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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 8, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

12:00 pm bonus is i'll also be signing copies of my book while you and i are chatting. you can register at the live seen on your screen to get a free access code. and theres is right there. thursday, 3:05. i'm gretchen. here is shep. maybe declaring one quarter of the world's population unwelcome in our nation of inclusion and freedom will make him unelectable. maybe. the republican frontrunner donald trump is uniting just about everybody. of course they're coming together to criticize him because of his suggestion to block all muslims from entering the united states. ahead the latest reaction from republicans and how trump is doubling down. we're also following the money trail from the killer couple in san bernardino. new information out today about the mother's money problems. and questions about whether she knew about the plot in advance. plus the islamic state's secret plans, leaked blue priptss that he reveal its leader's tactics when it comes to creating a caliphate. let's get to it.
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it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. and donald trump is getting dumped on from all sides from sea to shining sea after he unveiled his plan to ban all muslims from coming into our nation. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we can't live like this. it's going to get worse and worse. you'll have more world trade centers. it's going to get worse and worse, folks. we can be politically correct and we can be stupid. but it's going to get worse and worse. >> donald trump says he thinks it is the best way to stop another 9/11 style attack. of course he can't do any of what he just said. that's unamerican
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constitutionally. our leaders insist it would be counterproductive sending exactly the wrong message to one-fourth of the world's population. yet today he said he would also consider closing the internet up in some way to keep isis and other terror groups 2r fr chup indicating. you trump's comments have brought together every sink goal gop candidates and some of the most conservative republicans in all of politics, nonone is being becoming donald trump's ideas. reince priebus, mitch mcconnell, bob dole, mitt romney, all condemning the comments. speaker paul ryan of the u.s. house of representatives joined the crowd condemning trump's proposed ban. speaker ryan noted he doesn't usually commented on the presidential race, but he couldn't keep quiet on this one. >> normally i do not comment on what is going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today.
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this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly, it is not what this country stabs for. >> can't be done. it is empty rhetoric. even the former vice president dick cheney, a conservative himself by all standard, one of the mostly sun hawkish politici modern times, says trump's idea is too extreme. dick cheney points out trump's ban goes against everything we stand for and believe in. unamerican. the cover of the philadelphia "daily news" compared donald trump to adolf hitler. and through all of this, trump is defending his, quote, proposal, unquote, claiming it isn't much different than roosevelt's executive orders after the bombing of pearl harbor, orders that put restrictions on migrants from enemy countries, orders now seen as a historic american mistake. it is unclear how the latest
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trump headline will play with voters, but one thing is for sure, the terror attacks in san bernardino and paris have changed the race for president, triggering a slew of tough talking rhetoric from the gop presidential field and beyond. carl cameron. >> shortly after paul ryan's remarks, a florida republican slammed him on the house floor which means it's primarily now part of the congressional record. listen to congressman dave jolly, a self described evangelical conservative. >> incest on a security test. but we must never require a religious test. it is time that my side of the aisle has one less candidate in the race for the white house. it's time for donald trump to withdraw from the race. >> of course democrats are eagerly pounding trump and his fellow republicans who fail to condemn his remarks. listen to what josh earnest said just a few minutes ago at the
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white house. >> what he has said is entirely it disqualifying. to continue to stand by him and pledge your support to him is in and of itself disqualifying. and that's why i think people are going to be interested to hear what the candidates have to say. >> the entire republican field has denounced the idea of a moratorium on letting muslims into the world. ted cruz however has continued to say he is not going to criticize donald trump. and rick santorum has said he opposes banning muslims from every country, but did say there are nations known to have substantial radical islamic populations and therefore muslims from those countries should be prevented from coming to the u.s. that is not a view that other candidates are sharing with the exception of course of trump. trump's gotten away with a variety of outlandish remarks in the past, but this is getting
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more blow back than anything else he's faced to date. >> carl cameron live for you. thanks. john bussey is with us. trump wants us to talk about him. >> exactly right. so you may view this as unlawful, which it is. >> it's crazy to even think of it. >> you might consider it fear mongering. are or racist. >> it's all of those things. >> you might say why wasn't he criticized for mocking this disabled reporter. cheering the buildings coming down. this is about your coverage about cnn's coverage, about everybody coming out against donald trump how and condemning him. and they're all the establishment. and he's been running an anti-he establishment campaign. in an environment where there a lot of concern about what is going on with with terrorism. and among republicans,in an env lot of concern about what is going on with with terrorism. and among republicans, there are
