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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today is harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, today's #oneluckyguy, senior editor of "the national review," jonah goldberg is here. he is outnumbered and fresh after the acela train. >> i am and chris christie wasn't yelling at anybody. harris: did you see him this time? >> i did not. harris: was it free bloody mary thursday again. >> i choose not to answer so i won't incriminate myself. harris: that is true thing.
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sandra: great to have you here. we have a lot of news to get to. let's get right to it. new details on the san bernardino terror attack. the suspect's former neighbor, enrique marquez could face charges soon. he legally bought the two assault rifles sigh yet fad rook and tashfeen malik used to kill 14 people at a holiday office party last week. officials believe farook and marquez discussed carrying out attack somewhere in the l.a. area back in 2012. but they didn't follow through. correspondent jonathan hunt live from san bernardino, california with the latest. reporter: sandra, with syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik dead, the former neighbor enrique marquez who may be one of the few people who can give investigators some of the answers they desperately want and need and marquez is talking. as we've been reporting here on
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fox news for a couple of days now. he remembered that at the weekend fbi agent raided marquez's home, they wanted to talk to him then. they found in the immediate aftermath of last week's attack he checked himself into a mental hospital. so they couldn't get to him. since then they have been talking. and as i say he is talking and is apparently giving them some information about discussions that he and farook had back, as far back as 2012 about carrying out an attack then. that time frame of course, would fit with when marquez is believed to have bought the two assault rifles he ultimately gave to farook and malik and they used in last week's terrible attack here at the inland regional center in san bernardino. any plans they might have had in 2012 appear to have been called off when they were spooked by
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some terrorism-related arrests in this area. meantime san bernardino is preparing for the first funeral of the 14 victims of last week's attack. yvette velasco, who was just 2, her funeral ceremony will be held in about five hours time. it will be an outdoor ceremony. the family wanting to pay tribute to her love of nature. yesterday, we saw some family members and some of those who were in the room at the inland regional center at the time of the shooting go back there. it was obviously as you can imagine an emotional visit. they were allowed in for a few minutes to pick up personal belongings that had been left there, as everyone obviously fled in panic. this funeral today will be a long week of final fare wales to the 14 who were so brutally gunned down last wednesday.
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sandra. sandra: jonathan hunt live for us from san bernardino, thank you. there are new questions how tashfeen malik got into the united states on a fiance visa after she only met her husband once and use ad fake address on her application. something that should have raised a red flag but apparently didn't. officials from the fbi, customs and immigration and the state department all tried to give explanations yesterday on capitol hill but none of their answers matched up. meantime lawmakers are starting to wonder whether the marriage between farook and malik was arranged by terrorists so the couple could carry out jihad. republican senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham asked fbi director james comey about that yesterday. watch. >> is there any evidence that this marriage was arranged by a terrorist organization or terrorist operative? ore was it just a meeting on internet. >> i don't know the answer to
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that. >> would you agree with me by a terrorist operative or organization, that is a game-changer? >> it would be a very, very important thing to know that's why we're working so hard. >> that is the biggest focus i would think it would change the game. they could arrange a marriage ever two like-minded individuals, use fiance visa system to get into the country. so that a good answer. sandra: what do you think, jonah, a game-changer if indeed this was arranged marriage by isis or terror organization? >> this is huge market opportunity for isis. instead of eharmony we have e-jihad. i think is a big deal and level of sophistication and understanding of all, or some of the holes in our immigration visa waiver system. all of that, that can be manipulated fairly easily. seems to me kind of obvious if you can convince someone to blow themselves up or murder a whole
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bunch much innocent human beings you can convince them to get married. sandra: to that point, we got this in, andrea, from william la jeunesse of the fox news channel. more on the visa. the k-1 visa applicant doesn't have to meet the spouse. in case of farook and malik, they met once. they don't have to meet. muslims get religious cultural exemption. andrea: it is insanity. house of representatives is looking at program. jonah, you're right the war on terror has changed. how many times we have seen videos of young boys they are recruiting an training, young. if parents are willing to sacrifice their young boys why wouldn't parents sacrifice their daughters? we know arranged marriages exist in that part of the world in a lot of cultures. so why wouldn't they do that this time? i think our government has to adapt. when graham asked comey the question he seemed baffle. why couldn't they figure that out? i think there is an attempt by
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the media too to normalize these terrorists. they called it courting, datingt muslim the terrorists today released pictures of themselves hunting and fishing. they're not just like us. this is not like a section of "us" magazine. they're doing this to normalize them. we need to make sure they're not like us. media did that with the tsarnaev brothers. they're misunderstood. the neighbor as well. that is whole new thing in war against terror. my neighbors won't give give mep of sugar let alone an ar-15. harris: the relationship, how it formed, andrea, to further your point was part of that normalization. what might help you fit in? a buddy. not just a buddy. they just doesn't hang out. coring to "l.a. times," they had quote, unquote deep ties to one another. marquez converted to islam. was going to local mosques. they are talking about the religion together. they had bonded kind of as religious brothers if you will.
