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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 8, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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harris: feeling good? >> feeling good. feel a little outnumbered. andrea: we'll interrogate you during owe tee. >> things are designed to take hemmer down. >> thank you. bill. harris: click on overtime tab. "happening now" starts right now. the streets of baltimore. we have all of the news in "happening now". >> new information on the couple behind the san bernardino massacre. fox news learns of a $28,000 deposit in farook's bank account. plus a wild police chase. and a car suspect making a run
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for it and the dramatic pursuit and the deadly ending next. >> this is not right. >> historic flooding in portland, oregon. entire communities under water. it is not over yet. it is all "happening now". but we begin with the latest on the san bernardino shooting with investigators looking for a money trail. hello welcome to "happening now". i am arthel nevill. >> jon scott and jenna lee are on assignment. where did the money come from and what was it used for? the fbi said more than $28,000 deposited in farook's bank account two weeks before the unspeakable massacre. then 10000 was taken out in
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cash. three other transfers of 5000 each and all part of the investigation. catherine has more. >> reporter: thank you, the source not authorized to speak on the record told fox there was unusual bank activities and the final stages of the plot were set in two weeks before the shooting. there was a deposit of 285000 to rock rook's account. and then on or about farook withdrew 10000 from a union bank branch in california. they are exploring whether it was a loan and farook used the cash to reimburse his friend for the two assault rifles. ma rquis who checked himself in a mental health facility after
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the shooting is talking to investigators. >> he purchased two assault rifles. our major concern in the fbi and a tf is determining how those firearms and the rifles got from marquis to farook and malik. >> reporter: there were three transfers to farook as to his mother's bank account. this starts to make sense. his mother had long-standing money problems. also a review show issed the divorce from farook's father was finalized in the spring of this year and under penalty of perjorthat she was living with son say-ed and makes no mention of wife tashfeen. the couple was married and
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tashfeen was pregnant. there was a foreclosure on the navy federal union that came from the other son who was a military vet. it is worth emphasizing, that loretta lynch said the fbi is looking at the mother and whether she had foreknowledge of the plot. that has remained the case. >> and the family's attorney said they didn't know anything about temperature that is part of the investigation. arthel? >> eric we turn to politics. donald trump called out by members of his own party for saying muslims should be banned from entering the u.s. paul ryan condemned trump's proposal. >> normally you do not comment
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on the presidential election and i will take a exception today. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly it is not what the country stands for. >> reporter: carl cameron joins us live from washington, carl? there is a moratorium from trump on muslips and tourist. and today a republican congressman put it in the permanent congressional record with a house speech on the floor, watch. >> we must always insist on a security test. but we must never require a religious test. it is time that my side of the aisle has one less candidate in the race for the white house. it is time for donald trump to withdraw from the race. >> reporter: the condemnations
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are far and wide. vice-president cheney said notion of bang a whole religion goes against everything we stand for and believe n. linsay graham called trump a race bigot this morning. rudy guiliani also a former federal prosecutor called america's mayor said it violates the first amendment first of all. and the percentage of muslim worldwide who are terrorist is miniscul. democrats are pounding trump and loving the headache its is causing the gop. josh earnest said this should disqualify don would trump. muslim activity groups are outraged and care said he is acting like a lynch mob rather than an american political
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leader and muslim republican coalition said he is proposing a unconstitutional and discriminatory policy. >> thank you, carl. radical terrorism is now a central issue in the 2016 race. some critics slamming obama's handling of isis and called the oval office address predictable. >> the president denies we are at war with radical islam. >> telling the nation that the islamic state is not islamic, that is nutty. >> this was a terrorist attack when it happen and yet hillary clinton and obama talked about gun control. barak obama went to paris talking about climate change.
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he is delusional. >> you know, jerry, the terrorist attack changed the tone of the campaign? >> yeah, i think it has. whether it is permanent or not is a question. chris christie said the campaign changed with the paris attacks and changed further in the san bernardino attack. you have terrorism and national security inching up and economy has a inching down. it is changing the candidates and the voters. especially on the republican side. >> who do you think it helps? >> it helps chris christie. he was disappearing from view and now a former federal prosecutor. and i think it helps jeb push and marco rubio, a little bit of experience and a tough policy and they have both of those things. and may help donald trump.
