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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 8, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jenna: secret project we hope to get to show you in short order. see you back here tomorrow. "happening now" at 1:00 p.m. as well. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ andrea: this is it "outnumbered" i'm andrea tantaros. here today is harris faulkner, sandra smith, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, today's #oneluckyguys co-host of "america's newsroom," hour three you want more bill hemmer. welcome, hemmer, you're outnumbered. >> i am outnumbered today but especially feel outnumbered. andrea: we're glad to have you. he is not backing down, that is donald trump, calling for total and complete ban of muslim travel and immigration into the united states in the wake of the deadliest terror attack on american soil since 9/11. the proposal from the republican
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frontrunner is drawing swift rebukes from his rivals. jeb bush tweeting quote, donald trump is unhinged. his policy proposals are not serious. marco rubio saying of trump, quote, his habit of making offensive and outlandish statements will not bring americans together. and on "the o'reilly factor" this reaction from carly fiorina. >> that overreaction is as dangerous as barack obama's underreaction. i do not think that helps us defeat isis here at home or deny them territory abroad. he is mobilizing anti-muslim sentiment. he is preying on the fears of the american people. it is called rabblerousing. andrea: while his rivals say that the donald has crossed the line, not so from many of his supporters. trump in south carolina receiving a boisterous standing ovation as he shared his idea, telling the crowd that a ban is quote, common sense. and that his muslim friends
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agree with him. >> we can't live like this. it's going to get worse and worse. you will have more world trade centers. it is going to get worse and worse, folks. we can be politically correct and we can be stupid. these people only believe in jihad. they don't want our system. they are recruiting by the thousands. they're leaving our country. and then when they come back we take them back. oh, come on back. where were you? i was fighting for isis. come on back. go home, enjoy yourself. when they leave our country and they go to fight for isis or any of the other groups they never come back. they never can come back. they never can come back. [applause] they can never, ever, ever, ever come back. it's over. andrea: that crowd, hemmer of thousands liking what "the donald" has to say. he has been the front runter despite controversial comments. republicans criticizing him but
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again saying to a problem, even though he is coming up with a solution, even though they don't like it. does this hurt him? >> i think it does in the near term based on reaction. if you take a step back to think about what happened in the last 36 hours, you had the third oval office address in seven years, only the third. so clearly it rose to the occasion of an oval office address. sunday night i would argue into monday it was panned by the right and the left. what are you going to do? what is the solution? what are we going to do? how do you want us to feel? give us some direction. i got home last night i think at 6:50 p.m., and msnbc was carrying that address in mount pleasant, south carolina, outside of charleston, for hour and ten minutes. i don't believe i saw a commercial. this morning trump did morning joe for 30 minutes.
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did cuomo for 20 minutes. he has single-handedly taken headline of america and put it back on to himself. bigger issue here. we're moving further away, when this happens, from going after the problem. and that problem lies in syria, it lies in iraq and unfortunately in southern california, six days ago, those people felt it also. we can not lose sight of that bigger picture. that. andrea: that is point, harris, some are saying that donald trump just handed hillary clinton and president obama a distraction from an ish that the president appears to be unwilling to tackle. harris: well, it is a vacuum people are talking about it. if aristotle talked about it not just nature abhores it, apparently politics abhores a vacuum. you see donald trump stepping up into the whole that has been created. looks like we have no strategy. now we have strategy.
