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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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now for the final 30. >> the real story with gretchen starts now. a big deposit in california bank account. this is the real story. they want snow in the money was used to buy the bombing. >> first reported last night. on november 18th, $500.
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on that reporting in the last few minutes said that money came from a lone company. in that bank loan being made. that leaves into the question, what was that money for and why did he get it? gone into the market. he is the former neighbor of what the market was entered by the fbi. he is the person that the fbi said gave two assault rifles.
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>> presented what appears to a valid id. came in and acted the way he normally does. >> it affected the world. >> reporter: an environmental health department training that took place in the very same room where last week happened.
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>> what about the radicalization aspect? >> officials arenqw told us the were indeed radicalized. entered the united states on july 27th, 2014. we have a date stamped photo from them arriving. how close to that date. >> jonathan hunt, live in california. we're awaiting a vote on the visa house program.
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any of those travelers. support for the measure when it gets to the house floor. democrats are using some delay tactic tactics on gun control. 38 allied countries if they traveled to syria, iraq, sudan. >> we're coming together to tackle the threat. that is why we need the president to put forward a real
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comprehensi comprehensive strategy to defeat and ékusñdetain. >> it's expected to get scrutiny. >> this could be a bipartisan effort that would be established on the heels of the white house. >> the white house supports this effort. stronger screeninqe for those wo come to america. >> my sense is that most will take a look at this legislation and probably support it because what we're trying to go after is the real problems and allowing people to come into our country who mean to do us harm.
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>> thank you. known online is surrendering to the governor last month. u.s. is discussing the came with the somali government. they do not have extradition.
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the family was supposed to have the suspect to be with u2psoma. he scream third-degree is for syria and tried to cut off one of the victims head.t &h(lc% he's due back in court. fbi learning more about what went into that. the loant;mx as cash withdrawae feds trying to link money to whatever was going with the assault rifle used in the attack.(p
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>> well that's going to done, footprint and e-mail traffic. they're web surfing history. >> maybe there is some hard evidence left and maybe not. >> the evidence that's on the laptops any information on the laptops for the cell phones are gone. the only thing we'll have access to is being able to reach out to
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the internet providers. >> that's all changed with congress's actions. >> absolutely. >> i think what you begin to see is a struggle between civil liberties and what we're willin" to give up.y we're losing that battle as regard. >> people are excited and say we didn't have anything on the boston bombers. although it's interesting because when you go back and listen to the police chatter, right after you say, you can hear them saying. does this have anything to do
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with syed. i'm wondering if there's some information about him. >> obviously, the fbi will track individuals who travel overseas. that just goes without saying. ó(átre's a lot of things that were amiss. >> you bring up a great point. how the heck do we do that with the way the fiancee waiver program. >> money laundering by drug lords following the big push in the '80s.
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suspicious transactions that first made $53,000 a year. 28,000 deposit. >> that should have been reported. all 50 states in this country for isis activity and those are the ones that know about it.2,g that may not be as simple as it sounds. should we change the no flydw rules first. maybe sure innocent people aren't on that list. feel a cold coming on?
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nicoderm cq. fox news alert in the fight to defeat isis with senators graham calling for combat forces in syria. my next guest says it includes arab nations and regional what do you think needs to be done? >> great to be with you. >> what do you think needs to be done? >> well, there's two aspects of it. there's domestic policy which is triple threat. we need to make sure we close our southern border and address the visas which congress will address today.
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we have addressed refugee problems to make sure they are vetted. overseas, u.s. needs to lead. when you put our forces into harm's way, you have to make sure they have the right equipment, training and rules of engagement to win decisively. president asking for special operations troops, look. if 50 special troops would make a difference and move the needle then the problem is not that big. clearly, it will take a larger effort. >> it also seems that president obama seems to end up going with lesser than what his military advisors have recommended. you've been there. former seal team commander. >> putin is dropping bombs and we're dropping pamphlets. this president is in[vwx denial what it will take to defeat isis. we're seeing that policy was nonsense and now it will take a commitment. if the u.s. doesn't lead then no one else will follow. that's the reality of, look, a great nation is ours.