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and then, marquez went on to marry an extended member according to "the l.a. times" of farook's family. these guys were close. so now you're talking about a situation where they come here, and yes, maybe they had met one time and there is that exception in the visa law but they certainly hadn't dated for two years from what we're finding out. they come here. bring people with them or attract people they don't know that well. assimilate not via form, somebody you might know, a neighbor who might give you a cup of sugar but a best friend. sandra: comey also said, he doesn't have reason to believe isis has already set up terror cells here in the u.s. people don't know how worried should we be right now. >> extremely worried. i mean you look at this, this is whole another way to enter the country to assimilate and come in. there were a million signs along the way. that is one of the most disturbing things about this. the from the fact she changed her address and you talk about the muslim exception, i know legitimate couples who tried to
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get married and tried to get this visa, went through many interviews. it is a really tough process. when you read about this it is amazing they weren't caught along the way. the problem, any way you can get here and do terror, terrorists are going to do it. it makes it a much bigger problem than reforming our visa system. this is a much bigger problem that needs to be cut off at the head. trying stop gap measures won't work. >> i like to go back to what andrea was pointing out, what i don't understand about, that why mainstream muslim organizations would want that to be case, right? immediately after the shooting in san bernardino cair organized this very strange press conference. then you had lawyers out a little later. andrea: brother went to by the way which is bizarre. >> try to make it seem like this is normal family. or normal muslim family. that is not in the interest of normal muslim families in america, they're like every other family.
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some are jihadis who kill people and some aren't. would be interest in of muslim community saying these people are much different than the rest of us and that's not what they're doing. andrea: they don't denounce it. melissa, terrorists using rights and freedom of this country, hiding behind exception to take advantage. they're using our freedoms and to kill us and conduct attacks and we're letting them. >> they wanted story to go away. this was anomaly. >> workplace violence. >> they couldn't believe it. at the same time we're talking about this and almost forgotten about paris. i mean that bloodshed, that carnage? because these things are happening so often now, that one wipes the other off the map. sandra: senator chuck grassily put it, another example of failure of screening process for those entering the united states. by the way, andrea, i will loan you a cup of sugar. andrea: thanks, be sandra. i don't do much baking today. sandra: apfires supporters are
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sticking by him. the new poll shows his numbers are actually increasing since he called for a ban on all muslims entering the united states. apology not accepted that is the message from protesters after chicago mayor rahm emanuel apologized for the shooting death of a black teenager by a white police officer. growcalls for rahm to step down as his city is wracked violence. right after the show, catch more from the couch, join us for "outnumbered overtime," log on to and click the "overtime" tab. tweet us your questions, comments. tell us what topic you want to hear more about. ♪
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every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. ♪ andrea: well looks like donald trump is defying political gravity yet again. despite political firestorm surrounding his calls for temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s., according to fox news poll support for the republican frontrunner increased eight points after his comments among gop primary voters in south carolina. we should note the surge is within statistical margin of error. billionaire businessman going toe-to-toe with our own bill o'reilly last night.
