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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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us. see you monday night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget to follow me on facebook. i know you all go to gretawire there is a lot going on facebook as well. follow me and like it. good night from new york. have a great weekend.9ñ ♪ ♪ hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special editi o'reilly factor the war on terror the political equation. let's get right to our top story. the terrorism threat upending the 2016 campaign. a new cbs news poll shows americans now fear the likelihood of a terror attack more than at any other point since 9/11. those concerns are are fueling a new surge of support for donald trump among republicans with 40% saying they are very confident in his ability to handle the terror threat no other candidate comes close. meanwhile in the "wall street journal" poll shows
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the majority of americans would oppose trump's temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s. however, republicans are split on the issue trump's g.o.p. rivals are another story leaving no doubt about which side they come down on. >> all the talk including the newscasts are dominated by this plan that's never going to happen. this is never going to become the law of the country what donald trump is proposing. >> it's not a proposal, it's a sentiment. it's a way to fulfill people's deep anxiety and fear. trump is a master of this. the simple fact is he doesn't have a plan. is he is not serious. >> there is no way donald trump is going to be president. i have been saying that for weeks. i don't even take it seriously. >> he is a race baiting%é zenophobic religious bigot you know how you make america great again tell donald trump to go to hell. >> joining us from washington simon rosenburg and here in studio in new york republican strategist michael misslans everywhere
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ki. lindsey graham says make america great throw the guy out. what are are they missing? interest is a ceiling to trump support. that 35% is strong and intense and believe in trump. the problem all these guys have is that they don't have a plan themselves. all they are doing is reacting to what trump does. as long as they do that, they are not going to be able to take him down. >> 35% is the ceiling? >> 14 people in the race. 35% would be a i wouldof2> love better than the others playing around with 3%, had% 5%. >> people said 25% that was the ceiling. when he was at 30 that was the ceiling. he keeps breaking through these ceilings. this is amazing election. trump continues to set is the tone of the debate for both parties. he made a mistake on this one with. >> why? why is this the one simon? there are people have said
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the war hero thing with mccain carlie. he went too far. >> i'm not going to argue that it's going to hurt him. i think his proposal was a mistake. this was a bad idea. i'm not arguing therefore this is going to hurt him with the public or primary audience it clearly hasn't. >> you can see it in the numbers. it's exactly why the numbers are not going to go up beyond this number. the amount of people, percentage of republicans who support this proposal same percentage of republicans who support trump. he is now alienated the rest of the republican base while he may be able to win with 35%. if, and it's a big if. if republicans coalesce around another candidate that's when he has trouble. >> trouble with the nomination or trouble with republicans not wanting vote for trump trouble with hillary? >> certainly trouble down the road in the general. even you could paint a picture that says if he can't get above 35% and
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republicans coalesce around another candidate he can't get higher than that. there is a road for him to lose. >> you have seen these numbers. prior to the temporary ban on muslims he was polling around 30%. post statement he jumps up to 38%. and also today i read a "the washington post" piece saying hillary clinton supporters actually agree with donald donald trump a lot of them on the ban on muslim immigration. >> i don't know about that last point. just like trump has benefited on the republican side this is clearly going to benefit hillary to put her race away on the democratic side. it wasn't that much in question this is going to play to her sense of experience and foreign policy. >> let me ask you this, simon. is this a mistake for the other g.o.p. contenders to line up on the same side as hillary clinton and the media so you have trump on one side and hillary clintons and the media and liberals on the other? you are forcing the american