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polls that show a lot of republicans particularly evangelical ones feel that islam should not be legal in the united states, a lot more feel that they're not really sure, you know, how they feel about it. >> a lot more need to be led by somebody, not to be dragged done the worm hole by a carnival huks ter. someone needs to be reminded about our constitution. he's representing the worst darkest part of all that is america. >> so you and i and a lot of americans and all of the congress people who came out and condemned it may feel that i that way, but he's running in an election. and so far, the comments he's made about mexico, about 9/11, about this reporter have not the redowned negatively to him. he is leading the pack. and so he's tapping in to a fear within the whether he celectora
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evident and we'll see whether this row spells him forward or back. everybody who has criticized him is part of the establishment. he will interpret that as now the republican party trying to protect their jobs. push trump out so they can keep the status quo. >> they have tried every tactic they know. if he doesn't go away, there are great fears about what will come of this party. >> and there are lots of echos of this in american will politics. father coughlin from the 1930s, you could go on and on with people who have tabbed into this kind of fearmongering. but can be effective, as well. what you saw with paul ryan, the republican party trying to distance itself. you will see a lot more of that in the coming days. you're seeing super pacs forming that will run ads against donald trump. the question is will that work for him or against him. >> and remember the establishment promised to be nice to him and then he wouldn't run as a third party candidate.
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are we nearing a possibility of that or is not a way to know that? >> that was when the party began to say donald trump doesn't represent our views, that's when donald trump again said i might run as an independent. and if that were to happen, think of the voters that he would pull away from any republican candidate that is running against a democratic candidate. they deeply, deeply fear that. he's got a lot of leverage right now. >> john bussey, thank you. in the meantime, investigators in san bernardino are following the money trail. as they try to federal government out whether anyone helped the two who carried out last week's terror attacks. fox herron broke the story that they are looked into large amount gosed into his account about two week before at taking. farook earned $53,000 a year with the county. reuters news agency reported the
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suspect did not get the money from somebody overseas. so where did they get it? it sounds like this may have been a that the husband took out? >> that's right. fox news has told investigators believe the $28,000 was a loan and they're exploring whether farook used the cash to reimburse his friend for the two assault rifles about marquez bought them legally and he's now cooperating with authorities. >> right now our major concern, the fbi, atf and jttf, is determining how those firearms and rifles in particular got from mar keez to farook. >> and they are fully cooperating with the federal investigation, the bank where farook housed his account. and they say they are not talking to the press before hanging up on fox news. meantime the online lender prosper is also connected to farook and said in a statement this afternoon, quote, all loans originated through the prosper
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platform are subject to all identity verification and screening procedures required by law including u.s. anti-terrorism and antimony l p laundering laws. this connection to moprosper wa made by roiters. >> air understand investigators are looking at certain withdrawals and transfers the couple made ahead of the shooting? >> that's right. syed farook took a big loan more than half his annual salary and then drained his bank account, which is a standard m.o. of terrorists on a suicide mission. we learned that in the can days leading up to the attack, there were three transfers of $5,000 a piece from farook's union bank account to what is believed to be his mother's bank account totaling $15,000. in addition, a review of these california court records show that his mom had money problem during and after her divorce which was finalized in the spring of this year. in the income and experience
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declaration filed in january of 2015 with the california court, she said she was living with her son and makes no mention of his wife cwho was six months pregnat at the time. so the banking data shows the plot had been set into motion and that the average online thrown takes three to five days to clear and transfer, that takes us back to november 13th and it's very hard to ignore that data point because that was the gay of the paris massacre. and that may have been part of the inspiration in what we saw in southern california. >> very interesting. catherine herridge, thank you. ahead, the innocent baby whose parents went on a terrorist rampage. what happened to their little girl now? that and the rest of the dwaay' news after this. s day of coachih knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch?