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watch. >> i disagree with you. in the since that if you say, no muslims can travel here from overseas, you're hurting the united states's position against isis. we need the friendly muslim nations. you can't insult them. >> i disagree. >> you can't. >> bill, i disagree. people have to be vetted. they have to be -- >> you can vet them but can't insult the whole religion. >> we're not insulting this is about security. it is not about religion. andrea: jonah, if you look how "the donald" has conducted this sort of media strategy, he comes out, he makes a statement, i want to ban muslims. then he says, temporarily, 12 hours later to barbara walters. then he says, well this is not religion thing, this is security thing. then he brings up carter. he has this masterful plan of attack where he walks things back and it doesn't hurt him. >> now look, this is not the first time. he originally said we have to let syrian refugees because
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they're going through hell. when there was blowup, 24 hours later he said we can't let in anybody. basically his immigration policy now is essentially really expensive and complicate amnesty. he will send them all away now we bring them back after we send them away. you have the exact right phrase. it is media strategy. it is not a political strategy. it is certainly not a policy strategy. he didn't have an answer whether or not american muslims would be barred from returning to this country. he figured that all afterwards after issued a press release and it blew up and got controversy and stole limelight from ted cruz doing bert ain the polls. stole conversation away from barack obama and terrible oval office speech and it made it about trump and works for him and makes me sad. andrea: when he argues with someone like bill o'reilly said arab nations are not our friends. you see headlines turkey is reportedly helping isis funnel oil through the country, people go, trump is on to something. he has a point there.
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why are we so worried about other arab nations that don't stand up to take refugees and help us out? >> i think it is dual strategy. communications and media strategy he is clearly winning. for one thing he said dominated headlines. we have a whole lot going on in the world but the second area i think he is kind of focusing in on and other strategy is to get the rest of the party to react to him. period. >> true. harris: whatever it is. they have another debate coming up. what is today the 10th. we have a few days away and settings himself up for those questions to come directly to him. ted cruz is fortunate right now. because he is not focused on ted cruz right now. but he said, a couple days ago, he alluded, didn't say his name, on that ship he alluded to not yet. andrea: can we focus on gop candidates harris mentioned? they tried to come out initially right away and chastise trump for comments.
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it didn't work and they got lost an looked weak, defensive almost like liberals, sitting defending a population in the headlines that has a radical element of its religion killing americans. it is not a great argument for them. sandra: hurt jeb bush who tried to come out swinging and just didn't work for him. there has been a change, andrea, i wanted to ask you about the stamina it takes to make this run for presidency, whether or not donald trump has it. he is answering for a lot of these controversial remarks he is making. it is taking a lot of effort, a lot of energy on his part but now he is saying, i will never leave this race. originally he said the second he starts to see a drop in the poll and trend is downward he is out of there. now he is changing his tune. he says nothing will get him out of this race. does he have what it takes to make it all the way through? andrea: i think he could. i think he really could. he is smart to say that, remember sandra, earlier this week, i think on monday could he make a run as an independent.
9:20 am
there was too much chatter around that. media master trump is, you know what? i have to quash any rumors that i would jump into the be an independent that someone will not vote for me said i'm in it to win it and i think it is smart. >> i disagree it is taking a lot of effort, when he is doing interviews, doing it in his building. camera shot. less work for him than it is for us. he goes down the gold escalator and does the live shot. other candidates are making point he is not out there fund-raising. all he goes on television. they're forced to fly around and meet and grate and handshake. he mostly rides the escalator in his building and spouts off. >> and calls in. >> calls in, right. andrea: could he ride escalator and walk five blocks over here on to the couch. harris: take him a fruit basket. andrea: politics influencing the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's private email server
9:21 am
as fbi director james comey suggests he may never release the results of the probe. social media companies are under pressure to report terrorist activity taking place online. reaction from facebook ceo mark zuckerberg that will shock you. plus what critics say this new bill is counterproductive. ♪
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♪ harris: the fbi is telling lawmakers politics is no way tainting investigation into hillary clinton's private server, her email server. director james comey testified for hours yesterday, you saw some of it here, saying the president is not being briefed what the agency is finding and therefore the white house would have no way of knowing how the investigation is preceding. this despite the president obama called clinton's email setup is mistake and insisted it would never compromise national security.