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we're not so sure what happens in the gap. can we survive it and defeat these guys. bill describe ad whole lot of horror and death happening until we do. house republicans gather with the new house speaker. they're talking about a whole stuff today. he wants to quote, normally i do not comment on presidential race, this time i make an exception. the people deserve to know we're taking decisive action. he means after what just happened what he called the worst terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. donald trump on issue, this is not conservativism. it's not what this country stands for. the vast, vast, vast majority of muslims he is saying are peace-loving people. so he is stepping in. the president obviously, it rose to that level. house speaker paul ryan also stepping in. andrea: sandra, from a messaging perspective, we see trump, even though he says something inflammatory, perhaps, right? discriminating based on religion, it helps him in the polls because it is a solution to a problem that no one will
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tackle. sandra: before we started show, i saw one of my colleagues on business network, four of top eight tweeted stories on "new york times" are trump stories, obviously related to this. that has historically in his race for the white house, helped him. but, you go back to the main criticism. you read it in your intro, andrea. jeb bush saying his policy proposals are not serious. you wonder if that has been the criticism from his own colleagues on the right all through his campaign. why he didn't come out with such a bold call, why did he not come out with a more detailed policy proposal? here is what we've heard from him. he first called for a ban on all muslims, okay? then his aides were challenged on that notion. one of them stepped up, cory, said, everybody would be banned. trump later then decided to elaborate on the ban said it would not apply to muslim members of the military or people living in the country. so does he --
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harris: u.s. citizens. sandra: does he do the calls before -- >> makes statements. pulls them back a little bit. >> i don't think he thinks through the statement. it is not practical. i'm just a practical girl. if somebody comes in they will lie. are you having lie-detector tests saying are you muslim or are you not? the comes into the vacuum. president consistently understates and trump comes in. harris: or doesn't state. >> doesn't state. when anyone in charge says get out there, don't worry, there are no known threat we panic we know there is a threat. we now know they don't know it. saying there is no known threat. we know it's out there. they just identified it. that is why it is scary. andrea: trump is winning with every issue. he goes from zero to mach 3 with his hair on fire. mexicans raping our women, we'll build a wall. ng nots republicans, opponents you can't. republicans don't want to hear no. they want to hear someone with a
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solution even if it is not that realistic. harris: i argue though that he opens the door for people to come forth with their ideas. it might be incendiary. it is interesting to note that people will have to come forth no matter what their political stripes are, even though they're way out there. >> we need reasonable ground in between the president and him. >> you're saying he is winning. not so sure. new iowa poll we can discuss later. one of the many things i learned in paris, france, years ago, the europeans have a mess on their hands. they honestly do not know who the refugees are. there is often times paperwork missing. there is no data point to go on. the trump is saying that the government can't protect you, the government can't protect us but take a pause but did did not come out like that. in fact not even close. andrea: sandra, can i ask the numbers on this one? donald trump points to an issue in this country.
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take a look at this, from the subcommittee on immigration. 680,000 green cards to migrants from muslim nations over the last five years. sandra, this has been a dramatic increase. if this continues, and you add in refugees that president obama wants to bring. that is another 680,000 over five years. all of these countries, muslim countries and we should point out also, 91% of these migrants are on food stamps. tremendous financial burden and not able to vet them properly. it is a problem. sandra: 80 to 90,000 muslim emigrate to the united states each year. that was a pew research study in 2011. as far as the global population, 25% of the world population, muslim. that is projected to go up to 30% by 2050. donald trump clearly didn't come out with a thorough plan to do this he is going to be challenged on that among other things obviously but numbers are huge. andrea: numbers are staggering.
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people know we're not able to vet them. why do we keep increasing numbers from muslim countries. maybe trump has a point to look at them closer and look at visas and the program. attack that killed 14 people, the money tray, who else may have been involved and what else the killers were plotting. major new concerns about our syrian refugee program. the chilling information one lawmaker says he has gotten from the intelligence community and what it means for our national security. right after the show, catch more from the couch on the web. called "outnumbered overtime." your chance to communicate with us on the couch. that includes hemmer time. hemmer time takes over. fire off your comments. do you agree with trump? tell us now. ♪ this is claira.
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reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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harris: fox news alert on the san bernardino terror attack. a lot of new information coming in on the couple who gunned down 14 people at that holiday party. fbi says they were both radicalized for, quote, quite
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some time. chief correspondent jonathan hunt in redlands, california. jonathan? reporter: harris, one of the mainstreams of this investigation from day one, if not hour one the money trail. trained investigators always say that is a big part of any potential conspiracy like this. that part of the investigation seems to be bearing some fruit now. as fox news reported last night, november 18th saeed farouq got a deposit from $28,500 from web it is possible a loan. that would be a big loan nor a man earning 53,000 a year as a county employer here in san bernardino. they want to know where the money came from. two days later farook withdrew $10,000. where did that money go? did it for instance, the fbi wants to know, enrique marquez, the former neighbor whose house the fbi raided over weekend.