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family court this san bernardino trying to decide what to do with the couple's six month old daughter. the child of the killers. syed farook and tashfeen malik left their baby girl with farook's mother. she lived with them, so it wasn't all that unusual. but left the child there hours before the terror attack and claimed they had a doctor's appointment. the six month old is now in state custody. both farook's sister and mother attended a custody hearing yesterday. the sister told reporters she and her husband plan to adopt
12:16 pm
her niece saying they want her to enjoy her innocence. trace gallagher live in our west coast news hub. what happened during the hearing today? >> well, the mother and sister were joined in court by an attorney for the l.a. chapter of care. the council on american islamic relations. cair was there to help gain custody but the they want the baby policed in a muslim foster home in the meantime. farook's sister still can't believe that her brother and sister-in-law would do something like this, but says that she and her husband can give the baby a stable upbringing. the sister went on to tell abc news quoting, you know, we don't want her to know everything, but i think eventually she will find out on her own. syed farook's sister and brother-in-law have two other children, they say their son has been having terrifying nightmares since the shooting happened. >> must be very difficult to provide must have security for this child. a lot of crazies out there. >> sure. anything that deals with county
12:17 pm
workers and the family of the killers is going to have tighter security for the time being. the juvenile court spos than says for this hearing there was extra security inside the court as well as around the periphery of the building. there were also additional deputies in uniform. but reports that a nearby elementary school was a lockdown because of the hearing turned out to be false. the next hearing is in january. we're told the full adoption process takes anywhere from six months to a year. and involves an investigation of the people seeking the adoption. the court by the way is also trying to keep the baby's name confidential for obvious reasons. >> trace gallon ger, thank you. ahead, a newly leaked document reveals how isis leaders want to set up their state. that's next. just because someone grows older
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islamic state expects its so-called caliphate to work like a sophisticated government complete with factories, military chasmil military kacamp, even a health department. internal documents show a blueprint detailing how its territories should operate. isis calls for the creation of various departments including education and jobs. fighters are required to go to training camps where they will receive lessons on the enemy and apparently children are no exception. kids must be trained on how to use light weapons. andrew taylor is with us, fellow at the d.c. based think tank washington institute where he
12:22 pm
focuses on syria and u.s. policy in the region. also author of the book "in the lion's den." good afternoon. thank you. >> great to be here. >> this is rev la directory though not that surprising. there are other groups that we call terror groups, hezbollah for instance, doing the same thing. >> that's true. and certainly in lebanon that's been the case for some time. terrorist groups being organized is not new. what is new about will is that they have a state architecture that they're trying to build and they have been doing it for some time. and they're willing to talk about it in detail and put it out for all the world to see. and that takes guts. and i think puts the islamic state obviously in a different category from the other threats we face. from and recent reporting on top of this suggests that this effort to bring a state together with all these different departments and the rest, that is well under way.