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also we bear a great responsibility. >> okay. now to donald trump's call for a ban on muslims entering the united states. what do you think that's going to do to efforts to try to build some sort of a multinational coalition with arab nations and could that make our military bigger targets in your mind? >> well, the problem is not with muslims. the problem is with those muslims that are radicalized. there's a different between a muslim and a muslim terrorist. the president also said that women and children weren't a threat. i think he should reconsider that considering what happened in also those that that would provide arms. that's all part of the threat that we need to address. i think he's right in regards to mosques. when i thought about it, we 4
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they were the source. we should look at the clerics. given the litmus test of muslim versus non-muslim, i don't think that's appropriate. >> thank you. president wantsl new restriction to keep people on the no fly list from buying guns. a lot of people on the list have no ties to terrorism. how the heck do they get on that list and can you get off of it if you're on it? plus the young woman found dead in her- is being revealed. what the family saying about the woman they think murdered her. . his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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flood watches for tomorrow afternoon. the heavy rains causing massive floodingm and other parts severl days. several roads were closed. the rain is causing city. president obama seeking a gunman to kmm$$ñ guns out of has of terrorists. a lot of people end up on that list by mistake. a lot would lose their rights to own a gun. it seems perfectly logical. what did you find that might be wrong with it? >> taken literally nothing is wrong with it. nobody wants terrorists to legally buy weapons. the devil isé
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should i saën in the loopholes. critics say the loopholes are big enough to drive a truck through. the list has included from time to time members of congress. senator ted kennedy, for example,ksov including others a well as congressman john louis. members of the u.s. armed fors have been on the terror watch list. u.s. air marshals and journalists. he was put on the list after he bought a one way ticket to turkey. he found himself blocked from ui to 12 subsequent flights over the next 6 to 8 weeks . he took all appropriate measures to get himself off the list but unable to until this happened. >> the way i got off of it was brett bare wasrxqñ holding home security jay johnson for an interview about immigration. at the end of the interview brett raised my case and said
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mr. secretary, do you think that steve hays is a terrorist? >> after that something changed. hays is no longer on the list. he's not alone. some estimates say anywhere from 40 to 50% people on the terror watch list have nothing to do with terrorism. >> that's kind of scary in light of what's been happen ing in ths country. it's not just cases of mistaken identity. what else is it? >> the list makes no attempt at all to follow the law of the land. >> the right to bear arms under the constitution is a fundamental liberty. it's in the same category as speech and religion and travel and privacy. you can only lose it if you're found guilty of a crime by a jury. >> they say the background check is for licenses firearm dealers, go figure.
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>> interesting. san bernardino terror attack investigation focusing on the mother of one of the shooting suspects. why were large sums of money recently sent to an account? did she know anything about it? plus, donald trump doubling down on his proposal to ban muslims from entering our country. this despite criticism from leaders of his own party. is his plan even legal or constitutional? >> this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for.
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some headlines for you now. air france from san francisco forced the land in montreal. air france now saying it was a false alarm. u.s. army reportedly recommending no further punishmentm&
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investigators believe the $28,000 was a loan and hefz he was using the cash to reimburse his friend for the assault rifle. he checked himself into a mental hospital is now out and cooperating with federal agents who told reporters on monday
11:31 am
what they are trying to confirm. >> he purchased the two assault rifles that you see shown on the media. right now our major concern, the fbi, atf is determining how the firearms, the rifles, inñ particular, got from him to farook. >> web bank said they are not talking to the press before hanging up on us. >> i bet they did. this is the leading edge of the story. what we were able to confirm in the days leading up to the attack there were three transfers of $5,000 a piece from farook's bank account to what investigators believe is the mother's bank account for a total of $15,000. a review of california records by fox news shows that the divorce fromcó sayed's father
11:32 am
began in 2006 but was only fi l finalized in the spring of this year and she had significant money problems. you'll see it here. she said under penalty of perjury she was only living with her son and made no mention of his wife who was six months pregnant. there's considerable irregularities and over the weekend the attorney general was asked if the investigation was looking at the mother. >> i can't speak to that fact. it's something we're looking at very closely. we appreciate every one who has come forward with information about that. i can't characterize the knowledge of any of the other witnesses in the case. >> the bottom line based on this reporting in the last 24 hours is that it really undercuts any suggestion that an argument at an christmas party was to blame for this massacre. the money went into the account on november 18th.
11:33 am
standard practice isf five days for that kind of loan to be cleared and approved. you're looking at november 13th when the wheels were set into motion for this attack. if you look at the calendar, it's hard not to draw the following data point, november 13th were the massacres in paris. >> very interesting details. great work. thank you. donaldh trump's opponents slamming the ban. some folks think he's onto something. >> almost every single person, unless you're a native american. >> we need a better system to screen them. what we're using isn't working. >> a lot of people come into this country legally and illegally. we're not vetting them properly. we don't know what they're intentions truly are. >> we should have a stricter law. that's the thing about it.