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we talked about in the sense being a tough guy is beneficial. on the other hand, he may have finally gone too far. >> you think he did go too far. every time somebody pops out of his mouth people say he goes too far. >> he never united the republican party against him, and see how voters react, we'll see. but the idea in the party itself which is to say he's gone too far is meaningful. some will like it and some will not like it. that remains to be seen. this controversy is different. >> how about ted cruz saying he will kill the terrorist? >> senator cruz has a problem. he's not wanted to get in the fight in syria. and the isis based the caliphate in syria. it is it a mixed bagging and
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hurts ben carson. to be soft spoken and no experience is not a good place to be right now. that is showing up in poll numbers. >> how about the way it boomeranged on president obama? the optinngs of obama's speech was tone deaf. he stood up in front of the devenlth maybe he could did it to speak in front of an adoring crowd or he had a kennedy event to rush off to. how does this or does this carry over to hillary? >> we'll see. there is a philosophical decide.
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the kennedy center is a low blow comment. there is a divide between the president and republicans on how to approach the topic. there is a slow and steady and fast and fur yuchlts which helps or hurts the kasmir against isis. hillary clinton it is a two- edged sword for her. she's more experienced and does know the world, that helps her. and by the way, she's tried to strike a tougher tone on syria than the president for a long while now. on the other hand his ratings go down she rides them down a bit. it hurts bernie sanders and he wants to talk about income inequality. it is hard to break through on that. >> hillary wanted to arm the syrian rebels and the president turned that town and isis may not have what it is now if that
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action was happen. >> she will find a way to remind us on that. >> good to see you. >> new information on the movements of the married terrorist in san bernardino, including pranthis nothing a gun range. how expert cans say the couple prepared for the unspokable attack. and the american band returning to the scene of the deadly attack in paris and that's not all they are doing. >> do you support sending troops to fight isis in iraq and syria. go to to join the conversation.
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horinek -- horrific carnage. the band escaped unarmed in the carnage. but the terrorist murdered 89 people who went to their concert and one crew member was killed. in a recent interview said eagles of death metal would like to return to the stage when the theater does open. right now the fbi said the husband and wife who murdered 14 neme a shooting rampage was radicalized for sometime. they practiced in local gun ranges leading up to the terrorist attack. >> we have evidence that both suspects participated in target practice and some ranges within the metro area or los angeles area. that target practice in one
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occasion was done within days of this event. >> we have the vice-president of research for the defense of democracieses and a former terrorism analyst in the treasury department. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> if these two were radicalized for sometime, how did they go undetected? >> that is a big question that the fbi will have to answer in the days and weeks ahead. it was a intelligence failure. the fact that we anyhow they were radical and training at a arm's location. these are things that the fbi should have checked on. and aware of this early on. this dove tails with what we saw in paris there. there was an intelligence failure and individuals were not identified. it locks like we have a trend that is running global and that
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is a cause for concern in the world. >> is it possible that the money trail will lead to answers? >> fox news broke news of deposit of 28, 5000 locks like from a loan and tied to the pipe bombs of the apartment of the assailants. it is possible they planned to use it for a future attack or pay for what they had financed. that is unclear. but we can say they had done a good job as we understand it, papering over that electronic footprint and making it difficult for intelligence and law enforcement to track where they got the money and other means of putting together a network and analysis.
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>> is it possible that with the money trail, deposits that catherine reported on earlier, is it possible that the investigation can lead to others that are possibly involved with these two? >> it is certainly possible. we are looking abroad, pakistan, saudi arabia. there is a neighbor allegedly who may have been involved in acquiring the weapons. they are going to help us. but they have died, they have done their best to destroy the trail electronically. and that may suggest challenges in the day ahead. >> johnathon, we are told if you see something, say something. to whom do we saw it? you mentioned that the fbi missed the clues that farook had on target practice and asked the workers if you noticed anything?
