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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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on airlines. >> as the cart comes by. >> bring a waffle over here for the pregnant girl. >> thank you for joining us today. >> "the real story" starts right now. >> a clear picture today of who the real story, what the real story is behind the terrorists in the california attacks. the san bernardino may not have been the first plot the pair wanted to carry out. james comy testifying that the couple became radicalized well before they even met. >> they were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online and online as late as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged. >> live in washington, katherine, what else did we learn at the hearing today?
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>> gretchen, as fox first reported, they were ral radicalized by the time they entered the united states in 2014. in testifying a short time ago, james comey said pub welcomely for first time they they committed about their commitment to radical islam before they decided to marmary. a fake address in pakistan on malik's application and whether she had an interview by the u.s. government which is a requirement to get the k-1 visa. >> with malik, was she actually given an interview in the k1 process, do we know that? >> i don't know well enough to say at this point. i know the process requires it. we're still trying to fully understand exactly all of her contacts.
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>> comy testifying that they were both cheer leaders for the isis call and caliphate. the public probable should have seen pointed to the couple's radicalization and should have been reported to authorities and there were contacts between the couple and other terrorism suspects. but comey said they were not significant enough to put the couple on the radar. >> the whole thing whether or not she had an interview, which is completely mandatory, that makes you suspect of everything else, every other person coming into this country under the same program. so what else did he have to say about the refugee issue? >> the fbi director also testified that isis has a growing capability to forge passports an get operatives into western countries. this was described as fairly sophisticated and direct concern of the intelligence community. >> are you concerned that isis has the ability to create fraudulent passports or other identification documents for its
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operatives that has a practical -- that is a practical matter would be almost impossible to detect? >> yes, mr. chairman, the intelligence community is concerned that they have the ability -- the capability to manufacturer fraudulent passports. >> the three main conclusions from today's testimony, first and foremost, that the couple was radicalized before they entered the united states in 2014. second, this screening process by homeland security and state department on these fiance visas is deeply flawed in this case and no interview. the false address in pakistan and this is in part the same process as being relied upon by for the refugees coming into the country. and the fbi was not able to identify farook as someone getting radicalized in the united states for at least two years before the attack in san bernardino. >> it's so unsettling. thank you for your reporting. for more on this now, let's
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bring in bill gavin for some real talk. bill, when you listen to katherine's report, i use the word unsettling. i can think of a lot worse words for how americans feel right now. no possible interview for the fiance visa waiver program and other things that fell through the cracks? >> gretchen, i really believe right now there's a lot of scrambling going on as pertains to issuing these visas. why she wasn't interviewed and why nobody ever did a complete background to look at where she came from or if her address was invalid. i can't give you an answer to that but i can assure you there are a lot of people uptight about it right now. >> the stunumbers are staggerin. it's thousands of people applying for this visa waiver,
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the fiance visa waiver, not just hundreds of people. it's thousands of people. >> gretchen, you're right, that is my concern right now if it happened in this one particular case, i just can't believe that this was an isolated incident among all of the thousands of visas that are being issued under the set of circumstances. it's very difficult to say that this would be the only one. i truly believe it wasn't. >> and that's scary -- even that just alone is scary. let's listen to what else comey said about how isis and other terrorists can evade encryption. >> the criminals and terrorists and spies have an unparallel ability to communicate with each other worldwide. increasingly we are unable to see what they say. in the good old days it was harder for them to communicate with each other. today they have a tremendous ability. our ability to monitor them has not kept pace, it's going in the wrong direction.
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>> that's pretty frank. they have no idea how to track these folks now and we saw that play out in the paris attacks as well, that they went silent for a couple of days before the actual attacks. where does this put us, bill? >> this puts us in a dire situation, gretchen and that's the absolute truth. we are in a terrible state of affairs when we have end to end encryption, where the individual now involved in crime or terrorism, worst of all, can communicate with each other and we have no idea what they are saying or when they are doing it. we talked about it all the time, the things slipping through the cracks. we live in this wonderful democratic republic where we don't want the government in all phases of our lives. when something like this happens, and something goes side ways we ask why weren't they? can't be both ways and somehow we have to develop a dynamic
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equilibrium. >> that keeps us all safe. one other thing, today comey said average citizens probably should have noticed things. i find that fascinating because we do say to people, if you see something, say something. but at the same time we're also living in this culture where people don't do that. on top of that. he said the fbi, that maybe they missed a few things but really nothing they did warranted them to be on the fbi's radar. do you agree with that? >> i certainly do agree with that. they never did anything really avert or made those kinds of mistakes, which brings me to one other point, if i could. these people were well trained in getting this done. you just don't dunce into getting a $28,000 loan online. you just don't dunce into figuring out you can't move more than $10,000 without coming up on somebody's screen. three 5,000 transfers of money.