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he is the man who gave the two assault rifles to syed and his wife malik? they know they were used ad gun ranges local at least on days immediately preceding last wednesday's attack. you mentioned radicalization. the fbi says farook and malik were radicalized quote, some time ago? what does that mean? they don't know so we don't know. they assume it was some time before they entered the united states. remember we have that picture of them coming through customs at chicago o'hare's airport, july 27th, 2014. the fbi appears to believe they were radicalized at some point before then. then the question is support. at this point, and it is important to make this, again, the fbi said yesterday, thereof that they have no evidence of any orchestration of this plot
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from outside of the united states. what about support inside? they're looking at actions and knowledge of farook's mother, rafi farook. she lived in the apartment building behind me. they had the components that potentially could make 19 pipe bombs. they have the a ray of weaponry and ammunition. the question the fbi obviously asking, could she be in the middle of all of that materiel and not know that they were plotting some kind of horror? harris? harris: jonathan, thank you very much. a lot of new information there coming, bill. i want to come to you first this idea of control and command. they're trying to figure it out. did it come some from place in our country but also come from isis? >> harris, so much of the reporting it is just unbelievable. it is hard for me to say, oh, right. harris: which part? which part? >> great question. [laughter]. let me just recall in my little brain here what we've watched
9:18 am
over the past five days. if there are banking records they know a lot more. if there are banking records, they have got a trail. this, i'm just infuriated by what i watched on friday. when the plywood was taken off of the apartment, 72 hours after the crime sane, after 14 people were killed and 21 were injured, that is an active crime scene. harris: people all walking all over it. >> reporters go in by the dozens. harris: people walking all over it. >> later this afternoon the attorneys getting on tv and spewing all this stuff. throwing stuff at the tv. so much of this is unbelievable. and these neighbors say they never saw her face? harris: family says that. >> in two years they never saw their face? what's going on? the mom was living in the apartment. doesn't know what is going on upstairs or downstairs. on its face you have common
9:19 am
sense. harris: i've been told i do. andrea: lots of it. >> i was steaming all weekend after watching that stuff. harris: you hit the nail on the head, sandra, bill is saying there is so much more that we don't know about. i did little bit of deeper dive into transactions. i had lots of questions for our fox business experts sitting on the couch today. the web bank, located in salt lake city, utah. why would you choose that bank, i was curious about that. maybe you have thoughts about that? there were amounts transferred to the mom under 10,000. irs get as little tip over 10,000. i'm curious what you guys think of all of this? sandra: it shows premeditation. threat can look at financial records which some sources already said, it does show premeditation. they can use that now. looking back at transactions we saw took place, i don't know
9:20 am
that anybody could have had enough information to alert that something was going on. look at same things i have. fbi around irs don't get tipped off to unusual transactions but they can certainly see them if they're there. >> it create as trail who knew what. look at transfer payment to the mom, is to providing for child left behind? is that why she got the money? or was she involved in purchasing explosives. when she gets regular payments like that you want to know exactly where that money went. what is so different versus the other tack we've seen like the marathon pommer, how much premeditation there is and plan going forward. it was booby-trapped, the scene, to go off later. they had enough ammo to do something later. there was so much planning and forethought, seems like a launchpad. >> that plan looked like it started in saudi arabia or pakistan. harris: the commonality there with what happened in paris, they knew if they didn't get
9:21 am
catch up with that 8th or 9th attacker there could be more to come because of further plannings. they found the suicide vest and all that. i'm curious about another trend we're seeing, andrea. that is the family component. you saw that with the tsarnaev brothers. the cousins picked up plotting here in the united states in the midwest. seems like it is not going to be a lone wolf. it will be a lone wolf with siblings or cousins or parents. andrea: very different from what we heard with the administration. this means it is troubling because they have got it wrong as well. first we heard, white supremacist. someone in the work place heated up about salmon. oh, no, he got so tense. we don't know a motive even though the motive was clear. >> bad beard. andrea: we don't know if he was working with other terrorist groups. you follow the money trail you realize now the threat is not just a lone wolf. it is bigger than that they can connect through networks and in countries like saudi arabia by using the internet.