9:26 am
how would know. according to comey he wouldn't. here is comey on the investigation. >> i hope the american people know the fbi well enough and nature and character of this organization to know as i said many times, we don't give a rip about politics. i don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, doesn't what anybody thinks or feels about our work. we're competent, we're honest. we're independent we'll do our work the right way. we care only about the facts. harris: but when comey was asked whether the investigation would be made public he was far less direct saying he was not comfortable answering and did not want to speculate. why would he say that? >> comey wants his cards as close to the vest as possible. if there is criminal refermaybe for huma abedin or hillary clinton as well. harris: to the ag. >> to the attorney general. that is not made public. that is supposed to be a closed doors kind of thing. but also, obviously that
9:27 am
attorney general lynch does not take the charge there will be riot among rank-and-file among fbi files, that referral will leak within nanoseconds in that decision. the idea we'll never find out what is in it i don't think is right. harris: why would he say this? politics has nothing to do with it so. andrea: politics absolutely had nothing to do with it. the president interjected himself made it political. i don't buy it president is not being briefed what they're buying into the investigation. maybe not comey but i think somebody is feeding white house information about what is going on. jonah is exactly right, i said it on couch. i don't think there will be indictment and i think there will be criminal recommendations in the report. i don't like comey saying he will not release it but what that happens it will leak i promise you, the administration is banking on fact that media won't cover it. this is just like any scanned
9:28 am
dam and white house is covering for her. >> i think it will end like any other scandal for her unfortunately i hate to say it doesn't serve justice. even if there is fbi big revolt that they recommend charges be brought and be pursued that it won't be covered that much except for here. the general public will not get invested in that story and they won't care and -- harris: have not up till now. >> and hillary clinton will escape. >> if that happens. i'm more optimistic than some of you guys. it will still be enormous political gift for republicans running in 2016. harris: big question, we talked about whether or not this will leave here of a divot in terms of her support. so far it has not. should it even be about that. what you're saying it is about justice. sandra: the fact he is so non-committal, there should be guidelines whether or not details of an investigation are released. if she is not prosecuted, he is not committed to saying that we'll find out results of investigation. why not? >> i'm not a huge comey fan but
9:29 am
stick up for him a little bit. he is playing inside game and outside game. there is a lot of rumors in washington when the fbi leaked that, fbi's a a-team was investigating hillary's server, comey's fbi, whether it was comey or not, rolling a fast one over the obama administration's plate, hey look, you guys better back off because we're taking this seriously. stop saying there is nothing wrong. stop saying it is not a big deal. it's a big deal to a lot of us. harris: stop saying there is nothing to it. stop saying that you have any idea whatever is to it came from us. andrea: to sandra's question which is such a good one is keeping door on flexibility because this is not about the white house or hillary but about comey himself, historically look what he has done, talked about the during the ashcraft reauthorization of nsa documents you know is making it about himself? he has done that in the past. >> entirely possible. harris: that's interesting.
9:30 am
we'll report it when it comes. sandra: some u.s. lawmakers are putting pressure on social networking companies to crack down on isis and other terror groups online. democratic senator dianne feinstein and republican senator richard burr are proposing a bill that would require facebook, twitter and others to report terrorist activity to police. critics say the legislation is counterproductive and could create privacy issues. meantime facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is lending his support to the muslim community in the wake of the california terror attack. saying, quote, if you're a muslim in this community, as the leader of facebook, i want you to know that you are always welcome here and that we will fight to protect your rights and create a peaceful and safe environment for you. all right. jonah, we've been covering this all morning on the fox business network and mark zuckerberg is clearly responding, without saying it, to donald trump's call for a ban on muslims to enter this country.