11:34 am
it's not about muslims. there's all races that do certain things. >> judge, you're going to put the hammer down. yes or no on whether the plan is constitutional and legal. >> i think it's profoundly unconstitutional. one of the areasñ7 that the government cannot make decisions on is religion. so, first of all the president doesn't write immigration law. the congress does. the president has emergencyy'y powers to admit people when they are escaping political repression or humanitarian crises. he has emergency power to delay entry for people if they're presence in the united states would cause some palpable harm. he cannot use religion as a basis nor could congress use religion as a basis or to refuse. >> donald trump today was sticking to his guns. he also sort of insinuated
11:35 am
temporary measure. >> the religion clause'j in the first amendment has a couple of prongs to it. one is all persons, not citizens, persons have the right to practice their religion as they wish from any interference of the government. the government can't use religion as a basis for making decisions. can it take religion into account. of course, it can. can religion be the primary principle or exclusive basis. absolutely not. >> then you have to go to immigration rule. >> if you got congress involved in this, could congress have the ability to say we don't want to allow in people from certain nations. >> yes. congress could stop all immigration. congress could stop immigration from syria, iraq, afghanistan, if it wanted. there's no serious constitutional challenge to that. that's a decision based on
11:36 am
national security or the expenditure of resources. people coming here and seeking the social safety net. as long as the decision is not based on religion, congress can do it. as for what donald trump has done, brilliant politically. >> why? >> this is 20 hours old. this came out last night around 5:00, 6:00. we're talking about it all the time. he may have alienated certain parts of the republican party. >> we saw what paul ryan said. every other candidate running against him has come out and said they are also not in agreement with him. even if donald trump were president of the united states, via executive order,,ñ he could not do what he said he wants to do last night. >> he could not do it without expecting interference by the federal courts which could be swift and certain. >> thanks mump.
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it is the nature of the gunshot wound that has investigators hesitant on how she died. the family believes heather was murdered and they make a compelling case. police found heather's car parked in a driveware about 30 minutes from where she lived. she had no connection home she was parked in front of. the swarnts said she suffered a gunshot wouldn't to the back of her head which would be unusual for a suicide but not impossible. the family said leather was having issues with another young woman and the other young woman made death threats and
11:38 am
unwelcomed visits to the home. this didn't just come out. the older sister posted on facebook that heather needed to file harassments and stalking charges. the older's sister most recent post reads someone stole her from us and she can'tyf=ís ever% back. we love you and miss you so mump already. help us find who did this selfish, unthinkable act of hate. she was the sweetest, most caring person you met. someone murdered her in cold blood and left her to die alone. flo one identified the woman who was stalking her but police are taking a hard look at family's accusations.
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swat team rescuing seniors after a two day ordeal. the injuries are not considered to be life fletenning. the texas department of public safety says investigators are looking at possible mechanical failure. one person taken to the hospital. another treated at the san. an alleged burglar gets eaten alive been aalligator. his girlfriend said he was busy robbing houses on november 13th when he said he was hiding near a pond from police but he never came home. that's when police say this 11 foot gator must have gotten him. they found his body ten days later near the animal. officers=p found some of his remains in his stomach. brand new usa today poll asks this.
11:40 am
would you still vote for donald trump if he left the gop party? we're going to show you the surprising results. blan
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blan. that and what was that again donald trump? what did you say? top of the hour. see you then.í÷ boston college saying 80 kids were feel sick after eating
11:44 am
at a local chipotle including some members who missed sunday's game as a result. one student says she got sick too. >> i just went to eat here this past weekend and i got really sick yesterday. this was the first time i left my house. i was wondering what was happening over here. >> chipotle says it believes the noro virus is to blame unrelated to the e. coli6 but, a few hours later a different poll put trump back on top leading cruz by a lot. 33-20. time for some real talk.gddú$%
11:45 am
what are we to make of this. these two poll results coming within hours of each other. >> the poll is primarily those who voted in previous primaries and the cnn rc poll is done differently. it's hard to compare them given the different methodologies. you have to look at them over a period of time to know which way things are gone. one poll could be an out liar. i don't think you?) could put t much weight in one particular poll. >> we would still put trump on top in iowa. those were both done before his recent comment yesterday. i think it's8[ñ, important to out in this poll that it polled people who have gone to there. i think he said primaries. the caucus is a:s very importan
11:46 am
thing. if you've been to an ie ka caucus it takes a commitment. people have to spend all night long. they haven't done this sort of thing. >> what's interesting is somebody's analysis of trump is te controversial comments when he's the most vulnerable. let e's say he seen that poll in iowa. there's also a correlation between the amount of immediate where where a candidate gets and wherewz1 are in the polls. >> that seems to be the case. >> rar ri is right to correct me on the fact that a caucus is different than a primary. it's a commitment. that's a different voter than your typical, the other one was just adults who are republicans and that means a lot more than i think the other poll which is a
11:47 am
different kind of methodology. >> let's take a look at the usa today poll. this is interesting. would you vote for) donald trum if he ran as an independent. this was taken before the comments yesterday. 68% say yes. his supporters will vote for him as an independent. that's great news for hillary clinton,cpñ it not. >> i think i just heard a scream south of the capital building. yeah, the chairman and big guy over there at the rnc. that's the problem. it really is. it's only a problem if the rnc and the other candidate don't listen to what trump supporters are saying. they may not like donald trump but as soon as they have an m animosity toward their own voters, they have support. they need to respond. >> got to wrap it there. allen and rry, thanks much. time now for my take. a deeper dive into the new cnn
11:48 am
orc poll and all the important issues. this poll was done before trump's most recent comments about banning muslims but still shows his:px the issues. on the economy t:.s(, 52%. illegal immigration, trump, 49. foreign policy, trump, 30. isis, trump, 41%. no one else close. most effective at solving the country's problem, trump number one, 36%. has the best chance of winning the general election, trump, number one, 42%. then there's this very important tidbit. how many voters have definitely decided who they will support in the iowa republican caucus. check it out. definitely decided, 26%. leaning towards someone, 26%. still trying to decide a whooping 48%. that's huge.
