate your prayers. bill: we were so impressed with what her message was and such eloquence. be strong out there. we feel you here. big change from the government on how you should be warned about potential terror attacks, the administration is rethinking its own alert system. martha: bricks crashing to the ground in new york city. what happens when they fell hundreds of feet from high-rise? dangerous situation.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
bill: the new house speaker paul ryan on the trump comments regarding muslims coming to america. >> freedom of religion is of fundamental constitutional principle. is a founding principle of this country. normally i do not comment on what is going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly it is not
7:25 am
what this country stands for. not only are there many muslims serving in our armed forces dying for this country there are muslims serving right here in the house working everyday to uphold and defend the constitution. some of our best and biggest allies in this struggle and fight against radical islamic terror are muslims. the vast, vast, vast majority of whom are peaceful, who believe in pluralism, freedom, democracy, individual rights. i told our members to always strive to live up to our highest ideals, to uphold those principles in the constitution on which we swear every two years that we will defend. that is why we are here and we are going to stay here to do the people's work. bill: the reaction continues to come in. candidate to you.
7:26 am
you say obama ken hillary clinton got a lifeline from donald trump. >> yes. the national conversation had turned sharply against the president not just among republicans but on the broad spectrum, his speech on sunday not only didn't do what he hoped it would do but a new round of controversy when he launch partisan attacks and republicans said what you talking about? who is singling out muslims? who is casting brought aspersions? the very next day or one day later donald trump would step forward and say i will make blanket statements about all muslims and he would fulfill the prophecy of barack obama, shift the focus away from obama, bring the focus back to trump which is where he needs it and wants and it is a get out of jail for obama. bill: the media follows along. how long was the on m snbc, cnn,
7:27 am
good morning america with george stephanopoulos, one after is the other. he can when he wants to dominate the news. >> he has to say something that renders him and delectable to do it, but he can, whenever he wants to, say something that is like this, that will make -- look at it this way. if donald trump is right about what the mainstream media is and the mainstream media has a pronounced liberal bias, republicans have long to believe this, there is evidence to back it up but if that is the case wide wouldn't they put him on all day long? why patty: and they show this endlessly? what this says, what this message is about excluding muslims is good for hillary clinton, good for the democratic party. if you assume that by is not only does it get him ratings but helps the ideological view. >> m s nbc carry that speech live for an hour and 15 minutes.
7:28 am
no commercials. bill: donald trump and ted cruz battling in iowa, ted cruz surging and the new poll out of cnn, the texas senator now second only to donald trump in that poll, he actually pulls ahead of donald trump according to this new poll and trump is at 19%. if this starts to shift, if republicans put their sights on ted cruz, what is ted cruz's challenge? how does it change? >> two front war. it will eventually come no matter how hisy he has been with trump. he has begun to represent an existential chance, donald trump presumably as he has done with anybody else attack command when he does he will have to find a way to fight back and have to sound a lot like paul ryan. that is the right tone when it comes to dealing with donald trump as a republican, talk about conservatism and fealty to the constitution but the other
7:29 am
thing is have to continue to trade pain with marco rubio to nationally finds himself essentially in a tie with ted cruz, and buffeted between those spaces. you have to like his chances in iowa. he is a candidate bill that state. >> look at the infrastructure for his campaign. thank you. martha: president obama stepping up attacks against isis but is this plan too little too late the general jack keene with a look at the evolve in white house strategy. bill: lebron james did it, and king james, the deal of a lifetime. martha: weeks. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
7:30 am
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7:32 am
bill: the white house insisting it has a strategy to defeat isis, president obama's critics
7:33 am
say more needs to be done without delay. >> i am always hopeful. jimmy carter had a very pacifistic view until the russians invaded afghanistan and he changed to his everlasting credit. i was hoping san bernardine no attack might change this president but frankly i don't know what is going to change this president. bill: general jack king, a fox news military analyst, good day to you. john mccain told us last hour he wants two three times the force of iraq and syria. under this administration what is the chance that happens? on a scale of 1 to 10? >> probably not at all. here is good reason. i believe the administration despite the rhetoric that the design a strategy to defeat isis really has designed a strategy to contain it and pass the
7:34 am
challenge of beating isis to the next administration. i think that is where we are. the president is ideologically committed to the fact that he does not want to be involved in any way, shape or form to let the track track -- protected war in the middle east like a previous administration. the recommendations before by john mccain and others including myself, would get you that protracted war but nonetheless this is a commitment he has made and i don't think he is bending. bill: you have 14 more months of this administration and just this week you had an internal white house report that isis will spread worldwide, will gain in numbers and unless you take territory will not start to knock it back. so are we indeed taking territory away from isis today? >> we are taking back some territory, most of that was on clive's they took back, isis
7:35 am
