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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 9, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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right? there's a lot of talk about terrorism and that is why it's the number one issue affecting americans right now as they think about who they're going to vote for for president. thanks for being part of the real story. i'm gretchen carlson. now let's head over to the next studio to shep. >> ever tried dating online? it can be tough to figure out what to talk about in the first few conversations, right? but for the san bernardino killers, they connected with a mutual interest in terrorism. >> they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged. >> the fbi director revealing new information about the case, and the new technology that he says can make terror investigations so difficult. also, how the gunman's mother could soon find herself in some serious trouble. plus, if iraq's leader wants more help fighting the islamic state, all he has to do is ask. the u.s. defense secretary ash carter says we can send over attack helicopters to take out militants if requested.
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so what's the hold up? we'll look at the strategy, and how the fight is going. let's get to it. now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> begin with a fox urgent. thousands of protesters now on the streets of chicago. a live look. demonstrators demanding the city's mayor rahm emanuel step down. this comes after the department of justice announced it is launching a civil rights investigation into the chicago police department. the police chief has already resigned. and earlier today, the mayor promised complete reform. mayor emanuel also apologized for the 2014 shooting of a black teenager named laquan mcdonald. the mayor said he takes responsibility for the shooting because it happened on his watch. but the demonstrators say the only thing they want to hear is his resignation. mike tobin on fox top story live on the streets of chicago. what's it like? >> the best efforts by mayor
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rahm emanuel to calm or satisfy this crowd are not working. the size and passion of this crowd is anything has grown. what they're trying to do now is get into the state of illinois building, also called the thongsen building. they're outhere and as you mentioned they are demanding the resignation of rahm emanuel, as well as the -- as well as the resignation of anita alvarez. we've got someone trying to disrupt the live shot right now. and that's what they've got going on out here, shep. they're moving all around the loop. they tried to get in to the chicago mercantile exchange of the board of trade today. that's your situation looking here live. the best efforts of rahm emanuel, he announced reform today. he gave his apology, really -- demands of black leadership here in chicago that he apologize. all of the reforms, a lot of these people didn't listen. they said, quite literally that they didn't want to listen to anything he had to say. back to you, shep. >> mike, has this been largely
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peaceful or how would you describe it? >> largely peaceful. and as you look at the -- see if you can get a look at some of the police presence. as you look at some of the police presence, i call it a soft profile of the police. you don't see the heavy riot gear. you don't see anything other than bike patrols. but yes, in answer to your question, largely peaceful. we haven't seen rocks thrown, bottles thrown, anything to that effect. >> what else are you hearing from mayor emanuel? >> well, he announced his long list of reforms earlier today. he said that he was going to try to re-establish a new relationship with the community, particularly in the troubled community. -- was going to retrain police. who particularly as it relates to the use of force to de-escalate tense situations, and -- video. video of course being at the center of these demonstrations
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of laquan mcdonald dash cam video, the release of that. what really spawned all of these protests and a flood of video that has now been released alleging police misconduct and overuse of force. >> it seems clear that the mayor's hope was that after the police chief left this would calm down. that it hasn't. is there a backup plan? >> it's hard to say what his backup plans are, shepard. what you hear from the columnists in this town is that the efforts from the mayor thus far have been too little, too late. he made his effort to get rid of the police chief. a number of heads in the police force. all of them went. now announced his reforms and the demonstrators out here clearly don't want to listen. >> mike ivan yule on the streets with our live view equipment and a live look from the chopper up above. a difficult spot for a reporter no matter who you are and we'll certainly keep an eye on things in chicago. as mike mentioned thankfully this has been largely peaceful. the message is they need reforms. the message from the
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demonstrators is we want rahm emanuel, the mayor, to step down. and they have other demands, as well, as things progress throughout the afternoon, now four minutes past 2:00 in the afternoon in chicago, we'll take you back there again as events warrant. we're getting new information about the terror attack in california. straight from the man who runs the fbi. he's james comey. and he says the san bernardino shooters were radicalized long before they even met each other online. the director of the fbi revealing that during a senate judiciary hearing today. correcting earlier reporting that the wife radicalized the husband, potentially. the feds say it seems they were both on the same page the whole time. >> they were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online, and online, as late as -- as early as the end of 2013, they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom, before they became engaged. >> and despite the fact that they had those terrorists ideologies, tashfeen malik still
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managed to trick the feds and get into the united states on what they call a k-1 fiance visa. one month before she and syed farook got married in california. that means, she passed through two rounds of criminal and national security background checks. the fbi says those checks turned up no negative information. so, how did malik become radicalized? well the truth is, we're not yet sure. but today director comey confirmed that isis did not direct the california couple to attack. instead, he says, the feds believe a foreign terrorist organization inspired the couple's extremist views. director comey acknowledged today that they're still trying to figure out whether somebody else was involved in this attack. he says they're now looking into whether a terrorist group could have arranged their marriage. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. the fbi director also talked about encryption technology that's causing them problems. >> that's right, shep.