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public the g.o.p. to choose and a lot of them don't like liberals or the media. >> what is true on this one is this is a bad idea. more that are half of the muslims in the world don't live in the middle east. they live in countries like england and france and i understand do nearby have a and india right? also how are you going to screen for someone's religious belief. they can lie about it. i understand the sentiment and sense that people aren't feeling safe but this was a really bad idea idea by donald trump. >> bad idea in what sense? let me bring it to michael. it's a bad idea it increases his polling. he is in it to win it and he is giving people something to react to. >> the problem with the other republican candidates is that they are not giving him anything -- the voters anything to react to. they don't stand for anything. we saw from all those clips all they talk about is what they are against. if they want to compete for the nomination, they have to come up with something that
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is more american than banning muslims from coming into the united states. americans are more afraid of muslims in the country than they are afraid of the muslims that coulácome in to the country from6> americans are afraid of the last eight years of president obama's policies that are bringing basically allowing terror to come over to the homeland, simon. >> eric, the guy who perpetrated these acts american citizen born in the united states. >> well, no, hold on. no spin, right? he married a woman who looks like she was radicalized in saudi arabia, pakistani and came over here and may have been a push to the final act in san bernadino. >> but we don't know that. but the point is the guy who was the mastermind, right of this thing was an american citizen born here in the united states there hasn't been huge influx of foreign fighter intos united states. >> i have heard the president say no imminent
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threat for homegrown terror and now there is everything we have heard from the administration seems to be wrong. gentlemen, i have to leave it right there. thank you very much. next on the rundown senator ted cruz seems to question donald trump's judgment at private fundraiser. now trump is firing back. hide the children. we'll be right back with that
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challenging question for both of them. so my approach, much to the frustration of the media has been to bear hug both of them and smother them with love. >> well, that audio was obtained by the "new york times." meantime, donald trump wasted no time responding tweeting today quote: looks like ted cruz is getting ready to attack i'm leading by so much he must. i you hope so. he will fall like all others. will be easy. cruz's response trump is terrific he blamed the creating a feud where none exists with us now republicaní!bfg pollster kelly ann. who was at that fundraiser. kelly ann, i listenedúdyz it, it didn't really sound like an attack about donald trump took it at an attack. >> it did not come off as an attack at all. senator cruz isible channeling what he hears in
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his polling of focus groups and we certainly do. these are the criteria that the voters are ultimately going to apply to the candidates. voters have a reasonable expectation that the candidates have thought about policy at least as deeply as they have. and they are asking, particular itly in the wake of paris and california but even before that for republican primary voters in places like south carolina,ñ weç÷[túrh lot of military households very focused. >> i want to go to mike. donald trump you read the tweet, he is very firm, very responsive and then ted cruz later on after the trump tweet came back and said i hate to say you this there is no fight here. what is this all about? he really does not want to get into it with trump. >> he doesn't. don't kick the sleeping bear because he is going to roar to life of course at the drop of the hat. i had a chance to spend time with senator cruz on the campaign trail in south carolina one-on-one. he has no intention of going after donald trump. he is smart. he knows that that would just back fire. >> why? >> because there is nothing to be gained by it.
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>> why? >> here is why. i will throw something out. the man wants to be commander and chief. there is vladimir putin. there is president shi in china. there is some bad people out there. why not. >> why not attack donald trump? >> why not? what are you afraid of? >> i don't think it's any fear is that you have to bring your case directly to the voters. ted cruz is contrasting himself on policy. for example, is he holding senator rubio to account on him locking arms with senator schumer on amnesty. senator rubio spent two whole days in the month of washington missed a very important vote on national security. ted cruz earlier this week said he disagreed with donald trump's ban on muslims he is not going to get into a stage fight. >> in may i will tell you not. donald trump is sitting at 35% right now. one of the most recent national polls why do you want to alienate 35% of the republican voters by kicking him in the shins. there is nothing to be gained by it kelly ann is
5:14 pm