12:23 pm
>> that's right. isis specializes if trying to get the different organs to work together. they assess taxes, they issue license plates, parking tickets, tenders when they purchase wheat. this has been going on for some time. they also have a very set organizational structure which in the context of the chaos of the syrian war in particular but also stretching over into k are a, people desperately need and want at leafor the time being. >> so fighting isis, you nid help from baghdad and we're getting exactly the opposite. can you explain what has happened? >> there has been a lot of tension over the placement of the turkish troops in northern iraq to help train fighters there. baghdad instead is saying no, that they have to come through the central government. this is a problem essentially between iran which backs the government this baghdad and
12:24 pm
turkey which not only backs the kurds in iraq, but most importantly is against president assad in neighboring syria. and iranian support assad and the increased tension has led to this recent development over the controversy of the turkish troops about northern iraq. >> baghdad has been least helpful than is even possible. items astounding the level to this which entire thing is screwed up. we seem to have almost no influence in a place where we drop $2 trillion or $3 trillion. >> that's a good point. the problem that we have is we are constrained by the fact that we have these theoretical states called iraq and syria which still exist on paper, but in reality, the central governments in baghdad and damascus have not controlled their own territory for years. and dealing with that reality means sometimes having quite high tensions with dysfunctional governments and capitals.
12:25 pm
and there isn't a solution of what to do with these states. >> andrew tabler, thank you. the navy's largest destroyer is headed out to sea for the first time. images this afternoon, the largest destroyer in all the fleet. and it's quite a thing. look at it, i haven't seen look like that. >> isn't that incredible? it just left the ship builder in maine. it's the first of three he in in its class and there is really never been anything like it before. it's 600-feet long, weighs 15,000 tons. and it's named after the american naval officer who played a major role in u.s. military history especially during the vietnam war. and the destroyer has electric propulsion, new radar and snow nar, swellings powerful missiles and guns. and you can see all the angles, that's minute to deflect enemy radar signals. and right now, it's in a testing
12:26 pm
phase. the goal is to get in to the navy sometime next year. and the price tag is $4.4 billion. >> we should get more. they're as long as two football fields. massive. >> it's massive, yeah. >> all right. get a ride there. ahead on the money trail, the terror massacre in san bernardino, the money trail is what they're following. former fbi assistant director says bank deposits of more than $28,000 could lead investigators down a whole new avenue in this case. and surprise return to the stage for the rock band that was playing at the bataclan during the deadly terror attacks in paris. that's as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox news channel. ning ek from bank of america to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use
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more of the headlines from the fox news desk. israeli security forces using tear gas to break up crowds of protestors, some of whom who threw stones and molotov cocktails in the west bank, this
12:29 pm
after a palestinian man died during an army raid. a judge granted oscar pistorius bail and ordered will him to stay on house arrest until his sentencing in april. last weekend an appeals court convicted the blade runner of murdering his girlfriend back in 2013. that decision overturned the lower court's manslaughter conviction. and in florida, a burglary suspect apparently tried to hide from police near a lake. cops couldn't find him, but a giant gator did. that's what the local sheriff's office says. wild life officials euthanized the gator and reportedly pound some of the suspect's remains in the gator's stomach. don't hide near lakes. not in florida. not a good idea.
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12:31 pm
it's the bottom of the hour. time for the tops of the news and the fbi has questioned a neighbor who bought the two assault rifles that the kill he are couple used in the terror attack in san bernardino. that's according to the reporting of abc news. it report investigators tried to
12:32 pm
talk to the neighbor earlier, but he had some sort of health issue. the fbi director has said the man is not a suspect. but we still don't know what he knew leading up to the shooting. other neighbors say the man was a childhood friend of husband and that they shared an interest in cars. one neighbor tells reuters that two men also seemed to have some sort of falling out about three years ago. for the rest of the story, jonathan hunt is in front of the killer couple's home in redlands, california. jonathan, it hasn't been an easy thing to investigators to talk about that neighbor who bought the guns, right? there was talk of some sort of mental institution. >> exactly. that neighbor is enrique marquez, he was identified by the fbi pretty quickly after the attack happened as the man who bought two fl the assault rifles used in the as talk and the man who gave them to syed farook. but immediately after the attack, he apparently checked himself into a mental hospital. that prevented cops or fbi fishl
12:33 pm