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>> i noticed the guy's roifl was smoking. i asked why was it smoking? and farook told him because it was new. and the guy said to authorities, how do i detect if there is unusual behavior? how do we do this? we are the public, lay people. what do we do? >> you can only point out what is awkward or dangerous. we continue to tell the public to be aware of their surroundings particularly in public places. this looks like an intelligence failure in the u.s. government. we can point to certainty that these individuals were radical. >> but if they are notdoing anything unusual, co-workers didn't notice anything unusual until when farook left the conference room. >> it is not for individuals not
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trained to know. you are the fbi and need to know be where they have been and may pose a threat. it is for the professionals to prevent this. >> do you think they will be be better equipped to detect the cases in advance? >> it is it an ongoing challenge and i think that paris and california point to the fact that there are individuals flying bepneath the radar and we need to refine our tools so we identify them before they emerge. remember the blade runner granted bail and wait until will you hear how much. oscar pistorias wraps up his day in court. plus this. wow, shots fired after a carjacking and look at that high- speed chase. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> new information about oscar pistorias. the judge granted him bail and extending his house arrest. paul tisley is live in south africa with a detail, paul? >> yes, it was another day of first for oscar pistorias. first time in public as a convicted murderer, another twist in the oscar pistorias. he applied for bail while he tries to get judges to let him appeal to the highest court in the land. most lawyers don't believe he will be able to appeal he does
10:26 am
get bail. he put up last time 100,000. with his defense team admitting he is broke. it was set at $700. >> the case is postponed to the 18th of april will, 2016. the applicant is released on bail of 10000 rent. >> and bail conditions are strict. fox news understands that pistorias was fitted with a electronic tracking tag on his arm. he only needs to come back to court next april. all of this smacks of preferial treatment for the former athlete. >> many people who post conviction and would be sent to
10:27 am
jail. >> reporter: see every other convicted murderer in south africa is pretty much in jail, oscar pistorias is getting set to spend another christmas at home with with his family. arthel. >> thank you so much, paul. >> south africa court upgraded the conviction of murder. and the court convicted pistorias without a now trial. can that happen in this country? what does that mean. first of all, greg, paul said $688 in bail and every other murderer in south africa is in the cling. >> it is chump change and 113000 he originally put up for his bail and the court still has that.
10:28 am
plus he had to pledge assets and house arrest and ankle braeslet and can't go anywhere without permission. >> what about changing this? a court changed from manslaughter to murder. can that happen here? >> it cannot happen here in america. the court of appeals can reverse or remand it back to the trial court and saying you screwed up, do it again. in south africa the court of appeals can do whatever it wants to do. they said you got it so wrong. we'll not only throw out manslaughter, but impose murder and a higher punishment. >> can they appeal it a second time? >> they can appeal it a second time to a constitutional court. but good luck with that. they rarely overturn the lower
10:29 am
court opinion especially in criminal court cases. >> people say it is it double jeopary. it is not double jeopardy. it was only one trial in the lower court. the higher court of appeals didn't hold a second trial. but they spanked the trial court judge and saying you don't understand the law of intent that oscar pistorias intended to kill his girlfriend. wait a minute, when you use a high calibber weapon knowing someone is on the other side. that is not reckless. it is intent to kill. and upgraded manslaughter to murder. >> what will happen to him. this is going on a year and a half. >> it is. >> it is continuing with the the twists and turns. >> what is interesting, the
10:30 am
court that imposes murder, they don't impose punishment. they send it pack to the the lower court. and that will likely be the punishment phase. it could be up to 15 years behind bars, i am guessing that trial court judge will be so angry for embarrassing her and the sentence will be light. >> wow justice moves slowly there and maybe not the at all. >> okay, eric and greg. san bernardino was hit and paris was hit. and now the iranian resistance is holding a meeting on how to defeat terrorism. they point to terrain and a former political prisoner speaks out. how all of this could be changing the face of foreign policy and the impact it is having on voters.