9:22 am
but i want to piggyback something you said, hemmer which i think is important. this goes to question about the family. why was the brother allowed to be at a cair press conference regurgitating cair-approved talking points when the fbi should have had him in custody, late into the night? they should have been questioning him. why was he there? that is one of the first questions we asked trace gallagher on the show? where is the grandmother? why are family members not in fbi custody not being questioned? why are they talking to the media? and why are they in the apartment touching all their stuff? what is the fbi doing? harris: we have some more questions. if bill is right they have a lot to go on with these bank records. we will report it as it happens. major concerns that terrorists will use the syrian refugee program to get into america. what it means for our national security. big shake-up in the republican presidential race.
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senator ted cruz is surging in the polls. is he now the one to watch? ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. ♪ sandra: it has been a concern among many lawmakers for months now, that es lamic extremists will try to get into the united states through the syrian refugee program. this new information from homeland security committee chairman, michael mccaul. >> i can reveal today that the united states government has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria have already attempted to gain access to our country through the u.s. refugee program. sandra: meantime syndicated columnist charles krauthamer is blasting president obama's strategy to defeat isis.
9:28 am
listen to what he told bret baier. >> he says if you talk about the muslims in a bad way, that recruits for isis. guantanamo is recruiting for isis. when the fact is that the cruelty and savagery and the idealogical for isis recruiter for isis. but locates origin of all that recruiting what we do. he thinks therefore that the cure is for us to do as little as possible. it is an insane strategic view of the world but he actually holds it and i think that is why the american people are so scared. sandra: insane strategic view of the world, bill, do you agree with that? >> listen to the mike mccaul. he is chairman of the house homeland security committee. he went before a microphone there is a plot for refugees to come to the united states refugee program. why do you think trump is saying what he is saying after he hears something like that? there is effort in the house today, with bigby partisan
9:29 am
support, democrats like it, republicans like it, they think president will sign it too. this deals with the visa waiver program. did you know that people under this program people from 38 different countries can come into the united states without a passport. harris: stay here for 90 days. >> without a passport. harris: check in with no one. >> this happens, hang on, 20 million visitors a year. harris: yeah. >> from 38 different countries. harris: we're the cool place to be. >> what a loophole. if you're strategizing in your cave, or hiding behind your encryption on the app in the computer room you're going after our defenses like these visa waiver programs. sandra: based on everything bill is saying what we heard from charles, the national conversation on our refugee program, it's the wrong one. >> that is just one way to get. i heard somebody say at beginning of this is so true, any way possible for terrorists to come into the country, and they're trying and going to try.
9:30 am
trying to isolate one particular way i don't think will get it done. a lot has to do with the conversation, i love with mike mccaul had to say. he told us what we already know in our hearts to be true. they're trying to come in this way. that is what bothers me when they say there is no known threat. of course there is threat. you just don't know where it is. they have to speak plainly to the american public. we have to be on guard everywhere. sandra: goes back to andrea, your point and argument all along was when we allow the refugee program to be amped up and let even more in the country we have to depend on the government's vetting process to be accurate and carry it out thoroughly. andrea: sandra, there is no vetting process. i outlinedded it like this. your name is muhammad. i will call the police chief in raqqa. do you know muhammad. quill, quickly about the ref gee point. you talk about all this all the time.
9:31 am
green cards we're giving. entitles recipients, lifetime benefit, work authorization. 90% are on food stamps. monany, perhaps france. i tweeted out a link to all possible refugee links to terror we've seen by the senate intelligence point i referenced early on. harris, you covered these on "the fox report." immigrants, refugees being radicalized, teaching americans how to buy bombs. refugees already are showing they tried to take us down. >> chairman ed royce was on our program. he is pushing visa waiver program for changes. vetting process would specifically, if you have a stamp on your passport, iraq, syria, iran, you don't get in. but beyond that, if you can fake papers, which happened all over europe an continues to happen now, we don't have a way to stop it, right? what is trump doing? trump is saying far right in france win elections. right? from over the weekend.