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we learned more about the isis inspired shooting in garland, texas, last may, a temperate for how these domestic case goes down. the gunman elton simpson wounded a security guard before police shot and killed them. both men inspired by isis to take out a prophet mohammed cartoon drawing contest. the fbi director testifying the suspects had gone dark using communications and in one case 109 hidden messages were sent, and no one, not the fbi, nor the company behind the encrypted app, have unlocked the messages to this day. >> our ability to monitor them has not kept pace, in fact it's going in the wrong direction. so our ability to find people hiding in the united states looking to do bad things to root out all kinds of organized criminal actors, is steadily being impaired. that's the problem. >> and comey also testified criminals and terrorists are using encryption technology in greater numbers, giving them what he called the unparalleled ability to communicate and making it almost impossible for agents to figure out exactly
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what they're saying. >> what did the fbi director say about the fiance's visa, catherine? >> well, as fox reported this morning, syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik were radicalized by the time they entered the united states at chicago on july 27th, 2014, and that is the picture that you've seen throughout this week. testifying this morning, the fbi director went further saying publicly for the first time that they had talked about their commitment to radical islam before they decided to marry. and now there is new scrutiny of the fiance visa process, including what was described as a fake address in pakistan on her application. and whether malik even had an interview by the u.s. government, which is a requirement to get the k-1 visa. >> malik, was she actually given an interview in the k-1 process? do we know that? >> i don't know well enough to say at this point. i know the process requires it. we're still trying to fully understand exactly all of her contacts. >> so the bottom line today is
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that we had someone get through this, well what has been described as a stringent visa process, for a fiance, coupled with the fact that her ultimate husband was someone who was radicalized for at least two years, and still it was not enough to draw the attention from the fbi. and just as a side note, based on director comey's testimony, it's clear that he was radicalized far earlier than 2013 just by the way he phrased that answer, shepard >> catherine herridge, thanks so much. live in washington. let's turn now to retired fbi special agent jeff lanza. he in his 20 years with the bureau, jeff investigated terrorism, organized crime and cyber crime, among other things. nice to see you again. thank you. >> hi, >> this -- given the testimony today from the fbi, director comey, your thoughts on where we are in this investigation, and the fact that as they've been laid out? >> well, it's very disturbing that the radicalization took place earlier than was originally spoken about, or at
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least theorized. but that doesn't mean anybody committed any wrongdoing here. in fact how did the radicalization occur? but also, how did they communicate that between one another? was it in a dating site? did they communicate messages that were encrypted that we cannot get access to? or was it something that was another form of communication? so while this disturbing that they did have this radicalization early on, still more information needs to be forthcoming here to determine if this could have been something that could have been uncovered earlier, and maybe have led authorities to this couple before they committed this act. >> there is testimony to indicate, there's evidence to indicate that these two might have been married in one way or another, maybe religious ceremony or something in saudi arabia. that she, from all testimony here, doesn't sound as if they haven't confirmed that she was even interviewed. if that's the case, what's your sense of how this whole program is working? and whether there needs to be some more oversight here? >> right, well, the visa program is administered by the
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immigration service, and 23,000, at least, visas came in k-1 visas of that nature, these are fiance visas, came in to their organization in 2013. now that doesn't mean you can take shortcuts and not interview everyone. they have to be interviewed. and whether or not this person was interviewed i guess is unclear. depending on -- based on what the director has just said. but, if that -- if there were no interviews that took place then that would be a serious issue that would have to be looked into in much more detail. >> jeff, is it your sense that we're at a point where this idea of offering visas needs to be re-evaluated in a short-term basis, or is it your belief that we are where we need to be? >> shep, that's beyond my pay grade. i think they need to take a look at the process. so on who sets foot in this country and how stringent those backgrounds are done on those individuals. you know, we've heard -- we've heard talk that they go through