officials from talking to him at the time. they then executed a search warrant on his home over the weekend. what we do know is that those two assault rifles in question here were used by farook and his wife tashfeen malik at a local gun range in the days before the shooting. what official officials now want to find out is what enrique marquez knew about the potential use of those weapons, when he gave them to farook, and west wheth whether he was paid for them out of that loan that we now know that farook got $28,500, $10,000 of that was withdrawn two days after it went into farook's bank account. did it go to enrique marquez as payment. >> what else do we know with about the company that provided the loan here? >> the company is called prosper. they're san francisco based. they appear to be a lending, in other words, you don't have to
12:34 pm
go through a bank to get a loan. i can go on the website, apply for a loan and then another individual who has money to spare can provide me that loan and reap the interest from it. prosper does not even confirm that the loan indeed came via its website. but they do say every single loan that they make comports with all u.s. anti-terrorism laws and money laundering laws. we'll find in the coming days a lot more about this company and wherein deed that loan did come from them and who provided it. >> jonathan hunt in redlands, california. our next guest says the bank deposits will be significant in this investigation. chris webber is former fbi assistant director during his 24 years at the bureau, he was responsible for eight divisions. he also commanded a team in iraq which ran counterterrorism and terror financing investigations. he's now and attorney and ceo of
12:35 pm
a corporate security company. good to see you. thank you. >> how are you. >> well. you've said that this gos is going to be significant for a number of different reasons. could you lay them out for us? >> this represents the potential avenue -- nontraditional avenue for terrorist funding, a peer to peer lending site as was mentioned and there is a certain level of anonymity that goes with it. if you want to lend people money, you can sign up using a screen name. if you want to borrow money, you sign up the same way. there is some back office due diligence that takes place for example there is a loan application that may or may not meet the requirements of the bank secrecy act. but it is definitely a potential terrorist funding source. and i'm sure the fbi is looking at it very, very carefully with a lot of interest. >> what do you make of the questions about the man, the neighbor who bought the weapons? >> yeah, you know, i think what everybody is looking at is the
12:36 pm
potential that he was a straw gun purchaser, that he purchased the gun for the sole purpose of just turns it over to farook and his wife. and so there is a supreme court case out that ruled last year that if that is in fact the case, if he filled out a federal firearms form on behalf of himself but intending to give the guns to someone else and taking money there someone else, then he becomes a straw purchaser and there is also the potential that he was just simply an aider and abetter. i'm sure the bureau is looking at him very carefully. >> what are your thoughts on the killer's parents? >> they're very interesting. i think a lot of focus on the mother. one, how could she have missed what was going on if in the house. some of the bomb making activities may have taken place in the garage, but a lot of activity therethere. in fact with the elaborate
12:37 pm
nature of mail ordering ammunition, purchasing bomb threats, he was pretty much a full-time terrorist when he wasn't at work. so i don't know how she could have missed that. the other aspect of course is her receipt of the money, the $15,000 in three $5,000 increments. makes it look a lot like she might have known what was going on because they were emptying bank accounts supposedly and getting ready to go. so i'm sure she had instructions on take care of the kids, we're checking out of here, here is some money. >> before we go, i'd like to know your opinion of how dangerous this collective freakout which we're entertaining is in this country. that we're all sort of completely overboard and saying things that are so anti-american, does that hurt our cause? >> i think it does in some ways. i don't think people are scared. i think they're angry. and i think they're caught a little bit off guard and we talked about this happening in the united states. but it in fact happened. and i think everybody realizes this presents a new paradigm, a
12:38 pm
new threat. this is terrorism in e year 2015. i don't think very many people actually believe some of the things that have been coming out about, you know, let's ostracise muslims, not let them in the country. i think we're a lot more reasonable country than that collectively and i think everybody understands if it's explained to them properly that we just need to be aware and just be diligent in reporting things when we see them especially if it's from someone close to us and in our social network. >> and be calm, carry on. chris, nice to see you. appreciate it. >> thank you. the california rock band that was on stage during the paris terror attacks have made a surprise return to the stage. happened last night in paris during a u2 concert. u2 eye lead singer bono saying the live frs the members of the eagles of death metal will forever be part of the city of paris. >> these are our brothers, our fellow troubadours. they were robbed of their stage three weeks ago and we would like to offer them ours tonight.