9:32 am
he is drafting off that right now. harris: he has got the material that he needs from the chairman mccaul. by the way, i appreciate the news conference that he fav but really, why not go to the white house and hold it outside of the white house? yeah. we need, we have summits with other countries. we need one in our own to talk about the information that the chairman just dropped on all of us. andrea: all right, it's a topic that is not going to go away now to politics, a shake-up in the gop presidential race. texas senator ted cruz is leading for the first time in a voting state. monmouth university poll shows cruz has 24% in iowa, followed by trump at 19%, rubio at 17% and carson slipping to 13 and jeb bush at 6%. a new poll shows cruz surging in iowa but in second place. after a separate survey also put him second nationally.
9:33 am
bill, this is the poll that you referenced earlier that this could help trump, what he came out with. i don't know, looks like things are shifting in iowa. do you think cruz can take number one? >> i think iowa is built for ted cruz, right? will be in all 99 counties. he has evangelical pull and conservative roots. i think iowa is good fit for him, not so much new hampshire. from everything i see, read, and i hear, cruz built himself and his campaign for the long run, not just in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. but he will freely, openly admit they are emulating barack obama's campaign of 2008. so that he can outflank hillary clinton once he got past south carolina and that is cruz's ultimate strategy. we'll see if it works. andrea: can i ask our resident track star to give us a running analogy, sandra? i do feel like ted cruz is in a marathon on this one. he is as bill said, uniquely suited for iowa. it does suit him.
9:34 am
they do share a lot of policy positions that are conservative. >> they don't go after each other yet. andrea: trump got in the race thinking it was sprint and it is marathon. who wins? sandra: pacing will be good if he has yet to peak. we don't know that. if you analyze using this track analogy and he is halfway through the race. he is not a sprinter because he did not take off fast. he can't count on finishing fast right. but the indications that i have gotten from within the cruz camp there is whole another gear we haven't seen him go into yet and if you're going to peak, now is not the time. yesterday wasn't the time. he might be setting himself up for quite the next few months. harris: you know it is interesting, they talk about how they haven't gone after each other, if you watch donald trump when he was talking he enumerated people he has gone after. he hasn't gone after ted cruz. he hasn't come after me.
9:35 am
>> he almost said his name. but he held back. harris: we knew who he meant. hasn't done it but he can. we don't know that will look like. that is special moment i guess. andrea: what is trump doing different than fdr? you hear the comparison. >> that is really interesting question. i think what it is we don't really know what trump is doing. back to something sandra said earlier, we don't know a lot about the details. he is going around lighting things on fire which is appealing in a time of chaos because people are afraid and they are going to gravitate towards the candidate that inspires their passion on issue that means the most to them, that they're most afraid about for their future and families future. usually about money. this time it is safety. that is a big one. andrea: i think that is really important issue. you may remember this mess on the campus of the vaunted yale university. >> when you hear us say that, doesn't know how to treat us. how do you explain that?
9:36 am
freshman come here. they think is what yale is? andrea: growing culture of college kids terrified of free speech finally taking it toll at the center of this flap, saying they have had enough. guess what, remember, it was all over halloween costumes. ♪
9:37 am
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9:41 am
civil dialogue and open inquiry. her original remarks on halloween surged outrage and led to one student confronting her husband, fellow house master. this video soon went viral. >> what the [bleep] do you make of this decision. what is the [bleep] is wrong with you. >> i have a different vision. >> if that is what you think about being professor, step down. it is not being intellectual thing. it is not. you understand that?!. we're creating a home here. sandra: nicholas krit aauk os call enoff spring course load and will take a sabbatical. what do you think? >> they're called house masters. the way these schools are organized. you live in a home with a house, with a married couple who usually sometimes has kids. it is intimate setting, it is supposed to be like a home. that is why you heard the dialogue going back and for the. you heard him responding to her. you to into their house, eat
9:42 am
meals, you live together in intimate setting this. was like kids berating a parent and screaming at them in front of everyone else. it is much more intimate situation than you see. and i believe those people felt really threatened and that's why they're going away. i mean, it's a lot more out of control than it looks like to the naked eye. these are people that live in a closed setting together, and those, the adults, house masters are supposed to be taking care of those kids who are screaming at them and berating them. more explosive than it looks. i lived in a setting like that. you had respect for the people trying to take care of you in this house and they were looking after your well-being. this is bigger deal than it looks like. >> we've been covering this story since day one. harris: and others like it. sandra: seems like we're reaching a tipping point. harris: i wonder what that is going to look like? remember when senior judicial analyst judge napolitano sat in that seat. we have a lost rights.