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all this vetting process. but if someone did not -- was not interviewed like they were supposed to then obviously the system isn't working as it should be. >> and if it's not working, do you have any thoughts on what it is that could be done in the short-term, in the immediate heightened alert state that we're in, what could be done in the short-term to make it work better? >> well, i think they need to reassess the program. probably, and for the time being, maybe slow down the number of those applications that are approved until they can figure out what went wrong, if something went wrong, and to make sure that doesn't slip through the cracks again. >> jeff ran today, fbi special agent, sir, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> syed farook's mother could face some serious charges herself if it turns out she knew about the terror plot and then didn't report the terror plot. in fact our own judge andrew napolitano says it is quote very likely that the mother will be charged with something, and there's a chance, possibly, could hit her with a count of treason. how likely is that? he'll explain coming up from the
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fox news desk. and a live look in chicago where the demonstrations continue this hour. our mike tobin is live on the ground. the firm call from the demonstrators today is, rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago, the stepping down of your police chief was not enough. they want rahm emanuel to step down, as well. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. the possibility of a flare swas almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go...
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continuing coverage now in the aftermath of an investigation into the san bernardino terror attack. the fbi now reports it's looking
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into both parents of california terrorist syed farook. the feds have reportedly added farook's father to the federal terror watch list. he's apparently being monitored because of his son's terrorist status. and his own trip to pakistan. the feds further report they're looking very closely at farook's mother seen here to see whether she knew about the son's plot ahead of time. rafia farook lived with the two shooters, in the same home, and that's where the authorities say they built a pipe bomb and kept thousands of rounds of ammunition. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano points out, not a crime in the united states to fail to report someone else's crime. but there is an exception, and that's treason. and the judge says that could be the case here. judge napolitano is live with us on the news desk. how does one decide if a crime rises to treason? >> okay, treason is the only crime defined in the constitution itself. and it's defined as waging war against the united states, or
12:17 pm
giving aid and comfort to their enemies in time of war. so, if the fbi comes up with enough evidence to show that these two killers were emissaries from a foreign power, and that this was a part of a war on the united states, that would be treason against them. >> the parents. >> the parents, mm-hmm. treason is the only crime, there are some exceptions not relevant here, which i could tell you about if you want to know, but failure to report which is itself a crime. >> it is. >> yes. so if the fbi is able to demonstrate, again, agents of a foreign power starting or participating in a war here -- consenting but aware of it, failure to report she could then be charged with a crime called mispresaon of treason. >> legally speaking as it relates specifically to this case, is -- is it an open and
12:18 pm
shut case that this is a war or is there some gray area about whether this just might be criminal activity? >> it's a gray area about whether it's a war. the theory i just explained to you would be a bit of a leap on the part of the federal government. it is more likely -- >> so it's not what you would anticipate? >> i don't expect she'll be charged with that. it's a -- it's a crime very rarely charged. i expect she might be charged with conspiracy. conspiracy means she not only knew what they were doing but agreed with them, encouraged them to go along. she didn't pull the trigger herself. that is an easier crime to -- an easier crime to prove. they could also charge the father with conspiracy, though he didn't live in the house, and it would depend on the nature of the communications between them. but the fbi is determined, and rightly so in my view, to follow a bunch of paths away from these two killers, to see to whom those paths might lead, and to determine whether or not other
12:19 pm