right. you are going to make your case]b that's what ted cruz is doing. it makes no sense to go after trump and just tick off millions of people. >> donald trump made his comment about banning muslims from coming into the country. carlie foreignna, john kasich lindsey graham, jeb bush all took shots at that saying it was unamerican, terrible idea. te d cruz didn't. >> well, he said he is against the policy. he does not agree with the policy and he pivoted and said by the way i have introduced legislation to ban people from the country. >> that's what americans are saying. >> well, final. look, ted cruz is going to be having a softer. >> i like ted cruz. i like marco rubio. i'm trying to figure out what the smart policy is. >> the smart politics is to say you disagree with the policy but that doesn't you have to attack the man. each ted cruz gets that americans are saying that. i disagree with the policy that is suggest. that doesn't mean you have to go after him and go for the juggler it makes no
5:15 pm
sense. it's not smart politics. >> who attacks donald trump the most? people in the establishment? not the outsiders. ted cruz is the anti-washington, antiestablishment outsider.v!xnc @&c@ he just happens to have insider experience. >> he is the ultimate politically incorrect candidate guess what, i think a case can be made that his poll numbers are even higher because people are trying to be polite to pollsters. >> there are a lot more independent and democrats in this polling than people realize. >> we will leave it there and look into that. kellyanne and mike, thank you. how the policies are throwing the democratic party into disarray moments away. ou. with the capability and adaptability of lexus all-weather drive. this is the pursuit of perfection. fact. when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any
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with fresh game plan in the wake of donald trump's provocative proposal to fight terrorism and new polling that shows americans losing faith in president obama's ability to keep america safe. in fact, hillary clinton sudden suddenly seems to realize that trump is a real factor to contend with in the race for the white house. >> i have to say seth, i no longer think he is funny. what he is saying now is nots only shameful and wrong it's dangerous. >> this latest demand that we not let muslims into our country really plays into the hands of the terrorists. i don't say that lightly but it does. he is giving them a great propaganda tool. >> with us to analyze author of the book destiny in power. the american odd des is i of george herbert walker bush now john, hillary says trump not funny anymore.
5:20 pm
>> is trump up in her head now? >> i think the "new york times" had a smart piece today. it's a question how can you attack trump and still acknowledge the real anxieties that people have in the country about these two tributaries that have intersected in fear of terrorism, fear of mass shootings and you have an extraordinarily uncomfortable moment in the country to say the least. democrats who -- democrats dismiss that. they appear out of touch. if they so they need to have a proactive way to talk about it which the president frankly. >> is it that? is it the policy. is it the idea of the muslim ban or the fact that no matter what donald trump seems to say his poll numbers seem to get higher and higher and he polls better and better against hillary. >> they are trying to understand what's going on. like a lot of people genuine anxiety be othe part of the people looking for the
5:21 pm
president. the president is preeminencey a place of moral leadership. president obama simply hasn't really articulated this -- hasn't captured this moment in a very effective way. so trump fills this vacuum on the other side. if you are senator clinton you are thinking about next fall. you are thinking about how do you make sure. >> how do you as hillary clinton where you have donald trump coming -- you have president obama who has been very soft. he has been soft on terror, on calling it islamic extremism. homegrown terror threat so he is perceived as the soft talker. soft walker. donald trump seems to be the strong one. she can't get too close to either one. can she? >> i would argue actually the politics for her therefore are pretty good. if she lands in the middle, she is tougher than obama appearing and she is saner than trump. so in that sense.
5:22 pm
>> what does that look like? what policy lands her in the middle? >> i think a strong isis coalition to take out this caliphate and to acknowledge in a real way that this is an asymmetrical threat that's incredibly difficult to fight and we have to find ways to do it. >> fight harder than president obama is fighting but don't exclude muslims from coming to america? be politically. >> you say that president obama is a lot like jimmy carter in what respect? >> the analogy i think, at the moment is that the people -- president carter gave a speech saying there was a crisis of confidence in the american spirit. a lot of people think in retrospect no there is a crisis in the presidency. there wasn't a firm, again proactive leadership. and job by any means. interestingly the last
5:23 pm
couple weeks the country has wanted emotional intelligence and emotional reaction is going on is particularly after san bernadino. who fills that vacuum. the president doesn't. donald trump does with this call for a ban on muslim immigration. when you are the president of the united states and you lose criminal of that kind of agenda, it's not a good week. >> when you draw a red line and you don't follow through on your red line. >> that, too. >> that could be$u the basis or it. john i'm going to leave it right there. thank you very much. john's book destiny in power makes a great christmas gift for any political junky in your family. plenty more ahead as this o'reilly factor special moves along. trump set the political world on fire banning most muslims from the u.s. the donald faces off with o'reilly to make his case. then a factor investigation, the homegrown terror threat, how serious is it? we hope you stay tuned to