9:43 am
we do not have the right to not be offended. that is not actually a threat. and so, what he meant by that, kind of what i took away from it, this is supposed to be a safe place to have conversations about everything. it is the petri dish of life. that is where you're supposed to hash it out, no matter how intimate not intimate. my husband went to ox dental. conversations on that campus, different issues with campus leadership has gotten a little what we call in the hockey world, it is chippy. you know? so -- >> looking @billhemmer. >> i'm talking your, but it is uncomfortable. harris: same theme. >> what is her name, house master? >> house master. >> that house master said you can be whatever you want halloween, i'm all for it. fantastic idea. i was elvis presley, 1973, on tour, honolulu. i don't think i offended anybody
9:44 am
harris: my point is, this is place where we're supposed to, no matter how tough, race, anything. no matter how tough it gets learn the skills to work it out. sandra: that was her point f we can't have open dialogue and open conversation here, we can't have one anywhere. andrea: relayed the best possible message, whatever you want want to be for halloween, be it. haters be damn. cultural point. she is greek and her husband. one thing greek house parents and any parent doesn't like more than whiney babies, is disrespect. those kids were disrespecting two greek parents in their own home. greeks aren't having it culturally, i said good for them. harris: andrea, put her hand on her hip when she said that. andrea: i got a little harris in me. >> next generation of americans is the a the moment. andrea: fox news alert, greek parent saying whatever you can
9:45 am
be at halloween. i wish my parents -- sandra: stands by her statement. welcome to come back. rock star ronnie wood expecting twins at the ripe old age of 68. >> my man. harris: something you want to tell us? sandra: play be a double-standard when it comes to mommies and daddies. ♪ fore earning enough cash back from bank of america to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use their bank americard cash rewards credit card to sweeten the holiday season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections.
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♪ sandra: "rolling stone" guitar it ron wood may want to paint it blue or pink. the rocker is set to be a father again at the age of 68. his third wife who is 37 and two years younger than his oldest son is expecting twins. wood already has four children and 10 grandchildren by the way. other male celebrities like rod stewart and paul mccartney have also had babies in their '60s but is there a double-standard if a woman wanted children nearly 70 years old? who wants to dive into this?
9:50 am
>> i'm outnumbered, ladies. it is all yours. sandra: beautiful woman. she better be ready to raise those kids on her own because as the ripe age of 68 -- >> he ain't running around the yard. sandra: you don't know how much work kids are until you have a couple. they have having twins. you want too parent your own children. i want imagine at 70 years old you will be down on the floor and up and down and puke and stuff all over you. a lot of work, hemmer. >> if he has money to do it. go ahead, have a great time, last 20 years or so you have. andrea: how many years do you think ronnie wood has left in him? he is full of sawdust and feathers? >> he has gotten this far. sandra: let me ask a controversial question, is it fair to have children when you're older and will not necessarily be here to help them through all the of challenges. harris: i will take that.