people were involved in putting this crime, this massacre together. >> okay. the facts as they've been given to us by authorities and beyond so far, the two killers lived in the house there with the 6-month-old child. >> right. >> the mother lived in the house with them. >> right. >> the authorities say there was a bomb factory going on in the garage. >> right. >> attached to the home. and now, is it possible that the mother could have known something was going on out there, might have had an idea that there were bombs being built out there, but that she would escape any sort of punishment as a result? >> you know i don't know what was going through her head. but the crime -- >> but that's what they have to figure out? >> yeah, right. because the crime of conspiracy is more than just knowledge. the crime of conspiracy is participating in the agreement. not participating in the event. that executed the conspiracy. but participating in the agreement. how would they show that? they would show it by e-mails or there probably weren't e-mails if they lived in the same house. they would have to show it perhaps by admissions that she made or statements that other people overheard her say. >> so most likely right now they're sitting on them, trying
12:20 pm
to get more information. >> absolutely. >> where the tentacles go? >> absolutely. the fbi will be very methodical. they will take their time. the killers are dead. they're in no rush. there's one thing that they're concerned about, and that is whether this was part of a grander scheme, and they want to get to that other scheme before, if it exists, any other parts of that are put into place. >> a lot of work ahead. >> yes. >> judge, thank you. we're keeping an eye on the demonstrations in chicago as mike tobin was reporting. these are live pictures it's my understanding. thousands of people are in the streets. i have an aerial camera, as well, which shows that crowds appear to the naked eye to have grown. mike tobin reported on the ground that they have grown. and back to the ground shot you'll see that police are now in a position with some of these people on the ground, yet you have to feel for law enforcement officers whose job it is today to keep the peace. and keeping the peace is apparently a very difficult thing to do. people are highly upset, and have made that clear. the police chief has stepped down, but these people demonstrators have made it clear they want the mayor rahm emanuel
12:21 pm
to step down. of course emanuel formerly of the obama administration. at least the campaign. so from the pictures that we're seeing it would appear things are heating up. our mike tobin keeping watch and we'll take you back as events warrant. that's coming up. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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live in chicago now. the demonstrations are under way and live pictures from the air, and on the ground. you can see on the lower part of your screen, to the right where that urgent sign is, that's a line of police officers clearly. our mike token is on the ground. mike, how are things? >> it looks like police just let the steam off of one situation. the protesters were coming east -- or west i should say on randolph street trying to get on the to michigan avenue here which is the main drag in the center of town. they started to be a little bit of pushing and shoving. i saw one plastic bottle come over the crowd.
12:25 pm
ultimately the police just let them through. as we look out live there's a circle of demonstrators blocking traffic on michigan avenue. the heart of chicago. right at the edge of the business district. kind of a few steps away from the high-end shopping district. one of the interesting things that we have seen throughout this demonstration, unlike ferguson. unlike what we saw in baltimore is they didn't keep it in their own neighborhood. they took it to where the money is. they took it to where the business is. they took it to where the shopping is. and they're getting a lot more attention. you don't see anything in terms of, or very much anyway in terms of any destruction that is taking place. what you see is a lot of disruption of traffic and they're getting a lot of people's attention, shep. >> they're asking for the city's mayor rahm emanuel to step down. demonstrators there have already led to the resignation of chicago's police chief. the justice department has also announced it's launching the civil rights investigation into the police department. and early today the mayor promised complete reform, as he put it. mayor emanuel apologized for the 2014 shooting of the black
12:26 pm
teenager laquan mcdonald. a few questions about this. our judicial analyst andrew napolitano remains with us. judge, is what they're doing today legal? >> yes, yes, what they're doing today is legal. this is protected political speech. i realize what they're concerned about is a criminal case but the idea that they want the mayor to resign puts this in the category of political speech, it's the highest category of protected speech that we have. and believe it or not the obligation of the cops is to protect the speakers, and to protect their right to demonstrate. >> part of the argument, as you mentioned, is that there's a videotape. >> yes. >> the videotape of this teenager being shot. >> yes. >> 16 times. >> yes. >> that videotape was not released right away. >> well, here's the demonstrators' argument and then i'll make mayor emanuel's argument. the demonstrators' argument is the videotape is of a murder. it's of an execution. it happened 14 months ago. the mayor was aware of it. that he sat on that for 14 months because what happened in that time period? his re-election.