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malik went to a school for 18 months in pakistan prior to coming back over to the united states. it was at a mosque where they are teaching the depth of the religion for extremists. you can't know all of these things and can't have that just certificate endip tously happen. >> we'll talk later on on whether or not the banks dropped the ball with the money tran fehrs. many wondering if this government and this administration is dropping the ball on keeping us safe. thank you. defense secretary ash carter testifying today about the ongoing efforts to the u.s. to their efforts to take out isis. carter appearing before the senate armed services committee says the u.s. remains committed to the cause and willing to provide more security upport in finish the job. jennifer, how does he plan to finish the job? >> well, first let's be clear.
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the u.s. is nowhere close to finishing the job. here's senator john mccain's question at the start of the hearing. >> congressman forbes asked general dun ford, have we currently contained isil? we have not contained is il? do you agree? >> i agree, yes. >> did say, however, the iraqi military is making progress in retaking ramadi after taking a frustratingly long time to get started and also indicated the u.s. is going to get more involved in combat. the united states is prepared to send -- to send helicopters -- attack helicopters, secretary carter said. >> the united states is prepared to assist the iraqi army with additional capabilities to help them finish the job, including a tack helicopters and accompanying advisers. if circumstances dictate and if
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ready by prime minister abadi. >> urging to pass funding needed to syria, to which senator mccain responded, last time we gave them money trained own four fighters. >> what is ash carter seeking from the allies? >> carter said this week alone he have spoken with counterparts in 40 countries this week. and asked for sunni arab countries to do more and saudi arabia and gulf states are preof course pied with fighting in yemen, diverting against the fight against isis. the french president visited france's aircraft carrier sent to the middle east after the paris attacks. it will be positioned in the gulf soon. ash carter revealed that the war against isis could soon expand beyond iraq and syria. >> it is absolutely necessary to
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defeat isil in its parent tumor in syria and iraq and wherever else in the world this evil organization metasizes. >> 800 isis fighters have set up a shadow state in the event the headquarters gets pushed out of rack ka in syria. >> we have a new way to search and analyze all of the presidential candidates and we're going to show you the fascinating find like which demographic supports donald trump the most? it might surprise you. you just heard from secretary of defense ash carter talking u.s. strategy against isis. he admits that we haven't contained them. so what do we actually need to do to turn the page on the terror group? that coming up. the reality is, we're at
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welcome back, politics now, we want to show you something really cool. this is a brand-new tool so you can learn more about candidates and issues and be involved in it. it's called morning consult intelligence and allows you to search and analyze tens and thousands of survey questions and demographics from across the spectrum of polling outfits for our presidential candidates. kyle is co-executive director at morning consult and assistant professor of government at
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dartmouth college. explain what this whole thing does for somebody sitting at home who wants more information. >> absolutely. thanks for having me. so morning consult intelligence warehouses more than 50,000 survey questions and we really see it as a one stop shop for polling in market research information. we want people to be able to search, share and analyze a big information. >> 50,000 different items, not just one poll. let us start with trump's favorable among varying the demographics but this is all the states and the darker green means what? >> darker green means that trump has a higher level of support in that given state. >> and then sort of the medium green, i guess would be moderate support? >> exactly. you can see the lighter green is going to be around 15 to 20% and darker green would be around 40%. this comes from about 30 polls around the country over the past few months.