will not be engaged to get that territory. doesn't mean that much to him. this is the issue for isis. they are sitting on sunni land in iraq and syria. that is what they are holding, the basis for the caliphate and syria is the center of gravity for isis, from syria that they have expanded to nine other countries and from syria that these recent attacks, the last two months, the russian airliner, paris that tax and california inspired attacks have all taken place, that report is suggesting these at taks continue for sure in europe and the scale will increase and frequency and in the united states, that is the issue in front of us and as long as they keep that territory they will be able to continue to kill and influence of this to kill. >> if you see what happened in france, put pressure on turkey
7:36 am
to close the border, share intelligence with the french military in eastern syria, 300 special locks on the ground to contribute what is happening, the isis leaders that was taken on in northern libya, the al qaeda leader that was taken out in somalia. is the white house actually changing? just not giving us that headline general and it is changing i can understand and appreciate people like you that change is not enough to win as soon as possible. >> they have stepped up their activities and deserve some credit for that. special operation forces in syria and iraq particularly what was established with them in iraq, truth be known it has been there for some time and taking credit for it but the reality is it will conduct some meaning if they are going to up the air campaign, the results will be there. those that the moves that make
7:37 am
sense but when you look at it from a strategist point of view. this changes are an increase of levels of activity, none of those are going to be decisive end to be decisive you really have to up the gain in iraq as well as on the lines we suggested, senator john mccain suggested also, all led visors on the ground, air controllers putting the force to get it that had meaning to it. that needs to be done. these incremental changes will not get us there and year from now as we begin to transition to a new administration we will be in the same place. bill: we are a long way from 10,000 today. and ominous predictions about the future, thank you. martha: in china schools are closing. in the capital city, not for
7:38 am
snow but for some odd. pas her hearth and if beijing iran alert for air pollution levels for the first time, the highest alert level forcing cars of a road and factories had to halt production. benjamin hall is following this story from london. why has this alert been put in place? >> reporter: this is a big deal for china. well known to be the largest producer of carbon emissions and as such, acknowledged as problems that they face, it came because of three days of anticipated smog, heavy smog the sending and beijing at a level considered severely harmful to also from this morning, half of the private cars were ordered off the roads with an odd/even number placed, 30% of government vehicles, outdoor construction, and industrial cars, even fireworks and barbecues were
7:39 am
banned, this comes as chinese representatives attended edge climate change conference in paris, they made no pledge yet but they agreed something needs to be done. martha: they are talking about something being done but have they done anything? >> they talked for a long time, made pledges, acknowledge the problem but the growth of the economy for any other issues, the biggest one is incredible, 1.4 million people die prematurely because of chinese smog. hundreds of millions of tons of coal burned every year, 60% of that power comes from coal and china continues to build a plants that huge piece, expected to add the equivalent of a new 600 megawatt plot every ten days for the next ten years. in? stories out of beijing it is horrible, people with nosebleeds every day, people with serious heart -- health problems, one person said he quite like the smog because it was like living
7:40 am
in a dream. bill: bad dream. fed revamping the terror alert system again. the administration throwing out the color coded system implemented after president bush introduced that after 9/11. now is time to circle back to old methods. martha: a thief, swiping packages of her neighbor's porche. can you believe this? there's a twist in this particular episode of this. >> i won't want to be home if somebody opens my door that i wasn't expecting, like it happened to my neighbor, it can happen to you.
7:41 am
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in a different way.
7:43 am
martha: the obama administration change in the way it warned americans of terrorist threats in the wake of the san bernardino attack, the by some as a major shift in strategy after the white house scrapped the post 9/11 code system and replace it with panache or terrorism advisory system which was never activated.
7:44 am
it had a twitter account that never sent out one single tweet. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says the newest change when they announce what it is going to be will address that evolving french. >> announcing soon hopefully what our new system is that i think reflects the current environment and current realities. we need a system that adequately inform the public at large, not joint intelligence for law enforcement, not through leaks from anonymous government officials but we need a system that informs the public at large what we are seeing. martha: the president said the terrorist threat has entered a new phase. clearly it has. leslie marshall from the huffington post, syndicated talk show host and fox news contributor, tom sullivan of the tom sullivan show on fox news
7:45 am
radio, we were told at the beginning of the obama administration that the war on terror is over, we are not using that term, we are not fighting in iraq and afghanistan, we are working to get out of those in take a month and the war on terror is over and clearly it was not. now we have to return to the posture we had the beginning of this administration. >> i never agreed with that statement to the on is that the war on terror was over because we have had terrorist attacks since the 1800s and worldwide going back to adam and eve but with regard to the older system i think because any government has a fluid situation as we see with terrorism, we have to have with most adequate, the color coded one being shown on screen right now for a lot of americans myself included was confusing and when you go to the airport it would give a sense of fear when you would see red but it didn't give a specific sense to what does that mean?