5:24 pm
those reports. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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and live from america's news headquarters i'm trace gallagher. dive teams continuing to search a small lake in san bernadino, california. they're looking for evidence related to last week's massacre that killed 14 people specifically the hard drive from the shooter's computer. the fbi says the shooters were in the area the day of the attacks. so far it doesn't appear that divers have kept
5:28 pm
anything they pulled out. the search is expected to take days. while america's three biggest airlines banning hover boards because they say they could cause a fire. delta reps blaming hover board companies for quote poorly labeleddity lithium ion batteries which could overheat and pose a fire rich. jetblue already prohibited hover boards. when news breaks out we will break. in now back to the o'reilly factor. in the personal story segment tonight, donald trump in the no spin zone, trump, of course, caused a massive uproar this week after calling for a temporary ban on most muslims from entering the u.s. trump went head to head with bill o'reilly. trying to explain why it's the right thing to do for america's security. >> to just to get you on the record, if you are elected president, what will you do
5:29 pm
regarding muslims non-american citizens, traveling to the u.s.a.? what will you do? >> i would set up a temporary ban on not everybody but many. i would set up a system to see who qualifies to come in and who doesn't until we come down with the answer with what is happening with the muslim population. >> with millions people traveling to the united states for business and pleasure and everything like that to scrutinize every one of them that way would almost be impossible. let's advance the story tonight. the -- >> -- i don't think it would be impossible but it would be something that has to be done. >> i assume that if you are president, the goal is to defeat the jihadi; is that correct? that's the goal? >> yes correct. correct. >> would you cede as you said last night, that you need arab muslim nations to help the united states defeat the jihad? would you cede that? >> no, i don't. but i do think it would be
5:30 pm
very helpful. >> no? >> no. but i do think it would be very, very helpful. >> how does it help them if you say to the king of jordan you and all your people can't come here for a while until i sort it out. saudi arabia, morocco egypt their government is cooperating with ice with us. >> when you say their governments are letting us, we are paying a very big price to have governments let us do anything. >> but still -- >> -- we have. >> allow us to use bases in turkey. >> excuse me. you. >> you are not going to have those bases. >> we are paying a very big price. i watched president obama's speech last week it was f disgrace. frankly when it ended i said is that all there is? i couldn't even believe it. i watched that speech the other night. it was a total disgrace. we have a president that doesn't have a clue. he doesn't know what's going on. all i'm doing is bringing a situation to the forefront
5:31 pm
that everybody is talking about and nobody wants to do anything about it. when you look at what's happening in this country with all of the other problems we have, and that includes migration where they want thousands of people to come into our country th ♪t we don't know who they are, we have to do something about it. >> i agree with you that people coming here for permanent residency have to be vetted. and that the burden is on them to prove that they're harmless. i disagree with you in the sense that if you say no muslims can travel here from overseas, you're hurting the united states' position against isis. we need the friendly muslim nations. you can't insult them like that. >> i disagree. >> you can't? >> bill, i disagree. people have to be vetted. they have to be perfectlym8 vetted. >> you can vet them but you can't insult the entire religion. >> we are not insulting. this is about security. it's not about religion. >> i don't think you thought through the unintended consequences of banning an entire religion from coming to the united states. just my opinion.
5:32 pm
>> bill, bill, bill, i thought through everything. believe me. i thought through everything look at what's happening. i thought through everything. i had friends of mine who happen to be muslim they said bill, you are the only one with the courage to say it they all know what i'm saying is true. >> we want to win the war against isis and the jihad. >> correct. that is correct. >> we have to have the the muslim nations to do it, insulting them en masse is not the way. listen to hillary clinton. >> donald trump the republican frontrunner. [audience booing] has made a name for himself in the last month by trafficking in prejudice and paranoia. his latest insult is his call to stop all muslims from entering the united states. this is both a shameless and a dangerous idea. >> all right. you say?