12:27 pm
and that if the public had seen the video at the time that it was taken, at the time that it happened the mayor wouldn't have been re-elected. >> that's the argument of the ke demonstrators. >> the second argument is you charged this cap is first degree murder. shep you can count on one hand the times cops are charged with first degree murder. that means a planned, plotted execution-style murder. this is not a case that's mistakenly using excess force. >> premeditation. >> why did you keep him on the force for the 14 months if you believed he was a murderer? the mayor said i never saw the tape, the decision to charge is not mine, it belongs to the state's attorney. she saw the tape, she sat it on. they got both arguments on it. >> mike emanuel on the ground there has the mayor gone any further to saying what else he will do? complete reform is definitive but vague. >> it is vague. he laid out a lot of specifics in his speech today. he was going to emphasizef vide. retraining police officers to minimize the use of force.
12:28 pm
to dees tal eight situations to try to establish a new set of relationships with people, particularly in the troubled neighborhoods like inglewood, look back of the yard, to establish a new police accountability task force. these are things that have been demanded along the way but you really see the demands of the demonstrators boiling down to the resignation of the mayor and the resignation of the state's attorney anita alvarez. it's different with the two of them. anita alvarez is up for re-election in march. these demonstrations might still have a lot of momentum by march. mayor emmanuel isn't up again for another three years. he's got three years to mount a charm offensive, shep. >> how would you describe the demeanor and size of the crowd relative to previous demonstrations? >> it grew in size and passion throughout the day. particularly after the mayor's speech. which obviously is exactly what he didn't want. as far as the size of the crowd right now, when there was this short standoff with police at the intersection of randolph and
12:29 pm
michigan, a ball park it about half the crowd. younger section of the crowd took off heading westbound. and therefore they decreased the size of the crowd. but still you have a very large crowd here at the intersection of michigan and randolph blocking traffic right now, shep. >> the crowd, this group is asking for the removal of the mayor. they've already gotten the removal of the police chief. do they have other demands? >> there are a lot of different demands that boil up. you've heard them say that they want resources out in the troubled areas, that they want new -- they want other charges, particularly if you go back to the laquan mcdonald video that they're referencing right now with this chant, 16 shots. you see there are a number of police officers out on the scene. when you look at their initial incident reports they all had agreement. and the agreement that we saw from the police officers in those initial reports, doesn't measure up to what you saw on the videotape. what we hear, if you can summarize what we heard from the police officers, they said that there was a threatening action on the part of laquan mcdonald
12:30 pm
with that knife in his hand. as you look at the videotape you never see that. and so they are therefore demanding criminal charges, indictments against the other officers, who are on the scene, particularly those who filled out those initial incident reports, shep. >> the crowd clearly on the move now for the first time in a few minutes. have they said where they're going or what their intentions are? >> no, it's always pretty random. sometimes, earlier today they went after the chicago board of trade. they went to a couple of different entrances at the chicago board of trade. at one point it looked like they were heading for the kennedy expressway. the police haven't allowed the demonstrators to get onto the expressway. where they're heading now is the very famous michigan avenue bridge. you saw it in the opening of the bob newhart show by the wrigley building. that takes them into the center of the high end shopping area. right now you know with the big christmas rush on, shep. >> a lot to disrupt there. and we'll keep an eye on throughout the afternoon and go back to mike tobin again, as events warrant.
12:31 pm
america's defense secretary facing tough questions about the battle against the islamic state. secretary -- i should say john mccain, senator john mccain and others grilled him on capitol hill today. >> how are we to know, believe that we are succeeding against isil? >> i think that we are building momentum against isil. >> building momentum. the defense secretary also seemed to contradict a controversial statement from president obama that, and the response from the white house, that's coming up as we approach the bottom -- we've reached the bottom of the hour. top of the news is next. d you do hit the breaks. the air bags go off... suddenly the police are there. when you call the insurance company, they want to know everything... how fast were you going? were there any witnesses? how much damage was done? the only thing they don't ask is, are you okay? at liberty mutual, we never forget that policies are about people.