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the strongest basis of support is in a state like nevada. >> very interesting. let's take a look now at marco rubio state to state. can you see that on your screen? tell me what the dark green means? >> dark green is the highest level of support and you see in the southeast in florida, higher level of support than in some of the other states. >> that would make sense since he is from florida. chris christie, the governor of new hampshire. look at that. idaho? >> you know, he does pop there. we see some regional support there in new england and in the northeast as well, perhaps that's not surprising. >> very interesting. can we go back, producers, i want to show donald trump in the demographics. can we go to that? kyle, explain to me here and the rest of us, what this means as far as who -- what demo is favoring trump? >> sure, that's a great question. we on a platform can explore more than 100 different demographics and what this shows you is the favorable that
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americans have towards donald trump. this is broken down by gender, age and education and party. here it shows a more favorable view among men and older adults and adults with less than a college degree and least favorable among democrats. you can search the platform and look for more he demographics, it's totally free. >> how do people find this? >> >> fan tas take. if you want to analyze from your own computer, join morning consult. >> thank you. >> homeland security, michael mccall saying there is more that can be done to prevent more terror attacks. what he's suggesting in the wake of several deadly plots this year alone. plus, "people" went on a campaign trail and found out that candidateses, what they like to read. one candidate said rogue lawyer. another red a bioof jack kemp and one really loved bill
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welcome back. "people" magazine ago candidates, what is the latest book they read. marco rubio read a biography of jack kemp. what's the latest book hillary clinton read? "rogue lawyer" and donald trump
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is reading "killing reagan" and also said he read killing patton as well. >> ash carter defending president obama's strategy against isis while admitting that the strategy at the same time i don't know how he does this, its failed to contain isis. but he did say he thinks we're building momentum against the islamic terror group. that didn't sit too well with chairman john mccain. >> we're not winning this war and the time is not on our side. americans have never been more worried about being attacked than any time since the months that followed september 11th, 2001. >> what is carter doing to turn the tide? listen to this. >> i personally reached out to my counterparts in 40 countries around the world in the coalition and asked them to contribute more, in many cases contribute much more to
11:24 am
enhancing the fight against isil. >> monica for the washington times and fox news contributor, ash carter saying he defends president obama's strategy to take out isis and at the same time by the way, he wasn't really being truthful when he told you they were contained. >> the defense secretary is in the position of stating the on advice, that isis is not contained. everybody with two eyes can see what is happening here. then he goes on to say, i'm trying to coordinate with 40 other countries. the problem is that the military is itching to do more but neither the defense secretary nor our military can do anything beyond what the commander in chief sanctions and approved them to do. >> that has to do with the rules of engagement. >> while they are itching to do more, they placed on restrictive rules that don't allow them to be aggressive as they like against isis. we hear we're flying all of
11:25 am
these against isis but 80% of them fly back because there's fear of collateral damage or environmental damage or civilian casualties. we cannot operate a war this way. >> let's listen to something else about warning signs of violent extremism. >> the signs are there. and afterwards, it's always a friend say, i did notice he did this or that or the family members or the imam at the mosque saying he was getting radical in his rhetoric and in fact i kicked him out of the mosque. in all of those cases it wasn't reported. there was no engagement with the muslim community and that's key. >> what is it going to take to change that? >> this is a direct result of the rules of engagement in terms of talking about the threat that the left has imposed on us for decades, political correctness, call it whatever you want.
11:26 am
whether it is fort hood shooter or tsarnaev brothers or chattanooga shooter, people are afraid to say something, even given the slogan because the rules that the left has put in place, being painted as a bigot. this is a war and the enemy is now within. we know that. our very security, the security of your family and security of nation depends on law abiding citizens reporting things. i've done this myself where i've seen pieces of luggage at pen station or in a airport. and this is probably nothing but please check it and they always do. that's what all of us need. all of us right now this country and in the west, we're warriors in this fight. thank you. >> pleasure. >> time for my take, from calling isis jv to saying isis was contained to enduring an isis inspired attack at home. to say people are more nervous about terrorism is an understatement. last week terrorism ranked as number one issue to americans for the upcoming presidential
11:27 am
election. we heard fbi director james comey saying operatives are investigating 1,000 investigations into isis in all 50 states and that the fbi apparently was not investigating syed farook. where does that say about where we're potentially heading? international efforts to stem the tide of militants following to the middle east and flowing there to join isis is not working. with the nun of rekruts doubling in the last 18 months. approximately 30,000 people from 90 countries have joined the terrorist fight since 2014. that makes americans nervous and fear is a powerful political force at the poll. investigators sitting down with families of the victims as we speak in the california terror