12:39 pm
would you welcome the eagles of death metal. >> and back they came. it was eagles of death metal's first trip back to paris since the terrorists launched the deadly attack. they also stopped by the bataclan theater, the venue they were playing when attackers stormed in. some emotional pictures have come into us. you can see the band members here appearing to fight back tears as they stand in front of a memorial outside that theater. the group reading cards and tributes take their fans and supporters left behind and here you can see the band names still up on the marquee outside the concert hall. the lead singer on the left here posted a letter on facebook that read in part thank you france and thank you to everyone in the world who continues to prove that love, joy and music will always overcome terror and evil. the prosecution has rest and now the defense will get a chance to present its case on
12:40 pm
behalf of a baltimore police officer facing charges for the death of a man in police custody. officer william port are faces charges for the death of freddie gray whose neck broke while riding in a police van. prosecutors say that the officer was negligent for not buck link gray's seat belt. and also failed to call an ambulance. he's the first of six who will face trial to gray's death, a death which sparked riots in baltimore earlier this year. new problem for the chicago police department today. city officials last night released a video showing officers using a taser on a man inside a prison cell then dragging him on the ground. they say he later died in a hospital from a reaction to antipsychotic drugs. the man's name was phillip coleman. it happened in december of 2012, but the video is just now public, which seems to be a children pattern of late. coleman was in custody because of accusations he attacked his
12:41 pm
mother. his family claimed he had a mental breakdown. the individual wrote shows six officers entering the cell, no audio. about a minute later, coleman stands up and that is when one of the cops tasers him. see there? it's difficult to make out really. but check out the left side of the screen. you can see one of the officers holding the stun gun there. finally they drag him out of the cell by his handcuffed wrists. police review board originally said that the officers' actions were justified. but the interim police superintendent now says the incident is again under investigation. an attorney for coleman's people says his death was not accidental and that police should not have waited to get him -- or at least to get him care. they also claim cops have tased coleman more than a dozen times all together. officials released the video hours after the justice department reported it was investigating whether chicago police officers made a habit of breaking the law. jurors are now deliberating in the trial of the former
12:42 pm
oklahoma city cop accused of sexually assaulting 13 women. prosecutors say officer daniel holtzclaw used the power of his badge to prey on his victims and targeted drug addicts and women with felony records and threatened jail if they reported him. the officer faces 36 counts of rape, sexual battery and other charges. defense attorney says he was a model police officer and requested the credibility of the women. if he's convicted if any of these first degree rape counts, key spend the rest of his days in prison about sgl oprison. some 80 college students are sick after eating at prison. some 80 college students are sick after eating at chipotle. but restaurant reps say this isn't part of the e. coli outbreak. what's up with chipotle, that's next.
12:43 pm
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linked to the restaurant chain chipotle? officials at boston college say at least 80 students have reported they got sick after eating at the mexican food restaurant. this is just the latest instance involving chipotle receipts ntl. more than 50 people across nine states tested positive for e. col coli. doctors are testing students for the virus. and the stock is tanking. fox business network lawyer live here in new york city. what else do they it might be, lori? >> so boston college chipotle believes items newuro virus. but the cdc is testing them for both neuro virus and e. coli. so 24 hour flu versus e. coli.
12:47 pm
e. coli sticks away for a much longer duration. here in midtown manhattan, there is a sign posted grade pending according to the health code here in new york city, the requirement that all restaurants of course have in the city and many others across the country. so grade pending for this chipotle new york, one of the states being investigated for the earlier e. coli outbreaks that affected more than 50 people. those cases confirmed, but chipotle saying that the boston college students, these 80 students, is an isolated case because health officials were able to pinpoint that an employee showed up to work sick and secondly the health official discovered that the meat was stored at the wrong temperature. >> lori roth man live for us. t-mobile under investigation accused of false advertising according to a new "usa today" report which indicates that the new york attorney general is now getting involved.