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the fox report now, more headlines from the fox news desk. "time" magazine has picked german chancellor angela merkel for its person of the year. it's the first time the woman has earned the honor since "time" changed the title from man of the year in 1999. the magazine praised merkel for her leadership on the migrant
12:34 pm
crisis. runners-up included donald trump, iran's president and the isis chief. president obama and leaders from congress marking 150 years since the ratification of the 13th amendment, which formally put an end to slavery. president obama said the quote scars of our nation's original sin are still with us today. and the international space station getting its first fitness supply from the u.s. in months. an astronaut used the station's robot arm to grab the cargo. it included thousands of pounds of christmas presents, food and equipment. the space station supplies were running low after several failed rocket launches. the news continues with shepard smith right after this.
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today people are coming out to the nation's capital to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges® the united states and its allies have launched thousands of airstrikes, spent billions of dollars, and put boots on the ground, but coalition forces have not contained the islamic state. that report today from the defense secretary ash carter, while testifying before the senate armed services committee. secretary carter told the
12:37 pm
committee's chairman senator john mccain that he agrees with an assessment from the joint -- i should say the chairman of the jant chiefs of staff. >> congressman forbes asked general dunford, quote, have we currently contained isil? general dunford, we have not -- we have not contained isil. mr. secretary, do you agree with general dunford? >> i agree with what general dunford said, yes. >> some critics had slammed president obama for saying isis was contained. just before that deadly terror attack in paris. the white house press secretary josh earnest responding to those comments from secretary carter. listen. >> secretary carter indicated that he agreed with the viewpoint put forward by secretary -- by general dunford, who, again, also said the same thing that the president did in describing isil as contained tactically in areas that they have been in, in iraq and in syria. but, strategically concerned about their capacity to spread. >> earnest also said isis has
12:38 pm
lost a quarter of the area that it once controlled in iraq and syria. jennifer griffin works the pentagon for us and is there this afternoon. jennifer, secretary carter seemed to indicate that the united states could be getting more involved in iraq. >> that's right. last week he surprised lawmakers by announcing plans to send a special operations task force to iraq. today he indicated, shep, the u.s. is going to do more in close support from the air. >> the united states is prepared to assist the iraqi army with additional unique capabilities. to help them finish the job. including attack helicopters, and accompanying advisers. as circumstances dictate and if requested by prime minister abadi. >> defense secretary carter said today the iraqi military is making progress in retaking ramadi after taking a, quote, frustratingly long time to get started. the white house today urging congress to approve funding requested by the pentagon, funding needed in the fight against isis in syria to which senator mccain responded the
12:39 pm
last time we gave the pentagon $43 million it trained only four fighters. shep? >> what about our other allies in the middle east, jennifer? >> well, defense secretary carter said he has spoken with his counterparts in 40 countries this week alone. he says he asked for sunni-arab countries to do more. but he said saudi arabia and the other gulf states are, quote, preoccupied with fighting in yemen against iranian-backed forces. that, he indicated, is diverting our middle eastern gulf allies' attention away from fighting isis. in recent days the french president says france's aircraft carrier which was sent to the middle east after the paris attack, it will be positioned in the gulf soon, ash carter indicated that the war against isis could soon spread to libya. >> it is absolutely necessary to defeat isil in its parent tumor, in syria and iraq. and also to take necessary action wherever else in the world this evil organization
12:40 pm
metastasizes. we're going to have to do more in libya. >> 800 isis fighters have set up a shadow state in libya, shep, preparing, some say, in case isis gets pushed out of raqqah and syria. >> a shadow state. very interesting, jennifer griffin, thank you. christopher hill is a former u.s. ambassador to iraq and assistant secretary of state. he also served as senior director of the national security council and is an author, author of the book outpost, life on the front lines of american diplomacy. sir, it's great to see you again. thank you. >> pleasure. >> a number of points here. first jennifer's last on isis setting up a shadow state. what are we to make of that? >> well i think the problem is in libya, the task was seen as getting rid of gadhafi. we got rid of gadhafi and lo and behold the issues that had given rise to that uprising, tribalism, had very much set in and some of these tribes are allied with extremely radical elements of sunni islam. so, we do have a problem there. and i think it's prudent to start thinking about that
12:41 pm
problem as we try to address the problem in syria. >> ambassador hill, the defense secretary saying we -- if they want drops in iraq they need to say that. but you suggest there's more to this than just iraq. >> well, there is more to this than just iraq. i mean, first of all, sunni states in the region have to become more engaged on this. i think the secretary spoke of the saudis being diverted, because they have to deal with the situation in yemen. actually i think the problem is more serious. the saudis have not demonstrated the necessary resolve to deal with this movement, isis, which is very much taken off after the kind of radicalism that was originally spawned in saudi arabia. so, as the secretary suggested, we've got to really do some work on this with due respect to the issues in yemen we need the saudis, we need other sunni states fully engaged on dealing with isis in iraq and syria. >> and how do we create a world where they are fully engaged?