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10:35 am
with regard to foreign policy. there are notable difference. the iran nuclear deal. >> on the first day in office on, i will rip to shreds this catastrophic nuclear deal. >> i will not say i will tear up an agreement on the first day. maybe you ought to check in with your allies, first. >> the only other candidate who would shred the deal on day one is marco rubio. >> donald trump said he would renegotiate. and carson would slow it down. trump and carson want to strengthen the military. marco rubio proposes the biggest increase. four of them would get tough with vladimar putin and donald trump would prefer to talk to
10:36 am
putin and they would probably get along. both donald trump and ted cruz don't support the transpacific partnership and how tough jeb bush and cruz would be with china over bad behavior. >> would i approve water board ping. you bet your [bleep] i would. >> it turns out donald trump is not alone. ben carson and jeb bush and marco rubio would not take it away from the military. and ted cruz said he would not use torteur. interesting to note that polls show most voters trust donald trump than any other of the candidates. >> there are new warnings about terrorism and the connection to
10:37 am
iran. there is a meeting in paris to fight extremism to fight the attacks. it is held by the national council of resistance of iran and predicts jihadi terrorism will increase when the sanctions are lifted and billions float to irepublican. the former senator from connecticut joe leibare man addressingthe crowd and former iranian prisoners who was torteured for speaking out. >> many of my friends were executed. their only crime was demanding freedom and rejecting the clerics dictatorship. >> reporter: he is now free. he served five years in prison in iran and the lock up in the evan prison. he said his opposition to president rouhani and the
10:38 am
regime. he is the follower of the largest group and he wasably to escape to europe. >> i was tortured in intergaugzs and they would hold me and beat me around like a football. >> reporter: he believes that the nuclear deal which supporters say will prevent iran from getting a nuclear. that will instead pave the way. >> he was held at one point in the same accorders as the iranian christian pastor serving a term of eight years for simply practicing his religion. >> he was harassed and cent to a ward. for a man like that, it was difficult. >> reporter: he made a solemn
10:39 am
vow t who left behind. >> i was released and i tried to become their escrows and i would like to be the voice of those executed in iran. >> reporter: the key to defeating isis is overcoming the radical fundmentalism and that drives recruits to isis. the prosecution rest nothing the trial of a first police officer in the death of freddie gray. 15 witnesses were called to testify. gray died from injuries he suffered in police custody and his death sparked violence in baltimore and led to a state of emergency in the city. a growing debate over the lawsuit in the university of southern california. a football coach was fired because of his disability,
10:40 am
alcoholism. the university said it is false. the legal panel will take on the case, coming up. >> employees responded in a unique way. not the way i tell them to. >> the would- be robber ends up with stitches after this botched job. stay with us.
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>> two restaurant. in new orleans credited with stopping a robbery. a man walked in and demanded money. the workers threw punches and smashed had a potted plant in the window of the truck. the restaurant manager said he's proud of them. >> they got all of the money back and looking at the mug shot
10:44 am
of the guy who did the crime. he came out on the wrong end of the stick on that one. >> they identified him as mike who is responsible for a number of robberies in the area. >> and there is a chase that came to a deadly conclusion. >> the suspect pulled out two handguns in downtown businesses after carjacking throw vehicles earlier in the day. it turns out that the driver was killed in a shootout with the police officers. two officers were hurt. >> and a heated debate over the football coach. he lost his job in october and
10:45 am
the lawsuit claims that the university was firing him instead of letting him get help for alcoholism. the school will defend itself. the record will show that he repeatedly denied the university officials that he had a problem with alcohol and never asked for time off to get help. we have a list here. and windy who is a trial attorney and prosecutor. we have a question, does usc have an obligation to let the coach soak treatment. >> absolutely. alcoholism is treated as a disease. and so therefore he is disabled.
10:46 am
if he asked for treatment. and they say can't you finish the day, then he went to get treatment and literaly on the plane he was fired. if that is all true, he has a case. >> really? the coach's attorneys are saying this is a breach of contract on the basis of disability and invasion of policy. a strong position? >> it is under the facts. if it is it true, it is it a 31 page complaint and 14 different causes of action not only invasion of privacy but breach of contract. in deciding whether or not he has a case words matter. they will have to look at the contract. he could be fired with or without cause. what usc is saying most likely, he didn't perform as he was contracted to perform.