5:33 pm
>> hillary clinton is a joke. i watch her and i have been watching her for years. she was the worst secretary of state in history. she is the one that caused this problem between her and obama and their policies. that's why you have the migration. i;mean, she is a disaster. look at what happened with libya. look at whaps with your ambassador. look at what happened with benghazi. look at all of the problems that she has caused. she is a big factor in this. and then i hear her holier than thousand, donald trump look, hillary is going to lose. the fox poll came out. i'm leading i'm beating her by a lot. i'm beating everybody actually, by a lot. including all of the republicans. the last person she want to run against and i know this for a fact is me. look i understand hillary clinton. first of all she doesn't have the strength or the stamina to be president. she does not have the strength or the stamina. in we have another four
5:34 pm
years of barack obama. we have a lot of problems. we won't have a country left. >> now what she is playing to is two things. she is trying to get independent voters to say that donald trump's a kook and extremist. number the two point she makes is that you help isis by portraying the united states as anti-muslim. that actually helps the extremist recruit. do youdo you see that point? >> no, i don't see it at all. the last person that isis wants in that position, the position of president is donald trump. that i can tell you. just like the last person that hillary clinton wants to run against is donald trump. you will see that. but, right now i'm focused on the republicans frankly. but you look at polls and you look at what is happening she doesn't want to do it. it's a joke when she gets up
5:35 pm
and talks. she has caused many of these problems bill. >> donald, always a pleasure to have you on and we appreciate you taking the time. >> when we come right back, senator rand paul responds to trump's call to ban muslims and spells out his plan to defeat isis moments away.
5:36 pm
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thanks for staying with us i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. we continue this special edition of the o'reilly factor, the war on terror, the political equation. in the 2016 segment tonight do any of the presidential candidates have a real strategy to win the war on islamic terror? we just heard from donald trump defend his plan to temporarily ban muslims from entering the country. he also wants to police the internet. >> we have to go see bill gates and a lot of different people that really understand what's happening. we have to talk to them maybec7 in certain areas closing that internet up in some way. somebody will say oh, freedom of speech. freedom of speech. these are foolish people. we have a lot of foolish people. we have a lot of foolish people. we have got to maybe do
5:40 pm
something with the internet because they are recruiting by the thousands. >> joining us now from new hampshire kentucky senator and presidential candidate senator rand paul. senator, are you one of those foolish people donald trump is talking about? >> >> i think he was talking about the first amendment. the first time i have heard people called foolish who want to defend your right to continue to have freedom of speech. i think it's one of our precious liberties and it scares me to think of an authoritarian getting in charge of our country who would say oh, we just need to police the internet and don't let people say things that we might disagree with. we need to defend the country but eliminating the things we stand for freedom of speech is not the way to go about it. >> isis has -- pushed facebook twitter, snap chat, to police themselves. is that the the way to go. >> it can be part of it. we should do good investigation. so, for example, i am all
5:41 pm
for looking at the records of terrorists. i have only asked for one thing that we ought to do which is constitutional. ask a judge for a warrant put an individual's namedo on it you want to look at more records of individual terrorist suspects not america's records. that's one of the things we fought the revolution over. >> what do you think of trump's proposal, plan to temporarily ban all muslims from coming to the country? >> you know, i don't think we ought to have a religious test for who comes to the country but also, at the same time, i think hillary clinton saying or not being able to say hot enemy is, not declaring the words radical islam is equally as bad. what i have proposed is actually a stoppage or moratorium on immigration from about 34 countries have radical islamists or terrorist movements because we need to know who is coming here and what their intentions are all 19 hijackers that came here on
5:42 pm
9/11 came here legally through our immigration system and they came through loopholes that i don't believe we still are policing add combatly. so i -- policing adequately. >> is saudi arabia one of the 34 countries? >> yes. there is about 34 countries. they are predominantly islamic countries that are radical islamic movements. we also have countries like north korea that are not islamic. and also countries like nigeria half christian half islamic. we look at the terrorist threat is and say we do need to restrict that for now. what i want is a system. >> senator until when? you say for now. but until when? this is also a temporary ban on same saudis coming over or any of the other 34 country nationals? >> >> we are doing this with the immigration system.