12:42 pm
>> well, i mean they need to understand, it is true that what isis has primarily done with the areas that they captured is to try to launch attacks on shia. now, of course, they're launching attacks on us, as well. they've gone global, which is why it is important to understand that this is not a problem that is contained. but in attacking the shia, there are many sunnis in the region. unfortunately, who take the view, well we don't like isis' tactics, but at least they're dealing something -- doing something about the iranians. well, we've got to have much more focus, first of all, in dealing with isis, secondly, and maybe at the same time, also really energizing that peace talk that got under way in vienna a couple of weeks ago, to try to deal with the issue of the succession question to the syrian government in damascus. these are two civil wars in effect in -- and they're playing out in syria, and partly in iraq. >> regarding those civil wars, one of the warnings that we've
12:43 pm
gotten from diplomats, and military leaders, and people of all stripes, is that the united states, and the west, don't want to see -- be seen as having taken sides. have we done a good job so far? and what can we do in the future to keep ourselves from appearing to have taken sides? >> you know, shep, there have been two huge misjudgments from the middle east. one was that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. the other was back in 2011, when it was determined that assad, the president of syria, probably would be gone in a matter of weeks, and therefore we made the kind of fateful decision not to deal with him, or his regime. in fact, i mean, as we've now -- it's four years later, 4 1/2 years later, and we're going to have to figure out a way that if not assad personally, then how is syria going to be managed? that is if you just say this is the matter of elections, the sunnis will win because they're more sunnis. the real issue is lesson two of
12:44 pm
democracy which is not just majority rules. that's lesson one. lesson two is how do you protect the rights of the minorities? how will the alawites, how about the christians, how about the jews, how will the kurds? those people have all more or less supported the regime. so i think the peace process needs to be really stepped up in a way that all sides in the syrian conflict can realize that their futures will be secure and we haven't even begun that. instead we've been talking about really, you know, which moderates to try to arm, and as senator mccain said, we managed to find about four moderates on the battlefield. >> ambassador christopher hill. that's sobering. nice to speak with you. thanks so much. continuing to follow developments in chicago. and you'll see on the big wall the demonstrations are on the move and they appear to be escalating. stay tuned. anncr: when the attacks come here...
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio?
12:47 pm
27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. police detained and released at least one demonstrator in chicago as hundreds call for the city's mayor to step down. that's according to one of our producers in chicago now. demonstrators have already forced out chicago's police
12:48 pm
superintendent. and the justice department has also announced that it's launching a civil rights investigation into the chicago police department. our mike tobin mentioned that the crowds have been on the move and appear to be headed toward the michigan avenue bridge. it looks like they are, mike. >> yeah, they're past the michigan avenue bridge now. they've entered the part of town known as the mag mile, the high end shopping district. walking right by michael jordan steak house at the moment, hugo boss clothing, nordstrom. this is where people are doing their holiday shopping. it's not a particularly busy shopping time but they're out in the middle of the street. you can see the traffic has been stopped. they are making their presence known and i mentioned this before, they haven't kept it in the neighborhoods that are troubled, like inglewood, like back of the yards, like the west side of chicago. they're taking it to where the money is. and now there's some kind of ruckus happening in the middle of the street. they might just be gathering there getting rowdy in the center of the traffic as they disrupt traffic. and that's what we've largely seen is disruption of traffic.