10:47 am
no one denies alcoholism is a disability. >> the university said he denied he had a problem. >> if he couldn't perform because of alcohol and gave him reasonable accommodation he does have a case. did he seek treatment or asking for treatment and he was denied as he claim cans. will he have to prove that or can he? >> the other tough part was the reasonable accommodation. what does that look like for a head football coach in usc? you can't perform. >> and that might be something that usc might bring up. and under these circumances, there would not be a possibility. >> was he performing at the time? >> they will go back and see him performing on the job. and then he finally asked for help. >> what does that mean?
10:48 am
>> the argument about the disability made you unable to perform the job, that goes out of the window. hopefully his attorneys looked at the facts. >> there were statements made to different people and e-mails tht were sent. they will have to look at the facts. >> the comments i started with. he said to his employer, i need treatment right now and the employer said, unbelievable. how do you prove that? >> and quickly here, he is asking for 12.6 million under his contract and other damages totaling 30 million. will he get money? >> it is an incentive to settle this. >> it would be an ugly trial and
10:49 am
bad publicity. >> financial and emotional damages and the complaint is alleging punitive damages. >> and that means they went after him. not only not help him, but tried to hurt him above and beyond what would have been an action. >> and of course, alcoholism is an unfortunate disease. >> thank you very much, eric. >> arthel and ladies. december may be here. and the winter weather is not. take a look at this. that is different than the oast coast racing the record breaking snow in buffalo. they are breaking a different record this year.
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breaking news from the white house. they are weighing in on donald trump's proposal to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. it disqualifies them to serve as new president. new details into money transfers into the suspected san bernardino killers and new docs that show money problems for the mother of one of them. a 21-year-old woman shot to death in her car. a connection reveals what the pa family is saying about the woman who killed her. extreme flooding making waves in the northwest. heavy rains have been trapping people in their homes and cars. the precipitation, this time of year takes another form in the
10:54 am
east coast. team meteorologist live in the fox weather center. it's december. where's the snow. >> right. this is typical of an el nino pattern. what we have been talking abo for the last couple of months where the west gets pounded with storm after storm and the east sometimes experiences a warmer than average winter. let's take a look at it. this is what's happening across the northwest. heavy rain and snow and wind. this pattern will continue really for the next seven to eight days as several storms impact this region. we'll see the potential for flash flooding as well as higher elevation snow and very gusty winds all along the coast down towards central california. ultimately this is a good news situation. they need the rain. we've been into a draught especially across california. it's going to mean the potential for flooding. over the next couple of days, four to eight inches of heavy rain. some isolated areas could get
10:55 am
more than that. look at the forecast precipitation as we head through the weekend. several inches of rain along the coast and the heavier mountain snow inland. this is typical of an el nino year. back to you. >> meanwhile, on the other side of the country, buffalo. buffalo is well known for the record snow. the lake effect snow. buries the city every year. look that the. that's last year like ten feet plus. it's unbelievable up there. now, nothing. nada, zilch. >> they are setting records out in buffalo. this is part of that el nino pattern. what we see in an el nino year is warmer than average. look at this buffalo isn't seen any snow at all. the last time that happened was about well over 100 years ago. the departure from average over a foot. this time last year we had over 20 inches of snow.
10:56 am
our future radar, any storms that come in a rain event because it's so warm out. i have to tell you, i've been receiving a lot of high fives around here. a lot of folks like the warmer than average winter. i'll enjoy that. >> i see flowers. it's just weird. >> it's weird. >> i'm fine. check this out. if he isn't already making big buck, lebron james striking a sponsorship deal. the company shelling out big money to king james for years to come. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with,
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now for the final 30. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. a big deposit in california bank account. this is the real story. they want snow in the money was used to buy the bombing. >> first reported last night. on november 18th,


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