9:31 am
why are we hearing from him on this but nothing after 14 people were killed in san bernardino by this couple? >> because the people who were killed didn't need h1b visas to work at facebook in silicon valley. zuckerberg is a perfectly fine liberal corporate guy and all that. he, you know where his sympathies lie, all those sorts of things, playing a politically correct charge. silicon valley is probably the most e pro-immigration, from places like pakistan and india, for h1b visas for tech engineering and computer programmers. they're sensitive to these kind ever things. perfectly legitimate to take offense at donald trump's statements and perfectly acceptable that guy like zuckerberg would say something like this. sandra: we know they're active on social media, melissa. >> when i talk to the guys not on record and not on camera, they say something very different. they say they do cooperate and
9:32 am
talk to law enforcement and d.c. they want to cooperate with them more. they would like to be more in the loop. what mark zuckerberg is saying for pr. he says that because he wants, also people using the site to feel secure he is not turning them over when i think a lot of them are cooperating more than they say at these social media sites. harris: so that would be a lie? >> almost, almost. i think he is sympathetic to muslims but overplaying -- we're welcoming. we're not worried about this but behind the scenes they are worried about it and cooperating. andrea: that is so bad pr he is foreworried about offending muslim community when hundred of million of people are concerned that they are using facebook to radicalize other americans and kill. if i was zuckerberg he would added to statement, facebook will not to rate anybody -- harris: would have. andrea: holder versus humanitarian law project. the court ruled you can not
9:33 am
support jihadist activities under or terrorism under guise of free speech. loretta lynch should bring down letter of the law, if you do this we will come after you with the full force of u.s. government. she is not. why liberals like zuckerberg come out to make stupid statements like that. harris: i would think he would capitulate if the government came melissa: i think they would, and they'd lie about it. harris: that's what i said. that's exactly what i said, it's a lie. so he would be lying to those people in the muslim community saying i would do nothing but give you peace and protection, yeah, until the government knocks on his door and says we need everything. the jerusalem mayor was on "america's newsroom" yesterday, and they were talking about this, and he said something that really resonated with me just in terms of how we protect and prepare information, particularly with cyber, you know, facebook, twitter, whatever. he said that his country focuses specifically on the saving of life and quality of life, and he said america needs to get on the page with that.
9:34 am
it sometimes feels like it president brushes up against -- i'm paraphrasing here -- against your freedoms, but right now you're under attack. again, i'm paraphrasing him, but it was a powerful moment, and it made me think about the zuckerberg situation. if given the task of saving life or quality of life, i think he'd eat the words of that statement, because he'd have to do something different. sandra: and a condemnation of the attack at the end, this will not be tolerated and something like we're going to do everything in our power to try to red flag authorities when we do something, within our power. but it was just missing from that statement. andrea: conservatives go out of their way to hunt and kill and hurt the people who want to kill us. liberals go out of their way to not hurt the feelings of those who want to kill us. it's really backwards. sandra: all right. meanwhile, a big apology from chicago mayor rahm emanuel after the shooting death of laquan mcdonald by a white police officer. why many in the windy city say
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♪ ♪ andrea: chicago mayor rahm emanuel apologizing for the death of laquan mcdonald, the black teenager shot 16 times by a white police officer back in 2014. in an emotional speech before the city council, he also promised to reform the system. listen. >> i take responsibility for what happened, because it happened on my watch. and if we're going to fix it, i want you to understand it's my responsibility with you. but if we're also going to begin the healing process, the first ten in that journey -- step in that journey is my step. and i'm sorry. andrea: but for some, emanuel's apology was too little, too late. after his speech hundreds of people took to the streets of chicago calling for the mayor's
9:40 am
resignation. so, jonah, this is pretty bad. >> yeah. andrea: in the windy city. i don't think he steps down, but what does he do? >> i think he weathers it out. look, rahm emanuel is one of the -- i mean, he's all political appetite. and the idea that he will voluntarily step down as mayor without a direct order from barack obama or hillary clinton just strikes me as fantasy. but at the same time, what he did was really, really bad, you know? first of all, there was a murder. he covered it up. that's what it boils down to. he covered it up to get reelected as mayor. there's no mechanism to recall him. it was grotesquely cynical. and i, you know, i've been very scornful of a lot of the black lives matter movement, it's ridiculous. the ferguson thing was based on a lie, there was no truth to that, but this was real. this is a cop who put 16 bullets in a guy who was not a threat. and the mayor's office, in order