7:46 am
why is it that, rand what we do? that is what they are trying to address because when they made the change there was nothing on twitter or face book so what they're looking to do is in the best interest of informing and dedicating a the american people. martha: it is never going away and we have some sort of system to tell us what we are supposed to do. >> lesley talked about the fact that the red means fear. i don't think the government will ever put out the most severe run for your life sort of message. i don't think they will but this whole thing is a false sense of security for people that rely on the government for everything. in other words the we're is fine, everyone is in good shape unless the government tells me it is not and you need to be responsible for your own situational awareness, need to be responsible for your own safety. i think this is the false level of security that won't do us any
7:47 am
good. martha: the best thing based on our conversations with former people from the cia, fbi for people to take responsibility for themselves. you are exactly right. we have to go if you see something say something model and rammed it up. basically if you see something you must say something. it is your duty to say something. we saw this in san bernardino. i am not trying to point fingers at this neighbor who didn't speak out because god only knows what they feel at this point but we have to move to a much more aggressive assertive posture as citizens when it comes to this stuff, do we not? >> yes and no. if we look what happened in this country after the paris attacks there were muslims being taken or people with brown skin or muslim or at an arab name taken off planes nearly every day for saying can i sit with my wife from chicago to d.c. and things like that.
7:48 am
what is suspicious? we need to have an education after that. as was said earlier with regard to san bernardino and the tragedy there if you see something say something. nobody saw anything. he kept to himself. >> the neighbors said they had suspicions but were afraid to speak up. my point is we have to not be afraid to speak up. the fbi said if you bring information we are not going to point of a finger at you. we will respect your privacy in that situation. let me show you what they're doing in france. we are familiar with instructions that come in airplanes. this is a sad state of affairs but the reality, we have these graphics that will be in transportation centers showing people the first thing you do if you can run, run. if you cannot run, barricade yourself inside an office and they have pictures of people doing that, did not run at law-enforcement, put your hands
7:49 am
of the immediately so you won't be shot at by law enforcement who think you might be running away from the scene. nobody wants to admit this but this is the world we live in. this attack in san bernardino, i hope i am wrong but i doubt it is the last. >> i am afraid is not be there but the government always has to play to the lowest common denominator so some of these nice scene a little silly. i am not against the government doing it. i just don't think it is very affective. remember go through the shoe bomber, the unabomber, times square bomber, san bernardino, the government did not pick up on this first so how would they alert us to all of this? if you want to go back to -- i don't think you are old enough that there were air raid sirens in cities, i grew up in seattle and they would test from every wednesday at noon. >> we need to adapt to the new posture in this country and it makes people feel stronger when
7:50 am
they had something they can grab onto, they have a system and waves of protecting themselves and that is the way we are heading, sad but true. thank you very much, we will see what the homeland security fence come up with neighboring the announcement out. good to see you. >> what are you working on? >> we are learning more about the terrorists and their radicalization, we have the latest on the investigation on the ground and also talked to a fascinating man we learned about yesterday. our viewers watched along with you, and e r doctor and swat team member who helped rescue the wounded but has is an unique american story as he fled iran to come here 30 years ago. you don't want to miss his thoughts on this terrorist attack and what we need to do as a country and that is coming up. bill: just do it, lebron james did. guess what he got? the blockbuster deal for and be a royalty.
7:51 am
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. bill: lebron james signing a lifetime deal with 90. nighters lebron james nor the shoe folks will say for how much but the largest single in company history. cheryl: join us from fox news headlines, on channel 115, good aid to you, a lot of cash. >> don't know exactly what kind of money this could be in the long run for the brand names, lifetime deal, first of its kind for anybody with nike, not even tiger woods or michael jordan. michael jordan has a lifetime deal with nike. >> why is 90 doing this? sales? that makes a lot of money.
7:55 am
>> good question. to sign someone on for a lifetime deal, let's go back over a year ago, running back for the minnesota vikings adrian peterson was seen wheaties boxes all over the country where the kids would grab the box for the supermarket shelves and we know what happened with the adrian peterson case, domestic stuff and child abuse and it goes a different route. >> missy justin lebron has been anything but -- michael jordan sold 90 alatas sneakers, $2.2 billion in annual sales. that is where the market is. >> how long does it take it can ever happen? can lebron james ever take michael jordan as the 90 brand? michael jordan, a to 30 different air jordans and that is not going away anytime soon. michael jordan is the nike brand when you look and see michael
7:56 am
jordan at silhouette, i can lebron james get that? i don't know. bill: they are selling $400 million a year in lebron james c. real. espn says kevin durant from oklahoma city thunder -- >> this is set to far surpass that. and the recognizable basketball player in the world, but business owner once told me endorsing products, i can't risk my entire livelihood on the actions of what may happen someday. it is still a gamble. >> check out on serious acts them. >> always a pleasure. bill: thank you. martha: all right, at donald trump under fire, critics blasting his plan to stop muslims at the border at least
7:57 am
for now. a more on that when we come back. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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8:00 am
martha: it's tuesday and i feel like we have had two weeks' worth of news. have a great day. bill: i'll see you at noon. martha: you are "outnumbered"? bye, everybody. jon: new details about the husband and wife killers behind the san bernardino master good morning, welcome to "happening now." jenna: the f.b.i. says the terrorists were radicalized for quite some time and practiced at a shooting range days before the attack. they say it's not clear when they started embracing the


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