11:28 am
attack while tracking how the shooters got a recent loan from the bank. could the bank have done anything to flag the terrorist's behavior before they committed these attacks? we analyze it next. plur plus, a new pull to hold media companies responsible for turning in users that make suspicious posts. we'll be right back with that. but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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the search is on for two afghan pilots after they disappeared from moody air force base in georgia. they were supposed to graduate from a year long training program next week and the two men were screened before the training program and insist they do not pose any apparent threat. the fighter pilots are part of af small team of afghan fighters training at moody and were set to return to their country in the next few weeks. we'll keep a close eye on that story. the head of the federal investigation into the california terror attacks meeting with the families of the victims today, 14 people lost their lives when the bullets rang out at their christmas party. 21 others injured. assistant director david bod itch is trying to give grieving families more insight into what happened that day. if there were any specific targets. chief correspondent live in san
11:33 am
bernardino, california. what did comey say about the foreign influences? >> reporter: it was very interesting listening to the fbi director james comey on capitol hill today. we obviously learned a lot. chief among the idea that both farook and malik were radicalized and talking about jihad and radical islam online as long ago as 2013. you put that next to that photograph we have of the couple entering the u.s. at chicago's o'hare airport on july 27th, 2014, they were sold on the ideas of radical islam and on the ideology of radical islam when they came into the united states at that point. so who radicalized them and who did they remain in touch with? it appears at the moment in terms of isis at least, that the fbi is leaning more towards this attack being inspired by rather
11:34 am
than directed by isis. here's james comey, listen. >> we're looking at to see was there anybody else involved in assisting them. so separate from san bernardino, we have not seen this. we have not seen isil cells or networks in the united states. instead what they are doing is motivating individuals or very, very small groups of people to commit murder on their behalf. >> reporter: motivating individuals or small groups to commit murder on their behalf. james comey went on to describe that, gretchen in rather ominous terms as the crowd sourcing of terrorism. >> i don't know if it makes any difference whether or not it was is sis directed or inspired, they are both bad. what do we know about the fbi meeting in california today with victims and family? >> reporter: well, that meeting ongoing right now, just a short distance from where i am. this behind me is the inland
11:35 am
regional center where that terrible attack took place just a week ago. fbi officials are obviously updating the surviving victims and families of the victims on the investigation. no cameras are allowed in that meeting, gretchen we are being told if families want to talk to us afterward, they will be able to. we'll hear something of what the fbi told them a little later. >> thank you. investigators now tracking how the terror attackers spent a $8,000 lo $28,000 loan from a bank. syed made a series of transfers possibly from his mother's account at another bank and the fbi is looking whether he paid a friend who bought two rivals used in the rampage. what is the role of the banks in catching these kinds of red flags? >> former prosecutor and defense attorney here to analyze this. did the banks drop the bol?
11:36 am
>> i want to say the banks did drop the ball but it's an easy ball to drop. we have a couple of balls to talk about here. one is, how does a man who grosses, $53,000 a year get an unsecured loan for more than half of his annual income? if i were the fbi, i would want to know if isis is working at the lendsing institution that gave him the money in first place. once he has that money, the bank is required any time somebody moves cash in the amount of $10,000 or more, they have to fill out a currency transaction report. it's a must. that's an easy trigger because they know $10,000, boom, triggers my requirement, i file the report. the second thing that the bank could have and should have done is file a suspicious activity report if they suspected that the subsequent smaller transactions were part of some sort of criminal endeavor. >> he gave 10,000 to his neighbor, 5,000 here, 5,000
11:37 am
there maybe to the mother's account. here's the crux of the whole thing. the bank has 30 days to file those reports. >> right and that's the sad part because even if the bank had intended to comply with the reporting requirement, it had another two weeks to do it because this pair went and committed their terrible rampage before the end of the reporting requirement, whether they knew that was the case or not, i don't know but the bank couldn't have won for losing there. >> they could have, within the 30 days, they could have done something. >> uh-huh. >> we're not sure if they did or not, right? >> they could have but who's next? who takes the baton next? would we have done anything in time? that part needs to be changed if we're going to use the banks to combat terrorism. >> you have something ominous that you worry about as a result of this which is what. >> this is scaring me, go fund me. i don't want to be critical of the company. think of the potential to launder money through a go fund me account.