9:41 am
to win a tough re-election battle, kept it a psychiatry and didn't let -- secret and didn't let the prosecution go forward until the video got out. melissa: reform the system, did you hear him say that? there are so many things wrong with the system that he's operating within right now. not just this incident, but if you look at the murder rate, the violence rate, i mean, that city is a total disaster. this looks terrible right before he was having the election. i mean, he's got a long way to go. he sits there, and he gets teary-eyed, my goodness, where has he been? andrea: well, and, harris, he sold a false narrative before he was reelected. he had said he had reformed it and had done all this good, and the media rode shotgun on that misinformation campaign. and now he's saying he's going to reform them, but there's report that is the cops were erasing the security footage of the police pumping those bullets. there's corruption everywhere. harris: this comes back to what gets to the nugget of so many
9:42 am
things these days. roll the videotape. just roll the videotape. and when it takes you a year to roll the videotape, it becomes complicated. you can make the argument that the investigation needed to be protected that they could do things autonomously within that investigation without the pressure from the public. but from what you're alleging, jonah, it would mean that the prosecution was pushed forward beyond a certain date, and so that tape just happened to be caught up in that. with no explanation to the public. >> no. i'm saying they didn't want murder charges. they settle out of court for $5 million or something like that. and then only when a judge finally ableed to release the video -- agreed to release the video, over 400 days later, all of a sudden, oh, we're going to press murder one charges. harris: because we all could see the tape. sandra: okay, so he's made the apology, but what's the plan? to melissa's point. he's got a lot of work to do. and the best he can offer during this emotional speech is that he's promising complete and total reform of the system? how vague were the details of
9:43 am
that reform? andrea, he said he's calling on the city that now needs to begin the process of healing and restoring trust and confidence in the police department. what's the plan? there was absolutely no specifics laid out. and this was his big opportunity. andrea: and it's almost too late to have a plan. sandra, you're from chicago. people who are from chicago are deeply saddened by this, because the city's a war zone. and to your point, they're talking past each other, and it's too inflammatory to -- harris: what about the other big name who's from that area? >> right. states.the president of the hello. >> you know the best thing since sliced bread? sliced bread came on the market one year after the mayor of chicago was a republican. this is the kind of mess when you have a -- harris: i love how much you know. [laughter] andrea: all right. a cute house with a yard, two cars, a couple of kids, the life of the middle class. the great pillar of american society. the problem is, it's vanishing.
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a mo. first, though, to jenna lee with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jenna: new polling showing that donald trump has a sizable lead among likely republican voters. that lead is growing. the same polls con firm that hillary clinton is the easy front runner in the democratic race. also the first sound we've heard from bowe bergdahl. he, of course, is the soldier who disappeared from his base in afghanistan -- some say walked off. he was held by the taliban for five years and was freed with great fanfare at first. now we have a day like today, a republican speaking out about how that deal to trade him for five taliban prisoners was illegal and the consequences for that at the same time bergdahl's first interview is emerging. we're going to play it top of the hour. harris: we look forward to that, fascinating. thanks, jenna. melissa: tough times for the middle class, maybe even tougher than you thought. a new study of government data
9:49 am
finds it's no longer the majority in america. you can see on the graphs the yellow shows just below 50% of adults are now middle income earners. the percentage has been falling steadily since 1971 when the middle class made up 61% of the population. analysts say the problem persists even when controlling for factors like growth in immigration workers and single-earner households. sandra, i look at these things, and i always want to poke holes in the math of it, because they can say anything you want them to say. they define the middle class as pretty broad. i mean, this really shows the divide widening. you disagree? sandra: i think that's a huge point. $42,000 to $126,000 a year for a family of three residing under one roof. this is difficult, very difficult for a family of three to live on $50,000 in a lot of places in the united states right now.