9:51 am
>> go ahead. harris: i started, you can wiki it, i started late, very late. my oldest turns nine tomorrow. i think you bring children or raise children in this world that you have a heart for and that any of us can pass at any moment. if you stop loving because you think you're going to expire before it happens then you're living for the wrong reasons. >> i dig it. harris: i am not throwing shade on somebody's idea of spreading love and joy and making family and all of that. unless there is a crime involved. as far as i know there isn't. >> is there a double-standard between men and women? let me raise next question. you remember joan lunden had twins through a surrogate, she was 54. there was a lot of controversy around that? is there double-standard because she got a lot of criticism? you don't hear that about you will at rockers we just talked about? andrea: no question. but i do think it is changing for women. women are having children later in life and they are more successful and financially will have the help. ronnie wood will have the help.
9:52 am
i side with the middle of the couch. you could lose your parents tomorrow. rod stewart, he looks fantastic by the way. ran into him at a hotel. he look great. harris: tell that story. andrea: he looks fantastic. he will probably be around for decades. >> tony randall, age 75. harris: tony bennett the other night sinatra's 100. >> i have to challenge this. y'all are too much in agreement. he said the reason he wanted to have kids at nearly 70 years old was to keep him young. >> yeah. harris: i believe that. my kids are keeping me young. sandra: sounds a little bit selfish. research shows men who have kids with they are in their 60s, and 70s because they didn't feel like they reared their earlier children the way they want to. this is redo. harris: you don't believe in second quarter chances? sandra: four kids and how many grandchildren? andrea: may be doing it for his
9:53 am
wife. melissa, i want to say something about this. you have a little girl from surrogate. >> i do. right there. my natural son, i had old-fashioned way, with my surrogate daughter. and i would say that families happen in all kinds of different ways. harris: amen. >> we definitely had the conversation about now, i am not 54 like joan lunden. but i'm not 20 either. sandra: definitely had the conversation, thank you. >> i would say that boy, just all, heaps of loving on top of that little girl, you know is one of the big reasons. and even if we are on the older side, not 20-year-old parents, she is definitely surrounded by loving people her own age. harris: i know from talking to you, melissa, as older moms, older than in our 20s and 30s -- >> i'm not that old. harris: that's right, you're only 25. i would say come down can you provide later years for your child too? even when they're here, they do,
9:54 am
sandra said, they take a lot of energy. >> that will take care of themselves. the rolling stones will need a nursery when they go back on tour. andrea: for the kids or for him? sorry, guys. >> we don't like it when we hear men are better than woman coming from here to there, but science says it is true. what? why women really need siri to tell us when to make that turn. harris: so how do we get to the commercial? ♪ feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. harris: if you needed some here it is. more proof that men have better sense of direction than women. a new study shows testosterone could be the rhine. researchers monitored brain activity in men and women trying to navigate a virtual maze. men consistently performed better. stop puffing up your chest, bill. when women given a little drop of testosterone underneath their tongue their sense of direction improved. i think i need some of that stuff. >> you didn't need a study to figure that out. >> oh, bill. harris: that was a trick question. >> siri, tell me how to get -- harris: are you better, great at directions. >> i kill it. harris: you're great with direction. sandra: i think i am. maybe i'm not. i tend to like looking at maps. i have a pretty good sense of
9:59 am
direction. i go for long runs. harris: and can find your way home. [laughter]. we were talking. it is true. that is important. sandra: it is true. that is important. difference between men and women when it comes to directional sense. andrea: men don't ask for help when they're lost. you never ask but worse when you are lost. i will say about the testosterone, when they say they're firing on all cylinders they don't know where they are. harris: that is whole different show. andrea: you know it is true. >> i'm not getting anywhere near that. i will say that i think my sense of direction has gotten worse over time. harris: why? >> i don't know. maybe something to do with hormones. gotten worse over time. i got a great sense of direction. now, i don't know. harris: my mom says, bobby, get us there. i have got everything else. just gave him that as part of the plan. good to have you. always.
10:00 am
>> thank you, harris. harris: feeling good? >> feeling good. feel a little outnumbered. andrea: we'll interrogate you during owe tee. >> things are designed to take hemmer down. >> thank you. bill. harris: click on overtime tab. "happening now" starts right now. the streets of baltimore. we have all of the news in "happening now". >> new information on the couple behind the san bernardino massacre. fox news learns of a $28,000 deposit in farook's bank account. plus a wild police chase. and


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