11:38 am
they'll take your social security information and you can create any sim pat thetic situation you want and get your money from whatever source, who knows where the money is coming from. the money goes into your account and nobody tracks where it goes. it's a potential that really needs to be looked at by the fbi. now that we know it's happening here we need to look at that the. >> a lot to be done. >> scary. >> thank you. congress is demanding more information from president obama on its strategy to track the isis agenda online. the house foreign affairs committee even passing legislation to get more answers, now it's headed to the house floor. fox business network's jolene kent joins me live from capitol hill. what does this bill propose? >> reporter: this bill is calling for more action from the white house and actually part of a bipartisan effort to reign in and try to regulate more of what the social media companies do when it comes to terrorism and problem began da. here's exactly what the bill is it, proposed by representative
11:39 am
ted poe, evaluates social media in radicalization and analysis of how terrorists use social media. and congress wants a summary of efforts to stop usage of social media by terrorists, plus a classified assessment of exactly what is going on and which agencies know it. plus, they want to know from the white house, the training available to law enforcement and intelligence personnel to kpat this. this is a republican bill headed for the house floor. on the other side in the senate, you have dianne feinstein from california saying she is planning to propose a bill that would require social media companies like facebook and like twitter to provide any of the suspicious content directly to law enforcement and government officials. >> when these social media companies came into fruition, i don't think they thought they were going to be dealing with this kind of activity. how are they reacting to these
11:40 am
demands? it's a whole new full-time job for them. >> it is, facebook every single day has a billion daily active users so monitoring is difficult, coupled with the fact they want users to trust the platform and be candid and open. facebook has a zero tolerance policy for any terrorism. snapchat has a similar policy. twitter also says they agres everybodyi ively go after content but that is a platform where most of congress is pointing the finger, saying twitter is not doing enough in terms of preventing radicalization but they say they are workting actively and will collaborate with law enforcement where necessary. >> if the terrorists start talking in a different language or using different buzz words, who knows if they can track that. thank you. no connection found between the death of a pennsylvania woman
11:41 am
and the driveway in which her body was found in the car. 21 heather ciccone was found dead less than two hours later. her sister told local news stations, she had a female stalker as the investigation continues. a friend of the family has set up a go fund me account to help pay for funeral costs. more protests going on in chicago as they are calling for mayor rahm ee manuel to resign. and surprise today in the first of six cases linked to the death of freddie gray. what one of the officers had to say. he took the stand in his own defense. plus, a pair of presidential candidates playing nice with each other. has donald trump found someone he doesn't want to attack in senator ted cruz and vice-versa?
11:42 am
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on word that the san bernardino shooters became radicalized long before they met each other online. we'll speak with a fbi special agent and the defense secretary saying the islamic state is not contained despite earlier comments from president obama. what's the response from the white house now? that's coming up. we'll see you then. fox news alerts, protests breaking out in chicago after rahm emmanuel apologized for the shooting death of laquan mcdonald that happened last year. demonstrators calling for the mayor to resign. he already fired the top cop over the investigation and calling for changes to the police force but not bent for calls for him to be removed from office himself. >> let's move on to this, donald trump facing a firestorm of criticism over his remarks over
11:46 am
muslims. ted cruz is one of the only candidates has been relatively easy on criticizing trump. trump is leading by 32%, more than double his closest rival and leading every poll in the state since mid july, shortly after he entered the race. on the record, 7:00 eastern time here on fox, greta, those polls, before trump's latest comments but not sure it's going to affect anything. what do you think? >> so far he said some very provocative things and his poll numbers have only gone up. he said something very provocative which conflicts with the first amendment. we don't have a religious test in this country. the constitution prohibits it but he's got so many fans and supporters that frankly, i would -- a lot of people are really terrified about terrorism and a lot of people associated with our very loose immigration system. i would not be surprised if his poll numbers didn't drop and actually went up.
11:47 am
>> especially if it proofs to be true that the female coming from pakistan never did a dhs interview. >> which is actually more appalling because last friday a spokesperson said she had extensive screening. that is a big fat lie. there's even a report on abc that the address used on her application either didn't exist or incorrect or -- >> incorrect. i know you'll be following up on that. that could be -- could be better news for donald trump followers. let's get back to the trump/cruz sort of friendly relationship they have. >> the people that give these millions of dollars to these horrible corrupt pacts, they are corrupt, they totally control bush and rubio and i won't say cruz because he's been very nice to me. but he's been nice. he's got to hit me first. once he hits me, i promise you -- i promise you. >> all right, greta and then you
11:48 am
have cruz saying this. >> from the beginning, my approach not just to donald trump but all of the candidates is not to engage in personal insults and attacks. i like and respect donald trump. i don't anticipate that changing at all. >> what is it with this relationship? >> well, it's very -- i think senator ted cruz has three goals, he wants trump out of the race and clear the field and wants everybody out of the race. he's competing for the nomination. number two, he wants trump supporters and trump has a very, very loyal supporters. i've seen my e-mails, they will support him through everything and he wants those supporters. finally, the last thing he wants to do is attack trump. if you pinch trump, he's going to nuke you and senator ted cruz is well aware of it. he's trying to walk a fine line. >> yes. there are some people who have already dropped out of the race or about to probably because of doing just that. greta, we'll be watching you
11:49 am
tonight 7:00 eastern. thank you. surprise in baltimore as the first of six police officers charged in the death of freddie gray, he took his own -- he took the stand today, very surprising. he's how he and his attorney demonstrated his innocence. if you qualify for a sittingham's card today i can offer you no interest for 24 months. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give me?