12:49 pm
police are letting them march. if you can turn around 180 degrees i want to show you this column of police that's advancing the demonstrators. they come and try to take care of traffic, make sure that these guys can walk through the middle of the streets without having any problems with the cars. sometimes the police have formed a line and tried to prevent the demonstrators from getting through a particular intersection. like we saw as they tried to enter michigan avenue. that started to get a little bit raucous. we saw one plastic water bottle come flying over the crowd. ultimately the police let the steam off of that situation. and let them out on the street. the only times we have seen the police thus far throughout all of these demonstrations draw hard and fast lines is when they're trying to get onto the kennedy expressway. shep? >> in these sorts of situations you often watch for police officers' body language to determine how things are going. these officers, 40 or so of them, just passed by our cameras. they seem to be very much at ease, hands at rest, everything seems to be calm is the word of the day.
12:50 pm
>> i think that's exactly right. very relaxed. i just talked with one who said they want to march, let them walk it off. you don't see anything like riot gear. any kind of the what they call nonlethal weaponry. nothing to that effect. the the police are here largely to keep the demonstrators from getting hurt in traffic, shep. >> and so far they have been successful. >> reporter: yeah, thus far. you mentioned the report of one arrest thus far, i didn't see it out here on the street. i have not seen much in the way of conflict, of brief pushing and shoving as they try to get onto michigan avenue and the police have to steam off that ship. >> and they are calling for mayor rahm emanuel to lose his job and a lot has to do with the timing and release of this video. the suggestion has been made by some of those demonstrated had the video been available, that mayor emanuel, his re-election could have gone differently and certainly could have.
12:51 pm
there's no way to know, but we know the crowds are out on michigan avenue today. and in chicago, they are demanding a change in leadership. our news continues in a moment. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh...
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thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. we are continuing to watch the demonstrations unfold in chicago. six minutes before 3:00 is there and the crowds are still out. these began with an e-mail that came out last night. fox news correspondent mike fin is out there. an e-mail started this? >> reporter: one of the things that contributed to this is black lives matter sent out an e-mail, and i'm standing in the middle of michigan avenue, similar to new york's fifth avenue, and it is essentially shut down. this is the second time they have done this in recent weeks, the protestors. we are estimated upwards of 1,000 protesters out here today.
12:55 pm
dozens of officers responding today. they are shouting, no justice, no prosper. they want to hit chicago where it hurts in the pocketbooks. they have marchs around chicago, they went to the financial district, they went to the chicago board of trade and stormed the entrance to the legendary macy's. now they are going to show the mayor a lesson and try to make a dent in as much retail as they can. >> it is five minutes till 3:00 in the afternoon on a wednesday afternoon, not prime shopping time, matt. >> reporter: no, not primetime shopping, but these guys back on black friday shut all of michigan avenue down. as far as the eye could see. i have to imagine that made a dent in retail at that point. they want to hit chicago where it hurts in the pocketbooks and show chicago and the mayor, they are calling for his resignation,
12:56 pm
they want to call the mayor they can effectively stop business in these stores. and today is organized. they started at city hall after mayor emanuel's speech. now they are here on michigan avenue. >> a lot of cops out there. to what degree has this put a strain on the budget of the police department? >> reporter: you know, that's yet to be determined. we are going on week three of unrest and protest here in chicago. i can only imagine there's a ton of overtime. as you can see behind me, dozens of police officers. a couple moments ago or minutes ago, they tried to storm the freeway. they did that on black friday as well. these guys trying to get onto the highway. every time they do that, there's a huge show of force by police. here they are again. it's relatively peaceful. i will say moments ago some of the protesters did get in the face of police but no arrests. >> and we see shoppers walking by, 'tis the season for demonstrations and shopping. the news continues next.
12:57 pm
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the closing bell is ringing on wall street now. we are 200 points off the high of the session. oil is up a little bit, but the market is down. neil cavuto with the best in business starting right now. this is fox news channel. as early as the end of 2013, they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom. they were also inspired by foreign terrorist organizations. we're also working very hard to understand whether there was anybody else involved with assisting them, with supporting them, we quipping them. and we are working very hard, did they have other plans? >> well, now we know. those two were not just sort of recent radicalized muslims, were they? not by a long shot. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." this much we learned from the fbi director speaking on capitol hill that not only, n


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