11:49 am
it says the field is wide open. perspectivuw÷, this time around four years ago rick santorum was nowhere near the top of the iowa polls and he ended up winning the state. a renewed call for stricter gun control measures in the wake of california killing. the shooting is having a surprising effect on gun sales. have you heard. >> if you're not prepared how to use a gun safely, it can be as dangerous as not having one. one of basketball's biggest stars giving a shoe deal her life. why nike believes lebron can sell so many sneakers. >> i'm grateful that nike and phil knight and everyone over there just believed in a skinny 18-year-old kid from akron, ohio. i'm happy to be part of a great company.
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. .
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trending now on the real story, it's what america is clicking on today. china issuing a red alert not over terrorism, but check out this photo. oh, yeah. right there. smog. darkening the skies. people told to stay inside. plus is blamed on coal power plants. lebron jamess inking a lifetime deal with nike. it's the largest endorsement contract in the company's history. and pope francis opening the door to start a year of mercy. thousands of the faithful joining the pontiff for a revolution of tenderness. pope benedict xvi also attended. there has been a significant uptick in legal gun sales since
11:54 am
two radicalized shooters opened fire at that christmas party in california. william, what is driving the numbers? >> every time president obama talks about gun control, gun sales go up. every time you have a mass shooting being gun sales go up. so you put those together, and gun sales this year will top $21 million. that is a record. 57,000 guns a day. and americans are not just putting these up in the closet. they are taking classes, going to the range and getting permits to protect themselves. since president obama's election in '08, the sales are almost doubled. under george bush, to 18 million under president obama. >> what we wanted to do was make sure that the customers that were buying our weapon s were
11:55 am
handling them in a safe responsible manner. >> 34 states allow you to openly carry a firearm without a p permit. >> and how are gun control advocates responding? >> they believe more guns means more crime even though the evidence is to the contrary. right now the rate of violence crime is among the lowest in decade despite more guns. gun control groups do not make that connection, they believe congress needs to tighten sales and background checks to make the country safer. >> we cannot even prevent terrorists in this country from buying guns legally. i mean what does that say about the resolve of our nation? >> the fbi only reports numbers monthly, so we don't know how this latest incident in san bernardino will affect consumers. but i can tell you that yesterday spokane police department stopped taking concealed carry permit applications because they were overwhelmed. back to you. >> wow.
11:56 am
william, thank you. >> u2 performing in paris pulling special guests on stage for their last song of the night. so who else is marking the return to the city of lights for the first time since the terror attacks? ♪
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ensure. take life in. welcome back to the real story. u2 returning to paris for the first time since the paris attacks. eagles of death joined u2 on stage. you remember they played at the bataclan theater that night that 89 people died inside. they also visited the venue and laid flowers and say they want to return when it reopens. and for all of you who love the show, there is a big event on thursday at 3:05, i'll be run to go my office to answer your questions live via live
12:00 pm bonus is i'll also be signing copies of my book while you and i are chatting. you can register at the live seen on your screen to get a free access code. and theres is right there. thursday, 3:05. i'm gretchen. here is shep. maybe declaring one quarter of the world's population unwelcome in our nation of inclusion and freedom will make him unelectable. maybe. the republican frontrunner donald trump is uniting just about everybody. of course they're coming together to criticize him because of his suggestion to block all muslims from entering the united states. ahead the latest reaction from republicans and how trump is doubling down. we're also following the money trail from the killer couple in san bernardino. new information out today about the mother's money problems. and questions about whether she knew about the plot in advance. plus the islamic state's secret plans, leaked blue priptss that he reveal its leader's tactics when it comes to creating a calipha.


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