5:43 pm
we have to know they are leaving on time. we have 11 million people in our country that came illegally and 40% 'of them overstayed their visa but we really don't know who they are. we don't know if any of them are potential terrorists. but we also have no intention, really of doing anything about it. so we have to fix our immigration system once and for all. for national security reasons. and i think the first line of defense is to defend your border. >> senator, i want to get this in here. it's likely to come up in the cnn debate next week. there are some out there saying that you won't be on that stage. what are your thoughts? >> well, we think if they give us the same treatment that carly fiorina was given last time that you measure from debate to debate, that we actually do meet the criteria already. so, you know, we will have those discussions and we will see what comes from it. we hope that we are treated fairly. i have every expectation that i will be treated fairly. but we want the same and equal treatment that other candidates have gotten in the past. weave have a first tier campaign and we don't plan on being labeled by the mainstream media anything
5:44 pm
less. >> all right. we're going to have to leave it right there senator. thank you very much. straight ahead. new details on a stabbing rampage in california that increasingly looks like an act of terror inspired by islamic extremism. we'll be right back with that. bass pro shops has great gifts at big savings. like savings of 25% on bear creek flannel shirts. and save 25% on jumbo adventure play sets. plus, bring the kids for a free picture with santa. that's right. free. if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants.
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5:48 pm
may have been extremist. joining us is jim hanson for the security policy. let me start with you aaron. homegrown terrorism, how do you stop it? >> well i'm calling this ismosis or isis osmosis and this difficult fusion of incrime needs to be incitement. needs to be blocked. we need to create international enforceable laws to classify incitement as an gal weapon. once there is a definition of it put some teeth into it. anybody who propagates or using incitement in social media or via the internet we can then begin to shut down those propagandaists. >> that is a movingçftsátip &c @&c@ my friend.
5:49 pm
you are talking about the first amendment rights. free speech. we protect ugly, hateful speech in america. >> i agree but at the same time we need to effect some type of balance between that free speech and what incited propaganda could mean in terms of potential violence. wá have to -- it's creating enough layers to be able to say okay, if somebody is going to say this, or post this that could lead to potential threats. then that assessment needs to be defined very diligently. >> jim it, strikes me the way to solve this homegrown terror problem before it gets any bigger than it already is, is to get moderate muslims on board. now, the question is what's a moderate muslim? does a moderate muslim ascribe to sharia law the koran in the koran says the infidel can be punished of to the extent of death? do we get moderate muslims to push back on that, on the
5:50 pm
koran? >> the problem eric, is right now the moderate muslims aren't in charge. the radical muslims are in charge. too many mosques in america are preaching jihad. we did a study and 80 out of 100 randomly selected mosques were preaching jihad. there was a preacher -- an imam in boston who was preach not guilty way of al law and i'm quoting "pick up the gun pick up the sword and fight." now, there was a guy who went to his mosque who picked up a knife and attacked the police there and they shot him dead. that's the problem right there is we need a way to do that. as aaron said, incitement is not free speech. when you someone to pick up the gun and pick up the sword and fight, that is not religiously protected speech. that is a crime. we should prosecute that and we know where those things are happening. we just need to look closer and obama. >> jim i'm not sure. on the surface it would say logic would say yes, you are right. but i'm not sure the crime
5:51 pm
occurs until the crime actually occurs. until there is violence or something happens. >> i would disagree. now, we can have the lawyers check on that. i think if you have people preaching that you should killom the infidels and they are doing it in mosques in the united states, that's a problem that we have a right to look at. i think you are right. we should be asking the moderate muslims if you are in a mosque and you hear that see something, say something, tell somebody. they should not get in trouble. >> why is it that the moderate muslim community isn't speaking up louder? >> the reason why is because they are afraid to talk back against islam. they don't want to insult or shame what a lot of people believe is an unchangeable religion when it comes to how you preach. and hanson nailed it, the fact is if we don't begin eric to frame the incitement in a way that we're looking at it from total threat assessment, you are going to have more people get killed.
5:52 pm
i get the free speech thing. but like jim said, if we don't start framing the incitement part as a weapon of war being used by terror, then we are allowing ourselves to fall into this politically correct hole which will result in millions more dead. >> very quickly. 10 seconds each guy first you, aaron is it going to get better or how much worse is it going to get we have a year left in president obama's turn. quickly. >> it has to get worse and the reason why is because it always has to hit the bottom. right now america is a is-year-old pursuant going through security. pursuant what i call it. it will get better until it hits the bottom and more people get killed. >> 14, aaron was a tough year. >> quickly jim your thoughts? >> it will absolutely get worse. there are not only homegrown extremists going crazy right now. isis has infiltrated people. there are others. we are doing nothing to stop it. that's obama's policy. >> thank you5 gentlemen. very enlightening.