12:48 pm
consumer advocacy groups claim t-mobile's popular ad campaign which prop promises to do away with hidden fees is misleading to customers. while the company has done away with so-called service contracts, the group's claim most of t-mobile's current subscribers are lockeded in to two year loans for new phones for their devices. the group is also accused of abusing debt collection practices. . we reached out to t-mobile for a statement. so far no response, but they did tweet a response saying the company stands by its ads and that t-mobile has not been accused of false advertising by any regulatory body. any minute now house of representatives expected to vote on a bill that would tighten the current visa waiver program, what allows to you come into this country without going through the visa process. a live report from capitol hill coming right up. heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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who visited iraq, iran, syria and sudan since 2011. house leaders hope it will help neutralize foreign terrorists entering this country. >> the biggest fear that i have in so many in this conference on both sides of the aisle is that you have more than 5,000 individuals that have western passports in this program that have gone to iraq or syria in the last five years. >> house speaker paul ryan says lawmakers are willing to do more but says this would be a critical first step. shep? >> what are we hearing from democrats, mike? >> well, the president has said that he is willing to take a closer look at some of the travel of these folks as have other key house democrats,
12:54 pm
saying it makes a whole lot of sense to see if these people have been to these war zones. >> my sense is that most democrats will take a look at this legislation and probably support it because what we're trying to do is go after the real problems in allowing people to come into our country who mean to do us harm. so we do expect a bipartisan moment later today on the house floor in the name of national security. shep? >> what's the holdup on the house floor, mike? >> well, because this is a bipartisan bill where a lot of folks expect it will pass easily, house democrats are taking the opportunity right now to draw attention to the issue of gun control which they want their republican colleagues to debate following the san bernardino attack, and so they're doing some procedural moves to hold up the debate on this bill to draw attention to gun control, trying to pressure their colleagues on the other side of the aisle into an open debate about considering some gun control measures following the san bernardino attack.
12:55 pm
>> mike emanuel on capitol hill. thank you. we'll be right back with a nod to this day in history and a look back at a kidnapping involving one of the most famous performers of all time. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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12:58 pm
with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. it's one thing to leave a bag at the airport, that happened, but there's no excuse for leaving behind an entire plane or three of them. that's what apparently happened in malaysia. that country's main airline operator putting out this ad, looking for the owner or owners of three boeing 747s. they've gone unclaimed in kuala lumpur international airport. whoever owns them has 14 days to collect them. otherwise they're selling them. on this day in 1963, a group of amateur criminals kidnapped frank sinatra's son. they had been following the 19-year-old singer, frank sinatra junior, for weeks. two men abducted him and his friend at gunpoint after a performance at a club in lake
12:59 pm
tahoe. the friend was able to escape. the gunman took sinatra jr. to a hideout in los angeles. old blue eyes later paid a ransom of nearly $2 million in today's money to get his son and his friend back. the feds tracked down and arrested the suspects within a week, bringing an end to a bizarre kidnapping case that began 52 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world with cavuto is coming up next. chipotle has scared a lot of people. if that keeps coming up on your company's ledger, it's going to be hard to get people in there. and the stocks are suffering across the board today, down about 160 points. we were down 1% at one point earlier in this hour. it has recovered from the session's lows. as the final bell rings, that's
1:00 pm
a miracle, isn't it? you know that we're down for the day. neil cavuto will have all the news. i'm shepard smith. be calm and carry on. don't let 'em win. thank you, shep. this is your world. we're trying to piece together the money trail, not so much the terrorist trail, although invariably they form the same trail. federal officials are tracking that $28,500 that was deposited into the account of syed farook. that was about two weeks ago. there are indications that that was a plan of outside money wired from outside sources, ie isis. the question becomes what was the loan going to be used for and what were multiple withdraws meaning? obviously it


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