9:50 am
when you consider stagnant wages and the cost of just about everything to live has gone up including rent and home prices, it is difficult. i mean, that is not surprising, melissa, that this is happening right now. and it's, it's a trend that's going to affect the economy for a long time. melissa: yeah. jonah, i mean, to me it says a lot about how the policies of the past eight years or seven years that have tried to, you know, in theory, have tried to propel lower income folks higher haven't worked. >> yeah, no, i think that's right. certainly, if you take obama at his rhetoric and what he was trying to do, he's failed, right? at the same time, and, again, the pew study shows this goes back to the early '70s, this trend. it's not all bad news, right? one of the reasons why the middle class is a smaller proportion of the economy is because more people have risen above the middle class. harris: that's right. >> in fact, the sector that grew above the middle class is larger than those below. we are becoming a more
9:51 am
economically polarized country. harris: yeah. and you know what's interesting when you look at the graphs, you're right. they have eased into that upper, but the per is split -- upper is splitting into two sections too. so we don't want to make it too sunny because actually, it isn't. it's a semi-sunny day. you know, there was a government task force that pinpointed a few of the financials aspirations that characterize the middle class; home ownership, owning a car, retirement security, college, health care coverage, taking a family vacation. those things have gone away during and beyond and past the recession, you know? they really have for so many people no matter what category -- melissa: why are they nuts? sandra: there's nothing rosy there. 20% of the country is living in the lowest income tier? >> i'm saying, i agree there's a lot of bad news in this. i'm not saying it's a sunny report. my only point is when you have growing inequality, right? it means some people are getting richer, and some people are
9:52 am
getting poorer. harris: when you look at the graph, you can see it. >> a larger portion of people who moved out of middle class moved upward than downward, but there are a lot of people on the downward side, and that's a problem. melissa: the great divide creates all of this animosity and so much anger. it also means raising the minimum wage isn't going to solve the problem. this is about taking people and training them for the right jobs. those who are falling are falling fast. people are talking about they've lost their good paying job, the manufacturing job that you could count on and support the family. you can't go to mcdonald's. andrea: i think this is bad news, and i think when president obama talks about two americas, he was right. the rich have gotten richer, and the poor have gotten poorer under president obama. there really are two americas. and i do think it fills that animosity. but also when you look at the richest americans, there was a study done, they live right outside of washington, d.c., that area. the ones who work for the government. those are the privileged. those are connected.
9:53 am
and i think it was byron york that recently had a place about how donald trump taps into that middle class voter that's up for grabs. sandra: one of the reasons there was less growth in the lower income tier was because of the older demographic. the if you're 65 or older, you're working. you're not retired. melissa: very true. >> yeah, yeah. melissa: all right. it was meant to attract female engineers, wow, but this ad backfiring bigtime. what critics say they found so offensive, the hubbub over hair dryer. this is for real. >> show the world people shouldn't be defined by what they think of you, but by what you think. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen.
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harris: ibm is apologizing for a campaign to recruit women engineers. the company says it will discontinue an ad that has drawn a flood of criticism. >> pack a hair dryer. you, a wind blaster and an idea. repurpose for a larger purpose. harris: one person tweeting, yikes, ibm, we have hacked your operating system. [laughter]
9:58 am
ibm shame, i don't use a hair dryer. i guess that's the end of my career in the s.t.e.m.. quitting my astrophysics ph.d.. what do you say, melissa? melissa: it's like it was written in a foreign country, like it's been translated. i would tell my daughter, i mean, you want to own your destiny and have power and have control over your life? be a coder. learn a job that's in demand. harris: so they found out how much in trouble they were when they put out the hashtag, hack a hair dryer. then they did an almost two-minute-long video, and it starts with less than three in ten science jobs are held by women. and it says, why is that? because science can't see you. but then the rest of the ad all has women, like, with hair dryers as science projects. i'm confused. andrea: maybe that's the problem. they're underestimating how smart women are. but women aren't becoming
9:59 am
engineers. i don't know if this ad is the best way to get them to do it, but i'm not going to be an apologist for my blow dryer. i happen to love my blow dryer -- [laughter] i've loved it since i was a little girl and used to use it to reenact mariah carey videos. i'm a girl, i like my blow dryer. [laughter] harris: sandra, talking to ceos, is there a way to turn it around and find a silver lining? sandra: would it have encouraged you had you not had a career in tv? andrea: honey, i'm the girl that took algebra ii, like, four times so, no, i'm not up for a job at ibm. sandra: what i will get serious on is i think this is a huge distraction from these awesome inventions by women that it was supposed to focus on and completely missed the mark. i mean, i don't get it. harris: another silver lining for ibm? >> no, i think this will go down in symptom textbook -- some textbook alongside barbie's math
10:00 am
is hard. [laughter] harris: there you go. outnumbered overtime on the web, click on the overtime tab, we're back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern. "happening now" on now. begin. 141 boston colleges now sick after eating at the chipolte. they were struck by the noro virus. that chip olte shutting their doors as the sickness spread. looking at a neighbor of the couple that massacre 14 people. they may be facing charges and soon. and thieves stealing packages. how many real life grinches are out there?


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