5:53 pm
directly ahead for the first time publicly sergeant bowe bergdahl tells his side of the story about alleged desertion. is he trying to stir up sympathy? we'll take a hard look when we return. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. ♪song: "that's life"♪ ♪song: "that's life"♪
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taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take cal conditions. so talk to your doctor and for details, visit in the back of the book segment tonight, sergeant bowe bergdahl. in an interview with the the podcast serial he spoke publicly about his desertion from army unit in afghanistan. his explanation for leaving his base is creating even more questions than answers. >> i was trying to prove to myself i was trying to prove to the world to anybody who used to know me that i was capable of, you know, being that person. >> like a super soldier you mean? >> yeah. capable of being what i appeared to be.
5:56 pm
like doing what i did was mew saying i am. >> right. >> like, i don't know, jason bourne. >> bergdahl claims he initially left the base to bring attention to leadership problems in his unit joining us now with reaction from washington, lieutenant colonel tony schaffer. senior fellow at the policy research he has been following the bergdahl case from the very beginning. colonel share of the thing that really jumped out aside from the ridiculous nature of what he was saying is he saw himself as a jason bourne the bourne identity brand. >> yeah, more like sponge bob, square pants. i'm sorry it's completely ridiculous. no soldier enlists with the idea of being a super soldier and do your duty and develop from there. let's be totally honest here eric. the other thing wrong cooking? excuse me? if you are in the middle of wrongdoing you do everything you can to get away from it regarding the fact that you document everything in the process. try to put everything together. you go to proper authority.
5:57 pm
you don't wander off in the wilderness and get captured by the enemy. it's completelyw insane. more importantly here when you look at what happened, his very demeanor during that time and catherine herridge has con great reporting on this. he was actually into a game called hit man. he loved the jehovah. he was almost into this fantasy existence where where he himself had projected this false image that he was going to go off and one of the reports that one of my friends told me about who was one of my sources that he actualli'ed to go off and being a mafia hit man for the russian mafia. >> colonel, it strikes me so that if this were the case, why in the world would we trade five taliban fighters for this? >> well, you shouldn't. it was clear from day one eric, that this guy did not meet any requirement for a prisoner. he disserted. and, therefore that should have been the going in proposition no matter what we did. we wanted him back absolutely. with the circumstance that this it happened, no. and, again we traded five
5:58 pm
four star generals during time of war to get him back. this sun heard of and frankly, itliç%n puts the wind back in the sales. -- sails. >> wind of terror. >> con spur toler people will hate me for this. president obama has wanted to liquidate gitmo. >> absolutely. >> did we trade five to get five people out of gitmo in a hurry. >> absolutely. president obama is doing everything can he to essentially in this case break the law. the house armed services committeelpt the president did indeed with malice aforethought broke the law requiring him to report the release of these individuals. so eric, you are not conspiracy. con spur toler you are actually stating you are paraphrasing what the report done by the house armed service committee said. the president chose to try to do this because he wants to get rid of all the prisoners of guantanamo even if that means endangering the troops in afghanistan as well as sending off al
5:59 pm
qaeda. bin laden's driver now in yemen leading the al qaeda folks there to kill americans. it's all bad and it's all about a political meme that the president wants to do to close guantanamo. >> i have got to it there. there are other options they could have done. i can't go through them now because we are running out of time. thank you very much. >> sure. >> quick note christmas is two weeks awayf÷ from today elves have busy. if you want signed books get them in by monday. bill can personalize greeting which makes a great christmas gift. the pen bill uses on air historical documents jackets, shirts, hats, and mugs remember all the money bill gets goes to charity. go to bill o' for all of your christmas gifts. tú]j"á ráhrá for us tonight. thank you for watching this fact for special. i'm eric bolling. watch my show "cashin' in"
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