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welcome back. airline passengers can now walk across one of the most heavily fortified borders in the world between american and mexican airports. it's a new bridge tying a terminal in san diego to one in tijuana. the new terminal starts operations today. passengers pay $18 to walk across to tijuana's airport and mexican passengers can now access san diego's airport. baltimore police officer charged with manslaughter in the death of freddie gray took the
11:53 am
stand in his own defense today. william porter is the first of six officers to be tried and could face up to 25 years in prison if he is convicted. peter doocy watching the trial. >> the defense team isn't just telling jurors why they think officer william porter is innocent, they are showing them, too. at one point, one of porter's defense attorneys laid face down on the floor of the courtroom and had porter approach him to demonstrate the exact technique porter used to pick prisoner freddie gray up off the floor of a baltimore p.d. transport van that he was being hauled to jail in, to put him on a bench inside that van. and a key part of porter's defense here is that freddie gray weighed 150 pounds. so gray had to have helped the officer a little bit in hoisting himself up off the ground, to the bench, and the thought is if he was really hurt at that point he wouldn't have been able to help at all. the officer explained later on that he did hear freddie gray say he couldn't breathe and wanted an inhaler back at his apartment. but porter suspected gray, who he knew of, but had never
11:54 am
arrested, of having jailitis. he thought freddie gray was faking symptoms so he could go to the hospital and not to prison. that said, though, he testified that every time gray requested a visit with a doctor, he still radioed it in to the superiors. and says that he checked on gray twice along the way. so the catastrophic spinal injury that he suffered and died from must have happened at some point after those two checkups. then, though, the officer porter says that he noticed there was mucous coming from gray's mouth essentially so he let out an expletive and started trying to open gray's airway up right away, trying to save his life. he suspected at the time it was an overdose. the defense's medical expert today, dr. vincent de mayo also testified during the george zimmerman trial said his expert opinion is gray's injury was an accident, but the state still disagrees. their cross-examination started just a few minutes ago. so as we speak the state's attorneys are trying to poke holes in porter's account of the way freddie gray died. gretchen? >> peter, thank you very much.
11:55 am
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time to check out what's trending today. the fda approved a cooling hat to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy. device designed to reduce the dreaded side effect for the treatment of breast cancer. and the fda giving a green light to a new injection that seals bullet wounds in seconds. it's a giant syringe filled with tiny sponges that basically help plug the wound. could be a huge life saver on the battlefield for our soldiers. rock 'n' roll hall of fame announcing it will reveal the newest inductees next thursday. janet jackson, chicago, deep purple and nine inch nails among the nominees. so earlier we told you what some of the candidates are reading on the campaign trail so we asked you what's the last book you read?
11:59 am
paul writes i just finished cheney 101. peggy finished killing reagan. she says it's a great book. joe last read time to get tough by donald trump. and bill says he read an incredibly inspiring book by an extraordinary woman called getting real. hmm. i know that book. and speaking of my book, do you want to chat with me online tomorrow? right after the show at 3:05 eastern time i'll be running to my office to answer your questions live, via live signing dotcom. the bonus is i'll also be signing copies of my book for you while i'm actually chatting with you. so you can register at the website on your screen which is, getting hyphen real. and then you're going to get a free access code that will allow you to submit your other questions to me, as well. join me tomorrow to chat live and pick up a great christmas gift for yourself or anyone else. all right. we had a really busy day today,
12:00 pm
right? there's a lot of talk about terrorism and that is why it's the number one issue affecting americans right now as they think about who they're going to vote for for president. thanks for being part of the real story. i'm gretchen carlson. now let's head over to the next studio to shep. >> ever tried dating online? it can be tough to figure out what to talk about in the first few conversations, right? but for the san bernardino killers, they connected with a mutual interest in terrorism. >> they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged. >> the fbi director revealing new information about the case, and the new technology that he says can make terror investigations so difficult. also, how the gunman's mother could soon find herself in some serious trouble. plus, if iraq's leader wants more help fighting the islamic state, all he has to do is ask. the u.s. defense secretary ash carter says we can send over attack helicopters to take out militants if


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